Tucked In

  • Posted on July 21, 2016 at 1:25 pm

By JetBoy

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Wearing a long, gossamer-thin nightdress, Helen entered her niece Julia’s bedroom, turning to close the door behind her. She gazed at the young girl, seated in her bed, reading a Harry Potter book, Helen had forgotten which one. Her pulse throbbed at the sight of Julia’s innocent beauty.

Gently closing the door behind, Helen paused to moisten her lips, fighting to steady her voice before she spoke to the girl. Julia was enthralled by her book, all but unaware of her aunt’s presence. “Hello, precious.”

Julia slowly raised her head, giving her aunt a sweet smile.

The twelve-year-old girl was staying at Helen’s house while her mother, Helen’s older sister Susan, attended a sales convention. Helen was always glad to look after Julia any time she could — especially now that the cute moppet she used to babysit had blossomed into such a luscious preteen.

Julia closed her book, marking the place with her thumb. “Hi, Aunt Helen. Bedtime already?”

Helen nodded and said, “Yes, dear. Time to go to sleep.”

Glancing wistfully down at the thick volume, Julia sighed. “It’s sooooo hard to stop reading. You really wanna know what happens next.” She giggled. “But the whole book’s like that!”

“It’ll still be there for you tomorrow,” Helen said. “Come on now. Let’s get you settled in.”

“Kiss me goodnight first?” Julia asked shyly, and Helen felt her heart flip.

“Of course I will, sweetheart,” she replied. Gently taking the book from Julia and setting it to one side, Helen turned down the covers as Julia drew both knees up to her chin. That accomplished, Helen patted the bed. “Come on, honey, get underneath and I’ll tuck you in.”

Julia stretched out, wriggling her bottom down until her shoulders and head were resting on the pillow. As she moved, Helen caught what might have been a fleeting glimpse of the girl’s vulva through the gauzy pajama bottoms she wore — pink shorts that also left most of Julia’s bare legs on display. This provocative sleepwear had been Helen’s present to Julia, though she got even more pleasure from them than her niece did.

The sight, imagined or not, hit Helen like a blast of raw heat. Could Julia be wearing those without panties? she wondered.

Heart racing, she lifted the sheet and draped it over Julia’s legs, about halfway up her thighs, then sat on the edge of the bed.

“Do you like your new pajamas?” Helen asked.

“I do, lots! They’re very nice. Thank you again for getting them for me,” Julia replied. Peering down at the skimpy bottoms, she added, “I don’t think Mommy would like them, though.”  She pouted briefly, then visibly brightened. “Could I maybe leave my jammies here, Aunt Helen? I could wear them just for you.”

It took everything Helen had to keep from wrapping both arms around the young girl and kissing her full on the mouth. But she managed somehow to restrain herself, murmuring as she brushed a loose lock of hair from Julia’s face, “Why don’t you think your mommy would like your pajamas, sweetheart?”

Julia looked embarrassed, and her long eyelashes batted demurely as she said, “Because they are — well, the bottoms are so short, they’re sort of… sexy.”

“And she doesn’t want you to look sexy?” Helen asked, carefully placing her hand on the bed next to Julia’s thigh.

“No,” Julia said, a sulky tone to her voice. “Mommy always wants me to dress like I’m still a little kid!” She huffed in exasperation. “She says that girls that let their legs show are bad… the sort of girls, she says, who — who touch themselves.” Julia’s hand flew to her mouth, the girl’s eyes going wide as it struck her — what she’d just said.

“Touch themselves?” Helen queried with a raised brow.

Julia couldn’t look Helen in the eye, her cheeks burning as she whispered, “You know, touch themselves… down there.”

“Oh,” said Helen. “Don’t you ever touch yourself that way, sweetheart?”

“No!” blurted the young girl, biting her bottom lip before continuing. “Well… I did once, when I was in the shower.” She looked up at Helen through her long lashes, the perfect picture of innocence as she continued. “I didn’t mean to, Aunt Helen! I was just washing myself and it felt really good there, and, um…”

“And what, sweetheart?” Helen encouraged the young girl, her hand lightly resting on Julia’s silk-covered hip.

