Every Sunday Night, Part One

  • Posted on May 29, 2015 at 3:26 pm

By Naughty Mommy

If you know my work, you’ll know that most of my stories are fairly long by the standards of porn. Sometimes, though, I’ll feel the need to write something without any backstory or character development or much of a plot. Nothing but hot perverted lesbian sex. That’s what I tried to do here. It worked for me, making your Naughty Mommy wet and giving me the happy feeling. I hope it does the same for you.

This one is dedicated to a friend, ‘unfastened belts’, who shares my juicy fetish.

The door slowly opens. It’s our mother.

“Are you girls awake?” we hear.

My sister and I both answer yes. We’ve been waiting for her.

The bedroom is dark, so Mommy switches on a lamp on the dresser. Now we can see her. She’s naked and rubbing herself, one hand on her boobs, another between her legs.

“You want to… do it again?” she asks, breathing hard.

“Yeah.” “Uh-huh.”

“Good… Take off your nighties first, all right?”

We get out of bed, quickly pulling off our nightgowns and then taking off our panties. We know that’s what she wants.

I look at my big sister, Trisha. She’s 11. I just turned 9. We smile at each other, feeling happy. It’s Sunday night, our favorite night of the week, the only time this ever happens. Why only on Sundays, I don’t know, but that’s how it is.

Without being told, we lie down on the floor, on the rug. It’s another new one, only a few weeks old. We have to get new rugs pretty often. My sister and I lie side by side. We hold hands, grinning at each other, giggling.

Mommy stays by the dresser for a minute, rubbing herself, just looking at our naked bodies. She licks her lips. Then she comes and stands over us, above our faces.

We can already smell her. She pulls her pussy lips open, showing us how wet she is, and then she puts two fingers inside, sliding them in and out real fast. After only about a minute, maybe less, she starts dripping. A long, gooey strand comes down and lands on my chest.

She fucks herself harder. More pussy juice comes out. This time she aims it to land on Trisha’s face. It hits her cheek. Trisha laughs. She sticks her tongue out to the side, but can’t quite reach it. We both giggle.

More pussy juice now, falling on my face too, some on my lips. It tastes good! Then more on my chest. Mommy is really dripping.

She moves a little, aiming for Trisha’s chest, for her nipples. Trisha is starting to get boobs. I wish I would but Mommy says it will be another couple years probably.

Mommy likes it when she gets pussy juice on Trisha’s little boobies. When a long, gooey drop lands right on top of one of my sister’s nipples, Mommy says, “Oh, fuck, yeah!” And we watch then how she slaps her pussy and rubs herself really fast with her wet fingers and in a minute she has her first one. Her first orgasm.

The goo that comes out after that is whiter. Mommy scoops it up in her hand and holds her fingers over Trisha’s pussy, letting some of it drip down, right on her slit. She moves over and does the same thing with me, letting her whitish pussy juice drip onto my slit.

Neither me or Trisha has any hair yet, down there I mean. Mommy doesn’t either. Well, she would have some, but she shaves it off so her hair won’t catch any juices. She wants all of it to get on us.

Mommy moves back up, above our faces. She squats down a little now, right over my sister’s mouth. She starts fucking herself with her fingers again and Trish gets a lot of stuff all over her face. It kind of goes everywhere. She laughs and licks her lips, tasting what she can reach. We can’t use our hands, though. That’s the rule.

It’s my turn next. I get a lot on my face too, and then more on my chest. Mommy says she wants to come. She wants to come on me. She rubs herself fast, real fast, then groans and says, “Oh fuck!” and I get a big gooey mess of her pussy juice on my face. I feel lucky because some of it goes right in my mouth and I can taste it and swallow it.

For a minute maybe, Mommy rests. My sister and I look at each other, smiling and licking our lips, still holding hands. Then Mommy is ready for more. We know what comes next.

Trisha spreads her legs. It’s okay now to use her fingers, but only so she can open herself. She pulls back her lips, holding her pussy open as wide as she can. Mommy gets on top of her, kind of crouching over her. She starts fucking herself hard again.

I push myself up on an elbow so I can watch. More juice drips out pretty soon. It gets on Trisha’s hand and on the inside of her legs, but it misses her hole. Mommy fucks herself some more. She moves in closer now, getting down so she can’t miss, where their pussies are almost next to each other. She fucks herself harder and harder until she has another orgasm. Kind of a flood comes out, dripping inside Trisha and running down between her legs.

Trisha is breathing really hard. I know what she wants. She wants to come too. We will later, but she really wants to come right now. Not yet, though, that’s the rule. Mommy says it makes it better if you have to wait. I don’t know, I guess she’s right.

Anyway, now it’s me. I spread my legs and use my fingers to open my little pussy for my mom. I want her juice inside me.

She looks at me first. She smiles at me, tells me how pretty I am, and then she starts playing with herself. “Mommy wants to come on you,” she says. “Mommy wants to come on her little girl.”

She’s on her knees, looking down at me, staring at my pussy while she rubs herself. She gets up close, fucks herself hard, and a big long drip comes out. It just misses, though, hitting right next to my hole. But another one comes after that, an even bigger drip this time. It goes inside me. “Oh, yeah!” I hear Trisha whisper. She’s beside me, helping me sit up so I can watch while I hold my pussy open.

