Tabitha’s Initiation, Part One

  • Posted on June 9, 2017 at 5:45 pm

In the Hayloft

By Amy K.

{ This story was originally posted at the now-defunct Sisters in Love }

It was the summer of my eighteenth year, and I was once again spending my summer vacation with my cousin Samantha. This year we were staying at her parents’ place, which was a little farm out in the middle of nowhere. It was a nice enough place, with many wooded areas that two girls could lose themselves in, and the nearest town was only about a fifteen-minute drive away.

It was also the summer that Samantha’s little sister Tabitha turned fourteen. She seemed to be more on her mother’s side of the family, unlike her sister, and was nowhere near as adventurous either. To my knowledge, the girl’s experimentation with sex had been limited to solitary pursuits late at night. But this summer, that was to change.

June and July passed fairly uneventfully that year. The summer had been a rather annoyingly cool and rainy one, so Samantha and I barely found the time to “be together” except for after bedtime. It was a little frustrating, though, for we both had looked forward to taking a little camping trip a short distance away. We were looking forward to being able to truly let go, but with the rain, and the fact that we were told we’d have to take Tabitha along, we were forced to change our minds. So, we spent a lot of time being good, which was a bit of stretch for Samantha and I.

Finally, though, on one of the few pleasant days that summer, luck was on our side. That day, Tabitha was off visiting a friend who lived a few miles away, and her and Samantha’s parents had gone into town for lunch before heading off to some auction or other. This left my cousin and I all alone to look after things for several hours, and we planned on taking advantage of it…


Just after her parents’ car pulled out of the driveway, and out onto the old dirt road that lead out to the highway, Samantha grabbed me by the hand. With a mischievous grin, she dragged me off towards the small barn a few yards away from the house.

It really wasn’t much. Mostly it was just a storage shed for farm equipment, with a few empty stalls where our grandparents once kept horses and a ladder up the small hayloft were my Uncle William kept rabbits.

I couldn’t help but giggle, my whole body tingling with excitement as I followed Samantha up the wooden ladder to where several dozen bales of straw and a blanket would serve as a more than adequate place to be naughty. I could almost feel my frustration building, my expectations overwhelming me. As a result, once I was standing before my cousin, there in the loft amongst several dozen voyeuristic rabbits, I simply lost control.

Without a word, I grabbed Samantha around the waist and, pulling her towards me, kissed her full upon the lips. She resisted for but briefest of seconds, and had to laugh at my sudden aggressiveness, but melted into me as my tongue invaded her mouth.

It felt so good to finally hold my beloved cousin in my arms, to run my hands over her back while I tasted her sweet lips. It seemed like an eternity since we were alone without the threat of parental interference, and we intended to make the best of our time together.

I sighed contentedly into Samantha’s mouth, running one of my hands down to the firm roundness of her ass, hugging my cousin as close to me as possible. She obliged me quite sincerely, by leaning forward into me as she surrendered to my desires.

I soon felt my cousin’s soft hands upon my tummy, sliding slowly up and under my T-shirt as I tried to undo her jeans with one hand. “You’re so insatiable!” she chuckled, pulling away for a moment as my pulse pounded in my ears.

“I can’t help it,” I said with a grin, my breathing becoming more haggard as my excitement built, “I’ve missed having you all to myself!”

“But what if someone should catch us, Amy?” teased Samantha as I dropped to my knees, pulling down her jeans and panties as I went.

I glanced up at her with a sly grin when I heard her words, and met her hungry gaze. “Then I guess we’ll just have to make it a threesome!” I giggled, and gave the toned, firmness of her thigh a gentle kiss.

Samantha chuckled softly, and moaned happily as she felt my hands moving up her legs as I kissed my way towards the dark red curls of her pubic hair. I made a bit of a show of seeming reluctant as I moved closer and closer to her waiting pussy. Once I had come within inches of it, I ran my tongue back down her inner thigh as I squeezed her calf muscles gently with both hands.

She reacted as I knew she would, her whole body quivering as she tried to remain standing and in control. I gave her thigh a playful nibble before bringing my hands up to cup her ass cheeks, and watched as my cousin’s facial expression changed. I smiled to myself as I listened to her breathing change to become almost a panting sound when my lips were placed just above her clit.

