Kimmy and Samantha, Chapter 4

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By Jeneee

The Johnsons had arrived at the party a few minutes after the announced start time but found they were the first of the many guests who were expected to attend. Mr. Johnson introduced his wife to his new boss, Doug Petersen, and together they both met Mrs. Petersen, or Jasmine, as she told them to call her, as she warmly shook hands with both of them.

“Doug has told me all about you, Peter,” she gushed, as she led Mr. Johnson, arm in arm, down the wide hallway toward the ‘party room,’ as she called it with a proud smile. Debbie Johnson, in turn, was escorted by Doug, and they followed immediately behind the other two, also arm in arm. Debbie couldn’t help noticing the way Jasmine’s pert behind swished from side to side in her short, flared, pink skirt as they proceeded down the hallway.

She certainly was gorgeous, Debbie thought to herself, as she admired the slim, tall figure and long shapely legs of her hostess. Her matching pink heels were open toed, not too high, but high enough to emphasize the curve of her calves. Debbie now silently chided herself for dressing a little too conservatively, her skirt being no more than a couple of inches above her knees and her white blouse loose enough to hide the fullness of her prominent breasts. On the other hand, Jasmine wore a tight white top cut low enough to reveal a fair portion of her ample cleavage, something Debbie was sure Peter had noticed right away.

They were ushered into the large party room and immediately offered drinks and hors d’oevres from the tray of a scantily dressed maid who suddenly appeared as if out of nowhere. It seemed that the Petersens really went all out when they threw a party. As they clinked glasses, Doug Petersen toasting his new employee, a sweet voice behind them exclaimed, “I can’t sleep, Mommy! Can I stay up with you?”

Debbie looked around and saw a pretty little blonde girl with long, wavy hair flowing down over her short white nightie, gazing shyly up at them. She smiled at her as her mother replied, “No sweetie, this is for grownups, not for little girls. You’ll have to go back to your room and try to fall asleep.”

“Aww,” she pouted, “Do I have to?”

“What is your name, honey?” Debbie asked. “We have two little girls like you at home with our babysitter and they will probably be in bed asleep by now,” she added.

“I’m Angie,” the little girl replied. “And I’m eight, goin’ to be nine soon,” she explained as if to justify being able to stay up late. “An’ it’s Friday so I don’t have to get up early for school tomorrow, so can’t I mommy?” she pleaded. “Can’t I please?”

And before Jasmine could even answer, Angie turned quickly to Debbie and asked, “How old are your girls and what are their names?”

Debbie looked questioningly over to Jasmine, who merely shrugged her shoulders and nodded back at her with a resigned look on her face, which Debbie interpreted to mean it was okay for her to answer her daughter who, it appeared, seemed used to getting her own way more often than not.

“Well, Denise is eight and Patty is six, and like I said, they are probably in bed now too honey,” she added, hoping to do her bit to encourage the little girl to do as her mother had asked. But Angie merely grabbed her hand and pulled her over to a nearby couch and plunked herself down asking, “Tell me about them,” with a pleased look on her face as she noticed her mother had walked away to welcome more guests, and her father seemed wrapped up in conversation with Peter.

Debbie sat down beside her and began telling her a little about Patty and Denise, what they looked like and the kind of things they liked to do. Angie listened attentively for a while, eventually shifting around on the couch and tucking her legs under her, forcing her lacy nightie further up her smooth thighs revealing, to Debbie’s surprise, that the little girl was naked underneath. Trying not to stare, she quickly averted her eyes, and focused back on Angie’s pretty face.

But the little girl had obviously noticed the expression on Debbie’s face and promptly shocked her by asking, with a sly smile, “So do you like my cunny? Mommy says I’m just a sexy little tease. What do you think?”

