The Family Kiss, Part One

  • Posted on March 5, 2017 at 1:05 pm

By Naughty Mommy

NOTE: This story was originally posted at Lesbian Lolita in November 2012.

This is a story about Chelsea, a very cute little girl who looked a lot like… well, she looked a lot like you, sweetheart. As pretty as a tiny angel sent down from heaven.

Anyway, when Chelsea was still very young, much younger than you are now, she learned a lot of things about her little body from her Mommy. She learned about the difference between her ‘PP’ — which was used to go to the toilet — and her ‘JJ’ — which could be used to make a baby when she got older, and also could be used to make herself feel very good right away, any time she wanted.

Chelsea would always remember the special time when she was only six years old and her Mommy began to teach her about these things. She still could see her beautiful young mother, sitting naked in the bed with her. Mommy opened both her own ‘pussy lips’ and Chelsea’s pussy lips, carefully pointing out the PP and the JJ and the ‘kitty’ too (Mommy said it was actually called the ‘clit’ but that she liked the word ‘kitty’ better).

She remembered how her Mommy told her that whenever she wanted to feel extra good, she could pet that kitty part with her fingers. Then she showed Chelsea how it was done. Her mother petted herself down there for a while as the little girl watched, and it seemed to make Mommy feel very excited and very happy. It looked like a fun thing to do.

Her Mommy said Chelsea should try it for herself, and that she could practice doing it at home any time she wanted, but not ever at school and never when anyone outside the family was around, just by herself or with her Mommy or her Nanna. Chelsea started practicing a lot.

Would you like me to tell you more about Chelsea? Okay, I will.

~  ~  ~

Chelsea and her mother lived by themselves in a two-bedroom apartment. Her mother had never been married, and Chelsea didn’t know who her father was. Mommy said that wasn’t important, because men only mattered for one thing — to give a woman a baby girl — and except for that, there was no use in having them around. Chelsea’s Nanna, her Mommy’s mommy, always said the same thing.

When you were ready to have a baby, the women told Chelsea, at perhaps thirteen or fourteen years old, you would pick out a man — a smart and handsome young man, to be sure, and it was best if you could find one who was sort of small and thin like a woman — and then you would be nice enough to him so that he would have sex with you a few times, enough times anyway to make you pregnant. After that, you were through with him.

For many generations, each of the women in their family had given birth to only one child, always a girl, because the family knew of special medicines you could take that would make certain of that. And because the older women would emphasize to the little ones the kind of young men they should try to seduce when they were old enough, the girls were all exceptionally slender, petite, intelligent, and very pretty, just like you are.

Chelsea and her mother were very happy together, always hugging and kissing, playing games, singing songs. Her mother was blonde and blue-eyed, the same as Chelsea, and she was still young and beautiful, only fifteen years older than her daughter. Her mother, Chelsea’s Nanna, had been just fourteen when she gave birth. That was part of the tradition.

~  ~  ~

There was something else very important that the little girl was taught by her Nanna, her Mommy’s mommy: the Family Kiss. This took place not long after Chelsea turned eight years old. It was around this same time that Nanna began visiting them more often, once a week or so instead of only once a month. And when she came for a visit, she always stayed overnight.

The Family Kiss, Nanna told the child, was private and secret. It was something very special that could be shared only between beautiful little girls and their Nannas, and no one outside the family must ever know anything about it.

When you did the Family Kiss, it was not just your lips that were touching, but other parts of your bodies too. Your tongues would touch, and your nipples would touch, and your JJ’s would touch. Nanna said that was the most important part, that your JJ’s had to be touching.

When they did it, Nanna would get in bed with Chelsea, both of them completely naked. Chelsea would spread her legs apart, and Nanna would lay on top of the girl. First she would make sure that her long, hard nipples were pressing against Chelsea’s little nipples, and then she would put her hand down between their bodies. She would touch Chelsea’s JJ (that always felt really nice!), and then Nanna would use her fingers to open her own JJ, and put it right on top of Chelsea’s, and then, once everything else was in place, they would kiss with their mouths, first with their lips, and then with their tongues. Usually they kissed that way for a long time, because Nanna said you had to make sure.

