The End of August, Part One

  • Posted on January 27, 2017 at 1:54 pm

By Jane Doe

{ This story was originally posted at the Nifty Archive }

The end of August has come and with it the end of freedom. The heat is nigh unbearable, the sun beating down on our heads as Dad lugs the last of the suitcases up to the curb in front of the dorm. Dad and I have already dragged most of Sara and I’s things up to our little room, so I take a moment to wipe the sweat from my brow and contemplate my miserable situation. Eighteen years old, my senior year, and I’m back in this hell-hole.

Back to Mark, and all my supposed friends. Mom couldn’t stop chattering about how much I must be looking forward to seeing all my friends. They’re just comrades in misery. People I would never talk to if we weren’t all stuck in this prison together. And why? So our parents can be unshackled from the inconveniences of children for three quarters of the year.

And this year, joy of joys, Sara is joining me. It’s like they read my mind and found the one thing that would make time here even less bearable. Babysitting the miscreant and keeping her out of trouble. If she hadn’t managed to get kicked out of nearly every other boarding school on the continent they probably wouldn’t have resorted to this. I don’t even want to know what she did this time.

I glance back at her, leaning in the shade of the entrance’s archway. Even in this heat she seems totally unflappable, as though something like ambient temperature is too far beneath her to bother noticing. She knows I’m glaring at her as I pick up my last duffel, swinging it back over my shoulder, but she keeps gazing out past the parking lot at the wall and the trees beyond, a light breeze just barely enough to cause a sway in her long, dark hair.

We head past her, back up into the stuffy dormitory and she gives Dad a faint smile as he passes, carrying one of her bags in each hand. To most it would be a shy, thankful smile. I know better though. I can see the cool disdain behind her eyes when she looks at him. I can see her contempt for Mom as well. These are the only things that unite us, a mutual hatred for our parents. It’s sad really. But I doubt she sees it that way.

As soon as everything is vaguely in place and it’s hugs and kisses, love you but we have to go, we’ll send a Christmas card and all that, we can’t miss our plane. The hustle and bustle of other families moving their unfortunates in is muted to almost nil when Sara shuts the door, and we’re alone. Just the two of us, staring across our small room at one another as though sizing up a competitor before a prize fight.

“Well… it’s just the two of us then.”

Her voice is cool as ever, her face impassive as a small drop of sweat creeps its way down the contours of her neck to the hollow of her throat. I give her a half smile, I’m sure she can pick up how happy I am to have her at the same school, much less sharing a room with me.

“Yeah, us girls left with no one but each other. Just keep your nose clean, I don’t want to have to explain to Mom and Dad why you got kicked out, despite my `supervision’.”

She smiles her own little smile, a gleam showing in her eyes that I definitely don’t like.

“That’s what it all comes down to really, isn’t it? You don’t want to get yelled at by Mommy and Daddy because you couldn’t control me? Don’t worry your pretty little head sis. I only get caught when I want to. Keep me amused and you won’t have to worry about me wanting to leave.”

She smirks and turns, beginning to unpack. God why can’t they get the air conditioning to work? I set in to my suitcases as well, a nervous feeling settling in my stomach and refusing to be quelled.


The first couple of weeks pass quickly, getting reacquainted with the girls, settling in, starting class. Honestly it’s not as bad as I expected. Sara spends a good amount of time out, usually in the library, and I get left to do as I like. The heat, however, has not let up one bit. Every day it climbs over 100 degrees and we’re lucky if it gets into the high 80s at night. And that’s outside. We lay in our little beds, Sara on the bunk above me, wearing as little as possible and sweating until our sheets are damp. It must be hell up on the fourth floor. Thank god for small favors I guess.

There’s also getting to know Mark once again. I have to say he’s still pretty much the same guy, still the good boy trying to seem bad, trying to be so cool… but it’s cute. Walking together, talking together… the heat makes the physical side a bit sticky, but in a way it’s almost kind of sexy. Now I just have to make sure I keep him away from Sara. She’d probably steal him out of spite. Not that I doubt how he feels about me but I know how a pretty face can drive boys wild. And not that I’m not pretty… but I know she’s prettier than me. She’s drop dead gorgeous.

Then it happens. It’s Thursday and class lets out. I join the mob of girls trudging down the corridors in the stifling heat and head for the courtyard. I step out into the glaring sun and make my way towards the gate. There, leaning against the brick archway leading into the schools property is Sara. And in front of her, far too close for my tastes, is Mark. His tie is off and his short sleeved uniform shirt is open, showing his slightly damp undershirt. And damn he looks good. That bitch.

