Serendipity, Chapter 37

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By Naughty Mommy

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“It’s kind of weird, isn’t it?” Fiona said to Erin while they were getting undressed. “I mean, I like it and everything… but did you ever think that so many, you know, moms and daughters would be doing stuff like this?”

“I don’t know,” replied Erin, as she unhooked her bra. “I haven’t really thought about it. I guess it’s weird. But it’s cool too.”

“Yeah, it is cool,” said Fiona. She pulled down her panties and stepped out of them. Although the sisters had agreed to have sex, at ages 12 and 15 neither was very experienced at seduction and so they hadn’t gone through the ritual of removing each other’s clothing. They just got naked.

“Let’s kiss first, okay?” Erin said as she set her panties aside.


They sat down again on the loveseat in the living area of the luxurious penthouse suite, the only ones still in the room. But before they began kissing, Fiona said, “Um, I really like your boobs, Erin. They’re nice. Maybe they’ll get as big as Mom’s someday.”

“Maybe,” Erin grinned. “I hope so.”

“Can I touch ‘em?”

“Sure, of course.”

Fiona tentatively extended her hand. Her sister’s breasts were pleasingly rounded, not especially large yet, but plump and firm with almost cherry red tips. Erin’s nipples did not protrude much as Fiona fingered them, but she could feel them growing hard under her touch. “Nice,” she sighed.

“Mm, yeah, it feels good. Do you… um, do you want to, like, suck them and stuff?”

“Yeah, but, weren’t we gonna kiss first?”

“I don’t know,” Erin giggled, “what do you want to do first?”

“I don’t know,” Fiona giggled too.

Finally they decided that they would start with kissing. The two young girls slowly came together, soft hands caressing soft skin, lips approaching lips, a brief hesitation before their mouths joined, the feel of warm breath mingling, eyes meeting, shared smiles, another little giggle, hearts beating faster, the excitement of anticipation — and then they kissed.


Sheila suddenly sat straight up, causing Bambi to slide off her somewhat awkwardly.

“I want something,” the woman said. “I want, uh — Gwen, come here, sweetie.”

Taking the teenager’s hand, Sheila pulled her up beside them. Gwen had been kneeling between their legs, gingerly touching Bambi’s pussy and lightly kissing Sheila’s. She’d wanted to do more than that but felt hesitant, not sure what her next move should be. Now she didn’t have to worry about it, because Sheila was taking over.

“You, uh, let’s get you naked first.”

Sheila helped Gwen remove her denim miniskirt and her panties as Bambi watched. Now all three were nude.

“Lie down,” Sheila said to the girls. They did, and the woman knelt over them. “I want you both to suck my nipples. Both at once.”

The 10-year-old and the 16-year-old scooted in closer until their heads were almost touching. They grinned at each other, giggling.

The woman held her large breasts in her hands, massaging them, pulling and twisting the nipples, making them stiff. Then she lowered her tits to the waiting mouths of the girls. She sighed, almost growled, as she felt their lips close around her nipples, their warm tongues licking her, and then the delicious sucking — oh fuck yes it was so nice. Sheila started masturbating as Bambi and Gwen sucked her nipples.


Amanda and her mom were side by side on the round bed, facing each other, kissing and touching. They were both naked just like the other people with them in the big bedroom, Paige and Eve and Angela. Eve was down between their legs, right in the middle of Amanda and Tina. She was lying on her stomach and kissing them both, kissing and touching their pussies and licking them too. Amanda liked it, but she really wanted to fuck her mom, or have her mom fuck her, or both. She loved her mommy so much!

For Eve it was almost perfection. A pussy on either side of her face, one of a lovely 32-year-old woman and the other of a 10-year-old child. How could she be so lucky! Not only that, but her own beautiful daughter Paige was licking her pussy at the same time. It felt so nice, just as it had the night before and again this morning. Paige seemed to sense somehow exactly what she wanted, how she liked it and what she needed. Perhaps it just came naturally to young girls.

Although at the moment, Eve noticed, Paige wasn’t doing very much. She’d slowed down, perhaps distracted by the way Angela was eating her. And that was fine. Eve was having a wonderful time kissing and fingering the pussies that sandwiched her cheeks.

Paige really was trying to lick her mom as well as she could, but it was getting incredibly hard to pay attention to anything except that feeling — and omigod it was happening so fast this time, she was getting all tickly down there and throbbing and jumpy, making her have to move,she couldn’t stay still, she couldn’t, she couldn’t — but Angela was grabbing her, holding her tightly, shoving her tongue inside, sucking and licking, her mouth so hot it’s god I can’t — GOD!!!!


