The Notebook, Chapter 6

  • Posted on September 14, 2019 at 2:25 pm

by Ebo


That was the one word that summed up Dana’s frame of mind as she sat on her bed with her back against her headboard. At the moment, she was mostly frustrated by the blinking cursor on the blank word document she had opened on Penny’s old laptop, but there was more to her frustration than that. She didn’t want to think about the other reason she felt stymied because it was the main reason she hasn’t even been able to produce a single sentence for her new story. Her mind kept wanting to wander and she couldn’t focus on thinking up a plotline.

She stared at the blank page a moment longer, then sighed and closed it out. She wasn’t going to get any writing down tonight.

She opened her email, saw the unread message from Penny. The mouse pointer hovered over the message for a second, then she changed her mind. Closing out her email without reading the message, she shoved her computer under her bed.

In the dark, she stared at the wall across from her and could just make out the shape of her TV. She thought about turning it on, finding something to distract her, but she doubted anything worth watching was on this time of night. Still, any distraction from her thoughts would be a good thing. She didn’t reach for the remote.

With nothing better to do, she let her mind turn to her father, the real source of her frustration. He had come back from his trip with some incredible news. The account he had been slaving over had finally closed, and he had received a huge bonus. Like six figures worth of bonus. He had taken them out to dinner to apologize for all the time he had been spending at the office and for neglecting his family. He promised to make it up to them.

Dana had been elated at the time, thought she had her father back. He had started spending time with her, again. Well, as much as a thirteen-year-old girl wanted to spend with her father. At least he wasn’t dialing it in anymore.

It wasn’t until he started coming home on time every day and spending his evenings with her and Penny that she began to see the downside of his closing the account. He was always around, so she couldn’t get any alone time with her stepmother. Which meant she wasn’t getting any.

For the first thirteen years of her life, she hadn’t realized what she had been missing, but after that magical three days with Penny, she longed to be back in the woman’s arms, to feel Penny’s body moving against hers. Craved it.

Worse, he had shown up with flowers a few times and taken Penny out to dinner. Dana never thought she’d be jealous of her father, but seeing Penny all dressed up and on his arm made her green enough to put a pine tree to shame.

She kind of felt bad about it, but she almost wished her father would go back to neglecting them. It was weird, but she was annoyed that he was being a good husband and father. Mostly because she was horny all the time now, and had no outlet for her pent up frustration. She really didn’t want him to go back to spending all his time at the office, just wanted a chance every now and then to lie down with Penny.

Making matters worse, Penny was always around. Just right there, but she might as well be miles away. The more time passed, the more beautiful her stepmother became. It was torture, seeing her look so good. Her legs seemed longer, more shapely; her backside rounder and tighter; her breasts fuller. Dana caught herself staring at the woman more than once, and it was only pure dumb luck her father hadn’t caught her yet.

Sighing, Dana shook her head. She was a horny, sexually frustrated mess. Worse, it was almost two in the morning and she had school tomorrow. She needed to get to sleep, but was wide awake.

Dana moved lower on the bed, put her head on the pillow and pulled the covers over her. She closed her eyes and tried to clear her mind. It had been a long day and she hadn’t slept well the last couple of days, yet she couldn’t fall asleep. She tossed and turned and couldn’t get comfortable.

Sighing, she gave up. Fishing the laptop from under the bed, she opened it, wincing as the sudden glare stung her eyes. After she adjusted, Dana opened Penny’s email:

Hey Kiddo,

I know we haven’t had much time together since your father came back from his trip. I feel your eyes on me sometimes and miss that weekend we had. Sometimes I think about sneaking out when your father falls asleep to be with you, but he’s such a light sleeper. I doubt either one of us could keep quiet enough. At least, I know I couldn’t. I get too excited when I’m with you to be quiet.

