The Joy of Looking, Chapter 124

  • Posted on April 27, 2016 at 12:07 pm

By Naughty Mommy

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That was such an incredible week. Every day, something else exciting or promising seemed to happen. It was like we were building toward a big climax — which in fact we were, lots and lots of climaxes, ha-ha!

Let me tell you about each of those things in order…

The first was a plan begin concocted by my sisters, Kate, Molly, and Chelsea. Samantha was in on it too. Their idea was to set up the biggest game yet of Undercover Spy. It seems that the word had been spreading at school — especially among the girls in Molly’s fourth grade class — that this game was just about the coolest thing ever. Several girls who hadn’t yet played it kept asking Molly when they would get a chance. She spoke with Kate about that, and the idea was born. Then it grew into something huge.

I learned about their plan on Tuesday night. We’d gone out to dinner; nothing special, just burgers and fries. Megan and Samantha were with us, along with Dana and Chelsea, of course. Anyway, I was surprised that as the kids chattered on about this — mentioning this girl and that girl who wanted to play — my mother never tried to stop them, to slow them down, or to caution them about involving their young friends in an activity that, in addition to full nudity, also included groping of private parts!

In fact, it was just the opposite. Not only did Mommy make no effort to stop them, she actually got out a pad and pen and began making a list of all the girls who might be there. Molly had nine friends who wanted to come (no pun intended), Chelsea and Samantha had three friends between them, and Kate said she’d been talking with her friend Sarah about it as well. Not wanting to be left out, I suggested including Hannah, which was fine with the others, especially since Lindsey was already on the list.

We added them all up. Counting us, it made a total of nineteen girls! Mommy couldn’t stop laughing as she talked about it — and perhaps as she envisioned herself playing the sexy game with them.

Which prompted me to ask, “Are you guys gonna play too? The grownups, I mean?”

My mother smiled and shrugged, “I don’t know. Maybe, we’ll see.”

“I’d sure like to,” said Dana.

“Me too,” added Megan. “But it’s up to you, Suzanne. You can tell us what you think is best.”

“No, I think it should be up to Kate,” Mommy said. “It’s your game, honey. You’re the one who thought of it. You made up the rules, so you can decide who should play this time.”

“Okay,” Kate nodded, grinning as she munched on a french fry.

“And what about, um, are they all gonna sleep over too?” I asked. “All the girls?”

Mommy shrugged again. “Why the hell not? It’ll be a big pile of young bodies down there in the family room, the biggest slumber party ever, but I think we can manage it. Of course, we don’t know yet how many girls there actually will be. We’ll have to choose a day first, and then they’ll have to get permission.”

“They already got permission,” said Molly. “My friends did, all of ‘em.”

“Oh, did they?” our mother said with a smile, raising an eyebrow. “And do you mind telling me when this little get-together is taking place?”

“Saturday!” chirped Samantha. “Me and Chelsea’s friends all said it’s okay for them then. They asked. It’s Saturday!”

“So, you kids have been planning this for a while?” Mommy asked.

Kate said, “Only for a few days. But Sarah told me she can come too. I think everybody can. Except you’ll have to ask Hannah, Julie.”

“Okay, I will. I’m sure she’ll be up for it, though, as long as she’s not busy.”

As soon as we got home, I asked Mommy if I could borrow the list she’d made so I could add the names to my journal. Besides Hannah and Sarah, my friend’s and Kate’s, there were three kids from Chelsea’s and Samantha’s second grade class, three girls we’d never met. Well maybe Dana or Megan had met them, but I hadn’t. Anyway, their names were Sadie, Erika, and Peyton. Among Molly’s nine friends who were invited, only three had played the game before: Lindsey, Riley, and Emily. The other six, all novices to the joys of Undercover Spy, were Alyssa, Whitney, Abbie, Eden, Bridget, and Ashley. Adding us to the tally, that made nineteen.

