Princess On Holiday

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by Author Unknown

Note from JetBoy: Again, not a clue where I found this, though it’s one of the oldest stories in my collection. I did a lot of fiddling around with the text, spaced out over about, oh, fifteen years or so. Do enjoy.

35-year-old Diana, Princess of Wales, breathed a sigh of relief as she closed the hotel room door behind her, shutting out all the attention which she had once craved but which now almost drove her mad. It had been a long journey and it was late. She had been looking forward to this Tuscany holiday for weeks. It was just her and a fortnight of relaxation. Of course, a bodyguard had a room just over the hall, and if the photographers didn’t catch up with her it would be a miracle.

The first thing Diana wanted to do was take a shower. She switched on the taps in the bathroom to let it warm up, and then went to the bedroom to undress. She stopped by the full-length mirror in the bedroom to look at her own naked figure. Her tall frame, firm full breasts, flat stomach but curvaceous hips, and her long legs would be a tempting sight for any red-blooded male. She had tried hard enough to please Charles, but in the end she had had to seek satisfaction elsewhere.

Studying her reflection, she rubbed her left hand up over her breasts, breathing out slowly. Her right hand crept down to the dark blonde triangle of hair between her legs. Her middle finger extended and parted her vagina lips, then slid up and down her wet slit.

In desperate need of release, Diana lay down on the bed, parted her legs wide, and proceeded to masturbate vigorously. she plunged the middle and third finger of her right hand deep into her cunt, her thumb rubbing on her swollen clit. Her left index finger she put in her mouth, coating it in saliva, then she reached behind herself and slowly inserted it up her back passage. In this way, stimulating her cunt and anus, she brought herself within a couple of minutes to a loud orgasm.

Slightly dazed, she walked out of the open door from the bedroom into the main room of the suite. She could hear the shower still running, and see steam coming out of the bathroom.

She took a quick shower and slipped on a short summer dress. The dress was pale blue, cut low at the top with a short skirt, and tight enough to show off her figure. She didn’t bother with underwear as before long she intended to go to bed.

Her thoughts were interrupted by room service arriving. The maid that brought the tray in was a young slim Italian girl, about 17, with long curly black hair. Her olive skin was flawless. Her black uniform made her look extremely sexy, Diana thought.

When the girl looked at Diana and saw who she was serving, she gave a slight start. Diana was used to this, and immediately put the girl at ease. Speaking in Italian, she asked the girl about herself. The girl answered that her name was Maria, she lived in staff quarters at the hotel with her parents and her younger sister

“Is there anything else I can do for you?” asked Maria in heavily accented English.

Maybe you could spend the night with me, thought Diana. Instead, she sent the girl away with a smile and a generous tip, saying that she hoped that they would meet again soon.

Sexual contact with other females was something Diana had been dreaming of for a long while. Her loveliest experiences had been with other girls when back in school, something sex with Charles had never come close to matching. She thought about it some more that night, as her hands brought her to ecstasy once again.

In the morning Diana rose early and went down to the pool. Under her dress she had her bikini on, but she wasn’t sure how private it would be. She was pleasantly surprised to see that the open-air pool was enclosed by a wall on all sides, and was almost deserted. The only person there was a tanned young girl in a black bikini, lying face down on a sun lounger. As Diana walked near, the girl sat up and looked at her.

“Hello, Princess Diana… my sister said you were here.” The girl’s English was accented, but she seemed very confident. Diana took her age to be about twelve. Her dark hair was straight, cut in a bob, her strong Latin features framed by it. Her eyes were brown and very large. Her slim figure was nevertheless developed for her age, the bikini showing a promising young bosom underneath.

Diana couldn’t help but feel a twinge of arousal at the sight of the skimpily-clad girl. During her days as a teacher, she’d been startled to occasionally catch herself stealing furtive glances at some of the cuter young girls, wishing she could see them naked. These feelings unsettled her quite a lot, and she often struggled to stifle these longings.

