Upside Down

  • Posted on July 19, 2015 at 8:10 am

By Tony Williams

{ This story was originally posted at Lesbian Lolita in July 2015 }

I’m the headmistress of a private elementary girls’ school in Sussex, about an hour Southeast of London. I love my job, and for the most part, love the girls in my charge. There are exceptions, a few of the little monsters need a good spanking, but to balance things out, there are far more who are quite sweet and innocent. Their ages range from five to eleven, at which point they’ll go on to the senior school. My kids all wear the school uniform, which I designed myself, consisting of a pale blue gingham short sleeved dress. It buttons all the way down the front and has a white collar. White ankle socks or knee socks complete the picture. They all look so sweet. I suspect that a few of them might have crushes on me.

It’s lunch time and I’m in my office, which overlooks the playground, with its jungle gym and swing set. The kids are making a lot of noise, but I don’t mind. The playful screams and laughter of little girls is music to my ears.

With me in my office is a young woman by the name of Vicky who has offered to buy my grandfather’s stamp collection, a dozen or so bulky albums of British colonial issues. I have no interest in stamps and merely want to offload it. She slowly leafs through the pages, pausing occasionally to closely inspect certain items. About half way through the lunch break she looks up and suddenly freezes. I think I know what has caught her attention.

My office window is only about thirty feet from the jungle gym and every day at this time, a pupil by the name of Bunty uses it. If any of the other kids are on it, they move over to make room for her because, at eleven and a half, she’s one of the oldest kids in the elementary school. Not that she’s a bully or anything, it’s just like most hierarchies, age confers seniority.

She’s is in the habit off swinging her legs up and hanging upside down from the top bar, which causes her dress to fall, revealing her blinding white knickers and the pale skin of her chest. Even her nipples are visible, though her breasts are entirely undeveloped. Then she drops to her feet and repeats the whole exercise over and over, never seeming to tire of it. A few of the kids try to emulate her and a few succeed and I hope she might set a trend. Every day I make sure my office door is locked and my curtains closed half way, so that it’s darker inside than out and no one can see me staring at the sexy little darling.

Alas, today, this is the only time Vicky has available, so I’m missing my daily show. She stares for several long seconds, until I can no longer ignore the pause, so I glance over my shoulder to see that, yes, little Bunty is showing off her underpants with a total lack of self consciousness. To be honest, I think her innocence is faked. Once or twice in the past she has glanced at my window, smiling, so perhaps she knows I’m always looking.

“That’s Bunty,” I say, trying to be nonchalant. “She does that every day, for the whole lunch time.”

“Oh, my God!” Vicky whispers. “She’s so cute!”

“She’s adorable,” I say. “so sweet and innocent., I just love her lack of inhibition. Pretty soon she’ll be all grown up and blushing if anyone gets so much as a glance at her knickers.”

I’m pushing my luck here, but it’s obvious that Vicky is totally captivated by the little exhibitionist. She continues to stare, whispering, “Oh, my God!” to herself over and over. Her mouth is open, her eyes wide and her breathing quickens.

“You could take a picture of her if you like,” I tell her.

She comes to with a jerk, turns to me and says, “Do you think she’d mind?”

“Only if we tell her and even then, I have a hunch she secretly likes showing off like this.”

She pulls her phone out of her purse. “I wanna make a video.” I put my hand on her shoulder and guide her to the edge of the window.

“Go ahead. Shoot between the edge of the curtain and the wall, so she won’t see you. We don’t want to frighten her off.” I hold the curtain to create a gap and Vicky aims her phone and records the thrilling sight of an eleven year old showing off her white knickers to the world. Vicky shoots through three cycles of Bunty’s act, and then the bell rings and the kids all start to leave the play ground. Bunty does one more cycle, glances in our direction and goes indoors.

Vicky turns the phone off and looks at me, a guilty grin on her face. “You probably think I’m weird,” she says.

