What We Like and Why We Like It

  • Posted on May 19, 2015 at 11:14 am

By JetBoy

My partners and I have established Juicy Secrets as a source of… oh, let’s just call it “quality lesbian stories that we enjoy,” so perhaps it’s a worthwhile idea to discuss what makes for a good piece of erotic fiction in the first place.

We are all unique creatures when it comes to matters of arousal; what floats my boat might leave yours stuck on a reef. Luckily, it turned out that Cheryl, Naughty Mommy, and I have very similar tastes in erotica which is what made it possible for us to join hands ‘neath the banner of this site. We share a serious appreciation of lesbian sex tales that involve underage girls, particularly those where the plot is further complicated by incest.

Of course, you surely know that much already if you’ve read more than half a dozen of our stories. But we share another affinity, and that’s for genuine warmth and affection along with the steamy sex. The word ‘love’ will rear its head quite often in what we write, and for good reason: it’s the spice that adds true savor to the erotic feast. Once in a while we may set romance aside for a bout of frenzied, sweaty woman/girl fucking, but in the end we always return to love. It’s the essence of why we write; why we feel the need to paint with words.

Another very different theme that turns up regularly in our stories is that of emotional struggle, of grappling with urges and desires that society deems to be immoral, even monstrous. Given our chosen subject matter, this should come as no surprise. When a mother feels a strong sexual pull toward her daughter, a young girl suddenly longs to kiss an older sister, or a grown woman dreams of undressing the little girl next door… these feelings can produce the kind of internal conflict that makes a sex story genuinely thrilling.

It should go without saying that in order to qualify as a great piece of erotica, a story must be readable. It matters not how intensely your plot sizzles with sex and sin — if the prose itself is chock-full of spelling blunders, clunkily formatted, or with its punctuation chaotic, the reader will be distracted again and again, if not struggling through the text like a dog eating taffy. And let’s be honest: the very last thing a masturbating reader needs is distraction.

One could expand on this topic at far greater length, the subject in question being a fertile one, but I’ll spare your eyes and my battered keyboard for the moment. Instead, I’ll pass the talking stick to you good people out there. What, in your mind, makes great erotic fiction great?


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  1. Randonymouser says:

    All of the above plus dirty talk and women who get so horny they just can’t control themselfes. That’s my biggest turn on.

    Keep on writing you three. Love your stories. You have been among my favorites on LL for a long time.

  2. Kelly Ann says:

    “Masturbating readers”? You mean people masturbate to these stories?? LOL — actually Jetboy, as usual you put it well. Of course there are those who enjoy stories of rape, non-consensual sex, even snuff. But the fans of this site come here to read about and fantasize about taking the next step. The step that of course none of us will take, but love to read about.

    I doubt many fans here haven’t looked at a younger sister, a neighbor, or even just a girl in a mall and ever so briefly thought, what if? I think we stop there though because of our love, compassion, and “genuine warmth and affection” not only for those we love but humans in general. Any sane person knows the implications, the emotional risk for both parties to venture into a relationship such as in these stories. So we come here to take that next step through the imagination of authors such as yourself. We love these stories, this site because if… we ever did cross that line, it would happen because of an overwhelming desire based in love.

  3. eloquent delinquent says:

    My peculiar and unique snowflake melts from tenderness, an underlying care and affection that is displayed no matter how passionate or lusty the play gets. The characters that really make my blood race are the ones who are more intent on giving pleasure than they are in receiving it.

    I think the best erotic stories have the same elements as the best “any kind” of stories ~ sympathetic characters, struggles and challenges, and some kind of change or realization that comes out of the action. With lesbian Lolita stories, especially incest ones, the heavy lifting of conflict is already done for us, so we’re lucky. And the idea of “love conquering all,” of affection overcoming social convention, of passion and sensuality seducing innocence, leads to the most satisfying conclusions.