If it didn’t work exactly right the first time, if something wasn’t in the perfect position, they would have to do it again and again, until all the parts were touching at the same time. The Family Kiss was very special and very important, and it had to be done right — and it was also very private and secret.

~  ~  ~

Chelsea loved doing the Family Kiss with Nanna. It always excited her when Nanna would come into her bedroom at night, close the door, turn the light down low, and then slowly take off her nightgown while Chelsea watched. She loved it when she could see Nanna’s titties — they were bigger than her Mommy’s — and Nanna’s beautiful JJ, which was soft and smooth just like Chelsea’s and just like Mommy’s. Nanna’s skin was golden brown all over, because she said she always went naked in the tanning booth, and Chelsea loved looking at her Nanna’s nude body.

Chelsea also loved the way her Nanna smelled so nice. As soon as she came into the room, the little girl happily inhaled the woman’s sweet perfume, and when they were naked in bed together, with Nanna’s body on top of Chelsea’s, and they were getting ready for the last part of the kiss, the part with their lips and tongues, Chelsea would always take a very deep breath so she could get as much of Nanna’s wonderful smell into her as possible.

After Nanna kissed her goodnight and left Chelsea’s bedroom, when they were finished doing the Family Kiss, Chelsea would feel warm and happy all over. She loved how Nanna’s smell would still be strong in the room, even on her own skin. She would run her hands over her young body and then smile as she smelled her fingers.

She loved how it felt when she rubbed her own nipples, right where Nanna’s big nipples had been pressing against her. It felt so nice, and sometimes the little girl’s nipples would start getting hard too. That was amazing when it happened. It made Chelsea want to pet her kitty.

Chelsea would put her hand down between her legs then, touching her JJ just where Nanna’s JJ had been, and almost always she would feel something wet and sticky down there. When she smelled it, it smelled different from Nanna’s perfume, but it smelled really nice too. And it tasted wonderful. She licked her fingers, then closed her eyes and petted her kitty and thought about doing the Family Kiss with her Nanna. It made her feel so good inside.

~  ~  ~

One night, when Chelsea was nine years old and they were getting ready to try the Family Kiss for the third time that evening (because the first two times not everything had been in the exact right place), Chelsea said, “Nanna?”

“Yes, my darling?” Chelsea could see that her Nanna’s eyes were half closed, as if she was very sleepy. But she was also smiling and looked happy.

“When Mommy was little, like me, did you do the Family Kiss with her?”

“No, baby girl, not when she was young like you, because this is something special just for little girls and their Nannas, remember?”

“Oh, yeah, that’s right” Chelsea said. “But then, did Mommy have a Nanna who did the Family Kiss with her?”

Nanna smiled at her. “Oh, yes, baby. Yes, she did.”

And, as Nanna said this, she pressed her JJ against Chelsea’s JJ harder than she ever had before. She kept pressing her JJ in against Chelsea’s, kind of moving it up and down a little bit, and she was kissing her mouth, and their lips were so wet, and they were both breathing hard, and for some reason Nanna didn’t even seem to care that their nipples weren’t matched up perfectly — and then suddenly Nanna got really stiff and she made a squealing sound and she took her mouth away from Chelsea’s and cried out “Oh God!” as she looked up in the air and her whole body kind of shook all over a couple of times…… and then she was quiet.

~  ~  ~

After that, whenever Nanna came into Chelsea’s room at night to do the Family Kiss with her, it would always end with Nanna getting really excited and moving very fast on top of the girl until that same thing happened, that thing where Nanna groaned out loud and her body started shaking and she pressed her JJ so hard against Chelsea’s that it almost hurt but also felt really good at the same time. The girl never wanted her Nanna to stop right then. She wanted Nanna to keep going, because it seemed as if Chelsea was getting close to having something special happen to her too.

But every time after Nanna had that thing happen, she would rest for a minute, then she would give Chelsea a big kiss and tell her thank you (for what, the child wasn’t sure), before saying goodnight, picking up her gown from the floor, and going back to Mommy’s bedroom, where Nanna and Mommy slept together when Nanna visited.