“Mmm! Right there!” Samantha told me with a sigh, as she placed her hands upon my shoulders for support.

In response to her encouragement, I squeezed her firm ass in my hands as I ran the tip of my tongue through her pubic hair in a random pattern, being sure to avoid her clit until I was ready.

“Sam,” I asked her in my most sweet and innocent of voices as she leaned forward a little and gasped. “Do you love me?”

“Yes, yes, Amy, I do,” she replied. “Mmm, please, you know what I need.”

“Then tell me,” I teased, smiling as I ran tongue back down to trace a line over her inner thigh, carefully avoiding my cousin’s labia.

“Yes, ooh… I love you Amy. I really do!” Samantha’s voice was raising in pitch a little as she spoke, and I could hear the desperation therein.

“Then tell me what you want, my love,” I continued, and brought my hands back around to spread her pussy apart with my fingers without giving Samantha too much stimulation.

My cousin looked down at me, as her long curly red locks fell about her pretty face. There was a look of intensity in her eyes that always sent chills through me, and I couldn’t help but giggle with delight as she grabbed me by the hair and forcibly pulled me towards her pussy.

“Lick me!” cried Samantha, as she buried my face in her pussy. “Lick my cunt, Amy! Do it, NOW!”

I sighed contentedly, and shoved my tongue inside of her without hesitation. To my delight my cousin had gotten quite moist from my teasing, and I was rewarded for my work by the taste of her wonderful pussy.

My cousin calmed down a little as I settled into a bit of a rhythm, my tongue moving about inside of her, finding all the secret places that I knew would heighten Samantha’s excitement. She sighed happily, and I listened to the patterns of her breathing as I pushed my head back against her hands in order to run my tongue over her swollen pussy lips. Samantha relaxed her grip a little, and I let out a little whine of mock disappointment at not having her pulling my hair as I moved up toward her clit.

She then gasped as I simultaneously gave her hardened clit a long, slow, circling lick, and slid my middle finger inside of her wet pussy. “Oh!” gasped Samantha, in surprise, and panted for a few moments before catching her breath enough to inquire, “Are you — Ohh! Are you going to fuck me now, little girl?”

“Mmm, only if you want me to, Sam,” I teased, and gave her clit a careful nibble as I twisted my finger inside of her, causing my cousin’s body to shudder.

“Oh, you know it!” she laughed and gave a little cry as I felt her inner walls contract, “Oh–! Oh, Amy, right there! Don’t stop!”

I smiled to myself as my cousin begged for more. All the while I held her clit in my teeth as I licked it with the tip of the tongue, all the while slowly and methodically weaving my finger into her pussy. Her cries and gasps of delight soon increased even more, and I knew that there was no turning back as Samantha tangled her fingers in my hair and tugged, giving me all the more reason to continue.

I then glanced up, smiling as I watched the expressions that crossed her face as I flicked her clit rapidly, sliding a second finger into my cousin’s wet, convulsing pussy. There was something beautifully entrancing about the way Samantha closed her eyes tightly, while biting her lip and gasping almost rhythmically as I began a slow, gentle thrusting with my fingers.

I knew that Samantha was close, and I knew that I could finish her with little effort, but I could never be quite so generous.

I had always truly enjoyed watching my cousin come. It was almost like a form of performance art with her, and though she often referred to my willingness to go down on her as “giving”, I always thought of it as the slightest bit selfish. Samantha always seemed to be at her most beautiful at the point of orgasm, and keeping her there was as much for my benefit as for hers.

But my reverie was broken at the sound of Samantha’s sudden loud cry as she fell forward, shaking uncontrollably. I cried out as well, in surprise, though, and was thankful for the bales of straw that littered the loft, as my cousin and I became an awkward tangle of arms and legs.

I giggled as I realized no one was hurt, finding her reaction rather amusing, and was surprised once more to find that Samantha had barely noticed our predicament. I, however, was now somewhat trapped, pinned to the straw strewn floor by her legs, which were now tightly squeezed together. I could feel my fingers still inside of her, and Samantha’s pussy clamped down hard upon them while she came.

“Oh-! Oh fuck–!” I heard her gasp as I struggled to get out from under her enough to breathe, and smiled when I realized that Samantha was mostly bent over the bale, “Oh, Amy! Oooh!”