Debbie gasped at the girl’s forwardness and almost spilled her drink. She was dumfounded, lost for words, and quickly looked around to see if anyone else was close enough to hear, relieved to see that nobody seemed to be paying any attention to them. Angie giggled. “I don’t mind if you look at my cunny, you know,” she added coyly, tugging the hem of her nightie down a little, but at the same time opening her legs wider. “Mommy says I’m an exhib…something or other ‘cause I like it when other people look at me down there. She says I take after her but…” and here she leaned over to whisper in Debbie’s ear, “…she told me to not let daddy catch me or I’d be in big trouble.”

Yes, I imagine you would, Debbie thought to herself, sneaking another look at the little girl’s pussy, noticing the pronounced inner labia peeking at her from between her plump outer lips. She could almost swear she saw tiny drops of moisture clinging to them. Debbie felt a slight tingling in her own cunt at the arousing situation in which she now found herself and at the uninhibited precocity of this pretty young girl.

“Can I come over to your house sometime and meet your girls?” Angie asked, snapping Debbie’s attention back to the possible serious consequences of this intimate little discussion. After all, she didn’t want to see Peter’s new job put in jeopardy. But nobody was even close enough to overhear.

“That would be nice, sweetie, but your parents would have to say it’s okay first. Maybe you could all come over together to visit us sometime soon. I’m sure my girls would love to meet you too.”

Hearing this, Angie immediately jumped up from the couch and ran over toward her mother crying, “Mommy, mommy can we go visit, er, that lady…” she paused as she turned to point back toward Debbie, “…over there sometime soon? I want to play with her little girls. They sound like such fun, and one of them is the same age as me, too.”

Conversation, which had by now risen considerably in the party room as the number of guests had increased, fell to a low murmur as heads suddenly turned, many noticing the Petersen’s daughter for the first time as she rushed across the floor toward her mother. Smiles and, “Oh, isn’t she a darling,” rapidly spread throughout the room, not going unnoticed by Angie who performed a quick twirl in response to all the attention as she reached Jasmine’s side.

Angie flung her arms around Jasmine’s waist staring up at her with that pleading look saying, “Please mommy, can we, can we?”

“Sure honey, we’ll talk about it tomorrow. Now, off to bed with you. Go,” she laughed, unclasping her daughter’s hands from her waist. “Say goodnight to our guests and be off with you.”

“Oh thank you mommy. ‘Night everyone,” she cried and ran back over to Debbie who had by now risen from the couch and straightened her skirt. “Mommy says we can come and she’ll talk more about it tomorrow. I can’t hardly wait,” she giggled. And she grabbed Debbie’s hand, tugging at her, whispering, “Come and tuck me in. I’ll show you my room.”

“But…” Debbie started to protest as Angie pulled at her.

“It’s okay. Mommy won’t mind. She tucks me in every night but she’s kinda busy with everyone right now so you can do it. Please?”

Debbie, looking around at everyone, seeing them all engrossed in their conversations again, Peter and Doug chatting and laughing with two or three other men whom she assumed all worked at the company, quietly followed the little girl from the party room, up a series of stairs, and down a hallway to her bedroom.

“This is my very own room,” Angie said proudly, as she pulled Debbie inside. And it certainly was cozy, filled with stuffed animals on top of shelves, colorful children’s books on display, cute pictures hanging on the walls. “And I have my own TV too,” she added, pointing to one corner of the room. “I watch cartoons in bed sometimes in the mornings before I get up, ‘specially on weekends, like tomorrow maybe. I even have my own closet for all my clothes. See?” And Debbie followed Angie to one side of the room where a partially open door revealed a row of colorful clothes hanging inside. “An’ my dresser has even more clothes, and all my nighties and undies too,” she added proudly, smiling at Debbie.

“So you do sometimes wear undies then?” Debbie couldn’t resist asking with a teasing voice.

Angie giggled. “Of course I do, sometimes. But not to sleep in.” She walked over to her bed, pulled down the pink spread and climbed up on her hands and knees, sliding down the covers so she could crawl inside. The little girl’s naked butt almost winked at Debbie as the hem of her nightie slipped above her slim hips, leaving all of her sweet charms on display for the older woman. Looking back at Debbie over her shoulder, Angie shot a knowing smile at her, fully aware that she was being admired again.

