Serendipity, Chapter 38

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By Naughty Mommy

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The sound of the surf, waves, seagulls. A soft breeze coming in through an open window, the smell of salt air…

Stephanie came awake. And then she remembered.

What an amazing night it had been. She’d had lesbian sex with a little girl, a 7-year-old child. She’d fucked the girl — or, more precisely, the girl had fucked her — and Stephanie had experienced two wonderfully satisfying orgasms that way.

She also remembered, however, feeling disturbed after it was all over. The little girl, Jordan, almost immediately had fallen asleep once they’d finished. After she climaxed on top of Stephanie, Jordan had slumped down, panting heavily, her little body still hot with arousal and slick with sweat. But she soon quieted and then slid off to the side. Stephanie had held her for a while, gently caressing, softly kissing, as the child peacefully slept.

Sleep had not come so easily for Stephanie, though. She’d lain awake a long time, wondering what it all meant. Now that she’d done what she’d done, they had to bring it all out into the open. She would have to say something to Stacie, Jordan’s mother, and probably to Carol as well, Jordan’s grandmother.

Not to mention, of course, that she’d have to tell her partner, Veronica, everything that had happened. And how would it go? What would they all say? What would she say? Just how do you go about admitting something like that? Over breakfast, in front of everyone, do you simply say, ‘Oh, by the way, I fucked your little girl last night’ — is that how you did it?

Stephanie had found herself chuckling, despite her anxiety. And that was good, at least she still had a sense of humor. On that note, she had allowed herself to relax, just to put it all away until later, until the next day. Then she’d slept.

But now it was the next day. And now she had to face up to what she’d done.

Jordan was still sleeping next to her, lying naked on her back, one little arm above her head, the sheets at her waist. Pushing herself up on an elbow, Stephanie gazed at her for a moment. What an adorable child she was, at once so innocent and sweet and precious, and yet also carnal, eager, and erotic. An amazing combination.

Stephanie felt a tingling in her clit as she admired the girl’s body. She recalled telling herself the night before that she would gladly do it all again in the morning, despite any reservations, and she certainly was tempted. A hand went between her own legs, almost automatically, and she briefly rubbed herself as she looked at Jordan, thinking about sex with her.

Tempting, yes, very tempting. However, in the clear light of morning, Stephanie understood that before anything else took place, they would have to have a talk, all of the adults together, probably. That might not be easy, it could be very uncomfortable, in fact, but it would have to happen.

She sighed and stretched. Should she get out of bed and take a shower and go get the coffee started? No, she would take it easy this morning. Let someone else get up early and do the kitchen work. I’ll just cuddle with Jordan a little longer, and perhaps… her hand went back between her legs again. I won’t come, she thought, I’ll just lie here and look at the little girl and remember last night, how sexy it was, how incredibly arousing.


Stacie woke early. She glanced at the clock by the bed. It was not quite 7:00.

No one else was awake yet, at least not in their room, the third bedroom in the condo. Her mother, Carol, was asleep beside her, lying on her side, facing away from Stacie. In the bed across from theirs, she could see Veronica spooning with Hailey, both of them quietly snoozing.

She got out of bed, tiptoeing toward the bathroom. Then she heard a whisper behind her. “Stacie?”

It was Carol, holding out her hand. Smiling, Stacie turned back, took the hand, and leaned down to give her mother a soft good morning kiss.

“I’m gonna take a shower,” she whispered. “Want to get in with me?”

“Sure,” Carol grinned. Together they crept into the bathroom.

Hailey stirred. It felt strange not waking up with Holly. But she was with her mom, and they were nice and warm and cozy together. They’d done some pretty cool things the night before too, some really amazing things. She could hardly wait to tell Holly all about it. In fact, she didn’t want to wait.

She slipped out of bed, naked. The shower was running in the bathroom, so she went out to the hall and silently padded to the door of the second bedroom. Peeking inside, she saw Holly in bed with their big sister, Kelly, who was facing away, toward the window. Holly was awake, looking at Hailey, smiling. With a tiny laugh, Hailey dashed to the bed and hopped inside, hugging her twin.

The mattress bounced. As she slowly came awake, Kelly heard giggling, little girls giggling. Some quiet whispering too, which went on for a minute or so, and then something else, a kind of wet sound like kissing. Yes, that’s definitely what it was, kissing.

Kelly was fully awake now, listening. She turned over to look at them. As she expected, it was Holly and Hailey. They were naked, arms and legs entwined, kissing hungrily.

“Hey,” she said softly.

The little blondes both looked up, smiling at her, pink lips shiny and wet.