Now that she was away from the Palace and on her own, allowing herself to indulge in lesbian fantasies, it seemed almost natural for her attraction for underage girls to emerge as well. In her mind, she shrugged. It’s just a feeling, she told herself. After all, it isn’t as if I plan to seduce this girl…

As nobody else was around, Diana slipped her dress off and sat chatting to the girl, who she soon found out was Gina, Maria’s sister, who was on holiday from school. Diana promised to keep her company if she was bored… but would Gina do her the favor of rubbing some sun lotion on her body?

Of course Gina agreed, and was soon busy massaging oil into Diana’s back. Her touch was light but quite sensuous, and Diana found herself enjoying the physical contact with the young girl. Then Gina said: “Maria always goes topless. Are you going to?”

Diana thought for a moment, an image of the beautiful Maria’s tanned breasts forming in her mind. Why not? She quickly undid the bikini top and dropped it on the floor next to her dress. Next to Gina’s brown body, Diana’s breasts seemed pale, but the young girl still seemed to like looking at them.

Diana shifted in her seat so she was almost facing Gina, at which point the young Italian girl took a palm full of sun oil and began to rub it into the skin of Diana’s left breast. A warm feeling spread through Diana’s body as Gina now used two hands to rub oil into both of Diana’s tits.

Diana’s nipples quickly became erect, and as the girl’s slim hands rubbed back and forth over them, Gina said: “I think you are enjoying this. Maria likes it too when I touch her like this. You are very pretty.”

She touches her sister this way? Diana thought. Very interesting.

“You are beautiful as well, Gina. Do you want me to rub oil on you?” Diana offered.

Yes,” said Gina, smiling sweetly, “I would like that very much, if you want to.”

Diana did want to, and reaching around Gina, undid the bow which held up the bikini top. Gina’s young breasts were small but perfect. They were a light tan in color, with dark nipples already springing to attention.

Diana’s mouth went dry as she moistened her palms with oil and then placed one hand over each of the young girl’s breasts. The only sound was their slow breathing, as the 35-year-old English princess and the twelve-year-old Italian schoolgirl sat facing each other, looking into each other’s eyes, each with their lips slightly parted, each sensuously caressing the naked breasts of the other. By now they were both extremely aroused, but neither wanted to say or do anything that might break the spell of the moment.

Gina licked her lips and slowly leaned toward Diana, their mouths drawing nearer. Diana’s lips brushed lightly against Gina’s, then the young girl parted her lips slightly. Diana couldn’t stop herself if she wanted to — her tongue slipped into Gina’s mouth, and suddenly the princess and the preteen girl were kissing passionately.

Diana’s heart was racing. She hadn’t had a girl/girl experience since boarding school when she was a teenager, and now she was hungrily kissing a girl young enough to be her daughter. But it was obvious from Gina’s skilled fingers and her soft, sugary kisses that this child had indulged in lesbian love play before.

Suddenly Diana heard the unmistakable sound of approaching footsteps. Quickly she broke her embrace with Gina and struggled back into her bikini top. Gina had been alarmed for a second, but had immediately threw her own top back on.

“I have to go,” said Gina, hurriedly standing up and putting on her shoes. “I’m not supposed to use the pool when guests are here.”

“Well,” began Diana, slightly embarrassed now at how reckless she had been, “come and see me in my room if you want, any time. We can keep each other company.”

This brought a huge smile to Gina’s face as she turned and quickly walked in the direction of her mother’s voice. Diana studied the young girl’s slim figure from behind as she left. The cheeks of Gina’s backside were barely concealed by the bikini. Diana pictured the girl naked, and imagined being able to take hold of her and explore the young, firm body at her leisure.

The pool was not quite private enough for Diana to dare to masturbate, so she lay back and closed her eyes and thought perverted thoughts while she sunbathed. In particular, she thought about the beautiful Maria having her breasts massaged by her younger sister. Did they do more together than that?

