Moonlight Dancers, Part One

  • Posted on June 4, 2017 at 3:32 pm

By Ebo

{ This story was originally posted at Loli Sapphism }

Sitting at her desk in her office, Kelly Chambers stared at the cell phone on her calendar in front of her and wondered if she shouldn’t have told her friend Becky no. She wasn’t one to turn away a friend in need, but this seemed like a bad idea. Chewing on her lip, Kelly thought about calling Becky back and telling her she couldn’t do it. She might have if Becky hadn’t sounded so frazzled on the phone and had said it was an emergency.

Kelly sat up straighter and thought, I’m making a bigger deal out of this than it really is. It’s just one night. It’ll be fine.

Standing up, Kelly circled her desk. With her hand on the doorknob, she took a deep breath to compose herself before exiting the office. As ready as she was going to get, Kelly opened the door and stepped out into the main area of her dance studio, Chamber’s Dance Academy. She saw Trouble sitting on the bank of bleachers that took up most of one wall.

Her real name was Vicky Winters, not Trouble. She was actually a pretty good kid, so Trouble didn’t really fit her. Vicky was Trouble for Kelly and probably no one else. Which wasn’t to mean she acted out in dance class because nothing could be further from the truth. She was the ideal student, attentive to instruction and eager to learn. Vicky was a passionate dancer and very skilled, graceful.

Vicky was trouble because she looked just like her mother had at twelve. Becky Winters had been her best friend and first love. Becky had never been lovelier than she had been that summer Becky’s family had moved away. Kelly didn’t figure it out until Becky was half way across the country, but she had been in love with the girl. She was left pining for a girl she couldn’t hold anymore. Kelly hadn’t really gotten over Becky, which is why when she took a partner, she sought out a brown-haired, brown-eyed girl. This would have been fine, but she liked her girlfriends slender, almost boyish in build. Basically, her type was Becky at twelve.

Again, this shouldn’t have been a problem — there were plenty of flat-chested brunettes in the sea — but she had also developed an affinity for middle-school-aged girls. She never acted on these urges, but when she saw a beautiful eleven-twelve-thirteen-year-old girl, her heart would beat a little faster. If one of those girls happened to look like Becky… Trouble.

Vicky was Trouble in spades. There was no doubt Vicky was Becky’s daughter. She had the same beautiful eyes and warm smile, same glossy brown hair and the same lithe and lean figure. It was more than just looks, though. Vicky had the same grace and confidence that Kelly had found irresistible in her mother at that age.

Kelly would be lying if she said she didn’t find Vicky attractive. It had been a long time since anyone had gotten in Kelly’s head like the lovely Vicky did when she walked into Chambers Dance Academy two months ago. That first glimpse of the girl had made Kelly’s heart skip a few beats, and that instant attraction had only gotten worse with each dance session.

Just how much worse was what worried Kelly. While she liked to look at young girls, there was never any real danger of her doing anything. Vicky in her leotard and white tights tempted her more than she liked to admit.

To make matters worse, Kelly thought the girl knew the spell she had Kelly under. In fact, Kelly was almost positive she did. Again, this would have been fine if Vicky reacted like a typical twelve-year-old girl should have when she realized her pervy dance instructor was interested in her — which was roll her eyes dramatically or tell her mother — but she didn’t. Instead, she started smiling at Kelly and finding reasons to talk to her more.

It was probably just wishful thinking, but Kelly got the feeling Vicky was testing her, feeling her out. Some of the things she said, the way she looked at Kelly seemed… flirty. Sometimes, Kelly felt like Vicky was trying to gauge her reaction.

Kelly didn’t think she hid her interest very well. Anyone with any kind of experience at reading a person’s body language would see right through her. Her only hope was that Vicky was inexperienced enough to miss the obvious signs Kelly was giving off. Unfortunately, something told her she wasn’t going to be that lucky.

