Kate and Lisa, Part Two

  • Posted on March 21, 2020 at 3:20 pm

By Haley Statton

(Recap: sixteen-year-old Lisa has just undergone her first session with a gynecologist named Carol — who, she discovers, is a lesbian. Once back home with her mother Kate, Lisa takes a bath, and drifts into a hot fantasy of sex with Carol. Lisa gets off so intensely to this that it leaves her convinced that she is gay, or at least bisexual.

What happens next? Read on, friend.)


Lisa’s reverie was broken when she heard footsteps approach the door.

“When you’re done in the bath, honey, I left something for you under the counter,” her mother said from behind the door.

“Okay,” Lisa replied.

Curious what her mom meant, Lisa quickly stood up and stepped out of the bath, mentally postponing the newfound realizations about her sexuality until a later time.

Lisa quickly dried herself, wrapped the towel around her body and stepped over to the sink. Leaning down, she opened the cabinet door and found a pink striped bag. She knew right away it was from Victoria’s Secret. Removing it, she pulled out the card stuck in the top and opened it.

Every woman deserves to feel sexy! Love, Mom.

Lisa read the card, her brow slightly furrowed. She reached down in the small sack and withdrew a pair of black satin panties and a matching bra. The teen’s eyes widened and she gasped, then giggled nervously.

As she unfolded the garments, she could see that what she thought were panties was actually a g-string. She couldn’t believe it. Normally, her mom wouldn’t have allowed her to get anything like this. She stepped into the g-string and pulled the tiny straps up over her waist. Next she fastened the petite bra behind her back.

Looking up to the mirror, she could hardly believe her eyes. The delicate fabric stretched across her crotch and over her budding breasts. She turned around and looked back over her shoulder. The tiny triangle of cloth gave way to a single, small strap that ran between her cheeks. Turning to the front again, she ran her hands first over her breasts, then slid her palms down her torso and over her mons. She placed her fingers on the edges of the panties and pulled them tighter against her skin. She could clearly see the contours of her labia beneath them.

Her eyes darted back and forth over her body. She really did feel sexy, understanding for the first time why women wore this kind of thing. Mom is so cool! she thought.

Throwing on her pajamas, she wrapped her hair back in a ponytail, then padded into her mother’s room. Kate sat on her bed reading a book.

“Mom!” she declared, a huge grin on her face, “I can’t believe you!”

“How do you like them?” Kate put her book down and rose to meet her daughter in a loving hug.

“I love them,” she replied, “I just can’t believe you bought me something like that.”

“Well… I figured if you were old enough to go to the gynecologist, you were old enough to feel a little sensual about yourself.”

Lisa laughed happily and hugged Kate again. “Thanks so much, Mom.” She paused, savoring the warmth of her mother’s embrace. Gosh, she feels nice, Lisa thought. “When did you buy them?” she asked, pulling back slightly.

“Yesterday when I went to the mall. I was getting some things for myself and I thought of you,” she explained. “Did you try them on?”

The teen nodded, “I’m wearing them now.”

“So… do I get to see you in them?” Kate smiled.

Lisa grinned nervously and rolled her eyes away, a sudden flush of excitement rising within her “Mom,” she stammered, “They’re k-kind of revealing!”

“I know, but it’s just us,” Kate assured her.

“Well…” Lisa contemplated. Suddenly an impulse hit her, an idea that was weird but oddly interesting too. “Okay, Mom… but you have to put on something you got there.” God… why had she said that?

Kate smiled. “All right.” She went to her dresser and took out a couple of items, then stepped around her dressing screen and removed her robe. A delicious shiver ran through Lisa’s body at the sudden realization that her beautiful mother was naked behind the screen. She found herself wanting very much to see her mom’s bare body…

The blood drained from Lisa’s face as she realized what she was wishing for. This is so ridiculous, she told herself. Just because I might be into other girls, it doesn’t mean that I’m turned on by… by my own mom! Annoyed by her overactive imagination, she shook her head to clear it.

And then Kate stepped from behind the screen.

