Not Like Other Girls, Part Three

  • Posted on February 2, 2021 at 1:22 pm

By Karin Halle


I was beginning to think that a ‘no secrets’ policy had been introduced into our house when nobody had been looking. Mum and April and I had openly discussed masturbation. April and I had fingered each other until we came, and Mum knew about it.

So, honestly, it came as no great surprise to me that Mum knew about Elsa and I having sex practically as soon as we’d done it. Luckily, she was totally cool about it. Had Mum always been this laid back, and I just never noticed?

Here’s what happened. Elsa was leaving, not long after she and I had spent the afternoon making love. She said goodbye to Mum at the back door and, to our utter disbelief, Mum cupped Elsa’s face in both hands, kissed her right on the mouth, and said, “I hope you had a nice time. Come again soon.”

Elsa blushed, mumbled something, and hurriedly left. Me, I was stunned beyond words.

My little sister April was also in the kitchen, but didn’t react. Perhaps she had no idea what was going on, or she knew and was cool with it.

But I had to find out whether Mum knew, and if so, how she’d figured it out.

Later that night, after dinner, when April was busy doing homework, I went into the kitchen, where Mum was finishing the washing up. There was no way to ease such a question into general conversation, so I just came right out with it. “Mum, when El was here this afternoon…” That’s all I was able to say.

Mum knew what I was getting at, though. “Does this have anything to do with the two of you making love while you were upstairs?”

I nodded, feeling my face grow hot. “Um, yeah. How did you know?”

She just smiled. “Well, I didn’t, not at first. But I’ve long suspected that Elsa had a crush on you, and when you two finally came out of your room, it looked very much like you’d just had sex.”

“Oh, my God!” I gasped.

“And when she came to me to say goodnight, I could smell pussy. Actually, she reeked of it – so do you, by the way.”

“Jeez, Mum!”

“And when I kissed her, I could taste it. You girls really should have washed your faces afterward!”

Well okay, at least Mum was cool about her daughter having sex with a girl. Fine and dandy. But I still felt horribly embarrassed that she knew about it. I slumped down into a kitchen chair.

Mum came up and stood behind me. Resting her hands on my shoulders, she began to rub some of the tension away.

“Honey, most parents know a lot more about their kids than they ever let on. Mothers in particular.”

Under my breath I said, “Oh, fuck.”

It was barely audible but like most mothers, mine has an amazing ability to hear what she needs to. She gave me a gentle slap on the back of the head and said in a mock-stern tone, “Language, young lady!”

I could hear laughter in her voice, and it helped to ease my tension. I turned to look at her, smiled, then repeated myself. “I said. ‘Oh fuck’, Mum.”

Mum smiled too, but gently warned, “There will be no more of that.”

Lightening the mood as much as possible genuinely helped me to cope with all the crap that I’d been put through recently – that we’d all been put through.

“No more what?” I asked. “No more fucking… or no more saying ‘fuck’?”

The lightness suddenly disappeared as Mum turned serious. “You know what the doctors told you about sex, sweetheart. I mean… I just don’t want you to get hurt.”

“Hurt?” I repeated. “What, by El? She’d never hurt me, Mum. We’re best friends! And she understands about my… differences. I told her everything, and, um…” I was blushing again. “She got a pretty good look at me… y’know, down there.”

Looking down at me, Mum smiled in a way that made my heart skip a beat. “It was good then, was it?”

No secrets, I told myself. We’re past that now.

Still, I had to take a deep breath before I could say, “Yes, Mum, it was. It really was.”

If Mum hadn’t already known with certainty that Elsa and I had been making love that afternoon, she sure did when I said that.

She wrapped her arms around me and hugged me close. Because she was standing and I was still seated, my head was cradled against Mum’s chest. I felt secure where I was, basking in my mother’s love. Even through her clothes, I could feel her body heat. I snuggled closer.