From kissing, the sisters progressed to nipple sucking, taking turns. Fiona began, but first she paused a moment to take another good look at Erin’s boobs, complimenting her on them again… the pale white skin, lightly freckled, and the swollen tips candy pink, nearly red… Fiona didn’t know if she really was a lesbian or not, she hadn’t decided yet, but she did know that when she saw a beautiful breast, she desperately wanted to kiss it and lick it and suck on it. Did that make her a lesbian? Maybe, but she’d think about that later. Right now she simply opened her mouth and placed it over the breast.

“Oh my god,” Erin sighed, “oh yeah…” She petted Fiona’s hair, kissing her head, cooing to her. It felt so good, and it looked so hot too, seeing a little girl sucking her boob like that. So dirty and nasty and so exciting.


Eve heard the loud squealing, almost a shriek. She felt the bed shaking. Raising her head from between Tina’s and Amanda’s legs and turning onto her side, she looked down at her daughter, Paige.

The 11-year-old was flushed all over, especially on her face and her chest, rosy-colored from a powerful orgasm. She was panting, gasping, gulping, as if she couldn’t catch her breath, her body still jerking with residual spasms.

Angela smiled up at Eve from between Paige’s thighs, her mouth and cheeks shiny with the girl’s juices. Angela licked her lips, leering and winking at Eve.

While Eve was checking on Paige, Amanda took advantage of the chance to reach down and slip a finger inside her mom’s vagina. First one finger, then two fingers. She pushed them in as deep as they would go. Her mother groaned. They were still kissing, but then the woman took her mouth away and said, “Yes, little baby, fuck Mommy’s cunt!”

“You fuck me too, okay, Mommy?”

Tina chuckled, and gave the girl a quick kiss. “Yes, of course, I will, sweetheart.”

She slid a hand down to her daughter’s mound, so smooth and soft, still completely hairless. Her slit was open, already hot and wet. Tina gave a few strokes to the child’s stiff protruding clit, feeling her shiver in response, and then eased lower, searching for the precious little hole. She found it. With the tip of her finger she circled the rim of Amanda’s moist vagina. Adding a second fingertip just inside the opening, she gently pulled and stretched.

Amanda moaned and shivered again. “Mommy,” she whispered, “Mommy, fuck me.”


Sheila’s first orgasm came very quickly, within less than two minutes. But she didn’t stop there. She continued playing with herself as the girls sucked her erect nipples. Sheila was lucky: she could come easily and often, and she did.

“Fuck yes, fuck yes, suck Mommy’s nipples,” she urged, even though neither Gwen nor Bambi was really her daughter. She rubbed her clit and fucked herself and another climax came soon, this one even stronger than the one before. “God yes, god yes, oh fuck that’s good!”

But now she wanted something else. Pushing herself up, her nipples popping wetly out of the two mouths, she crawled on top of Bambi. “You want to taste Mommy’s cunt, little girl?”

“Okay,” Bambi giggled.


After Fiona had spent a good amount of time on each breast, it was Erin’s turn. Before she started, though, she grinned at her sister and said, “You like doing that, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I do,” Fiona giggled, “I like it a lot.”

“It feels nice,” Erin said. “And you know what? You got me all turned on.”

She put a hand between her own legs, pushing two fingers down between the pouting labia, then drawing them out again. “See?”


The teen’s fingers glistened with her juices.

“Does it, um, can I taste it?” Fiona asked.

“Yeah, okay… except, remember, I get to do your boobs too.”

“I know,” the younger girl giggled again.

Erin held her wet fingers in front of her sister’s face. Fiona took a sniff, loved the smell, and immediately started licking. When the fingers were clean, she smiled and said, “I want more.”

“Not yet — I get your boobs first!” The girls laughed together, feeling happy and excited. When they settled down, Erin put her hands on Fiona’s little buds. She really didn’t have much yet, just small cone-shaped mounds with puffy nipples.

“Are they sore sometimes?” Erin asked, as she fingered the mini-breasts.

“Yeah, kind of. Um, a lot, actually.”

“I know. Mine were that way too. Sometimes they still are. It gets better, though, when you get older. I’ll be careful, okay?”



“Do you like pussy, honey?” Sheila asked as she spread her labia with her fingers in front of the child’s face. “You like eating pussy?”

“Yeah, I do.”

“I thought so. I could tell. You’re a nasty little girl, aren’t you — a nasty fucking hot little girl.”

“Uh-huh,” Bambi nodded. It made her happy when ladies talked dirty to her.

