Kimmy and Samantha, Chapter 8

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By Jeneee

“Denise and Samantha, this is Mrs. Johnson and her little girl, Angie,” Debbie announced with a flourish as she smiled broadly at the two girls. Angie grinned and looked from Samantha to Denise who then ran up to her and gave her a gentle hug as if to welcome her to their home.

Angie then turned to her mom and said, “Mommy, they’re already in their nighties. Can I get changed for bed too?” Even though she knew they weren’t really going to bed she still wanted to be like the other two little girls.

“Soon, hon. But let’s all say hi first, shall we? We’ve only just got here, sweetie.”

“Oh, poo, but we already did,” Angie replied, pouting. “Hi everyone, I’m Angie and this is my mommy. You can call her Jasmine if you like,” she giggled. “That’s her name. Okay, now can I go get changed?” she asked again, hands firmly on her hips.

Debbie couldn’t help laughing at the precocious little girl who’d been full of surprises that evening a couple of weeks ago. “Samantha, why don’t you grab Angie’s bag from the hallway and take her upstairs to the girls’ room and help her get changed for the evening – if that’s okay with you Jasmine, that is,” she added, turning to Angie’s mom. “Oh, and these two little imps are my daughters, Denise and Patty. They’ve been so anxious to meet you Angie, as you can no doubt tell.”

“Can we go up too, mommy?” Patty asked, breaking away from Kimmy’s hand and happily skipping over toward Angie and Denise.

“I suppose so sweetie. But let Angie get changed first before you all start playing around with whatever it is you’ve got planned up there for the night. We don’t want her to get her pretty clothes all messy now, do we?”

“Yea,” screeched Patty, who quickly grabbed Angie by the hand. “Come on this way, Angie. I’ll show you where our bedroom is.” Samantha had by now returned with Angie’s bag and, throwing her other arm around Denise’s shoulder, she quickly followed the other two out of the room and up the stairs toward the girls’ room.

Kimmy meanwhile had been eying Jasmine with interest, noticing how gorgeous she looked in her somewhat revealing outfit. They had been introduced at the front door as Jasmine and Angie entered the house but other than a nod of acknowledgement, nothing else had been said. Now that it was a little quieter though, Debbie was able to introduce Kimmy more formally.

“Jasmine, Kimmy is the girl who looked after my two little imps the evening of your party,” she explained. “The other girl, Denise, is her younger sister, and she came over to lend a hand – just in case the two of them gave her any trouble,” she added, laughing.

Jasmine smiled at Kimmy. “And I hear they gave you so much trouble that you both fell asleep after they went to bed,” she teased.

“Huh?” Kimmy said, glancing at Debbie with a puzzled look on her face.

“Didn’t you tell her, Debbie? How you phoned and got no answer, so you quickly rushed home to check if everything was okay and found your cute babysitters fast asleep on the couch downstairs?”

There was a dead silence in the room as Kimmy quietly gasped and brought her hand up to her mouth and Debbie found herself at a loss for words. Jasmine began to realize she had somehow created an awkward situation and tried to placate things by adding, “Sorry, I guess you didn’t want to embarrass the girls by letting on you’d discovered they’d fallen asleep on the job.” And she added with a little chuckle, “I guess I’d probably have done the same thing under the circumstances.”

But the horrible truth was starting to dawn on Kimmy and she stuttered, “Y…you really c…came home to check on us?”

Debbie, who was now very reluctant to reply, felt herself trapped. She nodded to Kimmy, who at the same time suddenly remembered the missing pair of panties after she and Denise had come downstairs from their bathroom fun with the girls in order to clean up the family room.

“Am I missing something here?” Jasmine asked, with a frown on her face, puzzled at the silence from the other two.

Kimmy was now blushing furiously, hardly daring to look at Debbie, and fighting back the tears that had started to form in her eyes.

Seeing this, Jasmine tried to smooth over the mess she seemed to think she had created. She smiled at Kimmy, saying, “It’s okay dear. Debbie wasn’t angry when she returned to the party. In fact, she looked quite relieved that everything was fine at home.” And she looked over at Debbie. “Isn’t that right, Debbie? Don’t worry Kimmy,” she added, looking back at the shaken girl. “It can happen to anyone. I’m sure Debbie wouldn’t have invited you and Denise back tonight if she’d been unhappy with you both.”

Then it began to dawn on Kimmy that Jasmine was right. And in fact she then began to realize things might not be as bad as she had initially thought. She looked over at Debbie and, half smiling, softly asked, “You saw, didn’t you?”