“Not at all. After all, Bunty is the prettiest girl in the whole school, by a long way. Who wouldn’t be…” I was going to say ‘aroused’, but I settle for “…attracted by her ‘innocence’? I think she does it deliberately. She’s teasing us.”

“She does it every day?”

“Every day, and I always watch her.”

Vicky grins at me. “I envy you,” she says. “You have a whole school full of adorable little girls. I’m in the wrong job.”

“I have my own pictures of her. Would you like to see them?”

“Absolutely!” I pull up a spare chair and we sit at my desk, looking at my lap top. I have a dozen or so pictures of Bunty, all taken surreptitiously, mostly upskirts as she squatted in the sand box, one of her doing a cartwheel, a couple of handstands and one of her in the changing room wearing nothing but her white cotton knickers, her back to me, showing her perfect little bum and, of course, lots of pictures of her hanging upside down. Thank God for camera phones; it’s so easy to pretend to be talking while taking a shot.

“I think I’m falling in love,” says Vicky.

I chuckle, sympathetically. “Who wouldn’t? I’m kind of obsessed with her myself.”

She grins at me. “Then I guess our secret’s out.”

“It is.” I grin back. “We’re a pair of lesbian paedophiles, getting all wet over an eleven year old’s knickers. We’re not gonna tell anyone about this, are we?”

“Shit, no. People wouldn’t understand. We’re not predators, we just see beauty where others don’t.”

“You know, I believe that no kind of sex is off limits as long as it’s consensual.”

“But Bunty didn’t consent to being spying on and photographed.”

“I’m sure she’s perfectly aware that I watch her every day, and her apparent innocence is just an act. Every once in a while, she looks over to my window and smiles, but I never show myself. I’m in a position of responsibility and trust, and any inappropriate contact between her and me would be disastrous.”

“You’re the only the second person in the world who knows about my thing for little girls. It’s such a relief to be able to talk about it. I’ve felt guilty for years.”

“I don’t feel guilty.” Who’s the other, I wonder? “I’ve never harmed anyone nor ever will. It’s the way I’m made and I can’t change it. Just accept yourself for what you are.”

She grins. “A pervert.”

“Us perverts gotta stick together.”

“When I was Bunty’s age, I was just like her, never missing an opportunity to show off my knickers, to my dad, my uncle, visitors to the house, my teachers, boys and girls at school, mostly girls, though. It was a kind of power trip, though I didn’t think of it that way. I just loved to show off. She brings back such delightful memories.”

“I have some pictures of other girls,” I say, “some from this school but most I’ve just downloaded from the internet.” I open another file and start a slideshow. I have a hundred or so pictures of youngsters showing off their knickers, some of them quite deliberately posed. The final picture is of a girl of about twelve, totally naked, standing on a beach, beads of moisture on her lovely skin, her vagina on full view. Her breasts are just beginning to swell. She has a lovely smile on her face.

“Oh, that’s hot!” says Vicky.

“Why would her daddy post that on the internet?”

“Unless Mummy took it,” she says. “I have a daughter like that, only a bit younger. You wanna see a picture of her?” She takes her phone and opens a file. “This is little Kimmy. She’ll be eleven next week.” She’s wearing a white cotton sun dress, a kind of Mexican peasant thing, and I can just make out her pink knickers through the thin material. Vicky thumbs to the next picture where Kimmy is holding the hem of her dress up to clean her glasses. The pink knickers are now perfectly visible. They have a little white lace round the legs. She has a “look at me” smile on her face.

It’s my turns to gasp and whisper, “Oh, my God! She’s even prettier than Bunty.”

“But not as sexy.”

“I don’t agree. She’s the sexiest thing I’ve seen since …forever!”

