A Journey to My Sister

  • Posted on June 24, 2016 at 10:51 am

By JetBoy

I can still remember when I saw her, really saw her for the first time — because that was the moment that would ultimately change everything between me and my sister.

Carly was the younger sibling who I’d never paid much attention to, at least, no more than big sisters usually do. Oh, I tolerated her, but being five years younger, she might as well have come from a different generation. To me she was just an awkward kid who always had her nose buried in a book, while I was a typically self-obsessed teen, immersed in dating, fashion and high school society. We got along decently, but Carly wasn’t a huge part of my life until I came home from abroad at the age of nineteen, after studying literature in France for a year.

This story I’m going to tell you took place on my first return to the States, a few weeks after Carly’s fourteenth birthday. My parents had rented a huge vacation home at the beach, and invited my aunts, uncles and cousins to join us for a big family get-together. My plane had just made it in the night before the festivities got underway, and I was so wiped out by the time Dad got me there from the airport that I only had the strength to mumble a perfunctory greeting to my relations, then stumble upstairs to an unfamiliar bed.

I was the last to awaken the next morning, and by then nearly everyone had already eaten breakfast, changed into their swimsuits and were headed down to the beach. Carly, however, was still getting ready.

I walked into the bathroom to brush my teeth, and there was my baby sister, fresh from the shower and toweling her bare body. The gawky adolescent that I remembered had been magically transformed into a golden nymph of breathtaking beauty.

She looked better than any girl I’d ever seen naked… and by then, I’d seen a few.

After several years of wondering, I’d finally admitted to myself not long after beginning my studies in Paris that I was a lesbian. During my stay, I enjoyed a couple of very hot flings with cute French girls, one of them not much older than Carly.

I stood there, rooted to the spot, taking in the sight of her. My heart throbbed as I studied her perky breasts and the sparse triangle of down between her legs. She had an incredible little ass, too. Then with a glance in the mirror, Carly noticed me staring.

Panicking, I blurted, “Oh, sorry!” before beating a hasty retreat.

The next thing I knew, I was sprawled out on the bed in my locked room, pajama bottoms bunched around one foot as I masturbated. When I exploded in a frenzied climax after about sixty seconds of finger play, I was actually whispering her name, which only inflamed me all the more. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d come so hard, even with a lover.

Afterward I felt guilty, getting aroused like that by my little sister — a girl who wasn’t even old enough to drive, for God’s sake. How fucked up was that?

Then I found myself wondering if thinking that way about Carly was really such a bad thing. I knew that incest was supposed to be wrong, but couldn’t figure out why — other than because everyone says it is. Still, that luscious glimpse I’d gotten of her continued to prey on my mind, and I couldn’t stop thinking about my sister in a way I knew I shouldn’t.

Somehow, I managed to convince myself that fooling around with Carly wouldn’t be so terrible. After all, I did love her, and she’d be a lot better off learning about sex from me than with some dorky boy. Most of all, I was eager to experience girl/girl sex again. Getting intimate with Carly just seemed like an amazingly hot idea, forbidden or not. The more I thought about it, the more intrigued I became.

Of course, I knew it was just a fantasy — and a stupid fantasy at that. How in hell does a girl make a move on her own sister?

Finally telling my dirty mind to shut the hell up, I took a quick shower, got into my bathing suit and went down to join the others at the beach.

I never actually made it into the ocean, mind you — instead, I spent most of the day on a deck chair, sunglasses on so I could watch Carly without being noticed. She wore a tiny two-piece swimsuit that showed off her body to amazing effect, and the sight of her proved so enticing that I couldn’t maintain a coherent conversation with anyone. Luckily, I was able to blame my spaced-out demeanor on jet lag from the transatlantic flight.

As the sun slowly drifted from east to west, my desire for Carly only grew more acute. I longed to go back inside and masturbate again, but couldn’t tear myself away.

Not good, kiddo, I told myself. Not good at all. How the hell could I get the hots for my own sister at a family reunion? The whole situation was absurd, like some badly-written porno movie that nobody would believe for an instant.

After a full day of sun and surf, we began to gather up our stuff and trudge back up to the house. The parents had made a reservation for the whole family at some Chinese restaurant that was supposed to be incredible, so everyone had to get cleaned up and dressed. I was one of the last to leave the beach, lost in my thoughts about Carly, and when I finally made it indoors Mom informed me that the hot water was running out, and I’d best get a move on and take a shower unless I wanted to freeze my buns off.