The heat is almost forgotten as anything other than further fuel for my anger as I stalk across the courtyard, it provides me with new energy to fuel my fast pace. She spots me as I approach; predictably enough the only acknowledgment of my presence is brief eye contact before she rolls her eyes. I manage to catch Mark unawares, however, and he starts briefly as I take his arm and give him a tight smile.

“Aw, hey babe. How’s it going? Enjoying the lovely weather?” He smiles casually down at me, his posture relaxing back from his previous lean towards my sister.

“Oh yeah,” I respond with a wry smile. “I’ve always wanted to go on a spa vacation, but that doesn’t mean I want to be in a sauna 24/7 for a month.”

Sara just lets out a soft sigh, looking out beyond the gate into the distance.

“Your roommate doesn’t seem to be too happy with it either.” Mark says with a grin, eyeing Sara once again.

“Yeah, she doesn’t like anything that messes with her complexion too much.” I give her a little smirk as her eyes drift momentarily over me, impassive as ever.

“I don’t tan, I burn and peel away paler than before.” Her voice is as disinterested as her face, now that her majesty has deigned me worthy to hear her speak. I doubt she was so blase before I showed up. “Regardless, I’ll catch you lovebirds later. I’m going to be late for my study group.”

She turns and starts off towards the library. Good riddance. I give Mark’s arm a little squeeze and then pull him down into a chaste kiss, in case any of the teachers or nuns are watching. Time to remind him who his girl is. I give his arm a little tug and he breaks out into another wide grin as I pull him off to one of the many shaded nooks around the buildings, both to get out of the heat of the sun and create a little of our own.


His hands slide over me a little more roughly than I like, gripping my flesh where I prefer to be caressed. I admonish him with a light bite on his lower lip, then tip my head back, allowing his lips to vainly attempt to devour my neck. I can feel him pressed up against me, the firmness of his body, the rock hard bulge of his cock pressing against my pelvis, his slippery palms sliding over the skin of my back underneath my shirt, occasionally ranging down to knead or squeeze my ass. My mouth meets his once again and I can feel the passion and hunger in him.

That’s the best part. I can feel how much he wants me. He wants me and only me. I am his world right now, his idol, his goddess. It’s in his kisses, the way his mouth and hands travel over me, the way he presses me back against the cool brick wall, and the throbbing of his stiffness straining to escape from his shorts. All for me.

Which leads me back to Sara. Another reason to hate her. Whenever she’s around it’s like I cease to be an independent entity. I stop being a single person; I become half of a unit, inseparable in so many people’s minds. And not even equal halves. So often it seems I end up considered the lesser. Her needs always come first. It’s always what will make her behave, what will appease her. Never what makes me happy. My twin, my bane, my albatross. Shit. She can totally ruin my mood, just by being in the same state.


When I get back to the room my mood hasn’t brightened any. She’s laying on her bed, flipping through a magazine. She hardly even glances up at me. I stare at her for a moment, her long, smooth legs, her flat belly, lightly beaded with sweat, the swell of her breasts held in place by a lacy white bra, her delicate wrists leading up into her long, graceful hands. Her skin, usually white as cream, is flushed pink in our stuffy little room, her dark hair spread over her pillows. Polar opposites, and yet we’re twins.

I shoot a glare in her direction, not caring whether she sees it or not, and head to my computer, shedding clothes as I go.

“I saw what you were doing earlier.” I say, sending another dark look her way.

“Mmmm… and what was that?” she asks, not even looking up, still idly paging through her issue of… whatever it is.

“You know.” I’m not in the mood for her games. Playing innocent and then sniping as soon as an opening appears.

“Oh, you mean getting talked at by your boy toy?”

“He’s my boyfriend. And I saw how close you were getting.” God she makes me furious. I’m sure the wavering tone in my voice shows it, but I’m not sure I care.

“You mean how close he was getting to me. You really could do better.” Calm, steady, detached. Infuriating.

“So you were just standing there, innocently minding your own business and he randomly started talking to you?” I ask incredulously, ignoring the snipe at my taste in men.

“Essentially, whether you want to believe it or not. Though he did seem to realize we’re sharing a room.”

“Right. Why do you always do this?” I turn and stare daggers at her, wishing looks could kill. She lets out a soft, long suffering sigh and puts down her magazine, rolling onto her side to look at me.

“I’m not doing anything.” How can she be so calm?

“You’re after Mark!” I nearly scream at her, anger bubbling and rising in my belly every moment she remains so damn calm.