The older blonde was wearing a silky, sheer blue bra and matching panties. The material was slightly see-through and Lisa’s heart was throbbing as she gazed at her mother’s beautiful body. Her nipples were clearly visible, and Lisa could also see the dark patch of pubic hair through Mom’s g-string. It was a vision of sexuality that had the young girl nearly trembling with arousal. God… her mom was so hot…

Kate could see her daughter’s eyes widen and she smiled. “Ta-daa!” she voiced, placing her hands on her hips.

“Wow!” Lisa finally managed to get out. “That looks really g-good on you.”

“Thank you, honey.” Kate padded over to the bed and sat on the edge, her thighs slightly parted. “So let’s see yours now.”

“Okay,” Lisa breathed. She untied her pajama bottoms and slipped them to the floor. As she stepped from them, she unbuttoned the top and pulled it from her shoulders. The shirt fell to the ground and she stood, biting her lower lip, trying not to show these crazy desires she was now feeling.

“Lisa!” her mother’s jaw dropped. “Look at you!”

“You — you think they look okay?” Lisa wondered.

“They look fantastic, honey. Don’t tell me you don’t feel sexy in those!” she laughed.

“I do, kind of.”

“Kind of? Honey, you look great!”

Lisa felt a warmth run through her as her mom gazed at her barely covered body. Unable to resist, she sat down next to her mother and embraced her. “Thanks, Mom.”

“You’re welcome,” Kate replied, wrapping her arms around her daughter, her heart glowing with love.

As they released one another, Kate leaned over and kissed her daughter gently on the lips. An almost unbearable shock of arousal rippled through Lisa’s body as their mouths touched, however briefly.

Kate sat back to smile sweetly at her baby girl… and they both just stared at each other for a moment. Kate held her daughter’s hand, resting in her lap. The silence lasted until Kate finally spoke. “Have you ever worn panties like those before?”

She shook her head slightly, “No… it’s kind of funny. They feel really different. I like them, though.”

Kate traced her hand up her daughter’s back affectionately. “So… what did you and Dr. Mitchell talk about today? If you feel comfortable telling me about it, I mean.”

“We talked about school and stuff like that. She asked how you and I got along.” Kate’s eyebrows arched inquisitively. “I said that we were really close.”

Kate grinned. “I sure hope you did.”

“And…” she paused, “We talked a little bit about — you know, my body.”

“Like what kind of stuff?”

“Well…” she rolled her eyes again, “I don’t want you to think it’s weird or something if I tell you.”

“I promise I won’t,” she consoled.

Lisa laughed a little, “Well, we talked about how girls feel — you know… stimulated.” Kate nodded, looking into her daughter’s eyes. “And Carol — er, Dr. Mitchell asked if I had… if  I’d ever masturbated before.”

Kate’s eyes were saucers, “And what did you say?”

“That I did… sometimes,” Lisa laughed embarrassingly. “Do you?”

Kate hesitated. “Yes… sometimes I do. Of course I do.”

“Really?” Lisa giggled.

“Well, with your father gone, you can’t blame a girl, can you?”

“No.” The young girl paused. “And we talked about…” her voice lowered, “anal sex.”

Kate laughed, “I guess you two did talk!”

“She said that some women like to just have that, um, part of themselves touched, or even licked.”

“She told you that? My goodness!”

“And I asked her if — if she liked that herself.” Lisa continued.

Did you, now?” Kate laughed. “And what did she say?”

“She said that she was a lesbian and she’d never done it with a man before, but she had with a woman, and she did like it.”

“Oh my gosh, Dr. Mitchell is gay?” Kate was shocked.

“I know, I couldn’t believe it either.”

“I never would’ve thought.”

“Yeah, she said she normally doesn’t tell patients that, though.”

“And she said she has had anal sex — with other women?”

“That’s what she said.”

“Hmm,” Kate replied with a matter-of-fact look on her face.

“Have… have you ever done that, Mom?” the teen wondered.

Kate gazed at her daughter thoughtfully, then nodded. “Yes, honey,” she murmured. “I had a best friend in college named Gina… she and I were lovers for over a year.”

