Kissing Practice, Part One

  • Posted on October 21, 2015 at 9:53 am

By JetBoy

I’ve always looked up to my big sister Kelly. She is intelligent, sweet and beautiful, and I emulated her in every way. I used to dream of being as pretty as she was. We had shared the same bedroom since I was a little girl, and were close enough to actually prefer living together.

My sister and I were both incredibly bright, though very different in temperament. Kelly was the outgoing type, both brainy and popular. She was one of the stars of the debate team, and performed in nearly all of the plays put on by the theater department. In fact, she’d played the lead in the school production of Our Town — Emily, the girl who marries young and dies in childbirth — and gave such a great performance that she had most of the audience in tears, me and Mom included.

I was the quiet, smart kid; always with my nose buried in a book or writing poems, not especially into being noticed or making a splash. I saw being popular as too much work, preferring to have a few carefully chosen friends who really understood me. And my very best friend in the world was Kelly. I’d known for a long, long time how lucky I was to have an older sibling who didn’t see me as an irritant, or behave as if I didn’t exist.

Kelly made it her mission to assist me through my awkward preteen years. She was always willing to share the secrets of her maturing body with me as she grew into womanhood. Kelly showed me when her breasts started to develop, and I remember gazing in awe at her budding chest. When I got my period for the first time, her soothing words and little kindnesses made what might have been an awful experience into a happy one. She even let me know when she began to grow pubic hair, baring her private parts to me so I could see what was happening to her.

I felt happy for my sister, seeing what an amazing young woman she had ripened into — but I couldn’t help but feel impatient as well, since it sometimes seemed like I was taking forever to catch up. When she began to date, I wanted to as well, and I began to look at the boys in my class differently.

When I was twelve, and Kelly fifteen, she got asked out on her first really big date. That’s when our sisterly relationship started to become something more.

It was 1983. Ronald Reagan was president, Michael Jackson ruled the airwaves, and girls in our part of Virginia were still more or less expected to stay virgins until they married. Of course, a lot of them didn’t, but most of the girls at least pretended that they were chaste. No one wanted to be labeled a slut, after all.

By this time, Kelly had gone to a movie or two with boys from her class, but nothing serious. Then one day she came home, beside herself with excitement, and rushed me to our bedroom to tell me the news: an older boy had asked her out — none other than Bart Davis, the junior quarterback on the high school football team! I squealed as she told me about how he had asked her to go to the school dance with him, and how all the other girls were jealous. We went on talking for the rest of the day about how wonderful it was going to be for her.

Kelly was floating on Cloud Nine for the rest of the week. She confided in me that she was hoping that he would ask her to go steady, and shared whispered conversations with me at night about how awesome it would be to have Bart for her boyfriend. The dance was planned for Saturday night, and we were already planning her outfit on Wednesday.

But that Thursday, some of the older girls at school gave Kelly a hard time — saying she was still just a kid, teasing her about being too young and inexperienced to go out with a guy like Bart. She came home fighting back tears. It was her first real date, and she was suddenly afraid.

“Kel, what’s the big deal?” I asked her as we sat together on her bed on Thursday night. “I mean, like, he asked you out. You’ve gone out with boys before.”

“But this is different, Kris,” she told me. “This is my first real date at a dance and all, and he’s an older guy. Like, what if he wants to kiss me? I — I’ve never kissed a boy before… not a real kiss, anyway.”

“You haven’t?” I asked her incredulously.

“No,” she told me, “just a peck on the lips with Dan when we went to the movies. That was nothing.” She started to cry. “That’s what I’m worried about. He is going to, to expect me to know how to kiss him, and I’ve never even done it. If I mess it up, the other girls will find out — and they’ll never let me h-hear the end of it.” She was sobbing now. “Everyone w-will laugh at me, Kris!”

I wrapped my arms around Kelly and held her close. She continued to cry as we hugged. I wanted to help her out so badly, but had no idea how. I mean, this was my older sister, the girl I idolized, who I’d always thought of as being so much more worldly than me — weeping in my arms, terrified of flubbing her first kiss.

I patted her back consolingly. “You should practice kissing before you go out with him, Kel,” I murmured.

She gazed helplessly at me. “Who c-could I get to do that?” she cried. “If I asked any boy to help me learn how to kiss and the word got out, I’d be finished at school. Everyone would think I was a total geek!”

