The Larsson Treatment

  • Posted on October 29, 2016 at 3:41 pm

By Nellie of Sweden

{ This story was originally posted at Lesbian Lolita in February 2010 }

Back in 1997 I worked for a worldwide company in Sweden, and in the early summer my boss told me he wanted me to attend the annual company convention in Helsinki. My employer would gladly have paid for a plane ticket, but I’m a little afraid of flying so I decided to make it a combination of business and pleasure. I took a few extra days off for shopping and sightseeing and mostly to get the extra time to travel by boat from Stockholm.

While waiting in line to board the ferryboat I noticed a young mother some distance in front of me. She had two princess-like daughters who looked about 10 and 7. All three of them were wearing similar dresses and had blond curly hair. Just seeing them got my imagination going, and I had to tell myself no a lot of times.

Suddenly the little one turned around and looked straight at me. When she saw I was watching her, she gave me a pretty smile and I of course smiled back. Then she looked up at her mother and said something, and the woman turned her head and looked at me too.

Aboard the MS Cinderella I soon found my cabin and settled in. I took the small champagne bottle from the minibar and poured myself a glass. For a while I just sat there enjoying my champagne and the fantastic view passing through Stockholm’s wonderful archipelago. My thoughts wandered away and I remembered the little smiling princess from earlier. I imagined her on the bed in my cabin slowly taking her clothes off, caressing her sweet little hairless pussy and calling me Mummy when asking me to make love to her.

But dreams are just dreams and my stomach reminded me there is a reality too. I was starving, so I put my makeup on and a nice dress and went out to find the dining room. A nice old fashioned Scandinavian smorgasbord was just what I needed right then.

After I had taken my first tour around the gigantic smorgasbord and filled my plate with lots of delicious food, the “pretty three” (as I called them in my mind) appeared. They were shown to the table next to mine and it pleased me a lot getting such a nice view during my dinner.

The mother had her back at me and the older girl sat on the side of the table that I couldn’t see. But the youngest girl was sitting right in front of me and I had to control myself not to be too obvious.

When I’d had enough of the salmon, shrimp, herring, and everything else I got myself a cup of black coffee and leaned back in my comfortable chair resting my eyes on the little minx a few meters from me.

Suddenly she gave me a conspiring smile and this time I didn’t look away. As in a trance I watched her smiling and sticking out the tip of her tongue looking a little naughty. I almost didn’t believe my own eyes when I saw her slowly pulling her dress up showing me her lovely thighs. I couldn’t help myself from staring, and the little girl smiled even wider as she slowly she parted her legs.

She spread them slowly, bit by bit until I saw that she wasn’t wearing any panties. I blushed like a schoolgirl and turned to look at her face again. She put a finger across her lips to tell me that this was our secret, hers and mine, and I smiled and nodded my head.

Then they all went to the table of desserts to get ice cream and stuff and when they came back the girls switched places so the older girl was in my sight. I looked at her and she noticed a couple of times. But she didn’t smile or do any of the things her baby sister had done. Instead she leaned towards her mother and said something. All three of them talked for a while, and then the mother got up and came over to my table.

“Is there a problem?” she said. “My daughter says you’re staring at her! Why?”

I was so embarrassed I could have died and I felt my face turning deeply red. I stuttered, almost couldn’t talk at all.

“Oh, I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to… I wasn’t…”

The young pretty lady suddenly smiled and sat down. She put her hand on mine and looked straight into my eyes.

“Sorry if I scared you,” she said in a much softer tone of voice. “But Evelina is a bit shy sometimes to strangers. Not at all like her little sister Elin — she can’t even spell the word shy.”

“No… I noticed,” I said, quite relieved that she wasn’t mad at me.

“I’m Annika,” she said. “And we’re in cabin 589 if you’d care to visit us later. And…. I didn’t catch your name…”

“I’m Nellie,” I said. “And I think you have a lovely pair of daughters! I envy you, to tell you the truth.”

“So… you don’t have kids?”

“No, I don’t! But I really love children!”

Annika smiled. “Yeah, I’ve noticed! Especially girls, huh?”

I blushed again and before I had the time to answer she got up to return to her girls. But first she smiled and squeezed my hand.

