Kimmy and Samantha, Chapter 5

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By Jeneee

The sound of the telephone downstairs snapped Debbie back to attention and she quickly crept downstairs after yet another glance at the girls who were still too engrossed in their activities to hear it ringing. It was her husband calling anxiously from the party to see if everything was okay, since she had been gone for a while now.

“Yes dear, the girls are asleep, and so is Kimmie,” she lied to Peter. “I didn’t have the heart to wake her. It looks like she fell asleep watching television so I’m going to leave her the way she is,” she added, still clinging to the pair of panties she had picked up from the floor. There was no way she could bring herself to let her husband know what was really going on. He’d explode for sure, she knew.

“I’m on my way back now,” she told him, and hung up the phone.

Resisting the temptation to return upstairs, strong though it was, she let herself out quietly, locking the door behind her. On her way back to the car she realized she still had one of her girls’ pairs of panties in her hand. Shrugging, and with a slight smile on her face, she slipped them into her purse and started the car, backing cautiously out of the driveway, visions of the bathroom scene replaying vividly in her mind.

As she drove back to the party she recalled her first experience with sex as a young girl. She was only seven when her aunt had introduced her to the intimacies of her body while she was staying with her for a week during the summer holidays. She’d always loved her aunt and looked forward to visiting her and nestling herself on her lap as they watched television together. That particular summer had been very hot and she had rarely worn more than her panties around the house, as had her aunt.

She remembered being fascinated by her aunt’s breasts, which were rather large and swung slightly as she walked. They also made great pillows for her head as she relaxed on her aunt’s lap and she would sometimes playfully tweak her nipples to watch them harden and grow in size. This always made her giggle, and also, she noticed, it made her aunt sigh contentedly.

On the day things really started to happen she had pretended to be a baby, and sucked softly on one of her aunt’s nipples, making swallowing noised as she looked up teasingly at her. To her surprise her aunt closed her eyes and pressed the back of the little girl’s head more tightly against her, groaning a little as she did. Seeing that she seemed to be pleasing her aunt, Debbie increased the intensity of her sucking causing her aunt to moan even louder and to caress her niece’s back, sliding her hand slowly up and down.

As she continued to suck, Debbie had brought both of her hands up to her aunt’s breast and squeezed, as if trying to encourage her to actually produce milk, which of course never happened, but it caused her aunt to cry out “oh baby” and to slide her hand down to squeeze Debbie’s thigh. Eventually, as Debbie continued to suck, her aunt’s hand moved up slowly until it was between Debbie’s thighs, and as she spread her legs seemingly automatically, the little girl felt the first tingles of sexual arousal and squirmed on her aunt’s lap, pressing her young mound up against the probing hand. Needing no more encouragement, her aunt proceeded to caress Debbie’s pussy through her panties as her niece sucked even more vigorously on the hard nipple which was now buried deeply in her wide open mouth.

As she drove back to the party Debbie recalled the excitement she had felt as her aunt’s hand eventually slid inside her panties, caressing her swollen cunny lips which were by then quite slippery from her arousal. What followed that day had been an incredible experience for her, and she realized the delights her own daughters must be feeling now as the vision of Kimmy and Samantha, faces buried between the thighs of her little girls, crept back into her mind. The delightful looks of pleasure on their faces were a joy for her to see. And it promised even more excitement for the future.

Recalling how Angie had behaved with her tonight, and her desire to meet Denise and Patty, Debbie’s imagination was now filled with several possible scenarios. As she pulled into the Petersen’s driveway she smiled to herself – a sleepover might prove very interesting. She’d have to suggest the idea to Jasmine.

* * *

Meanwhile, back in the shower, squeals and giggles continued as the girls continued to play, Denise and Patty now down on their knees contentedly licking the two older girls. Even though they were inexperienced, Kimmy and Samantha still enjoyed the feeling of their little tongues flicking away at their clits, their hands squeezing tightly on their butts as the young girls tried to hold the two older ones still.

Kimmy looked over at her younger sister whose eyes were now closed as Denise tried her best to please the older girl. Patty looked up at Kimmy from between her thighs as if to ask if she was doing it right.

