In Pursuit of My Daughter, Part Two

  • Posted on May 18, 2016 at 1:32 pm

By JetBoy

When morning came, I was delighted to wake up spooning with my daughter, snuggled up tightly against her, both arms twined around her body. One hand was cupping a firm breast, the other rested on her belly. Judy’s top had inched up just enough to leave her tummy bare, and the tips of my fingers were grazing the waistband of her pajama bottoms. I was more than content to lie there, embracing my child as she slept, so I remained motionless for a long, lovely while with our bodies nestled together.

Finally, Judy began to awaken, making little contented noises. Her bottom wriggled back, pushing into my mound, then one hand covered mine upon her breast. She sighed happily into the pillow.

Then, I think, Judy abruptly realized where she was and who was sharing her bed. “Oh!” she gasped, then began to cautiously wriggle her way out of our embrace.

I let her go, not without a pang of regret, then pretended to gradually awaken, slowly rising into a sitting position and yawning. I stretched myself like a cat, the motion pulling the T-shirt up just enough to reveal my shaved slit. Judy was now up and on her feet, stealing the occasional glance at my partially bare body as I flashed her a sleepy grin. “Good morning, honey!”

“Um… good morning, Mom. Wow, I guess we were, uh… snuggling each other in our sleep.”

“Were we? Oh, I suppose we got a little cold in the night… must’ve been cuddling for warmth,” I laughed, trying to put her at ease. “Then again, maybe we both miss sleeping next to someone. There’s nothing like cuddling with a lover in the morning, is there?” I stretched myself again, giving her another peek at my pussy.

Judy laughed nervously, then made her way to the bathroom without a word. Soon, I heard the shower running. After a few minutes she emerged in her bathrobe, quietly accepting a cup of coffee I’d just made. She took it outside onto the front steps, and I fixed a light breakfast of toast and fruit, calling Judy when it was ready.

Once we’d sat down together and began to eat, Judy finally began to talk. “I’m sorry if I got all… weird this morning, Mom. I guess I just woke up with you up against me and… I was a little startled.”

“I understand, honey. I have to confess that it did feel good to wake up spooning with someone… all safe and warm and loving.”

Judy nodded in agreement, but I could tell that she had more to say. Finally, she gave me a shy smile and murmured, “Can I tell you a secret, Mom?”

I leaned forward. “You can tell me anything, dear.”

She giggled and said, “You might think this is odd, but you spoon me exactly the same way that my last boyfriend did!”

“Really?” I replied.

Judy nodded. “Yeah! John almost always woke me up with one hand cupping me here,” she indicated her breast, “and the other one almost in my panties.” She blushed when she said that, but grinned as I laughed. “Usually I woke up just as he was slipping his fingers under the, the waistband,” she continued, giving me a bashful smile.

I winked at her. “Well, I guess you woke up a little too early this morning… I hadn’t gotten that far, not yet!”

We both laughed at that, even as she gave me another quick look of surprise. We continued to chatter like two schoolgirls and, although our talk shifted to other topics, I was pleased to see her giving me thoughtful looks now and again. That seed I had planted appeared to be ripening…

With breakfast over, I took my own shower and we quickly got dressed — though Judy left the bedroom just before I could drop my towel in front of her the way I’d planned to, damn it.

Soon we were out and about, in full shopping mode. We began to work our way through the many stores in the downtown area, our focus mainly on clothes. Before very long, we came upon a lingerie store, one that specialized in the more daring stuff.

“Come on, honey!” I said. “I want to buy you some hot nightwear.”

Her cheeks flushed a lovely pink, Judy hesitated as I made for the door. “Aw, I don’t know, Mom,” she protested. “I like my pajamas. They’re comfy!”

I quickly took her by the elbow. “Nonsense! A lovely girl like you ought to be either naked or dressed in something sexy when you’re in bed — especially with a lover. You’re a grown woman, Judy Atkins, and much too mature to be wearing those ridiculous cotton jammies!”

With that, Judy meekly submitted and let me lead her inside. At first she wandered about uncertainly, but soon began to look through the risque underthings with growing interest.

