The Joy of Looking, Chapter 92

  • Posted on January 14, 2016 at 2:41 pm

By Naughty Mommy

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Well, we got home from our vacation, and Mommy went back to work at the law firm where she was a partner now, suing people (mostly companies) who did bad things, and Dana went back to her job part-time at the insurance agency while also attending classes at the Institute of Fashion Technology.

As for us kids, it was still summer, which meant we were free to do whatever we wanted. Yay! Chelsea stayed with us during the day while her mom was at work or taking classes, so there were four of us. We sat around and played with stuff, watched movies, had sex, read books, goofed around outside, had more sex, went on bike rides, enjoyed picnics in the park, sometimes had friends over, and so on. It was great.

But, you know, I couldn’t stop thinking about Sage and Loretta. It wasn’t so much them, really, although I liked them well enough, but it was what we had done with them, seeing a mom and her daughter make love for the the first time. That was totally unbelievable, one of the high points of my life up until then.

We stayed in touch with them, of course. They lived pretty far away, though, so we didn’t actually get to see them again for a while. But Mommy talked with Loretta on the phone maybe once a week or so, and Sage sent emails, keeping us up to date on what was happening in her life. That was cool, but I wanted more.

What I wanted was more dirty stuff. Either more of playing the ‘game’ with Mommy — watching and masturbating and showing my pussy while she had hot sex with other women — or, even better, more opportunities to see the ‘first time’ between a mother and her daughter or daughters. I was hooked on that, addicted to the excitement of lesbian incest and the thrill of sharing it with others. I needed it. I had to have it.

So, I decided to talk some more with my mom about Paula, or as my mother would prefer, Ms. Crawford. She was a slender blonde around 40 years old, very cute and super sexy. Paula was the mother of Molly’s friend Riley, who was 9, and also of Alexa, who was 16. Both girls were pretty blondes, like their mom. Their house was in our neighborhood, about six blocks away.

I knew that Paula was separated from her current husband, her third, and supposedly they were headed for a divorce. The reason for their breakup, according to the rumors, was that he’d caught her having sex with another woman. I didn’t know why he would object to that, but apparently he did.

Anyway, all this led me to think that Ms. Crawford might possibly be a good candidate for what I had in mind — Ms. Crawford and her two daughters, that is.

One night as we were eating dinner, I said to my mom, “Riley was over here today.”

“Oh, was she?” Mommy smiled.

“Uh-huh. We were riding bikes and we we saw her, and so we asked her to come over here for a while.”

“Yeah, we played Barbies,” Molly added, “and Legos.”

“That’s nice,” commented our mother, as she took another bite of salad.

“We walked her home after,” I continued, “and we saw, um, Alexa and Ms. Crawford. They both said to say hi to you.”

“All right,” Mommy nodded.

“But, you know, I was thinking, they’re all just really nice. Molly’s practically best friends with Riley, and Riley likes Chelsea too and stuff. So maybe we should do more with them, you know, like have them over sometime.”

“We could do that.”

“And maybe you should ask Ms. Crawford on a date or something.”

My mother raised an eyebrow. “Oh, is that where this is going?”

Dana giggled, and winked at me.

“Well, you like her, don’t you?” I said to my mom.

“Yes, I do,” she nodded. “I do like her, and in fact…”

She reached over and took my hand, smiling warmly at me. “I don’t know how you do it, Julie, but you seem to be able to read my mind. Because you’ll never guess who I talked to on the phone today.”

“Paula?!” I blurted.

“Ms. Crawford, yes,” Mommy grinned.

“You called her?”

“No, she called me. Right after she saw you kids, apparently. We talked for a few minutes, and…”

“And?” I prompted.

“Well, tomorrow night, she and I and Dana are going out dancing. Alexa will be staying at a friend’s house, but Riley is coming over here to be with you kids. Won’t that be fun?” she winked at Molly and Chelsea.

“Yay!” Molly clapped. “Is she sleeping here? A sleepover?”

“Uh-huh,” Mommy nodded, “that’s the plan.”

Now both Molly and Chelsea clapped. What fun, three little girls in a bed! I began to feel the familiar warm stirring between my legs, my pussy getting juicy as I pictured those kids together and imagined what they might do with each other.

Then I remembered the real mission I hoped to accomplish.

“Um, do you think maybe you might, you know, bring Ms. Crawford back here after you get done dancing, and then…?”

“And then what?” Mommy leered. She knew exactly what I was thinking.

