The Perfect Job

  • Posted on July 15, 2015 at 12:36 pm

By Honey West

{ This story was originally posted at Lesbian Lolita in February 2005 }

“Really?… Really!?” Loni asked with widening eyes, “Are you serious?! Are you telling me the truth?”

I hesitated, then nodded. I was waiting for either a negative or positive reaction but her expression was of an amazement that didn’t go either way. I dreaded the negative but expected it.

I had just told her what my hidden desires were. The same fantasies I once told my husband years ago. Not the kind of fantasy you tell to spice up your flagging sex life when your relationship was going sour, but the one that might make him leave you. He left. (In all fairness, I knew our marriage was at the cliff’s edge. I expected this to push us over.)

Since my divorce, I have led a quiet and satisfying lesbian lifestyle (which, by the way, was not ‘the Fantasy’) consisting of dating, one-night stands and no long-term relationships. Until I met Loni and found myself falling in love with her.

Rather than waiting a number of years to have my heart broken again I decided to risk it now. I told her I was a pedophile.

“Wow,” she whispered. Then her face broke into a grin. “This is great!! I mean it, Amy! Me too!”

She jumped and hugged me and mashed our breasts together gleefully. We had just earlier had incredible sex at my apartment and were lazing in bed as she stroked my clean smooth-shaven pussy. “Just like a little girl’s,” she’d purred, and that led up to my confession. I had already fallen in love with her, could I possibly be even luckier?

Loni was beautiful. At 23 she looked like an 18-year-old surfer girl with long blond hair and a runner’s body. She had breasts that were full and firm but perfectly proportioned to her body. She was stunning. I had seen both men and women walk into each other as they eyed her strolling through the mall.

I, on the other hand, at 36, am a little less glamorous. A half a head shorter than Loni, I was a touch stockier (but with no flab, mind you), and though my boobs were not as round, they stuck out further. With short dark hair, I felt a little like Velma next to Daphne in a Scooby Doo cartoon.

We’d met at a recital where I was writing a review for my newspaper. I spotted her and couldn’t believe she was without someone on her arm. We kept glancing at each other, flashed some signals and, before I knew it, she had asked for my phone number. Go figure.

That was three weeks ago and our time together had been ecstatic. We seemed to love the same music, the same food, loved to get high before making love and knew where each other’s buttons were in bed. She told me she had ‘the perfect job’ as a professional housesitter, which sounded quirky to me, but I didn’t care as long as I could suckle on her fleshy nipples and taste her fragrant ass.

She seemed so excited at finding a fellow ‘soulmate’ that I also had to confess that my adult fantasies were, indeed, just that: fantasies. Oh, I told her about my teenage years, when I babysat for families in my neighborhood. If my charges were infants or toddlers I would take liberties when it felt safe to do so. When I would look in on little sleeping Tommy I would unsnap his jumper and lick and suck on his little mushroom-button. Just feeling the firm little sausage in my mouth would get my pussy leaking. When changing tiny Cynthia’s diaper, I would bury my nose in her little slit and run my tongue around her bottom. But older children seemed risky and I was too timid to take risks. As an adult I would masturbate to websites that catered to me with loving images of little peters and hairless slits, but resigned myself to enjoying these desires alone.

“Not anymore!” Loni giggled. She had been playing with herself as I recounted my babysitting escapades. I asked about her experiences and she said, “Kinda like yours. Until last year.” With that she leapt up and announced she had to go. What? Is everything okay? I was still apprehensive.

“Everything’s perfect.” she said as she dressed. She pointed at her watch. “My day off is about over. Listen, do you trust me?” Sure, I said. “Okay, then. Remember where we first met? The symphony hall? Well, be there tomorrow at 6:45 sharp. I’ll have the tickets, alright?” With that she gave me a deep kiss and went out the door. “And wear that black dress!”

The next night I stood outside the symphony hall in the black evening dress that Loni said made her heart go bumpity-bump. People were filing into the main lobby, mostly couples, mostly dressed for the evening, hopefully all truly interested in excellent classical music. (I had heard this conductor before). The sun was settled behind the skyscrapers and the city lights were blinking on in anticipation of dusk.

I began to wonder if I was going to be stood up when I noticed a limousine pull up behind the cabs on the avenue. The chauffeur opened the door, and out popped Loni in that gorgeous red dress I loved. And if that wasn’t enough of a shock, imagine how I felt when two young girls exited the limo after her! From a distance one looked to be about fourteen or fifteen, and the other was moppet-sized, maybe six or seven years old.

Suddenly everything seemed unreal. Could I even imagine that she somehow -— no, this was too much to dream about. Loni seemed to be giving instructions to the driver as I neared them and I now realized the children were Asian. My god, beautifully Asian!