My mind boggled. Wow! Nineteen girls playing Undercover Spy, along with maybe a few moms as well. And then, after that, all those kids sleeping downstairs in our family room — or probably not sleeping, not for quite a while, anyway. I licked my lips as I imagined all the naughty trouble we might get into.

* * *

All right, on to the second thing…

Karen gave me a ride home on Wednesday after I attended the advanced classes at her high school. She came in for a while, and we fooled around together with Kate and Molly and Chelsea, getting naked, doing all the fun things girls like to do with each other.

I asked Karen if she wanted to stay and have supper with us, but she said she couldn’t. When Mommy got home from work that evening at about 6:00, the teen had put her clothes back on and was just getting ready to leave.

Our mother gave her a warm hug and asked, “When are we going to get to see Miranda again, and Marisol, and that darling baby, Jorge? Could you all come over here for dinner with us on Friday?”

“Um, yeah, thanks, I think we probably could,” said Karen with a smile. “I’ll just have to ask Miranda. Right now I need to get home, though, and have dinner with my parents.”

“All right.” Mommy kissed the teen on the lips, then added, “Tell you what, I’ll call her myself later on tonight and talk with her about it, okay?”

“Sure, that’s fine,” Karen nodded, and then she left.

After we finished our supper, my mom sat down on the sofa with her cell phone, hooking the wireless headset over her ear. She punched a number into the phone, and a moment later said, “Hi, Miranda, it’s Suzanne. How are you?”

They chatted for a few minutes, with arrangements being made for Friday night. Then they started talking about breastfeeding, and soon after that, about masturbation. By this time, Mommy had one foot pulled up on the sofa. Her shoes were off and her legs bare (she’d removed her pantyhose earlier). The light silk skirt she wore was up around her waist. One hand was inside her panties, the other unbuttoning her blouse.

Chelsea and Molly were on the floor, playing Legos with Dana. Kate was in one of the armchairs, listening to music on her iPod while leafing through a sports magazine. I was on the other end of the sofa, watching my mom. I was also rubbing myself through my shorts, and getting ready to take them off so I could masturbate properly. Then I saw my mother motioning to Molly, asking my little sister to join her on the sofa.

Molly got up and did so, happily. My mom was saying something to Miranda, asking if she sometimes had both Jorge and Marisol suck her nipples at the same time. Based on my mother’s lascivious smile, the answer must have been yes.

Mommy wasn’t wearing a bra, so as soon as her blouse was open, she was able to offer an erect nipple to Molly. My sister, of course, immediately fastened on and began sucking.

The others quickly forgot about their games and magazines, gathering close to watch the sexy action. We heard our mother ask Miranda what she was doing: if she had a finger inside her pussy, if she was wet, if her clit was hard, and so on. Mommy was masturbating too, as Molly sucked on one nipple while teasing the other with her fingers, twisting and pulling. I had my shorts and panties off, rubbing my clit. Dana had gotten naked in a flash, and was removing Chelsea’s clothes. Kate had a hand down inside her shorts.

“That’s right, squeeze that fucking nipple,” Mommy said to Miranda, “squirt the milk. Fuck, I want you to squirt it on me, on my fucking pussy. Goddamn, that’s so hot!”

Her fingers were moving fast between her legs. I could tell she was almost ready to come. If there had ever been any doubt that my mom would be excited by lactation, that was certainly gone now.

I won’t go into the rest of the details at this point, because I’m eager to move forward. Anyway, I’m sure you can guess what happened. Mommy soon reached climax, as apparently Miranda did too, on the other end of the phone. After they completed their conversation and hung up, we had nasty juicy sex with our mom and with each other for a couple of hours, even though it was a school night. She was getting a bit lax about the rules.

* * *

And now, the third thing…

On Thursday, after school, Hannah and I were in my bedroom making out. We’d done our homework together, and then she’d called her mother, telling her about the big slumber party coming up on Saturday and asking permission to attend, which she received. The cute redhead and I were kissing and starting to slide our hands under each other’s clothes when we heard the phone ring.