“Well, it’s been a long time since we got to play our game. I mean, we sort of did at the cabin, with Loretta and stuff, but not here, like, you know, like we used to. I really miss that.”

“I know.” My mom patted my hand. “I miss it too. Of course, I can’t promise that’s how things will work out tomorrow night, but as Chuck Berry said, you never can tell.”

“Who’s Chuck Berry?” I frowned.

“Never mind,” she chuckled. “Now, whose turn is it to do the dishes?”

* * *

The next night finally came, goodie-goodie!

I’d been so eager for it all day long, wondering what might happen. I made dinner for us that evening, nothing fancy, just baked breaded fish along with cole slaw from the deli, and then Kate and Chelsea cleaned up the dishes. Around 8:30, Mommy and Dana went upstairs to get ready to go out, and just before 9:00, the doorbell rang. Paula and her daughter Riley were there.

After Molly let them in, she and Chelsea immediately ran upstairs with Riley to play. I smiled to myself when I heard the bedroom door close. My mom and Dana hadn’t made an appearance yet, so I asked Paula to sit down, although of course I called her Ms. Crawford. Kate sat with us too. We chatted pleasantly for a few minutes, the woman asking us about school and what we were doing in the summer and stuff like that.

I don’t know whether Paula noticed, but I was definitely checking out her legs. She was dressed in a crisp white miniskirt, linen I think, and wore white strappy toeless heels with no stockings. Her legs were long and slim and tan. She was also wearing a gray and white striped halter top, and it was easy to tell she had no bra under it. That made me wonder if she had panties on or not. I kept hoping I might get a peek between her legs to find out, but I never did.

Soon the bedroom door opened upstairs and our mother and Dana came down. Dana was in the cutest little denim rompers with buttons up the front and very thin shoulder straps, along with a pair of wedge-heeled sandals. She wasn’t wearing a shirt or blouse and didn’t need a bra. Her blonde hair was in short pigtails, making her look like she was about 10 years old. So delicious!

Mommy wore a bright red miniskirt and a nearly sheer sleeveless white blouse. Her dark nipples clearly showed through the gauzy material — no bra, obviously. On her feet were red pumps. She looked extremely hot. They all three looked hot!

The women said goodnight, told us not to stay up too late, and off they went. I noted that they took only one car, my mom’s Mercedes, which meant Paula presumably would have to come back to our house later. And maybe come inside. And maybe have sex with Mommy and Dana. And maybe I could watch them and play the game! God, I really hoped so.

Before then, though, Kate and I got a chance to have some fun with the little girls. Except it didn’t happen right away. The younger kids stayed up in Molly’s room for the first half hour or so, doing whatever it was they were doing, while Kate and I sat on the sofa in the family room playing one of her new video games. That was all right, I suppose, although I had a hard time concentrating on the game. My mind was elsewhere.

At about 9:45, Molly’s bedroom door burst open and we heard running feet. Three girls, age 9, 8, and 7, came chattering and clattering down the stairs. They were hungry, demanding to be fed. I took this as an excuse to stop playing the video game and got up to see what they wanted to have. Cookies and milk seemed to be the preferred choice. The only rule was they had to have their treat either in the kitchen or the family room. We weren’t allowed to have food in our bedrooms.

So they sat around the small dining table in the kitchen, bare feet dangling as they munched on their cookies and drank their milk. I was pleased to see that all three were wearing only tops and panties now. Somewhere along the line they’d dispensed with their shorts, and that was fine with me!

Chelsea was in a baby blue crop top and white Hello Kitty undies. She looked adorable, as always. Molly wore a pink t-shirt with an emblem of a horse on it, along with yellow undies. The shirt was at least one size too small for her, so her little nipples poked through. My sister didn’t really have breast buds yet, but her nipples were kind of puffy. I loved looking at her in that shirt.

But omigod, Riley. That child was just so sexy. She was in a tight-fitting maroon tank top, and a stretchy pair of blue and white bikini panties. The undies were so snug they clearly outlined her slit. It practically made me drool.

Kate came strolling into the kitchen to check on us. She wasn’t drawn as strongly as I was to little girls, although she certainly did enjoy having sex with them. Kate would have sex with anyone — anyone female, that is — but I’d say her preference, if she has one, is for teenagers and women in their twenties. Don’t get me wrong, I love girls and women that age too, but I simply can’t resist the appeal of a younger girl with a flat chest and a hairless pussy… like these three who were sitting in our kitchen.