So, I have to close my eyes and fantasize. I always see you in the little black dress I bought for you, your hair pulled up. You looked so sexy in that dress. My heart always beats a little faster when I think about you wearing those heels, how lovely your legs looked…

Maybe you could send me a picture… Something to refresh my memory? -Love, Penny

Dana had to smile at the request. The smile widened as another thought popped into her head. She might surprise her stepmother with more than just a photo of her in the dress. She wonder what Penny would think if she sent her something a bit more x-rated. A shiver of excitement worked up her spine, just thinking about taking some very revealing photos and sending them to Penny. If only she could be there to see her reaction when she opened them. Grinning, she decided to do it tomorrow, assuming she didn’t chicken out between now and then.

Thinking about what Penny had said in her email about sneaking out to be with her, Dana got the first stirrings of an idea for a story. She had meant to send Penny a reply email, but the idea took hold of her attention and wouldn’t let go. For the first time all night, Dana felt like she could write. Maybe not a story to share with Leslita, like she’d intended to work on, but one just for Penny’s eyes.

She closed out her email account, then opened a Word document. She stared at the blinking cursor that had mocked her earlier, but this time she had no problem finding the words to make it move. She typed:

On padded feet, I crept down the upstairs hallway to the closed door of the master suite. Taking a deep breath and holding it, I put my hand on the knob and twisted. The door opened silently, thanks to the WD40 I used on the hinges earlier, and I let out my pent up breath in a sigh of relief. So far, the plan was right on track, but that had been the easy part. What came next was where the night could go sideways in a hurry. Pausing in the hallway, I took a minute to gather my courage, get my racing heartbeat under some semblance of control.

Peering through the open door, I saw the darkness in the bedroom was ruined by the glowing green numerals on the alarm clock. I could just make out the bed and the other furniture, but not much else. I moved slowly so I didn’t bump into anything. Nothing ruined a stealth mission like this one like barking your foot on something in the middle of the floor or, even worse, bumping into something and sending it crashing to the floor. It seemed to take forever but I finally made it around the bed to my stepmother’s side without raising a cacaphony.

I had been silent as a jungle cat on the prowl, the two people sleeping in the bed in front of me oblivious of my presence. Once again, I thought ‘so far, so good’.

Sinking to my knees, I found my stepmother’s shoulder in the gloom and gently shook it. She started awake and I put my finger to her lips to keep her from speaking. I could see the question in her eyes as they found me in the gloom. I was relieved when she didn’t speak, sensing that I wanted her to stay quiet. I leaned in and kissed her, just a quick brush of my lips against hers.

Whispering in her ear, I said, “Come with me.”

She glanced over her shoulder at my father, who was asleep on his side and snoring lightly, then turned back to me. Smiling, I offered her my hand. She hesitated, took it, then eased out of bed without disturbing her husband.

I couldn’t resist pulling her against me and kissing her deeply. As my hands roamed over her back and down to her buttocks, I realized that she was very naked. I thrilled to the feel of her smooth skin under my fingertips.

Finally breaking the kiss, she whispered in my ear, “What are you doing here? What if your father wakes up?”

“Grab your robe,” I said, smiling at her, “I have a surprise for you.”

“A surprise,” she parroted. Maybe she saw my smile or her curiosity got the better of her, but she fumbled in the dark for her robe, slipped into it. Tightening the belt around her waist, she turned back to me, gave me an expectant look.

I offered my hand again and she took it. Leading her through the quiet house, I felt my pulse quicken with excitement. This was really happening. When the idea first entered my mind, it had been a nice little fantasy, a distraction. As more time passed, it stopped being just a fantasy and I started working out the logistics of it. When I realized it was actually possible, it became an obsession. Then tonight…

Dana took a second to collect herself before continuing with the story. It was coming to the good part and her hands were already shaking a little. A pleasant heat blossomed between her thighs, thinking about what was about to happen in the story. Grinning, she started typing again:

Where are we going?” my stepmother asked, her voice still low even though we were passing through the kitchen and well out of earshot of my father.

“You’ll see,” I said, holding back the nervous giggle that wanted to escape. Opening the backdoor, I led her out onto the deck. And there it was, my little surprise.