They watched me approach and looked at each other and smiled. They were both dressed in elegant white evening dresses and jewelry, looking like miniature adults in a cute way. Their long, black, perfectly straight hair framed lovely oval faces made of soft milky skin punctuated by small lips, almost non-existent noses and those sharp lidless eyes. Whoo! I felt dizzy staring at them. They both giggled and I knew then I had been gaping at the whole situation.

“Close your mouth, girl,“ Loni laughed, “You’re supposed to be a cosmopolitan.”

“Are you kidding? Limos, chauffeurs, and… and these guys?”

Loni turned to them. “Girls, this is my friend Amy that I told you about. Amy, meet Keiko (the older one bowed slightly) and Tamiko (who curtsied). They are my charges.” She turned and nodded to the driver who then drove off.

I gave a confused little finger wave to the girls. They, in turn, seemed to be sizing me up. I couldn’t help but notice little Tamiko’s lady-like handbag. That must be where she keeps her Skittles, I thought.

“Time to go in, ladies,” Loni chirped. She was enjoying my befuddlement. “Amy, take Keiko’s hand, please.” The girl slid her soft hand into mine and held it with firm lightness. As we entered I felt warm acceptance from her, though we had only just met. Little Tamiko held herself proudly as we walked down the aisle to our seats, drawing smiles at her grown-up posture. She was adorable.

We sat with the children between us, which made questioning Loni impossible and therefore frustrating. The orchestra stopped tuning up and the hall became silent.

Somewhere around the Brandenburg Concerto No. 3, I heard a smacking sound and Tamiko looked at me a little guiltily; it was not Skittles she had in her purse, but Starbursts.

When intermission came, Loni decided we should get dinner and the girls cheered.

As we walked down to well-lit boulevard, Loni opened up. “I told you I had the perfect job. I’m the nanny to these little minxes. Their parents like the way I teach them English and culture. They’re wealthy, to put it mildly, and they even supply me with live-in quarters.”

I was impressed. I saw that Keiko had taken my hand again as we walked. “Why did you tell me you were just a housesitter?”

She shrugged. “I dunno. I guess because I would have wanted to tell you other things too, y’know, like you told me.”

As her words caught up with me I saw Keiko give me a sly young-Lauren-Bacall look and I spun my face to Loni’s. “You mean–?” I mouthed silently.

She nodded. The girls were looking ahead as we walked, but were grinning. Before I could comment, Lisa volunteered, “Keiko is fourteen and that will change in, what, two months, Keiko? And the little rat is… How old are you, Tamiko?”

“I’m seven!” the child said proudly, “and I’m not a rat.” I couldn’t help but notice her little butt pushing out her dress as she strode with a little hop.

“Is that your car, Amy? I told the chauffeur that you’d drive us home and to take the night off. Kids, let’s go home and call in a pizza. How’s that sound?”

They gave a sly ‘Yeaahh,’ to that, and I could sense they weren’t cheering for the pizza.

My mind was spinning as we arrived in an exclusive neighborhood. It was a mansion! Loni punched in a security code, the gates opened and we drove up along driveway. When we got inside the kids ran for the phone to call in the chow.

I took this moment to corner Loni. “What’s going on,” I hissed, “are you serious? We could get in trouble. I mean, yesterday I tell you something and today—“

Loni put her hand on my mouth and then kissed me. “Listen, it’s the perfect job. The old man owns corporations; electronics, computers, stuff like that. They’re constantly flying to the East and Europe and New York. They’re gone for the weekend. Relax.”

“And the kids? I mean, have you–?”

“Oh, yeah,” She smiled, “We started playing games months ago. They like it. They know it’s naughty and that’s why they like it.” She brought her mouth to my ear and whispered, “And they’re delicious.”

Tamiko changed into pants and a shirt while dinner was arriving. Keiko wanted to stay in her evening dress like the grown-ups. I couldn’t eat much, I was nervous. This lifelong fantasy had always seemed unattainable and now this seven-year-old child was grinching her face at me as she ate. It looked like I could fit my hands over her teeny little ass, she was so petite.

Keiko and Loni left for a bit, and Loni returned telling me I was wanted upstairs.

When I entered her large bedroom, Keiko handed me a half-smoked joint and I inhaled, quickly feeling a buzz. She stepped forward and put her hand on my cheek. “Loni says you are nervous. I wish you did not feel so.”

I smiled at this beautiful Japanese treasure and felt my body warm at her touch. I looked at her dress and saw her young mounds rising up and down. Her skin had that flawless look that youth was blessed with. Her facial features were diminutive; small nose, small mouth. I stroked back her hair to reveal the most delicate of ears. I wanted to suckle her lobes. My eyes went back to that childlike mouth that wanted to be kissed.

I kissed her gently. Her lips were soft and feathery. I backed away slightly, our mouths hovering within a touch, our breaths doing the connecting. I touched her lips again feeling her tongue lightly running across the fullness of my flesh. She moaned when my tongue responded.