“Going to kiss me goodnight?” she asked coyly, wiggling her butt at Debbie. “It’s okay, you know. Mommy does all the time.” And she lowered her head to the bed, sticking up her butt even further.

“What?” Debbie stammered in amazement. “She kisses your butt goodnight?”

“Mmmm,” was the reply, as Angie wiggled once more.

Hesitantly, Debbie approached from behind and, bending over, gave the little girl a peck on one of her cheeks. What a bizarre family, she thought to herself as she started to straighten up again, suddenly frightened that someone would walk in on them.

“Awww, that wasn’t much,” Angie complained, looking back at her again. “Do it again. Mommy even licks me back there,” she added hopefully.

Debbie started to feel that same tingle between her legs that she experienced looking at Angie’s spread thighs in the party room. Oh, what the hell, she said to herself, and bent over again, this time kissing the little girl more firmly and feeling her press her butt back toward her as if begging for more. This time she licked between her cheeks, spreading them gently with her hands, the tip of her tongue teasing her tight little butt hole. Angie moaned in response. Debbie sensed the fragrance of the young girl’s pussy rising toward her and couldn’t resist slipping her tongue down over her prominent inner labia, now protruding even more from between the outer lips of Angie’s pussy. She marveled at the delicious taste and started to probe the soft lips apart. The little girl squealed in delight, a squeal, however, that only served to bring Debbie back to her senses.

“Okay Angie,” she told the young girl as firmly as she could muster, suddenly thinking of her own two girls at home. “Time for you to get into bed. And I should call home to make sure Denise and Patty are asleep too.”

After a groan of resignation, Angie crawled under the sheets and pulled them up to her chin. “You can use my phone if you like,” she told Debbie, pointing over to the table on the other side of her bed.

Debbie thanked her and punched in the number as Angie fluffed out her pillow and made herself more comfortable. Debbie heard the phone at home begin to ring and hoped it wouldn’t wake the girls. Bending over Angie once more, she gave the young girl a soft kiss on her lips and whispered, “Thank you sweetie, sleep tight.” Angie sighed, closed her eyes and was out like a light.

But the phone at home kept on ringing. And ringing. Debbie started to become alarmed that something was wrong. Putting down the phone she quickly shut off the bedroom light and ran downstairs back to the party room. Finding her husband she grabbed his arm, pulling him aside from the group he was chatting with.

“I have to run home and check on the kids,” she said almost frantically. “I just phoned to see how everything was going, but nobody answered. You stay here and I’ll call you from home if there’s a problem. Maybe the babysitter fell asleep too. I hope that’s all it is.”

Peter frowned. “I’m sure it’s okay hon, but call me either way. I’ll see you when you get back,” he smiled reassuringly.

Debbie was home in a flash, parked the car in the driveway and ran up to the front door, letting herself in quickly. All the lights were on in the family room, but there was no sign of Kimmy anywhere – the television was playing to an empty room. Looking around quickly her eyes caught a glimpse of what looked like clothing of some sort on the floor in the middle of the room. Walking over and stooping, she picked up a pair of panties and stared in disbelief. Another pair of panties and what she was sure were Patty’s shorts lay there too.

“Wha…” she thought to herself. “What has been going on here?” Suddenly she heard what sounded like faint screeches and giggling coming from upstairs. Panties in hand she quickly ran up to the second floor and noticed light coming from the master bathroom. She softly crept over to the door, peeked inside and gasped. Both her daughters were standing in the tub. Kimmy and her sister Samantha, both completely naked, were down on their knees, each in front of one of her daughters, apparently licking or kissing – she couldn’t tell which – the young girls between their widely spread legs. Denise and Patty were apparently enjoying themselves immensely, eyes closed, contented smiles on their faces.

Nobody noticed Debbie as she watched in shock, speechless for the second time that evening, but again feeling that powerful tingle starting between her thighs. As she leaned against the doorframe for support, her free hand slid slowly down over her waiting pussy.

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    ” her free hand slid slowly down over her waiting pussy.”
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