Taking Laura Home, Chapter 3

  • Posted on July 20, 2015 at 11:31 am

By hornykate

Laura had gone, leaving me, Lizzie and a rather tense silence. I put the car into gear and pulled off.

“I don’t think we should tell your dad about this,” I said, rather pointlessly. More silence.

“Mum,” said Lizzie after a while, “how long have you and Laura been having sex?”

(She was being mischievous. As it turned out, she already knew.)

“It happened last night. That was the first time. Are you and Laura…you know?”
“Having sex?” she filled in the blanks “Yes.” More silence. “Do we have to go straight home?”

I pulled over to call hubby, making something up about having a drink with Laura’s parents. I remembered there was a football match on, so I could’ve told him we’d been kidnapped by a Mexican drug cartel and he’d be fine with that.

Before I set off again, I asked Lizzie if she and Laura had planned the previous night. She confessed they had. “Laura’s fancied you for ages, she was always goin’ on about it.”

Well, that was news to me. I pulled off again, and Lizzie then dropped her bombshell. “She wants a threesome.”

Had I been drinking something at the time, it would’ve gone everywhere. I pulled over rather sharply to the side of the road. “A threesome? Involving who?”

She was staring at me like a teacher might look at a rather dull pupil. “Er… you. Laura. Me. Y’know, like three people.”

“I know what a threesome is!” I snapped back, then regretted it. “Sorry,” I mumbled, and guided the car back into traffic again.

As I drove, my mind was in turmoil. I guess I’d already crossed the Rubicon. And as Caesar knew, there was no going back.

We came to a part of the road that had a few bends in it, and as I changed gears there was Lizzie’s leg, just as Laura’s had been.

I’d expected this. I hadn’t expected my own reaction though. I put my hand on her leg and left it there, even after I’d got onto the straightaway.

“You’re doing a Laura.” I said.

“Pretend I AM Laura.” she replied.

“But you’re not, you’re my daughter.”

“I still want what Laura wants,” she said.

I think I lost my head. I snaked my hand up Lizzie’s thigh and cupped her sex. “What do you want that Laura wants?” I asked.

“This,” she breathed, almost silently. “You.”

We all know women can multi-task; well, right then I was driving, fingering my own daughter and having an orgasm, all at the same time. I was frantically looking for somewhere deserted to pull the car over, and as we drove past an industrial park I quickly turned in there.

I parked the car by a looming factory, away from any street lights, and turned to Lizzie. I was in a daze as she drew her skirt up over her legs, revealing her panty-clad sex. I just wanted to stare at that most secret part of her body. But I had to do more than look.

I lowered my head until it was in my daughter’s lap. I could smell her sex, how the scent had permeated the fabric of her knickers, and I placed a kiss on her pubic mound. Then another, and a third, and then I was running my tongue along Lizzie’s slit through the gusset of her panties.

I reached over and pulled the lever that lowered the seat, then climbed on top of my little girl. And we kissed. I gently bit her lower lip, ran my tongue from one corner of her mouth to the other. I was consumed with lust, with love, with abandon. My Lizzie was kissing me back, matching my passion.

In between kisses I said “Baby, repeat after me. I…”

She hesitated, then spoke. “I.”









I undid the buttons on her shirt, revealing her small chest, the puffy nipples, and took one, then the other into my mouth. Lizzie put a hand between her legs and began fingering herself.

By this time, I’d lowered my own seat so we lay at the same level. I kissed the soft soft skin of her tummy, lower, lower until I was back at her scented cunt. My daughter’s cunt.

Together we took her panties off, and she opened her slim legs, revealing the most beautiful sight. Helpless to tell myself no, I put my head between her legs and took the first lick of my daughter’s twelve year old cunt. I felt such elation I thought I would burst.

She tasted so sweet and was so wet. I put a finger where my mouth was, and as I licked her tiny clit, I gently slid that finger into the wet warmth of her sex.

“I’m gonna come, Mummy,” Lizzie said. She hadn’t called me “Mummy,” for years. but oddly, it turned me on even more.

“Come for Mummy,” I cried. “I want you to come so fuckin’ much, baby, come in my mouth!” And with a choked sob she did, her pussy juice filling my mouth, so much I could literally drink it.

Then I moved up to kiss my daughter again, wanting Lizzie to taste her own cunt on my mouth.

“Do you like the taste?” I asked, breaking away.

“Oh God, yeah,” she replied, almost crying.

“Have you tasted Laura yet?” I continued.

“Yes, yes. But I wanna taste you, Mummy. I want to lick you like you licked me.”

So I lay back in my seat, removed my knickers and opened my legs. And she began to please me softly, gently, then more passionately until I came, crying out Lizzie’s name.

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  1. ClitLicker says:

    Yum-mee! This is so fucking hot.

  2. ClitLicker says:

    Certainly made me cum. Again. I can’t get over the quality of the writing on this site, especially when compared with other erotica sites.

  3. David says:

    Damn that was so erotic,I have always loved mom and daughter sex. Great writing hornykate. Moving on to the next chapter.

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