The Joy of Looking, Chapter 133

  • Posted on July 5, 2016 at 1:15 pm

By Naughty Mommy

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And then it was Christmas. Actually, Christmas break — two weeks off from school, hurray! My sisters and I could just relax and enjoy ourselves, sit around at home, read books, watch TV, have sex whenever we wanted, occasionally do some chores, maybe go for a walk or a bike ride. It was totally great!

During the afternoons, Hannah and Lindsey would usually come over to fool around with us, which was a blast, and on Tuesday morning, Karen showed up too. She was off from school like we were, but since she was working part-time that week in the public library to make a little money, she couldn’t stay very long, only a couple hours. That was long enough, however, for each of us girls to lick her pussy and make her come in our mouths.

Every night after dinner, Mommy would have wild sex with us, moving quickly from one daughter to the next, never seeming to get tired. She wanted to make sure to get her fill while she had the chance.

The only negative that week came on Thursday when our grandparents arrived for a short stay, December 23rd to the 28th. They took over my room, and I moved in with Kate. Well, I shouldn’t say it’s a negative, that’s not very nice. We loved our Grandpa Ray and Grandma June, and they always gave us expensive gifts and everything. They weren’t much fun to talk to, though, and their visits put a real damper on our erotic activities. Kate and I could play with each other quietly in her bed at night, which we did — but I missed having sex with my mom, and with Molly too.

Christmas dinner certainly was interesting. We had a big crowd, sixteen people in all. As you may recall, my mother had invited Lynn Firth and her daughter Cadence to join us since they had no other family. Dana and Chelsea were there too, of course, along with Megan and Samantha. Not only that, we also had Miranda and her two kids, plus Karen as well. Karen had spent Christmas morning with her folks, naturally, but came over to be with us later in the day.

The first ‘guests’ to show up that afternoon were Dana and Megan and their girls, Chelsea and Samantha. To us, of course, they were practically family — in fact, Kate and Molly and I literally regarded Dana and Chelsea as our sisters — but Grandma June and Grandpa Ray hadn’t met any of them before and so we simply introduced them as friends. Dana was careful, I noticed, to call our mother Suzanne, but it wasn’t so easy for 7-year-old Chelsea to remember.

A few minutes after they came in, Chelsea jumped up from where she was playing on the floor with the other little girls, ran over to our mom and said, “Mommy, I got a present for you! Can I give it to you now?”

We were all sitting in the family room at the time. Mommy gave Chelsea a big hug and kissed her cheek, leaving an imprint of her red lipstick. “Oh, you darling child, you didn’t have to give me anything. That’s so sweet of you. But you know what? We have some presents for you too, lots of them! What we’ll do, though, is wait until the others arrive, and then we’ll open everything up at once, okay?”

“Okay, Mommy,” Chelsea smiled. She kissed our mother on the lips, then went back to playing dolls with Molly and Samantha.

My grandparents had confused looks on their faces, but didn’t say anything.

The doorbell rang not long after that. It was Ms. Firth and Cadence, arms loaded with wrapped presents. We took their winter coats, thanked them profusely for bringing the gifts, which we set aside, then introduced them all around.

Miranda and her kids and Karen were the last to arrive, coming in separate cars but driving up at the same time, about an hour before we were planning to eat. They brought gifts too, and we piled them together on a side table along with the others. Mommy introduced Karen and Miranda to Lynn and to our grandparents, referring to them as our friends while making no mention of their status as a couple. Grandpa Ray, in his typically tactless way, asked Miranda where her husband was, and she replied that they were separated.

After everyone had been offered something to drink — wine or beer for the adults, juice for the kids — we opened up the presents. I saw eyebrows raised when a few of the gifts were revealed to be rather sexy. The members of our family (I’m including Dana and Megan and their girls here) had a habit of giving one another very skimpy underwear or nearly transparent nighties, the kinds of things we like to see each other in while making love.

But it was clearly a surprise, if not an outright shock, for Grandpa Ray and Grandma June — and maybe for Ms. Firth too — to see young children exclaiming their joy over receiving such adult gifts, not to mention giving similar scanties to their own mothers as Christmas presents!

Most of the other gifts were more routine, certainly nice enough to receive but with no overt sexual connotations. It did become plain, however, without having to be stated, that both Dana and Megan and Karen and Miranda were couples. The two pairs of lovebirds sat together during our gift exchange, holding hands, sometimes kissing, making no effort to conceal their affection. Nothing was said, but it didn’t have to be. It could be seen.

Then it was time for dinner, which was potluck in a way. Megan and Dana had prepared side dishes to go along with the two large hams my mom and I baked. Lynn brought a casserole too, and Karen and Miranda each brought some things for dessert. So we had plenty of food, and it was all delicious.

