Pyrotechnics, Part One

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By StarSapphire

{ This story was originally posted at Lesbian Lolita in April 2005 }

Every day for a week now I had seen her in the park as I sat eating my lunch. I don’t know why she attracted me so, but she did. I guessed her age at 10 or 11. Ten proved to be correct. She was a vivacious healthy young girl with collar length dark hair and the warmest brown eyes I’d ever seen and for some reason I didn’t understand I felt a burning sexual desire every time I looked at her.

I had never been attracted to someone so young before. I am happily bisexual and had a childhood full of sexual activity, but only with boys and girls my own age. I’d never before lusted after a 10-year-old even if her tight little butt was just too arousing for words. It was also her face and her grown-up sense of self-assurance that attracted me. Her eyes were to die for and her pretty pink lips were just oh so kissable. Altogether Cheryl was quite a package.

After a week of watching her come by my bench in the park I approached her for the first time the following Monday. It was summer and Cheryl was out of school. On Thursday and Friday I had made eye contact with her and we’d both smiled at each other in recognition. I finally gathered the courage to ask for her name.

“Cheryl” she told me with a bright little smile. “I’ve seen you here lots. What’s yours?” she boldly asked.

“I’m Star” I said. I saw her about to laugh. “I know, it’s a funny name. My parents were hippies, what can I say?”

“I love your name!” she exclaimed with a giggle that sent shivers up and down my body. With the introductions over she sat down beside me and we talked. I told her I was a social worker and my office was only two blocks away. I explained that I worked with alcoholics and drug addicts, which she seemed to find fascinating.

She told me in turn that she had just finished grade 6 and came to the park every noon hour to buy a pizza slice and some grapes that she mostly fed to the hungry seagulls. She loved the birds she told me. I found her oddly reluctant to talk much about her home life, so I left that subject alone.

Every day that first week we sat and talked, then I would go and help her feed the seagulls. She entranced me. At night I would masturbate to fantasies of her then feel guilty for having such thoughts. I was 28, a professional woman with a whole career at stake if I ever carried out my designs on young Cheryl. My feelings seemed out of control and their intensity frightened me.

I would look at Cheryl’s slim young body dressed always in a pair of cotton shorts and a loose top that failed to hide the fact that her breasts had started developing. She never wore a bra and I actually caught myself trying to peek down her top when she bent over. I felt like some kind of horny teenaged boy hoping to cop a look! I also noticed her sneaking looks at my breasts too which drove me nuts. I’m a good 36C and have a trim figure that I’m proud of so I started wearing more revealing tops and tighter clothing hoping to entice more of her interest. It seemed to work.

On the job I would wear a light sweater or shirt to be more appropriate, but I’d take that off in the park when I met with Cheryl. It was a week before a big fireworks display that was going to happen at the beach nearby and I asked her if she would like to go with me, with her parent’s permission of course.

“Gosh yes!” Cheryl exclaimed. “My mom won’t mind. She’s working that night so she won’t need a babysitter,” she told me. “She gets home around 2:00 am. Can I stay with you till then?” she asked.

Could she ever! I gave Cheryl my work and home phone number and asked her to have her mother call me if she liked. She never did. It seems she never took a lot of interest in her daughter’s life, which I found tragic. Apparently her mother agreed without even talking to me on the phone, relieved only that she didn’t need to pay a babysitter. Poor Cheryl, I thought.

The first night of the fireworks I went to her apartment to pick her up. She lived only a few blocks away from me and the beach so we walked together and found a good spot to watch the show. The night was beautiful and clear but with a slight cooling breeze coming in off the ocean. It was perfect.

I had brought some blankets, cushions and some snacks for us, so we settled into our little corner of the universe and snugly awaited the `Symphony of Fire’ we were promised. Having Cheryl sitting so close to me was turning me on and I could feel my wetness building in my aching pussy. Like her I wore a pair of tight cotton shorts. I also added a spandex yellow top that I wore without a bra knowing that Cheryl would notice my nipples growing hard. She wore a plain white cotton blouse that also gave me tantalizing glimpses of her own pretty pink nipples through the light fabric. I pretended a calmness I truly did not feel.