She laughed and pulled me into her arms when she saw the flickering candles around the deck chair, the bottle of wine with two glasses on a small table next to the lounger. She kissed me then, and I felt a little dizzy with need. It had been so long since I’d tasted her kiss, felt her arms around me.

“Oh, kiddo,” she said, smiling at me, “this is such a bad idea.”

“I know,” I said, sighing, “but I’ve missed you so much. I had to do something.”

“I’ve missed you, too,” she said, letting go of me and padding over to the lounger. The way she moved with such unstudied grace caught my attention. I watched as she stretched out on the chair, motioned for me to join her. How I wanted to go to her then, to be pulled into her arms and see where the night would lead from there.

Instead, I made myself go to the table, pouring us each a glass of wine. Handing one to my stepmother, I stretched out next to her. The first sip of wine set a pleasant warmth in my belly and helped ward off the chilly night air. My stepmother’s body pressing against my flank helped, too.

“A toast,” I said, holding up my glass, “to bad ideas.”

“Too bad ideas,” she said, laughing and clinking her glass to mine. After a sip of wine, she kissed me, deeply. Breaking the kiss, she rolled onto her back and looked up at the starry sky. She had a smile on her face when she turned back to me and said, “The wine… the stars above… the candles… this is kind of romantic.”

“Just trying to set the mood,” I said, grinning at her.

Then her lips were pressed to mine and I let her into my mouth. I could taste the wine on her breath. Her kiss was more intoxicating than the red liquid in my glass. More addicting, too. I couldn’t get enough.

My fingers found the knot in her robe, undoing it. She looked at me with those eyes, those beautiful eyes of hers as the robe fell open. My eyes fell to her lovely body, made even more so by the soft caress of the candlelight on her bare skin. She looked so soft and inviting lying there that I couldn’t keep my hands off her. They wanted to know her the way the flickering candle did.

Her hands were under my t-shirt, her touch setting a fire between my thighs. It only burned hotter as she urged me to raise my hands up so she could remove the shirt completely and toss it aside. Her lips found my straining nipple and teased it until my back arched and I couldn’t hold in the groan that wanted to rip its way from me. She moved to the other nipple, wrenching another groan from me.

She moved lower on the lounger, then her fingers were in the waistband of my panties. I lifted my backside up from the cushion and she slipped them down and off. I shivered, but not from the cold. It was kind of thrilling, being naked outside. The glowing candles in the dark were like a beacon, would draw anyone’s attention if they noticed them. I shivered again at the thought of getting caught.

My stepmother spread my legs wide, moving between them. I bit my lip as she teased my bud with her thumb, then lowered her mouth to my girlhood. The hot, wet flick of her tongue sent pleasure working its way through my body. It felt too good to keep quiet, and another moan slipped from me. It mingled with the serrations of the crickets, then was gone, only to be replaced as another one was teased from me.

Time passing had dulled the memory of how good this felt, but my stepmother’s able tongue brought it all back to me. The weekend we had spent together in my bedroom, all the ‘research’ we had done… I smiled up at the moon at the memory of lying with her that first time. Then the second time, and the third, and the fourth…

We might have overdone it that first time. I was sore on Monday morning, but it was a good kind of sore, made me smile every time it reminded me why I was uncomfortable.

My stepmother was making it difficult to reminisce, her tongue on my bud demanding my attention. My hips were undulating on their own, pushing my girlhood against her mouth. She rolled her eyes up at me and I saw the smile tugging at the corners of her lips. It was kind of sexy, knowing she liked what she was doing to me almost as much as I was enjoying it…

Dana had to stop for a second, her hands were trembling so much. The heat between her thighs was almost unbearable, she was so turned on by this story. Shaking it off, she got herself under control enough that she could continue writing.

…my body was writhing on the lounger, driven into a frenzy by my stepmother’s caressing tongue. It had a mind of its own and I couldn’t control it, not anymore. All I could do was hold on for dear life. My knuckles were white as I squeezed the chair arms hard enough to leave indentations in the molded plastic.