“Well… what about one of your girl friends?” I replied. “Like Lynn. She’d help you out, wouldn’t she?”

Kelly slowly shook her head. “I couldn’t ask another girl to kiss me, Kris. What if she told someone? I mean, Lynn’s a real friend, but she can’t keep a secret. And if that got around at school…” She shook her head again. “No way. I wouldn’t dare.”

I grimaced. “Yeah, you’re right. Lame idea.”

Suddenly Kelly sat back and stared at me. “W-would you try it with me, Kris?” she blurted, taking me completely by surprise. “Like, you and I can practice kissing together… couldn’t we? That way I’ll totally know how to do it by Saturday!” Her eyes were bright with excitement.

Her request took me by surprise — I didn’t know what to say! She was my sister, and I did love her, but I’d certainly never thought about kissing her that way. Heck, I’d never even thought about kissing a girl before. Back then, fooling around with someone of your own sex was not the available option it is today.

Still… her suggestion did seem kinda interesting. Weird, but interesting.

“Come on, Kris — it’ll be fun!” she squealed, enthused by this answer to her problem. “I mean, like, you’re my best friend, and we can learn together.”

“Yeah, but…” I started, not sure how I really felt about doing something like that with Kelly. She pleaded with me, though, and what little resistance I had soon faded away.

“Look, sis… you are going to want to know how to kiss someday, right?” she asked, her hand on my arm. “I mean, you’ll be dating yourself in a couple of years. Just think — you’ll probably be the only girl in your grade who’ll know what to do!”

Okay, that sold me on the idea. I smiled and said “All right.”

“Really?” she cried, clapping her hands. “Oh, Kris, this is going to be so great…” Then she fell silent, gazing at me shyly. It was awkward for a moment, the two of us staring at each other.

She took a deep breath. “Okay. Let’s do this. Why don’t you pretend that you’re a guy, and it’s our first date, and we’re parked in your car up at Douglas Point.” That was the local make-out spot.

Kelly fell silent and closed her eyes, waiting for me to make the first move.

I trembled inside as I slowly moved towards my sister, bringing my face to hers. Our lips came together in a soft, slow kiss.

We sat there for a moment, our lips pressed together, and I felt Kelly slowly wrap her arms around me. I felt her body press against mine, pushing me back onto the bed, then she shifted so that we lay side by side, our mouths still pressed together, both of us clad in our usual sleeping attire, t-shirts and panties.

Then her tongue slipped into my mouth, and I melted.

Before I even knew what I was doing, I was responding to my sister. Our tongues met, touching tentatively at first as we began to explore, our bodies beginning to throb with heat. It was my first French kiss ever, and I was so excited I was practically shaking!

My big sister and I were making out on her bed, and I loved it! My body was tingling, pulsing with new desires and sensations as we continued to kiss. Many years later, I still get chills when I think about my first “practice” with Kelly, and how happily I savored the sweetness of her mouth on mine.

Suddenly Kelly’s lips left mine, and I nearly protested — but then she was nuzzling my jawline, and I leaned back, mouth falling open as she slowly kissed a pathway down my neck. I adored the softness of her lips against my skin, her tongue tracing the hollow of my throat. She had shifted on top of me by this time, our legs entwined, and we slowly started to grind against one another. Things were getting quite heated when I pushed her head back and moved my lips to her neck.

“Oh Kris, that’s really nice,” she purred. I was kissing her neck like she had mine, tongue trailing along my sister’s beautiful skin, our bodies slowly sliding together as our embrace became hotter and more passionate.

Our kissing continued on for many minutes, both of us loving this mutual first experience at making out. When we eventually broke our embrace we both giggled and hugged one another, telling each other that it was a good thing that we’d just done, feeling happy and thrilled that we now knew how to kiss.

I had blissful dreams that night, reliving the sensation of my sister’s sweet tongue in my mouth.

The next morning was a bit awkward at first. At one point we were both naked at the same time, and there was an instant of sheepish embarrassment when our eyes met. It was a very weird moment that lasted for a few heartbeats, then we broke out laughing.

“Thanks, Kris,” she said, reaching out to touch my bare shoulder. “You really helped me last night. I’ll tell you all about how it went with Bart when I get home.”