    Stylistically, it’s the same thing, too. If you can’t manage to say what you mean, how will you ever be certain that you mean what you say? But to make a wonderful story, for me, it’s the sensual details that sets one apart from the others. I try so hard in my own writing to create descriptions that help the reader to feel like they’re involved in the eroticism ~ heat, touch, smell, sound, taste, as well as the thrilling visuals. When I see that in other’s writing, I’m delighted.

    I’m always delighted here!

  4. Cheryl says:

    JetBoy, what a wonderful insight into our passions! I, for one, would never write a story in which a child is forced into having sex with an adult, because then it’s not about love, it’s about the gratification of the adult. The child becomes a tool for masturbation in a sense. Like eloquent delinquent, I try to allow my readers to live our shared fantasy vicariously through the characters. The funny thing is while I write for my own passions, I rarely masturbate to them until after the chapter is completed.

    But again, JetBoy! Great article!

  5. What, in my mind, makes great erotic fiction great? Excellent question, JetBoy. You’re always so good at that, making me think!

    The simple answer for me, I’d say, is seduction. I certainly enjoy the sex, the “frenzied, sweaty woman/girl fucking” — oh, yes, I like that very much! — but what I want in advance of the sex is a believable, extended effort of seduction on the part of one or more characters.

    Beyond that, for me to get into reading a story, it’s important that I can relate to the characters as actual flesh and blood people, where I feel I know who they are and can easily imagine meeting them and connecting with them in my real life. Then I want to see those characters in situations that are at least reasonably plausible, situations I can visualize without having to say, come on, really?

    I also love, as you mention, the struggle against society’s rigid conventions, the challenge of reconciling desires with consequences. When that is done well, greatness can be approached.

    To sum up, a perfect piece of erotica in my mind is one that does three things: that makes me think, stirring my intellect, that makes me feel, touching me emotionally, and of course that makes me aroused, stimulating my libido. It’s rare to find that combination, but here at Juicy Secrets, that is the level of quality to which we aspire.

  6. MeganGirlNextDoor says:

    And there we have the difference, in my opinion at least, between erotica and pornography. Yes, technically it’s all pornography in the strict definition of the word, but not all pornography is erotica. As much as I enjoy getting off to good erotica, there have been times when I actually stop playing because I’m caught up in the plot. Not to say it’s not arousing, I haven’t seen a story by anyone here that isn’t arousing. But my imagination gets captured as much as my sex drive, and I want to see what happens to the characters. That’s the difference between characters who come alive and characters who are the literary equivalent of blow-up sex dolls with all the right openings and about as much personality as tofu.

    Mommy, you said that’s the level of quality to which you aspire, and frankly, all of you meet it. Perhaps someday I’ll take keyboard in hands (yes, both hands, for once) and try my hand at it. I have a story or two bouncing around in my head, but have never taken the time to put them down. I don’t know if my stories will be as good as yours, but I’d be happy if they’re but half that good.

  7. Cheryl says:

    Megan, you’ve presented exactly how I feel about the differences. Porn is meant just to help get someone to an “enhanced” orgasm. Erotica has a life of its own. It breathes and speaks to us. There is conflict, personality, emotion, and responses to the world around the characters. Thank you for posting on this blog! We are all glad you are here to enjoy our work. 🙂

  8. xfeme4femex says:

    Originality, lifelike (believable) scenarios, sensuality and pretty much every thing else your writers have already been doing. Especially jetboy. I don’t mean to show favoritism. But I think if you read his stories on leslita you will agree he is amazing. I totally agree with the love word, and think it is a MUST for great erotica. I mean isn’t that what erotica means?

  9. JetBoy says:

    Aw… thanks, xfemefemex. Your kind words will long abide with me. Thanks as well to all those who have shared their thoughts on this knotty but always fascinating topic.

  10. Lynn says:

    There is a lot of LOVE in most if not all the stories. And yes it is true, a lot if not most of us come hear to fantasize about the next step. And yes, after coming home from the mall, there is a need to read stories lol

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