“It felt funny and… kinda nice, really. I wanted to keep doing it, but I thought about what Mommy said and I stopped,” Julia mumbled. Suddenly a look of fear stole across her sweet features. “You — you won’t tell her, will you, Aunt Helen?” she pleaded. “I didn’t mean to, but Mommy would be mad anyhow.”

God, Susan has turned into such a moralistic tight-ass, Helen thought. She smiled reassuringly, her hand gliding gently up Julia’s hip as she said, “No, honey, I won’t tell your mother. It’ll be our special secret.”

Once more the lashes batted as Julia said. “I do love you, Aunt Helen. Thank you for being so sweet to me.”

“And I love you, precious,” Helen replied gently. “That’s why I bought you the pajamas, you know. You’re such a pretty little girl… but you’re also growing up, so you ought to know what it’s like to feel sexy, to feel loved.” She leaned closer. “And it’s not wrong to touch yourself, sweetheart, no matter what my sister tells you. I do it all the time.”

Julia looked shocked and stammered. “You… you do?”

“Whenever I can,” Helen said with a conspiratorial wink. “I love making myself feel good — and so should you.”

Julia giggled, a sound like water flowing over stones in a brook. But the laughter stopped, her eyes growing wide as the tips of Helen’s fingers lightly traced a path up her bare thigh and onto the front of her pajama bottoms, brushing along the top of her mound. “Aunt Helen…?” she breathed.

“What, precious?” Helen asked as her hand slipped beneath the waistband of the young girl’s pajamas. To her delight, Julia had chosen to wear them without panties. Her fingers traced small circles in the soft down that adorned her niece’s vulva, drawing a gasp from Julia. “Does this feel good, honey?”

Julia said nothing, just nibbled her lower lip as she gazed wide-eyed at her aunt.

“It’s all right,” Helen assured her. “I won’t tell your mother. Doesn’t it feel nice… being touched like this?”

Barely above a whisper, Julia replied, “Yes…”

Helen smiled, “Is it making you feel funny? Kind of like when you get butterflies in your tummy — only lower down?”

A small, almost imperceptible nod of Julia’s head confirmed this. Helen couldn’t help but notice Julia’s nipples, now clearly outlined through the thin fabric of her top. Her lips barely touching the girl’s ear, she whispered. “Do you feel funny anywhere else, precious?”

With a look of embarrassment Julia confessed, “My… my b-boobies.” She gave her aunt a nervous glance, uncertain about using such a grownup word.

But Aunt Helen only smiled warmly. “How do they feel?”

Julia swallowed and bit her bottom lip before mumbling, “They feel all warm… and tingly.”

“Let me take a look,” Helen purred, slowly pulling on the bow that held the silken top closed with her free hand, watching with rising excitement as the loop shrank and vanished. Without the restraining knot the top slipped open, revealing the supple treasures within.

Helen spread her niece’s top the rest of the way open, exposing a budding breast. “You are so beautiful, child,” she breathed as her hand slid further down inside Julia’s pajamas to caress her sex, her exploring fingers drawing a tiny gasp from the young girl.

Helen watched the rise and fall of the girl’s bare breast, eyes alight in awe as Julia’s nipple began to stiffen, crying out to be touched, kissed, suckled. But the lust-drunk woman knew she had all the time in the world — and as her fingertips gently teased her niece’s now moist labia, she unveiled Julia’s other breast.

“May I show you how to kiss?” Helen asked — and without waiting for an answer she bent forward, lips brushing against Julia’s softly, the tip of her tongue detecting a hint of cherry lip balm.

Julia was frozen in shock. She didn’t try to stop her aunt, but neither did she respond as Helen slipped her tongue between the young girl’s parted lips, penetrating the warmth of her mouth.

At that moment, she wriggled the tip of her index finger into her niece’s vagina.

A moan sounded deep in Julia’s throat, and she began to tentatively respond to Helen’s searching tongue, shyly allowing hers to drift into her aunt’s welcoming mouth.