“Abby, honestly, I’m more likely to be interested in you than in him.”

What the hell is that supposed to mean? I can’t stand hearing her say my name like that. So condescending and almost irritated, as if she were explaining addition to a retarded 20 year old for the fourth time in a row. I’m getting irrational and pissed off and I’m sure it’s showing like nothing else, I can feel the blood rushing to my face and my clenched fists are trembling.

“What? So he’s not good enough for you!?” It’s the first thing that springs to mind and I can’t help but spit it out at her. She sighs again, laying back on the bed and picking up her magazine once again.

“You’re missing my point.” Ignoring me like I’m a spoiled child. She’s the one that’s always causing trouble and I’m the one that’s childish?

“Am I? What the hell is your point then?”

“Forget it. I don’t want your boyfriend.” She speaks with a tone that tells me she’s said all she’s going to. I could rant and rail all night and she wouldn’t open her mouth again.

I pick up my trig book and slam it down on my desk, giving her one last murderous glare before sitting down and flinging it open, then plopping down in my chair to make a vain attempt at studying.


Flip… flip… flip

The sound of the pages of her magazine turning echoes in my head.

Flip… flip… flip

Ah god… how long am I going to have to put up with this? I close my textbook with a bang and look at the clock. Forty-five minutes of incessant crinkling and flipping as she pages through various inane rags. Where does she get all these? I turn and glare at her once again. Her eyes are on me, an eyebrow slightly raised as she flips another page, not even looking at the damn thing. My lips tighten and my eyes narrow, frustration building.

She sighs, oh the poor thing, all she has to suffer. I’d love to gouge her eyes out about now. Of course apparently that wouldn’t stop her from flipping through those things. She sets it down and sits up, lightly hopping down off her bunk and grabbing a dress shirt, pulling it over her shoulders as she walks out the door. Good. Maybe I can study now.

I go back to my book and continue with my homework, sine, cosine, tangent, triangles galore. Soon I’m almost missing the distraction of having her pissing me off. I guess misery really does love company. It’s been nearly half an hour. Where could she have gone? Not like she could’ve gone far wearing that little. And I am supposed to be making sure she stays out of trouble. Dammit Mom and Dad. Why did you have to send her here?

I get up, pulling on not only a tank top but also a pair of my gym shorts. I won’t be seen wandering around in a bra and panties through the halls, even if this is a girl’s school. I scour our floor, checking the lounge and any of the rooms with open doors, and finally I walk into the bathroom.

She’s sitting on the sink nearest the small window, a cigarette burning between her fingers as she gazes out.

“What the hell are you doing?” I ask, honestly surprised. I never knew she smoked! And in the bathroom of all places? Is she trying to get caught? She lets out a long sigh, yet again. Apparently that’s her thing today.

“Giving both of us a bit of quiet. At least until you decided to join me.” She takes a drag on the cigarette and blows it slowly out the window.

“Do you have any idea how stupid this is? Smoking in the bathroom? Are you trying to get kicked out?”

“Nope. But I get the idea you might be happier if I did.” She smiles at me, syrupy sweet.

“Shut up. You get kicked out, I get in trouble.”

She rolls her eyes. “Oh no, mommy and daddy might make you babysit me for the summer! Or worse! They could cancel your credit cards! Or… or…. What if they didn’t let you have your shiny little piece of crap convertible to pick up all the boys in!? Whatever would you do!?” Her exaggeratedly desperate look and wild, sorrowful eyes mock me.

I glare at her once again. “Why should I bother picking up guys? So you can steal them?” I shoot back at her. For once she looks a bit pissed off. It’s wonderfully gratifying to get her a bit flustered, to see her cheeks redden and the anger in her eyes.

“I’m not interested in your damn boyfriend. Why can’t you get that through your head? Blonde syndrome?” it’s my turn to suffer her calmly, smiling confidently.

“Liar.” I smirk at her and I can see her seething, this is great!

“Liar? You think I’m lying? Fuck you. I don’t want your idiot boy toy.” She glares at me and hops off the sink, flicking the butt of her cigarette out the open window and stalking back out of the bathroom and towards our room. I’m not going to let her get off so easily.

“Oh really? What? You only like the dark meat? Or maybe Hispanic guys? C’mon sis, what is it you like?” I’m almost giggling with glee as we get into the room and I close the door behind us, I love seeing her out of sorts! I have no idea why this is pissing her off so much, but I’m riding high on the wave.