I ended up daydreaming through most of my classes, thoughts of kissing my sister stuck in my head. I also found myself observing the boys around me in a new way, and I pictured several guys that I liked kissing me like my sister had done. My body was awash with new feelings, and I drifted home in a happy daze.

The wait was agonizing, as all I wanted was for Kelly to come home and tell me about her date. What I wanted even more was to kiss her again, but I wasn’t sure how she felt about that. After all, if she had a boyfriend of her own, why would she bother making out with her kid sister?.

I tossed and turned under the covers, growing increasingly restless as I waited for her. Suddenly I heard feet treading up the stairs, and sat upright as the door quietly opened and Kelly slipped inside.

She was positively radiant, smiling hugely, and clearly glad to see that I was still awake.

“Let me get cleaned up, and I’ll tell you everything!” she announced, then darted into the bathroom. I waited for her, beside myself with excitement. She was finally home, the moment of truth at hand.

She practically raced back into our room in her nightshirt, jumping into my bed before I could speak and seizing me in a big hug.

“He did it, he kissed me!” she exclaimed as she bounced on my bed, unable to keep from grinning. “It was so wild. We were alone, and he started to kiss me, and then he Frenched me. I’m so glad I got to practice with you, Kris!”

I was delighted that I’d been able to help my big sister, and my heart began to beat faster when she told me, “Y’know, the funny thing is, you kiss better than he does.” She placed a hand on my arm. “Wanna practice some more?”

“Yeah!” I replied immediately with a vigorous nod.

Kelly wrapped her arms around me and our mouths met, lips quickly parting, tongues meeting and mating. As our kiss deepened, we easily shifted about on the bed so that her thigh was pressing between my legs and mine rested between hers. I felt giddy with mixed pleasure and excitement when our bodies began to grind together — gently at first, then with a rising intensity.

Suddenly she drew back. “Would you do something else for me?” she asked, a hint of shyness in her tone. I was nearly out of breath, but managed to nod. Kelly had me so turned on that I was ready to agree to anything she wanted.

“I’m going on another date with Bart next Wednesday,” she told me, her fingers brushing my lips. I flicked at her fingertips with my tongue, not completely following what she was saying, I just wanted to kiss her more. At last we were on equal ground, both of us discovering things together.

What she said next definitely got my attention, though.

“The thing is, he’s older, and more experienced than me,” she told me as I took her finger into my mouth and sucked at it. “I think he’s going to try going to second base with me on our next date. I want to make sure I’m ready for him, so… would you, um, touch me here?” She gestured to her breasts.

I just stared at her as she brought her face back to mine, and we began to kiss again. She paused to shrug out of her bathrobe, leaving her in t-shirt and panties, then shifted so that she was beneath me and I was on top.

I knew what she was waiting for, but I was nervous. I mean, my own sister wanted me to feel her up! Too timid to make my move, I just kept kissing Kelly until she spoke again.

“Go ahead, Kris — I want you to,” she told me, taking my hand and gently pressing it against her chest.

My heart raced as I cupped the soft mound through Kelly’s t-shirt, slowly spreading my fingers apart. She moaned in response, then her mouth crushed into mine, her tongues darting between my lips.

Growing bolder, I began to fondle her breasts. My sister hummed her approval into our kiss, and I could feel my body growing hot with excitement.

We slowly drifted apart, sharing a wide-eyed gaze that said everything about what we were feeling right then. “Oh, Kris,” she whispered, “that feels wonderful. Don’t stop.” I continued to grope her while she drew in closer to nuzzle my neck, her lips and tongue driving me wild with desire as they lightly brushed against my skin.

Our bodies were sliding together, both of my hands now pressed against Kelly’s breasts. She began to suck on my tongue as I teased her nipples.

She suddenly broke away with a breathless gasp. “Hold on!” Clumsily raising herself into a sitting position, Kelly whisked her t-shirt off and threw it aside, then lay back down, pulling me to her. She sighed happily as my hands claimed her breasts, now wondrously bare. “Yesssssss…”

I licked my way down her neck, all nervousness gone as I explored my sister’s body for the first time. My lips found their way to her chest, Kelly’s heart racing frantically as she ran her hands through my hair. Her breast was inches from my face, and I knew what she wanted me to do.

When I ran my tongue across the erect bud of her nipple, my sister whimpered, “Omigod, Kris…” I took it into my mouth, sucking at the tip of her beautiful breast.