The memory from the other day came back to me, of sucking my mum’s nipple. It had been such a  comforting moment for me. I longed for that comfort again. So many things were happening in my life, and they were happening much too fast. Everything is so much simpler when you’re a kid – and I needed to experience that simplicity again, even if it was only for a little while.

“Mum,” I whispered. “What we did the other day, in your bed… can we do that again? Please?”

Her voice was a purr. “When we were pretending you were a baby, and I was feeding you?”

In reply I nodded, making her breasts jiggle beneath her clothes.

“April might feel left out,” Mum said.

“She can come in later. I… I want it to be you and me for a little while, just the two of us. Is that okay?”

Mum stroked my hair lovingly. “Of course, baby girl. Let’s have a lie down together.”

As we passed the door to the room my sister and I shared, Mum paused to knock. April glanced up from her homework.

Mum said, “Mel and I are going to have a little lie down together, April. If you want to come in a little later, that’s okay… but let your sister and me have some time by ourselves for a while.”

April looked at us with an odd expression before saying “Okay,” then turned back to her homework.

Mum and I went to her room. She closed the door and said, “Take off your shoes and hop in.”

I took off my shoes as instructed and got into Mum’s bed.

Mum pulled off her clothes. Now only wearing panties, she slipped into her nightgown, paused to think, then took it off again, carelessly letting the silken nightie fall to the carpet. “It’ll only be in the way.”

Slipping into bed, Mum gathered me into her arms. “Does my little girl want some of this?” she asked as if she was talking to a small child, cupping a breast in her hand.

“Mmm,” I replied, and took the nipple she was offering between my lips.

Now I felt the comfort and security I needed. All the bad shit I’d been wrestling with, it no longer mattered as long as my mummy was feeding me — even though she wasn’t, not really. It felt so good, so right.

As I nursed at Mum’s breast, she hummed softly, then began to caress my back with gentle hands. “I love how this feels, you know,” she told me.

Before long I became aware of my mother’s breathing – and it reminded me of the way Elsa sounded earlier that afternoon, when we were making love. Mum’s breaths were deep and slightly ragged, just the way El’s had been.

I was light-headed and excited, just like the way I’d been with Elsa. But what thrilled me much more was that Mum seemed to be sharing these feelings.

Was my mother sexually aroused by what we were doing? I had to know.

Reaching down, I put my hand on the front of Mum’s panties, a hot shiver coursing through me when I felt how wet she was. In fact, they were soaked.

At my touch, she took a sharp breath.

I wasn’t even thinking about the consequences of my actions at this point, just going on pure instinct. As I slipped my hand beneath the waistband of Mum’s panties, she gasped.

When my fingers brushed her pussy, she whispered, “All this talk about sex lately, it’s been too much for me. Then cuddling with you and April the other day — my God, that was so sweet. And now, knowing that you and Elsa were making love… it makes me incredibly hot, all of it. I — I’m sorry, Melody…”

“Don’t be, Mum. I want this for us.”

Maybe she’d hoped for this all along. When I suggested earlier that I wanted some private time for just us two, did Mum imagine me touching her this way?

My finger slipped between Mum’s wet labia, and she moaned.

Unlike the lust-driven passion I’d had when with Elsa, I wanted this to be slow and romantic. Removing Mum’s panties was done with care – this time, the elastic remained undamaged.

I stared, my heart pounding. Mum lay before me, completely naked. Although I’d seen her that way before,  this time it was different. Now, I was seeing her through the eyes of a lover, and what I saw made me very happy indeed.

Feeling an urge to be nude as well, I got out of bed and undressed as quickly as I could. Then I stood still for a brief moment, letting Mum look at me in the same way I’d just looked at her.

She smiled — just a little one – but there was a universe of meaning in it.

I smiled too, then climbed back into bed.

Scooting down, I got into a kneeling position with my face between Mum’s thighs. By raising my backside, the angle enabled me to get my face up close to her pussy, enough that I could feel the heat coming from it. And I was responsible for that heat, had brought it into being.