Vicky grins. “Then look at this one.” I see a picture of Kimmy naked in the tub, lying back, her knees up and apart, resting against the sides of the tub, her vagina provocatively displayed. The smile on her face is a lewd invitation. Vicky puts her hand on my arm. She can probably feel me trembling. I’m speechless. “I think I know why Mummy took that picture of her daughter on the beach and put it on the net,” she says. “She wanted people like us to get turned on. She probably gets off on it. I’m gonna ask Kim if I can post some pics of her on a hosting site. Just imaging people all over the world looking at her naked body.” She gives a little shiver of excitement. “She’d love it and so would I.”

“I think I’m falling in love,” I groan, my hand on my heart, theatrically.

“Would you like to meet her? Of course you would. When I said you’re only the second person who knows about my love for little girls: Kim knows it too. She doesn’t think it’s weird. Maybe she’s the one who caused it to resurface after all these year, forever showing off her knickers and her naked body, getting me all worked up. I should add incest to my list of perversions.” I laugh, dutifully. She goes on, “Why don’t you come over to my place after school and stay for dinner? I think Kim would like you.”

My heart is pounding. “Will she be wearing that white sun dress?”

“I’ll make sure she does. What colour knickers would you like her to wear?”

“Surprise me.”

We exchange email addresses so we can send pictures to each other, close the deal on the stamps and I escort her to the school’s main entrance. “You can come over any lunchtime,” I tell her, “and watch Bunty.” She puts her arms round me in a more than friendly hug. “How can I thank you?” she breathes.

I can think of a few ways.


When the school bell finally rings at the end of the day, I leave all my outstanding paperwork and rush home. In the shower, I use the ‘pulse’ feature on my hand held shower head to pound my clit with a water jet, then put one soapy finger in my pussy and one up my arse. I want to be nice and clean for Vicky and Kim. I finger fuck myself for a minute or so, thinking about them. Who knows what might happen?

I select a loose cream silk camisole and a short, flared skirt. I ponder about panties, then pick a pair of skimpy, white, translucent briefs that are split right up the front, with the two sides held together with a tiny pink bow. One tug and I’m all yours. The material is so sheer, you can see my pussy anyway. I fully intent to go back to my childhood habit of letting people look up my skirt. In that way I’m not so different from Vicky or Bunty.

I jump into my car and race over to her place, a semi-detached house in a quiet neighbourhood. I park in the drive and knock on the door. It opens, and there’s Kimmy in that same white peasant dress and white ankle socks with lace round the tops, looking stunning. She smiles at me as I introduce myself.

“And you must be Kimmy.”

“I’m Kim now, ‘cos I’m all grown up. Come on in, Mum’s in the shower.”

“I love your dress, Kim,” I tell the gorgeous little girl. Her chest is perfectly flat, her hips narrow, her legs slender and her face is that of an angel. I try to see what colour her knickers are through the dress, but the light is too dim.

“Mum showed me the video of that girl in your school, hanging upside down.”

“What did you think?”

“She’s cool. We don’t have a jungle gym at my school. If we did, I’d hang like that.”

I grin. “And let everyone see your knickers?”

“I think that’s the idea.” She giggles. “Did she show you the pictures of me on her phone?”

“She did. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Of course not, pictures are for looking at. Which did you like best? Don’t tell me, I know: the one of me in the tub with nothing on, right?”

“Correct. You looked so cute.”



Just then, Vicky comes down the stairs, naked except for a towel wrapped round her body. It’s long enough to cover her bum, so I don’t get to see anything exciting. She welcomes me, fixes me a glass of wine and sits me down on the living room couch. Kim stands in front of me, her mother behind her, her arms round Kim’s waist. “I bet you’re dying to know what colour knickers she has on, aren’t you?”

“I can’t wait,” I say, sincerely. Mum reaches down and lifts her daughter’s dress right up under her chin. I gasp, not with surprise, but with delight. The knickers are perfectly ordinary schoolgirl white cotton, full cut, coming almost up to her belly button, the classic little-girl look.

“Kim picked the colour after looking at the video of Bunty.”

