Serendipity, Chapter 40

  • Posted on October 19, 2015 at 2:20 pm

By Naughty Mommy

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“Whee!!” Gwen picked Bambi up once again, lifting the girl and tossing her into the waves. Bambi squealed in pleasure.

Kelly had to wonder, though, if Bambi was squealing not only because it was such fun, but because when Gwen lifted her, she had a hand right between the little blonde’s legs, actually grabbing her crotch! She’d been really surprised to see the way Gwen touched the girls, every one of them, including her own sister, Paige. Her hands went everywhere on their slender young bodies, groping and caressing, and they all seemed to love it.

Jordan loved it maybe most of all and played with Gwen just as aggressively as Gwen played with her. The tall teenager was wearing another one-piece Speedo, except this one was lime green instead of red. The suit clung to her and defined her form, erect nipples jutting through the wet fabric, the cleft of her pussy plainly revealed. These seemed to be targets for all the girls, especially Jordan. Now, as the 7-year-old climbed on Gwen’s back, she reached around and squeezed the teen’s breasts, deliberately pinching the hard nipples. Gwen cried out in delight. Earlier, Kelly had watched Bambi, Amanda, Paige, and certainly Jordan groping Gwen’s crotch. Only the twins held back on the most aggressive touching.

Kelly spent most of her time with Holly and Hailey, and as she watched Gwen, Kelly became bolder too, putting her hands right between her sisters’ legs as they cavorted in the water, stroking their little pussies through their bikini bottoms. They both laughed excitedly and grabbed her as well, touching her breasts through her skimpy top. She began to ask herself how far things might actually go with their sexy games in the ocean waves.

Just then Gwen called time out, however, telling the girls she needed a rest.

“Awwww!!!” they chorused, begging her to stay and play some more. But she strode toward the shore and beckoned them to follow her, which they did.

“Anybody want ice cream?” Gwen asked, as they reached dry sand. Of course six little girls said they did, or screamed they did.

“Okay, well, I bet if we all go ask our moms really nicely,” said Gwen, “if we crawl up on their laps and rub ourselves against them and kiss them, I bet they’ll say we can have ice cream.”

That idea went over big. The girls raced up the beach toward the reserved area where their mothers were getting drunk and flirting with each other.

Kelly and Gwen walked along more slowly behind the kids, shaking their heads and smiling as they watched them run.

“Hey, um,” Kelly said,” I wanted to ask you something. Or actually, my mom, my moms, wanted to ask your mom if you guys would come to dinner tonight. At our condo. You know, have dinner with us tonight. Barbecued chicken.”

“Oh, yeah, that sounds cool. I think we can. I’ll ask my mom.” Gwen smiled down at Kelly and took her hand, giving it a squeeze. Kelly’s heart practically burst out of her chest.

Jordan jumped onto Stacie’s lap, Amanda onto Tina’s lap, and Paige onto Eve’s lap. Angela was standing up, so Bambi simply hugged her tightly and started riding her thigh. Stephanie, who was in a lounge chair, found herself with a twin astride each leg, hugging her and kissing her.

“Ice cream! Ice cream! Ice cream!” the girls all sang out at once.

They got their treat, obviously. Their moms each had enjoyed several drinks by then, and when you combined that with the effect of having sexy little girls kissing and caressing and humping them, the women would have agreed to almost anything.

Eve actually thought it was pretty funny that 11-year-old Paige, who normally tried to present herself as mature and advanced for her age, was sitting on her lap, calling her Mommy instead of Mom, and using baby talk to beg for ice cream. At the same time, though, Eve kept one eye on Stephanie, who was seated next to her, watching to see how how the woman would react as those little blonde twins rubbed their wet bodies against her. Was it possible, she wondered, that Stephanie and Veronica had the same kind of relationship with their daughters that she now had with Gwen and Paige?

The moms gave them money for ice cream and the girls ran off together toward the snack bar, all except Kelly and Gwen who stayed behind. Both were looking for an opportunity to talk with their mothers about dinner plans.

