The Secret Society of the Pussycats Club, Chapter 14

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By Cheryl Taggert

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After Mia had finished describing how, in the dream, she’d made love to Susan and her friend Heather, she looked at her daughter to see the effects hearing about this had on her. She wondered in the split second between finishing her story and seeing Susan’s face whether she would be upset, puzzled, or interested. Did it turn her twelve-year-old daughter on as much as it had turned Mia on to relive it again? Or was this going too far? Would the idea of having sex with her mom and her best friend disgust her in a way that masturbating with her mother did not?

One look told Mia all she needed to know.

Her daughter had her hand once again at her pussy, rubbing it softly. The glazed look in her eyes was one Mia recognized as a glow of intense desire for sex. Still, she wanted to hear the words from Susan. She needed verbal acknowledgement that Susan wanted even more from their relationship.

“Did that story turn you on?” she asked her daughter.

“Oh, Mommy. Yes. You don’t know how much,” Susan answered, gasping as she touched her clit and received a magnificent jolt of pleasure.

As her mother had told her about the sex dream she’d had the night before, Susan tried to convince herself this was real. They were actually together in Mom’s Jacuzzi tub and had masturbated to mutual orgasms just moments before, and now Mom was telling her she had dreamed about sex with her and Heather.

Then the story got better. Mom admitted to masturbating last night because the dream had been so intense. Susan was dizzy with both desire and disbelief. This night had turned out so much better than she could have hoped. She listened as her mom told her about masturbating in Susan’s bed while sniffing a pair of panties Susan had worn. Mia had mentioned how stiff the panties had been with Susan’s dried juices and how she’d done something she’d never done before. Not only did Mia sniff them, but she also stuck the gusset into her mouth and sucked the juices from them.

By this point of the story, Susan had become involved in masturbating again, but doing so softly and slowly in order not to interrupt her mother’s story. Susan wanted that story to go on forever.

Now, Mom was asking her if the story turned her on. Turned her on?! She felt she was about to melt into a puddle of pussy juice!

Susan decided now was the time. There may never be another moment like this, and she was determined she and her mother would make love before her father got home.

She lifted her pussy above the water in the tub, exposing it to Mia’s gaze.

“Touch me, Mommy! Please?! If you touch me, I’ll come.”

“You really want me to do this? To touch your pussy?” Mia couldn’t believe her ears.

“Yes, please!” Susan begged.

Mia reached out then hesitated. This would be even more of a life-altering event than masturbating together. In fact, masturbating together would pale in comparison. This would signal the beginning of a change in the dynamic of their relationship from mother-daughter to incestuous lovers. Would Susan be able to listen to her as her mother if she did this? Despite how much she wanted to touch Susan, she was afraid to take that step.

“What’s wrong?” Susan asked, the desperation evident in her voice.

“Sweetheart, I’m your mother.”

“I know! I’ve wanted to make love to you for a long time!”

“Yes, but…if we do this, will you still be my daughter? Will you still listen to me the way you always have? I have to know you won’t decide because we’re lovers that you don’t have to listen to me anymore.”

Susan was nearly crying with need. The need to be touched. The need for a sexual touch from her mother. The mother she had longed for. The mother she wanted to kiss and touch. And lick and suck.

“You’ll always be my mommy. No matter what. This will only make it better. I swear.”

Mia still hesitated, but her eyes were now staring at the sticky-wet pussy that awaited her touch…and possibly more.

“Please, Mommy! I love you!”

“I love you too, honey.”

“Then make love to me!”

Mia’s gaze returned to the nearly hairless pussy presented to her so she could do what she wanted to it. Yes. What she wanted. That was, after all, the key to all of this. Mia wanted to touch her daughter. To finger her. To kiss her. To lick her pussy.

And have her daughter do the same to her.

With a final panting breath, Mia reached forward and touched her daughter’s pussy for the first time since Susan had grown old enough to bathe herself. The touch was like completing an electrical connection. The touch bonded them in a way nothing else ever could. The touch was a glue with a permanent holding power.

The touch was love.

Susan began bucking her hips in the tub, splashing the water and wringing a deep moan from her. She felt two of Mia’s fingers enter her pussy just a bit and her thumb land directly on her clit. Susan erupted in an orgasm that seemed to grab her and shake her like a rag doll.

Mia kept contact with Susan’s clit while her daughter climaxed. She reminded herself that they would never be able to do this when Dan was home. Susan was nearly screaming with the intensity of her orgasm.

Dan! The realization that he would be home that evening awoke Mia from the mesmerizing effect of their time in the tub. She glanced at the clock over the toilet and sighed with a rush of relief. It was still early yet. Dan wouldn’t be home for at least another ninety minutes. They had plenty of time.

When Susan had calmed from her massive orgasm, she moved across the tub to embrace Mia.

“Thank you, Mommy.”

“It was my pleasure,” Mia said, holding this wonderfully beautiful young girl she had pushed into the world.

Yes, they had plenty of time, but only if they took advantage of the time they had. There was still dinner to make. Then Mia remembered the frozen pizza. She’d have to make some excuse to Dan for serving such a thrown-together meal, but she knew she could come up with one.