Already I felt my body gathering tension unto itself, my stomach tightening and relaxing. My cries were no longer drowned out by the insects. I was getting loud, but I couldn’t hold it in anymore. She had me in the throes of ecstasy, ready to topple me over into bliss. Then she did just that, one last cry cut off as my body shook. Then I felt light as a feather on a breeze, my body alive with wonderful sensations. I felt like I was drifting, drifting…

I was brought back as my stepmother’s weight settled beside me. I turned into her, kissed her deeply…

Dana had to stop again. Her hands were shaking so badly that she kept hitting the wrong keys, her feverish thoughts moving faster than she could type. She reread what she’d written, saw a bunch of misspelled words and some missing altogether. Proofreading the scene only made her more aroused.

Her hand slipped from the keyboard and onto the crotch of the panties she wore. She had to laugh at how wet the thin cotton had become. The story had her so excited that she sighed at the gentlest brushing of her fingertips. When she put pressure on her bud, it forced a moan from her parted lips.

Pulling her panties off, she tossed them aside, then that hand slipped between her thighs again. Closing her eyes, she let the story play out in her head. It didn’t end with Penny and Dana kissing, but continued to play out in her private darkness. Her fingers worked feverishly as she saw herself roll Penny onto her back and spread her legs wide so she could lie between them.

The rest of the story seemed to write itself as the fantasy played out in her mind’s eye…

…In the silver light of the moon and the flickering orange light of the candles, her womanhood was a tempting sight, looked as sweet as any peach. I nuzzled the soft folds with my nose, inhaled her musky scent, then left little kisses on those blushing lips. She sighed as my lips found her bud, the flick of my tongue making her hips jerk.

She said my name in a breathy whisper, her fingers in my hair. I loved when she said my name like that, loved the way her hand slipped behind my head to encourage me. Her excitement only stoked my own.

My hands roamed freely as I returned the favor for what she’d done for me. They found her lean body fascinating, couldn’t get enough of her. She was so lovely, perfect. I could feel the flex of her muscles under the skin as her body began to writhe under my attention.

Her fingers tightened in my hair as what I was doing to her had her moaning and sighing. Smiling, I rolled my eyes up at her. Her face was pulled into a rictus of pleasure, her mouth slack. Her eyes were closed as she basked in the lovely sensations I was awakening inside of her…

Dana’s was biting her lip almost hard enough to draw blood in an attempt to keep quiet. Her fingers mashed her clit in a frenzy, moving so fast that they were almost a blur. Her hips were bucking wildly, her stomach tightening. With her eyes squeezed tightly closed, she let the fantasy continue to play as she pushed herself closer and closer towards an orgasm…

…I felt her body begin to gather tension, knew she was about to come. I didn’t let up, used my mouth to finish her off. With a sharp cry, she came in my face. Her whole body stiffened, lifted up from the lounger. Then all the tension Penny had built up fled her all at once and she collapsed to the chair, a trembling mess…

Dana gasped as her own body locked up, thighs clenching on her hand. Her orgasm shook her loose and she sat there panting for breath. Brushing her hair from her sweaty forehead, she leaned back against the headboard, sighing contentedly.

Eventually, she looked at the laptop, at the half-finished story. Glancing at her alarm clock, she saw it was already ridiculously late. Shaking her head, she said, “Might as well finish it.”

She hurriedly typed out the vision that had played in her head, put her little fantasy onto paper before it could fade from memory. She came to the part where her own orgasm had derailed her train of thought, then grinned as she thought of the perfect way to end the story:

…I stretched out beside her and I am welcomed into her arms. I laid my head on her shoulder and let my eyes close. I heard her breathing slowly and knew she had fallen asleep. Smiling, I let the darkness come up and take me, too…

Dana had to smile at that ending. She had loved the couple of nights she’d spent with Penny, falling asleep with the woman’s arms wrapped around her. She was a little jealous of the character in her story, wished Penny was here now. She ached to be in her stepmother’s arms again.

She saved her document, then closed out the program. Turning off the laptop, she shoved it under the bed. She got under the covers, pulled them tightly around her. Closing her eyes, she imagined Penny holding her. She was smiling as she drifted off to sleep.


