The Descent of Venus

  • Posted on September 12, 2017 at 8:50 am

By Mr. Toasty

{ This story was originally posted at the now-defunct Sisters in Love }

Are you ever under the impression that you’re always the last one to know? I was definitely one of those people. No matter what was going on, be it of global significance or private matters in my own house, I usually didn’t hear about it until the very end, when the next flavor of the month is rearing its myriad of heads. Obviously this wasn’t true all the time. I heard about a few things right before everyone started chatting about them, and sometimes I even got to play the part of the informant or the educator, and would be the one to fan the flames and start the gossip. But more often than not, I felt tragically left out of the loop. The greatest example so far was the time when I discovered my cousin and my aunt on Mom’s side were coming over to visit — about three hours before they arrived.

“Didn’t I tell you?” Mom said, looking at me with innocent confusion. “I thought I told you. Salome and Sabine are coming here today. I could’ve sworn I told you!”

“No, Mom, this is the first I’ve heard of it.” She made a face that indicated she had genuinely believed I knew, and was puzzled to discover something to the contrary.

See what I mean? The worst part is that I discovered this bit of information by accident: I heard Mom on the phone talking to her sister, arranging a meeting. Now, normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, and far be it from me to discourage family members from getting together every once in awhile. But Aunt Salome and her daughter Sabine lived in another state, and the infrequency of our encounters — the last time I saw them was when I was still in middle school — gave me good reason to feel surprised, if not offended that Mom should neglect to reveal all this. They were coming over now?

“I really thought I told you,” she said — gently but firmly, if that makes sense. “Well, all the same, could you get the house ready, please?”

“I—I guess.” I’ve got nothing against doing chores — my poor silly mother needs all the help she can get! I just wished I’d had more time to prepare.

Since, after our striking conversation, I immediately set to work ‘doing’ the house (and I have no doubt you’d rather not know all the mundane details), this might be a good time for me to go over my relationship with Aunt Salome and Sabine. Don’t get me wrong: I was thrilled they were coming over, and in spite of the shock, I was clearly excited.

Sabine had been my best friend during the years we spent growing up, and I might even (might being the key word here) have had an innocent little crush on her. She was about three years older than me, and from what I remember and from what the occasional photograph could tell, she was a very pretty young lady — a beauty with sincerity, the kind of person that can be naturally attractive all the way through. She was intelligent and kind and she treated me like an equal… and how could anybody not think a name like that was cool?

Aunt Salome — I also loved her name — had been forced to move away due to a job transfer, and Mom had fought it all the way. She just couldn’t be separated from her little sister, but who could really blame her? Aunt Salome was as pretty and honest as her daughter, and she never spoke down to me or called me a child. She was a wee bit eccentric (aren’t we all?), and she had that same lovable scatterbrained look my mom sometimes sports, but she was cool and generous and charitable and wise.

She and Mom were best friends; it only seemed fitting that their daughters be so close. My only regret is that I never heard a mention of Aunt Salome’s husband (my own father passed on some time ago). I asked, of course, but she usually pretended she didn’t hear me, or changed the subject. I have the feeling that Sabine came into this world under disreputable circumstances, but I just figured it really was none of my business.

Words are slow. My thoughts rolled through my head at a breakneck pace; I was already planning on how I’d spend these precious days with my family, vacuuming the floors in the process. I definitely wanted to hang out with both of them, but I figured Mom would rather spend time with her sister, which was cool. I’m an only child, so I wouldn’t know what having a sister is like: Sabine’s the closest I’ll ever have. We wrote each other constantly (about once a week at first, then once a month), and when our houses caught the Internet bug, we emailed each other all the time. Sabine and I grew up together even though we were separated by miles and miles; I read (and sometimes watched) as she turned into a beautiful young woman. We rarely fought and  were always able to keep things fresh and interesting. It would be a strange experience to actually speak to her in person again, but as I said, I looked forward to it like Christmas and birthday and summer vacation all at once.

When I reached the kitchen, confident that my slipshod plans would be approved by my arriving cousin, I started cleaning the refrigerator and noticed, to my great dismay, that we didn’t have enough food for the four of us, not even if Sabine and Aunt Salome stayed for a day. I figured Mom would handle the groceries, but I asked her just to be sure.