My cousin’s moaning and gasping seemed to go on forever, regardless of our awkward position, and for once I was almost glad when they began to subside. With just a little reluctance, I retrieved my fingers, and crawled out from under Samantha. I then sat down and smiled at her vulnerable position as I gave my wet fingers a lick before sucking my cousin’s juices off of them.

“Ooh, I’m so sorry…” I heard her say quietly.

I looked up at her and smiled. “It’s okay,” I assured my cousin, and crawled over on my hands and knees to give her a gentle kiss, “Actually, it was kinda amusing. But I think in the future, you might try sitting down first!”

Samantha smiled, and rolled over before sitting down on the floor and beckoning me to sit beside her. I complied, and snuggled in close when she put her arm around me, holding me protectively.

“Thanks, though,” my cousin replied. “Even with the mishap, it was wonderful.”

“You’re welcome as always,” I told her, and looked up into her eyes, “But I can think of other ways to thank me.”

Samantha smiled, and gave my teasing kiss on the nose. “You’re so demanding, little girl,” she chuckled, “I may just have to teach you a lesson in manners!”

I gave her my best pouty face, and tried to look hurt, eventhough I was on the verge of a giggle fit. “Oh, I’m sorry,” I said sweetly, “I’ll be good, Mommy!”

My cousin blushed a little as words sent a bit of a chill though her, smiling as she bowed her head a little while she spoke. “Well, actually,” admitted Samantha, “I was thinking of another role for you to play…”

I tilted my head questioningly, as I sized up her expression for a moment. “Oh?” I inquired with a grin, “you have my attention, my love, now come on. Spit it out!”

Samantha laughed a little and shook her head. “No, I… I can’t,” she replied, “It’s too embarrassing!”

“Now I really want to know!” I giggled, and moved repositioned myself so that I was straddling her lap facing her, “Come on, Sam, tell me!”

“No way!” she laughed, turning away and covering her face with her hands.

“Aw, don’t hide from me, Mommy,” I teased in my youngest sounding tone, “Don’t you want to make your little girl happy?”

Samantha sighed and dropped her hands in time to see me slip out of my t-shirt. I then smiled down at her, my small, perky breasts not far from her face. “You — you know I always do,” she said with a smile, and cupped them with her hands, carefully taking my small pink nipples between her fingers.

“Then tell me what you want,” I said as levelly as I could with my cousin’s long fingers squeezing both my nipples at once, twisted them gently as we spoke.

“You’ll laugh at me,” my cousin replied quietly as she watched the small movements of her fingers.

“No, I won’t,” I said honestly, my tone becoming serious, “Just tell me, Sam. It can’t be that bad.”

“Well, actually,” she said, suddenly blushing almost as red as her hair, “I was thinking more along the lines of pretending you were my sister…”

I gasped loudly, and tried not to laugh with my own sudden sense of embarrassment. Although we had never actually discussed it, we had both noticed the way Tabitha had been developing. She was growing up almost as quickly as Samantha had, and would probably be just as beautiful, but for now the girl was still in her deliciously cute stage.

I myself had even masturbated a few times, thinking of what it might be like to be with her, but I had no idea what she even thought of sex, let alone with another woman.

“I — I see,” I stammered, “Well, I think I could handle that. Too bad we can’t do it for real, though!”

My cousin looked up at me with her eyes wide. She smiled broadly and threw her arms around me. “Amy, I love you!” she exclaimed, tears of relief welling up in her eyes, “I love you so much…”

“I love you too, Sam,” I told her reassuringly. “And it’s okay. Really, it’s not like I haven’t thought about it…”

“Really?” she inquired, “That’s good. ‘Cause I was afraid of how you’d react.”

“Why?” I inquired seriously, “I know who your heart belongs to, and I have no problem with you fantasizing about anyone. Especially not when it’s someone as yummy as your little sister!”

Samantha chuckled a little and kissed my neck. “Thank you,” she said, “But it’s not only that, I mean… she’s so young…”

“So?” I asked, “Tabitha’s a year older than we were when we where first together. I don’t see any problem with it.”

“I’m glad,” she said, and pulled away enough to face me, “I was actually kinda worried that you’d freak out or something. But, I’m glad it’s not such a big deal to you.”