I quickly ran to the bathroom to claim my place, but was too late — someone had beaten me there. Rapping sharply on the door, I called out, “Hey, don’t use up all the hot water, okay?”

When Carly opened the door and peeped out, giving me a glimpse of her bare shoulder, my heart started beating like a jackhammer.

“Hey, Allie — c’mon in!” she grinned. “We can share what’s left.”

I couldn’t believe my luck — I was going to get to see my sister naked again, only this time, I’d get a really good look. Even better, I’d get a chance to let her see all of me. Trying not to seem too eager, I slipped into the steamy bathroom.

Carly had already taken her suit off and was wrapped in a towel. I started to take off my top when she dropped that towel maybe three inches from my face, leaving her completely bare. “Hurry up!” she giggled. “You can wash my back.”

Digesting that lovely thought, I watched Carly’s pert ass jiggle as she entered the large shower stall, then quickly shucked my swimsuit and joined her.

As she lathered her hair, I took the opportunity to feast my eyes on that flawless body, gleaming beneath the flowing water. Unable to resist, I began to discreetly caress my pussy. It was a risky move, but hours of growing desire had made me positively desperate for release. In fact, I was wondering if there was some way I could linger behind afterward, so I could get myself off in private before we left for dinner.

Suddenly realizing that Carly was nearly done rinsing out the shampoo, I quickly assumed a nonchalant air. Nope — nobody perving on her underage sister here, no way…

“Okay,” she said, turning to face me. “It’s all yours.”

We switched places, and I lathered and rinsed my own hair. As I was doing so, I sneaked a quick peek at Carly, thrilled beyond words to see her staring at my own nakedness. I finished washing, and as I stepped from under the water she quickly looked away, just as I’d done earlier. My head was spinning!

Suspecting that Carly was at least a little turned on, I summoned up my courage. Looking her up and down, I said, “Wow, you sure have grown up, sis. I can’t believe you got so sexy in one year!”

“Not really,” she giggled, blushing and averting her eyes.

“Yes, really,” I shot back. “Girl, you’re gonna have the boys stepping all over each other to get close to you.”

“Like I care!” she snorted, rolling her eyes derisively. “Jeez, the guys at school… nothing but jocks, stoners and nimrods.” Then she shrugged. “I’m not that special, anyhow.”

I shook my head in disbelief. “You’re nuts, Carly — I mean, if you could see what I see…” Gesturing at her breasts, I continue. “Look at those tits, they’re perfect!”

She lifted a single eyebrow, “You think so?”

I know so,” I replied, then decided to go for broke. Steeling myself, I made the bravest play of my life.

“Um, Carly?” I asked her, the words suddenly awkward in my mouth. “Can — can I maybe see what they feel like?” I tried my best to make it seem like idle curiosity, but something told me that she wasn’t fooled.

I braced myself for rejection — but instead, her eyes wide, my baby sister slowly nodded.

I could feel my legs tremble as I reached out with both hands to caress Carly’s breasts. Her lips parted slightly when I cupped them, feeling her nipples stiffen to the touch.

“Mmmmm… that feels really nice, Allie,” she whispered. “Don’t stop.”

Every inch of me was throbbing with excitement, my heart going a mile a minute. Then I felt Carly’s hand lightly touch my belly, stroking it. When I made no move to stop her, she grew bolder, her questing fingers slowly gliding downward.

I gazed into Carly’s eyes, saw the need in them as her hand slipped between my thighs. I couldn’t believe it — my sister wanted this!

Her fingers gently grazed my moist labia. I drew nearer, my hands sliding around her waist, moving to cup her bottom.

Slowly, timidly, we drew together in an embrace, and I pressed my naked body into hers. She moaned softly, her warm lips touching my neck in the gentlest of kisses.

By then, my hand had found its way to Carly’s lightly-downed vulva — and just as I was about to take the final leap into madness and slide a finger into her pussy — someone pounded loudly on the door.

“Don’t get all shriveled up in there!” a male voice bellowed on the other side, and we quickly broke apart.

I gritted my teeth, furious. It was our cousin Glen, a totally immature dipshit who lived to be annoying.

“Piss off, Glen!” I snarled. I swear I could hear him snicker as he walked away.

The interruption had brought us back to reality and then some. Without a word I turned off the shower and we silently dried ourselves, got presentable and hurried out of the bathroom. I was too embarrassed to say anything, but Carly stopped me before we parted to go our separate ways.