“You’re what, how old?”

“I’m 10.”

“Goddamn, 10 years old, only 10 fucking years old and you like to eat pussy?”


“Oh, god, I’m gonna come so hard on you, come all over your fucking face!”

And with that, Sheila grabbed the child’s head and pulled her mouth against her cunt.

Gwen had been watching them, of course, and listening, and also rubbing herself. She couldn’t believe the way Sheila was talking to Bambi, but it was so exciting! She thought about watching some more, but then she looked down and saw that bald little mound. She moved quickly into place between Bambi’s legs.


Erin was careful, and Fiona loved how it felt, having her sister play with her boobies and then kiss them and lick them and even gently suck on them. It made her start to get all gooey inside, like it had with Erin.

When the older girl was done, she wiped her mouth and asked, “So, um, do you know how to do a 69?”

“No. What’s that?”

“It’s when, like, you both lick each other at the same time, but, you know, reversed. I mean, one on top and — well, it’s easier just to show you.”

Erin stood and said, “You lay down, okay?”


“Yeah, it’s big enough,” she pointed to the loveseat, “since we’re both short.”

“All right.”

Fiona lay on her back. Erin got on top. From her hands and knees, the teen looked underneath her body at her little sister. They smiled at each other and giggled, seeing upside-down faces.

“Mom and I do this a lot,” Erin said. “It’s really nice. You’ll like it.”


“You lick me and I lick you and, I mean, I don’t know if we’ll come or anything, but if we do, it’s kinda cool to try and do it at the same time if we can.”


There was a pause, both girls anticipating what was about to happen: eating each other’s pussies for the very first time. Erin licked her lips, took a deep breath, and then slowly lowered her crotch toward her sister’s face. She watched as Fiona extended her tongue and began to lick her. Then she turned her attention to the pussy in front of her. Fiona had a small amount of hair, just a few wispy light brown curls, and that was all. Erin put her face between the girl’s legs and began kissing and licking her.


It was so amazing. Look at that, right in front of her eyes, a sweet hairless pussy just begging to be licked — and Gwen could do that if she wanted to, she could do anything at all with her. Bambi had said so!

She trembled with excitement. This was only the second underage pussy Gwen had seen up close (not counting her own in the mirror). She’d seen her sister, Paige, and she’d even had sex with her too, which was totally awesome. She’d seen pictures and videos of nude young girls online a few times while searching through porn sites, masturbating and fantasizing. But this was the real thing.

Her clit was tingling like crazy. She wanted to touch herself so bad, but she also wanted use both hands to open Bambi’s pussy, to spread her labia apart and look inside. So she just squeezed her legs together, clenching her muscles, as she placed her fingers on the child’s vulva and then carefully, gently, separated the lips.

They were moist and sticky. Strands of gooey liquid stretched between the open labia. But there it was, my god, yes, there it was. Little girl pussy, pink and wet and perfect. Gwen took a deep breath, then leaned in close and began licking.


Eve had a hand between her own legs, rubbing herself. She wanted to come. Angela was masturbating too. They both were looking at Paige, who was lying between them, her eyes closed, trembling slightly, still slowly recovering from a spectacular orgasm. Above them on the bed, Tina and her daughter Amanda were finger-fucking each other. Eve turned and watched them for a moment. They were kissing and hugging, panting and moaning, apparently both getting close.

When she turned back the other way, Eve saw that Angela was now getting on top of Paige. She’d spread her own labia open with one hand and was placing her clit directly over the girl’s. As the woman pressed their warm pussies together, Paige opened her eyes. She smiled at Angela. They kissed.

Eve was incredibly turned on. Under her slippery fingers, her clit was throbbing and sticking out so hard, harder than she’d ever felt it. She was almost ready to come, her whole body trembling, feverish with lust. But she wanted more than just another climax — she wanted to be dirty, filthy, to go beyond anything she’d done before. She looked back again at Tina and Amanda. Then she quickly crawled over to them, up by their heads.

“Look at my cunt,” Eve said. “Look at my fucking wet cunt.”

She could barely believe she was doing all this, having group sex with two other moms and two little girls, including her own young daughter. This was Eve Anderson — a prim, conservative, single mother, 39 years old, active in the PTA, respected in her profession and in the community — actually showing her cunt to a 10-year-old girl and to the child’s mother at the same time, and doing it in the lewdest, nastiest way she could think of.

Eve pulled back her labia with her fingers and thrust her crotch forward. “Look at my fucking cunt!”

Amanda and Tina both looked up, briefly ending their kiss. They smiled.

