Streetwise, Part Two

  • Posted on July 23, 2015 at 10:13 am

By Androgyne

I was pretty freaked when Dad threw my sister out for being gay. I cried all night long.

Dad wouldn’t talk to me about it, just ignored my pleadings, then he put the leash on Bruno; our red setter; and then walked out. Mum tried to give me their reasons. They didn’t want Eva at home in case she corrupted sweet little Kyra. Bit too late for that! Since Kyra had already decided she only ever wanted to fuck women, or girls, she didn’t convince me.

Monday was my eleventh birthday and I was supposed to have a party, I put my foot down and told Mum that no Eva no party. I won! No Eva they said so I made them cancel the party! I don’t often beat my parents but I was determined and told them I would have to be dragged out of my room to see my guests. Mum rang round and told all the parents that Kyra was ill and the party was off.

Because of that I was “off sick” from school on Monday. I couldn’t go to school since Mum had said I was too ill for my party. Mum and Dad went out to work and I was lying on my bed, fingering my pussy, and remembering Coral and Eva licking my crease; when my laptop binged! Messenger call and it was Eva. I switched on the mike and babbled.

“I’m here Sis, where are you? Are you all right? I’m missing you something awful.”

“I’m okay munchkin. I’m back at uni and I’ve found a flat to crash in. There’s a girl, okay you know all about me and girls, I’ve been fucking her off and on for a while so she’s let me move in with her. She hasn’t gone home for the summer break so I’m staying with her. Listen Sis, pin back your ears, I’m going to give you some advice so pay attention.”

I gulped and nodded, forgetting that my webcam wasn’t plugged in, then told her I was all ears.

“You’re a lesbo like me Sis, I’m absolutely sure already. Maybe I shouldn’t have let Coral fuck you; maybe I shouldn’t have eaten your pussy. You loved it though and I figure it runs in the family, we both love girls. Here’s my advice, you’ve got to be streetwise about this. If Mum or Dad catches you fucking a woman or a girl you’re a gonner. I’m over 18 so they couldn’t do anything but tell me to get out. In your case I think you might finish up in social services care and under a psychiatrist.”

Three days ago I’d have said no chance but now I’ve seen my folks kick out a beautiful, bright, lovable daughter ‘cos she likes fucking ladies and I’m pretty certain they’d do just what Big Sis says they would.

“You’re right Sis I’ll never want a boy, but how do I get myself a girl, or a woman, and where do we go if I find one?”

“It’s not that hard kid, look around at school and look for the girl that watches you undressing for gym or swimming practice. She’ll be looking at you while trying to seem she’s not looking at you. Find somewhere to hang out in public, a park, a mall, the main library. Ignore any guy that tries to get close, tell them you’ll scream if they touch you. Fuck it tell them you’ll scream if they come near you.”

I’m taking all this in; after all I’m listening to my sister an experienced and life-long lesbo.

“When a lady moves in weigh her up, think whether you fancy fucking her or have her fuck you. You’re probably safe with a woman, lots safer than going home with a man anyway. Be careful where you fuck a classmate, I never thought Mum would walk into my room and find me with Coral. I let myself get picked up by my first adult woman when I was only a wee bit older than you are kid and Debbie was good for me. She was kind and super hot in bed.”

Okay! Big Sis is telling me how to become a full-time lesbian and how not to get caught with my panties down, literally, so I pay close attention to her for a long time until she has to log off.

“Don’t be sad kid; you’re going to see me again as soon as I can sort out how. I just can’t wait to go down on that tight little twat of yours again and you lick pussy like an expert. So for now go find yourself a girl or a woman and practice fucking so you’re ready to eat me when we get together.”

I’m back at school on Tuesday with a whole new perspective. I’m looking at my clasmates as potential fucks rather than a girl who sits at a desk near me. There’s plenty I fancy but I’ve got to be really careful.

I don’t want Marie Stone telling the class that Kyra’s a dyke who went after her tits and slit. We may live in a time when grown up’s come out of the closet but kids can be very cruel to each other and my life could be a misery if they turned on me. Even if half of them secretly loved having their pussy licked by a girl.

When I finally select my target I surprise myself. I settle on Cindy Owen, quiet, mousy little Cindy. I pick on her ‘cos Big Sis got it right. She’s a watcher! Not right at you but from the corners of her eyes, and the wise words of Sis prove accurate when I do the side glance thing myself after gym class. I’m stark naked when I spot half naked Cindy’s nipples going rock hard as she sneaks a peek at my pussy.