“Come to my room later tonight,” she murmured, eyes dancing with excitement.

Oh, God, I thought I might have an orgasm, right there and then! She turned toward her door with a knowing smile, and I nearly bashed my head on the frame as I stumbled into my own room.

I’ll spare you the details about how excited I was. Suffice to say that the next eight or so hours were the longest and slowest of my life. At dinner Carly’s eyes and mine met often, and the anticipation written on her face clearly mirrored what I was feeling. It seemed too crazy to be real, but soon I would be making love to my fourteen-year-old sister!


Midnight. The coast was clear. My only concern had been that little creep Glen, and the possibility that he might ruin everything with one of his practical jokes. So after we got back from the restaurant, I cornered Glen and let him know that if he did anything else to aggravate me or Carly, I’d tell everyone about the time I caught him filching a pair of my used panties from the clothes hamper. His dad — my Uncle Ray — is an ex-Marine, and has one hell of a temper when riled. Glen was scared shitless of him. Needless to say, my cousin swore up and down that he’d behave himself.

I crept silently into the hallway, naked beneath a thin bathrobe, heart throbbing wildly at the thought of the pleasures awaiting me. Finding Carly’s door, I eased it open and slipped inside without knocking.

The room was in partial darkness, just light enough for me to see Carly in bed, her body concealed by a white sheet. Awed, I looked down at her beautiful face, then sat beside my sister, biting my lip as a fresh swell of desire washed over me.

“Hey, sis,” she grinned, blushing a bit.

“Hey,” I replied, flashing a shaky smile. “Got room in that bed for two?”

“Absolutely,” she said, pulling the sheet to one side, exposing her naked body.

My heart skipped in mid-beat as I studied her. I gazed adoringly at the swell of her breasts, the nipples so dark and enticing. Then I took in her lower half, admiring the sparse thatch of golden pubes that framed her sex.

“You’re beautiful, Carly.” I managed to whisper while untying the belt of my robe.

“Do you really think so?” she asked, bashfully glancing down at her nakedness.

“Oh yeah,” I nodded as I cast my bathrobe to one side and stood nude before my sister, skin tingling as I felt her adoring gaze.

“Jeez, Allie… I’m just a kid compared to you,” she whispered, taking in all of me. “But you, you’re perfect.”

“Do you really think so?” I teased, blushing as I found myself arching my back to push my firm, round breasts higher, my nipples aching to be touched.

“Just hope I’m sexy as you are when I get older,” she told me, eyes on my now moist vulva.

I placed one foot on the bed, opening my thighs, trembling as I displayed my womanhood to her, letting her see my sex bloom before the caress of her hungry eyes. I moved onto the bed and Carly’s gaze rose to my breasts, her lips parted slightly.

“We don’t need this, babe,” I told her, pushing the sheet onto the floor. “Let’s keep each other warm.”

My fingers brushed their way up her leg, marveling at its smoothness. Does she shave yet? I wondered. My hand moved even higher and still she stared at me, at my breasts and stiffened nipples, my flushed chest, neck and face.

“Have you done this before?” I asked, my fingers gliding up her slender thigh.

“Yeah,” she replied. “I… I think I’ve always liked girls. You ‘member my friend Suzy?”

I searched for her face, located a memory. “Wasn’t she the science nerd with the braids?” Carly nodded. “Oh, wow. You guys are girlfriends?”

“We were,” said Carly. “She’s a lot cuter with her glasses off, by the way.”

I was stroking her tummy, the tips of my fingers tantalizingly close to her sex. “Did you guys do everything?”

“Almost. She chickened out when I wanted to lick her. After that, Suzy wouldn’t do stuff with me. She was all scared of being a lesbo.” Carly made a face. “That’s just what she said, too. ‘I don’t wanna be a lesbo’. God, what a drip.” She grinned. “Good kisser. though.”

“Well, little sister,” I purred, trailing a finger between her titties and up to her lips, “you just forget all about that silly Suzie. I’ll make you feel better than she ever did.”

She smiled, pausing to moisten her lips. I imagined that tongue sampling my nectar and trembled with the mounting of arousal deep in the core of me. I was a flower, ready to pollinate.

Heart racing, I lowered my mouth to hers. Carly’s warm breath flowed across my face, then our lips were together, hers soft and trembling beneath my own. I held her close so my tongue could circle her mouth, then enter.