There’s another thing about Riley. Not only is she very good-looking, especially for a 9-year-old, but she knows it. She seems to have a clear understanding of her attractive qualities and an innate sense of how to use them to draw the attention of others. Here’s what I wrote about her at the time of Molly’s slumber party, which had been a few months earlier:

Without a doubt, the hottest of the girls in the group was Riley. She was only 8 [this was before her birthday], yet she already had a magnetic sex appeal. The child was short and slim, with long legs and perfect bronzy skin. She had straight sandy blonde hair, big brown eyes, and the cutest smile you ever saw. On top of everything, she was flirtatious beyond her years, dressing to show off her young body, seeming to take delight in attracting the admiring looks of others.

When Kate came out to the kitchen, Riley decided to put on a little show for us, or at least that’s how it seemed to me. After pushing her chair back from the table a bit, the girl lifted one foot up onto the seat. There she sat, nonchalantly eating a cookie, but with her legs spread wide open and those skintight undies doing almost nothing to hide her sweet pussy.

Was it deliberate? Did she realize how powerfully I was drawn to her? Did she understand what it was doing to me to see her that way? Was she flirting with me, trying to turn me on? Would a 9-year-old girl want to do that with a 12-year-old? Would such a thing even occur to her?

I couldn’t answer those questions, and it really didn’t matter. The simple fact is that I was turned on, extremely aroused, almost enough to totally lose control.

As it was, I abandoned any pretense of propriety. I stared right at the girl’s crotch, making no attempt to be furtive about it. I squeezed my legs together, stimulating my clit, and licked my lips. I’m sure my face must have been turning red too.

I glanced up at Kate and saw a sly smile. She knew what was going on with me. But she also eased around in my direction herself, angling for a better view between Riley’s slim legs.

Just then, however, the kids finished the last of their cookies. As they got up to take their plates and cups over to the sink, I felt a sudden panic. Would the girls disappear up to Molly’s room again, and might that be the last I would see of Riley that night? I couldn’t let that happen!

So what should I do? Suggest we play Monopoly? Watch a movie? I just didn’t know, I couldn’t decide! My brain really wasn’t working very well. It was on auto-lust. Fortunately, Kate came to the rescue.

“You guys want to play a fun game?” she asked.

Chelsea and Molly immediately nodded, “Okay.”

But Riley asked, “What kind of a game?” Her smile, though, made it appear that she was ready to go along with almost anything.

“Well, the game is called, um… Undercover Spy,” Kate answered.

I recognized the phrase from the video game she and I had just been playing. Was that her idea? Have the girls sit on the sofa and play that game with us? But no, that wasn’t it, not at all. My sister had a much better plan!

“You wanna play?” Kate asked Riley.

The girl shrugged. “Sure.”

“Okay, come here,” Kate said, leading us from the kitchen into the family room. There she opened a cabinet, pulling out a large wicker basket filled with various colorful items of clothing.

“That stuff’s from my slumber party,” said Molly.

“Are we gonna do another fashion show?” Riley frowned. “I thought it was a game.”

“It is a game, not a fashion show,” said Kate. “Hang on just a minute.”

She rummaged through the garments, soon finding what she was looking for, then shoved the basket back in the cabinet and shut the door. From the floor, she picked up the items she’d chosen and showed them to us. She held four scarves, two red and two blue.

“Okay,” my sister grinned. “Now come upstairs.”

As Kate led the way, I tried to imagine what she might have in mind. I was clueless. From their excited talk, I could tell that the little girls also no idea what this game might be, but they were eager to find out!

Outside her bedroom door, Kate stopped us and said, “Wait here.”

She went inside, shutting the door behind her. We waited, no one saying anything, just wondering what was coming next.

Finally the door opened again. Kate held an orange bottle out to us, a plastic water bottle with a flip top that she used on bike rides. I saw that she had written something with a black felt pen on the side of the bottle. She showed us what it said: FORMULA X.

“This is like a secret formula, a magic potion,” Kate told us. “I’m an evil scientist and I invented this. It’s very powerful, and I want to use it to make myself rich and to control everyone else, make them do whatever I want. With this formula, I will be ruler of the world, a bad, wicked ruler.”

I glanced at the younger girls. Their eyes were wide. This sounded like a pretty exciting game!

“You guys have to stop me,” she continued. “You’re the undercover spies, and your job is to get the formula away from me, okay? But you’re going to be on two teams, a red team and a blue team. Um, one team will be Riley and Julie. The other team is gonna be Molly and Chelsea. So, Riley, you get to choose the color you want for your team. Blue or red?”

Kate held the scarves out, two in each fist. The bottle was tucked under an arm.