As the girls zoomed off, giggling and shrieking, Angela and Carol sat down to become better acquainted. Eve and Veronica and Stephanie were sort of huddling together along with Gwen and Kelly, so this left Stacie and Tina to smile shyly at each other as they nursed their beers.

Finally Tina approached Stacie. “Hi,” she said.


“I’m Tina.”

“Yeah, uh, hi, I’m Stacie. And your daughter is… I’m sorry, I don’t remember her name.”

“That’s okay. It’s Amanda.”

“Oh, yes, Amanda. Such a pretty name. And my little girl is Jordan.”

“I do remember her,” Tina chuckled. “With so much energy, she’s hard to forget.”

“You’re right about that. She’s a ball of fire.”

Nearby, Stephanie was saying, “It’s a little awkward, you already being here with another group and ordinarily we wouldn’t do this, but Kelly is just…… no, I won’t blame her. She wants to spend more time with Gwen, and we really would like to get to know you, and, uh, Paige, right? We’d like to get to know all of you better.”

“Well, sure, that sounds very nice,” Eve smiled. “I don’t see why we shouldn’t. Thank you.”

Kelly and Gwen giggled and grinned at each other, still holding hands.

“I finally accepted their offer and sold the business, only a few weeks ago, in fact,” Carol told Angela. “So now I’m on my own, a woman with time, and money… and desires.”

“Mmm, I know what you mean. I’m in a similar circumstance. That is, my family has considerable holdings which I manage, but that still leaves me plenty of time to pursue my — I really should say our, since they are Bambi’s interests as much as mine — to pursue our special interests. We travel around and meet people, and… we enjoy them.”

“I see. And, uh, could there be any special sort of people you like to enjoy?”

Angela smiled at Carol. The woman was quick. Somehow she’d seemed to grasp almost instantly what sort of interests were being alluded to.

“Well, yes, we do have a… preference, if you will. We enjoy it the most when we are able to get to know attractive moms with young daughters. Single mothers, mind you. Frankly, I’m not at all interested in men, and neither is Bambi.”

“I should hope not,” Carol chuckled, considering that Bambi was only 10.

“She does enjoy women, however, very much, and girls too, of course. I don’t mind telling you that because I suspect you’ve already guessed it.”

As Carol nodded, Angela gazed at the woman for a moment, their locked eyes conveying a deep understanding. Then she turned to look at Veronica, and Stephanie, and Kelly. She thought about the other little girls who were part of Carol’s extended family, the twins, Holly and Hailey, and the littlest angel, Jordan.

“You know, I wonder if perhaps we…” Angela began as she turned back to Carol. But just then Eve came over to them.

“Would you think me terribly rude, Angela, if I said I’ve made plans for tonight, and that we won’t be able to join you for dinner?”

“No, of course not, darling. It’s perfectly fine. You’re not tied to me — although I do have a secret fantasy about tying you up some night and having my way with you.”

Carol laughed and clapped her hands as Eve turned red. Angela stood and gave her a little hug. “I’m sorry, my dear, I shouldn’t tease. You go have fun tonight with your new friends. I want you to. We’ll get along fine, I assure you.”

“Yes, I’m sure you will,” Eve smiled, her blush starting to fade. She gave Angela a kiss on the cheek, then returned to Stephanie and Veronica and accepted their dinner invitation.

Angela sat down again, and Carol asked, “What was it you were going to say, earlier…? You were thinking about something.”

“Oh, yes. Well, it’s just this. I know it may seem presumptuous, but it occurred to me that it might be fun for all of us to have an excursion together, to get away on our own for a day, out on the water where we can have some real privacy and be able to do anything we want with each other.”

Carol was impressed. This blonde bombshell seemed to be a big thinker. She smiled and winked at her. “Get away, and then… do anything we want with each other?”

The woman simply nodded and licked her lips.