Stepping off the bus, Dana saw her father’s car in the driveway and shook her head. She really hoped that he got a new account to slave over soon. Going inside, she found him sitting on the couch. A bunch of papers were spread out in front of him and he was typing away on his laptop. Dana’s heart started beating a little faster when she saw the mess.

Had it finally happened? Had he started a new account?

“Hi, Dad,” she said.

“Hey, sweetie,” he said, looking up and smiling at her.

“New account?” she asked, holding her breath.

“This?” he said, noticing his mess. “No, no. I’m just paying the bills.”

“Oh,” she said, then hoped he didn’t notice the disappointment in her voice. “Have fun with that.”

She left her father to his bills, heading upstairs to change. No sooner did she step through the door, that she noticed something out of place. She wasn’t particularly anal about how she kept her room, but it was so glaringly obvious, she couldn’t have missed it.

One of her pillows had been moved to the center of the bed and she hadn’t left it like that. Frowning, she closed the door and went to it. She lifted it up and saw a gift-wrapped oblong box had been hidden underneath. Picking it up, she read the little note attached:

Merry Christmas from Santa.

She knew it wasn’t from the jolly old elf, but from a sexy stepmother. Dana could guess what was inside by the shape of the box and the fact her stepmother had hidden it, but tore the wrapping off in a hurry, anyway.

Sure enough, it was a vibrator, a green one if the picture on the box was accurate. Green was her favorite color. She opened it and saw that the toy was indeed green.

Stuffing the box back under the pillow, she ran downstairs to find Penny. She found her in the laundry nook, folding towels. She wore jeans and a t-shirt, but still managed to look amazing standing there.

Dana wrapped her arms around the woman from behind, hugged her tightly. She had caught her stepmother off guard, but Penny recovered and said, “I take it you found the gift.”

“Thanks,” Dana said, laughing.

Penny laughed and said, “You’re welcome.”

Her stepmother was warm and soft in her arms, and she didn’t want to let her go. She could smell her shampoo and the floral scent of the fabric softener on her shirt. She sighed, wished she could take Penny’s hand and lead her upstairs.

“I can’t wait to try it out,” Dana said, releasing the woman. She looked over her shoulder to make sure the coast was clear, then gave her stepmother a deep, lingering kiss. She was grinning when she finally pulled back, said, “Sorry. Had to do that.”

“Wow,” Penny said, looking a little dazed by the kiss. She gave Dana a warm smile, said, “I should buy you gifts more often.”

“Oh, hey,” Dana said, thinking of something, “check your email later. I’m sending you a few things.”

“Oh?” Penny asked, raising her eyebrows questioningly.

“Just don’t open them when Dad’s around,” Dana said, winking. She left with that little bomb dropped, feeling Penny looking after her.

Dana was grinning as she headed back upstairs. She had put herself back in Penny’s head, where she wanted to stay.

Closing the door behind her, she went to her desk, digging through the drawers until she found her digital camera. She turned it on, letting it startup while she stripped out of her school clothes. Naked save for her panties, she figured out how to set the timer on the camera, then set it up facing her closet door. She checked the viewfinder, saw that as long as she was in front of the door, she’d be in the frame.

She giggled excitedly as the panties came off, too. Pushing the button to start the timer, she ran to her spot. She saw the red LED on her camera blinking, scrambled to find a pose. She wanted to kick herself for not thinking of one ahead of time. Not knowing what else to do, she put her hands on her hips, tried to imitate every supermodel she’d ever seen in a magazine. No sooner had she struck the pose did the flash go off. She had been looking right at it and spent a minute blinking at the little blue and green dots dancing in front of her eyes.

Going to the camera, she pulled up the picture she had just taken. It wasn’t bad, definitely showed off her body. Still, she wanted something a little… more. She decided to try a few poses in the mirror before taking another shot.

