A Pair of Blue Panties 

  • Posted on April 13, 2024 at 2:20 pm

A little tribute to Misty Meadow. I happen to know her favourite fantasy.  


By kinkys_sis

I lived in a small town that until recently had been a village. For whatever reason, they upgraded us. I couldn’t imagine why. I mean, we only had about twenty-five shops scattered about, most of them small and shabby. Half were take-away places – Chinese, pizza, kebab, or fish and chips – and there were five men’s barber shops. Like, do we need five? Fuck no!

Our family used only two of the shops on a regular basis – one small convenience store and the one larger supermarket.

Saturday was the beginning of a string of coincidences. You know, like when you hear a word for the first time, and suddenly you start hearing it everywhere.

Mum had sent me down to the convenience store for a newspaper and some milk. Next door was a charity shop where I loved to browse for second-hand books or DVDs. This shop had a picture window that looked out on a sort of community garden and seating area. The only people I ever seemed to see there were the local alcoholics or a few kids that gathered after school was let out or at the weekends. It’s where they came to spend their pocket money on sweets and comics.

I liked to look out the window and watch the regular girls that would sit, flashing their regulation school knickers whether they knew it or not. Today, I saw a girl ride up on a bicycle. She was about twelve. It was her hair and her legs that grabbed my attention. I waited with bated breath as she parked the bike. Sure enough, there was a brief flash of white beneath her short blue skirt. Too short for bike riding, not that I was going to complain.

I saw her glance my way, or at least at the shop. Then she went next door into the convenience store.

I waited till she returned to her bike, hopeful of another display. Sure enough, there was another quick flash as she mounted the saddle. She rode in a small circle and then stopped in front of my window. She wasn’t looking at me, only at the window display. She sat balanced on one foot, the other resting on the higher pedal. Whether she knew it or not, she was giving me a nice eyeful of crotch.

Something made me glance up, and I knew by her expression she’d seen me looking. She scowled before hastily peddling away. I left the shop and finished my errand for Mum.

Next morning, I went fishing with Grandpa. He told me he needed to call in at the supermarket for a few bits on the way.

Halfway there, and there was that girl again. She had on the same top and skirt as she cycled up the road towards us. Once again, her panties were on display, especially when I leaned out of the car window. And once again, she saw me look. She obviously recognised me. I got the scowl treatment again.

Grandpa parked his car in the disabled bay near the supermarket entrance. There was only a low wall between the bay and the doors. You had to walk behind the car and pass the wall to get into the market. Kids used the wall to park their bikes.

Grandpa was an age in the supermarket. He always was. I sat and waited. Then fuck! There was that girl again. For like the third time in only two days.

She rode up, climbed off her bike and leaned it against the wall. That was when she saw me watching her. Her scowl got even deeper. I thought she’d just go into the supermarket, but instead she went around the end of the wall and came towards me. Before she’d even got to my open window, she started to speak. “What is it with you? You must be some sort of local pedo or something. Everywhere I go, you’re looking up my skirt.” And so she carried on.

In mid-sentence, she glanced down. My own skirt was well up my thighs. I knew she could see my panties. She hastily pulled her eyes away and carried on with her tirade. Eventually, she ran out of things to accuse me of. But several times, I’d seen her eyes go back to look between my legs.

Now, it was my turn.

“First, I’m not a pedo,” I said. “They’re, like, dirty old men. I’m thirteen and a girl. And second, you keep looking at me. So what’s the difference?”

“But you’re showing off, like you want people to look. With me, you’re sneaking peeks. That’s not nice,” she ended somewhat lamely.

I gave her my best smile. “I only flash pretty girls … like you. And yeah, I like looking at girls’ panties. Especially when they’ve got sexy ones on … like yours.”

She tried to find the right words to answer, but clearly failed.

I slid my bum forwards but held onto my skirt. More and more of my panties were uncovered. And I spread my legs wider. “You think mine are sexy?” I said.

That threw her. But she tried. “I don’t care. That’s disgusting. I wouldn’t know if they’re sexy or not. Anyway, I didn’t mean to look but you make it kinda hard not to.”

