Amber II, Chapter 1

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By Tater Tot

{ This story was originally posted at Lesbian Lolita in June 2015 }

NOTE: While editing and preparing the chapters of “Amber” for Juicy Secrets, we hit a stumbling block. Around the story’s midway point, without any hint of explanation or introduction, the viewpoint of the narrative shifts from Amber’s mother to Amber herself. Unable to figure out how to continue the original story in a way that made sense, we decided to end it right there. After further discussion, however, we made a second decision — to post Amber’s continuation of her own story as “Amber II,” which you are about to read. Enjoy!

When my mom told me she was writing about how she and I started having sex, I was really excited. But then I decided I wanted to tell part of the story myself, especially since I had some hot experiences that Mom wasn’t around to see.
It started on this one morning, when I gave Mom a kiss on the cheek on my way out. It seemed like kind of a small thing, but I could tell it really made her happy when I did it, and I felt sort of bad for not having done it before.

I was off to do a sleepover with my friend Deanna. Her mother, who I’ll call Mrs. C, was doing the driving.

“Hi, Mrs. C,” I said, as I climbed in the back with my book bag.

Deanna twisted around with a grin as Mrs. C said, “Hi, Amber, do you have everything?”

I liked Mrs. C. She wasn’t as upbeat as Mom was, but Deanna got along really well with her. I’d had other friends whose parents were total assholes, sort of like my dad at the end. I shook that thought away too, and chatted with Deanna as we drove to her house.

Having someone as a friend who was interested in getting good grades was really nice. I hadn’t spent time with Deanna until I began really putting effort into getting A grades, and had noticed we were spending the same time studying after class or at lunch. She had actually approached me first, and we had really hit it off.

Spending the night at her place was a first, but we were doing a group report together and wanted it to be perfect. I had every intention of getting all A’s because I wanted every Saturday possible to do things to Mom… better not think about it or my panties would be wet quick.

Mrs. C was a little like Mom – slimmer, I think, because of how she ate rather than exercise. Mom worked out a lot and it really showed. Her ass was so… nope, not thinking that.

Mrs. C had sandy hair and her breasts were bigger than Mom’s, but she smiled the same and seemed to really care for Deanna. I had never paid attention before, but now I noticed how my friends and their parents got along. I could see how much it mattered to Mom that I was happy.

I was a little surprised later when Deanna and I were working at the kitchen table and I had leaned over to grab something, when I realized that Mrs. C was checking out my ass. I was wearing tight shorts, the same as Deanna, so my butt looked really good. Huh, I wondered if Mrs. C liked girls? I had been totally shocked to find out Mom did, then to find out her and Aunt Jess… Well, mindblowing didn’t cover it.

I hadn’t really paid attention before, her being Deanna’s mom and all, but now it kind of gave me a kick to think she was interested in seeing me naked. I was checking her ass out later, and I think Deanna caught me doing it, so I quit.

We had pizza, which was awesome since Mom didn’t order out much. Deanna had me laughing hard enough to snort Coke up my nose, which caused her mom to laugh until she choked on her food. We were all giggling over almost laughing ourselves to death. Later, Deanna gave her mom a kiss on the cheek good night, which made me miss Mom really badly for a moment.

I pulled out a big t-shirt when we went to her room and slipped it on over my panties in the bathroom. Deanna was doing the same when I came back in, and didn’t say anything as she slipped out of her clothes before putting it on. I was a little happy to see her breasts were no bigger than mine, sad to say. It really aggravated me that total skanks at school could have great breasts, and all I had was two little pimples. Mom just smiled whenever I said that, and she really made them… uh, no.

Deanna was my height and just as skinny, making us look a lot alike most times, but her hair was much lighter. She had boy-cut panties like Mom had, something I had really developed a weird fetish for. I had looked that up, fetish, after I heard one of the girls at school saying her boyfriend had a fetish for coming on her tits. Eww.

“What caused that face?” Deanna said, as she hopped on the bed cross-legged.

