Kimmy and Samantha, Chapter 3

  • Posted on July 21, 2015 at 10:18 am

By Jeneee

As Samantha slowly opened her eyes, smiling at Kimmy, she moved one of her hands down to her soaking wet pussy to caress it tenderly.

“Mmm, that felt so good Kimmy,” she told her sister, who bent down and kissed her gently on the lips. Samantha returned the kiss, letting her tongue explore Kimmy’s mouth, tasting her own juices, and eagerly going back for more. She just loved the taste of her own pussy and would often spend long, lingering sessions in bed at night playing with herself and then bringing her fingers up to her mouth to lick before sliding them back down deep inside her creamy cunny for more while her other hand teased her budding young nipples. This would help her build up to eventually experiencing an explosive orgasm, after which she slept through the night like a baby.

Denise and Patty, still holding hands, watched as the older girls continued to kiss in front of them. Denise’s other hand had remained completely buried inside her panties, one finger continuing to probe almost unconsciously between her now very slippery lips, the young girl enjoying the exciting new feelings that seemed to have overtaken her cunny. She’d never felt this way before and was torn between running off to the bathroom to see if she really had to pee, or staying beside Patty to see what the girls would do next. Big girls’ games were beginning to look more and more interesting to her and she didn’t want to miss out on anything, so she decided to stay where she was.

Patty was just as curious but managed to tear her eyes away from Kimmy and Samantha for a moment and that’s when she noticed that Denise’s other hand was pushed way down into the front of her panties, causing the hem of her orange dress to be raised up above her waist.

“What are you doing Denise?” she asked, as she tightened her grip on her sister’s hand. “Why is your hand inside your panties?”

Following the gaze of her little sister, Denise looked down and blushed slightly. “It just feels good Patty,” she tried to explain. “Watching Kimmy and Samantha play like this just sort of makes me want to touch my cunny, and it’s kinda, well, kinda really wet now,” she giggled. Seeing Patty look at her strangely she added, “But I didn’t pee in my panties if that’s what you’re wondering, even though it feels like I really have to go.” And she pulled the waist of her undies forward and looked down at her cunny as if to make sure she was right.

Patty leaned over and peered down to look inside her sisters panties too, and then giggled. “You sure look wet down there. Maybe you peed and you don’t even know it. Maybe you should go to the bathroom anyway, just to make sure. I was watching Kimmy and Sammy play too but I didn’t get wet like that,” she teased, and slid her hand into the waistband of her shorts under her panties to check for sure. “Nope, I’m not wet,” she emphasized, as she felt around inside.

At that moment Kimmy and Samantha, who had been completely absorbed in their own love making, suddenly remembered the girls were watching. Turning around, the first thing Kimmy noticed was that both girls were still standing side by side holding hands, but that each now had their other hand slid down into the front of their panties. Wow, she thought to herself, this couldn’t be working out any better.

“What are you both doing,” she asked, smiling at them.

“Denise’s kitty is wet and she was showing me, so I felt mine to see if it was too,” Pammy replied shyly.

“And is it?” Samantha asked.

“No, I don’t think so,” Patty said as she pulled her hand out to check her fingers. “See,” she continued, cautiously showing them to Kimmy. “My fingers are dry.”

“Well, I think maybe we’d better make sure,” Kimmy smiled. “Is it okay if I take a look?”

Patty glanced over to Denise as if for approval, then nodded and let go of her sister’s hand, tugging down her shorts as Kimmy knelt in front of her, gently lowering the little girl’s cute panties a little to reveal her cunny. As Patty looked down, she watched the older girl reach out her finger and softly slip it between her puffy lips, rubbing them carefully up and down as she spread them slightly apart. Patty giggled at the feeling of someone else touching her there.

“See, I told you. My pee pee isn’t wet, is it?” she managed to say hesitantly.

“Mmm, it doesn’t appear to be. But if I keep doing this to you I bet it soon will be,” she teased, looking up at Patty who was gazing down at her, deep blue eyes now wide open with curiosity. And with one hand Kimmy spread the little girl’s lips even further apart and slipped the index finger of her other hand down toward the tiny, tight opening of her little vagina.

“Oh, that feels funny,” Patty murmured, as she pushed herself forward a little against Kimmy’s probing finger, seeming to enjoy what the older girl was doing to her. Kimmy took this as a signal to keep going so she began to explore the little girl’s smooth cunny even further, moving up periodically to caress her budding little clit.

As her older sister continued to play with the little girl, Samantha meanwhile had moved over in front of Denise and had placed her hand over the one the young girl was still using to explore her wet cunny inside her panties. Samantha pressed a little harder against Denise’s hand, trying to help the girl rub the parts she knew would make her feel even better. Working the little girl’s finger up slightly so that it caressed her clit, she smiled to herself as Denise closed her eyes and jerked forward slightly, a soft moan escaping her lips as Samantha made contact with her hard, shiny little button.