Stepping in front of the mirror, she twisted her body this way and that, trying to find something that would get Penny excited. She just couldn’t seem to summon the confidence supermodels seemed to exude. Her breasts were just too small, her hips too narrow and her legs a little too skinny. At least those were her thoughts as she tried pose after pose.

Then she stopped and thought about it for a moment. She was being too hard on herself, overthinking it. It was pretty obvious Penny found her attractive in spite of her skinny legs, narrow hips or small breasts. Or maybe because of them. That made her grin, made her feel sexy, desirable.

“She likes me the way I am,” Dana said, still smiling at her reflection.

She went back to the camera, hit the button to start the timer. She moved confidently to her spot in front of the door. Turning her back to the camera, she peeked back over her shoulder at it. She turned her body so one of her breasts would be visible, then put her sexiest smile on her lips. Learning from her first photo, she didn’t look directly at the flash.

When the flash went off, she ran over to check the image. She was pleasantly surprised to see that it was a really good picture. It made her feel sexy, looking at it. Her confidence restored, she set the timer again.

She put an arm across her breasts and a hand between her legs in a pose of false modesty, gave the camera a serious look she hoped would be sexy. She had always liked this pose when she saw it online, thought it was erotic. She didn’t know if she was pulling it off or not, but hoped she was.

The flash went off and she went to the camera, checked the picture. She giggled when she saw it, decided that Penny would love it. She thought she’d managed to nail the subtlety of the pose.

Dana took three more pictures, using a different pose in each. There was a clock ticking in her head, and she soon decided that she’d pushed her luck about as far as she dared. She didn’t want to get caught standing around without anything on. She didn’t have a good reason to be naked at four-thirty in the afternoon.

Slipping into some yoga pants and a t-shirt, she turned off her camera and put it up in the drawer. She’d use her data cable to transfer the pictures to an email to send to Penny after everyone was in bed.

She had a lot of time to kill until then, so she plopped down on her bed, putting her back to her headboard. Glancing at the door, she pulled her new vibrator from under the pillow. It was shiny and bright in her hand and she wished she could try it out right now. Taking the pictures for Penny had been kind of exciting, and she thought it would be nice to feel its tip vibrating against her bud. Sighing, she knew she couldn’t.

Still, she turned the knob and it came buzzing to life. Grinning, she realized Penny had already put batteries in it for her.

Turning it off, she giggled and said out loud, “How thoughtful.”


Glancing at her alarm clock, Dana finally felt comfortable with pulling her laptop out of its hiding place. She dug it out, then got her digital camera. Sitting on her bed, she booted up both devices, then connected them with her transfer cable. She got a naughty shiver working up her spine as she opened her email account. She attached the five photos she’d taken earlier, plus the story she’d written last night. Dana figured that would keep Penny entertained for a while.

Grinning, she wrote a quick message:


Just a couple of things for your eyes only. If you should feel the urge, I wouldn’t mind a couple in return. I miss seeing you naked. – Love, Dana

Sending the email, she wondered if Penny would see it tonight and what she would think of the photos. Then she wondered if she’d actually send something in return. Dana hadn’t been joking when she said she missed seeing her stepmother naked.

Setting the laptop aside, she got up and went to her dresser. She pulled the bottom drawer all the way out and set it aside. Reaching into the void it left, Dana felt around until she found her new toy. She put the drawer back in place, then walked over to her bed. Turning the vibrator on its highest setting, she tossed it on the mattress, then went to her bedroom door. She stepped out into the hallway, then closed the door behind her. She held her breath and listened intently. Even listening for it, she couldn’t hear the buzzing of the vibrator.

Grinning, she went back into her room and slipped out of her panties, then crawled onto the bed. Pulling her laptop close, she opened her saved videos. Since she learned Penny had an account on her favorite porn site, she’d downloaded a bunch of her favorite scenes. Scanning through the list of titles, she didn’t see anything that jumped out at her. She closed out the folder then went to the site itself. As usual, she typed ‘stepmother/stepdaughter’ in the search bar. She grinned when she saw a few she didn’t recognize.

