Island of Joys, Chapter 6

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By Cheryl Taggert

Two more weeks went by, and life settled down to a routine of sorts. They would work in the morning, rest through the heat of the middle of the day, then do final chores in the late afternoon as the sun was setting. They were nearly finished building a hut from palm trees and other brush that had fallen over in a storm prior to their arrival — possibly the one they survived — and soon they would move into it.

Sharon was especially pleased with the way the hut was coming. The reason was she had begun to worry about something else entirely. She had spent some time with a man in San Francisco before she’d noticed her ex-husband and left for Australia. She had let him get her in bed. That had been nearly two months ago, and now she was late. She’d skipped a few periods in her life — they’d always been fairly irregular — but she’d never missed two of them in a row, and now she was overdue for the second one. That meant she’d last had a period over two months ago.

Not only that, but she was also waking in the morning and feeling queasy. She wondered what they would do if she were, in fact, pregnant. Nobody there had ever received any medical training, especially as it related to childbirth. She knew many women and babies died during delivery, and this preyed on her mind, troubling her to the extent that it was interfering with her sleep.

Beverly noticed Sharon was more tired than usual and approached her to find out what the problem was. She came to her during what they thought of as their siesta time during mid-day and asked her to take a walk with her.

Once they were out of earshot of the girls, who had already started kissing as a prelude to another bout of sex, Beverly said to Sharon, “Is something wrong? I’ve noticed you aren’t yourself lately and was wondering if there was anything I could do.”

Sharon heaved a deep sigh. She had known that eventually she would either start her period or have to talk to Beverly about this. And since her period was still absent….

“I’m late,” she said.

“Late?” Beverly asked, not understanding at first.

“My mensus,” was all Sharon could say. She felt she would burst into frightened tears at any second.

It suddenly occurred to Beverly she had endured two periods since their arrival, yet she hadn’t really noticed whether or not Sharon had gone through one. She was ashamed she hadn’t noticed.

“Do you think you’re ill?” Beverly asked, not even entertaining the idea that Sharon could be with child. After all, Sharon had not seen her ex-husband in a long time.

“No, not ill — at least not in that way.”

“Sharon, there’s no way you could be with child. You haven’t seen your ex-husband in a long time, and you even told me you would masturbate to avoid having sexual thoughts about him to avoid it.”

Sharon became cross with Beverly, her anger more the manifestation of her situation and worry than it was actually from being upset with her lover. “He’s not the only man in the world, Beverly!”

Only then did it occur to Beverly that of course, Sharon could have had sex with another  man. She herself had not even considered it after her husband’s death, so she had naturally thought that Sharon had been completely celibate after she’d left the monster she’d been married to, using only her hands for pleasure.

“Oh, Sharon, of course. I’m sorry. It just never occurred to me…. I mean, I never considered you might, well, have sex with someone else, but of course you would. You’re a healthy woman with natural desires, and you hadn’t, well, been forced into having sex with another woman yet. Oh, my, I’m so sorry.”

Sharon looked at Beverly and pulled her into a hug. “First, I’m sorry I became angry. It’s just that I’ve worried so much about this. And never think I’m being ‘forced’ into sex with a woman. I’m now wondering what I ever saw in a man, sexually. Our life is wonderful together, and I wouldn’t have it any other way — well, except for not being stranded on this island. And in addition to being late, I’ve been very queasy the past week when I woke.” She paused to look around the underbrush of the island, which was as wild as the sea itself. “I’m not sure what I’m going to do if I’m expecting. The baby would be born here in all likelihood. And there are no doctors, no hospital. We’d be on our own with this.”

“We’ve survived this far, haven’t we?” Beverly asked, hoping to cheer Sharon up and pulling her into another hug.

“But this is more than just a tummy ache. This is giving birth. To a real, live baby.”

“What became of that woman who is such a survivalist?” Beverly asked.

“She never had to survive childbirth without the benefits of a doctor, or at least a trained mid-wife.”

“Women have been having babies for centuries without either of them. We’ll manage just fine.”

“What if it’s breached? We don’t know what to do about that!” Sharon said. “Susan was a breached baby. It was such a difficult delivery.”

“You’re getting all worked up over nothing. You’ll probably start your period tomorrow, and this will all be worrying for no reason.”

“No, I know I’m pregnant. I just know it. I’m never late the second month after skipping a period, and I had this same nausea when I was first expecting Susan.”

“If you are, we’ll get you through this, and a year from now we’ll wonder what all the fuss was about.”

