Secrets, Chapter 10

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By Naughty Mommy

Once inside my bedroom, Jae immediately started taking off her clothes, first her blouse, then her bra. As she began to unzip her leather mini, she looked at me. I was just standing there, watching, still in my robe and nightgown.

“Come on, honey, let’s get naked,” she said.

“Oh, uh, you don’t wanna borrow a nightie or something?”

Jae rolled her eyes. “You sleep in the raw with your daughter, don’t you? So why not with me?”

“Well… all right.”

I slipped out of my robe, hanging it on the back of the door. Then I lifted the nightgown over my head and off. I was wearing panties too, so I pushed them down, stepping out of them. During all this I hadn’t made eye contact with Jae, but I could sense that she was watching me. I looked up.

My sister was on her side in the bed, propped on an elbow, grinning. The sheets were just above her waist. I blushed deeply, and had to resist the urge to cover myself with my hands.

I was feeling self-conscious because it had always seemed to me that Jae had a much nicer body than mine. She was tall and slim with long perfect legs, and with small breasts set high on her chest. She was very pretty, too, although she usually wore only a minimal amount of makeup, just enough to accentuate her lovely brown eyes set off by short dark hair.

In addition to being blonde with a few freckles and shorter than my sister, I tended to plumpness, though I tried hard to keep a good figure. My breasts were larger than hers, with big pink nipples. But my tits were starting to sag, and my thighs and butt showed some cellulite. I felt like I never measured up next to Jae.

She didn’t say anything, just gazed at me, smiling as her eyes ran up and down my body. When I started toward the bed, she pulled back the covers for me and we settled in, lying on our sides, facing one another.

It was only then that I remembered why I’d put on a nightgown in the first place. It was in case the little girls, specifically Melissa, needed to come to my room for some reason. I hadn’t wanted her to find me nude. Oh well, I figured, too late to worry about that now.

“Um, do you want me to turn out the light?” I asked.

Jae shook her head. “No, not yet. But can I ask you something?”

“Sure. What?”

“Well, when you and Kerie get in bed at night, what do you do first? Usually, I mean.”

“Usually?” I giggled. “Usually we fuck.” All that alcohol was definitely having an effect.

“I know, but I mean, what do you do first? How do you start?”

“Jeez, lots of different ways. But I suppose most often it’s with Kerie on top. We like to kiss and, you know, I open my legs and she slides up and down on me.”

“Nice.” She licked her lips. “Tell me how that feels.”

It suddenly struck me that my sister was masturbating, right there beside me. This was something new. We’d done it together over the phone, of course, and I’d watched her that one time at her house — but this was much more intimate than anything we’d ever done before, at least since we were kids. Now we were naked in bed, close enough to touch or kiss, and she was rubbing her pussy!

This made me very excited.

“You want me to tell you what it feels like,” I leered, “when my 8-year-old daughter fucks me?”

“Yeah, I do. I really do.”

I slid a hand down between my legs. Somewhere, in a distant part of my mind, a small voice argued that it was too risky: what if Kerie and Melissa came in? But I ignored that voice. The wine and my lust were far more persuasive.

“Mmm, think about that, Jae. A warm little body on top of yours, all sweet and smooth, her hairless mound sliding up and down on your wet pussy. She’s kissing you, and she has a hand on your tit, playing with the nipple.”

“Uh-huh, go on.”

I parted my legs, raising a knee, making it easier to push a finger up inside my juicy cunt. Jae grinned when she realized what I was doing.

“And she loves it. The little girl loves turning you on, making you hot, making you come. She loves it as much as you do, maybe even more.”

“She does?”

“Oh my god, yes, she really does, absolutely. Kerie loves sex and can’t get enough. But now she’s kissing you and fucking you, rubbing herself on you faster and faster and faster, and—”

“Ohhhh!! God!!” Jae gasped, her eyes squeezed shut. She was climaxing.

I wasn’t really close yet, but that was fine, because it was almost as pleasurable just to watch her. I truly love that. I continued slowly fucking myself, rubbing my thumb over my clit as my sister groaned and shuddered, coming hard.

When she finished, she opened her eyes, blinking, trying to catch her breath.

“God,” she said. “God, I came — I came twice with — with Rose — but this was just as good — here with you.”

“Was it?” I smiled.

“Uh-huh. I don’t know why… I guess ‘cause of what we’re talking about, you know, about Kerie.”

“Yeah, I know. I like talking about that.”

“Me too. It really turns me on.”

As I slid a finger in and out of my pussy and thumbed my clit, I felt the buildup starting. It wouldn’t take much longer now.

But then Jae said, “Hey, want to try something else?”

“Huh? Try what?”

“Um, I wanna come one more time. But, I mean, is it okay if we kiss? That might make it even better, you know?”