Our tongues met and sent ripples of pleasure wafting through our entwined bodies. I knew mine by the heat blossoming beneath my belly. I knew hers from her long moan that she gave, from the squirming of her slender hips.

My hand slid across my sister’s hip, then along the slight rise of her belly. I let it glide upward as our tongues played tag, then gently traced the swell of her breasts with my fingertips.

She moaned into our kiss, her back arching as I moved the palm of my hand in a circular motion over a nipple, teasing it to stiffness. I listened to my sister whimper as my finger and thumb squeezed a nipple, then its twin.

Perhaps it was the eternal bond between sisters, but somehow I knew her well as I knew myself — watching her face glow as mine would, seeing her hips move in a familiar way. She licked her lips again, this time gazing longingly at my breasts.

“Go ahead,” I breathed, anticipating her need.

Carly’s trembling hands extended toward me, and I purred as her warm fingers explored the curve of my breasts, then gasped with delight when she pinched a nipple.

The orgasm caught me completely by surprise. Pleasure flooded me and I quivered in amazed ecstasy, her slave for the moment it took to make me climax.

“Are you okay?” I heard my sister ask me through a warm, gauzy haze — her voice so like mine, yet with an innocent quality that seemed so wonderfully childlike.

I blinked my eyes open and smiled up at her, reaching up to run my fingers through her hair. “God, Carly,” I murmured, “you made me come!”

Wanting to return the favor, I moved to cup her budding breasts, exploring their softness with both hands. I watched her mouth fall open, heard her sigh happily.

I rolled Carly onto her back, lowering my mouth to a pert nipple. The catch of her breath thrilled me as I teased the tip of my sister’s breast with an eager tongue, briefly drawing it between my lips to suckle.

Too inflamed with lust to linger there for long, I kissed and nuzzled a path down Carly’s body, moving between her breasts and over the belly to the cute indentation of her navel. She gasped in surprise as I probed it with my tongue.

“Do you know what I’m going to do now?” I asked, lifting my mouth from her soft tummy. She nodded, propping herself up on both elbows, eyes huge as she watched me.

I spread her legs to lie between them, licking my lips as I studied her moist slit, framed by a triangle of soft down. I inhaled deeply, breathing in the intoxicating scent of a young girl’s longing.

My mouth pressed to her sex, opening her, letting my tongue enter. She shivered almost violently, a soft cry escaping. My hands slid down to cup Carly’s ass, lifting her into my mouth. I explored inside for a moment, probing deep as I was able, then began to bathe her sex with long, lustful licks. I flicked her clit with the tip of the tongue, then sucked it between my lips.

Carly cried out and stiffened, and I opened my mouth to receive her sweet essence, drinking from my sister’s flower as she came for me. I felt her honey, warm and thick, coating my lips and chin. I sucked frantically, in love with the taste of her. Musky, sharp, exactly what I thirsted for. Her fingernails bit into my shoulder, but I continued to lick at the hot, rosy flesh until Carly came once more.

We lay side by side, no sound heard but for our breathing, Carly’s body so slight and delicate next to mine. And as the glow of her climax ebbed, my hand began to roam again, moving to trace her elegant arms, then gliding between those delicately chiseled little breasts.

She moved slightly and licked her lips, her thighs scissoring together. I could gauge her growing arousal by the measure of my own, somehow mirrored in Carly’s eyes — knowing that she already craved more.

I kissed my sister gently, letting her tongue slide timidly into my mouth to taste herself. My hand slid down to cup her pubis, stroking the moist opening with a lazy finger.

“I wanna do that to you,” she breathed, nuzzling my lips, my cheek, the tip of my nose.

Giving her permission with a brief kiss, I lay back and parted my legs. Stroking her face with one hand, I used two fingers of the other to open my cunt, thrilled by Carly’s rapt expression as I lewdly exposed myself to her.

I could read the excitement in my sister’s eyes — and it only drove my lust higher, seeing how much she wanted me. I offered Carly a finger, glistening with my essence. Her gaze never left mine as she took it into her warm mouth, and I sobbed as she slowly circled the tip with her tongue. God, I was dripping for her!