Even with the two extra leaves in the dining table, there was no way it could fit sixteen people. But we’d set up a card table in the family room, near the passageway to the dining room, and that’s where Molly and Chelsea and Samantha and Marisol had their dinner. Shortly before we sat down to eat, at about 3:00, Miranda fed the baby, Jorge, then put him down for a nap.

That meant there were eleven of us at the big table, but what was interesting about this was that our grandparents, along with Lynn and Cadence — four among the eleven — didn’t know anything at all about our intimate incestuous relationships with one another, nor about the rather unorthodox arrangements we’d settled into with Dana and Chelsea. Dana had been careful about that at first, referring to our mother as Suzanne, but she slipped up when we were opening presents, calling her Mommy a couple of times as she thanked her with a kiss.

As you might imagine, all this made for some very unusual dinner table conversation.

“So, uh, Karen,” Grandma June said at one point, “you used to babysit these girls, is that right?”

“Uh-huh, that’s right, I did,” Karen nodded. “For a while, anyway, a couple years ago.”

“That’s nice. And are you in college now, dear?”

“No, um, I’m still in high school. But I’m a senior, graduating next June.”

“Ah, I see…”

I saw a look exchanged between the grandparents, a frown of disapproval. Clearly they were concerned about the propriety of an intimate relationship between a grown woman — a married woman, with children — and a girl in high school. But they didn’t say anything more about that.

However, Grandpa Ray said, “You know, I just have to ask. I’m curious. Dana, why do you call Suzanne ‘Mommy’? And your daughter, I notice, does it too. Is that just a joke, or what?”

Dana smiled broadly, a radiant grin that would make the surface of the sun seem dull. I’m sure it must have melted the old man’s heart a bit. How could it not?

She said, “It’s just ‘cause I love her so much. She’s like a mommy to all of us, to me and Chelsea, and even to Megan and Samantha. She’s the best mommy ever!”

“Oh, uh, all right,” said our grandpa.

“Anyway,” continued Dana, “I didn’t, I mean, I didn’t really have much of a mom myself, or a dad either. It was… it was kinda hard for me growing up, you know? So it just makes me happy to have a mommy now. See?”

“Yes, yes, it’s fine,” Grandpa Ray nodded, smiling.

“It makes me happy too,” my mom said, “very very happy, to be so close to Dana and Chelsea. I really do think of them as my daughters. I love those two more than I can say, and I love showing them my love.”

Whoa! That was skating pretty close to the edge, on thin ice. I saw a startled look on Lynn’s face. Our grandparents didn’t react. Maybe they didn’t catch the double entendre, but Lynn certainly did. She stopped chewing, stared at my mother for a long moment, then looked slowly at Dana, at Kate, and finally at me.

I felt myself blushing when the woman’s eyes met mine and quickly looked down at my plate.

After Lynn finished chewing her bite and swallowed, she wiped her mouth with her napkin, then said, “It’s really nice to see a mom who’s so close to her daughters. I try to be that way with Cadence too. As a teacher, I see a lot of parents, unfortunately, who aren’t that way with their kids. It’s more, you know, adversarial at times. I suppose that’s normal, but after all, they won’t be young for very long, so we should enjoy them while we can. Don’t you agree, Suzanne?”

My mother smiled warmly at her. I got the sense there was a communication going on, unspoken, between the two women as they gazed at one another. Mommy licked her lips, then said, “Yes, I agree.”

She didn’t say anything else but continued smiling at Lynn, her eyes hooded, a smoldering, seductive look if I ever saw one. Lynn suddenly gave kind of a quick shudder and her cheeks flushed red, her neck too. I don’t know for sure, but I’ll bet her pussy was getting wet.

When dinner was over, the kids were eager to go play with all their new dolls and toys and things and were allowed to do so. Since everyone was stuffed, we put dessert off for a while, the adults relaxing with coffee.

Mommy asked Kate and me to clean up the dinner dishes. We weren’t real happy about that, but Dana and Megan volunteered to help so it really didn’t take too long. Then we went to join the others in the family room.

Jorge was still napping upstairs in Molly’s room. Miranda was on the sofa, in the middle between my mother and Karen. Grandpa Ray and Grandma June had claimed the two armchairs. Someone had brought in a couple of chairs from the dining room and placed them near the TV. That’s where Ms. Firth was seated. Megan took the other open chair, crossing her long legs, while Dana plopped down on the floor to play with the little girls: Chelsea, Samantha, Marisol, Molly, and Cadence.

That left just Kate and me. I happily took a seat on my mother’s lap, wrapping an arm around her neck and kissing her cheek. Kate sat on the arm of the sofa, on the other end next to Karen.

Grandpa Ray was rambling on and on about a trip they’d taken the previous summer, driving their RV out west to see the sights. It looked to me as if everyone was just as bored with his tedious travelogue as I immediately was, but they all smiled politely anyway.