Samantha’s other hand slowly manipulated Denise’s panties down until they were around her ankles and then moved up to cup one of her perfect cheeks, her fingertips slipping gently between them to make contact with her tight butt hole. Denise now began to sway unsteadily a little from the sensations that were starting to wrack her body caused by Samantha’s probing. She had to place her hands on Sammy’s shoulders to steady herself as her cunny seemed to become the new centre of her universe, the only thing that really mattered to her anymore.

Before much longer an even more powerful feeling started to overcome her. She felt as if she were about to burst open, but her mind didn’t seem to care what happened anymore. Silently but desperately she willed Samantha’s fingers to go faster and faster, rocking her pelvis back and forth as if to encourage her new-found friend to take her further and further into this new world of feelings she was beginning to experience.

“Oh please,” she heard herself crying out loud. “Oh please. Oh Sammyyyyy, ohhhh my…ohhhh…”

And she suddenly collapsed on Samantha’s shoulders, unable to stand anymore, her breathing coming in gasps, almost choking her. Strong pulsations like she had never felt before exploded from deep within her cunny which now seemed to pour out her insides all over Samantha’s hand. Oh, what was happening to her? Her young mind just couldn’t understand. All she knew was that she wanted it to go on and on for ever, to never stop. She felt so incredibly wonderful.

At the sound of Denise’s cry, Patty, who was enjoying even more what Kimmy’s fingers were doing to her, turned to her sister in alarm to see what had happened.

“Are you okay Denise?” she asked with a worried look on her pretty face. “What happened? What happened to her Sammy? Is she alright?”

“She’s fine sweetie,” Kimmy assured her. “She’s just had the best feeling she’s ever had in her life – a big girl feeling. She had an orgasm honey,” Kimmy explained, her fingers continuing to caress the little girl’s sweet cunny. “That’s what big girls have when they play with themselves down there – down here,” and she rubbed Patty’s little clit again for emphasis, “or when someone else does it for them, like I’m doing for you. It’s just that Denise has never felt that wonderful before, so it’s all a little new for her.”

“Will I feel like that too?” Patty asked a little nervously, continuing to watch her sister as she slowly recovered, still holding on to Samantha’s shoulders somewhat shakily for support.

“Yes sweetie, eventually you will. Maybe not tonight, but you will some day, probably soon. And I’m sure Denise will tell you how great it felt,” Kimmy replied reassuringly, enjoying the feeling of the little girl’s plump labia as her fingers alternately spread them and gently squeezed their fullness. “And you are getting a little wet in there too you know,” she smiled, feeling the familiar stickiness starting to coat Patty’s lips as she continued her caresses.

“I am? Really?” Patty asked. “Let me feel.” And she moved one of her fingers down beside Kimmy’s, feeling her dampness for the first time. “Wow, I am kinda wet there now, aren’t I,” she giggled. “That feels real nice, what you are doing Kimmy.”

Kimmy smiled and pulled the little girl’s panties down until they rested around her ankles, just like Denise’s. And then to Patty’s surprise, Kimmy leaned forward and kissed her cunny, sliding her tongue slowly up and down, the same way she had done to Samantha earlier.

“That tickles Kimmy,” Patty giggled. “But it feels nice, too,” she added quickly

By now Denise had recovered enough to turn and watch what Kimmy was doing with her little sister and wondered if she too would experience what she had just felt. But judging from Patty’s continuing giggles she didn’t think so. At least, not right now. But she resolved to try the same thing with Patty at some time later on, maybe even tonight after they had gone to bed. She was so very curious to find out for herself just what Patty’s little cunny tasted like and to see what else would happen when they started to experiment with more of these big girl games.

Stepping out of her panties completely, she leaned down toward Samantha and kissed her, slipping her tongue inside her mouth as she had seen Kimmy do earlier. Samantha, taken a bit by surprise at the young girl’s action, responded in kind, enjoying the softness of Denise’s lips as she placed her hand behind the girl’s head and gently pulled her closer. Denise was still a little awkward, she thought to herself, but she sure was learning quickly.

“Thank you for what you just did to me Sammy,” Denise said, as she pulled back a little. “I’ve never felt so good in my life before. I think me and Patty are going to love playing together with you and Kimmy,” she smiled, turning to watch her sister, whose panties, she noticed, had now joined her shorts around her ankles on the carpet. Can we have our snack now?”

Patty, hearing what her sister just asked and remembering how Samantha had started their little games tonight, cried out, “Eat me, eat me,” and giggled hilariously as Kimmy’s tongue continued to explore the little treasure between Patty’s slim thighs. Things were certainly turning out even better than she had anticipated.

“Come on then,” she finally said as she squeezed little Patty’s butt. “Let’s go to the kitchen and find out what your mom has left for a food snack, you little devil. And then it’s bath time,” she winked.

And the four of them slowly made their way from the family room, leaving a pair of shorts and two pairs of little white panties on the floor. Yes, Kimmy thought to herself, tonight was off to a fine start.

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