Releasing my hand, baby sister glanced down at my sex, a pleased smile on her pretty face as she studied me. Then Carly’s eyes met mine once more, and she slowly lowered herself between my parted thighs, lips parting to taste…

“Oh,” I moaned, a sharp escape of breath as her tongue barely grazed the opening to my cunt, teasing me. I could barely resist an sudden impulse to grasp my sister’s head with both hands and grind her face into my inflamed pussy. My last lover in Paris, a hair stylist named Simone, loved that sort of rough sexual play.

Somehow, though, I managed to hold myself still while Carly kissed there, lingeringly. Then I felt her tongue delve inside me and I jerked violently, mewling like a helpless kitten as I felt myself skirting the edge of another orgasm.

Carly’s tongue dipped in and out of my slit in an almost playful way, taking me higher but denying me release. Panting, I cradled her head in my hands, silently willing her to lick harder, damn it — to devour me completely. I was panting, desperate for the touch that would take me where I ached to go.

Every nerve was howling and my chest ached with the very effort of drawing breath when, suddenly, she kissed my slit once more, then took a long, slow lick that began at the cleft of my anus and moved upward. Eyes wide, mouth crying soundlessly, I felt Carly’s tongue glide over my pouting labia, then rasp divinely over my clit.

I clapped a hand over my mouth to muffle a helpless scream as my body became liquid. Thrashing and bucking, clutching her face to me in an iron grip, I could feel Carly drink from me as I came, my own sister slaking a deep, primal thirst just like mine. I was emptied, then refilled, then everything vanished.

I woke from a dream where I bobbed and floated in vacant space to feel Carly’s resting head on my belly, an arm draped across my legs. My eyes still closed, I felt down for her head and stroked my sister’s cheek. I smiled in the darkness as I felt her lips graze my palm.

“I love you,” I murmured, those simple words holding more meaning for me than ever before.

“I love you too,” she replied, taking my index finger into the wet warmth of her mouth, her tongue swirling around the tip.

The effect was akin to throwing pine chips onto a smoldering fire. My lust was renewed and intensified; once more, I yearned for my little sister.

“Again,” I told her softly, ignoring how sensitive my pussy felt after that last orgasm. “I’ve got to have you again, Carly.”

I pulled her to me, our mouths met and we kissed, breasts pressed together, my thigh resting against her pubis, hers against mine, creating a gentle friction that sent tiny aftershocks of pleasure surging through my still-tender sex.

I tasted myself on her mouth, sucking playfully at Carly’s tongue and nibbling her lips, my sister and I exploring the many ways two lovers can kiss.

My nipples awakened, tingling deliciously as they brushed against hers. With curious hands, Carly and I explored the curves and contours of each other’s bare bodies, feeding this mutual hunger until our breaths quickened in anticipation.

“I want to watch you come,” I breathed. My hands slid down her slender back, fingers tracing the ridge of the spine until I reached her waist. She arched her body elegantly to my touch, like a stretching cat.

Her face glowing with desire, Carly rose on her arms and shifted herself further up my body, her legs brushing against my sides until she was straddling my belly. I smiled up at my sister as I cupped the tight curve of her bottom with both hands, fingers gently delving between her cheeks to explore.

I moaned, excitement flaring when she reached back to spread her tight buttocks further apart. I remembered the first time my own fingers had discovered the pleasures of ass play, knowing I was younger than Carly was now. My lightly circling finger slid down to dip into her wet cunt, then up again to anoint her anal rosette. I heard her inhale sharply, watched her mouth go slack as the tip of my finger slid inside, just an inch or so for starters.

“You like that?” I asked softly, and she gave me a shaky nod, already giving herself up to these wonderful new feelings. I pushed deeper, listening to her heavy breath as I probed her most intimate opening.

“I’ll go slowly,” I breathed. “Just relax.”

I watched her face work, feeling her tense and slacken, jerk and gasp as my finger eased past the tender ring and into the hot, slippery rectum, right up to the third knuckle. A violent shudder tore through Carly when I began to withdraw, my finger emerging from her ass until only the tip remained — then I slid it into her again with a single fluid stroke, and she cried out loud. Her quivering hands clutched my shoulders.

“Nice,” I breathed, euphoria surging through me as I sodomized my baby sister.

She keened, quivering above me as I felt her gradually open to my moving finger. Her eyes were wide, staring blankly ahead while short gasps issued from her mouth.

“Good?” I asked, knowing it was.

“Y-yeah!” she panted, her face glistening with perspiration.

“I wish I’d packed my strap-on,” I whispered, watching Carly’s startled, then ecstatic expression as I began to wriggle my probing digit about inside her nether hole. “I would love to fuck you.”