“That would be nice, very nice, but… what do you mean by ‘out on the water’? Do you mean on a boat?”

“Yes, certainly, a yacht. I know someone, a private charter I’ve used before, with an all-female crew. Ahem, a lesbian crew. They’re quite discreet, not to mention very attractive and extremely friendly too.”

“Hmm, this is sounding better all the time. All of us together, mothers and daughters, on a yacht with a lesbian crew… wow…”

Angela took out her cell phone. “Let me see if I can find their contact information… where is it, where is it… ah, here it is, Carte Blanche Charters. What do you think, shall I give them a call?”

“Sure, but I’d guess this is going to be pretty pricey, right? So, let’s agree to split the cost, half and half, you and I.”

“Well…” Angela hesitated. It was in her nature to always want to pay for everything.

“Come on, I want to,” Carol said. “Don’t worry, I can afford it, I’m loaded. And besides, it’s in such a worthy cause, I’d spend any amount to make something like this happen.”

With a sly grin, Angela leaned forward, bringing her face right up to Carol’s. She kissed the woman tenderly on the lips, and said, “I think this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

Carol returned the smile, then put her hand behind Angela’s neck and pulled them together again, kissing her wetly right in front of everyone.

“Gosh, look at those two,” Tina said to Stacie. “They’re getting really friendly really fast.”

“Yeah,” Stacie smiled, “my mom is like that now. Ever since my father died, she’s been, well, she kind of just goes ahead and does whatever she wants.”

Tina giggled, “And Angela, I can tell you from experience, is that way too. She sees something, she wants it, and then she gets it.”

“Looks like they’ll make quite a pair.”

When the sweet but indecent lesbian kiss ended, Angela turned to look at the others, leering and licking her lips. It seemed that she was about to say something to them, but just then her cell phone, which she still held in her hand, began singing.

Tina smiled to herself. She recognized the ring tone. It was Katy Perry’s song, “I Kissed a Girl.”

“Yes?” Angela said, the phone to her ear. “Oh, hello, Sheila darling, how are you?”

As she was conversing with the caller, the little girls returned, each licking an ice cream cone — although in Jordan’s case, it appeared that half of the treat was on her cheeks and chin. Stacie chuckled and grabbed a napkin so she could clean her daughter up a bit.


A half hour later, all the arrangements had been finalized. Plans were set for the night: Eve and her daughters would join Carol and her group for a barbecue dinner at the condo, while Angela and Tina had accepted an invitation to dine with Sheila, Bridget, and their girls at Sheila’s house. And on Thursday, in two days, an even more exciting event was awaiting: all of them together, nine women and eleven young girls, would embark on a pleasure cruise out in the ocean. A whole day and night on a luxury yacht — what an adventure that would be!

The kids played in the water some more that afternoon (with Gwen and Kelly getting even naughtier in their groping and fondling) as the mothers conversed and drank and flirted, and later a giant sand sculpture was constructed under Paige’s direction, but by around 4:00, they all decided it was time to part. Eve and her girls went to their rooms to shower and change clothes for dinner, while Angela and Tina and their two daughters headed up to the penthouse suite to do the same.

Carol, Veronica, Stephanie, and Stacie strolled back toward the condo with the children running ahead. Kelly was giddy with joy, her feet barely touching the sand as she chased after Jordan and the twins. When she and Gwen had said goodbye, or actually “see you soon,” Gwen had given her a soft kiss, right on the lips! Kelly didn’t know what else might happen later — although it seemed that almost anything was possible — but right now she was as happy as could be.

“What did you think of… of Eve, and her girls?” Stephanie asked the other women as they walked. “Did you get the impression that they, that the three of them, well, you know…”

She wished she could be more straightforward with her question, but for some reason it was difficult to come right out and say it.

“Like us, you mean?” Veronica grinned. “Are you asking if we think she fools around with her daughters? Has sex with them?”

