Family Practice, Chapter 1

  • Posted on January 3, 2017 at 2:55 pm

By DirtyMindedMom


As happy as I was to be coming home after my first semester away at college, the one thing I was most excited about was being reunited with my vibrator. I stared out the window of the train and thought back to the day I’d shoplifted it from a Spencer’s at the mall. Even though I was 18 and could have bought it legally, I was too embarrassed. I had been in the store with a group of my friends the day before when we discovered the sex toys in the back corner. We giggled over the dildos, cock rings and butt plugs, and everyone agreed that it was all so pathetic that people would actually have to buy those sorts of things. Even though I was the one denouncing them the loudest, I spent the rest of the night thinking about the pink vibrator with the tip that curved up and the little bumps down the length of it. I couldn’t stop wondering how awesome it would feel going into my pussy.

Technically I wasn’t a virgin at the time. The summer before I sort of did it with Tommy Ganter during a church social. We snuck off to an empty storage room and made out. He got my pants halfway down and fingered me some, then asked me if I wanted to do it. I said sure, assuming he meant the fingering, but when he started putting on a condom I realized he meant really “do IT.” I was too self-conscious to say no at that point and I let him climb on top of me and stick it in. Three pumps later he was done and I was no longer the only remaining 18-year-old virgin in my group of friends. When he pulled out and saw the blood he was too freaked out to do anything else, so we just got dressed and went back to the party. He never talked to me again.

I pretty much avoided boys for a while after that. Even though that first time hurt, and was far from pleasurable, I had gotten the distinct impression that it could feel really good if it was done right. I had a sort of craving after that night that I needed to satisfy. I started putting my fingers inside my pussy when I masturbated, but that didn’t do it. I tried fucking a Sharpie marker, the handle of my hair brush, and even a carrot, but none of those quite worked for me. When I saw that vibrator on the shelf at Spencer’s, I knew I had to have it. The next morning I made up my mind to go back to the mall by myself and steal it.

It was a bad thing to do, but I never regretted it for a second after I slipped it inside my pussy hole for the first time. I masturbated with that thing almost every day, often more than once. When it came time to go off to college, I agonized over what to do. I ultimately decided to leave it at home, unwilling to suffer the embarrassment of someone finding it in my dorm room and knowing what a horny pervert I was. I was looking forward to seeing my mom and my dog and being back in my own house, but I wanted to fuck myself like crazy with the only boyfriend I could ever really count on to satisfy me.

Mom was waiting at the station for me when I got off the train. She screamed and ran over to me, wrapping me up in the biggest hug. She was never afraid of making a scene in public. I hugged her back and let her have her moment. I had to admit that it did feel nice getting a huge squeeze from her. She felt so warm against me, and I breathed in her smell that I hadn’t realized how much I missed until just then. As the hug went on longer than normal, I couldn’t help becoming aware of how our breasts were pressed together. I tried not to think about that, it had never bothered me before, but you’ll understand why it made me somewhat uncomfortable as you find out more about some of the things I was struggling with after my time at school.

On the ride home, Mom hit me with a rapid fire series of questions as if we hadn’t talked on the phone at least once a week while I was away and messaged back and forth in between. How were finals? Why did I look so skinny, aren’t girls supposed to gain weight freshman year? Did I pick my classes for next semester? Did I meet any boys she should know about… or girls? My mom knew I liked guys, even though I didn’t go out a lot or have anything like a steady boyfriend in high school. She just had this thing where she didn’t want to assume anything when it came to sexual orientation and often pointed out that she would love me no matter what I was. After assuring her I was straight for so long, I didn’t know if I should tell her about some of the feelings that had unexpectedly welled up while I was off living in an all-girl dorm.

Somewhere in the middle of the ride home I realized that my pussy was getting wetter by the second. I was anticipating that moment of ecstasy when the tip of my buzzing vibrator passed into my opening and went deep inside me. Luckily, Mom was too distracted with her questions to notice me squirming in my seat. As soon as we were through the door I told her I was tired and wanted to take a quick nap. She gave a little pout, but sent me off to my room with a kiss and a motherly pat on the butt.

The second my bedroom door was closed, I stripped naked, went to my underwear drawer, reached way into the back of it, and pulled out my old friend. I couldn’t believe how excited I was to fuck a vaguely dick-shaped chunk of rubber. I got onto my bed, spread my legs wide, and twisted the cap on the bottom. He immediately sprang to life with a robust buzzing. I hadn’t remembered it being that loud! I was suddenly worried my mom could hear it downstairs. The quickest way to muffle the sound, I concluded, was to get it into my cunt as fast as I could.