“All little girls should wear white,” I say, “as a symbol of their innocence.”

Vicky chortles. “Yeah, right! But what we don’t yet know is what colour you’re wearing.” Instead of just telling them, I stand up, step to one end of the room, ascertain that there’s sufficient space, take one step and go into a cartwheel. I may be in my thirties, but I can still do a nice slow cartwheel. My skirt, as planned, falls and I know they can see my not-quite-crotchless knickers. Vicky is still holding Kim’s dress up.

She laughs and Kim says, “Do another one.” This time I do a handstand, hold it for as long as I can, then go right over into ‘the crab’, my back arched, my weight on my feet and hands. Not only is my skirt up round my waist, but my camisole has fallen up so that it’s now above my tits.

“Hold it right there,” calls Vicky, “while I find my phone.” I have an inverted view of her as she drops Kim’s dress and disappears. After a few seconds, I see the flash go off and I collapse on my back, my clothes in delightful disarray.

“Nice tits,” says Kim. I smile at her, gratefully. Vicky takes another pic of me, then I scramble to my feet and sit back down on the couch, my legs splayed invitingly. My camisole is still stuck up above my tits. I feel that same rush that I felt when I was a kid in the playground, putting on a show.

“Those knickers are wicked,” says Kim, grinning. “Will you buy me a pair like that, Mum?”

“First thing tomorrow.”

“Now it’s your turn,” I say. “What’s under the towel?”

Without waiting for her to answer, Kim yanks the towel from round her mother, who stands, her legs parted, her fingers laced behind her head, entirely naked. She’s utterly gorgeous, with a slender boyish figure and tiny firm tits. Her pussy is shaved as clean as my own. I feel a sudden rush of excitement. Soon, my knickers are going to be wet.

“These are my invisible knickers. I wear them all the time, don’t I, Kim?”

“You do, Mum. I have a pair, too. Do you want to see them?” Without waiting for me to reply, she lets her mother lift the dress over her head, and begins to slide her knickers down, ever so slowly. She sure knows how to tease. After several long, aching seconds, her little girl’s slit comes into view, beautifully bald. My pulse begins to race. She pushes her knickers below her knees and lets them fall. She spreads her arms out and does a pirouette. “Ta-daaah!” she sings, a big smile on her face, “Invisible knickers, invisible knickers! Look at me in my invisible knickers!” Vicky folds her in her arms and holds her tightly.

“I think she likes being naked just as much as I do,” says Vicky. “Every night, she undresses right in the window with the light on and the curtains open wide. Anyone passing in the street can see her.”

“That’s so fun,” says Kim. “You should try it, Mum.”

“But that late, there are no little girls around to see me,” she says.

“There’s me.”

“You like to watch me undress anyway, so why should I share you with the whole world?” This exchange confirms that Kim is acquainted with her mother’s paedophilia, though I doubt if she’s familiar with that word.

“I feel overdressed,” I say, lifting my hips and sliding my skirt off then following it with my camisole. Kim clearly likes my knickers so much, I decide to leave them on for the time being. Vicky comes and sits beside me on the couch and puts and arm round my shoulder. Kim sits on her thighs, her back to her mum’s chest. Vicky’s other arm goes round her daughter, her fingers playing with one nipple.

“I think you’ve got my daughter all excited,” she whispers in my ear. “Let’s see if she’s wet.” Kim giggles as her mum slowly slides her hand down her body, over her abdomen and between her legs. Her knees move apart invitingly. Mum’s hand moves lower and one finger disappears.

“Oh, she’s wet, really wet. You’re excited, aren’t you, my sweet?” She takes her hand from between Kim’s legs, brings it to her nose, inhales, then puts her finger in her mouth. “Mmm, you taste so good.” She turns to me. “I think you’d like the taste, too. Give me your hand. No, on second thoughts, why don’t you taste her directly. Would you like to be licked, Kim?”