I shrugged with a bit of a grin. “Why do you suppose I enjoy pretending to be your little girl?” I asked with a smile. “There’s more to it than you think!”

“Well, then why do you suppose I enjoy it when you do!?” laughed Samantha, leaning my back onto the floor.

“I guess we share a few fetishes that we should have discussed previously!” I giggled, giving in to my cousin’s advances.

“Definitely,” she agreed, bringing her legs into a kneeling position, “But isn’t that floor a little hard for you?”

“Kinda,” I agreed, and reached up with my hands so that I could be helped up, “Maybe that bale of hay?”

“Straw,” corrected Samantha. “It helps insulate the room so that rabbits don’t freeze.”

I shrugged. “Whatever,” I replied as we got to our feet, “I’m afraid you’re the only true country girl here.”

Samantha smiled. “Opposites attract, I guess,” she said, putting her arms around me, and turning around. “Now lay down, little one, and let me return the favor.”

“And just what does my big sister have in mind for her little sister?” I giggled as she slipped off her shirt.

My cousin paused at my words, and inhaled deeply. “You’ll see, Tabby,” she replied, and I tried to hide my smile as my cousin blushed again, “But first I think we need to make this place just a little more comfortable.”

“How very practical,” I commented, trying to get a reaction with a hint of sarcasm.

“Well,” replied Samantha, as she laid our shirts across a bale of straw, “If you really want straw sticking in your butt…”

“Actually,” I told her offhandedly, “I’d prefer your finger!”

“Well, then maybe I’ll have to try two!” laughed Samantha, taking me in her arms and kissing me before laying me down lengthwise across the bale.

“Oh, you!” I laughed, as she moved down, running her hands over my breasts, and giving my nipples each a playful squeeze before moving on.

“Me?” my cousin inquired, chuckling as she kissed her way down towards my breasts, her hands now supporting her weight on either side of me, “What did I do?”

“Mmm, I think it’s more of what you’re going to do,” I purred, running my nails across back as her tongue began to caress its way across my small firm breast.

“And what am I going to do, little one?” she asked, and gave my nipple a gentle nibble before dragging her teeth across it as she raised her head to smile at me.

“Anything you want, big sister,” I answered softly, and ran my hand across the softness of her cheek.

“Be careful what you wish for,” replied Samantha, before giving my fingers a kiss and little suckle before moving back down to run the tip of her tongue around my nipple.

I sighed contentedly, and held her head in place as she sucked the better part of my breast into her mouth. I moaned happily as her tongue played across it, as she suckled it almost in time with my pulse. Soon, I felt Samantha’s hands on my thighs, spreading my legs and pulling me down a little farther so that my hips were off the end of the bale of straw.

“What are you doing?” I inquired sweetly with little real concern.

“Nothing,” my cousin answered as she pulled back and gave me a deep, teasing kiss between my breasts.

“Why don’t I believe you?” I giggled, smiling uncontrollably as I felt Samantha unbuttoning my jean shorts before pulling them down.

“Don’t you trust your big sister, Tabby?” she asked, trying to sound both hurt, and just a little authoritative.

I couldn’t help but laugh at the feeling her words sent through me. I felt naughty enough making love to my cousin in her parents’ hayloft, but playing out a scenario where I was pretending to be her fourteen-year-old sister sent chills through me. And the fact that we could conceivably be caught drove me completely wild.

I looked up in time to watch Samantha begin kissing her way down across my stomach as she reached up with her left hand to cup my breast. But it was my cousin’s right hand that caused me to truly take notice.

Propping myself up on my elbows, I watched as Samantha positioned herself between my legs and teasingly began running the tip of her tongue around the outside of my pussy. The whole time she held my gaze, smiling a little as she could see the hunger in my eyes. Trying to distract me from the subtle movements of her index finger as it traced a line between my ass cheeks before moving to my labia.

“Hmm, could be wetter,” commented Samantha, and gave my clit a quick lick that sent chills though me, “Oooh! That’s a bit better, a little more though, I think.”

I could only close my eyes and moan softly as my cousin slid her tongue inside of me, the whole time slowly rubbing my clit with her thumb as she fondled my breast while squeezing, pinching the hardened nipple between two fingers.

