Lynn, Chapter 2

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By Little Alison

Amy and her body filled the screen, and Lynn stared, just taking it all in.

Amy’s slight voice perked up, “Can you see me Mommy? Can you see me ready for you?”

Lynn stared at the screen before answering. She hadn’t turned on her cam yet, so Amy couldn’t see that she was leaning forward, her mouth open as she took in Amy’s body.

Lynn watched with rapt attention.

Amy had pale smooth skin, and for a 12-year-old her breasts were almost a full A cup, with her areolas a soft pink, topped with small, yet unmistakably hard, nipples. Her hair was a darker brunette that Lynn at first thought was black. It was held back on her right side with a small butterfly barrette and the left side hung down smoothly just over her temple and cheek. She had a shock of red lipstick on, which highlighted how full they were. Her eyes… oh her eyes! Lynn thought. Even on the webcam Amy’s eyes seemed to sparkle and were wide and gorgeous. The more she moved her head, the more she looked like…

“Amy, honey,” Lynn finally managed to speak, “you are a vision. Mommy can see you fine.”

Amy smiled and seemed to blush a little, her little hands, with sparkly fingernails, slid up her exposed stomach, sliding between her pouty breasts, and then to her hair, where her fingers slid through her hair.

“Mommy, do you like my body? Does it make you happy to see me?”

Lynn was already soaked, her nipples pressing against the fabric of the robe she was wearing. “Amy honey, Mommy would love to just eat you up. In fact you look just like…” Lynn paused, and a pang of worry went through her as she thought. Damn, she thought, she looks almost like my niece Jessica. It could almost BE her. But, her thoughts continued, Jess is 11 and though she hadn’t seen her in a while, she wouldn’t be like this online, would she? Lynn’s sister was very religious and they all went to church and everyone was always very proper. So this really couldn’t be Jess, right? Even as she thought of this, she remained wet and excited and found herself almost automatically sliding two fingers lazily up and down between her scorching lips.

“What do I look like, Mommy?”

“You look just like every fantasy I’ve ever had.” Lynn responded, receiving a smile and giggle from Amy.

“Can you turn on your cam now, Mommy?” Amy was pulling and gently twisting her hard little nipples as she pleaded.

Lynn reached up to turn on the cam, but then pointed it down, so that she wouldn’t show her face. The pang of fear about it maybe being Jess, as silly as it was, seemed to warrant a little caution, at least for now.

A few seconds went by and there Lynn was, opening her robe on cam for a little girl to see and to masturbate with. For a moment it all seemed unreal to Lynn. The robe sliding behind her in her chair, she ran her hands up and over her breasts, quite proud of their shape, size and fullness. Other parts of me may have faded, Lynn thought, but I’ve always had attractive breasts. She pressed them together and leaned toward the camera, showing Amy.

“Oh, Mommy,” it was Amy’s turn to stare, “they’re so sexy.” She opened her legs and Lynn watched a hand disappear down Amy’s stomach out of sight and heard her breathing quicken.

“Amy honey, are you touching that lovely pussy of yours?” Lynn liked to get feedback from her plaything. Her hand, too, inched its way down, teasing her clit as she enjoyed the show.

“Yes Mommy,” came a soft enraptured reply. Amy’s eyes were glazing over as she moved faster, her breaths louder and she sent the first set of tiny orgasms through Lynn’s body by fingering herself and biting her bottom lip every so slightly. Lynn slid a finger into her sopping pussy, letting the buildup highten and the tiny shocks of orgasm swirl within her.

“Tilt your camera down, honey.” Lynn wanted to come at the same time as Amy and wanted desperately to see the pussy she longed to devour.

“In a swift move, Amy tilted the camera down. Her legs were wide open, one was over the armrest on her chair and she was moving her fingers furiously at her glistening pussy. Lynn was amazed to see such a beautiful perfect pussy, devoid of any hair. The shudders flooded through her again.

“Want to see Mommy’s pussy, baby?” Lynn loved to tease and to get her partner worked up higher and higher.

“Yesss,” came a eager, yet moaned, reply.

Lynn tilted the cam down, and she could see on the screen just how wet she looked. More shudders. “Amy honey, this is where you came from,” Lynn thought she might be pushing it now, but she wanted to be bad, to be naughty, to be a complete slut. “Do you like seeing where you came from? Do you want to lick this pussy and finger Mommy here?”

Amy started to respond, but she started to buck a little and then more and then she was shaking and moaning and her eyes were so wide as she mouthed “fuck” over and over again, sometimes aloud, sometimes silently. “Aahhhhhhhhh, Mommmmy.”

Lynn watched as Amy exploded in orgasm, wetness coating her tiny fingers, dripping on her chair and soaking her thighs.

Amy’s fingers stopped their mad thrashing and pressed to her pussy, holding there as her body kept spasming as if being rocked by some sort of internal earthquake.

Lynn pinched her clit as Amy moaned, bolts of electricity surging through her and setting her skin on fire. She too was filled with the distinct sounds of coming. “Oh yes, fuck me baby, yes, Mommy loves you… fuck yes.” Her fingers pressed deep into her tightening pussy as Amy tilted the camera up to her face. Her flushed cheeks, now-dry looking lips, wild yet satisfying eyes. Lynn pumped in and out quickly as she looked at that angelic and strangely familiar face. She managed one more solid orgasm, draining more fluids from her body and making it feel 20 degrees hotter in her chair.

“Oh, Mommy, that was so…” Amy was panting.

Lynn looked at her fingers, surprised they weren’t pruned, raised them to the camera, and licked her juices off as an astonished Amy, only seeing Lynn’s mouth, stared.

“You get Mommy so hot, baby.” Lynn eventually managed to say, her body spent and mind abuzz, “I just love how you look, you sound and how you enjoy Mommy.”

Amy smiled her little smile, projecting her cuteness easily. “Mommy, I have to go,” she pretended to pout, “my little brother Scott is going to be home soon and my mom wants us to all go to church tonight.”

“You go to church a lot?” Lynn was getting a little uneasy again.

“Mom likes to go all the time… hang on.” Amy got up, and came back, a picture in her hand. “That’s me,” she pointed to herself, all dressed up, “my brother here and my mom, at a church thing.”

As much as her orgasms bounced inside her, panic now shot through her. That picture, was that… ?

“Can you hold the picture closer, Amy honey?”

Amy held it closer. “Oh my god,” Lynn said barely as a whisper, “that’s Tania.”

Amy looked into the camera, “How’d you know my mom’s name was Tania?”

Lynn sat stunned, “Oh, she just looked like a Tania, you know.”

Any laughed and so did Lynn.

But there was no mistaking it, this WAS, or IS my niece! I’m cyber fucking my own niece! Lynn was staring at the wall as all this hit her and when she finally came out of her trance, Amy was saying she had a great time and Lynn found her fingers were once again firmly pushed into her pussy, and soaked.

“Bye, Mommy.”

“Bye, honey”

Lynn switched off her cam, the computer and the table light. She drank the rest of her wine and was aghast.

Not just that she had played with her own niece, but that after finding out, her own body let her know that she liked the idea. Even as she thought her mind found it all very sexy in the taboo way she had become so attracted to.

But what to do? Lynn didn’t have an answer. But maybe it was at the bottom of another bottle of wine. . .

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