So Mum is really into her daughter in a big way. The idea sets my pulse racing. I slide off the couch on to the carpet and kneel in front of them. Kim obligingly lifts her knees up to her chest and now I have two cunts less than a foot in front of my face, one dripping wet, the other moist, but much more exciting. I’ve eaten a few pussies over the years, but never that of an eleven year old girl at the invitation of her mother. I look up a Kim and see the excitement in her eyes.

“Lick me,” she says.

“Go on,” says Vicky. “Lick my little girl’s cunt. Make her cum. She does cum, you know. I’ve watched her cum when she masturbates.”

My head is spinning with the image of the two of them, masturbating for each other. I can’t wait any longer and I shuffle forward on my knees and press my lips against the darling little girl’s cunt. Her lips are not yet developed and I can’t detect a clit, but it’s still the most thrilling thing I’ve done in my life. I push my tongue as far into her as it will stretch, until it aches, then run it up and down her slit. I push one hand underneath her and touch her mother’s cunt, which is even wetter, and finger her lips and clit.

Vicky groans. “Oh, I’m in heaven! I can’t take it any longer – I’m gonna cum. Oh, shit, I’m gonna cum right now! Yeah! Oh, my God!” She lets out a huge whoosh of air and her legs clamp on my arm. Her hips thrust upwards, nearly dislodging her daughter, then she goes limp. I’m amazed that she would cum with so little physical touch, but I suppose that her daughter’s provocative behaviour had already brought her ninety percent of the way there. My fingers just pulled the trigger.

“I think you made her cum,” says Kim. I look up at her and she’s gazing down at me, a big smile on her face. “I love it when Mum cums.”

“I wanna make you cum,” I say.

She pushes my head away and rolls sideways off her mum’s lap. “No, me first. Sit on the couch next to mum and spread your legs.” How many eleven year olds have you heard saying that?

I oblige. “I’ll do anything you want me to,” I tell her.

She kneels between my feet. “I’m gonna pull that bow,” she says.

Vicky opens her eyes and laughs. “I knew that wouldn’t stay tied for long. Go ahead, kid. Open her secret door and show us what’s inside.”

I lift my head to watch as Kim reaches out and gently tugs on the ribbon. With her fingers, she pulls the two sides of my knickers apart, giving her an unobstructed view of my pussy, freshly shaved, glistening with moisture.

“Wow,” she breathes, “It’s beautiful, even prettier than yours, Mum.” She gazes at it, adoringly. “You have such a big clit, and big, loose lips. I love it!” She laughs and looks at her mum, who now kneels beside her, gazing intently at my lewdly displayed cunt. The feel of their eyes on me makes my tummy churn with excitement.

“You can touch it, Kim,” I say.

“Apart from Mum’s, I’ve never touched a grown-up’s thing before,” she says, leaning in closer and staring at it.

“What about other girls at your school?” asks Vicky.

“Oh, yes, I thought you knew. We touch each other a lot in the bathroom. We do all sorts of naughty stuff.”

“I can imagine,” says Vicky. “You should have told me earlier. Maybe later you can tell me all the details, maybe take some pictures,so I can have some nice fantasies to masturbate to.”

“Mum likes me to watch when she masturbates,” says Kim, grinning. “I let her watch when I do it, too.”

“Now, go ahead and touch it,” says her mum. “I wanna watch.” Kim’s fingers stroke my lips and I let out a groan of pleasure.

I hear Vicky’s breathing quicken. “This is so fucking hot,” she whispers. “I’m almost cumming again. Jesus! I’ve never been so turned on in my life. Put your finger inside her. Try two fingers.”

“Three,” I groan. I’m so wet that her fingers slide into me easily. “Try four, my sweet darling.” Her hand is now inside me, up to her thumb. “Fold your thumb into your palm and push your whole hand inside. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt. Go on, push. Push harder. Oh, fuck! That feels so good.” Her hand is now inside my cunt, up the the wrist. “Make a fist,” I groan and suddenly she’s filled me right up. I draw my knees up to my chest. “Pump it in and out, yeah, like that.” Her hand is now buried half way up her arm, touching things inside me, setting of little explosions of lust.