Surprising herself, the young teen hesitantly returned Helen’s kiss, then gasped in astonished wonder as that probing finger began to work its way in and out of her virginal slit, drawing forth more of the girl’s honey with each stroke.

Helen felt Julia quiver as the first tiny shocks of pleasure rippled through her, and she broke the kiss to look at her niece’s face, the girl’s eyes still wide with surprise.

“You like?” Helen asked with a smile.

Julia closed her eyes, hesitantly nodded.

Emboldened, Helen lightly touched the side of the girl’s breast, the backs of her long crimson nails sliding along the silky smooth skin, circling round and up towards the puckered tip. As she teased a taut nipple with her thumb, Helen allowed her finger to slip even deeper into Julia’s opening.

The young girl’s vagina clenched around the invading digit, Julia’s eyes widening further than ever as a pleasurable shudder overcame her nubile body.

“Do you want me to stop, precious?” Helen asked, a knowing smile on her lips.

Through shallow gasps Julia moaned, “Please don’t, please… Oh, this feels so nice, Aunt Helen.”

Helen licked her lips and, with deliberate slowness, dipped her head to envelop the young girl’s nipple as her finger slipped in and out of Julia’s slit. Teasing the pink bud with her tongue, she rolled the other between thumb and index finger, switching from one breast to the other then back again, leaving hints of red lipstick on her niece’s nipples.

By now Julia was moaning out loud, clutching her aunt’s head to her chest, rocking from side to side as strange new sensations flooded her body, threatening to overpower her with their intensity. Helen felt the soft body of her niece stiffen, the girl’s vagina gripping her finger as her orgasm found its release.

Julia let out a shriek as her whole world changed, made thrilling and new in one explosive moment.

Helen continued to kiss and suckle at her niece’s breasts until she felt the girl’s spasms fade to mere tremors.

Lifting her head, she studied Julia’s perfect face, flushed now and damp with sweat. The young girl’s smile said everything.

“Was that nice, then?” Helen asked gently as she let her finger slip out of Julia’s quivering pussy.

“Oh, Aunt Helen!” Julia all but sobbed with happiness. “That was wonderful. You’re so sweet, so good to me. W-why would Mommy not want me to feel like that?”

“I don’t know, but I think it would be better if we didn’t tell her… don’t you?” Helen said as she idly traced circles on the young girl’s stomach.

“I won’t tell,” Julia said solemnly. “Cross my heart.”

Helen smiled. “How does it feel down there now?”

“Warm… maybe a little sore,” Julia said, blushing a bit.

Untying the belt of her dressing gown as she stood, then letting her robe fall to the floor, Helen revealed her naked body. With a smile she said. “I can make it feel all better, precious.”

Turning back the sheet, Helen took hold of the waistband of Julia’s pajamas, then slowly pulled them down, giving the girl the opportunity to say no if she wanted. Instead, Julia helped by lifting her bottom clear of the bed, meekly allowing herself to be undressed. She wasn’t exactly sure what was happening, but the very idea of Aunt Helen wanting to see her with no clothes on sent a twinge of warmth through her still tingling sex.

Placing both hands on Julia’s knees, Helen gently parted her niece’s legs, exposing the source of the intoxicating scent that was now making itself felt. Drawn to it like a bee to a flower, Helen knelt before Julia and began to nuzzle the insides of the girl’s soft thighs.

Her kisses were delicate, like the touch of butterfly wings — moving gradually, steadily towards the sweet pink prize that awaited her between Julia’s legs. With the tip of her tongue Helen sampled her honey, savoring the heady aroma of arousal and drawing a soft whimper from her niece.

Helen licked at Julia’s slit, seeking out more of the young girl’s essence. She reached up, took hold of Julia’s right hand and guided it to the young girl’s breast, showing her how to fondle herself while Helen concentrated on her pussy.

Moaning with pleasure and bucking her hips, forcing her pussy against her aunt’s face, Julia thought she was in heaven… only to find she hadn’t quite reached the ultimate heights when Helen finally allowed her tongue to brush the young girl’s clitoris.