“I don’t know, maybe you’re right, Mom. I guess I do kinda dress like a kid when I sleep. I ought to try something on, at least. Any suggestions?”

Encouraging her to choose from the more revealing items, I helped Judy pick out a few things, then made several very bold selections of my own. Laden with skimpy underthings, we made our way to the changing rooms.

Judy disappeared inside a stall while I waited outside. After awhile, I called out, “How’s it look, honey?”

“Um, well… I guess I look okay, Mom.”

I tapped on the door. “Let me in, hon. Sounds like you need a second opinion.”

There was silence from the other side for several seconds, then I heard the lock click and the door swung open. I stepped inside and closed the door behind me, then stopped in my tracks in awe.

“Well, Mom…what do you think?” Judy shifted nervously, standing before me in a white, halter-strapped babydoll negligee.

“Oh, Judy, it’s incredible,” I gasped. Her breasts were clearly visible through the gauzy material, and the short length of the nightie showed off her legs quite nicely. I moistened my lips, feeling a storm rising inside. “You can’t tell me you don’t feel sexy in that!”

Judy looked down at herself, blushing a bit at the realization of how scantily clad she was. ”Yeah, I really do.” She giggled. “Wow — it’s a new me!”

“No, it’s still the same beautiful you, honey… just in a nicer package.” I held up a negligee, one I’d picked out for myself. “I thought I might try on something, too. Mind if I share this room with you?” I asked as I stepped out of my shoes.

Judy hesitated, then murmured, “Um, no, Mom… go ahead.”

I shrugged out of my summer dress, letting it pool at my feet, leaving me in a bra and sheer white panties. I wondered if my daughter could tell that my panties were damp — and why. As I slipped them off I said, in a voice that sounded much calmer than I felt, “Don’t let me stop you, Judy. Go ahead, try on something else! We can model for each other.”

Then I unfastened and removed my bra, baring my generous breasts. I glanced at Judy, admiring her perky tits, then arched an eyebrow at the sight of her shaved pussy. I was pleased to see my daughter stealing sidelong glances at me, too. I noticed that her eyes kept flicking down to my own smooth sex. I wondered if she liked what she saw.

We both turned and displayed our outfits for one another. “Oh, Mom… that’s perfect for you!” Judy sighed as she gazed up and down my body. I was wearing a red flyaway babydoll with a plunging neckline that was a little small for me, making my breasts look even bigger.

As for Judy, she wore a white camisole and panties that really showed off her lovely, flat belly, with a low-cut top that allowed her firm, round breasts to appear as if they were about to burst free.

I gave a long, low whistle of appreciation. “Nice, Judy. Really nice. You look totally fuckable in that.”

Judy squealed in mixed shock and delight, a hand flying to cover her mouth. “Oh my God, Mom! I can’t believe you said that!”

I pirouetted for her. “So… what do you think. Sexy?”

Judy giggled. “Yeah… oh yeah, Mom! I know a few guys who would jump you on the spot if they saw you now.”

We continued to try on outfits, Judy growing more and more at ease with being naked around me. She tried on a black string bikini that she looked drop-dead gorgeous in, the black contrasting incredibly with her pale skin. I tried on a similar one that, I had to admit, really showed my body off to maximum effect.

I kept sneaking peeks at my daughter’s bikini clad mound, the line of her slit practically visible through the jet-black material. Looking down at myself, I trailed a finger over my barely covered crotch. “How about this one, Judy?” I said. “Am I too long in the tooth to pull this off?”

Judy’s gaze was following my naughty hand… and I was pleased to see her absently lick her lips. “Oh… I don’t think so, Mom. To me, you look like a million bucks,” Judy replied. She raised her gaze to meet mine. “Wear that to a beach, and you’ll have to fight the guys off with a baseball bat!”

I felt my nipples swell against the skimpy bikini halter. Moving close to my daughter, I gave her a big hug, sighing, “Thank you, honeybunch. I love you…” I savored the feel of her nearly naked body against my own mostly bare skin.

“I l-love you too, Mom…” Judy whispered shakily, returning my hug. I could feel her heart beat madly, felt her shiver against me.