“Hey, Mom, we don’t have enough to eat. You getting groceries?” She came into the kitchen drying her hands and gave me a glowing smile.

“Actually, I was hoping that you and Sabine could handle that.”

“Uh, sure, but you know I don’t have any money.” Not for lack of trying, I promise you: most of it was spent for college-related purposes. I would be a freshman that fall, so every dollar seemed to slip right out of my fingers. I knew Mom had the money, but I didn’t dare ask her.

“Don’t worry,” she replied, smiling enigmatically, a sure signal that she was about to show her generosity. “I’ve already made a list, but feel free to get anything else you think you’ll need. I want them to have at least one home-cooked meal while they’re here.”

“Yeah.” I was the chef of the family, so it would be my responsibility to feed these girls. I suddenly realized I had no idea what Aunt Salome liked, and made sure to ask Mom before I took another breath. She told me that Salome was no longer a vegan, but I should watch the meat and cheese in case she suddenly changed her mind. I personally have no objection to eating meat, and I knew Sabine shared my enthusiasm, despite the torturous diet her mother pushed on her. I suppose being that finicky paid off, since they were both stunning, healthy, glowing women, the kind poets write about. But that doesn’t mean I’m not attractive! I just can’t survive for long without bacon and burgers, that’s all.

I was right in the middle of dusting the den when the doorbell rang, so I was the first to welcome my relatives into the house. I saw Aunt Salome first; she squealed like a kid and picked me into her arms, spinning around until we were both nearly dizzy. I coughed as she let me go and said, “It’s good to see you too, Aunt Salome, but please don’t ever do that again!”

We hugged properly and she kissed my cheek; I felt at ease now that she was being her reliably warm self again. But what can I say about Sabine that I haven’t already said? I felt like I wanted to kiss her — a real kiss, mind you, not the chaste peck of a cousin. I wanted to hold her and not let go, I wanted to undress her and feel her cool naked skin against my own, I wanted to fuck her and fall in love with her. I have no idea why I was thinking these outrageous thoughts, but I didn’t do anything to push them away. I kept them safely hidden, like treasures for me to pull out and cherish.

Our lips nearly touched as I kissed her cheek. Her face glowed with love; she was just as happy to see me as I was to see her.

“You cut your hair,” she said.

I laughed. “Is that all you can say after all this time?”

“And you got your ears pierced.”

“Ah, brilliant observation. What else has changed about me?” My eyes sparkled with hope and wonder; I didn’t think she could guess this one. You see, Mom got a tattoo for me when I turned eighteen and I never told Sabine. This wasn’t a surprise I was storing up for a special occasion, I just kept forgetting about it. She put her finger to her cheek, furrowing her brow in concentration. Finally she shrugged. “Okay, okay, I give.”

I showed her my prize and she squealed. I’ve heard tell that only a slut get a butterfly tattoo on the small of their back, but I think that’s just nonsense. Some of the chastest people I know have sexy tattoos. “Now I wish I had one,” she sighed, then inevitably directed her attention to her mother, who was chattering nonsensically with her sister. “Mom, can I get a tattoo? Something with skulls and flames and knives?”

“We’ll see,” she stated, before resuming her babbling conversation.

“Can we at least have some money to buy groceries?” I said. I love my mother, but she has a fairly short attention span, and she needs to be reminded of things. My eyes bulged out as she laid two fifty-dollar bills in my palms, and my heart jumped when she said Sabine and I could keep the change.

I really can’t tell you what happened after that because my head was off in the clouds and it didn’t come back until Sabine and I drove out of the garage and onto the street.


The one thing I genuinely didn’t see coming was Sabine’s warm silence. She barely said a word during our journey — I specifically had the radio off so we could chat — and seemed content to sit there, drinking the world in, her hands folded in her lap and her face glowing with beauty and patience. She was like the statue of Pygmalion, a perfect and faithful creation, silent and eerily lifelike. So lifelike, in fact, that I felt I could revive her with a kiss, just like Ovid’s hero.
At the first traffic light we ran into, I tested this theory and leaned over, pressing my mouth against her cheek. “Wake up,” I chirped.
She grinned, laughing softly. “I’m too happy to talk,” she replied. She took my short hair in her fingers and played with it. I really did wear it long once upon a time, but it was so irritating to keep and care for, and I really wanted a new look for college. I almost regret it now, since it makes me look smaller and “cuter” (I don’t want people to think I’m cute), but if Sabine liked it, it was fine with me. She hadn’t changed her hair at all; it was just as long and luxurious as it always had been, a shade somewhere between gold and brown, scented like the wild outdoors.