As she was saying that last part, I let my hand drop to the front of my panties. Naturally enough, her eyes followed. I stuck out my index finger and pressed it in as I slid it lower. She stayed quiet, watching me push the fabric into my slit. I rubbed up and down a couple of times for good measure.

“You like looking?” I said. “Or maybe you’re just so shocked that you’re sorta lost for words.”

She looked back up. But she wasn’t scowling now. There was an odd look on her face, like she wasn’t sure of her feelings. “Are you like a lesbian?”

“You got me there,” I said. “I only look at girls, especially pretty girls like you. And you … you’re delicious. I look at your panties and I can’t help thinking about what’s inside. Sorry if that upsets you, but it’s how I am.”

She didn’t say another word. Just glared at me and then turned away and went off into the supermarket.

Grandpa seemed to have got himself lost, which wasn’t unusual. We were beginning to think he had dementia. I was about ready to go looking for him when the girl reappeared. She walked back to the car window and started talking straight away.

“I’ve been thinking about what you said. I guess that I don’t mind if you have to look at my panties. It’s no big deal. If it makes you happy, fine. But I don’t understand why. I mean, like, what’s the thrill of just looking?”

“I look and I dream,” I said. “Anyway, why don’t I know you? I don’t think I ever saw you before. I thought I knew every girl in this little town.”

“We only moved here two weeks ago,” she said. “I start school on Monday.”

I realised I liked this girl, even if she was a bit too young for me. “So, what’s your name? Mine’s Bee.”

She thought a second, scrunching up her face. Then she burst out, “Are you the girl whose name is on so many of the trophies at the school, in the glass? I mean like … boxing, running, and football? I saw them yesterday when my mum and I went to meet the deputy head.”

“You into sports then, are you? And yes, I guess that’s me. You still didn’t tell me your name.”

“Bee, huh. I’ve been told that you’re some sort of local hero but then I guess you know that.” She took a glance at her watch. “Fuck! I gotta run.”

She picked up her bike and climbed on. She jerked her hips several times to simulate a fucking motion against the saddle. Then she laughed and cycled away.

As an afterthought, she shouted back, “Rose.”

Fuck. What a girl. I already wanted to get in her knickers.


Monday was the usual boring shit. I mean like who wants religion, sociology, domestic science and all that crap? Then my day brightened. I saw Rose walking towards me. She gave a cheery, “Hi, Bee.” Then she surprised me with, “You seen any sexy panties today?”

“None at all, but then, I haven’t seen yours yet.”

“I did kind of wonder. You really want to look at mine? I’ve been thinking about it, and I still think it’s weird.”

I took the time to look at her. I mean really look. “Rose, even if you don’t know it, you’re a sexy little fucker. You ever make it with anybody?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“I get that. How about we just be friends for now? As long as you let me see your panties sometimes.”

“You’re impossible. But I like you.”

“That’s you wondering what I’d do if I did get in your panties. You might not know what it means, but you’re thinking about it. And … I want to get in there.” I wasn’t known for being subtle.

Somehow, she managed to look cross, but I didn’t believe one bit of it. All I wondered was, how and when?

But her answer wasn’t very promising. “Maybe I don’t want you as a friend after all. You’re gross.”

She turned away.


I didn’t see Rose again for a couple of days. I’d pretty much decided she didn’t want anything more to do with me. Then, there she was, sitting on her bike outside the school gates.

“Hi, Bee. You wanna walk with me? I heard you live up my way.”

“You been checkin’ up on me?”

“Just curious.” She was all chatter today. She said she’d found out how popular I was with the older girls. The younger ones seemed to be a bit in awe of me, which was flattering and kind of surprising. One girl in her class even said she’d have jumped at the chance to be my friend. It seems the girl had turned red in the face when Rose asked her why.

Finally, I got a word in. “So you’re not scared of what I might do?”

“No, I’m not saying any such thing. It’s just … sorta cool if we were friends, is all.”

I guess she forgot to take care when she climbed off her bike. I got a quick glimpse of pale blue panties.

“You know, you’re not supposed to wear coloured panties to school. Or is that for me?”