We drew apart, then stared into each other’s eyes for a brief moment that seemed endless. Something told me that I could have kissed my daughter like a lover then and there, if I wanted to. But no, not just yet. I didn’t intend to make a move on Judy until I could take her all the way.

Our shopping done, we went to a nearby steakhouse and had ourselves an excellent dinner, complete with a superlative Cabernet, then took a leisurely stroll back to the car. The drive to our cabin was lovely, with Judy taking my arm and resting her head on my shoulder — almost as if we were on a real date.

Soon as we entered the living room, I dropped my bags on the couch and stretched luxuriously. “Mmmm… so, Judy — after a successful day maxing out Mommy’s credit card, I think we deserve to relax in style. Let’s fire up that hot tub and have ourselves a soak!”

Judy’s eyes lit up. “Sounds great, Mom! I’ll go change into my swimsuit.”

I laughed, then marched towards the patio, shedding my clothes along the way. “Honey, it’s just us here. You don’t need a bathing suit! Don’t be shy, we don’t have anything to hide from each other.” I casually let my bra drop to the floor, then stepped out of my panties. “C’mon, you. Take off those clothes and get that sexy butt of yours in the tub with me.”

Judy just gaped at me… and as I opened the door that led to the patio, I turned to wink at her and playfully cooed, “I’ll be wait-ing…”

Before we’d left the cabin that day, I’d turned on the hot tub and set it to simmer, just so it would be nice and warm by the time we returned. I turned the heat up a couple of notches, switched on the bubbles and stood there, eagerly waiting for Judy to join me. The water quickly grew steamy and I climbed in, settling back with a sigh.

The door slowly eased open and Judy peered around it, as if to make sure no one was there but me. Then she stepped out, fully naked, and slowly padded to the tub. Once more, I marveled at my daughter’s bare beauty. As she dipped a foot into the bubbling water , I got a good look at Judy’s shaved pussy, her labia slightly parted and glistening — with arousal? I certainly hoped so.

Extending a hand, I helped her into the tub with me… and she purred with pleasure as she settled into the steaming water. Judy’s hand still in mine, I moved to face her, our bodies only inches apart.

“I had a wonderful day, honey,” I said. “It’s been so good spending time with you… I’m only sorry we don’t get together like this more often. That’s going to change, though. I want us to be even closer than we are now, because I love you so very much. You’re the best daughter a mother ever had.”

Judy squeezed my hand. “Oh, Mom, I love you too… and I’ve adored every minute we’ve spent together this weekend. You’re the absolute greatest!” She surprised me then by leaning in and kissing me on the cheek. As she did, our breasts touched for an instant, her nipples lightly brushing mine. Judy shivered.

“Are you okay, honey?” I asked. I rested a hand on her shoulder, then made a surprised face. “Goodness, Judy… you are sooo tense! C’mere, girl. Let Momma rub your shoulders.”

I shifted the two of us around, scooting behind Judy and drawing her to me, seating her between my thighs, her firm, lovely ass resting against my vulva. Taking a steadying breath, I began to massage her.

“Ohhh, Mom… that feels wonderful,” Judy moaned, leaning back into me, pressing against my breasts. We sat in contented silence for awhile, as I kneaded her neck and upper back.

After a while, she said, “This day really has been… special, Mom. I love seeing this side of you.”

“What side is that, honey?” I asked innocently as I worked the muscles in her neck.

“Oh, I don’t know what to call it… your, um, wild side, I guess. I’m jealous of how relaxed you are, Mom. How comfortable you are about being naked… and, um, talking about sex. I’ve always been so shy about things like that.” She sighed. “It’s hard for me to even let a boy see me with my clothes off. I always turn out the lights before we, we make love…”

I stroked her arms up and down as I replied, “I don’t know why you’d ever feel bashful, Judy. You have an absolutely gorgeous body… exquisite! You shouldn’t be embarrassed to let it show, especially when you’re about to fuck.”

“See, that’s what I mean… the way you can just say something like that. I just wish I could be as, as bold as you are, Mom.” She giggled. “It’s like I’m the uptight mother, and you’re the cool daughter!”