Lisa’s mouth fell open, and she could feel herself tingling from head to toe as her mom’s words sank in. She’d actually been asking Kate if she had ever had anal sex before, not about lesbian experiences. but she sure as hell wasn’t going to tell her mom that now. “Y-you were…?” she stammered.

“Yes, we were,” Kate sighed. “I… I was very much in love with her.”

Lisa’s pulse pounded in her ears as the enormity of her mom’s confession sank in. She hesitantly said “So, um, what happened…?”

Kate toyed with a corner of the blanket, unable to meet her daughter’s gaze. “Oh, we graduated,” she murmured. “She went back to New York, and I came home to Oakland. I met your father not long after that.” She frowned slightly. “To tell the truth, ever since he left, I’ve… I’ve been thinking of trying to… be with a woman again. It was wonderful.” She lifted her head and smiled nervously at Lisa. “I’ve wanted to tell you all this for a while now… but the time never seemed right. You aren’t too, um, freaked out, are you?”

Lisa’s heart swelled with love for her mother. Sliding nearer, she wrapped her arms around Kate’s body, holding her close. “No, Mom, of course not,” she murmured gently into the older woman’s ear, “it’s who you are, and I know that I love you lots, no matter what.” She bit her lip as she toyed with telling her mother what she was really feeling right then… and took a deep breath. “Actually, Mom,” Lisa said shyly, “I… well, I kinda like girls too.”

Her mother drew back, a look of shock and surprise on her face. “Honey,” she gasped, “you do…?”

Eyes lowered, Lisa nodded.

“H-have you ever… I mean, um…”

“No, Mom,” Lisa said, playing with the ring on her right hand, “I’ve never been with another girl before.” Heart pounding, she raised her face to gaze deep into her mother’s eyes. “But I want to, Mom. I really do.”

Kate seemed utterly dazed for a moment, but then a smile suddenly crossed her face. “Well, honey,” she said with a shaky laugh, “I suppose you’re right — you are who you are.” She reached out to stroke her daughter’s hair. “That doesn’t change the way I feel about you, Lisa. I’ll always love you and be there for you, okay?”

The room was silent for a moment. Lisa smiled lovingly at the woman she adored so much. “Thank you,” she whispered. As she spoke, she leaned over and placed a tender kiss on Kate’s lips. Her mother returned the affection but was a little surprised that the kiss lasted longer than the last. Lisa’s hand had come to rest on her mom’s inner thigh. She leaned back and looked into the woman’s eyes. “I love you, Mom,” she whispered.

“I love you too, honey,” Kate whispered in return, gazing back, enthralled.

The two leaned in again and kissed. As their mouths brushed together — and lingered –Lisa’s hand slid up across her mom’s tummy. Kate responded to the touch, her lips parting slightly, closing her eyes as she felt the girl’s soft, full mouth pressing firmly against her own. It was only a second more before she realized what was happening. She opened her eyes and leaned back.

“Oh honey, no,” she whispered. “We can’t do that.”

Lisa’s eyes glowed as her hand caressed her mother’s skin. “You make me feel so good, Mom,” she replied. “I think you’re beautiful.”

Her mother inhaled sharply at the girl’s touch. “I think you’re beautiful too, baby,” she breathed, caressing the side of Lisa’s face.

Lisa bent forward and kissed her mother again. Both women’s lips opened slightly and pressed a bit more firmly together. The young girl tilted her head, rapidly becoming lost in the feelings for her mom. Slowly, carefully, her hand moved up to cover her mother’s breast. Kate subtly moved her head back, trying to break the kiss, but Lisa persisted. Her fingers had found her mother’s nipple and began lightly brushing it through the sheer fabric.

Kate knew that this had already gone too far. She wasn’t sure whether she was more disturbed that her daughter felt the way she did… or excited, not wanting Lisa to stop. Thoughts of reaching out and touching the girl’s young body flashed through her mind, and she suddenly made herself pull away.

Breaking their kiss, Kate placed her hand on the teen’s face again. “Maybe we should stop, honey,” she tried to reason, her voice trembling. “This… this isn’t something that m-mothers and daughters are supposed to do.”

