Sweet Sister, Part One: Exploration

  • Posted on June 26, 2017 at 9:04 am

By Alfie Atkins

{ This story was originally posted at the now-defunct Sisters in Love }

Marisa Bartlett came from a big family. This had its upsides and its downsides, as she had learned over her fifteen years of life so far.

With ten children, herself included, there was more than enough to keep their parents busy. And despite the massive population, their home was always clean and well-kept, their mother attentive and devoted, their father sometimes brusk but always well-meaning, and all of the children got on exceptionally well, especially considering the amount of teenage hormones flying about the house, with the family members in various stages of puberty.

Marisa shared a room with her sisters Ebonie, who was thirteen, and Carlie, who was sixteen. For the most part, this was a comfortable arrangement. Ebonie was a softly-spoken, rather shy girl who very seldom voiced an opinion, leaving Marisa and Carlie pretty much in charge, which was just the way Marisa liked it.

She and Carlie, being so similar in age, shared such similar tastes that sometimes they surprised themselves with how alike they were. They enjoyed the same food, the same television programmes, the same music, they both loved cats, and both hoped to work in the fashion industry when they left home. Marisa and Carlie spent many hours chatting to each other about life in general, sometimes talking long into the night. They were more like very best friends than sisters, although a lot of people had commented on how alike they looked.

Marisa loved all of her family, but she had a special endearment to Carlie. She often felt that it was only she and Carlie in the house, in the room, cuddled up in bed together in flannel nightshirts as they discussed the sexiest boys and the best celebrities in minute detail.

Carlie would often sneak into Marisa’s bed in the dead of the night when Ebonie was asleep, or vice-versa. Sometimes Marisa would lie awake throughout the night, waiting to feel the cover being pulled back, letting in a blast of cold air — then feeling the warm silky flesh of Carlie’s thighs pressed against hers as she snuggled in tightly.

Marisa loved it when Carlie joined her in bed. It brought them somehow closer, to be snuggled together so tightly that you could not slip a piece of paper between them. It was also somewhat more intimate then a chat sat at a table, or on the sofa. This gave them the perfect opportunity to discuss all of the things that would normally be too taboo to discuss under everyday circumstances. Boys, sex, alcohol, drugs even, nothing was forbidden.

As the years passed, the chats had become more focused on sexual content. Marisa had heard in great detail about Carlie’s ‘first time’, and as she lay there, thigh to thigh with her sister, for a fleeting second she had felt a warmth course through her that was frightening in its enormity. It was wrong to feel that way, even for the briefest of instants, so she shoved it to the back of her mind and concentrated firmly on being her sister’s best friend and confidante, without any kind of weird sexual feelings getting in the way.

Ebonie would snore softly, deep in dreamland as the two of them carried out these secret trysts. Marisa found something quite thrilling in sitting up at 2 a.m., when they should have been asleep, talking in ways that should surely be forbidden. It was kind of cool to have this as their own ‘little secret’, and Carlie, sixteen going on thirteen, seemed to agree.

Both seemed to know instinctively that their parents would not be happy about how attached to each other they had become, and would restrain their affection for each other in public. But as soon as they were snuggled up together, Marisa would lay her head on the soft pillows of  Carlie’s breasts, while Carlie would absently massage Marisa’s slender shoulders. They always enjoyed this bonding time.

In the golden sunny days of summer, Marisa would run hand in hand with Carlie through the wide cornfield near their house. Feeling the wind whip her honey-golden hair around her face, Marisa would feel like the heroine in an romantic novel as they rolled and larked about in the soft yellow corn. They made a little den, and would go and sit on the flattened down corn, one using the other’s tummy as a pillow as they basked in the golden glow of the sun.

Marisa often thought that she would never find anyone as like-minded as Carlie to share her life with. Who else would run through cornfields like a little girl, hand in hand with her, or sit in a den and discuss useless nonsense, when she should have been out frolicking with boys or hanging ’round bike sheds smoking with other sixteen-year-old girls?

Marisa suspected that they both knew more than they cared to admit, though. She certainly did. When she had turned fifteen, Marisa had suddenly felt aware of her body and sexuality in a way she never had before. It wasn’t that she had any interest in any of the boys she met. Quite the opposite, in fact — it was more that she felt her feminine nature radiate from her body. She felt womanly. Her breasts were softening and forming nicely, the nipples tight and coral-pink, her hips were smooth, her thighs gently curving, her centre softly furred, the pulse deep within her secret flesh becoming more prominent.

When Marisa looked in the mirror, she saw a young, attractive, desirable woman, not a silly, soppy little girl. Boys had noticed this desirability, and she was taking advantage of it. She loved to lead them on, tease them, allow them little tidbits before denying them the prize they really craved. She suspected that Carlie would probably approve of this.

So far, Marisa had not actually let any boy go the ‘full way’ with her, although there had been much kissing and fooling around. She delighted in telling Carlie what these things felt like, how she enjoyed the teasing feel of boys’ hands riding up her thighs, grabbing with juvenile abandon at her breasts, poking clumsily at her softness. All this added up to considerable delight, though Marisa felt certain that she enjoyed recounting the experiences to Carlie more than the actual experiences themselves. Her big sister would sit and listen open-mouthed, the tip of her juicy pink tongue on show, her rosebud lips pursed in delight or arousal.

It was around this time that the girls’ began to wonder more about each other’s bodies. One night, Carlie suggested that they masturbate in front of each other, to see what turned them both on. Marisa was a little dubious about this, but also wildly excited. In fact, as soon as Carlie had suggested it, Marisa felt her slick pussy lips rubbing together in eager anticipation. Carlie declared that there was only one rule: they had to do it totally naked, so they could both get a good view of everything.