The shock of pleasure almost made Julia scream — but having felt it once, the young girl knew she wanted to experience it again and again, and Helen was only too happy to oblige as her niece began to grope her own breasts, pausing to pluck at the swollen nipples with fingers made clumsy in her innocent excitement..

Faster and faster, Helen’s tongue flicked her niece’s engorged pleasure button until the preteen girl did scream, shuddering helplessly as a climax tore through her like lightning.

Once Helen had brought Julia down from her orgasm, she lay down beside the panting little girl. Wrapping an arm around her now flushed niece, she drew Julia in until her head rested on Helen’s breast.

“Mmmmm… thank you, Aunt Helen,” Julia breathed, unaware of the happy tear forming in her aunt’s eye.

For a while they lay quietly in each other’s arms, Julia still drifting in a post-orgasmic haze. Suddenly Helen felt a finger stroking the top of her thigh and heard Julia shyly ask, “Uh… would you like for me to make you feel good, Aunt Helen?”

“You don’t have to,” Helen said, not wanting to take advantage of her sweet niece.

But Julia planted a soft kiss on the outside of Helen’s breast, then whispered, “But I’d like to…”

Without further words, the nude preteen began kissing her way down Helen’s body, her lips whisper-soft against her aunt’s tummy.

When Julia lay between Helen’s thighs, she gazed, utterly enthralled, at the first pussy she had ever seen up close. Slowly she reached out to brush the sticky labia with curious fingers, then cooed excitedly when her beautiful aunt moaned in response, parting her legs even further.

Julia dipped her head to press a loving kiss into the wet folds of Aunt Helen’s vagina, pausing to lick her lips — savoring the taste, finding it delicious. Eagerly the young girl burrowed her face between her aunt’s thighs, her tongue emerging to explore.

Helen fondled her breast with one hand while the other rested on Julia’s head, her fingers entwining in the young girl’s golden tresses. “Oh yes. Oh,” she whimpered. “Oh, my sweet child… that feels so — OH! — so good.”

As Julia pleasured her aunt she looked up over Helen’s mound, transfixing the older woman with her loving gaze, shaded by long, dark lashes. She was the very picture of the innocent slut — and a whimpering Helen couldn’t tear her eyes away from the sexy sight.

Julia licked and sucked at her aunt’s juicy cunt with abandon, happily making love to another female for the first time. It felt so good, so right — better than any of the awkward fumblings she’d experienced with boys.

Hands shaking, Helen indicated the throbbing nubbin of her clitoris. “Julia, my love… oh God, p-please lick me here. Oh. Oh yes.”

The young girl obliged, raising her face slightly to tease her aunt’s clit with the tip of her tongue — and the response was volcanic.

A shudder rocked Helen’s body, then she cried out as a shock of pure pleasure smashed through her, then another, then another. Her niece held on tightly, clutching Helen’s thighs, still pleasuring her aunt as best she could.

Finally the older woman stopped Julia with a hand on the girl’s head. “Oh, precious,” Helen gasped, “No — no more.”

Julia placed one last kiss upon her aunt’s vulva before crawling up the bed, flopping next to Helen in the place she had occupied earlier. Both women were flushed and breathing heavily.

“You look very sleepy, my angel,” Helen said at last, and immediately Julia stifled a yawn.

“I do feel tired, Aunt Helen,” Julia said dreamily. “Will you kiss me again before I fall asleep?” She tilted her head to peer up at her aunt, her hair in disarray, the pretty blue ribbon long since dislodged. The girl wore an expression of adoration on her face.

Helen smiled lovingly at her niece, then she let her lips find those of the sleepy girl in her arms. The kiss was warm and passionate.

“I love you, Aunt Helen,” Julia sighed happily as their lips parted. “Can we do this again? It was nice…” She yawned once more.

Helen sprinkled a few soft kisses on her niece’s face and neck. “Oh, precious,” she whispered, “I’ll make love to you whenever you like.” She sat up in the bed, swinging her legs to the floor. “Goodnight, Julia.”

Suddenly Julia’s eyes were open, and she seized her aunt’s hand. “No, Aunt Helen,” she pleaded, “don’t go. Please… stay with me.”