“I thought if you’re gonna look up my skirt, I might as well look nice.”

“Aw, that’s sweet. Not that I got to see much.”

Then she threw me. “So, what colour you got on?”

I didn’t answer her. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a pair of white panties.

She came to a standstill. “No. You got another pair on,” she said.

“You wanna bet?” I reached for the hem of my uniform skirt.

“Don’t you dare!” she said. But then she looked uncertain. “You’re really not wearing any, or are you messing with me? But then, I wouldn’t put anything past you, like the other day when you rubbed your… well you know what I mean.”

“My pussy. I’m sure you know what it’s called. But okay. There’s too many people around anyway. But if you wanna come back to my house, then I’ll prove it for you  – since you’re so curious.”

“I am not!” She walked on. But then she called, quite sternly, “You coming?”

The phrase methinks the lady doth protest too much came to mind. I fell into step alongside her.

“Anyway, you said you wore the pretty blue ones just for me,” I said. “It’s not much fun if I don’t get to see them properly, now is it?”

“You wanna see more, do you?”

This was getting to be fun. “Let’s say … I’m expecting to.”

Now she actually laughed. “I suppose you are. I guess I’ve set myself up, haven’t I?”

We’d just reached my house. “This is mine,” I said. “You want an ice cream or something? I’m sure we’ve got some choc ices in the freezer.”

She hesitated. It was crunch time. She could say no and walk away. If she said yes, she knew what the consequences were likely to be.

“I think I should get home,” she said.

I took hold of her hand.

“I promise I’ll behave, if that’s what you want. Come and have an ice cream.”

“Well … okay then.”

We took our choc ices out into the back garden. Rose sat on the swing we hardly ever used. I sat opposite her on the low brick wall around a flower bed. We were quiet for a while, enjoying the ice cream.

Suddenly, Rose blurted out, “So you weren’t lying then.”

“About what?”

“You don’t have any panties on. I can see your pussy … as you call it.”

I pretended to be shocked. “What!” Then I looked down as I also spread my legs a bit. “Oh fuck. So you can.” I didn’t close them again. When I looked back up, she was staring. I wasn’t sure what to make of her expression.

Very gradually, I opened wider and she mumbled something.

“I didn’t catch that. What did you say?”

“It’s pretty,” she said. “I didn’t expect that. I mean, I know what they look like.”

“Well, now you’ve seen it and you didn’t run. So what about yours? Your panties I mean.”

She looked shy now. But slowly she reached down and lifted her skirt. The blue panties were more pretty than sexy. But this girl was very sexy to me, sitting there, holding her skirt up for me to look.

I got up from my seat. “You mind if I look close?”

“Uh uh,” she said. She pulled her skirt higher.

I knelt down in front of her with my nose only a foot or so away. “Wow. Nice.” I lifted a hand, but paused halfway, looking up at her face.

“If that’s what you want, go ahead,” she said.

I raised my hand the rest of the way until my fingers touched her front. I felt the material softly, making a few light circles. She just stared down at what I was doing and didn’t say anything.

I extended one finger and pressed more firmly. Sliding down, I felt her slit through the crotch, like I’d done to myself in the car. I rubbed it up and down a few times.

Still, she said nothing. So, I pressed harder and went on rubbing. She gave a small shudder before she let go of her skirt and grabbed the chains on the swing.

I tucked her skirt up and pressed my thumb to where her clit would be. She shook again and closed her eyes tight, and she kept them closed while I eased the crotch of her panties to one side.

Oh my. Such a beautiful little pussy. I moved my thumb back to her still-hidden clit and eased my finger between her tight lips, into her steamy tunnel. She slid forwards a little on the swing, jiggling her bum, and my thumb found her button.

She still had her eyes closed. I leaned in between her legs, pushing them wider apart. With two fingers, I eased her pussy lips open. She jumped and gasped when I kissed her clit. I sucked it a little, flicked it with my tongue. I clearly heard her say, “Oh, God.”

Alternately circling and flicking with my tongue, I began to slide my finger in and out. Now there was a proper wetness seeping from inside her cunt.