“Really?? You want to kiss me?”


I took a deep breath before replying. This seemed like a very big step for us. Finally I said, “Well… okay.”

She wrapped an arm around me, pulling me tight, our bare breasts pressing together. Her other hand was working between her legs. As close as we were, I could feel her movements, our fingers sometimes touching.

“Keep going,” she whispered. “I’m gonna come again, and I want you to come too, while we’re kissing.”

“All right.”

She brought her lips to mine — and for the first time since we were girls, my sister and I shared a deeply sensual, sexual kiss.

Her tongue was in my mouth. She was breathing hard. I felt her fingers moving fast between her legs. It was clear it wouldn’t take long at all for her to come.

I shoved a second finger inside my vagina, moaning with pleasure as we kissed. I fucked myself, pushing my fingers deep, stimulating my g-spot. Then I heard Jae start to squeal, but with her mouth still clamped over mine. And as she started to come, I did too. We climaxed together that way, kissing and masturbating, naked bodies hot and sweaty.

As our simultaneous orgasms wound down, we finally ended the kiss — and then both burst into giggles, hugging and laughing. I felt incredibly close to her at that moment, not just physically, but emotionally and in every other way. Next to Kerie, I love my big sister more than anyone else in the world.


A few minutes later, I’d turned out the light and we were lying together in the dark, side by side, holding hands.

“That was nice,” said Jae, in a languid voice.

“It was,” I agreed. “I’m really glad you came over tonight.”

“Me too. I’m really glad I came.”

We chuckled about that, and then she said, “So, for me, that’s… four orgasms, counting the ones with Rose. But I mean, like, compared to you that’s nothing. How many did you say you had with Kerie?”

“Well, I think seven is the most. Although sometimes, you know, I kinda lose track.”

“I’ll bet you do.”

We were quiet then for a couple of minutes, until Jae said, “Shelly?”


“You’re not asleep yet, are you.”

“No,” I grinned in the dark, squeezing her hand. “I’m not asleep yet.”

“Because, um, there’s something I’ve been thinking about.”

“Okay. What is it?”

“Well, remember the other day when I said the idea of lesbian incest is really exciting to me? And you said it was for you too, that maybe it runs in the family? Remember that?”

“Yeah, I guess. What about it?”

“Well, I was thinking about our mom. I mean, she and Dad seemed happy enough together, I suppose. By most standards, you’d say it was a pretty good marriage, right? And yet, Mom always seemed kind of sad to me, disappointed, like maybe she thought she was missing out on something in her life. I think that possibly — no, I’m actually pretty sure — Mom was bi-curious, even though I doubt she ever actually tried anything.”

“What makes you say that?”

“What, that she never tried anything?”

“No, I mean that she was bi-curious, as you call it. What makes you say that?”

“Well, after I came out to them when I was, what, 19, and then once in a while I would bring one of my college girlfriends over to the house, do you remember how Mom would look at those girls?”

“No, not really.”

“I do. I hadn’t thought about it for a long time, until you said that the other day about it running in the family. But, yeah, after Mom knew for sure I was gay, and she would see me with my girlfriends, it was like I could tell what was going through her mind — that she was imagining me having sex with them, that she was picturing them naked, and me naked with them, and I think it was turning her on.”

“Come on, Jae. You’re just making that up.”

“No, I mean it. Like I said, I’m pretty sure she never acted on anything, but I’m almost certain she had sexual feelings for those girls, and maybe for me too, and for you.”

“Really? You really think so? For us?”

“Yeah I do, I really do. And now that you’ve got this amazing thing going with your own daughter, Kerie, it makes me wonder what it would have been like if our situation as kids had been different — you know, if Mom had felt free somehow to act on her desires. What if she had let us know that she wanted to have sex with us? Have you ever thought about that?”

I felt movement in the bed. Jae was starting to masturbate again.

“No, I haven’t ever thought about that,” I answered softly.

But now I did. I pictured our mother, a lovely woman who was built more like Jae than like me… she was tall, 5’7”, almost the same height as our father, with long legs and a willowy figure. She liked short skirts and dresses, and almost always wore high heels, showing off her beautiful legs. My mom was very pretty, with blonde hair and blue eyes like mine. But Jae was right, she did seem kind of sad much of the time, like something was missing. Could it really be true that she longed for lesbian sex, or even more, that she might have had forbidden desires for Jae, and for me, her own daughters?

In the darkness, Jae said, “I always loved looking at Mommy, especially when I was younger. I think she was the first woman I ever truly wanted sexually.”


“Do you remember when she would come in at night when we were kids and tuck us in bed and give us a goodnight kiss? How she would always smell so nice then, and how she would wear those flimsy transparent nighties, and we could see her naked body right through them? Remember that?”