I did the same. “Remembering when Kim said her boyfriend had a fetish. It was gross.”

Deanna giggled loudly, “The tits thing?” then giggled again.

I curled my nose up. “Yeah, God, that sounded disgusting.”

“Just think,” Deanna said, with another embarrassed giggle, “one day you’ll be giving your husband head every day.”

“The hell!” I said. “He’ll be giving me head every day.”

Then we both started laughing. Deanna’s mom poked her head in, then smiled at the two of us laughing and giggling on the bed before saying “What’s so funny?” that got us both almost hysterical as we stuttered and couldn’t come up with an answer.

Mrs. C got that knowing look that Mom got now when I was too embarrassed to say something, and she said, “Oh, one of those things.” She grinned then and said, “Well, no sneaking boys in the window.”

I laughed again when Deanna said, “Aw, Mom, then what are we going to do for fun?”

Mrs. C laughed as she shut the door, saying, “Sorry, Deanna, just girls tonight.”

We calmed down after a while and laid on the bed talking. Her mom had the same restrictions on her internet that my mom did, so it hardly seemed worth going online. She had a bigger bed than mine, and it was nice not having to feel squished in. I had thought about having Mom do… Uh, no, not thinking about that.

We kind of drifted to sleep with the light on about an hour later. I was lying on my back and having a half dream about spanking Mom when I woke myself up, the excitement pushing me until I came.

I was seriously embarrassed to see Deanna leaning up on her elbow watching me with a raised eyebrow. Hell, I hoped I hadn’t said anything, and I could tell my panties were wet. Mom thought it was awesome how much I came, but it was a real pain right now.

I put my hand over my eyes, “What?”

“What do you mean, ‘What?’” Deanna whispered. “Holy shit. You just had a wet dream, Amber. God, it looked hot.”

I peeked at her from under my fingers. “It’s embarrassing. Quit staring at me.”

She giggled, getting a nervous giggle back from me as she pulled on my arm until I uncovered my eyes. I knew it drove Mom crazy when I did that when I was embarrassed, but it was almost impossible to stand having someone looking at me at those times.

“No way, girl,” she said, “I’ve never had a wet dream before. You have got to tell me about it or I’ll go crazy. Hell, I thought only boys did that.”

Now I really blushed, trying to keep from hiding again as I said, “No way. God, I can’t believe that happened. I’m such a spaz.”

Deanna got a serious look. “No, really, I think it’s awesome. I’d love to be able to do that. I’ve never had an orgasm, and here you are having one in your sleep. It’s not fair.”

I giggled again at the offended tone, but then realized what she had said. “Never?”

Now she looked embarrassed, looking down as she said. “Well… no. I’ve never dated, and I know everyone watches porn on the internet, but I don’t.” Now she kind of looked a little mad as she said, “How the hell are you supposed to find anything out if your mom blocks everything?”

That got a surprised giggle again, causing her to give me an offended look, then she laughed herself at my expression.


“Nothing.” I laughed. “It’s just… my mom has the same thing. It really pisses me off sometimes.”

We laughed for a minute at the thought of how mean our moms were because they wouldn’t let their sweet daughters watch porn, when Deanna gave me a questioning look and said, “Can you… like, come when you’re awake?”

“Well, yeah.”

“Oh!” She looked down thoughtfully, before saying, “By… well, by yourself?” She blushed as she said the last part.

I gave her a questioning look. “What, you think I’m bonking some guy? Of course, by myself. Don’t try to tell me you don’t masturbate.”

She giggled, then shrugged and said, “Well, yeah, of course, but… well, I’ve never really had an orgasm. It’ll feel sort of nice, but nothing like what I just saw you do.”

I covered my face again. “God. My friend is a Peeping Tom. I can’t believe you watched that.”

That got a full-on gigglefest going, but she returned to the subject when we stopped.

“Tell me, Amber. Come on, we’re friends, right? How do you do that?”

I was tempted to put a pillow over my face, but I remembered how frustrated I was before.