Finally Dana managed to change the subject. She looked up from where she was sitting by Molly’s dollhouse and said, “Hey, you guys, guess what! Megan just got a promotion. She’s the assistant manager of the beauty salon now. A big shot, with a nice raise and everything.”

“Oh, that’s wonderful, Megan,” exclaimed my mom, and the others congratulated her as well.

“It’s not that big of a deal,” said Megan, modestly. “That ‘nice raise’ is really only about forty dollars a week. It’s certainly good to have, but we’re not getting rich or anything.”

As my grandfather began to brag about the lavish bonuses he received every year as Partner Emeritus in the law firm he was retired from, Grandma June, who almost never said anything, interrupted him.

“Oh, shut up, Ray,” she frowned. “You’ve been going on long enough. Let someone else talk for a while.” I could have kissed her.

I often wondered how my mom, who was so likable, so pleasant, could have been produced by a father like that. Not that he was a bad person or anything, just… annoying. I suppose she must have taken more after her mother, Lana — who of course I never met because she died when my mom was a teenager. It made me wish Lana was still alive so I could get to know her. Then I realized that my mother must feel the same way. She had to miss her own mommy sometimes, probably a lot, even though she never said anything about it.

I gave her a big hug and nuzzled her cheek. “I love you, Mommy,” I whispered.

“I love you too, honey,” she replied, gently patting my back. She turned toward me and tenderly kissed my lips.

When I looked up again, I saw that Ms. Firth — Lynn — was staring right at us. I don’t think either of my grandparents had taken notice of the loving, romantic way Mommy kissed me, but Lynn definitely had.

The conversation went on around us. Miranda was telling Megan how she’d worked in a beauty salon too for a while, when she was younger, and they were comparing war stories. But I wasn’t really listening to any of that. I was looking at Lynn, and she was looking at me. Our eyes were locked. She raised her eyebrows as if to ask a question, and I nodded slightly, confirming her suspicions.

“Wow,” she silently mouthed.

I could feel myself blushing. My heart pounded — though with excitement more than fear. This was a big admission I was making, huge, and yet somehow I knew I was on safe ground. Lynn may have been surprised, but she wasn’t shocked or outraged or anything like that. A smile crossed her lips. She shifted her gaze to my mom.

I glanced to the side, and saw that Mommy was nodding as well, while grinning at Lynn. Our secret was out.

* * *

Two hours later, the gathering began to break up. We’d enjoyed our desserts and talked a lot more, the kids had continued playing with their new toys, and now the guests were preparing to leave.

Nothing else had been said about the revealing kiss Lynn had witnessed. But as my mother helped her on with her coat, she reminded Lynn about the New Year’s Eve party to which she and Cadence were invited.

“I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Did I tell you it’s going to be moms and daughters only?”

“Oh, is it really?” said Lynn. “No, you hadn’t said anything about that.”

“Uh-huh, it should be a very special night. A time for women like us to enjoy being close with their girls.”

“Okay,” Lynn giggled, blushing. “I guess it should be pretty interesting.”

“Yes, it will be,” said my mom. She kissed Lynn on the lips, thanked her for all the Christmas presents, then said goodbye.

* * *

The next few days were fairly boring. Our grandparents were still with us until the 28th, so nothing much happened.

After they packed up and left, however, and I got my room back, we began making preparations for the party. We went shopping for new dresses to wear — although if the event turned out as I expected it would we might not have those dresses on for very long. It was always fun, though, to try on new things, to have my mom and my sisters tell me how pretty I looked and everything, while of course I did the same with them.

We worked on the menus in consultation with Paula and Theresa: hot dogs, burgers, grilled veggies for those who wanted them, plus an assortment of chips and dips and plenty of good desserts. Nothing too fancy, but then the food wasn’t really the point of the get-together. It was all about sex, a celebration of hot nasty mommy-daughter sex!

The big day finally arrived. Megan came over in the afternoon to help us with our hair and makeup. She would have to go back to the salon and close up at 6:00 before coming to the party, but she was able to get away for a couple of hours anyway, and make us beautiful. We’d decided on sort of a unique approach to our attire — all the girls would be dressed and made up like women, and the women would look like little girls. Pretty cool, huh?

I was in a cocktail dress, your classic little black dress with spaghetti straps. It was my first real grownup gown and I was totally thrilled with it. I had a new pair of black heels that I’d been trying to break in, walking around the house for a couple days doing my best not to sprain my ankles or fall down.  I wondered if I’d ever get used to high heels, and how other women did it.

Kate wore red, a bright red spandex miniskirt together with a dark red silk pullover, long-sleeved with a plunging V-neck. The sleeves were pushed up to her elbows, and the thin material of the top made it clear she wore no bra, pointed little nipples poking through like an invitation. On her feet were red ankle boots. My sister loved ankle boots.