“Oh, fuck,” Mum moaned. She smelled incredible.

“Yeah, Mum. We will!’

Extending my tongue, I touched the tip of it to Mum’s pussy, then licked upward through her fluid-coated lips to tease her clit. This initial contact caused her to tremble, making a hissing sound as she drew a sudden breath through her teeth.

Her juice tasted somewhat like Elsa’s, but with a distinctive tang all its own. It suddenly struck me that the flavour of every woman’s pussy would be different, as varied as fingerprints. Somehow the idea excited me, I  wasn’t sure why.

Wanting to touch Mum while I licked her, I got my hand into position to explore her cunt, a delicious shiver racing through me as I said that word to myself for the first time. I wondered: if two fingers fit into Elsa and April, how many could I get into Mum?

“Ahhhh, yes!” she moaned as I went with three, which seemed to be a perfect fit, so I got to work. Back and forth my arm went as I sawed my fingers in and out. My head swam with the hugeness of what was happening… could I really be fucking my own mother?

Thick, warm fluids were flowing freely from Mum’s vagina, and it occurred to me that she might produce a lot more of them when she came — just like Elsa had.

As if on cue, Mum cried out, “Oh God, baby… I’m g-going to come!”

My mouth was ready to receive her essence – at least, I thought so. In fact, I was in the right position, but unprepared for the sheer amount of it.

Mum’s juice flowed into my mouth. Some of it splashed on my cheeks, some dripped from my chin, but I did manage to capture most of what she had to give. Christ above, it tasted good. Wanting more, I set about cleaning her with my tongue.

I felt Mum’s fingers weaving through my hair, heard her sigh. “I suppose we oughtn’t to have done that,” she said, “but it didn’t feel wrong.”

“It wasn’t, Mum,” I told her.

“That was incredible, sweetie,” she went on. “It’s been an awfully long time for me, and I’ve never done anything with a woman before… still, I can’t imagine anyone loving me as beautifully as you just did.”

Her words made my heart sing. More than that, they convinced me that I’d been completely wrong about myself. Even if my girl parts weren’t complete, I was still a woman. I could give sexual pleasure to a lover, and receive it in return.

And if I could find this kind of happiness with girls and women, what possible use did I have for a man? By that point, the idea of straight sex seemed, well, pointless. That’s when I knew for certain that I was gay.

If I’m not like other girls, so bloody what – everybody is different. If anyone doesn’t like me the way I am, fuck them.

Or, rather, don’t fuck them! That’ll be their loss, not mine.

I was resting my head on Mum’s thigh and idly toying with her wet pubic curls as I reflected on my future, seeing possibilities instead of stumbling blocks for the first time in weeks.

Suddenly, I was jolted out of my reverie by a hand touching my backside. Okay, I was still somewhat dazed by what I’d just done to Mum, but even then I knew she couldn’t reach down that far.

Which meant…

Several things happened almost simultaneously.

A second hand slid between my legs from behind, then a finger pressed my clit as if it was a button. Raising my head, I gasped, “Jesus Christ!”

Startled into losing my balance, I fell forward, burying my face in Mum’s vulva as if I was trying to reverse the birth process.

Caught completely off guard, Mum cried out, “Oh, my God!”

“Surpri–ise!” April squealed triumphantly — and my little sister, now completely nude, hurled herself onto the bed to join Mum and me.

The three of us were a tangle of bare arms and legs, and it took a moment or two before we were able to straighten ourselves out. Mum was lying on the bed, I was seated on the lower right-hand corner, and April was standing before us, putting her bare body on full display.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you,” she said. Her eyes, however, made it clear that she wasn’t sorry at all.

“April!” Mum snapped, giving my sister a look that could peel paint. “Are you trying to give us both heart attacks?”

Realising she’d gone too far, April turned sober in a heartbeat. “Um, no… I didn’t mean to scare you, honest! I just thought that you’d had enough time together, and, er… it was okay for me to come and play, too.”