It wasn’t my cell phone, but the regular phone. I waited to see if someone else might answer, but after it rang a third time, I untangled myself from Hannah and picked up the extension in my room.


“Hi, um, could I speak to Julie, please?”

“This is Julie.”

“Oh, uh, hi, Julie. This is Alexa, Riley’s sister?”

“Oh, yeah, uh, hi, Alexa.”

Alexa!? Why was she calling me? She was a junior in high school, 16 years old — cute and blonde and sexy, but way out of my league.

“Hey, so, um, how ya doin’?” she said.

“Oh, fine, you know, just chillin’. Just finished my homework.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. I’ve got a ton, too. I hate it. Haven’t done mine yet, though.”

I couldn’t understand what was going on. Why was this hot girl, so much more grown up than me, calling to chat like we were old friends? I’d only met her a couple of times before.

“So, um, Julie, can I ask you something?”

“Yeah, sure, I guess.”

“Well, it’s just, like, um… Riley told me something, and I wanted to ask you about it.”

Uh-oh, I thought, I hope this isn’t trouble. Riley and I had done some pretty exciting things together, extremely intimate things. She’d even watched me have sex with Kate. Was the girl’s big sister about to come down on me for that? She didn’t sound angry, though, not at all. So maybe that wasn’t it.

“Okay,” I said, swallowing nervously.

“So, I mean, she told me about this game you guys play over at your house, something about spies or whatever. I didn’t really understand it all, but it sounded like fun. Do you know the game I mean?”

“Yeah, it’s, uh… it’s called Undercover Spy.”

“Right, that’s it. Undercover Spies. And, um, anyway, Riley told me you guys were maybe gonna play it again this weekend, on Saturday night? And I thought that, um, I know it’s kinda rude to just invite myself, but… is there any chance I could come and play too?”

Whoa! I couldn’t believe it! Alexa Crawford — Paula’s daughter, Riley’s sister, one of the hottest teenage girls ever — wanted to come over to our house and play Undercover Spy!

For several seconds, I was speechless.

“Julie? You still there?” said Alexa.

“Oh, yeah, uh… sorry, I was just, um, but, yeah, sure, I think it’s fine if you want to come, if you want to, I’ll have to ask my mom, or tell her, I’m sure she won’t mind, it’ll be fine, we’d love it, if you want to.”

I knew I was babbling, but I couldn’t help it. Alexa Crawford! A high school girl! An actual, real-life blonde cheerleader! She was gonna let us take off her clothes and touch her body, all over everywhere, and —

But then I realized, did she truly understand what this meant?

“Um, just, one thing, Alexa…” I began, reluctantly. “I mean, how much did Riley tell you about the game? Do you know what the rules are and everything?”

“Yeah,” she giggled. “Well, I don’t know everything, maybe, but I do know that you, like, run around the house naked and stuff, chasing each other, right?”

“Uh-huh,” I said, “and sort of… wrestling, too, kind of. But I mean, just so you know. As long as you’re cool with it.”

“Yeah, I am. I think it’d be fun. I really want to play. And I know it’s rude, like I said, to just call up and invite myself. I understand if, you know…” she trailed off.

“No, it’s fine,” I rushed to reassure her. “I’m sure it’ll be fine. I’ll tell my mom, let her know you’re gonna be here. But don’t worry, we’d definitely love to have you. We really would.”

“All right. Awesome, I can’t wait. Thanks, Julie!”

“You’re welcome. Thanks for calling!”

“Okay, well, bye.”


We hung up. I turned to look at Hannah, who’d been sitting cross-legged on the bed, listening to my half of the conversation.

“Oh my god,” I exclaimed. “Alexa’s coming!”

“Who’s Alexa?” Hannah had never met her.

“She’s Riley’s sister, her big sister. She’s in high school, a junior, I think. Oh my god, I can’t believe it. My sister is a genius.”

“Who? Which sister?”

“Kate! For thinking of this! For inventing this game, Kate is a genius. Because of her, I’ve been naked with all these cute young girls — and with some of their moms too, including your mom, your mum.”