“589,” she said. “Don’t forget!”

Forget? How could I forget THAT?

Annika and her daughters soon left the restaurant and I sat there alone for a while before returning to my cabin.

Going there, I passed 589. Actually it was rather close and just seeing the magic number made my heart beat faster and harder. I heard laughter and giggling from inside and decided that I would go there as soon as I had calmed down a little and made sort of a plan on how to act when I got there. I had to get my hopes down because I realized that I could have misunderstood the things Annika had said.

I took a quick shower to rinse the sweat off my body. In case something really would happen, I wanted to smell nice.

Less than an hour later I knocked on the door with the number 589 and Annika opened. Her hair was wet and she was wearing a robe. She had showered too.

So had the girls. They were in their pj’s on the big double bed. Evelina’s were light purple colored and Elin’s were girlish pink with a rabbit on her tummy

Their cabin was much bigger than mine, a so called luxury cabin. I sat down in a little sofa by the window and Annika gave me a drink. Elin smiled at me and came toward me in her pretty little pj’s.

“Hi, I’m Elin,” she said. “What’s your name?”

“My name is Cornelia,” I said. “But everybody calls me Nellie.”

“Are you gonna play with us tonight?” she said. “Mummy sometimes invites nice ladies to play with her and us.”

“Well… I don’t know…” I stuttered, surprised over her bluntness.

“Elin, take it easy,” Annika said. “Give Nellie some peace and quiet!”

Elin looked at her mother.

“But Mummy… she likes me! I know she does. I saw it at the restaurant. Didn’t I, Aunt Nellie? Didn’t you smile when I showed you my… you know…”

“Oh, Elin,” Annika said. “You didn’t do THAT again, did you? How many times do I have to tell you not to show your privates to strangers? It might be dangerous, you know! Not everybody is nice!”

“Aunt Nellie is,” Elin said with a big smile. “Aren’t you, Aunt Nellie?”

“Well… I sure try to be,” I said.

Annika sat down beside me and gave me a new drink. She turned to look at me and started talking slowly.

“Elin noticed you watching her, so I let them switch places just to check you out. I’m sorry we fooled you a little there but I have to be sure about people before I let them come close to us. Evelina also saw you watching her and she didn’t mind at all. I only said that to see how you would react. It usually takes me a few minutes to find out the character of the person I’m speaking to. But with you it was a little different! I was almost sure you were like me even before talking to you. Sometimes you just know!”

I slowly nodded my head and smiled at Annika. “Yes! I couldn’t agree more! It’s hard to explain, but sometimes you just know.”

Annika smiled and put her arm around me. Evelina looked at us from the bed and smiled. Elin started to jump up and down in front of us.

“Kiss her, Mummy! Kiss her lips! She wants you too, I can tell! Right, Aunt Nellie?”

I couldn’t help laughing, but Annika looked into my eyes and smiled.

“Do you?” she whispered.

I didn’t say anything. I just put my arm around Annika’s neck and parted my lips a little. She smiled again and then she pressed her soft lips against mine and her tongue into my open mouth.

Little Elin went absolutely crazy. Jumping up and down, dancing and singing.

“They’re kissing, they’re kissing,” she sang and I saw Evelina looking a little embarrassed over her sister’s behavior.

Annika put her hand on my left breast and kissed me once more. She opened two buttons on my blouse and her hand came inside caressing me through the lace bra. Little Elin started to climb up on us and wanted to take part in the making out.

“Move away a little, Mummy,” she said impatiently. “I want to kiss her too.”

Annika laughed a little.

“Hey there, you little brat,” she said. “Are you sure Nellie wants to? Maybe I was wrong about her. Maybe she only likes grown women and not little brats like you.”

Elin looked a little offended but then she looked at me. “You’re never wrong about those things,” she said and then turned to me. “Can I, Aunt Nellie?” she said. “Would you kiss me too?”

I smiled at the little angel-faced darling sitting on my lap. “I would be happy to,” I said. “But on one condition!”


“Please stop calling me Aunt! Just say Nellie, please!”

Elin smiled and nodded her head yes. Annika caressed her hair gently pushing her closer to me.

“Come on, baby,” she whispered. “Show Nellie what a great kisser you are.”