“Can I play too?” Kelly asked with a grin.


It was all mixed up. Almost no one awoke where they expected to be.

Tuesday morning in the penthouse suite found Eve and her two daughters, Gwen and Paige, alone in the master bedroom, snuggled up together in the big round bed. Angela wasn’t with them. She was in the second bedroom sleeping with her daughter, Bambi, along with Tina and her little girl, Amanda. In the third bedroom, where Tina and Amanda originally had planned to sleep, were Sheila, Bridget, and their three girls, Erin, Fiona, and Debby, all crowded into one of the two queen beds.

This is what happened:

Not long after the nearly miraculous occurrence the night before of ten simultaneous climaxes among four women and six girls in three different rooms, Angela had decided to go looking for the others, to see what they were up to. Amanda had told her mother, Tina, that she wanted to find Bambi, and so the two of them had followed Angela out of the master bedroom, leaving Eve and Paige behind. Meanwhile, in Bambi’s bedroom, Gwen told Sheila and Bambi that she was going to look for her mother and her sister. Sheila said she’d go with Gwen, and Bambi decided to tag along as well.

Out in the large living area, they’d all met up, a bunch of naked moms and daughters still glowing from their recent orgasms and smelling strongly of sex. They found Erin and Fiona sitting in a loveseat there, holding hands and grinning, their faces wet with each other’s juices.

After a short amount of chatting and giggling and a few hugs and kisses among the group, Bambi and Amanda headed off toward Bambi’s room, hand in hand. Tina asked if she could go with them, and of course they said yes. Sheila took her daughters with her into the third bedroom, looking for Bridget and Debby. Gwen went to find her mother and sister in the master bedroom. Angela, for once not in charge of everything, shrugged and smiled, then followed Tina into Bambi’s room.

There wasn’t a lot more sex that night, but there was some more sex. Sheila and her girls found Bridget in bed with Debby. The little girl was fast asleep, but the commotion in the next room had awakened Bridget. She’d smiled at them. Everyone got into one bed together. Sheila was next to Bridget. She’d said, “You know what?”


“I think I’ve had at least four orgasms tonight, not to mention the ones at dinner.”

“Wow,” Bridget chuckled.

“But you know what else?”

“No, what else?”

“I still want to fuck you.”

“You do?”



They rearranged a little bit, scooting Debby over with her cousins, Fiona and Erin. The child stirred, but didn’t really wake. Then, as the older girls watched, sisters Sheila and Bridget made love with each other for the first time in their lives.

In Bambi’s room, the two little blondes whom everyone said could be twins lay side by side in bed kissing for a while, and then they shifted into a 69. Amanda had never done that before, but Bambi told her how. And it was easy, Amanda had found, really obvious once you started doing it. Their mothers watched the girls and masturbated.

Eve and and Gwen and Paige got in bed in the master bedroom and turned out the lights. In the darkness, they cuddled and kissed and caressed, but didn’t have sex. They talked with each other about their experiences that night, both at the dinner club and then in the suite. They shared some laughter, some amazement, and a lot of love. They were the first to fall asleep.

Amanda climaxed quickly with Bambi licking her. Bambi then fucked Amanda’s tongue, while still in a 69, bringing herself a minute or so later. Tina and Angela both came watching them. And then they were all ready for sleep too. They shut off the lights and snuggled in together.

Sheila finger-fucked Bridget, bringing her to climax while Erin and Fiona watched them and masturbated. Then Sheila went down on her sister, eating her pussy. She made her come two more times. It was loud enough that Debby woke up. Bridget wanted to return the favor, so Sheila lay on her back and Bridget licked her. Sheila came twice. Erin had an orgasm when her mother came the first time, and Fiona climaxed during Sheila’s second orgasm. Debby watched, wishing she could have whatever that was. By that time, though, everyone was exhausted. They turned off the lights and slept.


She didn’t quite come. She got close, but as Stephanie lay in bed that morning at the condo looking at Jordan and rubbing herself, she listened to her conscience and made what she knew to be the right choice. First, before anything else, they had to have that conversation, all the adults together. So, reluctantly, she removed her fingers from her pussy, licked and sucked them clean, then got out of bed and went to take a shower.

Stacie and Carol did some kissing and sexy touching as they showered together but didn’t have sex. After a while, they got out and dried each other off, then went back into the bedroom to put on some clothes. Veronica was awake by then. She sat up and smiled at the women, and she almost said something to them about what had happened the night before. It was right on the tip of her tongue, but then she decided to wait. She wanted to talk to Stephanie first.