“Pretty,” she said, her eyes squinting from her broad smile. I blushed and tried not to lag behind as the light turned green again.

When I reached the parking lot, I wanted to play the chivalrous cousin and open her door for her, but she got it herself. That independence comes from Grandpa’s side and it is something I was blessed with as well. (Grandma gave us our endearing ditziness and natural beauty.) I also had Grandpa’s bravery and boldness, and reached to take Sabine’s hand as we walked up to the store. I’m a little shorter than she is, because of our age difference, so I could literally and figuratively look up to her and smile; she smiled back and even winked.

“So are we going to talk at all? We haven’t seen each other in five years.”

“I know. But you know how there are some moments that are so beautiful and pure, you don’t want to ruin them. Sorry if I made you uncomfortable.”

“No, I think it was just what we needed. But now that we’re talking again, does this mean you’re no longer happy?”

She smiled playfully and winked again. “I’m definitely happy, but it’s different. There’s happy and there’s happy, you know. One is more fleeting than the other, and because it’s so brief, we can’t afford to be distracted by anything else when it comes. It’s overwhelming; too much of it would hurt us. But there’s also the ordinary kind of happiness we see all the time.”

“And that’s where we are now,” I concluded. She nodded, and we walked into the store, our hands now freed. Holding her hand, being in such close intimate contact with her, had been one kind of happiness, but hanging out with her in the store was the other kind. The difference was delicate but clear; I felt my heart soaring out of love for Sabine and her wisdom. That she chose to spend her time with me was even more amazing.

“So what do we get first?” she wondered, peering over my shoulder at the list Mom gave me.

I scanned down the paper and pursed my lips anxiously: there was a lot there! It would be impossible for me to do this by myself, so I asked Sabine to take a cart and half the list with her so we could finish this quickly.

No, I want to do it with you!” she protested, caressing my arm. “You were the one who said we should talk more. Let’s do this together. Our moms can wait.”

“I guess we could,” I answered, “but you have to help me. Let’s go get everything in aisle one first.”

Sabine had not been to that grocery store in years, so I had to step up and show her where everything was. This is another long stretch of time where not too much happened, except that we did talk and catch up on things, we spent good times together and had a lot of fun and became even closer. We loaded the groceries until the cart nearly overflowed, and worked as a team to bag them all. We stuffed everything in the car and put the cart away, then looked at all our change. Sabine and I both made a face as we realized just how little we had left.

“And here I thought Mom was trying to be generous,” I grumbled. It was mostly pocket change and singles; we split it between the two of us and headed back. I prayed quite hard that all the trouble I went through cleaning the house was not in vain: Mom could get pretty messy when she was excited.


Home, I quickly came to the rescue and started cooking for my hungry troops. Mom and Aunt Salome had actually started prepping the kitchen, but were too busy interacting to get much done. I had no choice but to forgive them: Sabine and I would’ve done exactly the same thing. As punishment, they volunteered to wash the dishes while she and I were let free to do as we pleased, but that was little comfort while I was in the trenches. Sabine took care of the simple things I was too busy to handle, like organizing the groceries, finishing what our mothers started, and retrieving whatever I needed, while Mom and Aunt Salome set the table. We went through a lot of trouble, but really bonded as a family, cheesy though that may sound.

“So what colleges have you applied to?” my cousin asked me. She helped put everything on the table and served everyone, while I was given a chance to sit down and rest my feet. I couldn’t complain since Mom works hard to support the two of us, and she said I needed the experience, whatever that meant. I could already take care of myself very well and had even played the role of caretaker for my dear mother. Moving out wouldn’t be difficult; I just wasn’t really ready yet.

But I digress. I answered Sabine and she replied with that prizewinning smile of hers. “Why not move in with me? My last roommate bailed out on me and I can’t cover the rent anymore. I’ve had to live with Mom for a few months and — no offense, Mom — it’s really driving me crazy!”