Vicky keeps saying, “Oh my God!” over and over, just like she did in my office. I see the flash of her camera several times and another thrill runs through me, knowing that she’ll be reliving this moment over and over, masturbating with her little girl.

I hear myself shouting, “Fuck me, fuck me! Fuck me, you darling angel.” Then I feel my orgasm building like a tsunami, breaking over me, setting my whole body on fire. I gasp for air and slowly, my excitement ebbs. I can see my chest is bright red.

I look down at Kim’s gorgeous little body as she squats between my feet, her little cunt that I just licked glistening with moisture. I’m so in love with her. She has a huge grin on her face.

“Wow, I made you cum,” she says as she carefully withdraws her hand. She licks it, front and back. “Yummy, that tastes amazing.” She leans in and place her mouth on my cunt, dragging her tongue up and down over my lips, then pushes it into my vagina. Then she licks all the way up to my swollen clit, takes it between her lips and sucks on it, hard. Where did she learn to do that?

“She can’t get enough of you,” says Vicky, looking round for her camera. “I’m never gonna forget this moment.” Neither am I. The flash goes off several times. I guess Vicky and Kim won’t be the only ones masturbating to these pictures.

“Enough,” says Vicky. “My turn now.” She pushes her daughter aside, knees between my thighs and begins to expertly eat my pussy. Kim takes the camera and takes some more shots. Then she kneels up on the couch beside me, brings her face to mine and kisses me on the mouth, her little tongue probing. Her hand goes to my breast, caressing it and pinching my nipple. In just a few seconds, I’ve cum again.

Later, in the bedroom on Vicky’s big king-size bed, we lie in a triangle, as Vicky eats me, I eat her daughter, and Kim, amazingly, eagerly laps at her mother’s cunt. Then we all swap ends, so that everyone gets to eat everyone else’s pussy. I lose count of all the orgasms. I still have my split-front knickers on. I should wear them more often.


It’s the following afternoon, and just before the bell rings at the end of school, I ask my secretary to bring Bunty to my office. She looks nervous when she comes in.

“You’re not in trouble, Bunty,” I say. “Come and sit down. Next term you’ll be going to the senior school and they have a gymnastics team. I’m going to recommend that the P.E. teacher lets you try out for it.”

“Why me, Miss?”

“Because you’re a budding gymnast. I’ve noticed you use the jungle gym every lunch time. You’re quite an athlete.” She smiles, a faint blush on her cheeks. “In fact, I’ll let you in on a little secret if you promise not to tell anyone about it.”

“I promise.”

“I took some pictures of you hanging upside down. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Mind? Why should I mind?”

“Well, because I should have asked you first, but anyway, what’s done is done. Would you like to see them? Come round to this side of the desk.” She stands beside me and I have an almost irresistible urge to run my hand up the inside of her thigh and feel her up. I open the file of the still pictures and scroll through them. “You do that so effortlessly,” I say, “with such grace. You’re very pretty, you know.”

“Thank you, Miss. No, I don’t mind you taking pictures.”

“Did you know that I attended this school as a girl? I used to play on the jungle gym, just like you do. To be honest, I kind of enjoyed showing off my knickers. I know that sounds silly, but I just liked being naughty. I used to pretend that lots of people were watching me.”

“I know what you mean. It is kinda fun. Sometimes one of the teachers will tell me off but most days, there’s no staff around.”

“Except me, looking out of this window.” I stand and lead her over to the window and put my arm round her shoulder. “I have a perfect view.”

“I think I’ve seen you once or twice, Miss, looking at me.”

“And it didn’t bother you?”

“Oh, no. Not at all.”

“I even made a video,” I say.