Hannah was nodding and smiling.

“Now it’ll be Alexa,” I continued gushing, “along with all those other girls on Saturday. Twenty! That makes twenty! I can’t wait to tell Katie!”

My sister wasn’t home yet, though. It was the middle of basketball season, and she was at practice. She’d be home by dinner, and I’d tell her then.

“Still fancy snogging?” asked Hannah. “Or are ya too worked up over Alexa?”

“No, I do want to,” I leered, as I returned to the bed, pushing my friend down onto her back. “In fact, I’m so turned on that…”

Instead of finishing my sentence, I put my mouth over Hannah’s and kissed her deeply, our tongues playing.

We made love for the next hour, until it was time for her to go home — and this was frantic, urgent lovemaking, sizzling hot lesbian sex. That call from Alexa had set me on fire. I made Hannah come I don’t know how many times that afternoon, while enjoying several huge, wet orgasms of my own.

As she was kissing me goodbye at the front door, she whispered, “I’m so sore down there. Don’t know as I can walk that far.”

We both giggled. Her house was only two blocks away.

“But I don’t care, it was bloody marvelous. You can do that to me anytime.”

“Okay, I will,” I smiled. “Next time I see you.”

We kissed once more, and then she left.

* * *

And finally Friday arrived. Yes!

We enjoyed a pleasant dinner with Karen and Miranda and Miranda’s kids. It wasn’t anything fancy, just macaroni and cheese along with a green salad, but it was good. After quickly doing the dishes, we all went upstairs to Molly’s room, where we watched Miranda feed Jorge. She used a bottle this time, instead of a breast.

“I expressed the milk this morning,” she told us, adding with a wink, as she placed a hand on a plump tit, “I wanted to save what’s in here for tonight, for our games.”

Before the bottle was even empty, the baby was snoozing. Miranda said he would likely sleep for about six hours, until he got hungry again. She put him down, propping pillows all around to make sure he wouldn’t roll off the bed. Then we went to Mommy’s bedroom.

There were eleven of us there — four moms, including mine (Suzanne), plus Miranda, Dana, and Megan, along with two teenagers, Karen and me, and five younger kids, Kate, Molly, Chelsea, Samantha, and Marisol, Miranda’s little girl. I knew it was going to be an orgy, or I expected it was, at any rate. I wasn’t sure how it would start, though, since none of us except for Karen and Marisol had ever had sex with Miranda. Sometimes things like that would take a while to get rolling when it was the first time for some people. I was becoming quite an expert on lesbian orgies!

However, once we were inside the room, Mommy said, without hesitation, “Everyone take off your clothes, okay? I really want to look at you. That’s all right with you, isn’t it, Miranda?”

“Sure, it’s just fine, sounds good to me,” smiled the short, dark-haired woman, as she reached behind her back to pull down a zipper on her dress.

I got the feeling this had been planned in advance, that my mother and Miranda already had discussed it, maybe talked to one another on the phone earlier that day. Anyway, it didn’t matter. I was perfectly happy to get nude, and I always loved looking at other naked women and girls.

We quickly began stripping. Our things were tossed aside, with nothing placed on hangers or carefully folded. That was not a priority. Nudity and sex, kinky sex, that was what we wanted!

I had seen everyone else unclothed before, of course, many times. I’d admired their bodies and made love to them. But this was my first opportunity to see Miranda naked, and Marisol as well. So, as I took off my own dress, and my panties and bra, I kept my eyes glued to the mother and daughter. Miranda saw me watching them, and gave me a wink.