Kelly and the twins had a fun morning of shared kisses and tight hugs, pressing their naked bodies together. All three sisters grew excited, but none of them was really sure what the next step should be, so they didn’t do anything beyond the hot kissing. Not yet anyway. They just kissed for a long time, trading back and forth… until the smell of frying bacon drifted upstairs and reached the bedroom. Suddenly they were very hungry.

Jordan was still asleep, so Stephanie slipped into shorts and a t-shirt — wearing panties but no bra — and left the girl in bed as she headed downstairs to help with breakfast. She found Stacie cooking and Carol pouring mugs of freshly brewed coffee.

“Mmm,” Stephanie smiled, inhaling the wonderful aromas, “good morning!”

“Good morning!” Carol gave Stephanie a kiss on the cheek, then handed her a mug. “Did you sleep well?”

“Uh, well, sort of…” Stalling, trying to decide what she ought to say, Stephanie blew on her coffee to cool it. “Is, uh, is Veronica still asleep?”

“No, she’s up. She’s taking a shower.”


Just then they heard a burst of chatter as Holly, Hailey, and Kelly emerged from the second bedroom and raced down the stairs, shouting, “We want bacon!”


“That’s fine,” Angela said. “I’ll order breakfast for us, but it will take a half hour or so for them to deliver it.”

Eve nodded. “Okay, good. We’ll go take our showers and put on some fresh clothes and be back in a little bit.”

After giving Angela a hug and a kiss on the lips, she and Gwen and Paige headed for the elevator and went down to their own rooms.

“We should probably go home too, for showers and everything,” said Bridget. “Don’t you think, Shiel?”

“Yeah, I suppose,” her sister mumbled as she yawned and stretched. Sheila still wasn’t really awake all the way, but she had put on her panties and her sundress before joining the others in the main living area of the suite where they were making plans for the day.

“But will you stay for breakfast, before you go?” Angela asked.

“Sure, thanks, I think we can do that,” Bridget smiled. “Girls, are you hungry?”

Erin, Fiona, and Debby all grinned eagerly, nodding their heads.

I’m hungry,” Amanda piped. “Me too,” added Bambi.

“All right,” Angela chuckled as she picked up the phone to call in the breakfast order. “Keep your shirts on. Or, on second thought, take them off if you like.”


“Hey, look, you guys!” Paige called from inside the hotel room she shared with her sister. “A light’s blinking on the phone. What does that mean?”

Her mother came in from the adjoining room at the same time that Gwen came out of the bathroom.

“Um, I’m not sure,” Eve said as she picked up the receiver. “But I think it might mean there’s a message or something.”

She punched the voicemail button. After a few seconds, she smiled broadly, then held the phone out to Gwen. “It’s for you.”

“It is??” Gwen blinked in surprise. “Who is it?”

“Wait. I’ll restart it.”

Now it was Gwen’s turn to smile as she listened to the message. “It’s Kelly!”


As they finished their nice breakfast, scrambled eggs and bacon prepared by Stacie, Veronica took Kelly aside.

“You can take them over to the arcade, if you want,” Veronica said, referring to Hailey, Holly, and Jordan. “I’ll give you some money. But take your phone and then I’ll call you after we’re done, okay?”


She had explained to Kelly that the women were going to have a long talk about… well, what everyone seemed to know was happening but no one had discussed openly. Kelly really wished she could stay and listen, but she understood what her mom was asking. It made sense. She picked up her backpack, making sure her cell phone was in it — and just then it rang.

Fumbling a bit, Kelly yanked out the phone and glanced at the display. The call was from the Playa del Mar! It might be Gwen!!




“Hi!” “Hi!”

“Um, I got your message. Thanks for calling me.”

“Oh, you’re welcome,” Kelly grinned, feeling all warm and happy inside.

“How are you doing?”

“Good. How are you?”

“We’re fine. So… you said there was something you wanted to ask me?”

“Um, oh yeah, sorry. It’s, like, do you know what snorkeling is?”

“Snorkeling?” Gwen frowned. “Uh, I think so. Kind of, anyway. Why?”

“Have you ever done it?”


“Cuz, um, we found out, I mean, my mom and me — one of my moms, I mean, the one I call Mommy — anyway, we found out there’s some good places here, like, near here, for snorkeling and stuff. And I wanted to know if, maybe, if you guys weren’t busy, you know, if maybe you’d want to go with us. Or something.”

“Go with you… snorkeling?”


“Where is it?”

“Um, I don’t know exactly, but pretty close, I think. But I mean, if you can’t, it’s, you know, it’s okay…”

“No, I want to, I think. I’ve never done it or anything, but I’d like to try. When are you going?”