We almost fell when she lifted her legs from the ground and put them around me. Somehow, I kept us balanced and continued to fuck and suck. Her legs tightened their grip, pulling me into her. Suddenly, they clamped down hard, and I felt her shaking. My little Rose was coming.

I sucked at her clit as she slowly relaxed. Her eyes opened wide before she said, quietly, “I thought you were gonna do something, but God, I didn’t know anything could feel so good.”

I struggled to stand up. My knees were killing me.

“Honestly, all I wanted was a flash,” I said. “Let’s get something to drink, shall we?”

Holding my hand, she followed me inside. I poured us each a Coke. The whole time we were drinking, she kept staring at me over the lip of her glass. “What’s wrong?” I asked her.

“I sorta thought you might try and kiss me,” she said. “Just not there. I didn’t know anyone did that.”

“Everybody does. It’s how girls make love to each other.”

“Is that what we did?”

I touched her cheek with a finger. “So, about that kiss you mentioned. You want to?”

Without a word, she stepped into my arms and touched her lips to mine. Her hands went behind me, her embrace getting tighter as the kiss went on.

I eased a hand up between us, pulling her school blouse with it. Then my fingers found her breasts. The nipples were still aroused. She sighed as I played with them.

With my free hand, I unfastened the catch of my skirt. A little wiggle and it fell to the floor. She found her hands on my bare bum. They just rested there. I wasn’t sure she knew what to do, or if she even wanted to do anything.

I eased my lips away. “You think you might wanna have a feel? If you want to, I’d like it.” Reaching back again, I took one of her hands off my ass, brought it around to my front, turned it, and pressed the palm to my pussy. She just left it there, not moving, when I took my open hand away.

I kissed her again and squeezed one of her titties. It wasn’t big, but it was big enough for me. Her fingers on my bum dug in a little. I kissed her harder and pushed my tongue between her lips. She accepted the intrusion without complaint, and soon her tongue was mingling with mine.

The fingers on my pussy moved gingerly, curling to feel me. She explored through the wet, pressing more firmly, then slipped inside.

Slowly at first, I moved my hips back and forth, fucking myself on her fingers. She didn’t have to do anything but keep them in place.

Her other hand came up now and felt my tits. She just cupped them for a while, but when I rolled one of her nipples between two fingers, she did the same for me. And now the fingers in my pussy were actually beginning to fuck me, and she was kissing me, on her own, with ardour.

My body began to tense. I was getting close. I broke our kiss long enough to say, “I’m gonna come, Rose. Oh, fuck, now!”

I crammed my lips back onto hers as she fucked me faster. One of my hands was squeezing her arse. I didn’t even remember putting it there, not that I cared. I squeezed hard, digging my fingers into the crack between her cheeks. If it shocked her at all, she didn’t show it. She just kept finger-fucking my cunt.

I shook against her as the orgasm took hold. The muscles in my pussy clutched at her fingers, and she went on fucking me. A beautiful come washed over me. It’d been a while since I felt quite like this.

We stood there with our arms around each other, just cuddled together. After a while, I kissed her ear and whispered. “I haven’t upset you have I? I wouldn’t ever mean to do that.”

She squeezed me tighter. “No,” she said. “I guess I knew what would happen when I saw you after school. It was the way you are. It excited me. I even played with myself, thinking about you. I guess I was scared, but I wanted it.”

She pulled her head back to look at me. “What worries me is – is that all you wanted? Like, just a bit of fun in my panties. Now you’ve had your fun, is that it, you just forget about me?”

“Close your eyes,” I said. I kissed each one, then her nose and finally, her lips, “You want to be my girlfriend, serious like?”

She opened her eyes. “You mean it?”

“Rose, I never joke about these things. Besides, I love blue panties.”

She laughed. Then she reached down to tug her panties off, “Here, let’s swap.” Her cheeks turned bright red. “Oh God. Did I really just say that?”

A look at the clock reminded me Mum would be home soon. “We better just get our clothes sorted and tidy up before my mum walks in. Do you gotta go yet or you maybe wanna stay, you know, for dinner or whatever?”