“You like it? My cunt? You want to me come? Can I, on you? Like it? On your face?”

Eve knew she wasn’t making much sense, but she didn’t care. It was all so unbelievable, and so fucking hot. Her fingers moved fast over her bulging clit. She pushed her crotch in closer, as close as she could get to their faces, especially to Amanda’s face, the little girl. She wanted to come on top of her, come hard and wet.

But then — but then — she was almost ready to climax — and then — pee, she had to pee — she had come and she had to pee — but she couldn’t, she shouldn’t, not on a little girl — that was dirty, dirty, bad, filthy — oh fuck YES so hot so bad so dirty —— she let go and her pee came out, a long stream, spraying over Amanda and Tina.

Eve shouted “PISS! FUCK! CUNT!” and then climaxed, exploding into orgasm.


Sheila came on top of Bambi, fucking her face. She was loud and messy and said lots of dirty stuff, and she was kind of rough too, pulling Bambi’s hair and shoving her pussy really hard into her mouth. Bambi didn’t mind that, though, she liked it a lot. It made her want to come. Except she wasn’t really close because Gwen was going too slow.

Panting, sweating, actually drooling (she wiped her mouth, slightly embarrassed), Sheila turned to the side after she finished, releasing Bambi from between her thighs, and leaned back against the headboard, closing her eyes.

“God…” she sighed, her hands over her breasts, “my god…”


Amanda wasn’t really sure what had happened, if Paige’s mom was peeing or if it was something else, but it made her excited! She began to hump her little pussy as hard as she could against her mother’s hand.

“That’s right, baby girl, come for Mommy!” Tina urged.

Seeing Eve break the rules like that, pissing on them and climaxing so loudly, was thrilling to her too. She kept her fingers where they were, though, knowing from experience that Amanda would be able to bring herself to orgasm fastest that way, basically fucking her hand. The girl still had two fingers inside Tina’s cunt, but she wasn’t moving them much, and Tina wasn’t really close yet. That didn’t matter now. She just wanted to help Amanda come.

Eve drew her fingers out of her vagina, shuddering from the after-effects of a tremendous orgasm. Her face was dripping with sweat and her crotch was dripping too, with both piss and pussy juice. She couldn’t believe what she had just done. It was so filthy, so dirty and perverted — and so fucking hot. She brought her fingers to her mouth, tasting herself, and then had an even better, naughtier idea.


Bambi pushed herself up on her elbows. “You can lick me, um, faster, okay?” she said to Gwen.


“Uh-huh, and put your finger inside me too. I like that. And you can suck my clit.”

“Okay,” Gwen smiled from between the girl’s legs. “I’ll try.” She felt somewhat chagrined to be receiving lovemaking instructions from a child, but that’s how it was, and she really did want to give Bambi as much pleasure as she could.

She raised her head a bit and took a close look. The vagina appeared to be open wide enough that it would easily take her finger. But she certainly didn’t want to hurt her. On the other hand, this was a very experienced child, so… Gwen put the tip of her finger at the opening to Bambi’s pussy and slowly pushed it in.

“Ooh, yeah, yeah,” Bambi groaned. “Now suck my clit.”

Sheila pushed her hair back from her face, still trying to catch her breath. That was a big one. Finally she opened her eyes. She looked at Bambi and then at Gwen. What a body on that teenager, long and lean and athletic, so hot and so fuckable.

The woman moved down on the king-size bed and lay on her back with her head close to Gwen’s crotch. Tugging on her legs, she got Gwen into position so she could eat her.


Pushing her hand down between her swollen pussy lips, Eve rubbed it all around, coating it with her liquids — then shoved her fingers into Amanda’s mouth while the child continued humping her mother. “Taste my cunt, little girl, taste my dirty fucking cunt!!”

Angela looked up when she heard that. She was on top of Eve’s 11-year-old daughter, Paige, tribbing with her. They were kissing and Angela was talking dirty to the girl, turning her on, as she continued grinding their pussies together. But hearing Eve say something so out of character for her really got Angela’s attention.

She smiled when she saw what her friend was doing. I’ve created a monster, Angela thought, only a good monster, a hot kinky lesbian one. Then she returned her focus to the girl beneath her, kissing Paige again and fucking her more urgently.

It really excited Eve to act this way, like a filthy slut, so she got another load of moisture from her pussy and eagerly spread it all over Amanda’s face. Then she did the same with Tina, the girl’s mother. “Taste my cunt, bitch!” Eve cried — and at that moment Amanda started to climax.


Fiona had never heard of a ’69’, but wow, it was great! Two girls licking each other at the same time! What a cool idea!