Now, however, was the time for other things. Like having sex with her young daughter for the first time. The thought that it would be the first time made Mia realize that this implied there would be more.

And she was completely happy with that idea now.

“Sweetie, let’s get out of the tub. The water’s getting cold.”

“What do you want to do?” Susan asked, a mischievous smile crossing her face.

“Let’s go to your room. It’ll be easier to make your bed, and if we don’t get to it, your father won’t suspect anything if he sees it in disarray since you sometimes forget to make it.” Mia smiled at her daughter. It was the first time she had ever been happy her daughter was lazy about that chore.

Once in Susan’s bedroom, they lay together on the bed and turned to each other, staring into eyes that spoke of love and desire. They kissed as lovers for the first time. The kiss started tenderly, but as their passion rose, so did the intensity of the kiss. Tongues sought each other and twined together in a lustful dance. Their breathing became gasps and moans.

Susan moved to Mia’s breasts and began to kiss, lick, and suck them, relishing the feel of her mother’s nipples in her mouth for the first time since she’d been a baby getting her nourishment from this fountain of love.

Mia lay back and concentrated on the magnificent feelings that washed over her. Not only was her pussy dripping, but her nipples were also responding to her daughter’s mouth and tongue with delight. They stiffened as if puckering for the kisses they received.

Susan finally moved to Mia’s pussy. She breathed in the pungent aromas of her mother’s most intimate place before reaching the tip of her tongue toward her clit to taste it quickly, almost shyly. Then she began licking the delicious pussy all over with an almost insane passion. She felt hands on her hips, urging her to move into a sixty-nine, and she happily swung her left leg over Mia’s face to plant her pussy on Mia’s mouth to be loved into orgasms.

Mia began to lick and suck Susan’s pussy, loving how the small amount of downy pubic hair that fringed the labia felt on her cheeks, tickling sensuously. She was nearing her own orgasm and wanted to bring her daughter along with her.

Susan was already nearly there. Her mom’s mouth seemed to be glued to her, tongue dancing on her clit, lips sucking and kissing the soft, wet flesh. The growing need of that day was about to burst into an explosion that would make her most recent climax in the tub seem small. She braced for the utter joy she knew was about to envelop her.

Just at the moment she felt her own orgasm begin to spill over whatever dam kept it contained, Susan put two fingers in Mia’s pussy and pumped them, fucking her, and placed her pinky against her butthole, tickling her mom there.

Mother and daughter burst into loud and prolonged orgasms. Shudders shook them. Neither knew how much time elapsed as they came. All they knew was the ecstasy. The passion. The joy. The finality of this one act of love.

An act of love they each knew would be repeated. Everything had changed. And a stronger, more intense love was the end result.

“You okay?” Mia asked after they had recovered enough to speak.

“Wonderful.” Susan breathed the most contented sigh of her life. She and her mother were lovers. Just like Heather and Tina were with their own mother. She considered how much she should tell her mom about her sex life before deciding that she would tell her all of it. Everything. Even about her teachers and the orgy. What objections could her mom raise now that they had been as intimate as two women could ever get?



“Did you like having sex with Heather in your dream, too?”

“Well.” Mia was unsure how to answer that. She wondered what had prompted the question. Would her daughter be jealous if she said yes? She considered lying and saying it really meant nothing, but she felt that honesty was the better choice, even if it hurt her daughter’s feelings in some way.

“Did you?” Susan asked again to prompt a response.

“Yes. I have to admit I did.”


Good? Mia wondered why it was good.

“Why do you ask?” Mia said.

“Because I think she’d like it too.”

“What are you saying?” Mia was confused.

“Heather and I are lovers, Mom. We have been for months.”

Mia just chuckled at this. “I wondered where you got so good at that.”

“At what?” Susan asked, smiling since she knew exactly what.

“You know. At…licking me.”

“Oh. That!” Susan giggled. “Yeah, she and I have been doing that for a while now. Tina too.”

“You mean you’ve had sex with Tina? Heather’s little sister?”

“Uh-huh. And so has Heather.”

“Really?” This was news indeed. She considered this revelation. Heather and Tina, both very cute girls, were incestuous lovers themselves. Mia began to imagine them together. It was a sexy image, to say the least. Had she not been recently drained of sexual energy, she would have become very horny with the picture forming in her mind.

“Yeah.” She hesitated for a second before continuing. This would be the real bombshell. “And so has their mom, Cheryl.”

What? Had Susan just said their mother had sex with them?

“What did you say?” Mia asked, thinking she had certainly misunderstood.

“Their mom, Cheryl. She has sex with them, too.”

“With her daughters?! With Heather and Tina?!


“When did this start?”

“Yesterday. She was even at the orgy.”

Now Mia was completely aghast. “What orgy?!”

“The one at my teachers’ condo. Ms. Taylor and Ms. Simmons. We had an orgy yesterday.”

Orgy?! Had some man fucked her daughter?! “What in the hell are you talking about?! Did a man fuck you?!”