She giggled. It was a big change from the girl who was always trying to be stern and cross with me. “Whatever,” she said. “I’ll give my mum a ring.”

She was just getting off the phone when Mum came in. “I’m in a bit of a rush, Bee,” she said. She saw my puzzled look. “You forgot already? I have a town council meeting tonight. I won’t be back until after nine. I told you to order pizza for yourself.”

She peered closer at Rose. “Hello. I don’t think I’ve seen you before.”

“This is Rose, Mum. She’s kinda like my new friend. Her mum said she can stay for dinner, so pizza sounds great.”

My mum was well aware of my sexual leanings. She didn’t much approve, especially not at my age, but she could turn a blind eye to it. What she didn’t know couldn’t get her in trouble. Now, though, she looked at Rose and then back at me.

“Don’t worry, Mum. It’s cool.” I told her. “You can go get ready for your meeting.”

As soon as Mum had left the room, Rose said, “I guess she knows about you and girls.”

“She knows. I just don’t gotta push it in her face like. Then she doesn’t give me any hassle.”

I fetched the pizza menu for us to order.

“Any kind you want,” I said. “Just no garlic.”

“Why not? Duh! Okay, I get it.”

“I thought you might wanna let me see the rest of you.”

She really needed to learn to control that blush. It could get to be a dead give-away.

“Fuck!” she said. “How did everything go so fast? Hey… does your pussy ever feel excited, I mean like tingly and get wet when you have naughty thoughts?”

“Would you believe, mine is as near as fuck, always tingly,” I said. “But, even more when I look at you.”

“You know, a week ago, that woulda made me puke,” she said. “But I like it. You should maybe order the pizza straight away, and tell your mum to go.”

I loved the twinkle in her eyes as she said that. This girl had really got under my skin, but somehow, I knew that had been the case from the second day I’d seen her.

The pizza arrived just after Mum left. We’d only had time for a quick kiss and a feel when the doorbell rang.

“Let’s take our clothes off and then eat,” I said. “Or do we gotta eat first?”

“Sorry, but I’m kinda hungry,” she said. “But if we sit at the table, you can eat with one hand and maybe let the other … What’s that?” She pointed at the two glasses I had carried in.

“I thought you might like a glass of wine.”

“I’ve never tried it. Is this how you get all your girls to strip?”

She took a sip. “Oh wow.” She took another.

“Slow down, sweetheart,”   I said. “I can’t let you go home pissed or your mum might not let you come back.”

“Sweetheart,” she whispered. “Is that what I am?” She grabbed hold of my hand and pushed it up her skirt to her still naked pussy. “Play with me,” she ordered with a laugh.

I was beginning to wonder if I’d get to finish my pizza. Her fingers were starting to drive me mad. She was getting to be good at teasing my clit. It was probably the same for her. She was wiggling more and more.

There wasn’t that much pizza left when I finally said, “Stop!”

She looked puzzled until I said, “Let’s go to my bedroom.”

I practically dragged her up the stairs. When we got to my room and I turned to face her, she looked shy again and that blush was back. She watched me unbutton my blouse. It still hid my breasts when I unfastened my skirt and let it drop to the floor. Then I paused.

She understood why. Her fingers worked upwards. I always went down. Once she’d reached the top, she imitated me and released the catch of her skirt.

I could see how nervous she was. “On the count of three,” I told her. I had only got to two when she threw her blouse open. I knew what her tits felt like but now, I saw just how beautiful they were – gorgeous buds with two proud nipples.

She gasped when I shrugged my blouse off my shoulders. My tits were very nearly double the size of hers.

“What’s the matter, sweetheart?” I teased her.

“Nothing,” she said. “But you’re, like, all grown up. I can’t help wondering why you like me. But you call me sweetheart. It’s just… You’ve made me happy. That’s all.” She rushed into my arms, her lips coming to mine.

We each took a grip of the other’s bum. She caressed and felt me. I pressed her to me, grinding our pussies together. It wouldn’t work this way, though, however nice it felt.

I leaned back. “Bed?”

She nodded and pushed me backwards. “What you did with your mouth,” she said. “I want to try that.”

“You sure? You don’t have to. Just let it happen when the time’s right.”