At precisely 10:00pm the show began with a single rocket blazing its way straight up in to the air for hundreds of feet before exploding into a gigantic multi-colored flower. The half million or so of us gathered together gave off a collective `Ooo’ and `Ahh’ as the music started over the many loud speakers set up along the beach. Cheryl snuggled close into me as the sky lit up with a massive series of colorful explosions all set to coordinate with the Mozart concerto that played in the background. I put my arm around her and felt a wondrous rush flow through me every bit the equal in strength to the pyrotechnical display we were watching.

As the show went on each crack and bang of the rockets made Cheryl shiver a little and move closer in to me. Then she took my arm from around her shoulder and brought it across her body. “You have beautiful hands,” she told me as she held my hand up in hers. I looked over at her and kissed her on the cheek.

“So do you princess. In fact you are a very beautiful young girl,” I said with a slight quiver in my voice. Oh my! Was I getting turned on!

Cheryl gently laid her cheek against mine and we stayed that way until the demonstration was over. The finale had red, green, white, blue and yellow fire exploding across the sky just like the orgasm I was soon going to have masturbating when we got to my place. I would excuse myself and go in to the bathroom and do the dirty deed before I did something I might regret.

I held Cheryl’s small hand as we made our way through the exiting crowd to my condo just a few blocks away. The night was gorgeous and cool and everyone was in a good mood. It felt wonderful to be alive and holding Cheryl’s dear hand in mine. I opened the front door of my building and took her into the elevator to my 5th floor condo and let us in.

“Wow!” she exclaimed when she saw my place. I took pride in my living space and had it decorated in soft colors of white and gold. Odd bits of colour came out through the oil paintings I had collected and some of the small mementos and knick-knacks I had placed around the rooms. “Your place is beautiful! Can I use your bathroom?” she asked urgently.

So much for that plan. “Of course, honey. It’s at the end of the hall there, see it?” Cheryl nodded and ran down the hall and closed the door.

As I awaited her return I put my hand down beneath my shorts and between my legs. I was sopping wet. What on earth was I going to do?

When Cheryl returned all smiles and compliments about my bathroom I told her to get ready for bed while I took a shower. After, we’d have a snack before turning in. Cheryl’s mother had agreed that she could sleep over rather than return half awake at 2:00 am.

I got into the bathroom and stripped off my clothes. My nipples were aching with desire and my pussy practically dripping with arousal. Just a few seconds under the water and one hand found my breasts and the other my clit. I came rapidly and hard. Shudders of pleasure shot through my body in waves. With the immediate tension eased I leisurely finished my shower and dried myself off.

Wrapping a towel around myself I headed for my bedroom and caught sight of Cheryl staring at me as I emerged from the bathroom. She had changed into a white T-shirt and (I presumed) panties underneath, exactly what I was about to don. I quickly changed in my room and came back out to join her in my kitchen.

My dark hair was short and dried quickly so I’d just towel-dried it for now and combed it out. I was wearing a thin white cotton T-shirt extra large, white cotton panties and no bra. I wanted to see Cheryl’s reaction to my unbound boobs as my nipples clearly stood out against my shirt. The hem of it came to the tops of my thighs.

“Ooo, you have such nice legs!” Cheryl cooed at me as I sat down at the kitchen table.
“Thank you, and so do you young lady,” I said with a laugh then patted her knee. That touch was electric. “Would you like some ice cream?” I inquired a little shakily.

Cheryl looked up at me with something like wonder in her eyes then gazed down at my erect nipples poking through my thin T-shirt. She simply nodded yes. Wow, was she interested! I gave my ass a little roll as I headed for the fridge. As I returned with the ice cream her eyes again took in my body before settling on my face.

“Do you like what you see?” I asked her playfully yet full of lust.

Cheryl turned beet red “I-I’m sorry Star, but you have such a nice figure,” she murmured guiltily.

“Oh honey! Please! I like you looking at me! I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable. I like looking at you too. You are a very pretty girl, do you know that?” I asked her.

“Really?” she replied. “Nobody’s ever told me that before,” she said with some astonishment.

“Yes you are. Hasn’t your mom ever told you that?” I asked her.

“N-no. My mom doesn’t seem to care about me much. She only tells me to be good and behave myself. She never says she loves me or that I look nice or anything.” A tear fell from her eye then more tears came silently flooding out. My heart ached for her.