Even before she’d finished speaking, Lisa had lowered her hand to her mother’s lap, slipping her fingers between Kate’s thighs. Shocked, she reached down to take her daughter’s hand away — but before she could, Lisa’s fingers cupped Kate’s mound, feeling her mother’s wetness beneath the gauzy material. There was no mistaking it… she knew her mom was aroused.

Lisa spoke, her voice small, “Am I doing this to you?” She paused, the tips of her fingers seeking, exploring. “Am I… am I making you wet?”

Kate couldn’t speak. Her head spun while her daughter continued to run her fingers through the cleft between her labia. God… Lisa’s fingers felt so good!

“Yes baby, you are,” she replied… and gently lifted her daughter’s hand away, taking it in her own. Kate could feel her dampness on the girl’s fingertips as she fought a wild desire to give Lisa what she wanted –to make love to her own daughter.

Even fantasizing about women as often as she did, Kate had never entertained the idea of lesbian incest before. But as she gazed at the perfect young creature, she found herself irresistibly drawn to Lisa.

Lisa looked at Kate, her eyes shining with love. “Will you touch me?” the teen asked, almost innocently.

Silently, Kate made a decision.

She grazed her fingers over her daughter’s hair. Heart beating fast, she reached around Lisa’s back and unfastened the new bra she’d bought for her. Lisa looked up at her mother, smiling shyly as the older woman slipped the straps from her slender shoulders. She peeled the garment away, revealing the teen’s budding breasts, then eased Lisa back against the comforter and stood for a moment. As Lisa looked up at her, she unclasped her own bra and let it fall to the floor.

Kneeling on the bed, Kate bent down and kissed Lisa again. Hesitantly, her hands fell on Lisa’s tender body and caressed the soft skin. Her fingers passed over her daughter’s breasts, brushed the pert nipples.

Lisa closed her eyes with the kiss, parting her lips, her tongue snaking into her mom’s mouth. Kate’s tongue responded in kind, and suddenly mother and daughter were kissing passionately. It was a kiss of lovers… a kiss that promised pleasures innumerable for them both.

Breaking their kiss, Kate couldn’t help but glance down at Lisa’s panties, where a wet spot appeared against the material. She knew this was crossing the line, but couldn’t resist if she tried. Slowly, she reached out and traced her fingers down her daughter’s crotch, against the outline of her cunt. Lisa sighed and parted her legs slightly. Kate felt the girl’s panties grow wet at her touch. Their eyes met, Lisa’s face glowing from the pleasure her mother was now giving her.

Lisa reached up and eased Kate’s body closer, until her mother’s breasts were near enough to feel their warmth. Parting her lips, Lisa began to lick Mom’s nipple. She circled the tip with her exploring tongue, then closed her lips around the erect bud and sucked, caressing the other breast with her hand.

“Oh, Lisa,” Kate whispered. Her fingers pressed into her daughter’s panties harder, stroking the girl’s clit. Lisa reached down to grasp her mom’s hand, then slipped it into her panties, pushing Kate’s fingers into her cunt.

“Honey…” Kate’s hushed voice was in her ear. “I love you.”

“Fuck me, Mom,” Lisa pleaded.

Kate hesitated, but placed her finger against Lisa’s moist opening. She slid the finger back and forth, lightly probing her daughter’s cunt with the tip… then began brushing Lisa’s clit lightly with her thumb. Her child whimpered and lay back, spreading her legs wide. Lisa’s hips lifted off the bed for a moment, then fell into the rhythm of her mom’s hand. She had never felt so turned on before.

The two stared at one another as Lisa trembled with pleasure. Kate leaned down and the two locked lips again. This time, Kate was the first to slip her tongue into her daughter’s mouth. As they kissed hungrily, Kate slowly lay down by Lisa, her fingers still busy in the young girl’s panties.

Lisa could feel herself about to climax. Her eyes closed tight as the pleasure grew and grew. Her breathing was staccato and she bit her lip as moans escaped her throat. Suddenly, she began rocking her hips back and forth as the wave of intensity swept over her. She could feel her vagina squeezing her mother’s fingers as Kate fucked her. It felt like a river was flowing out of her pussy as she came convulsively.