Mommy’s getting ready to come. She moves in super close, only maybe an inch away from me, from my pussy. She’s breathing hard, fucking herself fast. Her face is all red. She keeps looking up into my eyes, and then back down at my hole.

I want her. I want her to do it. I want her to come on me. It doesn’t take long. She fucks herself with her fingers and rubs herself and all of a sudden she almost screams and presses her pussy up against me so there’s no space at all between us. She comes hard. I can feel her coming on me, in me. I feel her pulsing, and I can see her juices flowing, running down my legs.

She never did it that way before. Never right on top of me. I like it, a lot.

After a while, Mommy slowly stands up. She’s sweating, and still rubbing her pussy a little bit. But this part is done. The first part.

Continue on to Part Two


33 Comments on Every Sunday Night, Part One

  1. Cheryl says:

    This is one hot beginning! I can’t wait for part two, and I’m sure there are a few more here who agree!

  2. Jack says:

    This story is SO hot! The intensity anthem complicity of the girls is delicious! And I loved the pic! Can’t wait for part 2!!!

  3. DaughterLover says:

    I can’t really think of what I want to say right now, because I’m dripping, and my heart is pounding, and my fingers are trembling, and… Oh, hell, I give up. To steal a quote, “I like it, a lot.” 😀

  4. drew says:

    Naughty Mommy – another great story. Your juicy fantasies are the best!! Love them. I am waiting for more !

  5. angie says:

    New to site but omg I will cum here often with stories like this. I love it and love that delicious looking photo. A relief to find I am not the only one who gets off to this kind of erotic fantasy.

  6. Welcome, Angie! We love making new friends. 🙂 I hope you’ll enjoy the other stories on the site just as much. xoxo

    Thanks also to Dan, Cheryl, Jack, D.L., and Drew. It really means a lot to me to hear you say you like my work. Part Two of this one will be posted very soon.

  7. Tray21 says:

    Ok, we all know where I want my tongue now!!!!, girl your stories all ways make me so HOT!!!!,
    My nipples are so hard now, I would rube m nipple against that clit and make us both so happy, then do a little tribbing before daddy comes home, he’d never how happy you made she made monnie.:):)

  8. dachief says:

    “The Joy of Looking” was amazing and I look forward to how naughty this Mommy will become…
    Thanks for sharing…

  9. Jim says:

    Started this story and OMG…Just the opening sentence got me interested and then when I came to the picture and knowing what the girls were doing, that just made it all the more intense. I love the pictures that accompany the stories! It’s like I want to move on to the next chapter because the story is so HOT but I want to comment (probably needing to rest the ol heart and extend the erotic feelings I’m having). I love your stories and how descriptive you are. Love this site.

  10. hludens says:


    Great selfie too.

  11. rurrur42 says:


  12. kraM says:

    Very enjoyable. I like the discipline and order aspect to it. I like that it’s different.

  13. hannah says:

    They are very lucky girls to have a mum like that

  14. singlemale says:


  15. kaiakitty says:

    I adore the images you create, Naughty Mommy. This one…well…a mother masturbating…just…wow. 🙂 Not very articulate of me I guess.

  16. Thank you, Kaia! It’s so nice to hear from you. 😀 And don’t put yourself down — you were very articulate in that sexy story you wrote for us!

  17. kaiakitty says:

    Well, now you make me want to write another one for you. 🙂

  18. Brenda says:

    Fantastic Didnt know such sites existed until now. Glad my gf told me about it I’ll be coming back often, I have fantasized about little girls for years and incest with mommie just makes it hotter for me. LOVE IT!! Have to stay away from my own girls for awhile now. Too HOT LOL THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH. HUUUGGGGSSS, Brenda

  19. GhostDog60 says:

    OMG, I got a “special” feeling all thru me. Fantastic visual. On to part 2

  20. Terry says:

    Same here

  21. Kathy says:

    I love it from the start to the end. I think I am one of the girls or mommymmmm

  22. Tim and Litka says:

    I read this story first some time ago and found it absolutely amazing. Hot, sexy, arousing, and yes, just great non stop sex. But now we’ve read it together, sharing this wonderful tale of perverted lesbian sex and incest, and it’s even better. Our shared passion only heightened by your description of mother daughter sex we both love so much.
    Thank you Naughty Mommy for giving us such pleasure.
    P.S. The picture alone almost brought us both over the edge!!!

  23. Bryan says:

    Holy horny…way to paint a picture

  24. Daved says:

    God yes fantastic

  25. Girlluver says:

    I loved the picture. The clear mommy juice dripping on her little girl’s bodies is such an erotic idea! I wonder if the Part Two could have a picture of the frothy white whipped up mommy juice. That would look so tasty!

  26. beebee says:

    dear mommy,
    i know you posted this a long time ago
    but i am a young recently discovered growing lesbian and new to this scene
    and i had to let you know, my dear mommy, how much i rubbed my good little girl clit as i read your wonderful story
    you give me such a naughty thrill in my little pussy, it feels so not allowed! i am a very repressed good catholic girl in my day to day life, so getting to experience this release in secret by reading other work in this community by other mommies and daughters like me makes me feel not alone 🙂
    you gave me such special feelings in my happy place, mommy, i wish i was your little girl, mommy <3

  27. Klayre says:

    This made me so wet ♥️💋

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