My Daughter’s Hunger

  • Posted on July 28, 2017 at 12:02 pm

By JetBoy

Shafts of milky moonlight spill through the blinds to paint elongated stripes on the walls and ceiling of my bedroom. The buzzing of cicadas fills the back yard, punctuated now and then by a hoarse bark from our neighbor’s collie Jasper.

I’m lying naked atop rumpled sheets, sprawled on the bed, the warm humid air of a Georgia evening caressing my bare body. I have one hand tucked between my thighs, fingers resting on a very warm, very wet cunt.

My senses, dulled by the night, good wine and the aftermath of sexual release, detect a shape in the room where there isn’t supposed to be one. I force my eyes to focus, then sit upright with a violent start.

My nineteen-year old daughter Mickie is seated in a chair close to the bed, a mysterious smile on her lovely face.

“Mickie!” I gasp, snatching my hand away from my still tingling pussy, blushing furiously. God, for my own daughter to catch me like this… I was mortified.

“You didn’t close your door all the way, Mom,” she says, casually uncrossing her bare legs. “I heard you making weird noises… like a kitten, sort of.” Mickie mimics a cat, batting its paws as if trying to escape from a paper bag. “I wanted to make sure you were all right, so I came in.”

“I — I had too much to drink,” I stammered. “It got me all… tingly, so I came up here and…” I reach down, fumbling about to grasp the sheet, hastily covering my nude body.

“It’s okay, Mom,” she says soothingly. “There’s nothing wrong with making yourself feel good.” Mickie is in her usual sleepwear: one of her big brother’s old t-shirts, abandoned when he left for college, and skimpy panties. “Y’know something, though? Watching you getting yourself off like that was the hottest thing I’ve seen in ages.”

I was floored. “How long have you been in here?” She didn’t have to answer — her knowing smile said everything. “You — you were watching me while I m-masturbated? Why? Why on earth would you spy on me like that?”

“Because it was a beautiful sight,” she replies, her eyes never leaving mine. “You’re still an incredibly sexy woman, you know.” My daughter’s blonde hair is shimmering, and for an instant I glimpse the moonlight in her sapphire eyes.

She rises and moves to stand close beside the bed, her eyes still holding mine. “Mom? How long has it been since you got to be… intimate with someone?” I can feel the bed move as Mickie gently sits down next to me. She gently touches my cheek, tracing the line of my jaw with a fingertip.

“Too long,” I said quietly, feeling a sudden twinge of self-pity. “Not since your father left.”

Mickie nods, her eyes warm with compassion. The sweet, loving look she is giving me at that moment seems to touch my soul. Her hand rests lightly on my bare shoulder. “You know, Mom — you’ve had a rough time this last year, what with Dad gone. And touching yourself is all well and good… but I think you need something more.”

My pulse thrums like a frantic jazz tune as Mickie’s hand lowers to grasp the edge of the sheet that covers my nude body and slowly, slowly begins to pull it down.

I wonder for an instant if I should object, but it’s already too late — she draws the sheet away until I am naked before her, completely exposed.

Still seated on the edge of the bed beside me, Mickie leans in close, her lips whisper-soft against my own. She kisses me delicately, then draws back to give me an adoring smile. I stare at her, dazed, uncertain of what’s happening and desperate to understand.

“You need to be loved, Mom,” she breathes, “by someone who loves you… very much.”

She is gazing warmly into my eyes, giving me a view into her soul… and I am mesmerized by what I see there. Is my own daughter trying to…? No, it can’t be.

Then she bends to kiss me again — and this time, she trails her tongue across my lower lip. Her fingers graze my nipple, tease it to hardness. I am lost, caught up in a sudden surge of desire that has my head spinning. Without stopping to think, I respond.

As I suck Mickie’s tongue into my mouth, my hands take on a life of their own. I place my palm on the front of the thin Ramones t-shirt my daughter wears, hesitantly touching her breasts. Meanwhile, my other hand finds its way between my legs — and I’m masturbating all over again.

We are kissing with a passion that shocks me, yet at the same time it seems as if I’ve always wanted this from Mickie.

Suddenly she breaks away from me and stands, panting excitedly.

Still fingering myself, I watch in awe as she practically tears off her top and panties, then stands naked before me. My heart races as I take in the sight, the scent, the pure, holy femaleness of her.

“Oh, baby, you’re so lovely,” I whisper, abandoning both my morals and my common sense at a stroke. “I — I want you.”

Mickie licks her lips. “Well, then, Mom,” she purrs, “you can have me.”

I continue to masturbate as Mickie climbs up onto me, crawling over my body until she is straddling my face. I am staring up between the tender flesh of her inner thighs at the glistening pink treasure of her cunt, framed by spun-gold pubes.

My daughter’s sex draws me in like a beckoning finger, and I lift my head to touch the moist flesh between her thighs with my lips. Encouraged by her moan, I begin to lick, touching the globes of Mickie’s firm buttocks as I press my mouth into her sex. The relentless heat of fuck-lust is churning deep in the core of me as my child cries out somewhere far above.

My mind a turbulence of confusion, need, and love. My lips, my mouth nuzzling and sucking at the warm, wet flesh, seeking out the nubbin of her clit. Mickie arches her back and, grinding her pelvis against my face, pleads for release… and I give it to her.