“I’m your girlfriend now. The time’s right for everything. Whatever you want to teach me, I’ve got to know, from this very minute.”

I climbed backwards onto the bed and lay down. She went to lie with me, but I told her no. “Come and kneel over my chest, sit on my tits, facing my feet.” She did as I said without question.

“Now, sweetheart, bring your bum back and lean forwards.”

I heard her laugh. She understood where this was going. Whatever she was expecting, though, it came as a surprise when I lifted my head and kissed the little star of her arsehole. She froze, still up on her knees, as my tongue tickled her rear.

“God, that is so naughty. But it’s so nice. I wouldn’t ever have… oh, God, Bee!” Then she let herself fall onto me. I felt her hot breath on my pussy, her fingers exploring, opening me up. Her face went down without the slightest hesitation. My clit felt the warmth as her lips surrounded it, and she sucked and kissed.

I struggled for a moment. My arms had got trapped at my side by her legs. Once they were free, I held her arse with one hand and went for her pussy with the other. She jerked as In traced one finger around her puckered rear, but pressed herself down when two fingers eased inside her cunt. Her whole body shook when my tongue flicked her clit. I knew just what I was doing. Rose, for her part, was learning fast.

We’d already got ourselves halfway to a climax at the dinner table, so it wasn’t long before I could feel my heart pounding. I bent my knees up and pushed down on the mattress with my feet, lifting my pussy towards her mouth and fingers.

She clenched her arse cheeks. I hadn’t realised I was pressing a finger into her arsehole, which was still just about wet enough from my tongue. I eased my finger in more. The clenching stopped, and I went all the way in.

She clearly wanted to do whatever I did. Her own finger circled in the wetness that had seeped down from my leaking pussy. Then she thrust it, easily, into my arse.

She fucked me just as good as I fucked her. My body was straining now, rising to the glorious climax I knew was coming. Her fingers, at both holes, stopped moving. Fortunately, she was still sucking on my clit. She began to jerk frantically as she came. I strived to reach my peak. It didn’t come until hers was just finishing. How she caught on, I couldn’t imagine, but somehow she did. She fucked my cunt furiously, and her tongue lapped my clit like mad. It was enough. My body spasmed, my hips jerked and I called her name.

I just lay in a collapsed state until she pulled her arse off my finger. She turned and laid her body on top of mine, her head nestled in the crook of my neck. Her hands took a tight hold of me. I could feel the soft kiss of her lips on my skin.

I swear I heard her whispering, “Now she’s mine, I knew I could make her mine with a little help from my blue panties. Bee loves me now.”

The next instant, or so it seemed, Rose woke me up with a kiss. “The time, Bee. I think we have to get dressed.”

I stared up at her, with what felt like a silly grin on my face. “Are you happy, Rose? I mean like, really?”

She smiled sweetly. “Never happier. You can’t begin to imagine.”

“I’ve got one more question. Just when, exactly, did you make your mind up? I kinda get the feeling that you turned the tables on me.”

All I got back was an impish grin. Fuck, what a girl!

The End


28 Comments on A Pair of Blue Panties 

  1. Kim & Sue says:

    I think most readers know Misty’s little ‘secret’. while we’re not that into knickers, we do love the other element of this story. Which is very hot and well done.

    Thanks for a very nice naughty read.

  2. Tim says:

    A great story Kinkys sis, but then it’s exactly what I’ve come to expect! And maybe those last 3 words should be reversed – that’s what your stories do for many of us I’m sure!
    Thanks for brightening my day!!!

  3. ClitLicker says:

    You’ve done it again, kinkys_sis! Another brilliant and utterly believable story of the kind we all love. And I wonder how much of it is autobiographical 😋

    Any career decision yet? How long have they given you?

  4. Jacqueline Jillinghoff says:

    You just keep churning them out. It’s wonderful to see.

    • Mystery Mouse says:

      A bee in a rose, huh? I like it!

      What a lovely story! Very easy to picture and filled with utterly delightful action. Rude in a thoroughly charming way. Thank you so much!