I was lost in a new world of pleasure. My body was hot and moist, my own breasts aching to be touched. I moved back up to her face, and we kissed long and hot, writhing against each other on my bed.

We kept at it a little while longer, and then we separated with one last loving kiss and lay back together, nestled side by side. Her hand found mine and gave it a squeeze.

“That was really amazing,” she told me as we cuddled. “You are helping me so much, and it feels good, too! Let’s practice again tomorrow, ‘kay?”

I spent the whole next day in anticipation of that evening. Sure enough, Kelly came to me that night for more “practice.” This time she made out with me, just like I’d done to her. It was amazing. Even though I hadn’t developed as much as Kelly, my breasts were wondrously sensitive, and the feel of her fingers against me was out of this world. I almost swooned with pleasure when she first kissed and licked my nipples.

Gazing deep into my eyes, she locked into a steamy embrace with me, breasts pressing together as our lips and tongues met.

I could feel how hard her nipples were as we hugged, arms passionately entwined around one another. I’d also become increasingly aware of the heat and dampness that mounted between my legs as we kissed, and I knew that she felt the same, just from the warmth of her own sex as it pressed against my thigh.

“Love you, Kris,” she told me, gently placing her hands on my face. I told her that I loved her as well, and we shared another intimate kiss, my sister’s fingers cradling my cheeks as our tongues swirled together.

We fell asleep in each other’s arms, our bodies nestled closely.

By the time of her third date, my big sister and I had been fooling around every single night. Although she did enjoy being with Bart, Kelly admitted to having more fun when she was with me. And although I was still thinking about guys and wanting a boyfriend of my own, those feelings seemed utterly insignificant when I was with my sister.

That evening, while Kelly was out, I mostly spent in my bed — trying to read a book I liked, but I was too restless to focus on the words. Finally, I put the book to one side, turned off the light and tried to rest, only to find myself tossing and turning, bombarded with images of Kelly and Bart kissing, his hands touching her breasts.

I was feeling some pangs of jealousy — but then I smiled when I remembered how Kelly told me I was better at making out than Bart. Still, I felt annoyingly restless, wanting my sister home and in bed with me.

I teased my nipples, the buds erect and sensitive. The familiar heat and wetness began to spread inside of my body and between my legs. For some reason, Kelly and I had yet to touch each other very much below the waist. I’m not sure why, we never discussed it. I was shy, I suppose… and perhaps it would have been crossing a line we weren’t quite ready to cross yet.

That night, however, I was feeling especially bold; longing for more from Kelly. I slipped a hand inside the panties I wore, fingers curving between my thighs. I’d masturbated before, of course, but something about the way I felt right then made touching myself feel absolutely amazing.

Suddenly I knew that I wanted to, had to, touch Kelly this way. This was what I’d been longing to do with my sister, although I hadn’t realized it until then. We’d made each other feel incredible, but had yet to experience the ecstasy of total release.

I nearly bit through my lip as I exploded in orgasm, moaning my sister’s name as I rubbed my pussy.

Bringing two fingers to my mouth, I tasted my sex. All I could think about now was Kelly, how I wanted to share this with her, how badly I longed to touch my sister like this.

I was brimming with anticipation and lust when Kelly finally got home. By now I’d shed my underwear and lay completely naked under the covers. She rushed into the room, stripped down to her panties and slid into bed with me, giving me a soft kiss.

“So… how’d it go with Bart?” I murmured.

“Oh, okay — I had fun,” she told me as she snuggled up to me. “But I’m glad to be home. I felt more like being with you, actually.”

“I have a surprise for you,” I told her with a smile as we shared a quick kiss and embrace.

“Oooohh!” she exclaimed as our bodies came together. “You’re naked!”

I nodded with a smile as she threw the covers back and stared at my nude body for a few heartbeats. Then with a giggle, she whisked off her own panties and drew me into her arms, our bare bodies entwining.

“Mmmmmm, this feels awesome!” she said to me as we pressed into each other. I could feel Kelly’s hot, damp opening against my thigh, and the warmth of her pussy was driving me wild with desire.

“Tell me what happened,” I urged as I kissed her.

“Let’s talk about it later, okay?” she whispered impatiently, “I’ve been wanting to kiss you all day.” She took my face in her hands and planted her mouth on mine. I purred with pleasure as her tongue slid between my lips and we kissed hungrily for a couple of minutes.