After an hour or so, Diana returned to her suite. Fetching a vibrator out of her luggage, she stripped off and lay down on the bed, intending to relieve herself quickly and then take a shower. She plunged the white plastic toy into her sopping wet vagina and felt the tremors emanate from her cunt through her whole body. While she fucked herself with the vibrator, she used her spare hand to rub her clitoris, and soon she felt her climax approach.

At that moment, however, she heard the main door to her suite open and close, and somebody walking in. In a panic, she grabbed a hotel bathrobe and stuck her head out of the bedroom door.

In front of her was Maria, doing her job as maid, with a trolley laden with bed linen.

“Good morning Lady Diana. How are you today? Shall I come back later? There was no sign on the door…”

“No, that’s fine,” said Diana breathlessly, “please carry on.”

“Thank you. It’s a lovely day isn’t it?” Maria started towards the bedroom, but Diana blocked her path.

“Actually, leave the sheets,” said Diana.

Maria looked past her at the vibrator lying in the middle of the bed.

“Are you sure there’s nothing I can do for you, Lady Diana?” asked Maria innocently in her heavily accented voice. Then she smiled knowingly at the Princess, and said: “I hear you met my sister this morning.”

Diana stopped and looked at the Italian maid, trying to work out exactly where this was going. Where the top button of her uniform was undone, Maria’s tanned skin was catching Diana’s eye. She imagined uncovering Maria’s slim body, imagined running her fingers through the maid’s dark curly hair as they pressed together.

“She is young, but already very pretty, no?” offered Maria.

“She is.”

“She likes you. She begged me to show her your room.”

“I told her she should come and see me.”

“You already seen a lot of each other, I think.” Maria grinned mischievously.

“We were sunbathing.”

“She rub oil in you. I know where she touched you. And you touched her. You kissed, I know that, too. Did she pleasure you?”

Diana wanted Maria now, she was desperate to have her, but felt powerless to say anything.

“I think I go now, but I will come back soon. With Gina.” With that, Maria took her trolley of sheets and left the room.

Diana was desperate. She had almost been at the point of dropping her robe and flinging her naked self at Maria; now she was alone, unsure when the girl would return.

Wanting to be ready should they come back soon, Diana showered and then put on a light cotton dress which came down to her knee and buttoned all the way up the front.

A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door. Diana opened it to find Gina, holding a bunch of flowers and grinning eagerly, and Maria close behind. Maria was still in her maid’s uniform. Gina was wearing a skintight white mini-dress which would have been more suitable for a nightclub, white high heel shoes and red lipstick.

Diana invited them in, and while Gina looked around inside, Diana slipped the Do Not Disturb notice over the doorknob. Taking the flowers from Gina and sitting on the couch, Diana said: “Beautiful. Thank you very much.”

Gina stood and looked at Diana adoringly. “They’re not as beautiful as you,” she gushed.

Maria stood behind her sister and smiled at Diana. “I told you she likes you. Do you think my little sister is beautiful?”

Diana looked at the young girl before her, as if Maria was presenting her as an offering. The dress was sophisticated, and made Gina look older than she was. She was in fact, stunningly beautiful. Her slim tanned legs were barely covered by the dress, and Diana fought the urge to run her hand up the inside of Gina’s thigh. The contours of the girl’s small tits were completely revealed by the tightness of the garment, and her exquisite face took Diana’s breath away.

“I think you want to see more,” said Maria, and she reached down and took the hem of Gina’s dress in both hands, and with one swift movement, pulled it up and over the young girl’s head.

Diana gasped. The 12-year-old now stood before her wearing only her shoes and a pair of expensive looking white lace knickers. Through the lace, Diana could see a small triangle of short dark pubic hair. Level with Diana’s eyes, Gina’s young breasts were now bared, her stiff nipples crying out for Diana to kiss them.