I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Her offer sent me soaring, and I barely managed to nod my head, the idea enraptured me so. I didn’t hear Aunt Salome’s tart response (something about “How could I drive you crazy?”), I was thinking how wonderful it would be to live with Sabine. I knew for a fact that Mom wouldn’t mind; it seemed only a matter of time now.

“You two can worry about that later,” Salome said to us in her peaceful, sweet matronly voice. “We haven’t eaten at the same table together in years. Rikki, tell me: have you finally decided to start dating?”

Whoops, I almost forgot to introduce my side of the family! I was so obsessed with Sabine that I forgot to make introductions! My mother’s name is Rochelle, but her sister always called her Rikki, and my own name is Cory, which is short for Corrina. I was thankful every day that no one in our family had very common names; it definitely made life nicer.

“And who says I’m not dating now?” Mom answered vaguely, wiping her mouth.

Salome snorted. “You do, in all the emails you send me. It’s nothing to be shy about, Rikki. A beautiful woman your age needs to go out and socialize.”

“Yes, but where would I find anybody who’s interested — or interesting, for that matter? I’m a single mother, remember?”

“Cory’s going off to college soon,” Salome pointed out. “If that’s all that’s holding you back, you can start once she and Sabine move in together. You two were serious about that, right?”

“Definitely,” I said, as Sabine replied, “Yes, indeed.”

“All right, there you go,” she gestured.

Mom wasn’t the type of person to let things go like that, so she turned the question right back at her little sister. “What about you, Sal? You haven’t been with anyone since high school. Don’t tell me you’ve given up.”

“I haven’t,” she insisted, sipping her drink gracefully. “I just don’t make it common knowledge. You obviously don’t know your little sister very well, Rikki. I’ve had plenty of — opportunities.”

“But no big prospects?”

“Plenty of those, too,” she answered clearly, looking her sister right in the eye.

Things had become very serious and intimate all of a sudden, and I felt I was imposing on a very personal conversation. I wanted to leave, but Sabine was still eating and had tuned out the conversation. I resolved to excuse myself and touched Sabine’s shoulder, indicating it was time for us to go. She understood and finished her meal, and our mothers said they would clean up as promised, but not yet. We left them to finish their conversation and made our way upstairs, where my sanctuary awaited.


I shivered once we reached my room. “That was weird,” I whispered.

“Yeah.” We grinned and the tension was forgotten. “But now that we’re thinking about it, what sorts of romantic prospects have you been through?”

“None,” I answered with a shameful grin. “I’ve been way too busy. I spent all of high school with the soccer team. You?”

“I don’t date,” she said, shaking that luxurious russet mane of hers. “It’s not even a question of time for me; I’m just not — well, not interested in the prospects. I don’t know. I guess I’m waiting for that special someone to sweep me off my feet. I just don’t feel inspired with anybody in the local area.”

“So what do you spend your time doing?”

My beautiful Sabine couldn’t restrain her embarrassed smile as her cheeks flushed scarlet. “Watching cartoons and playing video games. My spare time, of course.”

“You don’t exercise?”

“Mm, about once or twice a week at home. I can’t afford the local gym. I guess that’s why you’re in better shape than I am.”

“But you grew up with a vegan mother. My mom’s not like that at all.”

“But dinner was very nice.”

I smiled gently and thanked her. The peaceful silence returned and I felt this was becoming one of those especially happy moments Sabine had described to me earlier. Not wanting to ruin it, I shuffled over to my bed and motioned for her to join me. As she laid down, it felt like a summer afternoon in my room all of a sudden: the warmth of her body, the thrill in my own heart, her fierce, pleasant scent drifting across the room, her gentle touch as she rested her head on my shoulder, the smile that was just for me—

“I love you.” I couldn’t keep it in; I had to say it. Have you ever felt like your own inner dam won’t be able to hold something in anymore? That if you keep it locked in, you’ll just burst? I was overflowing with love for my precious Sabine and couldn’t bear for it to be a secret anymore. I had typed it a thousand times in our corresponding letters and emails, of course, but I’d never actually said it.

I put my moist lips to hers and inhaled quietly; summertime was never better.

I lingered, my mouth still, greedy for Sabine’s taste and the invisible aura of love glowing from her. She moved her head imperceptibly and I felt a soft tenderness touch me, my heart skipping a beat as I realized that my innermost desire had been fulfilled.