“Well… well, you just, you know, have sexy thoughts about someone, then sort of, you know…” I whispered the last part, “touch yourself.”

She looked so much like me that I almost laughed, her eyes distant as she pursed her lips in thought.
“Yeah… that doesn’t work,” she said thoughtfully. “I try to think of having guys do stuff, but it doesn’t really work.”

I nodded to myself, kind of picturing what she meant. I was doing the same thing, picturing a boy because it was wrong to do anything else.

“Well…” I said, thoughtfully. “What about when you’re not trying? What gets you hot during the day?”

She blushed, almost making me nod as I realized she did look just like me when Mom asked those kinds of questions. I could see what her problem was.

When she didn’t say anything, I said, “Well, what is it? You want me to tell you, you have to tell me.”
She lay back and put her hand over her face as she mumbled. “Well… it’s the… well, you know…” She trailed off, then whispered, “gym teacher.”

I almost giggled, but held it back. Ms. Teller was the gym teacher and she was hot. I had the hots for my teacher, and Deanna had the hots for the gym teacher. Ms. Teller was really tall, with big boobs, and was super fit. I could get behind wanting some of that.

“Okay,” I said matter of factly. “I can see that, she’s hot. So that’s who you think about?”

Deanna turned her head to look at me in surprise to say “But, she’s… well… a she.”

I did laugh then and said. “No! Really? Was it the big boobs that gave it away?” We both got to giggling again, and she relaxed a little.

“You don’t think that’s bad?” Deanna asked quietly.

“Nah. It’s a crush. We get them and it doesn’t mean we’re all lesbians or something.”

“Oh. You think about… well, girls?”

“Sure,” I said truthfully. “I was actually dreaming about one, but I’m not going to tell you who it was, so don’t ask.”

“Oh,” she muttered again. We laid there for a while as she thought about it, then said, “That’s good, I was afraid I was… well, gay or something.”

I leaned up on my elbow to look at her seriously. “It wouldn’t bother me if you were, Deanna, but we’re only fourteen for Christ’s sake, we haven’t even dated. It’s probably too early to decide that, at least until you’ve been on a date.”

“I guess,” she said slowly. “You don’t think… mas… masturbating while thinking about girls will make you gay?”

I giggled, “If so, I’m going to be so gay one day.”

She laughed out loud, then covered her mouth as she turned to face me, laughing hard enough to cry. I had never had this much fun with a friend before, even if it was about embarrassing stuff.

We laid there for a while, sort of chatting sleepily, when she said, “How do you… you know… do it?”

I blinked awake and looked at her hard, realizing for the first time that she might be pushing for something. It seemed silly now after talking about masturbating and lesbian crushes, but it hadn’t occurred to me that she might want to do some stuff.

“It’s hard to explain, Deanna,” I said. “It’s, like, something you get one day, then always know how to do.”

“Oh,” she said softly. “I’ve been, well trying for a long time.”

I leaned up on my elbow again and looked at her. She gave me a quizzical grin until I said, “I can show you, if you promise not to hate me or think I’m weird.”

She blinked, then said, “Well, I wouldn’t think that anyway, but how would showing me do anything?”

“I could do to you what I do to myself, then you’ll understand and be able to do it,” I said softly.

“Oh,” she said slowly. “Really? You would do that for me?”

I shrugged and said, “Yeah. I guess. If it will help.”

She didn’t say anything for a moment, then said “I’d like you to do it, and I promise I won’t hate you.”

Thinking for a moment, I finally nodded and slid over. “Lay on your side and close your eyes.”

Putting an arm over her, letting my hand rest on her stomach, I propped my head up so it was next to hers. “I’ll describe a sexy scene, then touch you as I do it. Just relax and picture what I’m saying. If you come, do it quietly, I don’t want your mom to wake up.”

She nodded eagerly, then waited with her eyes closed.