Loni and the child made loud stomps as they came up the stairs. “We’re coming uuppp!” they bellowed. We broke our kiss. Keiko staggered back, saw that she still had a roach in her hand and stuffed it into a jewelry box before the other two entered.

“You okay?” Loni asked.

“Yeah,” I smiled, feeling my heart start to pound and my nipples stiffen when Tamiko looked at me mischievously. Holy cow, we’re really gonna do this. “So, how does this work?”

“Well, Tamiko and I just did the security check. Doors are locked, alarm system on, the help has the night off, the kids are staying with me tonight and we’ve got the place to ourselves. Sooo…”

As if on cue, the kids took me by the hands and led me down a hallway to what turned out to be Loni’s room. My god, it was bigger than my apartment! Loni smiled sheepishly as I gawked at the beautiful furniture; a large king-size bed, desk, reading chair, bookcases… How silly, I marveled, that she would ever stay in my dinky (or so it seemed then) place. “Your place is beautiful,” she said, “it has your touch.”

As I marveled at the luxury bathroom, the girls turned on lamps that gave off light like candles. Soon the place was awash in a warm glow that filled the room with ambient light. Loni was sitting back in her reading chair, fully enjoying my growing delight. The children, having set the mood, ran to either side of her chair and beckoned me to them.

I drifted down to Loni’s knees as if in a trance. True, I had a pretty good buzz going, but I knew it was the next move that had me reeling.

Loni sensed this and said, ”Girls, watch this.” And she kissed me. A long sensuous kiss that caught me inadvertently moaning. She broke the kiss gently and turned to Tamiko, who brought her face close. The child’s features, so much smaller than Keiko’s, contrasted with Loni’s sharply. The woman’s California complexion with its hint of freckles against the child’s alabaster-smooth skin. The blond hair against midnight black. The rich full lips against the baby-angel mouth. She touched those little lips with her full ones and they melded together.

They kissed for but a moment, and Loni looked at me with starry eyes and asked Keiko to undress her sister. The older girl took Tamiko by the hand and led her to a space between the women and the bed. Keiko bent over and kissed her sister and I saw her tongue slip in and out of the little one’s mouth.

I watched enraptured as Loni stroked my hair. “Do you believe me now when I say the night is yours? We are yours. Enjoy us.”

Keiko, still in her evening dress, was running her hands all over the child’s body through her clothes. Tamiko was smiling with pleasure as her sister caressed and massaged her arms and chest, then down to her crotch where she gave a gentle squeeze of her pussy.

She pulled Tamiko’s shirt over her head and revealed a beautiful little boyish chest, capped with two faint pink circles. “Stop!” I heard myself say, “Let me finish.”

When I stood up, I heard the zipper on my dress go down and Loni slipped it off me effortlessly. I knelt down to the seven-year-old and touched her body. At this moment any reservations I had vanished. I kissed her little mouth and she kissed me back.

My pussy was giving off a fragrant perfume that enveloped us as I licked her almost invisible nipple. I felt Keiko undo my bra and her arms slipped around and felt the weight of my boobs fall into her small hands. Her fingers found my nipples and kneaded them into little logs.

I looked at Loni to see her in her chair, wonderfully naked and stroking her blonde bush. Her feverish eyes told me that anything I did would be for her enjoyment also. I pushed my hand past the elastic band of Tamiko’s pants and touched her soft cotton panties. Her little butt felt so good in my grasp!

With one arm around her back and the other gripping her buttocks, I lifted her weightless torso and set her on the bed. The little imp was giggling and touching her nipples for me.

I turned to Keiko, not wanting to be unappreciative of her attention. “Please,” she smiled with a dreamy look in her slitted eyes, “my sister, first. I too like to watch.” She turned her back. “If you please.” I unzipped her dress and marveled at her fine demeanor when horny.

Loni jumped on the bed with Keiko and pulled her panties off. Her wispy black pubic hair barely covered a puffy slit and her small boobs had that unblemished perfection that came with being fourteen. She and Loni cuddled together against the headboard and began caressing each other.

I felt envious. I hated the dilemma of being distracted by two desires, but a gentle nudge of Tamiko’s foot reminded me that she was here first. Her oriental eyes sparkled at me and her moppet body humped tantalizingly. Lying on her back, her stomach rose a little higher than her soft chest, her black hair spread out around her head like a fan. My god, I thought, I actually have this little schoolgirl for myself!

Thrills rushed through me as I pulled off her pants and gazed at her white panties, Tamiko’s pussy mound contoured through the crotch of her underwear. I brought my nose down and rubbed it around the fleshy bump and felt her moisture seeping through the threads and into my skin.

That did it. I tore the cotton fabric off and heatedly inspected her slit, holding her little legs up and out which caused the lips to part slightly. She had her own tantalizing perfume that I just had to breathe in and soon I began running my tongue throughout her little crevice, savoring the minute flavors and textures. I could have happily died then and there.