Side-by-side in Carlie’s single bed, lying so close their sides were touching, they began to remove their nighties and knickers. Marisa glanced nervously over to Ebonie — fast asleep, head lolling, mouth wide open, blissfully oblivious.

By the glow of the lamp by Carlie’s bed, they both examined each other’s bodies thoroughly before starting to masturbate. Marisa thought Carlie had a fascinatingly beautiful body. Her breasts were surprisingly full and curvy, the nipples puckering in the cool air. Carlie’s body had a silky shimmery sheen to it that was most inviting. Marisa could smell the older girl’s sweet skin and desire from where she was.

As Carlie opened her thighs slightly, Marisa’s attention zeroed in on the lush pubic thatch in front of her, its whorl of sandy-brown hair, then the pouting lips, the clitoris just peeking from the top. Marisa felt a jolt of lust course through her sex before she even realised it, and this both frightened and excited her in equal measure. Wasn’t it wrong to be excited by the sight of your sister’s vagina? Marisa decided that she didn’t care. Hell, it was normal to be curious, and besides, they weren’t doing anything really wrong, were they? After all, she was curious to see if what she was doing was the proper way to masturbate… and who better to experiment with than her trusted friend, sister and confidante?

Slowly and nervously, but with growing excitement, Marisa opened the slick flesh of her vagina, feeling the moisture already coat her fingers. Her eyes were focused entirely on Carlie’s pussy. Copying her younger sister, Carlie parted the flesh of her sex, giving Marisa a clear view of her girlish secrets.

Marisa could see the slickness, smell the desire of her older sibling. Wild lust coursed through her body in manic jolts as Carlie began to slide a finger up and down the whole length of her slit, trailing her juices up to her hard, prominent little clitoris. Marisa watched in fascination as Carlie ran her finger lightly around the opening, dipping it into her body just slightly before travelling back up to the clit, then running it back down again.

Marisa wondered if this was all Carlie did. If so, how on earth did she ever come? It would take Marisa hours to bring herself off like that. She had begun to masturbate, too — her finger jerked in rapid circular motions over the whole area of her clit, round and round in a dizzying but totally satisfying manner. This was how she always brought herself off; Marisa had explored her own body enough to know exactly what turned her on. Her finger was wet and sliding about, losing traction on her clit. Marisa could hear the sounds of wetness, the little slapping sounds of her rapidly working finger, but she didn’t care. She was awash with desire, and she realised that watching Carlie getting herself off was utterly thrilling.

Carlie began to pick up the pace of her fingering. Slick flesh shining, she slid her long index finger all the way up inside her juicy softness, while her thumb began to jerk spasmodically on her little button.

Marisa thought to herself that she had to try that — it looked absolutely delicious! As Carlie’s finger slid in and out of her pussy, Marisa watched the glistening juices on it, shining in the lamplight, getting wetter with each stroke. She looks so hot, so gorgeous. Marisa felt a flood of desire leak from her pussy, and her own finger slipped down to play with her virginal opening.

Gently prodding, Marisa knew that she was very, very close to coming. Her finger returned to her clit, and she began to rub furiously, fingers sliding all over the wet flesh, clit so hard and engorged that she thought it might burst. Carlie had begun to moan softly, and this spurred Marisa on even more.

Carlie’s legs were jerking spasmodically as she tensed her calf muscles in readiness for the explosion. Her hips jerked up towards her pumping hand — the finger probing her pussy went into overload, thrusting in and out, in and out, forceful and frenzied.

Marisa felt an orgasm approaching; her nipples began to tingle and throb, and her free hand went out to pinch at them absently. Her pussy began to throb dizzily — slowly and rhythmically at first, then faster and faster, until it descended on her — the biggest climax of her life so far.

She looked over at Carlie, who was moaning in the throes of her own delight, and she was both shocked and aroused beyond endurance to see Carlie’s free hand reach out and prod a finger into her bottom hole.

This was too much for Marisa. “Carlie, I’m coming,” she whispered, feeling the pulse beat burst anew upon her, her pussy throbbing violently, her empty opening sucking hungrily at nothing.

Carlie hissed, “Me too!” through gritted teeth, then jerked spasmodically — her whole body twitching, muscles tensing, then she was suddenly still and limp.

Marisa lay still for a long moment, feeling the last throes of her intense orgasm dying away. Her body felt slick with sweat and heated to almost a burning point. She removed her fingers from her pussy and brought them up to her face to smell them, finding she was excited by this action, and hoping that Carlie was watching her.

She was. Carlie had turned her head toward her sister on the pillow and was gazing at Marisa. The seriousness in Carlie’s eyes was shocking to the younger girl. Her slightly plump cheeks were flushed and her blue eyes glistened, and Marisa thought that she had never looked as beautiful as she did at this moment. Her brown hair swirled around her head in silky swathes, and Marisa felt an intensely powerful desire to reach out and brush it away from Carlie’s face.

But Marisa carefully restrained herself, worried that what she felt for her sister was wrong, frightened that this strange desire would only increase as time went by until they both ended up doing something they regretted. Distracted, Marisa absently began to suck her wet fingers.

Then, when Carlie gently removed those fingers from Marisa’s mouth and took her hand, Marisa was shocked, but didn’t want to move. Carlie pulled her sister’s body into her own, and Marisa delighted in the feel of Carlie’s slick and warm flesh against hers, breast to breast, pubes tickling pubes.

And when Carlie pulled Marisa’s face towards hers and kissed her full on the mouth, Marisa wasn’t sure she could make her stop — or if she even wanted her to…

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