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  • Posted on February 16, 2016 at 3:53 pm

By Cheryl Taggert

I have decided to do a bit more on the original blog entry titled, “The Method to My Madness,” in which I discuss how I go about writing a story. This will not concern that so much as how I learned to improve my writing over time. I will also discuss how our site works and the efforts of my colleagues that go on behind the scenes, part of which concerns the improvement I have worked to achieve.

Regarding my writing, I can definitely say it is much better than it once was. I suspected over the years that my writing was getting better, but when I took up the idea of completing previously unfinished stories, I found myself looking back at things I wrote years ago and shaking my head in dismay. There were many problems with my writing from years ago. Mostly small problems, perhaps, but ones I realized were the growing pains of a novice writer of erotic fiction.

Here’s the truth. I wrote the first four chapters of my current story, titled “The Secret Society of the Pussycats Club,” when I was an old maid of nineteen. Yep. I was technically still a teenager. It first appeared at in early 2002 under the title “School Play.” I was born in September 1982. You do the math. This was my first effort at writing erotica. Given my age at the time I wrote those chapters, I was surprised that it was as good as it was, but the errors and such, along w with how I was structuring the plot, were causing those head-shakes. Some of what I read, and I won’t go into it enough to point them out, frankly embarrassed me enough that I spent some time editing what I’d written back then before continuing the story.

I still had readers emailing me and asking, “When will you get back to this story?” It was obviously left unfinished, and readers were, rightfully so, wanting it to continue so that there was some sense of completion. I understood their problem; I saw it all the time in series I got interested in only to have those stories end quite suddenly in medias res (in the middle of things) with far too many loose ends.

But I was not good enough to continue it back then. I kept asking myself, where could it go from here, other than the small orgy that was finally played out along with a few other characters that appear in chapter 9?

And it is here that I want to sharpen the focus of my discussion of writing in this genre.

Face it, dear readers, there are just so many things you can do with erotica. Basically, in our type of sub-genre of sex between adult women and very young girls, or between very young girls without adult women present, we are limited to what the characters can do with each other when it comes down to the actual sex. I am a woman and have found that there are several things that I enjoy, but these boil down to hands and fingers, legs or thighs, mouths and their various parts (teeth, tongue, lips), or another pussy having some kind of contact with various erogenous zones on my body. There is also boob to boob contact, but while that is certainly nice, it isn’t something that can give me orgasms. There are also toys, of course, but there again, limitations exist.

In other words, the ideas we present in our stories are all about coming. You — and we — want the characters to reach a climax, and those climaxes are the building blocks of the stories’ climaxes. For girls, orgasms are nearly always reached by physical contact with one’s pussy, or in some cases, other places that feel exceedingly good to be touched, etc., though the orgasms themselves are still tied to the pussy.

For example, I knew one girl who claimed she could have orgasms simply by having her nipples sucked. The experiment I embarked on was a lot of fun, but what I noticed was that this girl was also subconsciously rubbing and squeezing her thighs together, thus stimulating her clit, while her breasts were attended to by yours truly. (No, this wasn’t my wife Lisa.) Yes, as every woman on here will attest, having one’s nipples kissed, licked, sucked, and nibbled, does feel good. It feels GREAT in fact, but it’s the Mound of Venus where the true magic lives.

So at that ripe old age of nineteen, I stopped writing what has now turned into my longest story yet because I had nowhere else to go with it than having the mother, her daughters, and Susan end up at the teachers’ condo for a little fun. At the time, that would have entailed chapter five and no more. My reaction? It wasn’t worth taking the time to write it. It held no…pizzazz. It was boring. I felt all of the females in that story to that point had done what they had to do, said what they had to say, and had their share of orgasms, which even though the story at that point was not that well-written, made for a hot story. I didn’t resume writing it back then because I didn’t want to disappoint my readers.

Then I began writing “I Was the Daughter of a Porn Star,” which was the first story I started exclusively for the Leslita site in July 2012. By this time, which was over ten years after I started writing erotica, I had read numerous stories that were more than a few chapters long, and I began to notice something about them: All of the really good ones had taken time to introduce new characters to the story. As readers we would get to know a few characters, and more would be added along the way once we had those characters burned into our memory. By bringing in new characters, the story could easily be prolonged as those characters and their lives were examined.

I used this method to improve my madness when writing “Daughter.” I finally got to a point where I was unsure of where I wanted to go next and stopped writing it until I decided. I have since figured out exactly where I want it to go, and I will take it up again once I finish “Pussycats Club” and “Little,” my next project for completion.

Now, I am writing the end of “Pussycats Club” and I have managed to introduce quite a few characters of varying ages. I have even borrowed from another tale of mine, “Nanny for a Night,” for three more characters, as well as referring to the closing chapters of “Aunt Lisa’s Summer with Jenny” for the viewing of illegal porn by five of my other characters in “Pussycats Club.” I have taken the time necessary with all of the characters for my readers not to have too much trouble keeping up with them beyond an occasional glance at the character list, another idea I borrowed from my favorite writer, Naughty Mommy.

That said, the reason I have introduced so many characters in “Pussycats Club” and “Daughter of a Porn Star” is that it allows my writing to be fresh. There will be no more additions to the characters in “Pussycats,” which makes me a bit sad and contributes to the writers’ block I sometimes feel regarding finishing it.

Finally, I decided to write this blog entry when I read a comment on this site about how Naughty Mommy and I seemed to be in competition when it came to how many we could get into an all-girl orgy. I was rather offended by the comment. I can tell you that any similarity between what NM did in “Serendipity” and my own story is on purpose, but it is certainly not competition. You see, of all the writers in this genre, I admire Naughty Mommy more than any of them. I am younger than she is, and I suppose I look up to her as the big sister I never had. (In fact, in emails we sometimes refer to ourselves as each other’s big sister and little sister.) I long to be able to write as well as she does, and as they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I decided to challenge myself to see if I could do close to as good a job with the multiple participant orgy as she did.