They returned to what they now considered home and found Karen and Susan locked in a sixty-nine. The women were not in the mood, but they enjoyed watching their daughters engaging in sex in what had become a daily event. After the girls climaxed, they lay back and caught their breath and cooled down.

The following week Sharon had started throwing up in the mornings. She had still not started her period, and she had begun to accept that she would be giving birth in another seven months or so. She wasn’t sure if she wanted a boy or girl, and the gender wasn’t that important anyway. She just wanted him or her to be healthy. Still, she could see an advantage to either sex. First, if it were a girl, then the girl-girl sex would just naturally continue when the baby was old enough to take part in the fun. Then again, if it were a boy, he could get Karen pregnant one day to continue the lineage of the two families. And because either gender would have its advantages, she decided not to worry about it at all. Like the pregnancy itself, it would work itself out.

But she did worry. Not about the gender but about the delivery. Beverly had said it would be fine, but what if something bad happened? Something bad was always happening to women in childbirth. They were in a modern age. The Industrial Revolution had brought along so many advantages to their lives in the mid-1800’s, and they had enjoyed those advantages in the world of San Francisco. But here on this island, life was different. They had only themselves to depend upon.

She was making herself sicker from the constant worry. Dark circles were starting to show beneath her eyes. Beverly noticed this and resolved to do something about it. Sharon, in her fatigue caused by the pregnancy, slept more than the others. When Susan asked Beverly what was wrong with her mom during one of Sharon’s naps, the woman decided it was time to tell the girls and see if they could do something to alleviate Sharon’s sense of doom, if not eradicate it entirely.

Beverly looked into the worried face of Susan and said, “Well, I suppose it’s time you both knew.”

“Knew what?” Susan asked, starting to cry as every possible thing that she’d worried might be wrong with her mother burst into reality in her mind.

“Come over here so we don’t wake her,” Beverly said, herding the girls into the underbrush a short distance from the unfinished hut.

“What is it, Mommy?” Karen asked, tears sprouting from her own beautiful eyes. “Is Sharon dying?”

“No, of course not!” Beverly answered, hoping she was right. Despite her assurances to Sharon, she was aware of what could happen during childbirth. Her own aunt had died giving birth to her second child. “She’s, well, she’s with child.”

Karen was instantly excited. “She’s going to have a baby!?” Her wet eyes now shown with glee in the glare of the sun.

Susan was much less enthused. Being older, she understood her mother’s predicament better than Karen did. “But… she could… die, couldn’t she?” she asked, a permanent sort of panic starting to set in.

“She’s not going to die,” Beverly said, doing her best to soothe the girl’s fears. “Women have babies all the time. After all, every person you’ve ever seen went through childbirth, and some mothers have a dozen babies or more during their lives.”

“But that’s with doctors. We don’t have doctors,” Susan said.

“No, we don’t, but I’ve helped with a birth before,” Beverly lied. She had no idea how to go about helping a woman give birth, but since she’d done it herself and had been conscious throughout, she felt she at least knew something about it. All the woman knew was that if she was going to cheer Sharon up, she had to have the girls’ confidence that all would turn out splendidly for them all, especially Sharon. A small lie was necessary as far as Beverly could tell.

“You have?” Susan asked, obviously cheered somewhat by this news.

“Yes, I have,” Beverly answered. Then to at least add a small part of truth to her lie, she said, “And after all, I’ve been through one birth myself, bringing this one into the world.” She gestured to Karen and smiled a smile she wasn’t feeling but hoped looked as though she were. Karen smiled in return, her excitement returning.

“You’re sure she’ll be okay?” Susan asked.

“Positive! And after all, she brought you into this world too, so she’s no novice either.”

“What’s a novice?” Karen asked.

“Someone who’s never done something before.”

“Oh,” she said. Then looking at Susan, she giggled and said, “You came out of her pussy!”

“Well, you came out of your mom’s pussy, too, you know!” Susan said, smiling.

Beverly relaxed a bit, feeling that hurdle was over now.

“Yes, you both came out of pussies, and so did Sharon and I. So, because it happens so frequently, we shouldn’t worry about it unless something happens that makes us worry. Until then, we’re going to be happy about this new baby brother or sister.”

Susan was suddenly shocked at this idea. “Brother? But I don’t want a brother! He’ll be walking around all day with his thingy hanging out!”

Karen’s eyes widened at this as well. “Yes, Mommy. We don’t want a brother! I don’t wanna have to look at his thingy every day!”