Seeing Kelly coming, Vicky looked up from her phone. The girl favored Kelly with a smile that made her forget to breathe for a few seconds. There was so much potential for trouble in that smile. Kelly almost panicked, ran back to her office to call Becky and tell her she had changed her mind. Instead, she took another deep breath to calm herself before sitting next to the girl on the bleachers.

“Um, your mom called. She won’t be able to pick you up tonight,” Kelly said.

“I know,” Vicky said, holding up her phone, “she just told me. I’m staying with you tonight.”

“Looks like it,” Kelly said, smiling at her.

The corners of Vicky’s mouth turned up even more, and Kelly caught a glint of mischief in the girl’s eyes. Something in that smile made Kelly’s heart knock around her chest like a crazed animal in a cage.

Kelly didn’t like the nervous warble in her voice as she said, “Let’s get out of here, then.”

“Okay,” Vicky said, getting to her feet and picking up her little duffel bag in one lithe motion.

Watching the girl walk toward the exit, mesmerized by the tick of her backside, Kelly swallowed hard and got to her feet. Shaking her head, she forced herself to look away. She was going to have her hands full trying to keep her hands off the girl tonight.

Kelly followed Vicky outside, pausing to set the alarm and lock up the studio behind her. She hadn’t realized how badly her hands were shaking until she fumbled her keys trying to get them in the lock, dropping them. As she bent over to pick them up, she felt eyes on her. Straightening up, she glanced around the parking lot to see who was checking her out. The parking lot was mostly empty, and the only person in sight was Vicky, leaning against the hood of Kelly’s car. When Kelly met her eyes, the girl looked away, guiltily.

Oh God, Kelly thought, saying a little prayer, please let me be imagining things. Don’t let Vicky be interested in me. It’s hard enough to behave without knowing the girl might want the attention.

She managed to get the door locked, then pressed the button on her key fob to open her car doors. Vicky was sliding into the passenger seat as Kelly walked to the car. Kelly swore the girl was watching her approach, but the sun made it hard to see through the windshield. Still, she was certain. A little flustered by the girl’s attention, Kelly tried to act nonchalant but failed miserably.

Getting into the car, Kelly avoided meeting Vicky’s eyes. She jammed the key in the ignition, and the car came grumbling to life. The poor thing was on its last leg, should have been put to pasture years ago. If her classes continued to be booked solid, she was going to treat herself to a new car and finally let Charlie rest in peace.

One of her girlfriends had asked why she called her car Charlie and the best she could come up with was it looked like a Charlie.

As she put Charlie in gear, she said, “Alright, Charlie. Take us home.”

“You call your car Charlie?” Vicky asked, amused.

“Yeah,” Kelly said, smiling at her.

“You know,” Vicky said, looking around the car, “it kind of fits.”

Surprised, Kelly asked, “Yeah?”

Nodding, Vicky said, “Definitely.”

Huh, Kelly thought, wondering about Vicky’s reaction to the name of her car, does she really think Charlie is a good name for the car? I know Becky would have liked it, and Vicky has her mother’s quirky sense of humor. Maybe she really does like it.

“So… Where is Charlie taking us? I mean, where do you live?” Vicky asked.

“Brighton,” Kelly said.

“An apartment? House?” Vicky asked as they turned out of the parking lot.

“House,” Kelly said, glancing at the girl. Vicky’s curiosity was making her nervous. On the surface, her questions seemed innocent enough, but Kelly got the feeling there was more to them. What, she had no idea.

“Mom and I rent an apartment,” Vicky said, sighing, “I miss having a back yard.”

Smiling at the girl, Kelly said, “I have a big back yard. You are welcome to borrow it, although I guess there isn’t much daylight left. Days are getting short again.”

“I know,” Vicky groaned, shaking her head, “I can’t believe we are already back in school.”

Laughing, Kelly said, “Summer vacation never lasts long enough.”

“Tell me about it,” Vicky agreed.