“Play…?” Mum said, a question in her eyes.

“Play,” April responded, the answer in her smile, which I could only describe as seductive. She reached up to take her left nipple between finger and thumb, gently rolling it.

That was when I began to see April in a whole new way – not just as my sister, not just as a girl of thirteen, but as a woman. A woman who loved other women.

Mum’s room was barely lit, the only illumination from a small anglepoise lamp on a side table. That light outlined my sister’s body, showing her off beautifully. A shiver of wanting coursed through me when I looked at her.

When April and I had revealed our nakedness to each other, I learned that she wasn’t just sexually active, she was also quite experienced. But only with another girl. Then my sister had confessed that she felt a genuine attraction to me.

Now, she’d caught our mum and me making love. And she wanted to be part of it. My little sister April, barely a teenager, intended to enjoy this new pleasure with us.

She sat down next to me on the bed, smiled, and softly said, “I want to lick your pussy.” Just like that!

I realised then and there that April didn’t just want to join in — she meant to take charge.

“Lie down on your back, next to Mum,” April said, pointing to where she wanted me. I did as she instructed, stealing a glance at our mother, whose eyes seemed as big as dinner plates.

I reached out to take Mum’s hand, giving it a reassuring squeeze, and she clutched mine tightly. I knew just how unsettled she must have felt right then. She’d just had sex with her fifteen-year-old daughter… and now her youngest was here to make it a threesome! And April wasn’t giving Mum the opportunity to pull the plug on our little family lovefest; no, she was charging in like the bloody Light Brigade to take what she wanted. Can’t say I knew how Mum was affected, but it turned me on something fierce.

Getting down between my thighs, April took each one of my legs and draped them over her shoulders. Her movements were confident, like she’d done this a few times.

She put her mouth to my pussy and began to lick, while reaching over to place her hand on Mum’s cunt.

“Oh, m-my God,” our mother stammered. She was about to say something else — to tell April to stop doing that, perhaps — but before the words could escape, Mum’s eyes rolled heavenward, and she slowly melted back into the sheets.

My sex-expert sister was finger-fucking Mum while she went down on me, alternating between sucking my clit and trailing her tongue up and down, bathing my vulva with each lick. It felt glorious.

A glance at Mum caught my attention. Lost in purest bliss, she was lovelier than ever… and the sight filled me with a new hunger, one I was powerless to deny. As I turned my head toward hers, Mum’s eyes flickered open, and a gasp escaped that lovely mouth when she saw my face.

She knew what I wanted, and didn’t say no. I kissed her.

Mum didn’t seem to know how to respond to me at first, but that only lasted for a few seconds… and then she was kissing me back, her tongue meeting and mating with mine. I put everything I had into that kiss, wanting to tell my mother how much I adored her without words. I think she understood, too.

As I got deeper and deeper into the pure eroticism of having sex with my sister and our mother at the same time, a thought crossed my mind: would Mum and I work together to bring April off when it was her turn to be given pleasure? That idea really appealed to me.

That question was going to become relevant quite soon, too… because I could feel this big, beautiful storm brewing inside me. Mum was moaning into our kiss, so I felt certain that she was about to come as well.

Maybe we’ll do it at the same time, I thought.

Perhaps my thinking about that actually made it happen – because when Mum’s orgasm hit, mine did too.

Mum broke away from me, howling like a wild animal as she came for the second time in ten minutes. I guess that April must have been just as surprised as I was by how much fluid our mother produced when getting off, because she raised her face from my minge long enough to exclaim, “Wow, Mum — you’ve got the juiciest pussy!”

I nearly howled myself when April took her mouth away from me, only in frustration. Thankfully, she got back to work right away, this time fastening her lips to my clit and sucking it, which set me off like a firework. It was so intense that I blacked out for a few seconds.

When my eyes opened, I saw April sit up on her haunches, raise a finger into the air and make two stroking motions with it – one for Mum and one for me.