Helen’s heart fluttered as her adorable niece brought her hand to her lips, kissing the palm. “Okay, then,” she smiled, again hugging the young girl to her. They settled down together, snuggling close.

Soon Julia was fast asleep, her breathing regular and deep. Helen lay quietly, radiant with happiness, the object of her deepest desires naked and in her arms at long last.

The End


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  1. Mmmmm… thank you, JetBoy… that was totally delicious!!

  2. Debbie says:

    Wow I agree with N.M. How am I supposed to concentrate on my work now? 😉

  3. Sally says:

    wow this site is just the best I have come across. Gradually working my way through the stories and looking forward to new ones lost track of how long I have been here now but I have never masturbated so much in all my years. My sister is visiting me soon I’m going to show her this site and see if anything happens. Thank you JetBoy and all you other authors (too many to mention)for making me a very satisfied woman now back reading some stories

    • JetBoy says:

      Great to see someone reading the OLDER stories! (That’s a none-too-subtle hint to those who only check out the newer stuff.) Welcome to our humble abode, Sally… may our efforts continue to bring you pleasure aplenty.

  4. Lily says:

    I think JB must’ve been a lesbian in another life, lol!

    Loved it as always, my friend 🙂

  5. MrStrut says:

    Very hot JB, I have to agree with Lily, you must of been a lesbian in a past life! It was very erotic and loving. Keep up the good work.

    • JetBoy says:

      Being a man who has always adored, admired and often worshiped women (I fall in love at least five times a day), your Boy Author prefers to think of himself as a lesbian in male form. Read this for some reasonably eloquent thoughts on the subject.

      • MrStrut says:

        Thanks for turning me on to your blog, it was a very interesting read. I left you a comment on it too. Thanks for all your work, it is very erotic.

  6. julie_van01 says:


    Glad to see you haven’t lost your touch. If anything
    you seem to be getting better with age, just like a fine

    Julie V.

  7. JetBoy says:

    So many generous comments, so many lovely people. Sincerest thanks, from the bottom of my heart. <3

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    VERY hot!! (Lisa agrees!)

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    Loved this one JB … 🙂

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    Wow! thanks Myka for commenting on this one so it came to my attention to read. I just love finding hidden gems on here and this one umm really got the juices flowing.

    • Myka says:

      I’m quite new here Julie and I’m enjoying trolling the archives … like us all, I have my likes (and dislikes) and there are some lovely stories around that meet my taste in erotica, ok, that turn me on lol 🙂

  12. JetBoy says:

    Thanks to all of you who I haven’t yet thanked for giving my humble story some love… and SUPER-SPECIAL gratitude to Myka, who seems to be getting a measure of pleasure out of my vintage scribblings. You are aces in my book, dear lady!

  13. kim says:

    So didn’t we stumble across this great little story we’d never seen before. And didn’t we have a nice come reading it? Yes we did.

    Kim & Sue

  14. Litka and Tim says:

    Isn’t it just lovely to discover these older stories that we may have missed ?? This story of an aunt introducing her niece to the pleasure of lesbian sex is so sexy and sweet! What a better way for a young girl to learn such delights than from an older family member ?

    We found our own pleasures as we were reading it . Thank you Jetboy for always giving us such wonderful sexy stories to cum to and make these difficult days more tolerable

  15. Leigh says:

    Well that was pretty hot. Loved the story. Maybe her mom will come home ask Helen, did you do it? Helen will say yes and she’s willing for more. Helen added you coming this time……? Who knows? Thank you

  16. Mystery says:

    Hi JB
    I’m new to your stories but wow am I looking forward to the others after reading about sweet young Julia.
    My only criticism is that no 12 year old girl would go down on a grown up on her first time ever sex experience and definitely not in the aftermath of her first shy orgasm.
    She would be very awkward just looking at her aunt and the new and “weird” look and smell of a grown pussy will have to be learned to like slowly and in small steps.
    The start and build up is real and very plausible.
    Thank You for an amazing read and a very imaginary pleasure☺️

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