Stephanie started to reply, but Carol said, “I’ll bet she does. I’m quite sure that Angela has sex with Bambi. She as much as told me so.”

“Really??” Stacie and Stephanie asked in unison, eyebrows raised.

“Yes, really,” Carol chuckled. “I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Eve has had sex with her girls, and, uh, what’s her name, Tina and little Amanda too.”

“Wow…” Stacie breathed. “So we’re not the only ones.”

“No, we’re not,” Carol continued. “I don’t think we are anyway. I’m not certain about the others, the women Angela and them are having dinner with tonight, but who knows? Maybe them too. It could be we’ve stumbled upon a big group of incestuous moms and daughters.”

They were all quiet for a minute while they thought about that.

As they stepped up onto the deck of the condo, Stephanie said. “I suppose it all might be true, but just the same, I think we’d better go kind of easy at first tonight. We don’t know for sure, and it could be pretty messy if we said something to Eve and, well… if it wasn’t true.”

“But if they aren’t doing anything yet, don’t you think we should initiate them?” Carol asked, a twinkle in her eye.

Stephanie frowned and was about to respond, but Carol put a hand on her arm. “No, it’s all right, honey, I’m kidding. Don’t get upset. I won’t say anything that will embarrass you, or her, I promise. On the other hand, I have a feeling I won’t have to, that none of us will. Things might just sort of take their natural course.”

Taking a deep breath, Stephanie tried to smile. She was still worried but didn’t want her anxieties to affect their family relationships. “You’re probably right,” she said. “I guess we’ll have to see.”


Angela and Tina each presented Sheila with a nice bottle of wine as hostess gifts, and Bambi and Amanda together handed her a huge bouquet of fresh flowers.

“Oh, how lovely they are!” Sheila smiled, pressing her face into the flowers and inhaling deeply, before giving each of the girls a kiss on the lips. She passed the flowers to Erin, asking her to find a vase for them. Then she took a closer look at the wines.

“Well, I must say, both of these should go quite well with our entree,” she smiled. “Good choices! We’re having grilled swordfish steaks with a pomegranate glaze.”

“Gosh, that sounds wonderful,” Tina enthused. “I gotta admit, I’m actually kind of hungry.”

Sheila laughed heartily, in her usual style. “There are plenty of hors d’oeuvres outside that should tide you over. We won’t be eating dinner for another hour or so. Bridget will fix you something to drink too. You go ahead, it’s right out there, through the family room. I have to get back to the kitchen.”

She started to turn, then stopped. “Did you kids wear your bathing suits? Or bring them with you?”

The 10-year-old blondes both nodded.

“Super. You can hop in the pool then with Debby and Fiona. Have a good time!” She waved as she breezed away.

It was a small backyard pool, only five feet deep, but that didn’t stop the little girls from having a blast, jumping in and out, splashing each other, shrieking and giggling. It took Amanda and Bambi only seconds to whip off their clothes, revealing tiny bikinis, and join the fun.

After greeting the moms with hugs and kisses, Bridget made drinks for them. Tina fixed herself a plate of yummy-looking finger foods, and then the three of them sat down to relax in the shade and watch the girls play.


Eve and Gwen and Paige arrived at the condo about 5:30, as planned. Eve had bought a box of Godiva truffles at the hotel, which was the only thing she could think of on short notice. She handed them to Stephanie, saying, “I hope you like chocolate as much as I do.”

“Oh, thank you! Of course, I do. Can’t live without it!” Stephanie laughed, giving Eve a kiss on the cheek.

“Damn the calories, full speed ahead!” joked Carol.

Veronica served drinks to their guests — wine for Eve, sodas for the girls — while Stephanie got the barbecue started up. They all sat outside on the deck for a while, enjoying the late afternoon sun, but soon the little kids were itching to play.

“You wanna go in the ocean again?” Hailey said to Kelly. Holly nodded eagerly, while Jordan looked on brightly. She would do anything with anyone as long as it was fun.