I did remember, although for many years I hadn’t thought about it. But now, in the light of the way Jae was describing things…

“Yeah,” I nodded, “that does seem kind of unusual, doesn’t it? She would kiss us a lot at night as I recall.”

“Yes, she would, definitely. Even when we were getting older, up until maybe around the time I started high school, she still did that. And I don’t know about you, but sometimes she would also slide her hand under the covers and just kind of caress me a little bit. Not doing anything really sexual, but just touching me as we kissed.”

I could feel the bed moving faster, Jae’s body responding to her touch.

“I remember that,” I said. “She did it with me too. I liked how it felt.”

“So did I, a lot. And there’s another thing. Did you ever wonder why our house had three bedrooms but you and I slept in one, and she and Dad had separate rooms?”

“Yeah, that was kind of strange.”

“I don’t think Mom and Dad had sex very often, at least after the first few years. And now, as I’m remembering how she would come in at night, dressed up so sexy, and kiss us and touch us — I’ll bet she went back to her own room right after that and masturbated while she thought about us, about you and me.”

“Really? God, Jae, that’s pretty erotic.”

“I know. I think our mom was a very sexual person, but who felt, I don’t know, like, unable to act on her true desires, to do more, to do all the things she really wanted.”

“You might be right.”

“Anyway, I’m wishing now that she… I wish she had done more, a lot more. I wish she’d used her tongue when she kissed me, and I wish she’d put her hand between my legs when I was little, and, and rubbed—” and then she came.

I wrapped my arms around Jae, hugging her tight as she climaxed, kissing her cheek, whispering soft words.

I loved my sister so much it almost brought tears to my eyes. I appreciated how she was always so open to sharing things with me, even the most secret, intimate things, and how she would listen to anything I wanted to tell her. She was my best friend, and more.

When her orgasm was finally over, she turned to me, smiling, panting, still trembling from her arousal.

“Wow… god… now I… now I’m coming while I fantasize about our mother seducing me. I’m getting to be as bad a pervert as you.”

“Yes, you are,” I grinned as I kissed her nose. We cuddled a while longer, shared a few more tender kisses, then fell asleep in each other’s arms.


I woke first the next morning, Sunday morning. Jae was snoring softly. She’d done that when we were kids too, when we’d shared a bedroom, but I’d forgotten about it. It made me smile.

For several minutes I lay quietly, just thinking about things. It was still fairly early, not yet 8:00, and I figured the little girls wouldn’t be up for at least another hour, if not more. Who knows how late they’d stayed up gabbing and giggling and maybe doing other stuff.

I wondered what other stuff they might have done. Kerie had told Melissa about the sexy games she and I played together, and it wouldn’t have surprised me if they’d tried something similar with each other. After all, I hadn’t forbidden it, and girls that age are naturally curious, so perhaps they did. I decided, however, that I really should ask Kerie about it later. We’d already agreed there wouldn’t be any secrets between us about such things. That seemed important to me. I hoped that as she grew up, my daughter would always be open, wanting to talk with me about anything and everything.

Feeling ready for the day, I got out of bed, put on a robe, and went to the kitchen to make coffee. I sat at our small dining table for another half hour, sipping my coffee, pondering what the future might hold. Was I really planning to go through with that clandestine meeting I’d arranged with Tina? Then I chuckled to myself — oh yes, I most certainly was. There was no way I’d miss out on an opportunity to be alone and quite possibly have sex with a hot and willing 15-year-old girl, even if she was a student. What a perv you are, Shelly.

Hmm, and what about Tina’s mother, Valerie? The woman had seemed quite eager to become better acquainted with me. Was there something else behind that eagerness, something more, perhaps, than simply a desire for friendship? Or was I only imagining that, reading sexual intent when none was really there? I wanted to find out, one way or the other.

There was also Jae to think about. Where would things go from here between her and Rose? Would they start a real relationship, something deeper than just dating and sex?

Smiling, I remembered how happy I’d felt in bed with Jae the night before, masturbating with her and kissing, and then talking quietly for a long time about our childhood and about our mom. It made me feel all comfy and cozy inside, being so close to my sister. Now, I decided again, it really was time to…

I heard footsteps, heading my way. Jae came into the kitchen, yawning and stretching. She was wearing her panties and her blouse, unbuttoned, and nothing else.

“I smelled coffee,” she grinned.

“Sit down, honey. I’ll pour you some.”

We sat together for a couple of minutes but were soon interrupted by the little girls. They were up a lot earlier than I’d expected, chattering excitedly and demanding breakfast. Kids have so much energy!

I said good morning, kissed them both, and got some cereal out. They each ate two bowls of Frosted Mini Wheats, then ran off to play in Kerie’s room.

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