Keeping my mouth glued to her slit and pushing my tongue into the little hole, I looked up to see the child rolling her head around and grasping the bedsheets on both sides. Could she come at this age? I looked questioningly at Loni, who was rolling her fingers around her cunt and tweaking Keiko’s right nipple. They had a leg crossed over each other and were decadently watching me as they masturbated.

“I don’t think she’s had a real orgasm, yet.” Loni panted, “but she loves to keep wet and horny and does these little shakes.” I wasn’t sure, but she was flooding my mouth with tangy nectar and her little body was twitching.

I heard the cries of an impending orgasm and realized it was Loni. I saw that as she began to come Keiko did too, staring intently at me, her lip curled back and her eyes followed. Tamiko kept her eyes closed and cheered as she heard her sister wail. Her little bare pussy seemed to gush in my face. I kept drinking it up.

When I came up for air the child bent up and kissed me, licking her juices off my wet chin. I couldn’t believe this angelic Eastern cherub was causing my pussy to literally drip through the panties I was still wearing. Her soft little hands held my face to look at hers and she impishly asked, “My button?”

“Your button?” I asked back. I looked at Loni.

“I told her how fond you are of ‘buttons,’” she chuckled.

Ah. Loni and I often delighted each other in bed with an agreement that the anus was an electrically erogenous zone, and I loved to make her hit the ceiling with my tongue.

Tamiko squealed in delight as I flipped her over and feasted my eyes on her plump midget globes. I felt the pure satiny softness of her cheeks and wondered if I might be drooling. I parted her cheeks and saw her little pink wrinkled button wink at me.

I looked at Loni and silently mouthed “I love you,” and she grinned.

I brought my nose into Tamiko’s crack and made a razzing noise that caused the child to wiggle and squeal. As if impatient, she brought her knees in and raised her ass in the air, obscenely displaying her charms to me. Her tiny asshole gaped a little, her pussy slit separating.

I heard Loni whisper to Keiko, and the teenager hopped off the bed. I then felt my panties being drawn down and now, with my ass in the air, little hands held my cheeks apart.

As I continued to gaze at my angel’s ‘button’ I knew that Keiko was examining mine. When I put my tongue to it, I felt her lips on mine. I began to lick the rim and held the girl down, she was so goosey. As I ran my tongue around her hole, gradually loosening its tightness, Keiko surprised me by making her tongue blunt and wet. When it pushed at my hole the sudden lave of moisture caused me to moan into Tamiko’s ass.

Keiko then pointed the oral muscle and began pistoning it in and out, wiggling it about as she did this. That, and the two fingers she slipped into my pussy, pretty much did it for me.

I shoved my tongue surprisingly deep into the youngster’s hole and when she gripped it with her sphincter muscle I came. Boy, did I come. I was actually screaming into Tamiko’s button and had to fight the urge to bite into her cheek. I came so well I started chuckling uncontrollably as I subsided (when was the last time that happened?).

I realized I had my hand on the back of Keiko’s head and must have been grinding her face into my backside. Poor dear. I fell to the thick soft rug, still chuckling and gasping for air, and the girls scrambled to me and started to play with my nipples.

“Girls. Girls!” Loni clapped, “She needs a break! Take ten and get us some sodas.” Tamiko gave me a loving smooch and scampered to the kitchen. I grabbed Keiko’s hand, pulled her to me, and thanked her with a deep kiss. “You’re next,” I said dreamily. She beamed and went downstairs.

Loni cuddled next me and we kissed tenderly. I told her I’d found my soulmate in her. She said she’d already knew that when she first saw me.

When the kids bounded back into the room I thought, Lord, what energy! Will I be able to survive the night?

“Tell me I wasn’t lying,” Loni grinned, “Is this the perfect job or what?”


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    WOW, I love finding stories here I never saw before, this was very, very hot.

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    You sure know how to make a person hot your story blows my mind and other parts, my oh my. Please lets have more of this.

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    SynJyn, look for more of Honey West’s stories at the Leslita site. There are quite a few to be found there. 🙂

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    Lovely, lovely, lovely…

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    Simply exquisite! I’m headed to Leslita right now to find her other stories 😀

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    still super hot , though I had read it before, I still had a cum before I could finish it.

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      Lovely Kim, I had not read it before, and, as I’ve said many times, it’s great when readers’ comments about stories bring them to light like this.

      Wonderful story. Thank you, Honey West.

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    Omg, this was one of the best stories I have ever read. I literally soak through my panties before I had to rub myself and put two fingers deep inside me and then had the most powerful orgasm I could remember. Thank you so much.

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    I loved this story. Only, with me, it would be two young boys. Sucking their dicks and rimming their asses. I would be in ecstasy!

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