I’m finger fucking myself every night now, Coral used just one but she was a big lady. My small fingers mean two are easy and three just stretches me a little. I find that Coral was right, I cum hard and really wet. I’ve pinched an old towel to lay on my sheet so when I cum, with a huge squirt, there’s nothing for Mum to see or smell. She’d probably send me to gaol for making myself cum.

Since I’m feeling so hot all the time I decide to make my move on Cindy quickly ‘cos I’m gonna whip off her panties and go down on her in the playground soon if I don’t sweet talk them off. At least I’ve got a plan! The hardest thing about finding out if a girl would like you to fuck her is bringing the conversation round to it. Well I’ve got a sure fire way of opening things up with Cindy.

Cindy’s plump with real tits and I’m flat though my “nips” are bigger and better than hers. she’s olive skinned and has big, brown, eyes. Though her hair is a sort of no colour brownish. All in all, just the same, I quite fancy the idea of her being the first kid I fuck.

End of term and Summer holidays are fast approaching, the exams are out of the way, so we girls are chased out to play a lot of games on the school playing fields while our teachers, for all I know, get drunk; smoke pot; or maybe fuck each other. It’s a wonderful warm and sunny day and we’re supposed to be playing netball or hockey but with no teachers to be seen most of us are just sitting around talking to our friends.

Cindy is a friend of mine, not a best friend although she was down on my birthday invite list. I’m glad she’s not a best friend ‘cos that might make it kinda awkward for me to fuck her. I’m not sure I could fuck my best friend though fucking my sister when I see her next is top of my list of things to do.

There’s a low sandstone wall, maybe two feet high, warmed by the sun; and Cindy and I are sitting on it.

“Sorry about the party Cindy, I was looking forward to having everyone over.”

“Aww forget it Kyra, not your fault you were ill.”

Now’s my chance to get things rolling.

“Cindy if I tell you something, promise to never, ever; tell anybody else?”

“Hope to die Kyra baby!”

“I wasn’t ill; there was nothing wrong with me. The party was called off ‘cos my big sister Eva got thrown out of the house!”

“Really? Why?”

“Well Mum and Dad caught her in bed with a girl licking each other’s pussies. I mean big deal so what?”

There’s a slight flush on Cindy’s face but she looks more excited than put off.

“Wow! How do you feel Kyra?”

“Well fuck Cindy I miss Eva something rotten and what’s wrong with having some-one eat you? It’s so cool!

“You mean you’ve had some-one go down on you Kyra? Wow!”

She says that kinda breathlessly so I decide now’s the time to strike!

“Fuck yes Cindy haven’t you?”

This time it’s my turn to be asked to keep a secret so I agree fast.

“Promise you won’t tell anyone either Kyra. I won’t tell you who with but I have.”

I can feel my pussy getting wet and hot and I’m afraid I’ll be showing a big wet patch on the crotch of my shorts soon so I go for it! reaching out I rub my fingers between Cindy’s thighs and with my other hand tug up the hem of her tee shirt and go for her tit. Bingo! she’s damp around the pussy region too.

“I really wanna fuck you Cindy, I’m so hot, let’s do it now.”

She hesitates for barely a second.

“Not where anyone can see us Kyra, I know a good place.”

Grabbing my hand she drags me into the bushes till we come to this weird looking tree. It’s sorta like an umbrella ‘cos its branches and leaves make a cone right down to the ground. Cindy drags a handful of branches aside and we sneak into the space beneath. It’s dark and close in here and the earth is covered with a thick carpet of moss. I’m feeling so excited I’ll cum and squirt before I even touch Cindy.

Moving behind her I pull her tee shirt up and off then grab those nice firm boobs of hers and start twisting her “nips” like Eva twisted mine. Cindy’s hot to the touch and moans a bit as I tug and squeeze them hard. Next I spare one hand to ease inside her shorts. Reaching her pussy I discover it’s like mine, small, hairless; and drooling cum juice.

I figure it’s now or never. Pushing her down onto that thick moss I grab the waistband of her shorts then drag them off. I must then have broken the lesbian pre-teen record for getting out of my clothes and I’m ready to fuck my first girl.

I’m making things up as I go along but that long talk with Sis gave me some good ideas so I roll on top off Cindy and rub my huge, pink,”nips” over her tits. Her “nips” are smaller than mine but swell as I shimmy to and fro. Meanwhile I put a hand down to her seeping crease and rub her hard, there’s a squelching noise and Cindy trembles.

“Fuck me Kyra I can’t wait much longer, I’m gonna cum in a minute!”

Time to improvise! Cupping my hands around Cindy’s lovely little plump rear I lift her hips just a little then plant my sopping pussy on hers. Her slit is already smeared and sticky with cum cream so our pussy lips slip and slide over each others nicely and while Cindy murmurs in my ear I can feel this huge pressure building up in my groin.