Except she wasn’t really feeling cool now, not at all — it was just the opposite, she was feeling hot, getting all jittery and squirmy and sweaty and almost ready to come. The stuff Erin was doing to her, whatever it was, licking and sucking and fingering, it made Fiona so excited so fast!

She’d been trying to do what she was supposed to do with Erin too, although she didn’t know for sure how to do it right or anything. She just kissed her a lot, and licked her vagina — she tasted really good — and she tried to find her clit too and suck on it the way she’d sucked on her mom’s clit, but Erin kept moving around so much, and Fiona couldn’t really see things very well, and anyway she was getting so turned on herself that it was hard to think.

So, she closed her eyes and just put her mouth on her sister’s pussy and rubbed her tongue all around, and that worked pretty good. Erin seemed to like it a lot. Fiona could hear her moaning, and she was starting to move even faster, kind of humping her pussy up and down on Fiona’s face.


Amanda squealed as she came on her mother’s hand, her face pinched and turning red, eyes tightly shut.

“Fuck yes fuck yes, come for Mommy!” Tina urged.

And then, before the girl got even halfway through her climax, Tina mounted Amanda, turning her onto her back and pressing their pussies together, humping the little blonde. She was suddenly ravenous, desperate to bring herself to orgasm, wanting — needing to fuck her daughter and come on top of her.

Eve watched them for a moment, transfixed, and then began to masturbate again. She wanted to come one more time. But now she moved quickly back to the other pair, Paige and Angela. The blonde woman was straddling Paige’s crotch, holding one of the girl’s slim legs in the air as she pumped on top of her, fucking her pussy to pussy.

“Paige…” said Eve.

The girl looked up.

“I want to sit on your face.”

Paige smiled, nodded, and licked her lips. Eve climbed on top of her, facing toward Angela. She lowered her cunt to her daughter’s mouth, while at the same time leaning forward and kissing the woman who was fucking the girl.


Erin was licking and sucking Fiona’s clit. She had a finger inside her vagina. She could tell that her sister was getting close, but she wanted to come at the same time as Fiona if she could. So she slowed down a little on the sucking and the fucking and concentrated on her own arousal. Grinding her cunt into Fiona’s mouth probably should do it.

Yes, yes, mmm, that’s good… you just keep your tongue where it is, Erin thought to herself, and let me do the work… good, good, mmm, so nice, so hot… god I love sex so much… oh fuck yeah, I’m getting close now, almost there, right on the edge… I’d better do Fiona some more, suck that little clit, fuck her hot pussy —

Fiona was on fire. Her whole body was about to explode. She tried to hold her tongue where it was because Erin was really humping her hard now and she wanted to but it was all so fast and so exciting and she couldn’t think and —


The sisters came together, a simultaneous climax, a beautiful incestuous orgasmic 69 between a 12-year-old and a 15-year-old.


Sheila was eating Gwen and masturbating at the same time. She could tell by the way the teenager was moving on top of her that she was getting close to a climax. Sheila was hoping they could come together.

Bambi was almost there. Finally Gwen was really doing it the way she liked, sucking her clit and pushing her finger way deep inside her pussy and kind of twisting it around. She’d had to tell her how to do it, but now that she was, Bambi was almost there, almost there, in fact — in fact — almost — Yes — YES!!!

The 10-year-old blonde reached climax, writhing on the bed, squealing and panting. The moment it happened was the magic moment for Gwen as well. Knowing that she had a sexy little girl coming in her mouth put her over the top, and she came on Sheila’s face.

Oh fuck yes, fuck yes, Sheila said to herself as she felt Gwen’s vagina contracting in orgasm. Her tongue was pushed inside the girl, and she could actually feel and taste the delicious climax all at once. With only a few more strokes of her own fingers on her clit, Sheila came too.


Eve kissed Angela, their mouths wet, tongues eager, both women moaning in passion. Angela was ready to come at any moment, right on the edge — and then suddenly Eve grunted, exhaled, groaned — she was climaxing. It had taken her almost no time at all — within seconds after she felt Paige’s tongue on her sex, Eve began to come.

Angela heard Paige start to squeal too, her voice muffled by her mother’s cunt pressing down on her face. Paige was coming underneath her, and now Angela could also let go. She kissed the woman, fucked the girl, and burst into climax.

Near them, at the exact same time, Tina was coming on top of Amanda, fucking her little girl, fucking her hard, pussy on pussy, and her daughter was responding, grabbing her mother, pulling her close — “Mommy, fuck me!! Fuck me!!!” — and Amanda came too.

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