“Oh GOD,” she screamed as she came against her mother’s hand. Her body bucked and rocked as bolts of purest pleasure tore and sizzled through her. With a sharp inhalation Lisa froze for a long, ecstatic moment… then the breath issued forth in a long happy sigh as she relaxed.

Lying next to Lisa, Kate watched it all happen, mouth open at the sight of her beautiful daughter’s pleasure, her hand still moving between Lisa’s thighs, but more gently now… allowing her hand to bathe in the warm fluid that oozed from her child’s sex.

Before Kate could speak, Lisa opened her eyes and embraced her mother fiercely. “Oh, Mom,” she gasped, “that was… oh my God… that was the most wonderful thing to ever happen to me.” She caressed Kate’s face, their noses almost touching. “Mom… I love you.” Her mouth sought out her mother’s, and they kissed sweetly.

But Lisa wanted more. She couldn’t think of anything else except the need to make her mother come too. Still panting, she stood and slipped out of her panties and, now naked, climbed on top of her mom, pressing Kate’s shoulders to the sheets.

“Oh Mom,” she cried as she ran her hands down the slender body. “I want to make love to you now.”

“Oh, Lisa…” Kate whispered.

Lisa reached under the waistband of her mother’s panties and slowly slid them from her body, tossing them aside. She began kissing across the older woman’s tummy, then down between her legs. She parted Kate’s thighs and moved to kneel between them.

“Lisa… oh, my sweet, sweet angel,” Kate moaned as she realized what her daughter was going to do. With each touch of Lisa’s lips she purred with pleasure, helplessly allowing the gorgeous young blonde to take control of her body.

Lisa lay between Kate’s legs, savoring the intoxicating scent of her mom’s pussy for a moment… then she leaned in and slowly ran her tongue down the moist crevice. Immediately, her mom whimpered and arched her back.  Pressing deeper, Lisa let her tongue push into the wet heat of her beautiful mother. She was in heaven with her face buried in her mother’s pussy, feeling nothing but desire for the woman before her.

As Kate parted her thighs wider for her daughter, Lisa placed her hands around the older woman’s thighs and tipped Kate’s pelvis up to meet her mouth. With her mother’s juices oozing from her cunt, Lisa’s searching mouth journeyed downward, following the flow to Kate’s anus. As her tongue circled the rim of her mother’s asshole, Kate cried out, now squeezing her breasts with both hands.

Lisa pressed her tongue between Kate’s buttocks, lovingly licking her mom’s anus. She couldn’t believe that only an hour ago she didn’t even really know that she was into other women… and now she was making love with her own mother!  Lisa trailed her tongue back to her mother’s clit and began flicking the tip against the hardening pearl. As she did, her fingers went to her mother’s ass and began massaging the tender rosebud.

“Ohhhhh, LISA!” Kate cried.

Lisa’s tongue continuously ran back and forth against her mom’s clit as she felt Kate’s sphincter begin to relax to her touch. Slowly, she slipped the tip of her finger inside, gently moving it in and out. With each pass she felt her finger going a little deeper into her mom’s rectum. Kate was breathing hard now, her body squirming with pleasure.

Lisa’s mouth feasted hungrily on her mother’s beautiful pink pussy. She loved the way it felt to slide her tongue into a wet cunt, savoring the smell and taste of another woman, intoxicated on her mom’s essence.

Kate moaned continuously now as her daughter’s oral stimulation brought her to the edge. Then Lisa pressed her finger even deeper into Mom’s anus, as far as it would go… and Kate exploded in a climax she thought would never end. Her body convulsed as her sweetness flowed freely into Lisa’s mouth. It was incredible. She’d never had an orgasm like this before. Never. Her daughter just kept eating her pussy as Kate bucked wildly on the bed.

Finally, Kate’s body tensed and shuddered, frozen in position, every muscle straining. There was silence for a long, ecstatic moment… then the breath exploded from her body as she relaxed into the bed, exhausted. Kate lay quietly, caressing her breasts, in a contented daze.