      But I had to laugh at the beginning. Five barber shops in the town? There’s three just on my little housing estate already. Maybe they’re breeding? Perhaps this time next year every single shop will be a barbers..

      Wake up sheeple! The truth is out there!

      • ClitLicker says:

        I’m told some of them, at least, are money-laundering operations. Beats me how, but there we are.

  5. BlueJean says:

    Well, I’d like to say Bee’s thorough reprimand to her fellow authors for not commenting on stories more is the reason I’m here, but sadly no – it was the word “panties” in the title. I like panties, you see. Oh yes, very much so.

    This one certainly didn’t disappoint. The panty-play added a nice layer of kink to an otherwise innocent tale of sexual discovery. I would’ve liked to have seen the story given a little more breathing room instead of flitting from one scene to the next so quickly, but as someone who struggles with exposition/world building, etc, I understand how difficult it can be to venture beyond the broad strokes of a story. More background on Bee’s (the character, not the author) grandad and his suspected dementia, and her many achievements in and out of school would be good points to expand on.

    The prose did seem unusually clunky in places for one of your stories. I had to raise the occasional eyebrow at lines like “The crotch of her panties stared at me”, and I also noticed a few errors here and there, including: “Removed extra set of quotation marks”, which I’m guessing is a remnant from the editing process.

    None of the above points spoilt the story for me, but I figure some feedback might be useful to you. I hope I’ve not been too critical in that regard. Thank you for writing and sharing. I shall endeavour to read more of the content here, and a good night’s sleep be damned!

    • Jacqueline Jillinghoff says:

      Thanis for pointing out the errors. I’m afraid Jetboy jumped the gun on this one. There was a second file with the finished draft that I was planning to go over once more before sharing it with him. I’ve requested an update.

      • Jacqueline Jillinghoff says:

        Thanis? I meant Thanks!

      • JetBoy says:

        Yeah, my bad. I thought the story was finished when it wasn’t. This is now the corrected version.

        When you’re juggling as many stories as I currently am, one will occasionally get dropped. Apologies to kinkys_sis and Jacqueline for the fumble.

  6. kinkys_sis says:

    @Kim & Sue – Thanks as always. I always loom for your comment which is usually the first one posted.
    @Tim – If it’s the same time Tim as from our old site, then you’ve been reading my stories for a long time; thank you.
    @ClitLicker – No, nothing autobiographical for once. Glad you enjoyed it. Career-wise, I’m training with a pro team now but I haven’t signed anything yet.
    @Mystery Mouse – ‘A bee and a rose’, I hadn’t noticed that! Thanks for the comment.
    @BlueJean – Your observations are always welcome. This story was something that suddenly came to mind. I was working hard on my exams and maybe didn’t give quite enough time to build more substance into the story … yet … I also sometimes like a kind of more cryptic story, and that’s what I’ve done here. Yes, edit leftover.

    @Jacqueline Jillinghoff – I’m always hugely grateful to my editors. But JJ, who edited this one, seems to understand where I’m coming from. We work so well together, I think she knows how much I appreciate her work.

    • kinkys_sis says:

      ‘loom’? Like I meant look!

    • Jacqueline Jillinghoff says:

      I purposely didn’t do much to this one. Except for some clarification here and there, it’s all you. The fantasy speaks for itself.

      But I guess now I qualify for a comment on my next story, eh? 😉

  7. Kate says:

    Your delicious stories have always had the same effect on me! It was such a lovely surprise to wake up to this beautiful tale this morning, delightful way to spend a Sunday morning. I’ve no intention of getting up just yet!
    Thanks Sis 😘

  8. 3FingersNeat says:

    An excellent story. The twist at the end was delicious. To all authors… Post as many stories involving panties as you would like.

    Thank you.