“Ms. Teller has you stay after school one day, wanting to talk with you about your grades and effort in class. She leads you to her office and shuts and locks the door when you go in. She’s wearing her gym outfit, those tight shorts and that blue t-shirt that shows her tits.”

I start rubbing Deanna’s tummy, sort of sliding the t-shirt up as I do it.

“She has you stand in front of her as she looks up at you from her chair and tells you that you need to work harder if you want better grades. You tell her, ‘Yes, ma’am’ and ask what you need to do. Ms. Teller leans forward and puts her hand on your hip and asks if you’re willing to do some extra credit work.” My hand sort of slides under the t-shirt to start stroking her skin, getting a soft sigh from her.

“When you nod, her hand runs down and strokes your ass for a moment,” I say as I do just that, letting my hand touch her ass, then slide around to rest on her belly button.

“You can see Ms. Teller’s nipples through her t-shirt as she asks if you’re willing to do anything she says. When you say ‘Yes’, her hand moves to your front and cups your pussy.” Deanna moaned harshly as my hand slid down and cupped her mound. Her panties were damp already, so I figured she would manage an orgasm tonight.

“Her hand sort of massages your pussy through your shorts as she watches you, then she asks if she can do anything to you. When you nod, she stands up and moves behind you, cupping your breasts as she kisses your neck.” I do both, sliding my hand up to squeeze her breast, and planting a soft kiss on her neck. Deanna is panting quickly, letting out another moan as my hand squeezes her.

“Ms. Teller slides her hand down, then slips it into your shorts and panties, then you feel her fingers touch your wet pussy lips.” I do the same, slipping my hand into her panties and letting a finger slide between her soaked outer lips.

Deanna came at that point, letting out a quiet, but high pitched whistling sound. Her pussy did like mine and squirted my hand as she pushed her pussy against it. I held her tight, and she groaned a little louder as she squirted again and her body sort of undulated against mine.

She was gasping when it was over, letting out little moans every now and then. I let her lie back, and began licking my fingers clean as she watched. She tasted really good, sort of like me. Mom tasted totally different, but I really loved how she tasted… uh, better not go there.

When I was done, I lay down next to Deanna, watching as she sort of panted for a while, then I must have fallen asleep.

I grimaced when I woke up and realized the room smelled like sex, but there wasn’t anything I could do about that. Deanna was smiling at me, and when I opened my eyes said, “Wow, that was great, thanks.”

I shrugged and said, “Sure. It was fun, and you sure make a mess.”

We kind of staggered out of bed and looked at the mess we had made. She shrugged like I had and said, “Mom’s already at work, so we have a couple of hours to clean up.”

“Work?” I was surprised that she worked on Saturday.

Deanna looked a little sad. “Yeah. When Dad died three years ago, Mom went back to work. It was pretty hard at first, but she says if she makes VP this year, she can spend more time with me.”

“Wow, that sucks.”

“Yeah,” she shrugged. “I feel bad for Mom, and try to help, but she’s been working sixty-hour weeks for the last year. I offered to get a job, but she just cried and hugged me.”

I nodded, picturing what she meant. Mom would have done the same thing. “You think she’ll get married again?”

Deanna got the strangest look and said, “No… no. I don’t think so.”

When I raised an eyebrow she blushed and looked down for a moment.

“Well… you know I asked about… you know, being a lesbian?” I shrugged and nodded. “Well, I saw… well, Mom and a… a woman… sort of, well, kissing one night. So wondered if I might be… well…” Then she petered out.

I shook my head. “I don’t think it works like that. Your mom might just be having sex with a woman because it’s nicer or something. She had you, so she must be okay with guys. It’s probably just that she gets horny and doesn’t want to deal with guys.”

Deanna giggled, then said, “How did you get so wise all of a sudden?”

I grinned. “My Aunt Jess is gay, and I didn’t know it until recently. My mom tried to explain how it works like that sometimes and how it might take a while to figure out.”

“Wow, really?” Deanna said. “That’s so cool that you can talk about that.”