I pulled away before anything further could develop and studied her face, wondering just what she was thinking. That had certainly felt like a harmless kiss from her end, but I know I erupted inside when I tasted Sabine’s lips. I’d never kissed anyone like that before, not as a polite gesture or an intimate action, not even my own mother, so of course it was a wonderful sensation. I had prayed — hopelessly at times — that my first kiss would be with someone I loved, so lo and behold! But did she kiss me out of a reflexive action, or a friendly motion, or was it the act of a woman in love?

We grinned at each other as we realized what happened. The happiness between us was so pure and beatific that I feared anything else we did would destroy it. We didn’t even breathe. I kissed her again, pressing my lips upon hers, reaching the impossible treasure I’d wanted ever since we were reunited — and this time, there was no holding back. Sabine drew me into a loving embrace, and I could feel a gust of air push through her nose as she sighed for joy. Her fingers went for my short dark hair again — how enraptured she was by this mane of mine! — and our lips parted, closed, and opened again as we gasped breathlessly.

I felt Sabine’s soft warm moist tongue slide through my lips as I let my defenses slip, and my senses went into overload. The sensation of another woman’s tongue — my own cousin’s tongue inside my mouth, caressing and massaging with the most tender love and desire — it’s something one has to experience for herself. It was beautiful and sweet and erotic and even naughty, all at once. I knew my Sabine loved me, but I had no idea she was that interested. It made a lot of sense, though, to overflow with so many feelings like that, pouring them out for the one you love the most. I loved Sabine more than anyone else in the world, even more than my own mother; I was soon expressing this as only a headstrong young woman intoxicated with lust can.

We were forced to stop, however, to catch our breath. As I’ve said, words are slow; Sabine and I must’ve been French kissing for about ten minutes, maybe less. The time she spent with her head on my shoulder, just absorbing the peace in my room, had gone on even longer. But it felt like years since we came down from our clouds and realized we were two cousins in a room together and not goddesses in the Elysian Fields.

I didn’t want to break the moment with my clumsy words, but I really felt it was necessary. “Umm—wow! That came out of nowhere.”

“Are you sure?” Her wisdom and intimate understanding sliced through my innocence. I knew I was in love with Sabine now. I had been in love with her long before today. In that sense, my affection for her didn’t “come out of nowhere,” it had been inside me since we were children.

“I didn’t know you felt that way about me,” I answered. I swallowed down my nervousness and bared my soul. “I’ve always been in love with you, Sabine. I didn’t think you—” Her eyes glowed with very quiet love; it was tender and patient and it made me feel like a whole person. I know that nothing I’m saying makes any sense, but that’s how I felt. She didn’t even have to tell me she was in love for me to know; I just knew. I chuckled and caressed her pretty face. “I’m always the last one to figure these things out.”

Our kisses inflamed us, our passions took over, throwing away all reason and logic. This was no longer another woman, or my cousin, or even my best friend — this was Sabine, my lover, exposed for what she was, every last honest inch of her.

I undressed her with careful consideration. I exposed her skin, that sensual field of pale pink. Her breasts were revealed before my startled eyes, two cute nipples pointing towards the sky. Pervert that I was, I inhaled the rich scent of her panties as I liberated her from the last formality, and sniffed the air wafting from her maidenhood, intoxicating myself. Sabine had a timid look on her face, but her shining eyes told me she was loving this.

She undressed me, but her lips roamed everywhere. I had merely touched my love, and memorized her scent. My skin is more tanned than hers, thanks to years of playing and working outdoors, and even I have to admit that the enticing layers of plump sensuality coating her muscles were more prominent than my own. Not that Sabine is at all fat, she just has a very shapely body that I adore. I could feel her enviously worshiping my muscles and my taut limbs. She put all my toes in her mouth, nibbling playfully, and in turn I sucked at her fingers. I had no firm idea what sex or lovemaking was supposed to be like. I just did what came naturally, and although it may sound strange or even perverse, it felt very natural making love to my darling Sabine.

“Oh, Cory!” she wailed, sliding up my body. Our breasts came into contact and I squealed as the delicious friction of it stabbed through my core. I squeaked as I felt her body descend upon mine — our sexes were nearly touching now — and we kissed and held each other for what seemed like eons on end.