As she told it to me Cheryl’s mother had never married and worked nights as a bartender at a downtown club. Her mother just never seemed to have time for her. She was never cruel and she earned enough to keep them both in reasonable comfort materially. She was just absent emotionally to Cheryl, who had gotten what nurturing she could from the many babysitters her mother had provided over the years. She had no idea who her father was nor did she know of any other family.

“Oh Cheryl!” I exclaimed and hugged her close to me. “I love you. I love you dearly, little one.” I said as I rocked her in my arms. The poor child. How could anyone emotionally neglect a young girl like this? “I want you to know that I will always love you sweetheart. I’m here for you. I am your true friend.” I gently stroked her silky dark hair and held her head against my chest. My love fought with my lust for her.

Then Cheryl did something completely unexpected. She pulled back a little, looked up at me then kissed me full on the lips. It was a brief kiss but I definitely felt the fullness of her lips and that soft erotic pressure that signaled more to come. I also tasted her salty tears and tried wiping then away with my fingers.

“I know you are,” Cheryl whispered to me then moved back to her chair and became suddenly interested in her bowl of ice cream. A little shaken by events I followed suit and scooped in a couple of mouthfuls myself.

“Cheryl honey, where would you like to sleep? I can fix you up all nice and cozy on the couch or you can bunk in with me in my big old bed. There’s lots of room.” I held my breath.

“Gosh, can I sleep with you? That would be so cool!” Cheryl burst out.

“Yes, baby. And every night your mom works if you like,” I told her gently. She rushed into my arms and hugged me close.

“Oh thank you, Star! I love you too. A whole lot. More than anyone I’ve ever known!” she declared into my shoulder. Waves of lust collided with surges of compassion within me as I felt her solid young body close to mine.

“Okay, little one. Let’s go to bed now,” I said abruptly as I felt control over my own feelings starting to slip. Our ice cream was finished and I could tell she was tired. I put the bowls in the dishwasher then took her hand and led her into my sanctum sanctorum.

Cheryl was so sweet. She praised my room and found my bed wonderful to fall into. I let her get used to the space then lifted up the covers and settled in. She quickly followed me and we both lay on our sides facing each other and grinning like Cheshire Cats. Then she did it again. She kissed me. It was a light kiss but hinted at something more.

“I love you so much, Star,” she said gazing with her deep brown eyes into mine.

This time I took the initiative. I brought her head close to me then kissed her deeply and directly this time and letting it linger for just a few seconds longer than hers had, a few seconds longer than a friendly peck on the lips.

“Mmm, that was nice,” Cheryl purred as we drew apart.

My heart was beating loudly in my chest by this time. “Would you like me to kiss you some more?” I asked her.

“Please!” Cheryl said then brought her lips in direct contact with mine. This time neither of us wanted to end it. Finally I dared try putting my tongue against her lips.

“W-would you like to kiss this way?” I murmured against her swollen lips. She simply moaned in reply and opened her mouth to allow in my probing tongue. I was in heaven! We kissed passionately for at least a quarter hour. Our tongues danced together and our jaws stretched wide as we sought almost to devour each other. The feel of her soft young lips against mine was exquisite as our mouths slid around in, out and over each other. I softly bit her puffy lower lip then bathed it with my tongue. I repeated it with her upper lip then sought to force my tongue all the way inside her mouth, something that made her groan out loud in ecstasy. Then I stopped. Conscience time!

“Cheryl honey, we need to talk here, okay?” I said gently as my pulse raced a mile a minute.

“Everything’s okay, isn’t it? Did I do something wrong?” she asked urgently.

“No, no, no! You are wonderful. It’s just well, I’m having all these grown-up feelings about you,” I stammered. “I mean, do you know about sex, honey?”

“Yes, you mean like boys and girls making babies and that stuff? Oh sure.”

“Not just that stuff,” I said to her as plainly as I could. “Do you know that if I touch you in certain places they could put me in jail?”

“Oh Gosh, I’d never tell anyone, I promise!” She blurted out.

Cheryl put her hands to her mouth as if to seal her lips in perpetuity. Then I saw a far away look in her eye and I had to ask.

“Have you ever done this before, Cheryl? It’s okay. You can tell me and I won’t try to put anyone else in jail either,” I said as gently as I could.