Beverly decided she would have to be truthful about this. She would have to get the girls to at least accept the idea of a brother should the baby be a boy. Otherwise, they would never accept him once he was born.

“Well, we have no control over that. And I will tell you right now that, boy or girl, we will love this baby completely. That’s nature’s way. You’ll be very surprised how much you will love the baby, no matter which sex it is.”

“Well, I want her to decide to be a girl!” Karen said.

“It’s not the baby’s decision or ours,” said Beverly. “It’s nature’s decision, and nature always knows what’s best. So whatever sex the baby is, we will know it was the best choice for that baby — and for us.”

“Okay,” said Karen, though her voice was dripping with reluctance.

Beverly looked at the girls, making sure she had their attention. “Now, girls, we have a job to do.”

“What job?” Karen asked.

“We need to make sure Sharon’s life is simpler from now on until she has the baby. We can’t worry her, because all mother’s worry about their babies. It’s another thing that is part of nature. We never stop worrying about them, in fact.”

“You mean you still worry about me?” Karen asked.

“Yes, my love, I do. And Sharon worries about Susan, and she especially worries about the new baby. As I said, it’s nature’s way.”

“So how do we help?” asked Susan, getting more involved with the imminent birth.

“We must work to cheer your mother up,” Beverly said.

“Well,” she said, pausing to build some suspense. “I was thinking about a… wedding!

“A wedding?” Karen asked. “But there’s no daddy for a wedding!”

“That’s what’s special about this one. This wedding will be uniting two women instead,” Beverly said.

“Can two women get married?” Susan asked.

“They can here,” Beverly said. “This is our island, and we can make whatever rules we want, right? I mean, we already allow everyone to go naked and have sex whenever they want as long as the chores are done, don’t we?” The girls nodded, enthusiasm growing in their faces. “That never happened in San Francisco, did it?” Beverly continued.

“No,” the girls said in unison.

“So since this is our own private island nation, we can make the laws. And our law says two women can get married.”

“Will it be you and my mom getting married?” Susan asked.

“Yes, it will.”

“Does she know?” said Karen.

“Not yet, but I think she’ll like the idea,” Beverly said, hoping she was right.

Susan smiled, a twinkle in her eyes. “Will you have a wedding night?” she asked, her meaning obvious.

“Certainly!” Beverly said, her own enthusiasm growing.

“And we can watch?” Karen asked, excited.

“You can do even more than that! You can join in!” Beverly said, and the girls were jumping up and down in complete joy.

Susan looked into Beverly eyes. “Is it okay if we practice for it now?”

“Sure,” Beverly said. “As long as you don’t wake your mom from her nap. Women in her condition need more sleep than the rest of us.”

At that, Susan jumped at Beverly and wrapped her arms around the woman’s waist. She kissed the soft flesh of Beverly’s tummy above her mound.

“So lie down!” the girl said, pushing on the woman to get her to lie on the small spot of sand so she could begin doing whatever she wanted to her.

When Beverly had lain on the soft bed of sand, Susan moved between her thighs, crawling up to where she could make love to the woman’s pussy.

Karen, meanwhile, had straddled her mother’s head and knelt there, wanting her mother to lick her bald pussy. The child was facing her mother’s pussy so she could watch Susan as the girl began touching and licking her mom’s pussy.

Beverly felt Susan’s mouth approaching her sensitive flesh. Her clit seemed to be straining for the contact as the child’s mouth came nearer. Susan’s breath was teasing the woman’s genitals, causing Beverly’s mound to anticipate the luscious bath Susan’s tongue would give it.

Meanwhile, Karen lowered her own bald mound to her mother’s mouth. As Beverly’s lips and tongue met the child’s clit, the girl hissed a moan of pleasure.

Beverly could see her daughter’s rosebud was clean as well and made sure her tongue traveled up to the tiny opening to bathe the tender spot. Karen made an ‘uhh’ sound as her mother moved her mouth to the girl’s butthole.

Through her own explorations, as well as Susan’s help, Karen had discovered how sensitive that spot could be. She recalled the first time Susan had touched her there with a wet finger to caress her friend’s private spot. She had been quite surprised at how nice the feeling was. Now, she especially enjoyed when her mom, Susan, or Sharon used their tongue there. It made her orgasms that much more intense.