Jasmine turned to look over at Debbie once more. “Saw? Saw what?” she asked, still puzzled. “I am missing something here, aren’t I?” Now it was Debbie’s turn to blush. “Well I guess it’s time for true confessions,” she managed quietly, and turning to Kimmy she said, “Yes, dear, I saw everything…well, enough anyway. But Jasmine is right – I wasn’t angry. In fact…” she hesitated, “…in fact, I found it kind of, well, sweet. Maybe kind of arousing.” And here she began to smile a little. “Who am I kidding? I found it fucking hot. I even took a pair of the girls’ panties away with me as a souvenir,” she giggled.

And she proceeded to explain to the bewildered Jasmine what had really happened, what she had really seen when she had come home that evening. And because of what Angie had told her about her mom’s ‘bedtime ritual’ she didn’t think Jasmine would be too shocked at what Kimmy and Samantha had been up to with her little girls. And she was right. In fact, as the story unfolded, Jasmine’s face continued to develop a broadening smile and Kimmy couldn’t help noticing how she crossed and uncrossed her long legs several times, each time causing her short skirt to climb further and further until her panties were in full view. She’s getting fucking horny, Kimmy thought to herself.

And listening to Debbie relate the details of that night was also having a profound effect on Kimmy who felt own her pussy becoming wetter and wetter as she heard about how Debbie had masturbated while watching her and Samantha licking her little girls’ cunnies in the bathtub. Her own skirt had also crept up as she had been unconsciously spreading her legs wider and wider while listening, giving both Jasmine and Debbie an unimpeded view of her dampening panties, which did nothing to hide the shape of the plump lips of her aroused young pussy.

“Oh, and I should tell you, Jasmine, that Angie told me all about your special goodnight kisses when I took her up to put her to bed that night,” Debbie said. “Not only that, she insisted I do the same for her since you were busy downstairs with your guests,” she added, smiling. “So I hope you don’t mind, ’cause I did,” she confessed, giggling.

“Oh god yes, doesn’t she taste divine?” Jasmine cried out, now clearly aroused. “But talking about divine, I think young Kimmy over there is dying for a little of the same treatment, aren’t you sweetie?” And without waiting for an answer, Jasmine stood up, unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor as she moved over to the couch where Kimmy was sitting and knelt down in front of her, burying her face between the young girl’s legs as she inhaled the fragrance of her by now soaking panties. Kimmy leaned back, closed her eyes and yanked her skirt up as high as she could, spreading her legs wide, covering her boobs with her hands and squeezing them tightly, pinching her nipples through the thin material of her top as Jasmine’s tongue rapidly attacked the delicate fabric covering her cunny.

Not one for being left out of the action, Debbie quickly pulled off her shorts and thong and knelt behind Jasmine, yanking down her panties to her knees, revealing the shapely globes of her firm, delicious looking butt. As Jasmine pulled aside the crotch of Kimmy’s panties and slid her tongue between her soaking lips, Debbie spread Jasmine’s cheeks and started to administer the same treatment to them as she had to her little daughter that evening, twirling the tip of her tongue around her puckered asshole, and periodically slipping it down lower between her plump lips, and then lower still to flick her engorged clit which was now proudly protruding from it’s sheath, all the while rubbing her own pussy with her free hand which she had slid down inside her panties. Kimmy’s hands had by now swiftly moved from caressing her boobs to the back of Jasmine’s head, holding it more firmly against her horny pussy as she raised her hips from the sofa, urging the older woman to increase the pressure of her tongue against her clit as she felt her climax approaching. At the same time, Jasmine’s moans grew louder as Debbie continued to assault the woman’s asshole and cunt, and knew she too would soon be in the throws of her own orgasm. It didn’t take long for the three of them to scream out in the passion of the moment, each one’s cries adding fuel to the others’ until they were all completely drained.

Soaking, dripping, panting…drained.

Slowly, the three of them began to recover. Slowly, smiles spread across their faces, two of which were now gleaming, wet and shiny with sticky love juices which two tongues proceeded to slowly savor. No, three – as Kimmy now pressed her lips to Jasmine’s and kissed her deeply, slipping her hands inside the older woman’s top, caressing her full breasts, feeling the hard nipples pressing into her palms. Debbie joined in the embrace by leaning against Kimmy from behind, kissing her softly on her neck and sliding her hands around inside the front of the young girl’s blouse, feeling the firmness of her braless teen mounds, squeezing them, caressing them, loving them, tenderly twirling the hard pointy nipples between her fingers and thumbs.