Shit – the kid just made tally marks, as if she was keeping a score sheet!

Mum’s eyes narrowed when she saw that. Reaching out to seize April’s other hand, she gave it a sharp tug — and my startled sister came down on top of her.

April’s face was millimeters away from Mum’s, their noses almost touching. “Oh, so you think you’re clever, do you child?” Mum said, making April’s eyes go wide. “The thirteen-year-old queen of all things sexual? Well, your mother knows a few things about making love, too!”

With that, she rolled my sister onto her back, then kissed her, hard and deep. April was startled, but she got over it awfully quick, meeting and matching Mum’s passion.

It was such a thrill for me to watch my mother and my little sister kissing like true lovers, their tongues engaged in a heated dance. Even though I’d orgasmed mere minutes ago, I began to finger my clit — gently, though, because I was still a bit tender.

Mum suddenly broke away, smiled at April, then kissed her again, this time being quite tender about it. She began to place playful little pecks all over her daughter’s face, then trailed them down to April’s neck, taking her sweet time about it.

Apparently, the slower tempo was a change of pace from what my little sister was used to, but she relaxed and lay quietly, wearing a dreamy look as Mum’s lips brushed her skin. Then, without warning, our mother grew fierce, aggressive. Her next kiss was a hard nip on April’s shoulder, one that turned into a sucking bite. April tensed and gasped in disbelief as Mum branded her.

Mum pulled away to inspect the mark she’d left on April’s shoulder. Nodding her approval, she shifted back into a gentler mode, strewing kisses over her daughter’s body like rose petals. When she reached April’s abdomen, she suddenly became wild again and left another mark between April’s navel and her hip bone. Once again my sister stiffened, then went limp, her hands opening and closing as Mum returned to those softer kisses, gradually moving closer to April’s mound.

That cocky attitude of April’s had vanished completely. Mum was teasing her, and it was working in a big way, those quick flashing bites and the feather-light kisses driving my thirteen-year-old sibling nearly frantic with arousal. I could read it in her disbelieving eyes.

Mum gave April’s milky right thigh another nip, then extended her tongue and licked a slow pathway upward, gazing all the while at April’s pussy as she got closer. I could see my sister shivering like she was cold, probably wondering what Mum would do next. I was wondering, too.

I had to restrain a gasp when Mum suddenly fastened her mouth to April’s clit — but she didn’t bite down this time, thank goodness. Instead, she began to suck lovingly at the little button. Later, my sister told me that Mum was flicking it with her tongue while she sucked it.

Whatever she did, it was enough to set April off. Throwing her head back, she cried, “Oh — oh, MUM! Ohhhhhhh!” thrashing around so wildly that she nearly threw our mother onto the floor. Somehow, Mum managed to hang on and keep licking until April pushed at her with clumsy hands, gasping, “S-stop, that’s enough, th-that’s enough!”

Mum raised her face from April’s cunt, pausing for a moment to lick her lips. That spurred me to action. Reaching out, I grabbed Mum, all but dragged her to me, and kissed that wet mouth of hers, sampling the tangy flavour of my little sister. I promised myself that next time, I’d be getting my taste of April right from the source.

Mum and I shared a long, passionate kiss. Then we drifted apart, both smiling foolishly, and I laid down next to my sister.

By then, April could breathe again, and she gaped at Mum. “Oh, my God,” she exclaimed. “Have you… did you ever have sex with a woman before, Mum? I mean, that was…” She shook her head, unable to come up with the right words.

Staring at her intently, Mum raised her hand in the air and made a check-mark sign with her finger, then laughed. “No,” she said, shaking her head. “I never have. Oh, I’ve had fantasies about women for a long time, but — I don’t know, it just never happened.” She looked away, suddenly shy. “I’d certainly love to do it on a regular basis, though…” Her eyes returned to meet ours. “That is, if you two are willing.”

I felt a surge of warmth that left me giddy and light-headed. “I’d love to,” I said, without even thinking about it.