She kept this up for several minutes, obviously enjoying my little sighs and gasps before I started letting out long deep moans. Samantha didn’t stop, though, she moved her mouth up to my clit and suckled the hardened bud as she slid two fingers between my moist pussy lips. My body shuddered a little at the initial penetration, and my inner walls immediately clamped down against my cousin’s fingers as she began slowly sliding them in deeper and deeper.

I soon had no choice but to fall back up the bale of straw as what felt like vertigo made it difficult to stay elevated. The sensation of my cousin’s fingers moving slowly in and out of me as she licked and nibbled at my clit driving me crazy, yet Samantha managed to keep me on the edge without letting fall.

It was both frustrating and achingly arousing to have her tease me so. I knew from past experience that Samantha was purposely finding just the right places to stimulate me. Then, she would exploit them to the point where I surely thought I’d come, before moving onto the next. It was like the sensation of rising and falling upon waves of ecstasy, and I was at their mercy.

I then felt her pull her fingers back, and I cried out in anguish as the joyous sensation of penetration was taken from me. But I was to be deprived only for a moment, as I felt my cousin’s middle finger rubbing my juices into my asshole before pushing against it.

“Ow! Ohh… yeah,” I moaned, sighing deeply with pleasure as I was doubly penetrated by Samantha’s long fingers. “Right there, cuz!”

I could actually feel Samantha’s fingers touching between the thin barrier between my asshole and pussy as they moved in unison in and out of me in long even strokes. “Do you like it?” she inquired.

“Mmm, yeah!” I exclaimed, grabbing her wrist and pushing harder. “Ohh, but– but, Sam, is this what you want–! Oh! Want to do to Tabitha?”

“Oh, oh yeah!” she laughed with a wide grin, “Definitely! I want to show my little sister everything we’ve shown each other.”

“Oooh, sounds sooo good!” I giggled, taking her other hand as well, and making her pinch my nipple just a little harder, “Tell me, my love– OH! Tell me! Tell me how you want to fuck your little sister!”

My cousin grinned and began rubbing my clit with her thumb as she fingered me. “Oh, I don’t know…” she replied wistfully. “Maybe I’d do THIS!”

With that, Samantha slid another finger inside of my ass, causing me to shriek loudly, arching my back as the feeling filled me. “Ohh! Ah, I–! Uh–!” was all I could manage as my cousin’s fingers stretched me a little father apart. But it felt so good to be so full that all I could do was push her fingers in even farther.

“Oooh, I see you like it, little girl!” chuckled Samantha, “Hmm, I may have to punish you if you like it too much!”

“Oh! Oh yes, Sam!” I cried, almost laughing as I moaned. “Please! Please punish me!” My cousin grinned and twisted her fingers inside of my a little before shoving them firmly back inside. “Oh, so does my little Tabby want a good spanking?” she teased, trying to sound a little condescending.

“Mm! Oh, yesss! Please!” I begged, my whole body alive with sensation, my senses on the verge of overload as the thought of her Samantha’s hand smacking my across the ass making me come.

“Oh, my!” she exclaimed in mock despair, “You’re coming all over my finger, little girl! Now what ever will I do?”

“Oooh! An-anything!” I gasped as my body shuddered, and I began thrashing about, my orgasm taking total control, “Ah! Sam! Ohhh!”

My cousin quickly removed her fingers, and moved up to hold me as I came. She held me close and kissed me affectionately as I shuddered beneath her. “Shh…” she soothed, as I let out a long series of short gasps, and tears actually formed in my eyes at the joy I felt.

“I love you, Amy…” I heard her whisper in my ear, and it was all that I could do to hold her.

I knew that I’d probably leave scratches across her back as I inadvertently dug my nails into her back while I squirmed, but I knew that Sam wouldn’t mind. She merely held me tighter, nuzzling my ear lovingly as my near convulsions began to subside, and I took several long deep breaths so that I wouldn’t hyperventilate.

“Oh, Sam…” I moaned, “thank you… so much.”

“Uh, Amy?” I heard her pensive reply.

“Yes?” I inquired sweetly, expecting her kiss but instead finding Samantha looking up in horror.

I tilted my head, and gasped at what I saw. I had to blink several times to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, but what I saw was real. Before us stood little Tabitha with a shocked look across her face.