“How’s the new school treating you? Making friends?” Kelly asked.

“It’s okay. Still getting used to it,” Vicky said, then sighed. “I miss my old school, though.”

“Yeah, moving sucks,” Kelly said. When the girl smiled at her, Kelly realized they were bonding. Considering Kelly’s infatuation with Vicky, she wasn’t sure that was such a good idea. Still, she couldn’t spend the night avoiding talking to the girl. Well, she could, but that would be awkward for both of them.

“The bright side — I’ve made friends with a couple of girls from your class. I’m going to the movies tomorrow with Tessa,” Vicky said.

“Seeing anything good?” Kelly asked, coming to a stop at a red light.

“Suicide Squad.”

“Really? Your mom is letting you see that?” Kelly asked, glancing at the girl.

“It took some convincing,” Vicky admitted.

Laughing, Kelly said, “I bet it did.”

“God, I can’t wait to see it,” Vicky said, excitedly, “Harley Quinn looked so awesome in the previews. I’ve been trying to convince Mom to let me dress up as her for Halloween. Mom is saying no, but I think I can wear her down. Maybe guilt trip her about tonight.”

Kelly glanced at Vicky and forgot to breathe as she imagined the girl in her Harley Quinn costume. She looked away in a hurry, hoped the girl hadn’t seen her reaction. Kelly knew why Becky was saying no to the costume, but she’d love to open the door and see Vicky in fishnets, little booty shorts, and a baby tee standing on her doorstep. The girl would smile and say ‘trick or treat’ and…

Lost in her fantasy, Kelly almost passed her turn. She hit her turn signal, took the turn too fast. Not dangerously so, but noticeable. Vicky was looking at her funny and Kelly avoided meeting her eyes. She couldn’t be sure, but she thought the girl was smiling.

I need to get my head on right. Little fantasies like that can get me in a lot of trouble, especially with the girl staying the night, Kelly thought, trying to calm down.

“Um, I never thanked you for letting me stay. So you know, thanks,” Vicky said.

“You are welcome,” Kelly said, smiling at her. Not for the first time, she thought Becky had made a great kid. Vicky was beautiful, smart and funny, polite and respectful.

Vicky was quiet for a while, lost in thought. Finally, she said, “I wonder what was so important that Mom had to fly out tonight.”

“I don’t know,” Kelly said, laughing as she remembered the frantic phone call from Becky. “She sounded a little stressed out, trying to do a hundred things at once, so I didn’t ask. She didn’t seem upset, though.”

“Yeah, she sounded excited when I talked to her,” Vicky said.

“Maybe this is good news, then,” Kelly said, smiling at the girl.

“Maybe,” Vicky agreed, smiling back.

“We’ll see when she gets back in town tomorrow,” Kelly said, braking at a stop sign. Making a right turn, she steered Charlie onto her street. Two houses up, she turned into her driveway.

Looking out the windshield, Vicky was grinning as she said, “You know, I was trying to picture what sort of house you’d have. This is definitely the one.”

“What’s wrong with my house?” Kelly asked.

“Nothing. I love it,” Vicky said, blushing as she added, “I just meant it suits you.”

Kelly thought the house suited her, too. It was a bungalow with a wrap-around porch that had more square footage than the house itself. When the weather was warm, she spent a lot of time on the porch reading or surfing the web. Or sunbathing on the side deck.

Looking to her right, she was curious why Vicky thought this house suited her and asked, “Why do you say that?”

“I don’t know… I can just see you living here. Do you use the porch swing a lot?”

“I do,” Kelly said.

“I would, too,” Vicky said, sighing, “I’m jealous.”

Laughing, Kelly said, “Come on.”

They got out of the car, walking up the path to the front porch. Kelly slipped the key in the front door. Turning, she realized the girl wasn’t behind her, anymore. She laughed when she saw the girl on the swing. Kelly entered the alarm code, then closed the door behind. She sat on the swing next to the girl.