“Oh fuckin’ Jesus Kyra you’re so fuckin’ hot. Fuck me harder! Make me cum! I gotta cum!”

With each word her voice is getting louder and shriller but by now I don’t give a fuck myself’cos I’m just about to cum my load. Cindy thrusts up her hips at me and shrieks! I FEEL her cum so hard and a dollop of her cum splatters my pussy and thighs but then that pressure inside me lets go and for a second or two I think I might have pissed myself but it’s just the hardest cum and the biggest squirt of my short lesbian career.

It shoots out in a milky spray all over my new lover, she’s awash with my cum but she’s still rolling around with her thighs jerking while I’m writhing on top of her having small cum after cum even after I’ve squirted. Cleaning ourselves up soon is going to be a major project.

Sis said be streetwise and walking out to our classmates splattered with cum isn’t very streetwise but the two of us have a bit of luck. I always carry one of Dad’s big old hankies in the pocket of my shorts. Cindy knows where there’s an old standpipe behind an ancient storage shed so we scrub ourselves clean if not dry.

Cindy’s got a smile on her face so wide I have to keep telling her to stop grinning but when we get called back into school to get changed and go home she asks me when I’m going to fuck her again. Tween super lesbo Kyra whispers in her ear.

“Soon Cindy soon, you’re a great fuck and we’ll be doing it a lot you betcha!”

Sis would be proud; I’ve fucked my first school mate but next I want to see if I can seduce a grown woman. It happens a lot quicker than I ever expected.

Sis and I are swapping Emails now that she’s settled in the flat with Laura her ac/dc girlfriend from uni so she knows all about how I fucked Cindy (and myself) bow legged. She’s cheering me on and sends me a link in the Email which takes me to a website called “Lesbian Lovers”. There’s a forum, advice column, and lots and lots of technical details about being a lesbian. There’s also loads of hot pictures of forum members for me to look at while I make myself cum. I love my big dyke of a sister!

With only days to the end of term I spot my first adult who’s got “that way of looking” that Sis warned me about and fuck me if it isn’t my form mistress Ms Bennett.

Now I know what to look for I’m keeping an eye on my classmates and friends, already spotted a few possibilities that look promising, when I glance at Ms Bennett. She’s too busy peeking at Marie Stone to notice I’m peeking at her. Marie’s skirt has ridden up showing her thighs and the white triangle of her panties and MsB is licking her lips. Time for another plot!

Next morning I hide the school outfit that Mum’s laid out for me then replace it with an old one from last year. The skirt’s too short and the blouse is too tight even for my slender torso. I replace Mum’s sensibly selected cotton briefs with one of Big Sis’s thongs. Sis won’t mind when I tell her I’ve fucked my teacher. I’m fuckin’sure I’m going to as well!

All through class I keep letting MsB, or Constance, Connie to her friends; catch flashes of Eva’s borrowed crimson thong while taking deep breaths so those humongous “nips” of mine strain against my over-tight blouse. In the process I turn myself on and start getting creamy between the thighs. Also, in a fiendish mood, I feel up Cindy who now sits next to me, as my lover should. Nobody notices me giving her a few rubs on her labia (thank you Lesbian Lovers for the technical term)and she has a mini cum and has to take her panties off at lunch break to dry them.

I’d better describe MsB since I’m going to tell you what fucking her was like. She’s sorta coffee coloured with long skinny legs like mine. Okay slender legs like mine. Her tits are small but firm beneath her blouse. Her hair’s cool, long and silky black, pulled back and hanging almost to her round little rear end. Like me she wears neat little designer specs. Unlike me she doesn’t wear braces on her teeth which are small, white, and sharp.

When the bell rings I’m wondering if I’ve writhed around and flashed her all day for nothing but when she asks me to stay behind I’m hoping she’s playing the oldest card in the pack. Getting me alone in her classroom! When my fellow schoolgirls have gone, even sexy Cindy, MsB gets me to sit to sit down beside her at her desk.

“Kyra I was so sorry to hear that you were too ill for your birthday party, your mother said you were really bad right over the weekend.”

I’m sitting right by her and that micro skirt I’ve got on has crept up and my thong’s showing. MsB’s eyes are locked on my thighs and I never realised a black lady could blush like that. I take her hand in mine and it’s trembling.

“That’s okay MsB, plenty of time for a party.”

She looks like a mouse in front of a cobra so I lean forward and kiss her lightly on the lips. She pulls back but I go forward and kiss her again harder, then I go for her blouse and worm my hand inside and into her bra. Her nipples are like stones and she’s shaking like a leaf. She shakes harder when I slip my other hand over her stockings then between her thighs; her panties are already soggy with pre-cum.