If it weren’t for our precarious position I would have thought her expression too cute in a sweet and innocent, almost vulnerable way. She was wearing a pair of blue denim overalls, with a tight pink t-shirt that I was certain hugged her little tits in just the right way. Her shoulder length red hair was tied in a pair of girlish looking pigtails that added to her youthful innocent appeal, and the girl’s wide green eyes seemed to betray a sense of wonder.

“Whatcha doing?” she inquired sweetly, putting her hands behind her back and blushing a little.

“Um, playing?” I volunteered, feeling horribly embarrassed, yet strangely excited at the same time.

“I see…” the girl replied somewhat pensively, “It doesn’t look like any game I’ve ever played.”

“It’s more of a grown-up game,” explained her sister, standing up, making no move to cover herself.

“But it’s a secret one,” I added as I followed suit a little more modestly, and glanced around for the rest of my clothes.

“It must be,” pondered Tabitha, “’cause I’ve never seen anyone else doing that. And no one’s ever told me about it either. Is it fun?”

“Definitely!” laughed Samantha a little nervously as I stood closely behind her, trying to shield myself with her body, “But, because it’s a secret, you can’t tell Mom or Dad about this.”

“Why?” inquired her sister innocently, looking a little skeptical, “They’re grownups.”

“They wouldn’t understand, Tabby,” replied Samantha solemnly, and put her arm around me, “But… But we’d like to show you more some time. If, if you’d like…”

Tabitha bit the end of her finger thoughtfully, and I felt my nervousness heighten as I heard my cousin’s dog barking excitedly as their parents walked towards the house. “Um, maybe,” she said carefully, and glanced over her shoulder for a moment to look outside, “But I’m not a grown-up. I thought you said it’s a grown-up game.”

“It is,” I agreed nervously, returning Samantha’s embrace, “But I think you’re old enough.”

“Yeah!” agreed Samantha with a reassuring smile, “But it would have to be later. And we’d have to be quiet and careful about.”

“Okay, I guess,” replied Tabitha, “But I… I don’t know too much about this stuff.”

“It’s easy,” her sister assured her, “We’ll show you how it’s done, and you can join in as much or as little as you want.”

“I see,” commented Tabitha thoughtfully. “So when can we start?”

“How about tonight?” I inquired, “After your parents have gone to bed. We’ll have to be quiet, but it’s more exciting this way.”

Samantha smiled and nodded. “Quite, my dear,” she replied, “But, that’s for later. Right now, we’d best be getting our clothes back on. A secret’s only a secret so long as no one knows about it. But, what’s your opinion, Tabby? You up for it tonight?”

The girl nodded slowly and smiled a little. “Yeah, I think so,” she said with a bit of cute giggle. “Just tell me when.”

“No — no problem!” I stammered nervously, overjoyed to have the chance to retrieve my clothes once the girl had started climbing back down the ladder.

“Well,” commented Samantha with a smirk, “Things are getting curiouser and curiouser!”

“Thank you, Alice in Wonderland!” I muttered, pulling on my shirt, “Goodness, you’re cool under pressure!”

My cousin smiled confidently as she stood with her shirt in her hands. “The Ice Man Cometh!” she quoted.

“In this case the Ice Girl, I should think,” I corrected, “But at least you still have a warm heart.”

“For you? Always, my love,” Samantha assured as she took me in her arms, “You know I’m lost without you.”

I blushed a little as I smiled, momentarily unable to meet her gaze. “But… are you sure what we did was okay?” I inquired, “What if… What if Tabitha doesn’t like it and she tells? What’ll happen to us?”

“Shh…” my cousin whispered, putting her finger over my lips, “We’ll always be together. No matter what, don’t worry. But, I’m certain that my sister will enjoy what we have to offer her, just as much as you once did, Amy. Trust me, I have the situation in hand. Even if it scares me a little…”

I laughed a little and put my arms around her, cherishing the sensation of her body pressed against mine. “I’m scared too,” I admitted, “But I do trust you, Sam. I always have, and I always will. And even if this blows up in our faces, I’ll still love you, and regret nothing.”

“Thank you,” replied Samantha, with a bit of moisture in her eyes, “But we should go and see my parents before they wonder where we are and Tabby tells them.”

I nodded, and reluctantly let her go before finishing dressing and following my cousin back to the house.

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