“Hmm, maybe, I don’t know,” Kelly answered. The truth was she really wanted to do something with Gwen, preferably alone. Except that Gwen wasn’t paying much attention to her right then. Instead it seemed like she was deliberately flirting with Carol, and with Kelly’s mom, Veronica. Which is fine, thought Kelly, she has a right, I guess. So maybe what I should do is take the kids inside, go upstairs and fool around with them. I know they’d want to kiss me and stuff.

Gwen smiled at Carol, who kept giving her winks. The way Veronica and Carol were looking at her, both openly admiring her legs, really turned her on. She was wearing denim short-shorts and a loose Hollister tank top with no bra, but instead of her usual sneakers she’d borrowed a pair of sling-back heeled sandals from her mom. They made her feel mature and sexy. She was glad she’d decided to dress that way. It was exciting to draw so much attention.


It didn’t take long. Bambi figured it out almost immediately. She’d had plenty of experience in swimming pools all around the country and knew that in most of them there were places where the water came out through a hole really fast and if you put yourself right in front of it, it felt amazing. She found the spot, positioned herself holding onto the side, and within minutes a glazed look stole over her eyes.

Erin was in the pool now with the younger kids. She’d been playing with them but her attention had been diverted to what Bambi was doing, and Erin found herself getting turned on. She knew exactly what was happening with the sexy little girl, of course, because she’d done it herself many times. Watching Bambi do it made her clit tingle.

Fiona knew all about it too. She and Erin had never really discussed it, but she’d seen her big sister doing it before and then had tried it herself. It was totally awesome. There were a couple of places like that in their pool. She quickly went over to the second one and placed her crotch in front of it.

That left Debby and Amanda, both of whom were oblivious. Erin was holding Debby in her arms, and Amanda was climbing out of the pool so she could jump back in again. Her wet bikini, which was microscopic to begin with (it was borrowed from Bambi), was almost falling off now. Erin looked up between Amanda’s legs and got a nice glimpse of her hairless slit.

So many choices. So many opportunities. Erin couldn’t decide what to do. The two masturbation spots in the pool were already taken, but she could fool around with Debby if she felt like it, and maybe even with Amanda too. Both were very tempting to Erin. She liked girls and women a lot, age didn’t really matter to her — as long as they had a pussy.

Angela didn’t hesitate at all. There was no indecision for her. She recognized what Bambi was up to, noticed Fiona doing the same thing, and then acted. She stood up, reached underneath her skirt and tugged down her panties (which she was wearing, for once), and put them aside. Sitting down again, she opened her legs and began to masturbate.

Tina was shocked, to say the least. She knew that Angela was impulsive and bold, but this was more than she ever expected. She looked around the yard. The fences were high, and there were a lot of trees and shrubbery, but still, the houses on both sides were two stories, the same as Sheila’s, and Tina wondered if anyone might be able to see them…

That didn’t seem to concern Angela, though. She hiked her skirt up almost to her waist, slid down in the chair and spread her legs wide as she rubbed herself.


Paige squirmed in the hard plastic chair on the deck at the condo as she took another sip of ginger ale. She felt uneasy. Being 11, Paige was in-between ages with the other girls there. She wasn’t little any more like Jordan or the twins, but she also wasn’t a teenager yet like her sister, Gwen, or like Kelly. There was no one she could really connect with. And besides she was sort of being ignored. Those older ladies were staring at Gwen’s legs like crazy, how could you miss that? Of course, it’s understandable, she told herself, Gwen does have great legs. It’s kind of weird, though, that we keep meeting up with so many different ladies who like girls so much. I wonder if all grownup women are that way… maybe they are, who knows?

Stacie was studying Hailey, the pretty blonde, only 8 years old. That was who she would sleep with that evening, assuming nothing changed between now and then. She’d had a mostly quiet and uneventful time with Holly, Hailey’s twin, two nights ago. Uneventful, that is, if you didn’t count the fact that she’d masturbated beside the child — although Holly was asleep then so it didn’t really matter much.