Gina could feel her girlish sex becoming hot and wet, and was aware that she was having a similar effect on Diana, who was almost shaking with lust.

Maria now removed her uniform and let it drop to the floor. She stood beside her sister, revealing to Diana a perfect body now clad in black stockings, suspenders, black lace knickers and bra. Her tan clearly covered her whole body, a body that Diana intended to get to know much more intimately.

Maria ran her hands over the curves of her hips and up over her breasts. “Well?” she said.

“You’re both very beautiful,” answered Diana dreamily.

Gina took Diana’s hand and tugged on it to get the princess to stand. One on each side of her, Gina and Maria unbuttoned her dress and slipped it from her shoulders. Diana had worn no underwear, and now was completely naked between the two young Italian girls. Her face and chest were flushed pink, and her nipples stood out firm and proud. Each of the young sisters stepped closer to Diana and place a hand on one of her breasts, and the other hand on one of her buttocks. Diana turned her head to her right hand side and leaned down a little so that her lips met with Gina’s. Gina let out a quiet moan as her tongue entered Diana’s mouth and they kissed passionately.

Maria continued to clutch Diana’s bare buttock with her right hand, but ran her left hand down the front of Diana’s body, from her breasts, over her belly and down to her vulva. Running her fingers through the Princess’ dark blonde pubes, Maria pressed her own body against Diana’s and began planting small kisses on Diana’s shoulder.

Diana broke off from kissing Gina and placed an arm around the waist of each of the girls. Holding them against her, Diana slowly guided them towards the bedroom.

Once inside, Maria told Diana to lie down on the bed. Diana lay back with her head propped up on a pillow so she could still look at the two almost-naked beauties in front of her. She couldn’t resist parting her legs and slipping her right middle finger between her cunt lips.

Gina and Maria stood side by side at the foot of the bed. Gina had kicked off her shoes and remained in just her skimpy knickers. Maria was still sporting her sexy black underwear. The sisters smiled at Diana, and turning to face each other they embraced. Gina held her sister’s bottom with both hands as Maria clutched Gina’s shoulders, and their mouths met.

Diana watched, her excitement mounting, as the two girls kissed, their mouths wide open, hungrily devouring each other. Gina expertly unclipped her older sister’s bra, and they broke off from kissing so that Maria could slip it off, allowing her breasts to spill out.

Maria’s breasts were not a disappointment – perfectly tanned, medium sized but visibly very firm – and Gina wasted no time in taking the tip of one in her mouth. As the young girl sucked on her nipple, Maria looked at Diana and said in a sultry Italian voice: “I think you would like some of this, no?”

Diana nodded, mesmerized by the incestuous lesbian action in front of her.

Gina stopped sucking Maria’s breast and turned to face the Princess. Gina’s face was a picture of anticipation as her older sister stood behind her and reached round to hold her small breasts. Maria caressed the 12-year-old’s chest as she nuzzled her ears and shoulders, then ran her hands down the front of Gina’s body and took hold of the waistband of the girl’s white knickers. Gently she tugged them down, allowing Diana to see the small triangular thatch of sparse dark hair that hid Gina’s young cunt. Maria removed her sister’s knickers completely, and Gina stepped forward and on to the bed.

The naked young girl crawled up the bed, between Diana’s legs, feasting her eyes on the Princess’ nude body. As she got to Diana’s mound, Gina paused, looking up at Diana’s face as if asking for permission.

Diana’s eyes opened wide, imploring the girl to continue.

On her hands and knees, Gina lowered her head to Diana’s cunt and softly kissed it, inhaling the musky scent of Diana’s desire which was quickly coming to the boil. She planted a row of kisses up Diana’s stomach, over her navel and up to her chest, where Gina was faced with the princess’ large breasts again.

From the first time she had seen them that morning, Gina had wanted to do this. She held one of Diana’s tits in each hand, and placed her mouth over the right nipple. Opening her mouth wide, she sucked gently and ran her tongue across the hard nipple. The preteen girl was in heaven.