“Me too!” April exclaimed. “Wow, Mum — you’re really okay with all of us having sex, then?”

“I’m not supposed to be,” she admitted. “On the other hand, we do love each other, and we’re all willing, so I don’t believe there’s any real harm in having some fun between the sheets every now and then…” Then she rolled her eyes. “Oh, bloody hell… Actually, I just made all of that up. The real, honest truth is that I loved fucking you girls, and I want to keep doing it.”

“I do, too,” I replied.

“Yeah!” April said. Reaching for Mum’s hand, she pulled our mother down to join us, and we enveloped her in a loving embrace, swapping kisses all around.

It was a genuinely joyous moment. Just a few days ago, I was wondering if I could ever find anyone to love me, what with my missing parts. After all, what man would want a woman who couldn’t have sexual intercourse with him?

Now a pathway out of despair had opened up for me, and all was well. I’d found a new identity as a lesbian, with the most important people in my life as lovers: Mum, my little sister and my best friend. I was already dreaming of the passion we would share, the pleasures we had yet to enjoy.

How much happiness could one girl take? I didn’t know, but from that day forward, I’d do my level best to find out.

The End

Author’s Note: I want to thank JetBoy for helping me to tell the story. His editing and suggestions made everything clearer and more complete.


10 Comments on Not Like Other Girls, Part Three

  1. Keiko says:

    I’m breathless… so very well written and such a loving story… thank you for sharing!!!

  2. Rosey says:

    I love a story that has something a little different! And what a beautiful story it was. I actually had to google MRKH halfway through chapter 1; I’m being educated even as I’m getting off. No better way to learn!

  3. Erocritique says:

    Loved the challenging premise and the highly erotic resolution. I really hope the author has some more interesting ideas for stories about loving moms and daughters. I would even welcome another chapter or ten involving these kinky ladies.

    Kudos Karin, and an obligatory tip of the hat to JB.

  4. Euphrosyne, Thalia & Aglaia says:

    what a fantastically delicious ending to this beautiful story!…
    Such sweet sex, and the best descriptive narrations made this so good to read and to visualize.
    this short example is so good:

    …My sex-expert sister was finger fucking Mum while she went down on me, alternating between sucking on my clit and trailing her tongue up and down, bathing my vulva with every lick. It felt glorious.

    A glance at Mum caught my attention. Lost in purest bliss she was lovelier than ever…and the sight filled me with a new hunger, one I was powerless to deny. as I turned my head towards hers, Mum’s eyes flickered open, and a gasp escaped that lovely mouth when she saw my face.

    She knew what I wanted, and didn’t say no. I kissed her.

    Mmm, so good! so intimate and so HOT!

    The finale was really great, with Melody, April and Mum all understanding they could actually be lovers and be happy and live in harmony with their realization of their love and special desires for each other…

    Bravo, Karen Halle! well done!
    and acknowledgements to JetBoy’s contributions


  5. David says:

    Wow what a great way to end this story Karin! That was so erotic and I especially loved the love bites that Mom lets on April, branding her as her lover and I am sure she did it later too Mel and maybe even Elsa!
    Well written Karin and I hope to see more stories from you.

    • JetBoy says:

      You will, my friend. Karin has sent me several more erotic goodies that will (eventually) grace our site. Hope you good people are excited!

  6. sue says:

    Karin, thank you, and JetBoy for another very different and interesting read. With nice hot parts included.

    Nice follow up to your first story.

    Kim & Sue

  7. Tim and Litka says:

    Great story Karin. Loved every word.
    Hope there’ll be another one coming along soon….or even cumming, lol.
    Thanks from us both

  8. lickit100 says:

    soooo LOVING what a wonderful sweet LOVING family.

  9. Karin Halle says:

    Thank you to everybody who took the time to read this story. Your thoughtful comments and approval ratings are extremely rewarding and encouraging.

    And, again, my special thanks to JetBoy and to the whole Juicy Secrets community.

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