“Maybe we should get out of the shower and dry off now,” Kimmy suggested, thinking that it might be a little more comfortable to move into the bedroom, but then, realizing it was getting late she added, “besides, it’s about time you girls went to bed anyway.”

Somewhat reluctantly Patty and Denise pulled themselves from their knees and stood up beside the older girls. “Aww, do we have to?” Denise groaned.

“Yes,” Kimmy replied. “We’ve had a lot of fun but you’d better get to sleep before your parents get home. Otherwise we might not be able to baby-sit you ever again,” she added.

Patty yawned as she turned off the water and reached for a towel. “I gotta pee,” she said. “And this time I know it’s for real,” she added as she started to get out of the shower.

“Why don’t you just pee in the shower?” Samantha suggested to Patty as she winked at her sister. “No need to sit on the toilet, you know.”

Pammy looked at her and giggled. “Really? Do you do that in your shower too?”

“Sure, all the time,” Samantha assured her. “Here, let me help you.” And she stood behind Patty reaching down to spread her plump lips apart saying, “Now pee.” As the others watched, Patty grunted a little and suddenly let go a stream of almost clear liquid with a hiss that splashed down all over the shower floor.

“Hey, it’s spraying all over my feet,” she complained to Samantha. “Now I’ll have to shower all over again.” But the older girl merely grabbed a nearby wash cloth and bent down to wipe Patty’s feet. And then, to the little girl’s surprise, she knelt in front of her and licked her pussy, cleaning up all the leftover pee. As Denise looked on in amazement, and Patty giggled once more, Samantha peered up at her and smiled.

“Mmm, that tasted yummy,” she exclaimed. “Got any more?” And she spread the young girl’s lips again and gave her a final lick. “There, now you are all clean. Let’s get some towels and dry off so you can both get to bed.”

And so it was that the two young girls were soon tucked snuggly into bed, smiling contentedly as Kimmy and Samantha kissed them both goodnight. “Can we play some more big girl games soon?” Denise asked as she pulled the blankets up around her neck.

“Maybe next time we baby-sit for you,” replied Kimmy. “But remember, it’s our little secret, so make sure you don’t let anybody else know, ‘cause we could never play with you again if you do.”

“Mmm,” Patty replied sleepily. “It’s our little secret Denise. Remember that.” And she was out like a light.

Kimmy and Samantha returned to the family room to clean up and make sure everything was neat and tidy again before the Johnsons returned from the party.

“Hey,” Samantha exclaimed, “aren’t we missing a pair of panties? I’m sure both girls left them here on the floor before we went into the kitchen for snacks.”

Puzzled, they searched around the room, but could only find one pair, and Patty’s shorts. Shrugging it off, they settled down to watch television once more, waiting patiently until the Johnsons finally arrived home about half an hour later.

“Everything go okay?” Mrs. Johnson asked, smiling at the girls as her husband handed Kimmy some money.

“Yes, Denise and Patty were great, and went to bed on time,” Kimmy replied. “Samantha came over to keep me company. I hope that’s okay.”

“Oh sure honey, that’s not a problem. I’m glad the kids were good and didn’t give you any trouble. They can be a handful at times,” Mr. Johnson added. “But they seem to like you girls so maybe we can have you over again next time we go out.”

“How was the party?” Kimmy asked.

“It was fun,” Mrs. Johnson replied. “My husband’s new boss and his wife are great, and they have a sweet little daughter who wants so much to meet Denise and Patty, so we’ll probably be having her here for a sleepover sometime soon. Maybe you two would like to come over and help supervise,” she added with a smile on her face.

“Sure, that would be fun,” Kimmy replied. “Let us know when you want us.”

As they showed them out the front door and watched so the girls arrived home safely, Mr. Johnson told his wife how happy he was that they had reliable baby-sitters living right next door.

“Yeah, and such cute ones too,” she teased. “I saw you eyeing them up and down, you letch.”

As she walked up the stairs to their bedroom she smiled to herself, clenching in her hand the pair of panties she’d picked up from the floor earlier that evening. “Introducing young Angie into the mix could prove very interesting,” she thought to herself, feeling a familiar tingle in her pussy.

“Yes indeed. Very interesting.”

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