She hummed and hawed at first but then began to tell me that one of her babysitters last year had taught her how to masturbate and this had moved on to kissing, some finger fucking and eventually oral sex with this twenty year old girl. But Cheryl had been so needy and the girl didn’t realize that Cheryl had fallen in love with her. When the babysitter abruptly stopped coming by Cheryl was devastated.

“My poor child,” I cried as I gathered her into my breast. “I would never hurt you like that. Ever.”

What was I saying? Was I offering her an unlimited relationship? The rational part of my mind screamed at me to back off but every emotion in my body led me straight back to little Cheryl and her tragic childhood. My feelings of lust warred against my common sense and I agonized over the course our relationship could now take. I loved Cheryl deeply and with all my heart but not just as a child but as the woman inside her that was forced to emerge amidst the emotional, uncaring chaos that was her home life.

Cheryl was quietly sobbing against my shoulder after her story was told. “Was I bad?” she asked me earnestly.

“Honey no! Of course not!” I told her. “It’s that babysitter who was bad, hurting you the way she did! Sex isn’t bad, it’s how we treat each other before during and after that makes it good or bad. Sex just IS, honey. It’s up to us to make each experience meaningful and precious. Like kissing you. I love you so much I don’t want to take you anywhere you don’t want to go. I wanted to talk to you about that, that’s all.”

“Star, I really love you,” Cheryl said. “I mean I’m like IN love with you, do you know what I mean?”

“Gosh, honey, yes I do. I feel the same way about you. I think I have since I first saw you,” I answered truthfully.

“Star, is it okay that we’re both girls? I get awful confused sometimes about my feelings. Aren’t I supposed to like boys?” she asked me plaintively.

“Baby doll, you can like whoever you want. I used to like boys but now I only like girls, especially this girl!” I said, giving her a little poke. Cheryl giggled.

“Does that mean it’s okay then, that I like girls? Especially this girl?” She laughed and poked me back.

“You betcha!” I exclaimed and hugged her tightly.

“Okay,” Cheryl boldly asserted. “Can I see your titties, then?” She asked me with an embarrassed little giggle.

“You like my boobs, huh?” I said cupping each one in my hand and feeling the desire flow through them like fire. I was crossing the line but nothing had ever felt more right I dropped my hands down to the hem then lifted my T-shirt over my head baring my breasts for the first time to my new lover. “Do you want to touch them?” I asked her as I lightly stroked my already erect nipples.

Cheryl’s eyes looked big as saucers as she stared at my tits. Then both her hands reached out and covered my nipples. I took her hands and pressed them in harder and she caught on to the idea and started massaging them like a pro, a look of sheer delight on her face. Oh, the tingling waves that shot through my body at her touch!

“Tell you what,” I said as she eagerly felt me up. “Let’s get naked, okay?”

Cheryl laughed and surrendered my breast flesh long enough to remove her T-shirt and white cotton panties. I got out of bed to remove mine, giving her a full view of my naked body, especially now the tightly trimmed dark fur of my pussy and the pink lips that showed through my light forest of hair. Cheryl’s mouth literally hung open looking at me. I had never received such a compliment before, believe me! I could now see her own swollen little breast buds capped by small coral-pink nipples that stood as erect as they could for their size. Her bare little slit looked so darling I had to restrain myself from diving headfirst between her lovely young legs and eating it all up.

I climbed back onto the bed and we embraced, this time naked, this time as lovers. We kissed deeply and passionately as our hands roamed freely over each other’s bodies. I felt her squeezing my breast as I cupped the tight little cheeks of her ass then moved my fingers up to play with her hard little nipple. She moaned her pleasure into my mouth as I tweaked and twirled her soft little tits then moved my hand lower, down across her stomach to finally cup her virgin slit in my hand.

“Baby doll,” I whispered against her swollen lips “I’m gonna rock your world!” I declared passionately. My hand performed slow circles around Cheryl’s hard little clit as my mouth moved down to capture each of her nipples in turn. She moaned and writhed with excitement as my mouth moved lower and my tongue toyed briefly with her cute little belly button before moving all the way down to claim its prize… Cheryl’s swollen pink labia and distended little clit now flowing with her juices and my saliva.