“Um…” Riley put a finger to her lip, trying to decide. “I think… red!”

“Okay.” Kate handed one red scarf to Riley and the other to me. Chelsea and Molly got the blue scarves. We were instructed to tie the scarves around our foreheads, which we did.

“Now, before we start the game,” Kate told us, “first we have to turn off all the lights in the house. It has to be completely dark. Come on!”

She ran toward the stairs, heading down. We all followed right behind her, giggling, bubbly with enthusiasm. I found myself feeling like a kid again, thrilled to be a part of this imaginary adventure.

We’d left a light on in the kitchen, so that was switched off, along with the lamps in the family room. Kate also turned off the front porch light, and the light over the garage. She wanted to make it as dark as possible.

We went back upstairs, but Kate stopped in front of my room. The door was open. She pointed inside. “Oh, I also forgot to say, when you get the magic formula from me — if one of the teams can get it away from me — you don’t win the game until you can get to Julie’s bed with it. That’s the goal. You have to get to Julie’s bed with the formula. The team that does that will win, okay?”

Everyone nodded.

“All right, now let’s turn off the rest of the lights,” Kate said.

She reached inside my room to the wall switch, flipping it off. The room went dark. We went down the hall, toward Mommy’s room. The lights were already off in Kate’s room and Molly’s room.

When we got to our mother’s bedroom door, Kate opened it, ushering us all inside. She switched off the hall light, then shut the door behind us. It was almost completely dark. We could barely see each other. Only a small amount of light filtered in through the curtained windows.

Kate led us across the room to Mommy’s walk-in closet. She drew us in and closed the door. Now it was totally dark. None of us could see a thing. I heard some nervous giggles.

“Okay,” Kate began, using a quiet, conspiratorial voice, almost a whisper. “The next thing is, you have to search each other for weapons, hidden weapons. That means you have to take off each other’s clothes, everything, and take off my clothes too. We have to search each other all over.”

“Wow…” someone breathed. I think it was Riley, although in the inky blackness I couldn’t tell for sure.

“The only thing you don’t take off,” said Kate, “is your team scarf, and of course you can’t take the bottle from me, the secret formula, not yet. We haven’t started that part. But everything else. You have to search carefully, all over. We can’t have any hidden weapons, right? This is what undercover spies do. So, are you ready?”


That time I was able to recognize the tiny voice, the whisper. It was Chelsea.

“Is everyone ready?” Kate repeated.

I said I was, and Molly and Riley said the same.

“Okay, um, I’m gonna put the bottle down for a minute. Just a sec.”

I heard some fumbling. My guess is that Kate was placing the plastic bottle on the shelf above us, where Mommy kept shoeboxes and things. A moment later, she said, “All right. Now, let’s go. Take off everyone’s clothes and search them all over!”

Oh my god, you can’t imagine what that was like unless you’ve actually done it.

It was utterly, completely dark in there, and warm too, from the heat of our bodies. Even before we’d begun to remove our clothing, I was already sweating. There was a faint pleasant smell of our mother’s perfume, along with the natural scent of little girls, and other aromas too. I was pretty sure I could detect a hint of pussy in the air. I knew I was getting wet, and I wondered about the others.

Then I felt hands on me. I didn’t know whose. But hands were grabbing my shirt, pulling it up. I reached out, found a body, some clothing. In the dark, it was hard to know at first who I might be touching, but anyway, it didn’t matter. Kate had said that we all had to get naked, taking off each other’s clothes, and then we had to touch each other everywhere. Those were the rules.

And so we did. It took perhaps a minute or so, but soon we were able to tell, from the exploration of our hands and fingers, that everyone was nude. Now, for the full-body inspection.

Giggling, groping, sighing, laughing, stroking, rubbing, feeling… young feminine forms pressing in together, fingers sliding over soft skin, reaching in, probing… frequent heavy sighs, occasional squeals when ticklish areas were touched, low moans as erogenous zones were examined…

It was close inside that pitch black closet. The air was stuffy and very warm. We were all perspiring heavily. Sometimes I thought I felt a kiss, lips brushing along my neck or across my cheek, but I wasn’t sure. I knew for certain, though, that I felt hands all over me, small fingers on my nipples, under my arms, sliding down my back, caressing my bottom, going between my legs. The girls touched me, and I touched them too, each of them, everywhere.

At last, Kate said, “Okay, it’s time for the game, the real game.”

No!! I didn’t want to stop what we were doing. I wanted to do more, much more — not only touch these girls, but have sex with them!