From watching Gina sucking her breasts, Diana looked up at Maria who was now removing her own underwear. As Maria slid her knickers down over her stocking clad thighs, Diana admired the 17-year-old girl’s neatly trimmed black bush. Maria peeled off her stockings and when she was completely naked, walked up alongside the bed. Leaning over Diana’s face, Maria offered her beautiful firm breasts to the Princess to kiss. Diana gladly did so, catching a dark nipple between her lips. Then Maria stood up and said something in Italian that Diana didn’t catch.

Maria lifted up one leg, placing a foot on the bedside table, exposing every bit of her sex for Diana to see. The Princess stared hungrily at the pink glistening lips of Maria’s cunt, as the Italian teen began to finger herself inches away from Diana’s face.

Meanwhile Gina had crawled back down towards the bottom of the bed, until her face was level again with Diana’s own cunt. Diana watched the young girl lowered her open mouth to Diana’s vulva, and the Princess parted her legs as wide as she could to allow Gina access.

As the girl’s mouth and tongue made intimate contact with Diana’s sex, the excitement became too much to bear. Gina’s slippery tongue flicked between the princess’ pussy lips and into the hole of her vagina, and a huge orgasm took hold of Diana. Waves of pleasure swept through her as she held Gina’s face between her thighs. Diana’s body jerked in ecstasy as Gina kept flicking her tongue around the princess’ vagina.

Maria looked down at Diana and grinned. “Isn’t she good? She knows how to love a woman with her mouth,” said the maid. Indeed, Gina did not let up in her worship of Diana’s cunt. The young girl was now licking up and down the older woman’s slit, occasionally dropping lower to let the tip of her tongue tease Diana’s anus.

Maria withdrew her finger from her own cunt, and held it under Diana’s nose, letting the Princess sample her aroma. “You want some of this now, Lady Diana?”

Diana nodded. Maria swung a leg over Diana so that she straddled her chest, facing down the bed so that she could watch her young naked sister, still busy between the princess’ thighs. Diana had a close up view of the teenager’s smooth tanned ass and moist snatch, as Maria lowered herself on to Diana’s face.

Diana placed a hand on each of Maria’s lovely buttocks as she licked the girl’s cunt and asshole, now feeling Gina’s tongue snaking into her own anus. Diana lapped at Maria’s cunt, listening to the teenager’s whimpers.

Hungrily lashing her tongue into the teen’s private parts, Diana began to grunt like an animal as she felt Gina’s slim fingers slide into her vagina as the 12-year-old rimmed her ass.

Copious amounts of juice began to flow from Maria’s slit and onto to Diana’s face, and the Italian teenager moaned as she approached her climax. Diana lapped up every drop, enjoying the pleasure she was giving.

Maria came noisily, and as her orgasm subsided she lifted herself off Diana and lay down on the bed next to her.

“Thank you, thank you Lady Diana,” Maria said, as the 17-year-old girl and the 35-year-old princess held each other in their arms and let their tongues intertwine.

Meanwhile, Diana was nearing her second climax, caused by the attention lavished on her cunt and anus by young Gina. Maria’s firm tits mashed into Diana’s as the princess held her tightly, and Gina’s tongue and fingers brought Diana to another shuddering finale.

Diana turned from Maria and drew little Gina up on top of her. Wrapping her long legs around the young girl’s waist, Diana hugged her slim naked body and showered kisses all over her face.

“That was amazing, Gina,” Diana enthused, “where did you ever learn to do that?”

“In my bed,” answered Maria. “I have taught my sister all I know of how to please a woman. We love each other more than anything, but we wish to share our lovemaking with you, beautiful princess.” Maria leaned close and kissed Diana hungrily. “I must go back to my duties, but my little sister will stay to keep you company.”

“I… I love you, Maria,” Diana moaned. “Will I see you again?”