“You want me to fuck you don’t you MsB? I’ll fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before. You ever been fucked by a girl?”

She shakes her head and starts to stammer.

“N’No Kyra never, I don’t know what’s happening to me lately; I just can’t stop looking at you girls. You’re getting me hotter and hotter every day. I want you but not here, please come with me, I need you so much.”

With my blazer on and my and my school bag over my shoulder I primly accompany MsB to her car in the school car park. Once I’m perched on the seat next to MsB and seat belted up she slips into gear and I slip my hand up her skirt. She nearly rams the school gates she jumps so much but steadies up as she turns right then heads off down Durham Drive. Her crotch is hot and sticky and every time I rub her slit through her panties, with one finger, she jerks and gasps.

Well I know who the boss is! If I snap my fingers she’ll jump. MsB pulls the car up outside an old double fronted house broken up into flats. She can hardly wait to lock the car and get us inside. Unlocking the front door she trots upstairs ahead of me and I admire her smooth legs and firm rear. When she opens the door of her flat I’m surprised and impressed. It’s beautifully furnished and has a strangely pleasant spicey scent to it. Time for me to take charge!

“Where’s the bedrom? I’m gonna fuck you till you can’t get up, get in there and get naked.”

I slap her firm rump and she squeals then scampers to open a door, following her in I like the room, dim and silent and a real big bed.

While she fumbles with her zips and buttons I’ve stripped off and reclined naked on her bed. I’m trying to look cool but if she looks at my pussy she’ll see I’m seeping my share of pre-cum. She’s too shy to notice that though and I wait till her panties come off and she stands nude in front of me.

“Get over here and lie down, if you’ve never done it with a girl or a woman then you don’t know what you’ve missed. I’m gonna fuck you till you cum screaming”

She’s over onto the bed like a greyhound so I spread her thighs wide apart and go to work on her.

“Just lay back while I fuck you, you do want me to fuck you don’t you?”

She nods then gulps as my curved fingers probe between her thighs digging into her swollen pussy lips while I suck and nibble on her hard little nipples. God I love being in control of a grown woman! She starts to whimper as I shove my fingers deeper inside her, her pussy’s neat looking and shaven but seems to be made of elastic. I slide four fingers into it then fold my thumb and push hard, oiled by her cream my whole hand slips inside her. Pumping hard I fuck her like mad while licking her pussy like crazy.

“Oh God! Oh Kyra! Make me cum! Don’t stop, please God don’t stop! I’m cumming, CUMMING!”

There’s a slurping noise each time my wrist pulls a little way out of her streaming pussy then slams back in, her back arches then she cums right around my wrist. She cums so hard her juice spurts out of her pussy lips that are locked tight on my skin. Then without any warning I slump over her and squirt all over her bedspread, cumming myself without her doing anything to me.

I’m not leaving it at that, I’ve gotta teach her to lick pussy if she’s going to be one of my fuck ladies. Even while she’s still gasping for breath I straddle her head and give her my orders.

“Just do what I do to you and we’ll both cum together again.”

Burying my face between her thighs I eat her cunt (another word from my website) and find she tastes as good as Eva does, her cream tastes sweet and fruity and as I lick her I gobble down her cum. Then I find that MsB is a fast learner. For some-one who’s never fucked a girl before she seems to hit my hard little love bead every time she flicks her tongue so I concentrate on doing the same to her. This time I SEE her cumming!

Her pussy pulses and gapes wide as her second cum blows her away, fortunately she lets my massive squirt explode before she stops tongue fucking me and screams and shudders. By now though I’m screaming myself as I cum over and over again.

“Fuck Kyra I love you! I love you fucking me!”

Well my school teacher and my classmate are both my lovers now. So when a dreamy eyed MsB drops me off round the corner from my home, showered and scrubbed clean of pussy splatter, I hobble, a little bit sore; up our garden path. I’m well pleased and can’t wait to report to Eva. When I get in Mum’s a bit snippy with me for being late, she’s been like this ever since I told her I still love Eva. I tell her if she doubts what I say she can talk to MsB ‘cos I stayed behind with her for extra lessons.

After tea I open my Emails and find one from Big Sis. Weird! Sneak into her room and get the box at the back of her cupboard then wait for a video call from her at 8 p. m. exactly but don’t open the box until she tells me to. Dad’s gone out to his darts match and Mum’s watching some fucking stupid reality show. The Sex Factor or maybe Fucking on Ice.

At 8 precisely, with my webcam plugged in, the picture appears. Big Sis stark naked is sitting on a sofa with a gorgeous older lady who’s wearing just black stockings and a suspender belt!

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