My sister was right, though. It really wasn’t time for us to go any further yet with Riley. That might get us into trouble, could cause all kinds of problems if she didn’t like it or wasn’t ready for it. So it definitely was better to wait. After all, we’d already done quite a lot!

Kate opened the closet door. I felt a rush of cool, refreshing air, and breathed deeply. It was still dark, but now we were able to see one another, if just barely. There were more giggles and grins as we studied each other’s sweaty faces, our smooth naked bodies.

“All right,” Kate told us, “I’m going to hide somewhere downstairs. I’m the evil scientist. You have to find me and try to to take the formula away.” She held the bottle up.

We all nodded. We understood the game.

“First, though, Molly, you come here,” Kate said, taking my little sister by the hand and leading her into the bedroom.

She shut the closet door, leaving the rest of us inside. We weren’t able to see what was happening out there, of course, but soon the same thing was done with each girl.

One by one, Kate took us out of the closet, into the bedroom. There she told us to close our eyes and then spun us around, making us dizzy. She led us, with our eyes still closed and our heads spinning, to another hiding place. I found out later that Kate put Molly and Chelsea inside the closet in her room, then secured Riley and me in the closet in Molly’s room.

Once inside the closets, we were allowed to open our eyes again — although we really couldn’t see anything and were still somewhat dizzy. But after a few seconds, I was able to figure out where I was.

“This is Molly’s closet,” I whispered to Riley. I’m not sure why I was whispering, but that’s what I did.

“Okay,” the girl whispered in reply.

Then we heard Kate’s voice, apparently somewhere out in the hall. “I’m gonna go hide now!” she called loudly. “You guys count to a hundred, and then come try to find me!”

Giggling, Riley and I held hands and counted together.

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  1. Lulu Lime Lemon says:

    Loved this chapter…
    Not only Julie’s desire for the girls, but to seduce Ms. Crawford into sex with her daughters as well.

    I love how you bring back characters that were introduced in earlier chapters, too.

    Also, maybe we’ll meet Ms. Crawford’s husband’s secretary? ;<)

  2. Lulu, I haven’t made a decision yet about whether or not to include the secretary in the story — it already has so many characters! — but if I did, what do you think she should look like? What sort of personality might she have, and maybe what kind of sexual fetishes?

  3. Lulu Lime Lemon says:

    Wow.. a good question… and you’re right about characters…you already have some great ones…

    As for the secretary.. hmm. I was picturing her blonde.. with a hairband.. maybe kind of preppy in a girly way. She’s attracted to Paula as an older woman, and vice-versa.. though perhaps they don’t even articulate it at this stage.
    But over time she dresses more ‘girly’ – even at work. White tights, cotton underthings.. that kind of thing? (just spitballing here).

    As for ‘fetishes’ – well of course she instinctively likes to be suckled by Ms. Crawford…

  4. You have some very good ideas for the character, Lulu. I can see that you and I think along the same lines, nice and naughty. 😉 The only thing is, I already have someone in the story who is similar in many ways to what you describe — namely Dana: a young woman who sees herself more as a little girl than as a grownup. So, if I did decide to bring the secretary in at some point, I might want to find another way to differentiate her. I really appreciate your enthusiasm for her, though. You’ve given me a lot to think about!

  5. Lulu Lime Lemon says:

    First – thanks for replying! Also, yes, did recognize the parallel with Dana. I liked that another couple might have recognized a parallel dynamic between themselves. But anyway, always love what you do!

  6. Gina says:

    Hmmm…fetish for the secretary….

    Got milk?


  7. Ha-ha, Gina, stay tuned! In a later chapter (around #120), I’m planning to introduce a different character who’s just like that, and show some scenes of lactation play. 😉

  8. Evan says:

    I don’t remember who’s into what of you authors, and I haven’t read the last 80 chapters – but what about pee play?

  9. None of our three main authors is really into watersports all that much, although you will find a little bit of it in Chapter 37 of my story Serendipity, and quite a bit more than a little in Chapter 59 of the same story. There isn’t any in The Joy of Looking, however.

  10. JetBoy says:

    Evan, I’m working on a lesbian lolita novel for Juicy Secrets that features a tastefully done water sports scene. Not really my thing, as Naughty Mommy said, but it was perfect for the scene in question. Look for it here at this site in, oh, a couple of years or thereabouts.

    Sigh. What wouldn’t I give for a year off from the daily grind to work on sex stories… 🙁

  11. David says:

    Nice chapter,the girls all alone and Katie came up with a way to get them all naked. Looking forward to the rest of the game and for the adults to come home.

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