“I don’t know. First we have to…” Kelly paused. She couldn’t possibly tell Gwen about that, about the momentous conversation her moms and the others were about to have.

“Um, there’s something else we have to do first. So I don’t know if we’re, like, going today or maybe later. Can you hang on a sec?”


Putting her hand over the cell phone, Kelly said, “Mommy? It’s Gwen. She wants to go snorkeling with us, but when do you think we can go?”

“Oh, I don’t know, sweetie. Maybe not today, though. Tomorrow might be better. Would that be all right?” Stephanie asked.

“Yeah, um, I guess,” she nodded, before putting the phone back to her ear. “Gwen? I don’t think it’s gonna be today. Maybe tomorrow, I hope. But, like, do you want to just meet up today anyway or something? Like on the beach and stuff? Maybe later?”

They made plans to meet that afternoon at 1:00, just outside the beach entrance to the hotel, and then said goodbye. Kelly was very excited. Now, however, she had to gather up the twins and Jordan and take them over to the arcade for a while.

It took a few minutes to get everything arranged, but soon the girls were on their way, and then the four women sat down again around the table. The breakfast dishes had been cleared, and fresh cups of coffee poured. They were ready.

Veronica and Stephanie looked at each other, not knowing who should begin. As it turned out, Carol spoke first.

“Oh, come on, Ronnie and Steph,” she said, “there’s no reason to be so nervous. Everything’s just fine. Yes, it’s true that Stacie and I have had sex with each other and we’ve both been having sex with Jordan too, as I guess you’ve figured out. But it’s really wonderful. It’s not a problem at all. We love it, don’t we, Stacie?”

The younger woman nodded but didn’t say anything.

“And Jordan does too,” Carol continued. “So, what’s the big deal? We’re three people who love each other very much, giving each other what we need, kissing and touching. And who better to do that than someone who knows us, who cares for us, who has always loved us and always will, someone we can count on forever? You know, like your mother or your daughter or your sister?”

She stopped and waited.

After a long moment of tense silence, Stephanie swallowed and quietly said, “But it’s… incest.”

“So?” Carol challenged her. “Why is that wrong? Why shouldn’t I make love with my daughter, giving her pleasure and affection, or with my granddaughter? Just because someone says it’s wrong — probably some man — that doesn’t make it wrong, does it? I mean, think for yourselves!”

Again she paused, letting them consider what she’d said.

Veronica fidgeted. She didn’t know what to say but thought she should say something. Just as she was about to open her mouth, though, Stephanie blurted, “Last night I had sex with Jordan. Jordan and I had sex.”

Carol grinned. Stacie smiled too. Veronica turned to stare at her lover, her eyes wide. Then she cleared her throat, licked her lips, and announced, “I had sex with Hailey last night.”

Stephanie looked at Veronica now, her eyes opening wide too. But then she broke into a smile. “Really?”

“Uh-huh,” the older woman nodded. “Well, maybe not sex really, but, I mean… I held her hand, and rubbed it against my pussy, and I had, you know, an orgasm.”

“That sounds like sex to me,” Carol chuckled softly.

“Wow…” Stephanie breathed. “Do we… should we… do you think…”

“I don’t know… maybe…” replied Veronica. The partners studied each other, searching, questioning.

Finally Stephanie turned to look at Stacie. “You, you’re a mom — I mean, we’re all moms, here, but you have a little girl, like I do. Are you sure, is she, is she really okay with it?”

“Yeah, well,” Stacie shrugged, a smile at the corner of her lips, “look at her. I’ve never seen her happier. She loves it. And doesn’t she seem okay to you?”

“She certainly does,” Stephanie acknowledged. “And, uh, last night, she, I guess you could say she showed me just how much she loves it.”

“What did she do?” asked Veronica.

The blonde grinned. “Pony-Pony.”

“Pony-Pony!” Carol laughed, clapping her hands.

Veronica frowned. “What’s that?”

“It’s tribbing,” Stephanie told her. “She got on top of me, and tribbed with me, and made me come. We both came.”

Carol couldn’t stop laughing. Stacie was giggling too, her hand over her mouth.

Veronica couldn’t believe it. “Really? Tribbing??”

“Uh-huh,” Stephanie nodded. “She was — it was totally great. I came so hard.”

“Wow. That’s… amazing.”

“Yeah, it is. It was. I can’t wait to do it again.”

“Whew!” Veronica grinned, shaking her head. “Well, I suppose the question now is, where do we go from here?”

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