  9. Erocritique says:

    I wondered if all those times where Bee and Rose crossed paths, and where Bee also got a glimpse of Rose’s panties, were actually coincidences…. Nicely played, Rose!!! And Bee was the perfect partner for Rose’s gambit. Bee was just gagging for a girl like Rose to come along: A girl that Bee could take the lead with, and teach her about the birds and the “Bees”. *winks* The panty play was very sexy / erotic, yet it also was cute and adorable, and served as a unifying theme for the entire story. I loved it!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. Debbie L says:

    Utterly …delicious!!! Beautifully written, sexy as hell and a wonderful homage to Misty’s incredible tales. Thank you so very much xxx

  11. Paul Spencer says:

    Way Better than Misty’s stories and hers are hot

  12. Girl4Girls says:

    Such a great story! Very reminiscent of Misty’s work but it is definitely still an original. Thank you kinkys_sis for this one.

  13. kinkys_sis says:

    3FingersNeat, Debbie L, Paul Spencer, Girl4Girls – thank you all.

    Erocritique – Perceptive! Always a fine commenter and much appreciated.

  14. Rachel says:

    I am not sure what has happened here. I wrote a comment and I am sure it showed as posted. But now, in the Latest Comments and here, it has disappeared.

    I said – what a lovely storey. I was able to picture the events and the actions by the beautiful way they were described. Wonderful.

    • kinkys_sis says:

      I had wondered where you had got to. Now I know, as you mention elsewhere.

      Thanks for your always-appreciated comment.

  15. kinkychic says:

    Sis always remembers to pass a comment on my stories … I seem to forget to comment on hers. Perhaps because I’ve usually read them before they get to JS.

    With this story, that’s a terrible omission. A momentary incident that occurred yesterday prompted me to read it again. Yesterday, two young girls came towards me as I walked along the pavement on my way to the shops. One was pushing herself along on a scooter, the other was riding a bicycle. They were coming uphill.

    As they were about to reach me, the hill had got a bit steep for the girl on the bicycle, so she dismounted. Her skirt was extremely short. I got the expected flash of panties (see we do use that term more and more in the UK these days) … they weren’t blue but they were pretty. She had seen my glance and she had given a cheeky grin … she knew!

    Back to Sis’ story. It has everything that a good short story needs. It’s completely believable, it’s erotic, and it’s delightful. It brings a tear to my eye thinking of how good a writer my little sister has become. She credits four people for what she has learned. Her first mentor was Eloquent Delinquent. Then there was Shy Mom, followed by Jacqueline. Oh, and I get a mention.

  16. Sapphmore says:

    We can only dream of having twenty five shops in my small village, having one community run shop, a tiny pub, little primary school and part-time post office in the community hall, oh and a van doing fish & chips on Thursdays. Mind you, in the nearest town 5 miles away, it’s coffee houses and barbers/hairdressers that are in double figures.
    Anyway, I liked this short story a lot, and while not really a panties-man per se, my preference leans towards sexily-dressed legs (short skirt, stockings and heels naturally) rather than the naked female form. In reference to the ongoing readers forum comments on ‘series or standalone’, a series must have character development as well as a storyline that goes somewhere, but short stories are like putting a quart in a pint pot, as they have the much more difficult task of packing in everything you want without that opportunity but you still need to engage readers to empathise or understand the main character(s). As I see it, shorts can either leave you wanting more, or leave you satisfied enough that you can’t immediately think of what could come next. I think this story falls into the latter.
    Other observations – quoting Hamlet at 13? Maybe not just a jock! (Is there a female equivalent?)
    I like the (intended?) double meaning of “She knows. I just don’t gotta push it in her face like.” This did make me wonder if this could actually lead to that.
    The table-turned twist at the end was also unexpected.
    I’m pretty sure I couldn’t produce a satisfying short story like this without a lot of practice and trial and error, so hats off to kinky_sis.

    Tiny editing error ‘She jerked as In traced one finger around her puckered rear’

    • Mystery Mouse says:

      Kids study Hamlet at 13 these days.

      It’s a brave new world. We didn’t tackle Shakespeare until I was probably 14 and even then it was only Romeo And Juliet.

      (Although that was with the aid of the famous film version in which Juliet is briefly glimpsed topless. For some strange reason the boys in my class really liked that play…)

      • Sapphmore says:

        I recall a school trip to the cinema when we were doing Macbeth. It was to see the 1971 Roman Polanski version and I don’t think today’s lefty liberals running the educational institutions would take kids to see it.

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