The only good thing was that after Nanna was gone, Chelsea could reach down to her JJ and find so much of the wet sticky stuff that Nanna left behind. It tasted wonderful, and it felt really nice when she would rub that stuff all around her own JJ, petting her little kitty while thinking about how much she loved her Nanna and the Family Kiss.

~  ~  ~

When Chelsea was almost ten years old, her titties started to grow. This made her Nanna very excited. She loved looking at the girl’s little titties, touching them, playing with them, even kissing them.

One night, as they were getting ready to do the Family Kiss, Nanna asked her if she wanted to try playing the Lollipop Game.

“What’s the Lollipop Game?”

“Well,” Nanna explained, “you know when you have a nice round lollipop, really tasty and sweet, and first you lick it for a while until it’s all wet and juicy and slippery? And then maybe you put the whole thing in your mouth and suck on it? You know how fun that is?”

“I guess,” said the girl.

“So, when you play the Lollipop Game, you pretend that you have a nice sweet lollipop to lick, except instead of a lollipop, we’ll use something else.”

“Like what?”

“Want me to show you?”


They were sitting in Chelsea’s bed, and both she and her Nanna were already naked. Nanna gave her a big smile, and then a nice warm kiss on the lips. She seemed extra happy that night.

“Now, let’s see,” Nanna began, “what part of my sweet little Chelsea could I try using as a lollipop? Could I use her ears? No, that wouldn’t work so well… maybe her nose? Um, no, bad idea…”

The little girl giggled.

“How about using Chelsea’s elbow — would that make a good lollipop? No, of course it wouldn’t… oh, wait, I know!”

She was looking right at the child’s chest, at her tiny tits. “I’ll bet I could use her cute little nipples. Yes, of course, they would make lovely lollipops for me!”

Chelsea laughed, but she felt her nipples growing hard as her Nanna stared at them. Then Nanna leaned over, bringing her face close to one of Chelsea’s titties.

“Just look at that beautiful lollipop. I’ll bet it must taste very sweet and delicious. Maybe I should try licking it.”

Chelsea could not believe how incredibly good it felt when her Nanna’s warm tongue started licking her nipple. And Nanna really did pretend it was a lollipop too. First she licked it for a long time, licking all around, doing it hard and soft, fast and slow, licking the sides and then right over the tip.

All this gave Chelsea amazing new feelings she had never felt before. Her JJ started to get hot inside and kind of tingly, like it was electric or something. It made her want to reach down and touch her kitty, but she didn’t want to mess up the game, so she told herself to wait and see what would happen next.

It was awfully hard to sit still, though. She tried to — but when Nanna switched over to the other nipple and began licking it the same way, Chelsea heard herself groan and then her thighs suddenly pressed together, all on their own, and when she squeezed her muscles down there, it made her feel sort of dizzy and jumpy.

“Ahh,” Nanna said, “my little girl likes playing the Lollipop Game, doesn’t she?”

The child was trembling with excitement. “Y-yes, I… it, it’s fun…”

Now Nanna was eagerly licking the second nipple while using her fingers to gently fondle the first one.

Chelsea kept squeezing her thighs together. She didn’t really know what it meant or exactly what was happening, but it felt so good that she couldn’t stop.

“Okay, these lollipops are nice and wet,” said Nanna. “And they taste so sweet and delicious, I think I’m going to have to suck on them now.”

Nanna put her strong hands on Chelsea’s waist, pulling the child closer to her, and Chelsea followed Nanna’s lead. Soon she was straddling the woman’s bare thigh, and Nanna had her arms wrapped around the little girl and Chelsea put her arms around Nanna’s back and Nanna was pulling her in very very close, so close it was like they were doing the Family Kiss only they were sitting up on the bed and Nanna had her mouth over Chelsea’s nipple now and she was sucking on it, she was sucking on it, and oh that felt so nice and Chelsea’s JJ was on top of Nanna’s leg and when she moved it back and forth on Nanna’s leg it felt really warm and good and she kept rubbing it on Nanna’s leg so good and now Nanna’s sucking the other nipple sucking it hard and it feels so nice and oh what is that there’s something slippery and warm on Nanna’s leg making my JJ slide so easy and so fast and faster even faster don’t stop and do it harder faster on Nanna’s leg it’s so hot and slippery suck my nipple Nanna harder harder faster Nanna I can’t stop I’m—

Something BIG happened to Chelsea then.