Maria smiled. “If you want me, Lady Diana,” she murmured. “And I love you too.” She stood, and Diana cuddled little Gina in her arms, watching Maria gather up her underwear and slip out of the room.

As the door gently closed, Diana and Gina gazed into each other’s eyes. Gina’s lipstick was gone, replaced by a wet sheen of Diana’s love juice that coated the lower half of Gina’s face.

Gina smiled down at the older princess. “I love you Lady Diana,” she said tenderly.

“I love you too Gina,” the Princess whispered. “I’m going to show you how much.”

Diana rolled Gina on to her back, and sat astride her waist inspecting the young girl. Lying flat with her arms outstretched, Gina’s small breasts all but disappeared. Her puffy nipples were still swollen and erect, and Diana knew they would be sensitive.

Gently taking each nipple between finger and thumb, the princess rubbed them lovingly, sending a bolt of pleasure through Gina’s body. Diana studied the reaction showing on the young girl’s face as she stimulated the tips of Gina’s breasts.

Diana leaned down and kissed Gina on the forehead, then the mouth. Gina’s lips parted to allow Diana’s tongue to explore, and as they kissed, Diana ran her hands down the 12-year-old’s body. It was firm and smooth, sheer perfection. The princess kissed the girl’s neck and chest, sliding her own body down the bed as her lips took in each of Gina’s nipples in turn. Diana ran her tongue over each small breast, then down the girl’s stomach until her face was inches from Gina’s lightly-downed cunt.

Spreading Gina’s legs, Diana studied the private area between. As the pubic hair was short and sparse, the pink mound and swollen love lips were fully visible. Diana savored the moment as she slowly touched her lips to the delicate flash, her very soul overtaken by desire. She slid her tongue between Gina’s cunt lips, then thrust it as deeply as she could into the child’s tight vagina.

Gina moaned with pleasure, encouraging Diana to continue. Diana frenziedly lapped at the girl, closing her eyes and filling her mind with the smell, taste and feel of young cunt.

As Gina’s excitement began to mount, Diana paused, and raised her head lightly so that she could flick her tongue over the girl’s clitoris. While she did this, Diana let her right hand glide up to Gina’s anus, which was already moist with cunt juice that had dribbled down into the child’s crack. As she lightly licked Gina’s most sensitive spot, Diana slowly pushed her index finger into the girl’s anus.

After she’d slid her finger into Gina’s rectum five or six times, the gasping pre-teen was begging to be allowed to come.

Diana had other ideas. She got up from the bed and retrieved the vibrator she had been using earlier. It was only about six inches long and quite narrow, but when she placed it against Gina’s cunt and flicked the switch to start it buzzing, Gina looked down in mixed fear and excitement.

“It won’t fit, I’ve never…” she tried to explain.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle, and you’re so wet it’ll be easy,” reassured the princess.

Gina was wet, soaking, in fact, and the tip of the vibrator easily slid inside her vagina, where it sent throbbing sensations straight through Gina. Her body grew taut and she started to whimper like her sister had.

Slowly Diana pushed the vibrator into Gina’s wet opening, and although it was tight, the toy disappeared obediently. Once it was fully inserted, Diana began to gently slide it in and out.

Gina’s eyes opened wide, and a gasp escaped her lips. A few strokes later, and the young girl’s body began to spasm on the bed, a loud moan confirming to Diana that she had taken Gina all the way.

Dropping the vibrator on the floor, Diana lay down next to Gina and took the girl in her arms. They kissed each other tenderly, and within a short time, both fully satisfied, they fell asleep.

The End

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    Very hot.

    “if the photographers didn’t catch up with her it would be a miracle.”

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    Now that was a different take on Princess Diana, and a very lovely and sexy one at that. And I really can’t think of two better scrumptious Italian delicacies to enjoy than Maria and Gina.

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    I’m no longer surprised that someone,or several, want to shut this site down.You were my hero JetBoy, until you posted this uncaring, callous and wildly inappropriate story.

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