When we were all nude, Mommy said, “What I’d like to do tonight is to start simply by looking. This is something I’ve talked with Julie about before, the joy of looking. So, let’s take a few minutes to just appreciate each other’s lovely bodies, all right? Um, how about if we form a circle, in order of height. Megan, you’re the tallest, so you stand here. I would be next, I guess, and then maybe Karen or Julie — which of you is taller? — anyway, everyone line up, a nice big circle. That’s right, there you go…”

Fortunately, the master bedroom was fairly large, with an open space between the bed and the walk-in closet where we could make the circle. We still had to crowd in kind of tightly, shoulder to shoulder, but no one seemed to mind that. I certainly didn’t. We decided Karen was slightly taller than me, and my sister Kate a hair shorter, so I stood between the two of them. After Kate, it was Miranda, then Dana, Molly, Samantha, Marisol, Chelsea, and finally back again to Megan and my mom.

“Very good, very nice,” Mommy nodded, her gaze moving slowly around the ring of naked women and girls.

It really was quite a sight to see. From 7-year-olds with totally flat chests and no hips, to somewhat older girls, just entering puberty, with tempting breast buds, to an older teenager, Karen, almost fully developed, and then the luscious grown women, the mothers. A whole range of variation — different body styles, hair coloring, skin tones, ages — I didn’t know where to look first! My eyes darted from one to another, wanting to take in everything all at once.

“Take your time,” said my mom, as if reading my mind. “Just look at each person, take a good long look. Ask yourself what you like best about them. When you look at her, where do your eyes go first? What draws your attention? What is it that makes you want to… get closer to her, touch her, maybe kiss her?”

With those instructions, our assignment of looking became much more than academic: it was sensual, almost voyeuristic, and highly arousing — which, of course, is what my mother intended.

We stood for a long time in that circle, several minutes at least, without speaking, simply looking. And it was a thrilling experience, intensely erotic. The longer I examined all the women and girls, thinking about what attracted me to this one or that one and imagining what I’d like to do with each of them, the more excited I became. I felt my pussy getting wet, a sense of heaviness, of fullness inside. My nipples grew hard, throbbing, aching to be touched, licked, sucked.

I wasn’t the only one. Others seemed to be affected the same way. I saw breath coming quicker, chests rising and falling. I heard soft moans. Some around me were licking their lips, especially the women.

And then I saw something really amazing.

I’d been studying Miranda, gazing at her full, round breasts. I admired her face too, so pretty, those beautiful big brown eyes, her small nose, red lips, dark curly hair. Between her legs she had a bush, not shaved or closely trimmed like the other women. I couldn’t be sure from where I stood, but I thought that perhaps I could detect beads of moisture gleaming in her tangled pubic hair. It made me want to get a closer view, much closer, spread her legs apart, open her pussy lips, take a good long look inside. Mmm, so hot. Even her stretch marks turned me on, something that normally might not. But the faint lines on her hips and on her boobs somehow made her seem like more of a woman to me, more sexual, more desirable.

As I stared at her bulging breasts, that’s when I saw the thing that startled me, surprised me, amazed me. At the tip of each nipple, a milky white droplet had formed — and in front of my eyes, I watched those drops slowly grow larger, heavier, then drip away, falling to the floor.

“Fuck,” I heard my mother say.

She was staring at Miranda too, her eyes wide. “Fuck,” she repeated. “That is so fucking hot.”

Some of the younger girls giggled. This was the first thing anyone had said in a while, and it was quite the provocative statement.

So, that’s how it began. The circle broke up. We all gravitated toward Miranda, toward her breasts, the milk drawing us in, calling to us.

The kinky incestuous lesbian orgy was about to get underway.

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    “Very good, very nice,” Mommy nodded, her gaze moving slowly around the ring of naked women and girls.

    It really was quite a sight to see. From 7-year-olds with totally flat chests and no hips, to somewhat older girls, just entering puberty, with tempting breast buds, to an older teenager, Karen, almost fully developed, and then the luscious grown women, the mothers. A whole range of variation — different body styles, hair coloring, skin tones, ages — I didn’t know where to look first! My eyes darted from one to another, wanting to take in everything all at once.

    “Take your time,” said my mom, as if reading my mind. “Just look at each person, take a good long look. Ask yourself what you like best about them. When you look at her, where do your eyes go first? What draws your attention? What is it that makes you want to… get closer to her, touch her, maybe kiss her?”

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