Lisa lay down next to her mother and kissed her mouth gently, then laid her head on Kate’s still-throbbing breast. Her hand slipped between her thighs, and she began to play with herself as her mom recovered, her fingers brushing her pussy, sending the most wondrous sensations surging through her young body.

After a minute or two, Kate lifted herself up on one elbow and watched Lisa play with herself. Taking the girl’s hand from her pussy, she brought it to her lips. Their eyes met as Kate slipped Lisa’s glistening finger into her mouth, tasting her daughter. She gently removed it from her mouth and smiled.

“Mmmm, delicious… I want to lick you now, honey,” she cooed softly to her daughter.

The excitement on Lisa’s face was all the answer she needed. Kate placed her hands on her daughter’s hips and gently rolled the teen onto her stomach. Lisa immediately spread her legs and pushed her hips up, urging her mother on. Kate stared, enthralled, at her child’s incredible ass. She could’ve devoured Lisa right there. Pulling Lisa’s body up, Kate got the girl on all fours. Trembling in anticipation, Lisa lowered her head, spreading her legs wide for her mom.

Kate began caressing her daughter’s ass, lightly brushing her fingertips over Lisa’s soft cheeks, moving between to tickle her crack. Then she leaned close and began kissing the young girl’s bottom, her lips touching Lisa’s warm skin again and again. Lisa was shivering with pleasure and anticipation of delights to come.

Kate’s heart raced as, for the first time, she allowed her mouth to wander between the buttocks of a sex partner, her tongue emerging to lick languidly at the pink star of Lisa’s asshole.

Lisa gasped “Oh… Mom!”

Burying her mouth deep into Lisa’s crack, Kate began to kiss and lick at her daughter’s hot, sexy ass. This was wilder than any sex act she had ever performed, and the sheer lewdness of it made her heart race.

Kate couldn’t wait any longer, though — she had to taste Lisa’s pussy.

Lowering herself beneath the mewling teen, Kate seized her daughter’s ass and drew cunt down to her open mouth. Her tongue darted into the young girl’s pussy, now dripping with thick, creamy fluids. As Kate feasted on her daughter, her fingers crept between Lisa’s cheeks and began to toy with the tense ring of her anus. Lisa immediately relaxed herself as much as she could, desperately craving her mom’s finger to enter there.

“Please, Mom,” she cried into the pillow, “put it inside me.”

“Oh baby,” Kate sighed into Lisa’s pussy as her wet fingers teased the outside of her asshole, “You want mommy to fuck you there?”

“Mmm, yes Mom, please.”

Kate slipped a finger inside, marveling at the heat of her daughter’s rectum. Lisa moaned loudly as she felt the finger inside her pumping back and forth. Her mother’s mouth was doing wonderful things to her pussy. Nuzzling, licking, nibbling… oooohhh, so good!

Kate was ecstatic. It had been years since she’d made love to a woman, and now she was experiencing lesbian delights with the person she adored more than anyone in the world. Making love to Lisa felt so natural, so right… and the taste of her pussy was pure ambrosia.

Her child was beginning to shudder with pleasure, every breath that escaped her mouth accompanied by a deep moan. Kate could tell that the young girl was about to come, and zeroed in for the kill. Tilting her head back slightly, she took Lisa’s clitoris between her lips and began to suck the pink nubbin.

Lisa cried out, immediately exploding in a cataclysmic orgasm. Wetness flowed from her pussy, oozing down her thighs as she bucked and rocked in pleasure beyond anything the young girl had ever known. Kate continued to lick her daughter, letting her ride the sensations as long as she could. Finally Lisa collapsed to one side, utterly spent.

Unhurriedly, Kate rolled Lisa onto her back. She climbed on top of her daughter, and the two kissed lovingly. Lisa was out of breath but smiling, her face flushed and sweaty as she embraced her mother’s naked body.

As they lay together, caressing one another, they knew that their lives had changed forever — but they didn’t care. This was too good to give up. In a single magical night, mother and daughter had become lovers.

The End


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