When we stopped to catch our breath and cool off, I flipped her so I was on top again and thrust my tongue into her beautiful mouth. If this were any other woman, I don’t think I could’ve gone through with it. There was no way I could possibly love anyone more than Sabine. I called her name out again and again and trailed my tongue down her body, over her gorgeous breasts, dipping it into her belly button until at last I came to the end of my journey. There would be plenty of time for me to lavish attention on her magnificent legs, but I wanted to taste my Sabine’s sacred area.

“Pretty,” I purred, echoing her earlier flattery as I caressed her pubic hair. She had a sexy womanly patch of mousy brown curls, and I begged her never to shave it all off; the sight of it drove me crazy with lust.

I was about to indulge myself, but my lover stopped me. “Corrina, wait. Hold on, sweetheart.” Sabine only calls me by my full name if something serious is going on, so I obeyed and looked up, my face still comically hovering over her entrancing vagina. “I really am in love with you, sweetie, and I want to — to be with you like this. It’s what I’ve always wanted. But I don’t want this to just be about sex. I love you and I want to be with you. I want to go through life with you and share it with you. There’s no point in going any further if we don’t do that. We’ll be happy and we’ll suffer, too. We’ll have good days and we’ll have really rotten ones as well. We may even fight. But you’re the only person I could bear to do any of that with. It’s either you or nobody. Do you understand?”

Moving to lie on top of her once more, I kissed Sabine’s lips until she understood that I felt the same way. Her tears came freely; they moistened her bare body. I kissed them all away, and she cooed softly as she felt the depths of my love. What also pleased me was that I was the first one — the only one, really, as far as I knew — to love my precious Sabine in this way. I made sure she knew for certain that I would be her soulmate forever before I resumed my ministrations.

“Time to finish what I started,” I growled sensually. Sabine squealed with delight and braced herself. My head was swimming; time and reason seemed to be ripping each other apart. I was really going to go down on Sabine! I was going to put my tongue in another woman’s vagina! For the briefest moment I hesitated.

My lover, however, was impatient. “Cory,” she whispered softly, “fuck me. Cory, please, fuck me. Fuck me, please.”

I looked up at her heavenly face, so innocent and kind, so wrought with need, and wiped the tears from my own eyes. She had whispered a vulgar word, but in this context, it seemed the most beautiful expression I’d ever heard. I was going to fuck my Sabine — so softly, so sweetly, until her essence flowed forth for me to treasure.

There’s no point describing what I did to her. What could anybody possibly gain from it? I lapped clumsily at her womanhood; I touched it and suckled it, prodding and experimenting, praying that my work would bear fruit. Sabine’s golden moans were melodic; she clasped the sheets with a vice grip and parted her legs as far apart as they could go until her feet hung over the sides of the mattress. My senses were overwhelmed; I was focusing everything on her glorious vagina, wondering if my personal experiences of self-pleasure would work here. It was an adventure to find out what drove Sabine crazy and what made her beg me for more. She whispered until she screamed, all the while whispering, “Please, please fuck me, Cory. I love you. Oh, God, I love you!”

I left Sabine’s vagina to its own devices for awhile — the poor girl actually cried out how mean I was — but her cries became stifled very suddenly as I kissed her rear end. I gently lifted my cousin’s bottom into the air and, as disturbing as this might sound, actually darted my tongue out and licked her puckered little hole. I’m sad to say there’s no civilized or romanticized way of saying that I stuck my tongue up her butt, but I was feeling uncharacteristically wicked and wanted to drive Sabine wild. She gawked and tensed up for a moment as she realized what I was doing, but calmed down and even sang out wonderfully as the sensations overpowered her.

I alternated between this opening and her vagina — still reeling from the incredible wonder of doing this to another girl — until her body twisted and shivered in ecstasy, Sabine not quite able to muffle her cries.

Finally she lay limp and dazed, a gentle smile on her lips. I made sure to clean her up, kissing and slurping as gently as I could. I knew how sensitive she must have been, and didn’t want to put her in overdrive.