“I want this swing,” Vicky said.

“I thought you lived in an apartment?” Kelly said, amused.

“I could hang it in my bedroom,” Vicky said, gently rocking them.

“Sorry, Kiddo. You can’t have my swing,” Kelly laughed.

“A glass of iced tea, a good book… I would spend the whole evening right here reading,” Vicky said, stroking the bench cushion on the swing.

Substitute a glass of wine for the iced tea, and that sounds perfect, Kelly thought, having done just what the girl described many times. Many, many times.

“What sort of books do you like?” Kelly asked.

“Suspense, I guess. Like detective novels,” Vicky said, then laughed, “I’ve been reading the number books by Janet Evanovich. Do you know the ones I’m talking about?”

Nodding, Kelly said, “The Stephanie Plum novels.”

“Yes! I love them. I’m reading number seven right now,” Vicky said.

“That’s funny,” Kelly said, shaking her head, “I’m six books ahead of you, but I’m reading the Stephanie Plum books, too.”

“Really?” Vicky asked, her eyes widening.

“Yeah,” Kelly said, smiling at her.

“Cool,” Vicky said, then laughed. “It’s kind of funny…. You like the same books as me.”

Oh God, Kelly thought, with an inward groan, what if I start liking Vicky because she has great taste in books and porch swings and not just because she has great legs and a cute backside. Lust is one thing but a genuine connection…. She’d definitely be Trouble with a capital ‘T’.

Suddenly, sitting on the porch swing next to the girl seemed a little too intimate, too friendly, and Kelly got to her feet. Taking a deep breath, she said, “You are welcome to sit awhile, but I’m heading in.”

“I’m coming,” Vicky said, following her, “I want to see the rest of the house.”


“Um…” Vicky said, looking down at herself, “do you think I could take a shower? My clothes are sticking to me.”

“Yeah,” Kelly said, pointing down the hall, “second door on the left. There are towels in the closet.”

“Thanks,” Vicky said, pushing away from the center island she had been leaning against.

Kelly watched the girl walk down the hallway, her eyes once again drawn to the playful tick of Vicky’s backside. She was such a graceful girl that even when she wasn’t dancing, her movements seemed balletic. It was unstudied, probably unintentional, but hard to look away from. Vicky’s mother had had that same grace and poise, and Kelly had found it irresistible then, too.

Only when the girl turned into the bathroom could Kelly shake off the spell she had been under. Shaking her head at her weakness for the girl, Kelly took a few deep breaths and thought, Please let me get through the night without doing something stupid.

She headed to her bedroom to change out of her own dance clothes but didn’t make it. Kelly came to a dead stop when she noticed Vicky hadn’t completely closed the door behind her. The door was a little tricky, didn’t always latch. Rooted in her spot, Kelly watched the girl slip out of her leotard, wriggling it past her hips and letting it fall to the floor around her ankles. She couldn’t breathe as Vicky straightened up, wearing nothing but a pair of white tights. The stretchy nylon hose revealed more than it hid, clung to Vicky’s long legs and pert backside like a second skin. She might as well be naked. Kelly swallowed hard as the girl turned slightly and she saw one small, pale breast. Standing there like that, Vicky was so beautiful and tempting that Kelly wanted her… so badly. The girl was even more lovely than she had imagined.

Vicky hooked her thumbs into the waistband of the tights, started to shimmy out of them. Kelly forced herself away from the open door. Hot with adrenaline and on legs like rubber bands, Kelly walked down the hallway to her bedroom. Closing the door behind her, she leaned heavily against it. Leaving the open bathroom door and the view of a nearly naked Vicky behind had drained her, had taken a Herculean feat of will. She fought her own breathing and racing heart, trying to get them under control. She failed miserably.