Meanwhile, Susan used her fingers to spread Beverly’s mature outer cunt lips. Looking into the woman’s pussy, she could see the juices that thickly coated the delicate interior wings. A pool of Beverly’s honey sat at the entrance to her vagina, ready to be smeared throughout the woman’s mound or drip down to her butthole to coat it with nectar.

Susan decided there was a third choice. Leaning closer, she dipped her tongue into the tiny pool of milky wetness and scooped it into her mouth, which was watering for a taste of Beverly’s fluids. She allowed the creamy juices to coat the inside of her mouth then used her tongue like a fleshy spoon again to bring more of nature’s lubricant into her mouth. She swallowed the cream as though she were a starving kitten.

Then placing her mouth on Beverly’s slit, she began massaging the woman’s labia and clit with her tongue, doing her best to give her friend’s mother a magnificent orgasm.

Susan’s attentions made Beverly all the more determined to bring her daughter to climax. She redoubled her efforts, moving her tongue like a tiny switch, batting at her daughter’s clit and making the child whimper with the need to come. Karen’s mother moved her tongue back and forth on the small nubbin of hypersensitive flesh before bathing the child’s rosebud for a few seconds, whereupon she would return to little girl’s clit to start her manipulations once again.

Suddenly, a voice sounded from nearby.

“Well, what have we here?” Sharon had awakened to find no sign of Beverly and the girls, so she had come in search of them. She hadn’t needed to walk far to find the three in the middle of making love.

Beverly turned her gaze in the direction of the voice, but all she could see was her daughter’s cute little butt wiggling on her face. “Hi, Sharon,” she heard her daughter say, nearly breathless with the intensity of the approaching orgasm. “Mom’s licking… my pussy and… and my butt.” The girl hissed once again as the intense pleasure sliced through her once more.

“Is there a place I can join in?” Sharon asked, feeling more sexually aroused than she’s felt in weeks.

Susan stopped drinking from Beverly’s pussy long enough to say, “Lie down where Karen can lick you and I’ll move to where you can lick me while I lick Beverly.”

Looking over the sexy pile, Sharon decided the best thing would be to lie alongside Beverly’s legs where she could get to her daughter’s pussy, allowing Karen to lean over and lick her. Soon, each of them was licking someone while being licked as they formed a rather oddly shaped chain of sexual enjoyment.

Karen began to come first. The others heard  the child’s staccato moans rising in volume and intensity. She began to grunt out the orgasm that now had taken over her entire body. Beverly came next, her own moans joining the symphony of pleasure begun by her daughter. Soon after Beverly’s climax had crested, Susan started her own orgasm.

The only one who had not enjoyed a come yet was Sharon. The two girls and Beverly moved her so that she was lying on her back. The girls started with sucking and kissing Sharon’s breasts, and Beverly began licking the pregnant woman’s pussy. Then Susan was tapping Beverly on the shoulder, indicating it was her turn to lick her mom. Beverly moved to the tit that Susan had been suckling and continued giving her lover pleasure there.

Soon, Karen moved to Sharon’s pussy and tapped Susan, indicating it was now the youngest girl’s turn to lick Sharon’s soaked pussy. They continued this round-robin method of making love to Sharon until she climaxed intensely. Beverly was the one engaged at Sharon’s pussy when she came. The orgasm rippled throughout Sharon’s body.

Afterwards, they lay beside each other, each mother cuddling her daughter as they all basked in the afterglow of their peaks.

“We know, Mommy,” Susan said.

Sharon looked into her daughter’s eyes. “You’re okay with that?” she asked. “You don’t mind a younger brother or sister?”

“Well, I prefer a younger sister, but I guess if it has to be a brother, that’s okay too,” Susan said.

“There’s not much we can do about the gender of the baby,” Sharon said.

“Not much?” Beverly asked. “How about not anything?”

They all laughed at that.

“If it’s a girl, can we teach her about her pussy?” Karen asked.

“Of course,” Sharon said, “but we should wait until the baby has a chance to understand what we do is up to him or her first. The baby should be at least four before that can happen.”

“Oh, okay,” Karen said, obviously disappointed they would have to wait that long. “But I hope it’s a girl so we have another pussy to lick.”

“Me, too!” Susan said.

The women began kissing their daughters, passion building once again.

Soon they were making love again. This time they paired in a mother-daughter orgy. It wasn’t until hunger took them that they stopped, but by then they were all satisfied. And everyone, including Sharon, slept well that night. In fact, it was the first time Sharon didn’t worry about being pregnant. In fact, she found she was starting to like the idea of another child in their little family.

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