Her tongue emerged to moisten her lips. “I… want you to f-fuck me too,” she whispered. “I’ve never, b-but I would for you, Allie…”

Sweat dripped from her face onto my breasts as she thrust her bottom against me. Somehow my finger penetrated her deeper still, and she shuddered, moaning low. I worked my finger in and out, slow and steady, the tightness of her rectum yielding to me with each stroke.

Carly began to mew and push back onto my delving finger. Her face was rapturous, her skin glowing as if she were lit from within. She was panting loudly, getting louder still as those little mews became hoarse cries of delight.

My sister’s hand fumbled its way between my thighs, and she began to finger me hard and fast as I probed her ass.

“Yes… yes!” I moaned in delight as Carly came, her cry drowning out mine. Her hand worked frantically at my cunt while she rode out her climax, shaking on my embedded finger, the hot wetness of her flowing onto my belly.

Then I was coming too, her rough fingering sending explosive shockwaves hammering through my frame. My breath hissed through clenched teeth.

We bucked and rocked together as mutual ecstasy fused us into one white-hot sphere of pleasure, clutching one another closely as if we meant to be one forever, come what may.

Our shared climax crested, then slowly faded into a comforting warmth.

We lay together peacefully, my sister and I, the sea air from the open window cooling our glazed bodies.


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  1. kacey says:

    You’ve gone and done it again, JB!! Excellent work, and deliciously erotic. Encore!

  2. MrStrut says:

    Yes JB it was excellent! Very well written and very erotic. Nothing more beautiful then sisterly love.

  3. JetBoy says:

    Thanks by the cubic ton to you both. Happy readers such as yourselves are why we do this…

  4. Amanda Lynn says:

    Now that was delightfully yummy!

  5. robt66 says:

    The picture alone almost made me cum but the story was even better. I don’t know why I haven’t read this story before but I’m glad you have re-introduced it.

  6. Tim says:

    First of your stories I’ve read JetBoy, but I’ll definitely be back for more.
    There is something about love and sex between sisters that always excites me, and this story does so perfectly.
    Thank you!!!

  7. Myka says:

    Beautiful JB … we loved it … the picture too 🙂
    Thank you!!!
    Please keep writing such lovely stories … Hope you are okay.

  8. JetBoy says:

    Wow, thanks SO MUCH for all the kind comments! You guys made my week.

  9. Misty Meadow says:

    Beautiful picture and beautiful story to match. I had to wash my hands before typing this, ‘cos my keyboard’s getting sticky.

  10. Nathan Riches says:

    The reason incest is viewed as bad and made illegal is because of the likelihood of deformed offspring if a child is born from an incestuous relationship, and the potential imbalance of power if that relationship is with an authority figure (parent, grandparent, aunt/uncle) Unfortunately, much like pedophilia, the illegality is a blanket one, which means relationships where pregnancy is not an issue, eg, mother/son where mother has either gone through menopause or had hysterectomy, or, in the case of the story, lesbian relationships are still vilified. Thing is, no matter which theory you believe in, creationism or evolution, we are all in incestuous relationships, as we all came from the same place (Adam and Eve, or the first humans, again depending on what you believe) In fact, the royal family of britain was inbred for centuries, as they wanted to keep the bloodline “pure”

    It also means that loving relationships, such as the one in the story are also vilified, because not only is it incest, but pedophilia, which has become synonymous with “child molester” or “child rapist”, where many people who have an attraction to children would in no way ever harm them (except for the obvious unavoidable way with a female) As Allie says, what would be better, to learn about sex from someone more experienced and loving, or some fumbling teenager who has no idea what they’re doing? (and yes, the fumbling teenager is most likely a boy, because honestly, you dont need to know what you’re doing to get a guy off :S :P)

    Maybe one day society will realise that a lot of the “victims” of incest and pedophilia are only vixtims because society made them that way (believe me, I am not in any way trying to say that all victims of these crimes were willing participants) with their insistence that what the “victim” experienced as a loving, caring, and yes, thrilling, relationship was “wrong” and “evil”

    Ok, rant over :S 😛

  11. 3FingersNeat says:

    I was hooked on the story as soon as I saw the picture. That set the tone for me. Great offering!

  12. M.P says:

    Would love a second part where she takes younger sisters virginity with strap-on. Both holes!!

  13. Jennifer says:

    I came twice reading this!!!!

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