Seconds later, my own climax kicks in and I cry out, the sound muffled by Mickie’s cunt.

Spent, we lay side by side on the damp sheets. Her head nestles on my shoulder, the tip of one of her fingers circling a still-tingling nipple. Mickie’s lips touch the side of my neck, caressing my skin as she speaks.

“Mom, have you ever made love to a woman?” She nibbles lightly at my earlobe.

“Oh, yes — back when I was in college.” Mickie is licking her way around the edge of my ear, and I laugh. “That tickles, honey. What about you? You can’t tell me that you’ve never done this before.”

“Oh, I love sex with girls,” Mickie coos. Suddenly she presses her bare body against mine. “The thing is… well, I’ve wanted to fuck you for a long time, Mom. Practically since I found out I was a lesbian.” She grins. “That’s why I snuck in here while you were fingering your pussy, y’know. I knew there’d never be a better opportunity to make my move.”

I give her a stern look. “By all rights, I ought to paddle your butt for spying on me, young lady… but I forgive you.” I tousle her hair playfully. “This time, at least.”

She trails her hand down from my breast, over the rise of my stomach, fingers curving into the hollow between my thighs. “Are you happy about what we just did, Mom?”

“I shouldn’t be… but yes, damn it, I am,” I moan, spreading my legs, unable to suppress a tiny gasp as her fingertip finds that special spot that so few males even understand.

Then her lips are at my ear, teasing me with hot whispers of passion in a little-girl voice. “Are you still hot, Mommy? Do you need to come again? I’ll bet you do. Would you like your baby girl to make it all better? Do you want me to fuck you? Do you, Mommy?”

My pelvis is moving against her hand and fingers, squirming lewdly to Mickie’s touch. God, I’ve just gotten off twice, and I’m already hungry for more!

“Yes,” I whisper, instinctively sensing that my daughter wants to hear me ask to be taken. “I loved licking your pussy, Mickie, and making you come. I need you to do me now. I — I want to be fucked by my baby girl…” My voice trails off into a low moan. “Please, honey.”

Mickie rolls over on top of me, her body sliding against mine, face transformed into a mask of lust — a mirror image of my own, I have no doubt. She claims my mouth in a brief but torrid kiss that leaves me panting, then moves downward, her tongue leaving a line of sweet fire against my skin. She pauses to suckle each of my nipples in turn, then slides down further to nuzzle my belly.

As my daughter positions herself between my legs, I hook them across her shoulders, then close my eyes as she presses her lips into me, kissing my cunt as if it were a lover’s mouth.

Her tongue begins to explore, plunging into my body. I’m surprised to hear someone scream; more surprised when I realize the sound is issuing from my own throat. My fingers tangle in the platinum-blonde tresses of my daughter’s hair as I pull her face deeper against me, encouraging, pleading for more, damn it, more!

Her tongue rolls deliciously around and around in my vagina. Mickie’s mouth is pressed to my slit, nose buried in the thick bush — a sight that sends my excitement soaring when I open my eyes for a glimpse.

I’ve certainly never had a thought of exploring incest with my daughter, not before tonight. Now the knowledge that she and I are making love fills me with a wild joy that is positively intoxicating. I want to explore every kind of fucking with her, to indulge in all the sexy games that lesbians play.

Her tongue glides down until she is licking at my asshole, making me cry out loud. No lover has ever done that to me, and it feels divine. While she rims me, Mickie places two fingers at the entrance to my vagina and drives them in as deep as they can go with a single quick thrust… and my body seizes up as I come like never before.

Mickie fucks me hard and fast, her loving mouth and thrusting fingers taking me through wave after wave of the purest rapture. My body bucks helplessly, hands clenched into white-knuckled fists.

As these heavenly sensations slowly ebb, my daughter’s touch grows gentler — her fingers lightly stroking my sex, adorning the wet flesh with tender kisses. Finally I sigh contentedly, melting into the bed’s embrace.

My eyes open sleepily to meet those of my daughter as she raises her face from my cunt, and her glistening lips form the words “I love you, Mom.”

I reach for Mickie’s hand and draw her to me, my mouth seeking hers. We kiss sweetly, lovingly. I don’t feel an iota of guilt or shame, just a childlike delight at the precious gift my girl has given me.

The End


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  1. Amanda Lynn says:

    I think I may need to go take another shower. Incredibly hot and loving little story JB.

  2. kacey says:

    Hot, JB, Very, very hot!!! 😀 On a side issue, how’s your take on “My niece Janelle” progressing? Much appreciated 🙂

    • JetBoy says:

      I must admit — with a blush tinting my cheeks — that I have yet to begin work on “My Niece Janelle.” You see, my first get-the-story-completed-at-long-last project is “Susie’s Diary,” currently in (gradual) progress. In addition, I’m doing editing work on several other serial stories by guest authors, as well as digging up goodies for the archive from the Leslita and Sisters in Love sites.

      Nonetheless, “My Niece Janelle” is very much on the JetBoy radar. Your patience is humbly solicited.

  3. Myka says:

    Lovely story 🙂

  4. Yeah, I really like this one. When JetBoy showed it to Cheryl and me, he called it “a brief trifle,” but it’s much more than that — it’s a full meal of delicious sexy hotness!!

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