She was moving her JJ back and forth on Nanna’s leg when this new thing, this strange electric buzzy feeling that kept on growing inside her exploded without warning. It was so strong it made Chelsea feel like she could die from it but it also felt so wonderful and so perfect… for a few seconds it even seemed like she totally disappeared, or maybe the whole world disappeared, everything except for her JJ and her Nanna’s leg where it was so hot and slippery. That was all that mattered.

It was the little girl’s first orgasm.

Chelsea’s Nanna held her tightly as the child climaxed on her leg. She continued sucking her granddaughter’s nipple, wanting to prolong the little girl’s pleasure as long as possible.

When Chelsea finally started to come down from her peak of ecstasy, still trembling all over, Nanna reluctantly released the girl’s nipple from her mouth and hugged little Chelsea close, kissing her neck, tasting her salty sweat, running her hands up and down over the child’s thrilling, delectable, feverishly hot young body.

“My darling girl, my darling baby girl,” Nanna whispered as she kissed and caressed the child.

It was difficult for Chelsea to get her shaking under control, or even to draw a steady breath for minute or two, but eventually, as she gradually grew calmer, she was able to ask, “Oh, Nanna, what — what was that? What happened?”

Taking the little girl’s face in her hands, looking deeply into her beautiful light blue eyes, the older woman said, “You had an orgasm, my love.”

“A what?”

Nanna smiled at her. “It was an orgasm. A sexual climax. You came.”

“I did?”

“You certainly did, little one. Did you enjoy it?”

“Oh, yes, very much!” Chelsea exclaimed. “But — but it was so huge, so strong, I mean, it was kind of scary for me too. I didn’t know what was happening. Will it always be like that?”

“Sometimes it might be. But at least now you will know what to expect. I’m sure it will always be wonderful and exciting for you each time, but probably not so scary.”

“Good. I didn’t know what to think. I mean, in a way, I couldn’t think. You know?”

“Yes, honey, I know what you mean,” said Nanna. “That’s what it’s like for me too, when I come on top of you while we’re doing the Family Kiss. For just a moment everything else goes away — it all disappears, everything except my body and yours, and my orgasm.”

“That’s right, everything just went away and it was like I disappeared or something. I didn’t know what it meant, and it was, I mean, I was scared, but — but gosh, Nanna, now I want to do it again!”

They laughed together and hugged.

~  ~  ~

For the next several weeks, it seemed like Nanna was visiting with Chelsea and her Mommy all the time. Nanna started sleeping over with them more than she stayed at her own house. This made Chelsea happy, because now she and Nanna were doing the Family Kiss a lot more often, instead of just once a week or so.

The girl also discovered that when she petted her kitty, if she did it long enough and in just the right way, she could bring herself the same fantastic feeling that she’d had while rubbing herself on Nanna’s leg. And sometimes, after she had an ‘orgasm’, Chelsea found some of that wet sticky stuff coming out of her own JJ. That was awesome! It tasted really good, and if she spread it around on her kitty and then petted her kitty some more with it, she could give herself another orgasm, and another, and another.

The ten-year-old spent many happy hours doing that, not only at night in her bed, but also in the morning as soon as she woke up, and in the afternoon right after getting home from school, and — well, just about any time she felt like it. When Chelsea was little, her Mommy had told her she could touch herself that way as much as she wanted, and so she did.

Chelsea’s Mommy often liked to watch her daughter while she petted her kitty, either coming into her bedroom at night, or just stopping her housework to look at Chelsea while the pretty child sat naked on the living room sofa and played with herself.

Chelsea liked it when her Mommy watched her. She noticed that her Mommy usually put her own hand down inside her pants then too, and the girl knew she was petting her own kitty.

~  ~  ~

Almost every time now, when Nanna would come in at night to do the Family Kiss with Chelsea or to play the Lollipop Game with her, Chelsea was able to have an orgasm with her Nanna, and sometimes they would have orgasms together at the exact same moment. That was so amazing when it happened.