I cuddled and caressed my darling cousin as she came down from her pinnacle. I’d experienced a few fairly good orgasms in my time — all by my own hands, so to speak — but I could only imagine what she was going through. The girl of her dreams had delivered her to heaven’s doorstep and her mind was just wrapping itself around that. Nothing else in the world seemed to matter, other than our love. Our shared genders and bloodline, and even our mothers, who had no doubt heard some of what we’d been doing and prudently decided to wait before confronting us… all faded away as Sabine recovered, and I kissed her breasts and jaw, awaiting the moment when she returned the favor.

“Come here, beautiful,” she begged me. Our lips touched sweetly several times and I felt her hands wandering. She had been given full access to my body earlier, but went back there again, tickling and squeezing, trying to find new ways to please me. Her hands folded over my bottom and groped — then she slapped me, quite firmly, giving me an impish smile.

“You bitch,” I giggled, blushing furiously. Mom raised me to never swear, and I followed this rule implicitly, but now I couldn’t help it. We laughed out loud and I asked her to spank me again.

It wasn’t long before I had my tongue around one of her fingers, then she slipped it inside my rear and I saw stars as I was penetrated from behind. Our eyes locked as she used her other hand to explore my maidenhood. I crumpled in her arms and groaned so deeply and hungrily that for a moment, I thought I’d turned into an animal.

“Touch my pussy,” I whispered, feeling empowered by my surprising vulgarity. “Put your fingers in my pussy. Touch me. Sabine, please—”

“I want to hear you say the f-word, lover,” she murmured. I nearly lost control right then and there.

“Fuck me!” I squealed, as she solemnly kissed my shoulders. “God, fuck me, Sabine! Sabine, please fuck me! I want to — to feel you—inside of me!”

I felt my virginity break suddenly and clung to her as tightly as I could; the pain and pleasure of it all was extraordinary. I bit down where Sabine’s neck met her shoulder and suckled it numbly. She shushed me and resumed her work, going slowly and carefully.

I hit orgasm but didn’t dare scream; instead I kissed her to stifle my cries.

“I love you, Cory,” she whispered in my ear.

I wept and hugged her tightly. “I love you too, Sabine! But you know, it’s really not nice to take things without permission!”

“Sorry,” she giggled, her cheeks rosy. I couldn’t help but love her when she made that face, and I caressed her as the brightness of my love shone out.

“It’s all right. I wanted you to have it anyway.”

“Oh? Was this before or after I came over?”

“You’re evil!” I squealed, piling on top of her. I wouldn’t let Sabine get away with being such a naughty girl — umm, yeah, I actually said that to her — and pinned her hands to the bed. I wanted to scare her a little and make her feel defenseless, but that perverted girl just smiled at me, her eyes glistening with lust and longing.

My free hand got straight down to business as my legs wrapped around one of her thighs, and I rubbed up against Sabine while penetrating her at the same time. It was harder than I thought, and it completely drained me, but it was so worth it in the end. Her virginity was mine in a matter of moments — our eyes met and she gave me leave without saying a word — and soon we were both too exhausted to move. I’d never attempted back-to-back orgasms in my life, but with Sabine in my life — well, I would have to get used to them.


It wasn’t until seven o’clock in the morning when I realized Sabine and I had fallen asleep together. I lay there in bed, naked from head to toe, the sheets covering my legs and dear Sabine cuddling me protectively, and thought about what had happened.

So, I’d made love to another woman — my own cousin, no less — and was no longer a virgin. It had all happened so quickly; the dam had burst too fast. I’d been blinded by my own passions and had lost my mind. But I didn’t regret one second of it, not even for an instant, and if I had to do it all over again, I would definitely repeat everything we’d done and more.

Well… I’d have Sabine ask before she deflowered me, but other than that…

I lightly massaged her back and shoulders as she rested against my body, still lost in slumberland and dreaming about me, I hoped. Making love to Sabine and watching as she slept were two kinds of the most sublime happiness; being with her as we shared the sorrows and joys of life would be the simpler kind.

Inevitably, I wondered how our mothers would take this. I know my mom would be okay if I came out as a lesbian, but revealing my affection for my cousin was another matter. I didn’t know how open-minded Aunt Salome would be, but I resolved that I didn’t care: come what may, Sabine and I would spend the rest of our lives together. I did hope that my aunt would be okay with it, though. I didn’t want to create a rupture in the family.