I moved between her legs and kept my head buried in her pussy. I was sucking and lapping her in delicious mouthfuls as my own hand went between my legs and I began to masturbate as I ate Cheryl’s scrumptious little pussy. She tasted wonderful! So clean and girlish I savored every drop of juice from her adorable cunt. As my tongue worked its way in and out of her vagina my own fingers were busy between my own legs. I could feel Cheryl start to come.

At first it was a little tremor then a spasm followed by a huge contraction that lifted her firm young hips clear off the bed. I glued my mouth to her cunny and drank in her juice that to me was sweet as nectar, and rode out her orgasm with my mouth in place. Cheryl cried out in pleasure and broke into tears as her climax slowly subsided.

“Oh God Star! You made me come! I… I`ve never come like that before! I only thought I came all those times!” she wailed. Her tears turned to laughter as I moved up to embrace her. “Hold me, please, Star?” she pleaded.

I held her tight and rocked her slowly in my arms for what seemed like hours. Finally pulling apart I looked into her big brown eyes.

“Was that, well, alright for you honey?” I asked her anxiously. “Did I go too far, baby doll?”

Cheryl just looked at my anxious face and laughed out loud. “That was the most wonderful experience of my whole life!” she exclaimed, then threw herself at me.

Cheryl and I fell together onto the bed with her firmly positioned atop me, flattening my mammaries as she scooched around a bit, reveling, as was I, in the feel of our naked skin in such close erotic contact. Then she kissed me sweetly on the lips.

“Were you playing with yourself while you licked me?” she asked in open wonder.

“Oh yes honey. That’s how much you turned me on. Is it okay if I do that? You can too, you know,” I added.

“No… I mean Yes! I liked watching you doing it to yourself. I mean I, uh , play with myself too, ever since last year. It’s okay if you want to. Is it okay if I watch you?” she asked me tentatively.

Oh yes it was okay. I hadn’t masturbated with somebody for years and here Cheryl was inviting me. “I’m very close to coming baby doll, so watch me closely!” I moved my hand down between my legs as my forefinger dipped into my slit and felt my drenching wetness. Quickly I found my clit and began to work away at it.

Cheryl sat with her mouth open and her eyes wide open and staring at my busy hand at work on my aching cunt. I was finger-fucking myself with two fingers rapidly in and out while I circled my engorged little clit with the other hand. I opened my eyes to stare at her naked, staring at me and my orgasm exploded inside me. It literally felt like one of those rockets at the beach it was so hot and intense. Wave after pulsing wave washed through me as Cheryl stood mesmerized by my autoerotic demonstration.

“Star, that was so hot!” Cheryl exclaimed.

She threw herself into my arms and we held each other tight as we let our passion ebb just a little. “Honey, you can play with yourself all you want with me. It’s natural and a great way to relieve tension!” I murmured into her dark hair. She chuckled a little.

“Can I do it now?” she asked me earnestly.

“Cheryl, honey, you never need to ask my permission to do that. If it feels good and the time is right, then go ahead!” I proclaimed.

We sat facing each other Indian style, so Cheryl’s hot pink slit was on full display as mine was to her. She first licked her fingers then brought them down to begin circling her tiny clit. She started slowly but began to speed up. She put her head back then opened her eyes and asked me if I would play with my tits for her as she watched.

She surprised me with her request, especially when she said `tits’. It seemed so grown up somehow but I could certainly do that. “No problem, sweetness. You like to watch a bit too, do you?” I asked her as I began to massage my breasts hard and strong, pulling on my pink-brown nipples, making them so erect I thought they might burst. Her hand meanwhile became almost a blur between her legs as she stared at me fondling myself for her. I was marveling at her sexual energy when her second orgasm of the night overtook her.

Cheryl’s second climax was every bit the equal of the first. Her body arched off my bed as her fingers stayed buried deep inside her virgin pussy. I was only about two feet away from her throbbing vulva so I saw the juices come out of her to coat her fingers. As she slowly came back to earth I scooped her up in my arms, then took her busy little fingers and sucked them clean in my mouth. Cheryl smiled up at me with a look of glowing contentment then curled up sweetly into my arms.

That night Cheryl and I forged an amazing bond and found an almost divine sexual chemistry that would sometimes leave us both panting for each other at any time of the day or night, either separated or together. Her mother’s odd hours meant that Cheryl stayed at my place at least four times a week that summer and when school began it just seemed natural that Cheryl would come barreling in through my doorway when I got home from work.

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