Megan had adorned Kate with dark, heavy eyeliner, making her brown eyes seem huge. Her lips were painted red, and glossy. Artfully applied highlighting brought out her naturally high cheekbones and made her appear at least 18, if not 28, certainly not 11. Oh, and did I mention that she was wearing red fishnet stockings? Katie looked like a fucking hooker. She looked great!

Molly was in a glittery sapphire blue dress with long sleeves and a scoop neckline. Our mom had found a bra for her that pushed her little buds together, giving a semblance of cleavage, and provided a jeweled necklace too that worked perfectly with the dress. She wore high heels, navy blue, and actually walked more gracefully in them than I did. Combined with Megan’s clever makeup job, Molly easily could pass at first glance for a young woman, if perhaps a very short one (she was still only about four-feet-seven then). But if a girl just 9 and a half years old could look fuckable, my sister certainly did.

Samantha was in white, a long, flowing, beautiful white dress, the sort that girls wear for their first communion. Her long chestnut hair was piled up on her head like crown, while her makeup was fresh and virginal. She was scrumptious. And what really made the outfit work was when Samantha took Chelsea’s arm — because the other 7-year-old was dressed like a bridegroom in a smashing black tuxedo, a la Marlene Dietrich, complete with top hat. Her outfit was rented, of course, but it was a stroke of genius putting the kids together that way.

After us four youngsters were ready, Mommy and Dana got dressed while Megan went back to the salon to finish her workday.

For Dana, of course, it was no challenge at all to turn herself out like a little girl. This was something she loved to do and often did. That was not the case, however, with my mother. She was a woman who enjoyed being a woman, no longer a child. But she went along with the theme of the party since that’s what everyone else was doing.

Mommy wore denim cutoffs, very short, and sneakers with no socks. There was no way to conceal her ample bust, but with a checked gingham shirt tied at the midriff and her hair in pigtails, she had kind of a Daisy Duke look, sort of tomboyish but super sexy. Dana went with a plaid jumper and short-sleeved white blouse along with sneakers and ankle socks. Her blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail.

As we admired the job the women had done dressing up like young girls, I couldn’t help but reach underneath Dana’s jumper to find if she was wearing any panties. She was, white cotton, little girl style, and guess what — they were already damp! The anticipation of the evening to come must have made her very excited, and it made me excited to feel her juiciness.

I slipped my fingers through the leg hole of the undies, fondling Dana’s smoothly waxed vulva, so slippery and delicious with her gooey lubrication. Okay, I know we were probably expected to hold off until the party, but I just couldn’t help myself. I pushed a finger up inside her warm wet pussy while my thumb found her clit. Within seconds my big sister was panting, on the verge of a climax.

“Hey now, wait a minute,” chastised our mother, “you’re not supposed to do that.” However, as she said these words she was also kneeling behind me, pulling my dress up above my waist and tugging down my pantyhose and my lacy black undies. Mommy buried her face in my snatch, licking my slit.

Dana came very quickly, soaking my hand, panting and groaning in ecstasy. I wasn’t really that close yet. My mom’s tongue felt great, but it would take a little while for me to build up and reach that point. Except then Mommy stood up, reaching around the front with her other hand to massage my clit while pushing a finger into my vagina from behind.

“You wanna come, little girl?” she taunted seductively, thrillingly. “Huh? Want Mommy to fuck you and make you come?”

And that’s what did it. With my fingers still wet and sticky from Dana’s climax, and my mom rubbing me and fucking me and talking like that, I came much faster than I usually would — crying out as a powerful orgasm suddenly surged up from within, flooding my whole body with electric warmth.

Normally we might have gone on from there to a full-scale orgy — but we couldn’t that night because we had a party to attend. So, after I finished coming, and my mom licked her fingers clean and kissed me and told me how much she loved me, and after I licked my own tasty fingers and Dana and Mommy and I fixed up our faces again, we all went and got our coats and headed out for a fun New Year’s Eve.

Chapter 134 is coming  soon  someday, maybe…


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    You wanna come, little girl?” she taunted seductively, thrillingly. “Huh? Want Mommy to fuck you and make you come?”

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    Let’s see 07/2016-07/2022. Not likely there will be an up. I’m always saying I need to look at the ending first to keep from spending so much time on a read only to be left hanging.

  33. Andy says:

    Omg this novel is absolutely outstanding , but I was a little disappointed that it was left on such a cliffhanger . Especially at the crucial moment of the NewYears Eve party, when all the characters where going to be together .I really hope you get round too finishing this epic story

  34. ClitLicker says:

    Just finished reading this fantastic story for the second time, and I’m sure I’ll come back to it again and again. It never fails to amaze me that I, along with, no doubt, many others, came here for short-term sexual gratification and found real literary merit.
    Now I must have a rest – I’m getting sore in places I’d rather not be.

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