“Mmm,” she sighed. “It’s been so long since I’ve done anything like this. My husband would be so jealous if he could see me now. He couldn’t keep his eyes off your boobs when you and Samantha were here that night. And your sister is going to be just like you, I can tell,” she added, giving Kimmy’s nipples another squeeze.

“Yeah, she already is,” Kimmy replied with a little giggle.

The three of them now found themselves wondering what the other four girls were doing upstairs, having been totally pre-occupied with themselves since the foursome had left to help Angie get more comfortable for the sleepover. Knowing what they knew now, Jasmine and Debbie were both beginning to imagine what might be happening. Kimmy, of course, already had a pretty good idea.

As Angie arrived upstairs she’d looked around carefully at all the stuffed animals in the girls’ room, picking up each one and giving it a hug before moving on to the next. “Wow, you sure have a lot of them,” she commented. “Mmm, I love them all,” she squealed as she hugged an extra large and fluffy looking lion, kissing it on the nose.

Patty giggled. “Hey, you left some lipstick on him. Now he has a red nose just like Rudolph.”

“Does your mommy let you wear make-up all the time?” Denise wanted to know.

“Only on special occasions when we go out like this,” Angie replied. “It makes me feel older. I’m going to be nine next month, you know,” she told them, sticking out her chest. “Mommy says I’ll be growing my boobies soon. Look, they’ve already started, see?” she exclaimed proudly as she lifted up her top to show off her smooth, little chest. As Denise looked closely she could see Angie’s nipples had already started to puff out and she shyly ran a finger over one, watching it suddenly crinkle and start to harden.

Now it was Patty’s turn to giggle. “Denise’s do that too,” she told Angie. “Especially when we play big girl games, like you taught us, Samantha,” she added, blushing a little as she turned toward the older girl.

“Do you have your lipstick with you, Angie?” Samantha asked, an idea forming in her mind. Angie nodded, pointing to her overnight bag which also contained her nightie and toothbrush.

“Oooh, can we put some on too?” squealed Patty.

Samantha laughed. “Well, only if Angie says it’s okay.”

Their little guest agreed and unzipped her bag, fumbling around for a few seconds and then proudly produced her tube of lipstick. Samantha took it from her and knelt down in front of Patty who, with a serious look on her young face, allowed the older girl to carefully apply some to her pouting lips. Next it was Denise’s turn and finally Samantha added some to her own lips.

Angie giggled. “Hey, now we all have matching lips. Do me again Samantha. I lost some of mine when I kissed the lion.” The older girl did as she was asked, coating Angie’s lips again until they were a dark, glossy pink.

“Time for you to get changed now, though,” Samantha told her, reaching inside the little girl’s bag again and pulling out her nightie. Angie promptly pulled off her top and unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the floor, leaving her in only her socks and her cute, white panties which displayed the face of a young kitten on the front, as if to indicate where her own little pussy was hiding.

“Hey, look. She’s got a kitty on her kitty,” giggled Patty. “That’s so cute.”

“Does she purr when you stroke her?” teased Samantha.

“Why don’t you go try and see,” Denise prompted her sister who had gone over to Angie to take a closer look. Patty reached out a hand and began to stroke the little girl’s kitties, listening closely.

“I don’t think she’s gonna purr,” Samantha said, but I think Angie might, if you keep that up,” she added, smiling slyly at the two girls.

“We’d better be quiet in case mommy hears and decides to come up and see what we are doing,” Denise cautioned, feeling that familiar tingling beginning in her cunny as she watched her sister.

“I don’t think you have to worry about that, sweetie,” Samantha told her. “I think Kimmy will be keeping your mommy, and Angie’s, occupied,” she added with a wink.

“And my mommy wouldn’t mind anyway,” chimed in Angie, pushing her pussy out to help Patty’s now more enthusiastic stroking. “Mmm, that feels soooo good,” she told the little girl. “Mommy loves to stroke me like that. I think my kitty’s getting kinda wet. Maybe you should take my panties off.” And without waiting for Patty to react, she tugged them down herself, revealing her puffy pussy with its protruding inner labia to the little girl who stared in amazement.

“Oh, it looks different from mine and Denise’s,” she said. “It looks more like Kimmy’s or even yours, Samantha. Samantha, too, was gazing in rapture at the sweet sight in front of them, and found herself subconsciously reaching her hand down to rub her own pussy, which was rapidly moistening and urging her on.