Clicking on the first one, she picked up the vibrator, turned it back to the lowest setting. She hadn’t been able to hear it on high out in the hallway, she still didn’t want to try her luck. Besides, the low setting seemed like it would be more than enough.

The video started and she pressed the vibrator against her bud, shivering as the buzzing worked through her body. Her eyes turned to the laptop and she watched the video with interest. She was excited to see that it was a role-playing scene. She liked the ones where the actors pretended to really be mother and daughter. The awkward beginning, then the slow build-up of excitement and the ultimate surrender were all very erotic.

She had written several stories along the same lines, where the stepmother would seduce the stepdaughter or, in two of her stories, the other way around. It was a plotline she liked to explore, the blurring of the lines between parent and lover. The fact that her own relationship with her stepmother mirrored those stories only made them more thrilling.

Her new toy was doing wonderful things to her, the vibrations so strong she swore she could feel them all through her body and not just against her bud. Biting her lip to hold back the moans that wanted to escape, she made a mental note to thank Penny again.

As her hips began to move, she never looked away from the screen. The scene had progressed from the story part to the sex part, the characters’ clothing rapidly disappearing. While the teen had a nice, tight body, it was the stepmother who really drew her attention. She had that same lithe and lean cut to her figure that Penny did.

Shaking her head, Dana thought, So I have a thing for older women. Never mind that the teen is technically an ‘older woman’, too.

She had to turn the sound down as the two on the screen started to really get into it, but Dana still left it as high as she dared. She liked to hear the breathy excitement, the moans and the sighs, the words of encouragement or affection. There was just something sexy and intimate about the sounds of lovemaking.

The older woman moved atop the teen, straddling her hip. Dana’s pulse quickened as she realized what was about to happen. She loved tribbing scenes, loved the tangle of two bodies as they flexed and ground against each other. There was just something sensual about it, almost artistic. Like a beautiful dance.

The vibrator was making it hard to keep quiet. Her own little noises of enjoyment were drowning out the sounds the women on the screen were making. She was trying to keep her voice down, but just couldn’t anymore.

She felt the first stirrings of an orgasm as it came awake in her young body. Like an animal awakened from hibernation, it raged through her. The climax had its way, then left her a trembling, gasping mess. The vibrator fell from her slack fingers. Closing her eyes, she basked in the lovely feeling of her post-orgasmic body, reveled in the sensation.

After a moment, she found the buzzing toy, turned it off. She turned to her laptop, clicked on the ‘download’ button under the video. Grinning, she thought, Another good one for the collection.

For a second, she wondered if very many thirteen-year-old girls had porn collections. She kind of doubted it. Sex was slowly finding its way into conversations at school, but she still figured she was way ahead of the curve.

Wondering if Penny had checked her email, yet, she opened her email, saw she had a new message from Penny. Grinning, she opened it and read:

Wow. I don’t know what else to say. The story was amazing, so hot. And the photos… God, you are so beautiful and sexy. Did I ever tell you that? Such a lovely young woman you are becoming. I could sit here and look at your picture for hours, but I should get back to bed before your father notices I’m gone. I’m sure I’ll have very pleasant dreams tonight, visions of frolicking on the back deck in my head. -Love, Penny

Smiling, Dana clicked in the Reply box and typed:

You are welcome. You owe me a sexy story and some naughty photos in return, if you want some more from me.

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  1. Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglia says:

    Mmmmm! so good!…Loved the the beginning as Dana was writing and trying to masturbate at the same time( much like many of us readers trying to read & do the same!) Also, the fact that Dana was being frustrated by the return of her Dad made for anxious moments.
    Then the new toy Penny bought for her was so sweet(as Dana put it to good use!) And then Dana’s idea to take photos( to keep her image fresh in Penny’s mind!) was so cute & sexy!
    All in all, a very good chapter with lots of delicious descriptions of Dana’s and Penny’s deep desires and longings for each other…
    Mmmmm! so good!

    Thanks Ebo, for another great chapter!…hope Dana & Penny get another chance to frolick!


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    Yes, another very good chapter Ebo.

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