A bleary-eyed Sabine woke up and smiled. “Good morning, sexy,” she quietly said.

“Morning, pretty girl,” I replied, and we rubbed our noses and nipples together in greeting. I so badly wanted to kiss my love, but brushing my teeth came first, and I stated that Sabine wouldn’t be “getting any” until she did the same. The little sneak just laughed and slithered underneath the covers, deciding to bury her lips in my womanhood. I shrieked, I laughed, I sang for joy; I came right in her mouth. She even gave my rear end a few kisses and licked my butthole; I almost hyperventilated from the sensation. No wonder Sabine had erupted like that!

“You’re awful,” I murmured as she climbed back up. But I couldn’t pout at her for long; she was the most amazing woman in the world, and I knew she only teased me like that because she loved me so deeply.

I slapped her gorgeous rear end as she bounced out of bed and, as she moaned and squealed so cutely, I kept smacking her butt as we put some bathrobes on and marched into the bathroom. Our house only has one, which makes sense because there’s only two people in this house most of the time, but I prayed Mom or Aunt Salome hadn’t beat us there. And just how had they spent their night?

“Maybe they had sex too,” my perverted cousin suggested. I slapped her on the rear again, but soon came to realize she hardly considered this punishment. What was worse was that if they had indeed made love — which just might have explained why they didn’t hear us as we shrieked the night away — I would once again be the last one to know. But since that had nothing to do with our trek to the bathroom, we pressed on.

The lights were on, which didn’t startle me. Mom sometimes forgets and keeps them on all night, but that comes in handy in case either of us needs to make a “midnight run”. Someone had beaten us to the shower, which was not very surprising either. Despite her quirks, Mom is an early riser and makes sure I follow her example. She usually wakes me after she takes her shower, leaving me with just enough time to make breakfast, eat, and wash up. I even saw Mom’s silhouette behind the glass curtain and raised my eyebrows. I’m not afraid to admit that my mother is a gorgeous lady and I hope to look as good as her when I reach that age.

The thing that shocked me, though, was the telltale signs that Mom was not alone in there. She clearly had company and it was obvious to both of us who it was. It was also very obvious what they were doing. We heard moans of passion and the sound of wet bodies rubbing together; we saw the blurry shape of two very naked women, sharing a very passionate kiss.

“Oh, my God,” I breathed. We slipped outside, thankfully without being noticed.

Sabine’s mouth was hanging open. “I… I was just kidding!” she blurted. “I didn’t think they’d do it for real!

I, on the other hand, couldn’t help but laugh. I also couldn’t let this moment pass without making a truly tasteless joke. “Well, like mother like daughter, I guess.”

So with the arrival of my cousin and my aunt, the goddess of love came with them. Sabine and I were now lovers and would spend the rest our lives together. And apparently, Mom decided she couldn’t spend another minute without the love of her little sister, a love that Salome was all too happy to give. It dawned on me that this was quite possibly the healthiest relationship either of them could enter into, and I prayed, as Sabine and I crossed over to the kitchen, that they would be together forever.

Eventually the new couple emerged from the shower, still wearing their bathrobes and glowing as lovers are apt to do. They giggled, flirted, and teased each other; we both watched them enter the kitchen with quiet, understanding smiles. With one exception, I’d never seen anything more adorable and beautiful in all my life — that exception being my beloved Sabine — though I’m sure Mom and Aunt Salome believed we didn’t suspect a thing.

We went through the motions that morning and spent the entire day together, and eventually, the truth came out for all to hear, and there was not an unhappy face in the crowd. Well, maybe that’s exaggerating things.

“Um, care to run that by me again?” I demanded. Mom and Aunt Salome, holding hands as they snuggled close, smiled at each other, and at me.

“It’s not the first time we made love,” Mom said. “It happened once before, when we were even younger than you two. But this is the first time we’ve — considered it seriously.”

“That’s right, girls,” Salome said, pausing to kiss Mom’s cheek. “We want to be a real couple.”

“Oh, jeez.” I rubbed my face wearily, but luckily I had an angel there to unravel my stress.

“It’s okay, Cory,” Sabine whispered. “For what it’s worth, I didn’t know either.”

I had to laugh, hearing that. We shared a family hug, and I reflected on how being the last to know what’s up really isn’t that big a deal.

The End


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