When she closed her eyes, she could still see the twelve-year-old undressing as clearly as if she was still standing right in front of her now. It was an image she doubted she’d ever forget, would haunt her fantasies for a long time. Not that she wanted to forget…. Ashamed or not, she had loved the way Vicky had looked standing there in just her white tights. She could no more deny it than she could the flush of heat spreading between her thighs.

“God, I’m a mess,” she said out loud, rubbing her earlobe absentmindedly. When she realized she was doing it, she snatched her hand away from her ear. It was a nervous tick of hers and spoke volumes about her state of mind.

Pushing away from the door, she stripped out of her dance clothes. Her sweaty clothes went into the hamper, and she slipped into her silk robe. She pulled the scrunchy from her hair, shaking out the ponytail she wore for dance practice.

She left her room, returning to the kitchen. Vicky must have spotted the open door because it was closed now. This was for the best because the shower stall was glass and even fogged up, would have given Kelly a fantastic view of Vicky’s naked, soapy body. Just thinking about Vicky all naked, wet and slippery didn’t do anything for Kelly’s state of mind.

In the kitchen, she pulled a bottle of Jim Beam from the freezer, poured about four inches in the bottom of a drinking glass. She filled the rest of the glass with some Coke from the fridge. Taking a sip, she made a face. It was much more stout than the ones she usually made, the ratio of bourbon to soda about two to one.

She took a long pull, the alcohol burning all the way down. She needed it to kick in, needed something to calm her nerves. The last thing she needed was for Vicky to finish her shower and see her still a flustered mess. She finished half the glass in one gulp.

Kelly was putting her empty glass in the sink when Vicky came into the kitchen. Her hair was still damp, and she had a dry towel wrapped around her, a knot between her small breasts. The alcohol had just started to make Kelly feel fuzzy, but seeing Vicky standing there in just a towel sobered Kelly up in a hurry.

“Feel better?” Kelly asked, her voice thick, but that had nothing to do with the alcohol.

“Much. Thanks,” Vicky said, leaning against the counter.

“Um… Make yourself comfortable. The TV remote is on the coffee table,” Kelly said, pushing away from the sink, “I’m going to grab a shower, then we’ll figure out what to do for dinner. Are you hungry for anything?”

“Mom and I usually get Chinese after practice,” Vicky said, smiling. “It’s becoming a tradition.”

“Chinese it is. I could go for some pepper steak, myself,” Kelly said.

“What’s the address here?” Vicky asked, digging her cell phone out of her purse, “I’ll call it in while you’re in the shower.”

Kelly rambled off the address, then said, “There is a Golden Dragon Restaurant menu on the fridge. Should have their phone number.”

Grinning, Vicky said, “Don’t need it. I’ve got it memorized.”

“Really?” Kelly asked, laughing.

“Like I said, a tradition,” Vicky said, smiling. “We always order the same thing — a number six with an extra egg roll, a number eight and a number seventeen.”

“Well order whatever you want and get me a number twelve. Oh, and a small number thirty,” Kelly said.

“What’s a number thirty?” Vicky asked, dialing.

“Pork fried rice,” Kelly said.

“Oh. I’ll make it a large if you don’t mind sharing,” Vicky said, putting the phone to her ear.

“I don’t know…. I’m pretty serious about my fried rice,” Kelly teased.

Rolling her eyes and laughing, Vicky said, “Go shower.”

Kelly left the girl to place their order, heading down the hallway for a much-needed shower. She made sure the door latched, even though she doubted that Vicky had any interest in sneaking a peek at a naked thirty-two-year-old woman.

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  1. Amanda Lynn says:

    I am enjoying this story so far. Just a little tease for what’s to come in future parts. Can’t wait.

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    Nice story Ebo, can’t wait for the next chapter, love the detail. Very erotic and left me hanging for more!

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    Amanda Lynn and David,

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    Loving it so far. Great plot and lots of teasing, without the immediate gratuitous sex so often found in erotica.

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    I always liked this story. Good to see it again for a reread.

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