Therefore, if you are having problems keeping up with my characters, perhaps getting to know them better might help. After all, they aren’t just pussies needing to come. They are beloved characters, at least to me. As far as creating characters easily told apart from one another, I’m working on that, but I certainly can tell them apart.

For instance, in “Pussycats Club,” Heather is more serious-minded than Susan and adores her little sister, who worships her back. Tina is a follower who will try anything once, even if it’s risky, and she has a crush on Susan, who is a peacemaker who only wants everyone to be happy. Carolyn loves being a story-teller (not as in lying but as in telling things that happened to her) and only wants sex, regardless of who the partner might be. Becca is a novice to sex itself beyond masturbation, but her curiosity is boundless and tends to get her into situations where she’s lucky not to get caught. Donna was the “good mother” until confronted with her lusts by her sister, Daphne, who became what Donna always wanted to be but was too afraid to try until now. Daphne is, well, a slut. She would fuck the salesgirl behind the counter of her favorite department store, or the ten year old girl walking down the street, if she could figure out how not to be caught and arrested for public indecency or worse. Hell, she’d fuck the counter if she could. Gina (the mom borrowed from “Nanny”) is adventurous and has a slight mean streak but adores her children. She LOVED scaring the hell out of her niece Becca, all the while knowing it would turn out good for everyone. Lynn (Gina’s daughter) is the eleven year old going on thirty. Her sister, Lori, is just a little girl who has discovered, thanks to big sister, that certain touches (and more) feel wonderful and she just wants to be free to enjoy that. She also LOVES being naked, to the point that all her Barbies are nudists as well. She sees absolutely NOTHING wrong with what she and her family do. Monica is a risk-taker who loves to shock people.

You see, I know my characters, and perhaps I have to work harder to make sure you know them. However, nothing here at Juicy Secrets is a competition. If we emulate each other, it’s because we admire each others’ work so much.

And we each have our jobs for the site. Naughty Mommy is the site’s scheduler and tech person, overseeing how everything works and looks. JetBoy is our editor, giving both NM and me (as well as other authors not too proud to take advice), wonderful suggestions that force us to look at our writing and decide WHY we did something the way we did, or change it to something resembling the change he suggests. Most of the time, we take his advice, but sometimes we explain the WHY for doing what we did. Being forced to explain our choices forces us to be better writers as well. Unfortunately, this editing process sometimes entails long hours for JetBoy, which is one reason I slowed down some on my chapters this past week. JetBoy’s writing process is very different from Naughty Mommy’s and mine, and it takes him much longer to get a piece exactly as he wants it before posting. Me? I just write stories and comment where and when appropriate. I am also a frequent writer of emails to contributors.

Basically, what I want to tell you is this: Writing is a process of love and sometimes that love is shown in emulating another writer. Our own particular genre and sub-genre make for some fascinating reading, and writing it can be loads of fun in and of itself. Each of us is growing as a writer of erotica. Thank you for coming along for the ride!


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  1. Evan says:

    Thanks for allowing us into your brain once again 🙂

  2. Little Lover says:

    Thank you!

  3. Cheryl says:

    Oh, my, Evan! If only you could SEE the inside of my brain. 🙂 It gets rather hot and steamy in there sometimes. LOL!

    And, Little Lover, thank YOU, and you are most welcome!

    Mostly, I am happy people are reading this. I know the blog entries aren’t what everyone is looking for here, but it certainly helps me define myself and explore the writer in me.

  4. Evan says:

    Would love to see in your brain!! Wish you could see in mine sometimes too – and wish I had time and skills to write down a few fantasies 😉

  5. Ironic990 says:

    Fear not, Cheryl, every word is read. The fiction is wonderful, but the reality is, well…real. Your work at your craft is very much appreciated.

  6. Cheryl says:

    Thank you Ironic990!

  7. Meg says:

    I have to say that I enjoy the erotic tension of the build up and the effects on the characters’ minds and feelings more than the actual acts. I often stop reading when things get directly physical because, as you said, there are only so many ways of fitting tab A into slot B – but there are seemingly infinite delicious psychological permutations.

  8. Cheryl says:

    Thank you, Meg! I love the seduction myself. The challenging game of how to accomplish having sex with someone. Now that I’m married to Lisa, I don’t pursue new conquests, but Lisa is fine with my living vicariously through my characters.

  9. Saapho69 says:

    Yours and Naughty Mommy’s character development is by far some of the best. I have never once had to glance at the character lists for you or Naughty Mommy. Both of your characters are so well developed with distinctive personalities I know right away who is who thru out the stories. From me that’s a huge compliment because I am horrible with names. I cant ever remember who is who by name alone (until I get to know them better), but I remember faces very easily. Your character development gives them faces to me and makes them easy to distinguish. In most media that’s not easy for me I often get confused and have to rewind or reread things just to figure out who it is. Imh(umble)o I think you and Naughty Mommy have better character development then most top tier writers today. I can see her influences in your writing, but I can also see your influences in her writing. Jetboy I haven’t read any of your stuff yet to know about.

    Cheryl if possible I would like to have email correspondence and discuss anything you like. the same for Naughty Mommy and jetboy. If not possible I understand then many reasons why not. I just wanted to make the offer.

    BTW im a Daphne lol

  10. Cheryl says:


    Thank you so much! Let me think about the email thing. I’ve had some bad experiences with that in the past. In the meantime, thank you for being a fan of my writing! ☺

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