“You can kiss it if you like, Patty. Mommy does it all the time when she puts me to bed,” Angie assured her, as if Patty might be a bit reluctant. But Patty didn’t need to be told again, and quickly grabbed Angie’s cheeks and pulled her toward her face, kissing the little girl’s cunny with a loud smack. Pulling back she giggled, “Oh look, I got lipstick on your kitty.” And she leaned forward again and started to lick the dark pink marks she had left on the little girl’s lips. “Mmm, tastes so good,” she laughed, looking up at Angie, and then back at the others.

“Here, Patty,” said Samantha, throwing the tube of lipstick over to her. “Put some on her cunny lips with this.” And as Denise and Samantha watched, the little girl carefully started to apply the dark pink lipstick to Angie’s puffy lips. Then, as she spread her pussy open a little wider, she began to put some onto her inner labia as well, slowly covering the young girl’s pussy with the glossy lipstick.

Denise was getting hotter and hotter watching the two of them and soon found herself beside Samantha whom she had noticed was now rubbing her pussy even harder. “Let me help you,” she whispered, as she covered Samantha’s hand with her own. “Can I take off your panties too?” As if she had to ask.

“Put some lipstick on her little button too,” Samantha called out to Patty, as Denise tugged the older girl’s panties off and started to kiss her pussy, leaving her own lipstick marks behind to lick.

Patty did as she was told, amazed again, this time at the size of the little girl’s clit as it started to peek out at her. It was so much bigger than her sister’s. Angie was now becoming so excited that she could no longer continue to stand. She backed up from Patty a little so as to lay down on one of the beds, spreading her slim legs as wide as she could to allow Patty to continue to play with the lipstick on her pussy. In doing so, her little vagina opened and Patty couldn’t resist slipping the tip of a finger inside, exploring her new friend. Her finger was soon replaced by the lipstick tube, and, encouraged by Angie’s increasing moans she began to fuck the little girl slowly in and out with the golden colored implement.

As Denise continued to kiss and lick Samantha, the older girl kept her eyes on what Patty was doing, getting more and more aroused as the tube of lipstick plunged in and out of the girl’s fleshy pussy. “Lick her button, Patty. Lick it. Make the little cunt cum,” she cried out, as she finally had to lay down herself and, grabbing the back of Denise’s head, pushed the young girl’s face harder and harder against her dripping pussy. “Oh, fuck, yeah, oh god yeah, I’m gonna…” and she suddenly cried out and held Denise tightly to her, lifting her ass from the floor, her squelchy cunny leaving a combination of lipstick and sticky, creamy juices all over the young girl’s pretty face.

By now, Angie had also reached the point of no return. She clenched her little fists as her legs straightened, toes stretching out and pointing down, and loudly squeaked as she felt what only her mommy had been able to make her feel a few times up to now, only this time so much stronger that she thought she was never going to be able to breath again. Patty, realizing that Angie had cum, like she had sometimes made her sister do, knew that it was now best to just let her new friend try to recover. So she continued to hold her gently as the little girl regained her breathing, gazing in amazement at the red swollen lips in front of her and the still slightly open vagina from which she had just retrieved the tube of lipstick, now shiny and wet with Angie’s cum. Her own cunny was beginning to tingle with excitement and she reached under her nightie to touch it, feeling that she, too, was now wet.

As Patty looked over at her sister, who was still between Samantha’s legs, she realized that the older girl must have had her own orgasm – as she had once called it – while she and Angie were playing together. Leaving Angie to recover on the bed she crawled over to her sister and whispered, “I think we both made them cum real good.” Denise turned around and looked at Patty, smiling at the shiny juices still visible on her face.

“Mmm, looks like you made a new friend,” she teased, and leaned over to kiss her younger sister, tasting the leftovers from Angie’s cunny. “And she tastes good too. Kinda like you, in a way,” she added, and slid her tongue back over Patty’s lips, snaking it in between and flicking it lovingly against her sister’s.

Samantha watched the two girls kissing as she began to recover, and then moved quietly behind Patty, slipping one of her hands up inside the little girl’s nightie and caressing her tiny, firm cheeks, feeling their warmth, squeezing them gently as the two sisters continued to kiss. Seeing this, Angie left the bed and moved behind Denise, copying what Samantha was doing.

This caused Denise and Patty to intensify their kissing, opening their mouths wider, and their tongues now began to duel in earnest. The sisters now both felt finger tips starting to probe inside their wet vaginas and were becoming more and more aroused, wetter and wetter, as their young cunnies responded to the welcoming attention they were receiving. They could no longer remain kneeling as they were, and both collapsed onto the carpet, their slim legs spreading wide and their nighties now pulled up over their smooth chests, revealing their hard, pointy little nipples. It was now Samantha’s and Angie’s turn to dive between the sisters’ soft thighs, and holding their ankles back toward their shoulders they both started to lick the young girls’ sweet pussies, spreading their lips, sliding their tongues into their tight little vaginas, then flicking them across their tiny clits, back and forth, causing both girls to moan and squirm with delight.