Her face was flushed and happy when we broke apart. “So…” she grinned, “what’s this surprise of yours?”

“I’d rather show you than tell you,” I said. “Just lie back.”

Wanting to see her naked, I threw the covers off the bed as she stretched out, smiling at me expectantly. I rolled on my side, facing her, and touched her gently. She smiled, and my hands began to roam over her nude body as my mouth sought out hers again. As we kissed, I trailed my hand down between her thighs, and we both moaned as my fingers brushed over her mound.

“Oh, yes, Kris! Touch me… touch my pussy!” she blurted, responding to my bold caresses.

“D-do you like that?”

“Ohhh, yes… ohhh, God, it’s so… OH!” Her body jerked as my fingers slid between her moist pussy lips. I touched her the same way I’d fondled myself, getting my fingers wet with the essences of my sweet sister.

Then I got a really hot idea. I brought my pussy-wet fingers up to my lips and tasted them.

Kelly got incredibly excited watching me do that, and her tongue joined mine. “Mmmmm…” we both purred as I held my fingers between our eager mouths. We both licked and sucked her juice from my fingers, and I gasped as she suddenly slid her hand down my body and between my legs, fingering me like I had her.

“Yes! Oh, yes… oh Kelly, d-don’t stop!” I cried as she toyed with my pussy. It felt great when I’d done it to myself, but it was unbelievable when she did it to me. My sister and I kissed hotly as we fingered each other, both of us growing more delirious by the second.

I wanted to go further, though — to put my fingers inside her.

“God, Kris — omigod that feels so GOOD!” she cried as I slipped one finger deep into her hot, slippery hole. Right away, she did the same to me… and the sensation was dizzying. I was trembling now as she began to slide that wicked finger in and out, in and out.

We quickly found a mutual rhythm, both us moaning as our pleasure soared even higher. I felt like I was going to explode, but the sensations just grew more and more intense.

Then Kelly touched my clit with her thumb… and that was IT! My body seized up as indescribable waves of purest ecstasy crashed over me, one after another. It was all I could do not to scream out loud. I could feel the breath shuddering out of my lungs in hoarse bursts of “Huh! Huh! Huh! Huh!” My hand was still between my sister’s legs, fingers frantically thrusting in and out as I worked to bring her off.

And then she was climaxing too, her face suddenly against my chest, her breath hot on my skin as she bucked and rocked on my hand. We leaned against one another, trembling as our orgasms crested and slowly — so slowly! — receded.

We slept together again that night, peacefully slumbering in each other’s arms.

I woke up very early the next morning, and gazed at my sister’s beautiful body. I had always wanted to be just like her, and now Kelly and I were playing sex games together. I shivered with excitement as I stared at her erect nipples, and lowered my head, extending my tongue to lick one.

Moving slowly, I slid my hand between Kelly’s legs and gently caressed the pink folds of her pussy. Her breathing grew faster as I toyed with her, and she slowly opened her eyes with a smile.

“Good morning,” she cooed. “Damn, that feels incredible.”

I leaned up to kiss Kelly as my fingers brushed her pussy, and she whimpered into my mouth as I pleasured her. She quickly became wet, and my finger was just starting to inch inside her vagina when we heard our mother moving around.

We quickly separated, and she dove into her bed just minutes before Mom opened our bedroom door. She told us both that it was time to get up, then left without a backward glance.

Laughing with my sister at what a close shave that had been, we both emerged from our beds and hugged. Entwining our naked bodies together, we shared a passionate kiss while cupping each other’s bare asses. It was a perfect ending to a wonderful night, and I could not wait for the evening to come, so I could play these sweet games with my beautiful sister again.

We did make out that night — and every night for the next week. The time we spent together naked and in each other’s arms was like a taste of paradise. I couldn’t get enough of my sweet sister.

Then came the night when things changed between us again.

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  1. Margaret says:

    What a sensual and romantic story Jetboy, of two curious and sexually precious young sisters exploring each others bodies and discovering the pleasures of the flesh. I look forward to hearing more as the two incestuous siblings intimacy grows and their loving bond deepens.

    The accompanying illustration is just perfect.

  2. Purple Les says:

    Love this story. Too hot for me to get thru it in one read.

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