But now, oh my god, now they all had permission to do whatever they wanted with the little girls, or at least whatever the girls wanted to do as well. And the other thing was, she and Hailey would be in the same room that night with Stacie’s mother, Carol, who would be sleeping with Holly. Would all four of them end up doing something together? It was hard to believe it was really happening.

Stacie licked her lips as she gazed at the twins. Then she glanced over at Stephanie, who was turning the chicken on the grill. She squeezed her legs together. Let’s get this dinner over with fast, Stacie thought, ‘cause I want to go to bed soon!

Kelly made up her mind. “Hey, you guys,” she said to the younger kids as she got to her feet, “let’s go inside for a minute. There’s something I want to show you.”

Gwen watched Hailey and Holly and Jordan trail after Kelly. And suddenly she was struck with a powerful urge. The hell with these older women — she wanted little girls! Without saying anything to anyone, she stood up and followed them inside.

Paige had a decision to make. Should she go with them? She would hate to miss out on whatever they might be doing, but on the other hand, now she was alone with all the women, the only girl still out there. Now maybe she could be the center of attention.

She couldn’t really show her legs, though, the way Gwen had, because she was wearing a long white peasant dress that went all the way down to her ankles. Except — now there’s an idea! The cotton material of her dress was very thin and she wasn’t wearing a bra or anything, so if she sort of stretched it tight over her chest, her little boobies would definitely stand out. Let’s try it… yeah, that worked great! You could even see the brown color of her nipples right through the dress. And check it out, now the ladies were staring at her! 


When she was finished preparing the asparagus, Sheila poured herself another glass of wine. She thought of the old joke from W.C. Fields — “I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food” — and chuckled to herself before downing half the glass.

Things were under control in the kitchen, and it wasn’t time to start the grill yet, so she had a few minutes to relax. Stepping outside for a visit with her guests, Sheila saw Bridget standing by the little cabinet they used as a bar, staring, her mouth open. Tina was staring too. Both were looking at Angela, who was pumping three fingers in and out of her vagina. The woman’s panties lay on the patio beneath her chair.

Sheila laughed out loud. “Good for you! That’s what I like to see! Do what you feel like doing and who the fuck cares what anyone else thinks!”

Feeling loose and happy and very horny, Sheila reached under her own dress and quickly pulled down her panties. “No underwear!” she cried. “Bridget, Tina, both of you — take ‘em off! This is a no-underwear party!”

Bridget was wearing shorts, which made it a bit awkward. She wanted to be a good sport, though, so she took a deep breath, swallowed hard, and then unbuttoned and unzipped her khaki shorts and let them fall to the ground. Stepping out of them, she pulled down her panties too… but now she had to make up her mind… should she put her shorts back on? Maybe go in and find a skirt to wear? She looked down at her silk blouse. The tails were, well, they were almost long enough to cover her crotch and her bottom, so she decided, what the hell, she’d go for it.

In fact, Bridget decided, she would take things a step further. Glancing around to make sure no nosy neighbors could see, she unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off, then unhooked and removed her bra. She slipped the blouse back on, buttoned it halfway, and that was it. She was dressed for dinner!

Tina giggled nervously, hesitating for a moment. However, she told herself, she’d gone without panties during the penthouse party the other night, so it should be no big deal, right? She smiled at Sheila, then stood up, shimmying her tight denim miniskirt up over her hips and pushing her underwear down and off. Sheila actually clapped when she finished, which made Tina very proud.

Bambi suddenly started climaxing in the swimming pool, making little squeaks and yelps, gasping for breath. This made Angela come too. She fucked her pussy faster and faster as she groaned in ecstasy, her body shuddering repeatedly. The other women watched in awe, especially when they saw, and heard, liquids gushing out of her cunt, actually dripping from the chair onto the patio. It was an incredibly hot display of erupting feminine passion.

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