My whole body shivered with delight as I eased my vibrating toy into my wet fuck hole. Oh God, I missed him so much! I clenched tight, gripping the bumpy shaft as hard as I could. The curved tip grazed along the top of my inner vagina and caused me to writhe in thankful joy that we had finally been brought back together. I began pumping myself. I usually started slow and picked up speed as I went, but I couldn’t hold back and was working my darling boy in and out as fast as I could. It was beyond glorious. How mad would my mom be if she knew I had skipped spending time with her after so long away just to fuck myself alone in my room? God, the vibrations felt even felt stronger than ever. That’s when I stopped dead in mid-stroke.

My mind flashed to my last night before leaving for school. I was on my hands and knees, masturbating myself doggy style like I did sometimes, and the vibrations slowed then ceased altogether. The stupid batteries had died. I was too far along to stop and replace them, so I made myself come without the benefit of the buzzing. I remember thinking that it was perfect timing since it would be our last night together for a while.

But now the batteries weren’t dead. Not by a long shot. It was suddenly obvious that they were brand new. Somebody had put fresh batteries in my vibrator! I had been so concerned about someone finding my toy in my dorm room that I never thought about anyone finding it in my bedroom at home while I was away. I had a sinking feeling in my gut, but at the same time the toy was still energetically alive inside my cunt. There was nothing I could do about being busted, so I might as well finish myself off.

I fucked myself with renewed urgency. Someone knew. Someone in my house knew that I was a horny pervert who fucked herself with a rubber cock. My secret was out. I was a degenerate masturbator.

I thrashed as my orgasm exploded and rocked my whole body just like it had that first time I’d fucked it feeling so dirty and guilty. I managed to stifle my screams of joy, but my bed squeaked noisily as I bounced my butt up and down trying to milk every ounce of pleasure out of my homecoming fuck session. My whole body was all melty as I lay there and basked in the bliss. I dipped a couple fingers into my sopping hole and tasted my own juices. God, I was weird. But, as often as I’d tried, I couldn’t stop the nasty things I like to do with myself when I’m alone.

I dozed for a few minutes before putting my toy away and going into the bathroom attached to my room to splash some water on my face. I wanted to spend the rest of the day playing with myself, but I knew Mom was probably anxious for me to spend some time with her. I got dressed and went down stairs.

“There’s my beautiful girl!” she trilled when I came into the kitchen. “Feeling better?” My mom was spooning up a serving of her famous macaroni and cheese casserole, my absolute favorite. She was also looking at me with a strange smile. “It must be nice to be back in your own bed with all your own stuff.”

“It is,” I said as I sat down. The way she was talking made it seem like she was hinting at something.

“Though I’m guessing you missed some of your things more than others.” She set a plate in front of me and went to fetch me a glass of soda.

“Like what things?” I was afraid to hear the answer that I suspecting was coming.

“Don’t be embarrassed, honey, but I went upstairs to let you know your mac and cheese was ready and I heard… a noise.” She leaned over me and put a glass of ginger ale next to my plate. “A mechanical humming noise.” She goosed me playfully and went to busy herself with cleaning up.

Yeah, totally busted. No point in trying to deny anything. “Were you the one who replaced the batteries?”

“I was.” She turned and looked at me with an expression that advertised how thrilled she was that I had acknowledged the unspoken topic instead of avoiding it and changing the subject like she expected me to. “And, don’t worry, I cleaned it off after I was done.”

“After you were done what?”

The tea kettle whistled, and I had to wait until she filled her cup with steaming water and sat down. “After I was done trying it out for myself. I’d never used one before and I was curious.” Mom dipped her tea bag in and out of her hot water, obviously eager to share more. “I know you probably wanted to keep it a secret, but last week I decided to run some of your things through the laundry. I thought that maybe your undies were getting musty sitting in that drawer for so long. When I scooped everything out, there it was. Please, don’t be mad.”

“When you say, ‘tried it out,’ you mean you just turned it on or you really tried it out?”

“I swear I was just going to leave it alone and pretend like I never saw it, but I was lying in bed that night next to your father, who was snoring up a storm, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I had to know what it would feel like, so I got the batteries out of the remote, went to your room and gave it a try.”