The child loved her Nanna so much, loved holding her and touching her and kissing her. Now when they did the Family Kiss, when Nanna carefully placed her JJ over Chelsea’s JJ and her large nipples against the girl’s younger ones, it made Chelsea more excited than ever before. Because she knew that as soon as they started kissing, her Nanna would begin moving on top of her, sliding their JJ’s together, making Chelsea get all hot and tingly inside, and in a few minutes they would both have an orgasm.

And there was another thing that made the little girl happy. When they would play the Lollipop Game, Chelsea was now doing some of the licking and sucking too. She got to pretend her Nanna’s nipples were big lollipops, sweet treats for her to enjoy for as long as she wanted. Chelsea just doing loved that.

~  ~  ~

One night, about three months after the time when Chelsea had her very first orgasm, Nanna had a big announcement for her. They were in Chelsea’s bed, Nanna’s warm body laying on top of the girl’s. They had just finished doing the Family Kiss again, and they were both hot and sweaty, the small bedroom filled with the aroma of Nanna’s perfume and their combined pussy juices.

“You know what, baby girl?” Nanna murmured as she kissed and licked the child’s neck.


Nanna pushed herself up so she could look into her granddaughter’s blue eyes. “I think you’re ready, honey. I think it’s time for us to bring your Mommy in too, to let her join us in doing the Family Kiss.”

“My Mommy? Really? Oh good!!”

~  ~  ~

The longstanding tradition in this unusual family was that it was the privilege of each succeeding grandmother to initiate the current budding young girl into the pleasures of lesbian incest. Because every generation had only a single child — always a female, of course — this momentous time would come around just once in about every fifteen years.

For as long as anyone could remember, their unique method had been to start by teaching the young one how to do the Family Kiss. This usually took place when the child was around eight years old, but it was up to the grandmother to determine when she thought the girl was ripe enough and ready to learn.

If the process went according to plan, as it nearly always did, and the little girl acquired the ability to experience orgasms often and repeatedly, then it would be time to move to the next level. Sometimes this point could be reached within only a few months, but normally it was longer, taking at least a year and often two or three years.

With Chelsea, it had been a little more than two years. That was well within the range of average, although Chelsea’s mother occasionally wondered if her own mother had been stretching things out a bit, wanting to extend her period of individual erotic delights with the girl. That was normal too, and perfectly understandable, but Chelsea’s mother longed for the next step to be reached.

~  ~  ~

“With my Mommy? Really? I get to do the Family Kiss with her? Can we play the Lollipop Game too?”

“Yes, darling,” her Nanna laughed, “you can do those things with her. But that’s only the beginning. There are many new things your Mommy and I are going to teach you as well.”

That evening, instead of going back to her Mommy’s bedroom when they were finished, Nanna stayed with Chelsea the whole night through, sleeping in her little bed with her. She had never done that before.

Several times that night, Chelsea awoke in the dark, feeling Nanna’s warm skin right next to hers, the older woman’s sweet smell all around. She felt happy and loved, and she also felt excited when she remembered that soon she would be doing the Family Kiss with her Mommy too! What a wonderful time it was for the little girl.

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  1. Margaret says:

    What a lovely family tradition, so romantic and sensual, a perfect sexual initiation for a little girl.

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    mmmmm….very sensual NM. And oh god that picture. Makes me melt.

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    Lisa and I love this story!! 🙂

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    I’ve always enjoyed this story… glad it’s finally made it to Juicy Secrets!

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    great story I really enjoyed that

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    I just found this site. It’s amazing. Thank you. It’s making me very happy…

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    I can’t wait to read Part Two, but will wait so I can build up to cum again!

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    I know just the nanna I’m going to share this with.

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    Would you be willing to do another sequel or another story like this? Big fan of this one.

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    I love period sex a girls first period could be an erotic experience that could give her fun for a very long time and dismiss the taboos around periods. Sex is only dirty if your doing it right is my mantra

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    Intimate emotionally and sensually. I only question the ratings of 1-3. The 4s, I can accept due to extensive reading and very precise expectations. But I find this and your other stories as wonderful.

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