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  • Posted on May 22, 2015 at 10:10 pm

By Cheryl Taggert

First, thank you to everyone who is making this site so wonderful. I’m always excited to come here every day and see the new comments and stories that have been posted. Juicy Secrets has exceeded all our expectations so far, and that’s because of you.

One indication of our success is that we have begun receiving inquiries from others who want to see their stories posted here too. That’s a good thing; we’re very happy about the interest. But it seems we’ve reached a point now where we need to provide guidelines for readers/authors who wish to submit stories to us, or who request that their stories from another website be published here.

Now, we don’t want to be harsh, but frankly there is a lot of bad erotica out there. And I do mean BAD. There are stories with no character development, barely any plot, totally unbelievable scenarios and seductions — you name it, it’s out there. (I can hear the readers of many of these stories agreeing with me wholeheartedly.) To be honest, I stop reading a story if the sex is already taking place in the second paragraph and the two (or more) characters just met for the first time five minutes earlier. I call these stories “wankers” because they are perfect for teenage boys who need a quick come. That kind of writing is not of interest to readers of quality erotica, and I can tell you it is not interesting to women, or at least not this one, and we do have quite a few female readers here at Juicy Secrets. After all, we women love the seduction. That’s why so many of us read Shades of Gray, even though there were many other problems with the writing, but E. L. James knows how to write about seduction.

“Wankers” are the types of stories we are avoiding here. Beyond that, we are looking for what we three consider to be the very best available Lolita-themed lesbian erotica. That means new stories may not be appearing several times a week, but when we do post one, you can be assured it is a well-written story. While a few tweaks might be useful here or there, overall it is a good read and definitely worth your time.

With all this in mind, we ask those who wish to submit a story to follow the guidelines/advice below.

  • We strive for the highest quality erotica (not just porn) here at Juicy Secrets. The three of us — Naughty Mommy, JetBoy, and Cheryl — have decided not to accept anything but what we consider the finest efforts, so if you are published here, you will know you have impressed a trio of writers who have been working successfully in the field for a number of years. Moreover, any submitted story MUST be accepted by all three of the authors/owners of this site for it to be published. Each of us has veto power over including a story. We aren’t being “snooty,” just choosy. It is our goal to become known as the best site on the Internet for our type of fiction.
  • We ask that you submit stories through email, not by posting a request on the website comments. This is to save you embarrassment. If you request we look at your stories publicly and then they never show up, your stories will have been publicly rejected. Our submission email address is [email protected]. We will be checking this mailbox several times a week, but please be patient if you do not receive a response right away. One of us will email you when we find you have submitted a story for consideration. If the story is already on another website, please indicate the complete web address where the story can be found. Do this by going TO YOUR STORY ONLINE (not just the website) and copying the web address and pasting it into your email requesting we consider your story. If the story is not on another website, copy and paste the story into the body of the email and send it. A story sent as an attachment will not be opened, no matter how intriguing the title or the description in your email. Also, please use standard fonts like Courier or Times New Roman. Being easy on the eyes is important.
  • Male characters are acceptable, but only in a very limited role when it comes to sex. This is not a hetero-sex site. Look around. Juicy Secrets is for lesbian fiction, with a particular emphasis on woman/girl relationships and lesbian incest. Sex between a man and woman is okay as long as it is not the focus of the story and is important to what is the focus, the Ff sex.
  • Stories may be any length, but keep in mind that the more detailed the story, the better it is — at least to a point. Leaving too much to the readers’ imaginations in stories such as these can result in a dissatisfied reader, and doing it well is extremely difficult. Just ask JetBoy about how hard it was to write a story like “Welcome Home, Sweetheart.” And that one didn’t lack details exactly, just the other side of the conversation. On the other hand, too much detail can bog the story down, sacrificing plot for details better left out. It’s a delicate balance.
  • While we know you’re hoping for your story to be accepted, please be willing to have a story rejected if you send one or more in. We will be polite if we reject a story; please reciprocate with politeness when following up on any correspondence. We are aware that a rejection can cause hurt feelings, and we will do our best to be careful of your feelings. But we will accept your story only if it is well-written overall and not simply because it contains a hot scene or two.
  • If you would like feedback on how your writing can be improved, please request that. As an author, I know I always appreciate input from a reader who knows what he or she is doing. Our feedback likely will be brief, however, e.g., “Work on developing characters who feel genuine to the reader.” We will not write you a long letter detailing things. It will be up to you to figure out how to implement any suggestions. I’m a writing teacher and will be happy to respond to these requests if the other two main authors are not able to, although it may take me a few days to get to them.
  • Once a story is accepted, it will appear on the website under the heading of “Guest Authors” with your name as author. It will also be advertised on our home page to attract readers. Please use whatever name you wish to use for authorship in all correspondence. We will do our best to post the story within one week of accepting it. We reserve the right to correct a few obvious typographical errors; however, we will not act as editors of your story in any way, meaning we will not alter the story or “clean it up” to match our own ideas, nor will we make numerous corrections to spelling, grammar, syntax, etc. It is your story, so PLEASE do your own editing. Numerous errors make for a sloppily written story and will result in rejection of the story even if it would otherwise be very good. If you don’t care that your story is not as good as you can make it, why should we take the time and effort to post and advertise it?

Finally, a writing tip for the budding authors out there. (This is part of that “advice” mentioned above and is meant to encourage you to do your best if you’ve never tried your hand at this and would like some input on how you’re doing.) The biggest error made by aspiring writers is that they tell instead of show. Consider this sentence: “Linda was as horny as she’d ever been.” Now compare it to this one: “Linda felt the heat radiating from her pussy, a heat so intense that not even the juices dripping from her inner labia could quench the fire of her lust.” The first one tells us; the second one shows us. The information is the same, but the second sentence is alive, showing us that she was very horny indeed. We don’t need the words telling us she is horny. We know. We’ve been there. We can identify with the way the character is feeling. The first sentence just lies there. I suppose you could compare this to a lover who is active in the process of making love, versus someone else who just… lies there. One is fun, adventurous, enticing. The other is boring. The same goes for sentences that show and sentences that merely tell. Avoid the latter at all costs.

Well, that’s it for now. I hope you are enjoying the stories here! More will be available soon!


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  1. Karen Cypher says:

    Okay. I am happy with the guidelines and will endeavor to send an acceptable story. In all honesty, I look forward to the challenge, for I have too many stories in ‘limbo’ on my computer right now. I am not a professional writer, and it has been quite some time since I was last posted to Leslita but I do know what I find erotic. Regardless, I look forward to the opportunity.


  2. Cheryl says:

    Karen, please do submit a story! We look forward to reading your submission. I have checked our email every day since we posted these guidelines. I don’t know about the others, but I am not a professional writer either. Good luck!

  3. JetBoy says:

    I’ll second THAT emotion, Karen… the possibility of a new story from your hand is thrilling indeed.

    By the way, I’m not a professional writer, either. (My amateur status is very much intact, thanks.)

  4. cados says:

    I have a question please ….

    I have had an idea for a storyline for sometime now. The story would be multi-chaptered so my question is this ….. would it be necessary to complete the whole story before submitting it or would just the first chapter be ok? would be a bit of a ‘downer’ to write several chapters of material only to have the story turned down lol

  5. Thanks for the question, cados. It’s a very reasonable one. The answer is, no, you do not have to write the whole story before submitting it. Write the very best first chapter you can, and then send that in and we’ll let you know if we’d like to see more. Okay?

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