My hands continued to work on my daughter’s back, moving up and down the curve of her spine, at times getting tantalizingly close to her ass. “Well, hon… I don’t think I’m as outspoken as all that. I’m just trying to be frank and honest with you, because I’m your mom.” I allowed my fingers to stray even lower, barely grazing the top of Judy’s anal cleft. “I will admit that I’ve had a very interesting sex life…”

Judy was silent for a few heartbeats, then said, “Mom… can I ask you a personal question?”

“Of course, hon,” I replied, my heart beginning to throb with anticipation. Had she taken the bait…?

“Last night you said it had been a long time since you’d slept with a woman. I was, well, kind of wondering how you meant that. Have you ever, y’know, had sex with another woman?”

Pay dirt! I continued to rub her arms and shoulders as I replied, fighting to keep my voice steady. “Yes, honey… I’ve had quite a few female lovers.” I paused. “Your father is the only man I’ve ever been with more than a time or two.”

Really?” Judy gasped. “Wow… so, does that mean that you’re a, um, lesbian?”

“Oh, I suppose that in the literal sense, I’m bisexual,” I murmured, “but I think of myself as gay. Making love with a beautiful woman… mmmm, there’s nothing better.”

Judy sighed again. “I have to admit that I’ve been tempted by the idea, but the timing was never right. I’ve always wondered what it would be like.”

“Really?” I whispered, my hands moving over Judy’s body — now caressing more than massaging. “Who have you been tempted by, honey?”

My daughter was silent for a few seconds, then she replied in a soft voice, “Well… my roomie, Teresa. I sort of have a crush on her. Sometimes, I…” She paused, then charged ahead. “I, uh, m-masturbate, thinking of us in bed together.”

“Mmmmm, sounds sexy.” I purred. “Anyone else?”

Long, silent seconds passed by, the only sound that of the bubbling water. Finally Judy spoke. “I need to ask you a question first, Mom… and, uh, will you promise that you won’t get mad at me — or laugh?”

Wrapping both arms around my daughter’s upper chest, I rested my chin on her shoulder. “Fair enough, hon — I promise.”

Drawing in a deep breath, Judy gathered her courage and plunged on. “Mom, you… you’ve been flirting with me, all day long — haven’t you?”

Going for broke, I ran the tip of my tongue around Judy’s ear, making her moan. “Yes, baby,” I murmured, “I was flirting with you… and I am now. What do you think about that?”

“I… oh, Mom… I’m — I’m excited.”

I slowly slid both hands down the front of my daughter’s body, my lips touching her ear as I cupped her suddenly heaving breasts. “Tell me more,” I breathed, pausing to nip gently at Judy’s earlobe. “How did it make you feel, what your mommy was doing?”

“It — it made me hot,” she said in a shaking voice, “like I’ve never been before. I c-can’t stop having these crazy thoughts about how beautiful your body is, ever since I saw you wearing nothing but that t-shirt last night… Then today, when we were in the changing room together, half naked in that tight space–” A shiver raced through her frame. “When you hugged me, Mom… my God, I wanted to kiss you, really kiss you!”

“Sweet Judy,” I whispered, “would you like to make love with me?” My palms slid against her thick nipples. I could feel her heart throbbing in tandem with mine. Bending down, I kissed her neck wetly, allowing my lips to linger.

“Yes,” she moaned, “oh God, Mom, yes.”

I turned my daughter around to face me, kissing her parted lips. Judy whimpered as my tongue slipped into her waiting mouth, then she shyly began to respond — her tongue flirting, then eagerly mingling with mine. We shifted about where I sat, our bodies seeking the ideal position for making love. Soon Judy was straddling me, her legs drawn up so they pressed against my sides.

My hands fondling her firm breasts, we continued to kiss — long, deep, smoldering with passion. Even beneath the steaming waters of the tub, I could sense the warmth pulsing between my daughter’s thighs. Judy’s hands slipped down to clutch my ass, pulling me closer while her tongue hungrily dueled and danced with mine. Our cunts were practically touching, the heat we shared threatening to ignite into an inferno of lesbian lust.