“Oh, God,” I moaned in humiliation. It was bad enough that she had found it, but why did she have to tell me she’d used it? And on my bed, no less!

“I must say it was better than I expected. I felt a bit silly at first, but by the time I finished I was sold.” Mom was always had a tendency to over-share, but this was the first time I remember her talking to me about anything to do with sex like this. “Please don’t be mad at me.”

“Okay, so, whatever. I’m not mad. Let’s just forget about it.”

I ate a couple of forks of mac and cheese, barely even tasting it while my mom sipped her tea and never took her eyes off me.

“I actually snuck back to your bedroom the next two nights. After that I realized that I needed one of my own so I went to that dirty video store, you know, the one over by the truck stop. Your father has no idea I was in there.”

She sounded almost proud of herself. And it was obvious she had been dying to talk to me about this for days. What had gotten into her? Well, I knew at least one thing that had gotten into her — my dildo!

“Okay, Mom, that’s great.” I was hoping the conversation would end there.

“They didn’t have one like yours. I ended up getting a bigger one, you know with the little thingie that sticks out on top and the twenty different settings.” She added a bit more sugar to her tea. “Let me know if you want to borrow it. We can swap for a night,” she said with a wink.

I couldn’t believe we were talking about this. How had I suddenly becomes my mom’s sexual confidant? I didn’t want her to know about my masturbation habits, and I certainly didn’t want to know about hers.

“How’s Dad been?” I asked.

“Oh, you know him. The government is out to take all his money, and the illegal immigrants are ruining his life, even though he’s never met one.”

Thankfully she was off and running on a new topic and I was spared any further embarrassment. The rest of the evening was fairly normal. My dad got home from work. He was happy to see me, even if it didn’t really show. Mom and I stayed up watching TV, but we did more talking than watching. Things stopped being normal as soon as I got into bed.

I normally used my vibrator every night before I went to sleep, but I found myself hesitant to reach into my panty drawer. Not only had my mother found my dildo, but she’d used it. Not only had she used it, but she told me about it. Why would she do that? Yes, she was the queen of “too much information,” but it was never about anything to do with sex. As far as I was concerned, my parents had sex just the one time to make me. The thought that my mom masturbates never occurred to me. That’s when it got weird.

The image of my mother lying on my bed naked with her legs spread as she fucks herself with my dildo popped into my mind. I shook my head, trying to erase the image, but that just made her moan and do it harder. If that wasn’t disturbing enough, I began getting that achy feeling between my legs. The kind of feeling I knew I couldn’t ignore.

I gave in and reached into the bottom drawer of my nightstand and fished my toy out from under my panties. I looked at it, then sniffed it. It smelled like my pussy. I know she said she’d washed it, but was I hoping to be able to smell her pussy still on it? What was the matter with me? I sucked the curved tip, getting it all wet and slippery. I was acutely aware that the thing I had in my mouth had very recently been inside my mom’s cunt. This thing had been coated in her juices after she gave herself an orgasm with it. I sucked it deeper. My mother had made herself come in my bed, the same place where I made myself come thousands of times. These thoughts shouldn’t have turned me on as much as they were.

I turned it on and lightly buzzed my pussy lips, then my clit. Had my mother done it the same way, or did she have a different approach? Maybe she liked to just shove it in and ram away. Or did she take her time and tease herself until she couldn’t take it anymore? I slipped the toy into my hole, wondering if my mom was in her room masturbating with her toy and thinking about me using the same vibrator that she used. I was getting myself all twisted up in my head, which only seemed to make me hornier.

“What the fuck, Mom?” I moaned in the darkness of my room as I pumped myself toward a quick orgasm. “What is going on with you? Why did you tell me you fucked your pussy with my dildo?” I was going at it full speed, not caring if the bed squeaked or if the squishy noises coming from between my legs could be heard by anyone else. “Did you like fucking my toy, Mom? Did you like making yourself come with the same dildo your horny daughter uses to fuck her cunt? Oooooooh, fuuuuuuck!”

Imagining my mother hearing my words added a dimension to my orgasm I hadn’t ever experienced before. There was a depth to it that was new, and I had a sense that it had something to do with my humiliation at not only being exposed as a chronic masturbator, but also the shame of being so aroused by sexual thoughts about my own mother. I came so hard that I was afraid that my pussy was going to cramp up. I lay panting for several long minutes trying to piece together what I was feeling. Before I came up with any answers, I drifted off into a blissfully relaxed sleep.

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