And she was! She sure was! Our tongues danced around for what felt like an eternity. In my mouth and in Elin’s. My nipples were rock hard and between my legs there was an ocean of pussy juices. I couldn’t help moaning a little. The little girl made me hotter than I’d ever been and I sighed happily when I felt a little hand coming inside my blouse and down inside my bra.

“Elin… not so fast,” Annika said.

I assured her it was completely OK with me and Annika smiled again.

“It’s OK for you to touch her too,” she said. “Isn’t it Elin?”

“Yes, Mummy!”

We continued kissing and I gently stroked Elin’s back and took her firm little butt in my hands and squeezed it. She moaned a little and whispered in my ear.

“Inside, please! Put your hands inside!”

Holding my breath from excitement I let my hands slip down Elin’s pajama bottoms. Her legs were already spread wide apart since she was sitting across my legs.

My fingertips could feel the softness of Elin’s puffy pussy lips and the moisture in the little slit between them.

“Yessss,” the little girl moaned when I gently tickled her hard little clit. “Oh, I love that! Please don’t stop, Aunt…. Sorry, I mean Nellie!”

One of Annika’s hands joined mine in Elin’s pajama pants and she caressed my hand.

“Give her a finger,” she whispered. “She loves to be finger fucked in both holes. But only one to start with… after all, she’s only seven!”

“No, I’m almost eight,” Elin said in the same offended tone that she used earlier. “I’m a big girl!”

“Yes, you are,” I said. “A big lovely little girl and I really love your body!”

I kissed her again and then I heard a little sound from the bed. Evelina! I had totally forgotten about her. She had taken her pj’s off and now was wearing only a pair of silk panties. Her hand was inside them, masturbating, and her face was red.

“Mummy,” she said. “Can’t you let Elin play with Nellie herself? I’m lonely here…”

Annika got up and went over to the bed. She opened her robe and let it fall to the floor. Naked she went to bed with her oldest daughter.

“Please forgive me, my darling Evie,” Annika said. “Let Mummy make it up to you! I’m so sorry!”

She took Evelina in her arms and they started kissing. I watched them over Elin’s tiny shoulder as I slowly pushed my smallest finger inside her tight little child vagina. Elin moaned out loud as my finger gently penetrated her little love canal. I finger-fucked her for a while and then switched fingers so she had my index finger in her little cunt and the next one in her asshole. My other hand concentrated on her clitoris which was swollen and hard. Elin was completely wild from excitement and I could feel she was getting close to orgasm. I fucked her a little harder and whispered in her ear. “Yeah, baby! That’s it! Come for me, baby! Let yourself go!”

Elin screamed out loud when she reached her climax and I had to hold my mouth over hers so people wouldn’t hear us in the neighbor cabins. Afterwards she just collapsed in my arms and couldn’t speak or move for minutes. Then she gave me a soft kiss and hugged my neck.

“I liked that,” she said. “You are just as good as Mummy! Most women aren’t, you know. Some are too careful to really make me cum and some others are too rough. Like… almost raping me, you know?”

I laughed and gave her a quick kiss on the tip of her nose.

“Thank you, baby,” I said. “I think I know what little girls like you want and like because I’ve been one myself!”

Elin looked confused.

“Yeah, but… hasn’t everybody? Grownups, I mean?”

“Yes, every woman has been a little girl, but not all of them have experienced sex when they were seven or eight like you and me!”

I told her of how I was seduced by my beloved cousin Erica when I was just her age. Then I looked up again to see what went on in the bed. Annika had taken Evelina’s silk panties off so they were both naked, Evelina on her back with her legs wide open and Annika’s hand caressing her soaking wet pussy. I could see a little puffiness under her pink nipples. She was about to start growing breasts of her own. But her pussy was still sweet and hairless just as I like them best. Annika removed her hand from Evelina’s pussy and started to suck her own fingers, one by one, making mmmm-sounds.

“Eat me, Mummy! Please eat my pussy, Evelina whispered. I’m so wet and hot from watching Elin being fucked by Nellie.”

I got up from the sofa and came towards the bed. I looked at Evelina with a smile.

“Would it be OK if… if I did it instead of Mummy,” I asked.