My hand found its way down between our bodies, and I worked a finger between the folds of Judy’s labia, urging it deep into the simmering wetness. “Oooh, Mom!” Judy cried, breaking our kiss. “Omigod, it’s… it’s never b-been like this!”

Hungry for more, I lifted Judy up, out of the water, and seated her on the edge of the hot tub, spreading her legs wide to expose that luscious shaved sex. It was slightly open, revealing tender pink flesh that shone with her arousal.

“So beautiful, Judy,” I gasped. “Such a lovely pussy…”

Unable to restrain myself for another second, I pressed my face between Judy’s thighs, crushing my lips into her hole, my tongue darting inside, kissing it like a lover’s mouth. Then I began to lick her.

She was delicious, and I savored every sweet drop of my daughter’s thick, warm nectar. I ran my tongue up the length of Judy’s slit over and over again, then teased her clitoris with lightning-fast licks, each one sending a shiver through her frame. Using two fingers to spread her labia, I kissed inside the moist flower..

Judy’s thighs gripped my head, unwilling to see me withdraw… as if I would! I went down on my daughter like a creature possessed, using everything I knew about pleasuring a woman with my mouth.

“Oh, yes. Yes!” sobbed Judy as her trembling fingers twined in my hair.

Eager to take my daughter to pleasure’s summit and beyond, I rolled my tongue over her clitoris, caressing the tip, then gently taking it between my lips and sucking until Judy’s breath was coming in ragged gasps, her cries growing increasingly shrill and unrestrained until she burst into orgasm, shuddering from head to toe, screaming, “Oh, MOM! I’m ooohhh c-coming oh GOD! Yeah, Mom! FUCK ME!”

Soon she was begging me to stop, so I nuzzled her sex a bit before she slipped back into the water, crying and laughing as she embraced me, whispering words of love as she trembled in my arms. Judy shed a few joyous tears, and I cradled her to me until they passed.

Finally she stopped sniffling, kissed my pussy-wet lips and whispered, “I… I always hoped my first time with a woman would be wonderful… b-but it was even better than that, ‘cos I got to be with the most special person in the world to me.” She nuzzled my neck. “Thank you, Mom. Thank you for making me so happy.”

“You’re welcome, honey,” I whispered in return, aware that her hands were now roaming over my body, stroking my breasts, teasing the nipples to unimaginable stiffness, fondling my ass — adorning me with kisses all the while.

Judy raised her face to mine, eyes shining with devotion as she touched me. “Momma, I want to… to love you now.”

“Oh, honey…” I breathed, “are you sure?”

My daughter nodded, a determined set to her jaw that I knew all too well. “I’m sure.”

I kissed her once more, then I lifted myself out of the water to perch on the side of the tub, spreading wide for her. Judy gasped in astonishment as she opened me with her fingers, revealing the moist, rosy flesh of my cunt. “God, Mom, you look so… so scrumptious.”

I sighed as she leaned in and began to gently kiss my pussy, her tongue hesitantly emerging to explore the juicy folds. I thought her timidity was adorable… but she got over that right away, pressing hot, wet kisses into my cunt, then plunging her face between my thighs to feast.

I quickly felt my own pleasure mount. What my daughter lacked in technique, she made up for and then some in the intensity of her passion. Judy’s tongue darted in and out of my vagina, then her lips covered the opening and began to suck, drinking down my womanly essence. She did that for awhile, then began to bathe my vulva with long, lovely swipes of the tongue.

“Ohhh, baby… oh, yes, lick my pussy!” I moaned as my Judy urged me towards release.

With a muffled coo of delight she discovered my clitoris, teasing it with her tongue, then trapped the pink nubbin between her lips and suckled the tip, instantly sending me into spasms so intense, they straddled the divide between ecstasy and pain. I was coming like a house on fire!

I cried, “Oh, I love you, Judy… Oh, yes, b-baby OH! Momma loves you!”

The raw white heat of climax raged through my body like a brush fire — leaving nothing standing, especially not me.

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