“Yeah,” I said softly. “Mom is the best.”

When we stripped down she saw my shaved pussy and got bug-eyed. I shrugged it off, but could tell she really wanted to know why I had it like that. I told her to look around the gym showers one day, half the girls were shaved.

“Why?” she asked.

I gave her an intent look, trying to force her to think about it. She really was innocent about things because she was totally lost. I sighed and mumbled, “No hair to get in your… teeth.”

She blinked in surprise, then stared at my pussy for a moment. That got her to blush when she realized I was watching her. “Sorry… sorry,” she mumbled. “It’s just… just not something I thought you… you know… had ever done.”

I looked at her seriously, trying to decide what to say, finally pulling her down on the bed to sit as I said, “Will it bother you if I had?”

She looked at me for a moment, before she realized what I meant, and I could tell by her expression she was hurt that I even thought that, “No, of course not.”

“It’s hard to tell, and I don’t want you hating me,” I said, “but I’ve had, well, sex with… you know… a girl.”

“Oh,” Deanna breathed softly. “Oh, my God,” she muttered, then looked at me. “Here I’ve been worried you would hate me if I said I liked girls, and you were worried I would hate you.” Then she giggled.

I had to laugh too, and we did that for a little while until Deanna said, “Would you… can we… I mean…”

She was blushing fiercely, but I could see her nipples standing up and realized what she was asking. I canted my head at her, wondering if it would be wrong. “Do things together?”

She nodded quickly, then looked down again.

“I don’t really want to have a girlfriend, Deanna. I’d rather be friends.”

That got her to look up quickly as she said, “Oh, no… I don’t want to be like that. I just wanted to… well, do it with someone, you know.”

I looked at her for a moment, then leaned in and gave her a kiss. She didn’t react until I was about to pull back, then she put her hand on the back of my head and kissed me back. I don’t think she had ever kissed anyone like that, but really got into it. When my tongue moved between her lips she jerked a little, then leaned in and opened her lips. After a while she started using hers to taste me back.

When I leaned back her face was flushed and her pupils were dilated. Her lips were a little swollen from all the kissing, but she was panting with excitement.

“Shower,” I said, holding out my hand.

She nodded, taking my hand and letting me lead her to it. I stopped in front of the sink and stood behind her as I pulled her t-shirt off. She looked at us as I leaned in and let my hands reach around and begin caressing her stomach and breasts. They were just as small as mine, but really nice feeling in my hands.

We both were still covered with our own cum, so when she was moaning softly, I stopped and stripped before stepping into the tub. I waved for her to do the same, admiring the wispy blonde hair around her pussy as she did so. With the shower started I took the gel and began using my hands to wash her clean.

When I ran a finger down her ass crack, she squealed, then let out a loud groan. I lathered and rinsed her pussy clean, then turned her to face me. I gave her a kiss, then slid to my knees in front of her as she gasped, then pushed my face into her pussy. She squealed again in shock, but that very quickly turned to loud moans as my tongue moved between her lips. I wanted to do this quickly since I didn’t know what time her mom would be home and it was Saturday. Mom would be waiting. I groaned at the thought.

I did everything Mom had taught me, licking and probing, sliding my tongue along her clit, but didn’t use any fingers. Deanna lasted all of two minutes before putting one hand on the wall and the other on my head and came. She let out a long yell of “Yes” and squirted my face and mouth. I did like Mom and swallowed what I could, but kept my lips lightly on her clit. She continued like that for a surprising amount of time before sliding to a sitting position in front of me.

I kissed her, letting her taste herself, then helped her to her feet. “That’s what it’s like. I have to get home, but we can do that whenever you want.”

She was smiling in a dazed fashion, but helped wash me, paying special attention to my breasts and ass.
Mom picked me up at nine, and I was ready to go, my breasts very clean, and Deanna looking very bright-eyed. I was starting to get twitchy, trying to keep my mind off… things.

I gave Deanna a hug when I left and she whispered “Thanks,” in my ear.

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