Evelina blushed slightly and giggled a little. “Yeah… I guess,” she said.

“Hold on a little,” Annika said. “Somebody isn’t naked yet! Girls, let’s undress her!”

She and Evelina got up from the bed and Evelina came into my open arms and I kissed her. She was also a fantastic kisser, just like her sister and her mother.

Hands were all over my body and my clothes almost flew away, item by item. Annika pushed her daughters aside for a bit and came to kiss me herself.

“I hope you don’t regret coming here,” she said.

“You know I don’t! You’re wonderful, all three of you!”

“Thank you! Now it’s your turn to try what we call ‘The Larsson Treatment.'”

A little hand came down my panties just as she spoke. It was Elin who wanted to feel my pussy.

“Mummy,” she yelled, “Nellie hasn’t any hair at all!”

Annika smiled and looked at me. I realized she wanted me to ask about ‘The Larsson Treatment’ so I did, and she smiled even wider.

“Get on your back and spread those legs and the Larsson girls will show you. And if you want something to eat… well, today we have eleven-year-old girl pussy! How does that sound?”

My knees were trembling and I was glad to lie down. As soon as my head had landed on the pillow Evelina came and put one knee on each side of my head and her lovely pussy just over my mouth. I started licking and sucking and at the same time Annika and little Elin started to kiss my tits and Annika’s hand caressed my soaking wet pussy with one hand. Mother and daughter kissed their way down my body licking my stomach and inner thighs. They were talking to each other all the time, telling each other what they felt about my body and what they were going to do to me next.

Soon they were both between my legs taking turns licking my pussy and fingering me in both holes. Now and then they stopped and I both felt and heard them kissing each other down there while I ate the marvellous pussy of 11-year-old Evelina, making her orgasm again and again.

At last Evelina fell off me and collapsed beside me, just like I did myself the first time I sat on somebody’s face. I held her in my arms and we kissed and cuddled. Her mother and sister had turned to making love to each other instead of to me and Annika tried to do a 69 with Elin. But the difference in height between them made that position impossible, so she just threw Elin on her back and ate her out.

After a while we all rested on the king-sized bed, Annika to the right and Elin beside her. Next to Elin it was me and Evelina at the left side of the bed.

“Well, Nellie,” Annika said. “What are you going to do in Helsinki? Or will you go back directly on the same boat?”

“I’m going to a company convention,” I said.

“OK… sounds fun,” she said with a laugh. “We’re going to a hotel outside town. Just for having fun! We’ll stay for three days and then go back home. I would really love it if you would come with us! I bet there will be other conventions! But maybe you prefer conventions instead of … The Larsson Treatment!?”

We all giggled like crazy, and at that moment I decided that even if it would cost me my job I was going with them.

We fell asleep soon after that and when we awoke the next morning we were getting close to Helsinki. We had breakfast together and then I want out on deck and opened my purse to find my cell phone.

“Martinsson,” came a voice at the other end.

“Hi Gustav, it’s me, Nellie! I’m almost in Helsinki now, but I’m afraid I won’t be attending the convention today. I’ve had some stomach problems and almost haven’t slept.”

“Well, of course you must take care of your health first of all! I do hope it’s nothing serious!”

“No… it’s probably just something I ate! But I think I’ve found a treatment that might work! The Larsson treatment!”



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  1. BKS says:

    Hot story! Well written! I hope there will be a follow-up because I really want to know what happens next…

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    Oh that was very hot! Loved it! What a lovely happy ending I had. 🙂

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    Very hot and fun… time to go take care of myself somewhere private 😉

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    This is a wonderful piece of work, happy Nelly i would say! =))

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      OH wow very hot story indeed! Love to read about the girls having fun with each other and their mom with a friend as well!
      I wish I could hear it read to me!

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    I love that story.
    I have often travelled via MS Cinderella to Stockholm from Helsinki… I just wish I could gave been so lucky!!!

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    Nice story. Thank you. keep writing.

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    A bit trite, don’t you think? But, keep trying.

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    so hot, loved it very much, missed your beautiful stories Nellie, and this one was great.

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    Delightful story , so fun and exciting . Oh to get the Larrson treatment and feel better. Love this adorable story . Great writing

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