“Oh, can I see it, please, Miss?” I sit down in my chair and play the video that Vicky emailed me this morning, on my laptop. The camera has zoomed in nicely and the pictures is clear and steady. We watch it, silently.

I whisper in her ear. “You look adorable, Bunty.”

“You can see my nipples. I wish I had boobs. Look, I’m as flat as a board.” To my surprise and delight, she lifts her dress right up under her chin, giving me a beautiful close up of her torso, clad only in her adorable white cotton knickers.

“I love you just the way you are, Bunty. You’re gorgeous!”

“I have a secret too, Miss.”

“Really? I promise I won’t tell anyone. What is it?”

She hesitates, her eyes cast down. Then, “I’m in love with you.” She glances up at me, looking scared. “I’m sorry. I just had to tell you.” So my suspicion was correct, she does have a crush on me.

“Don’t be sorry, Bunty. To be honest, I’m a little bit in love with you myself.”

She still has her dress lifted up, so I stand and put my arms round her, holding her close. I can smell her hair. Her arms go round my waist and as she bends her head back to look up at me, I kiss her on the lips, not just a peck, but the lingering kiss of two lovers. My heart is pounding.

As I lift my head, my arms prevent her dress from falling back down. I lean back and look at her. “You look so adorable, Bunty. Don’t tell anyone, but I have a thing about little girls showing off their knickers. I’m sorry, I just can’t take my eyes off you.”

“That’s all right, Miss. You can look for as long as you like. This is fun.”

I slide my hands down her back and cup her buttocks, giving them a gentle squeeze, and then I just cant help myself; I take a huge risk. My whole future is on the line here. I could lose my job and go to jail, but I just have to touch her. I run my hand between her legs, my middle finger running up and down her little girl’s slit. To my utter joy, she doesn’t pull away, on the contrary, she leans into me and puts her arms round me. “Does that feel nice?” I ask.

Her eyes are closed. “Mmmmm, yes, it kinda tickles, but I like it. I do it to myself at night in bed but I put my hand inside my knickers. You can do that if you want.”

My head is spinning as I slide my hand down inside the front of her knickers and touch her most private part. I can feel my own pussy getting wet. I slide the tip of my finger inside her and she lets out a little gasp. Then I realise where we are and what we’re doing. I take my hand out and suck my finger. She grins.

“That was naughty,” I say, “so it has to be a secret. Is your mum going to pick you up?”

“No, I walk home. It’s only ten minutes. Mum doesn’t get home until after six.”

“So you’re all alone at home until then?”


“Let me drive you home, and perhaps I could stay for a while.” Her face lights up.

We leave my office and go into the playground. It’s deserted. Everyone has left and the cleaners don’t come until later. We stand and look at the jungle gym. “Do it one more time for me,” I say.

Without hesitating, she jumps up, grabs the top bar then swings her legs up, hooking them over the bar. Her dress falls as expected and now I have a perfect close up view of what I’d been seeing from a distance. She hangs for a few seconds, then swings down again, her face flushed.

“Your turn,” she says, grinning at me.

I look around. There’s no one in sight. It wouldn’t do for anyone to see the headmistress performing on the jungle gym. I grab the bar and swing my legs up. I haven’t forgotten how to do it. I hang upside down, my skirt falling over my upper body, leaving my white briefs on view. I can see her staring at me, her eyes huge.

“Awesome, Miss,” she breathes.

Back on my feet I say, “Now I’ll take you home.”

“And stay with me for a while?”

“Yes, if you let me look at your knickers.”

“Will you let me look at yours?” My heart leaps.

“Absolutely!” I grin. “Will you let me take yours off?”

She giggles. “If you’ll let me take yours off, too.”

I take her hand and we walk towards my car. Perhaps we could swing by Vicky’s house.


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    Knickers mmmm my favourite subject especially with white kneesocks x thank you that got me hard in my panties.

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