Unknown to the four of them, though, they now had an audience. Standing in the doorway, naked, fingers gently rubbing their more than satisfied pussies were Kimmy, Debbie and Jasmine, broad smiles on their faces. “What did I tell you?” Kimmy whispered in Debbie’s ear. “I didn’t think it would take long for Samantha to get the party started.

“Oh, look at my darling Angie, licking your daughter’s hot little cunt and tight asshole,” Jasmine whispered in Debbie’s other ear as she intensified rubbing her own pussy, her breasts jiggling slightly from the motion of her arm, her big nipples jutting out firm and hard.

“Oh god, yeah,” Debbie replied, feeling her own pussy juicing again. “And your slut of a sister, Kimmy, she can’t get enough of my little girl’s cunny. Look at her, trying to bury her tongue inside as deeply as she can.”

“Who are you calling a slut, you horny cunt?” Kimmy giggled back, as she watched her younger sister attack the six year old’s pussy and reached over to squeeze one of Debbie’s tits.

“Oh fuck, look!” Jasmine exclaimed as softly as she could. “They’re both gonna cum, look at them. And sure enough, almost at the same time, Denise and Patty screamed out in passion as both little girls exploded. For Patty it was her first ever, and as Samantha pulled back her head from the little girl to allow her to recover a little, they were all able to see how red and swollen her little cunny had become, and how soaking wet she was, and how her tiny little vagina still remained open, white creamy blobs of moisture clinging to the walls.

Debbie suddenly left the doorway and rushed into the room to her young daughter, hugging her tightly, wanting to feel her soft, tiny body against hers as she came down from her first ever orgasm. My sweet little girl, she thought to herself as she clung to her.

“Mommy, Mommy, are you mad at us?” Patty asked, her eyes opening wide in surprise as her mother grabbed her, and as Samantha and Denise looked on in shock, knowing they had been caught in the act. “Mommy, you’re naked,” Patty cried out, now realizing that her mother’s breasts were pressing against her and suddenly noticing that Kimmy and Angie’s mom had also entered their bedroom, and were both naked too.

“It’s okay sweetheart,” Debbie consoled her. “We know what you’ve been doing, and it’s alright. Does your kitty feel okay, honey?”

“Yeah, kinda wet, and a little tender,” Patty giggled. “Have you been watching us for a long time?”

“Not really, but long enough to see that you were all having fun.”

And she looked down at her little girl’s cunny and smiled. “Lots of fun too, I see,” she giggled as she softly caressed Patty’s pouting pussy with one of her fingers. “Mmm, it’s so wet baby.” And then she shocked both herself and her daughters by first of all licking her finger and then bending down and kissing the wet, swollen lips of her little girl. “Mmm, and so delicious, too,” she added, lifting up her head and smiling.

“Hi Mommy,” Angie called over to Jasmine. “We’ve all been playing, just like you said we might.”

Debbie looked over at Jasmine and shook her head, mouthing, “You devil, you.”

Jasmine, who was beyond blushing, just smiled meekly and shrugged her shoulders. “Knowing my daughter, it was a pretty good guess that something like this would probably happen tonight. But once I knew about Kimmy and Samantha it became obvious to me what we’d find when we came upstairs.” And she walked over to Angie and kissed her softly on her lips. “You did great, sweetie,” she reassured her. “I think your little kitty deserves some extra attention tonight, don’t you? Not to mention this precious little thing, too,” she added, probing the little girl’s asshole with the tip of a finger.

“Oh yesss, mommy!” Angie exclaimed, wriggling her butt. But you’ve got to lick it first. Promise?”

Debbie, meanwhile, had left the room but returned at that moment delicately dangling a pair of white cotten panties from one of her fingers. “Any of you recognize these?” she asked, with a smirk on her face as she swung them back and forth.

Denise gasped. “My panties. They disappeared the last time the…” and she stopped short, realization dawning on her face.

Kimmy laughed. “She came home and saw us all in the bathroom that night. She knew all along. And we made her so horny watching us that she even played with herself. We were so busy we never noticed.”

And suddenly the room was full of joyous laughter as seven hot bodies embraced each other in a warm and happy group hug…and then the fun began all over again.

The End


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