“Calm down, Mom. I’ll tell you. But don’t get upset. No. There weren’t any men there. It was all women and girls only.”

Mia crooked her elbow and put her head in her raised hand to look at Susan. Some women had had sex with her daughter? Teachers? Her first thought was murder.

Then she stopped the emotional runaway train. She was Susan’s mother, and she had just had sex with her daughter. Society would think her crime worse. Possibly the worst crime imaginable after murder.

And she had enjoyed every second of it. Even fully intended to do it again. Often, in fact.

Her anger left her in an instant, and all that was left was curiosity. Her features softened.

“You’re right. I have no right to be mad. But I do want to hear about this orgy. How did it start?”

“Well, on the last day of school, Heather and I sneaked into the woods by the school during the time we were outside playing. We wanted to have sex and we found this spot that seemed a good place for it. But Ms. Simmons followed us and caught us, but we also kinda caught her because she had a hand in her pants when we spotted her.”

“She was masturbating?”

“Uh-huh. So we ended up in a daisy chain. A daisy chain is when–”

“I know what that is, honey. I’ve actually done it before.”

This was news to Susan, of course. She didn’t know her mom had done anything with other girls until just now. Then she realized the same thing Mia had realized about her. She seemed to be very good at pussy-licking to have never done it before.

“Anyway, we did it, and then she told us she and Ms. Taylor had been doing that stuff since they were our age and now they live together as lovers, so we made a plan to meet up with them. While all that was going on, Heather and Tina’s mom, Cheryl, ended up having sex with Tina yesterday morning and got Tina to tell her about our plans, and they met us at the mall food court. That’s when Tina seduced Becca, who works at the Subway there.”

“Hold on. Tina seduced a girl from Subway?” Mia felt her head beginning to spin.

“Yeah. They did it in a stall in the girls’ bathroom. But they were sorta caught by Monica.”

“Monica?” Now Mia’s head was in full tilt mode. She began to wonder if Susan was making all this up.

“Yeah, Monica went in to pee and heard them. So she ended up listening in on our conversation with Becca at the counter at Subway. I’m not real clear how she did that, but she did. And she got the address for the orgy when we told Becca about it and invited her. So Monica ended up there, too.”

“And this was yesterday?”

“Uh-huh. So we’re at the orgy and we had a blast. Then I went home with Heather and Tina and their mom. That’s when I talked to Cheryl about how to have sex with you because I’ve wanted to for months. Ever since I discovered I could come, in fact.”

“Who all was at the orgy?” Mia asked, practically numb from all this information.

“Let’s see,” Susan thought for a moment. “Ms. Taylor and Ms. Simmons, of course. It’s their condo. And Cheryl and Heather and Tina and Becca and Monica.”

“And you,” Mia finished for her since she left herself out.

“Yeah. And me.” Susan smiled, as if proud of what she’d done.

“Did anyone force you to do that?”

“Of course not! I loved it!”

Mia finally understood that her daughter was a powerfully sexed young girl. She would almost certainly always be that way, and Mia silently accepted that Susan was who she was. Of course, Mia admitted to herself, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, either. She, too, had always been very highly sexed. Mia had been born with an overactive libido, which apparently had been passed along to her daughter.

“Why did you tell me this?” Mia asked.

“Because!” Susan said, excited yet fairly exasperated that her mom hadn’t followed the reasoning. “I want you to be a part of them, too!”



“…want me to be a part of your orgies?” Susan nodded enthusiastically. “With your teachers and Heather, Tina, and Cheryl?”

“And Becca and Monica. They’re really cool. And they’re really good at girl-girl sex, too!”

Mia’s heart was hammering in her chest. The thought was an enticing one, to say the least. She thought Cheryl was one of the most beautiful and sexy ladies she’d ever met, and from what she could recall of the two teachers Susan mentioned, they were very sexy too.

“How old are Becca and Monica?” she asked.

“I think Becca is like, sixteen or seventeen, and Monica’s my age.” Susan paused for a second, thinking. “Wait, I remember now. Becca is seventeen.”

As Mia lay there, she could feel her clit begin to stiffen, though she knew she wouldn’t do anything about it now. She was too satisfied from the sex she’d already had, not to mention that Dan would be coming home soon.

She also knew she would definitely be joining in on the fun. And why not? Her own daughter had invited her.

Looking at Susan’s clock radio, she realized they would have to get up now and get ready for Dan to get home. She would tell Dan she’d been too busy with a project to fix a nicer dinner. The explanation had a kernel of truth to it.

“Well, let’s get going. Your dad will be home soon, and we have to be dressed when he gets here. Having him catch us like this would never do.”

Mia went back to her own room to get dressed. When Dan arrived home, Susan was watching TV, and Mia was putting the frozen pizza in the oven.

After dinner, Dan went to bed after his shower because he had a headache. Mia was grateful for that. She had already wondered what she would do if he wanted sex. She was no longer in the mood for sex after her masturbation last night and the sex with their daughter earlier.

So instead of having sex with Dan, Mia ended up cuddling with Susan on the sofa, watching a movie, and munching popcorn.

And kissing, of course.

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