“Oh, you want to know what I like? You want to know what turns me on, Abby dearest? Tsk tsk, you don’t even know your own twin. Shall I show you?” She spits, whirling to face me, eyes blazing, hair falling loose and wild around her shoulders, open shirt exposing the bare stretch of her belly and neck, as well as her virgin white bra and panties. I almost snicker as I think of her wearing `virgin’ white. Looking her in the eyes, I do giggle lightly.

“Sure sis, show me. You have pictures around here somewhere? I wouldn’t put taking pictures of your fun with an ex past you. Ooooh, or maybe video! You’re resourcef-…”

Suddenly I’m pressed back against the door and she’s so tight against me it’s hard to breathe, I can smell the smoke in her hair and taste it as her tongue probes my mouth. I try to push her back, but I have no leverage and I’m just not strong enough. Her lips are melded to mine, so aggressive yet so soft, her hands sliding over my hips and sides, so light yet so urgent…

I can feel almost every curve of her flesh pressed against me, the fullness of her breasts, always bigger than mine, pressed against my chest, her hips pressing into my stomach, just a bit higher, the two inches she has on me making just the difference. I can feel her stomach and chest heave as she breathes… what the fuck is going on? Damn she’s a good kisser though…

I’m confused as all hell as she gathers my hands above my head, pinning them up there with one of hers, holding my wrists tightly. I feel a jolt as I realize not only did she shift my hands, she pressed one of her thighs between mine, and as I squirm against her, the sensations between my legs tells me I’m… well… squirming against her. Her mouth moves off mine, down over my chin and onto my neck, leaving a moist trail as she covers my skin with kisses, sucks, nibbles and bites. It’s total sensory overload. I revel in the helplessness, it’s weird and it’s messed up, some part of my brain says, but I’m past caring. All I can think of is the feel of her lips on me, her saliva leaving a cool trail on my burning skin, and I begin to grind desperately against the hip and thigh she’s afforded me.

She leans her upper body back as her mouth continues downwards, using the space created, she pulls up my tank top roughly. I let out a tiny groan of protest when she stops sucking and biting my collarbone, but then I feel her soft lips on my exposed left nipple, sucking it into her mouth and gently biting down, ravaging the soft flesh of my breast with her mouth. The groan turns to a gasping cry and I barely notice as she begins tugging my shorts and underwear down. She even manages without too much of an interruption to my grinding, but when I feel her bare thigh against my exposed wetness, it’s all I can do to avoid screaming.

She lets go of my hands and her mouth moves off my nipple, sliding over to the right one before nipping and kissing her way farther down my stomach… dear god is she going to..? I can’t even think of it, my heart is pounding in my chest and in my ears, it’s like every last nerve ending in my body has suddenly come alive, registering pleasure everywhere any part of her has touched me, plus the area surrounding, just by proximity. Her hair brushes over my abdomen and legs as she slowly goes to her knees in front of me. I don’t think I’ve ever been so turned on in my entire life. To have her kneeling… wanting me… touching me, taking possession of every bit of me… I can feel it, as sure as anything else I’ve ever felt. She wants me. This is her time to worship, to desire, to give me everything she has and more. And I’m more than willing to accept it.

She nudges her way under one of my legs, so it’s over her shoulder and around her back. I allow her total access, completely willingly. She slides her arm around my uplifted leg to rest her hand on my mound, delicately spreading the lips beneath, and there’s a terrible moment of anticipation… what will it be like? I’ve never let anyone… much less a girl… even less my pain of a sister… and then it happens. I feel the first moment of contact like a religious experience, it’s like seeing god. I don’t just feel it, I see it, hear it, smell it, it reverberates through my entire being… the heat and wetness of her mouth melds with my own, her tongue caressing my deepest folds, suckling on my clit as she did on my nipples, working the fingers of her other hand gently at the entrance to my holy of holies, lightly penetrating, never invasive, exploring and working my entire body into a frenzy of pleasure through that one small area.

I bury my hands in her hair, feeling the silky soft strands of liquid jet flow between my fingers, caressing her face and neck as she pushes me ever farther. The first orgasm hits me from out of left field. It’s like the world is spinning and breaking apart, swirling into the darkness behind my closed eyelids. I don’t think I could even whimper, my breath swept out of me, glorious explosions of hormones going off in my brain.

Many follow that first, but I’d be lying if I said I remember them all clearly. We make it to my bed eventually, where we finally collapse, exhausted, both physically and emotionally, and drift off into a deep, dreamless sleep, curled around one another. Somehow, the heat just isn’t as much of a bother anymore…

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