Picture This, Chapter 1

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By Jeneee

{ This story was originally posted at Lesbian Lolita in May 2010 }

Picture this in your imaginative, fertile mind.

Tiny, bright yellow shorts. Very tight, tiny, bright yellow shorts, so tight that the lines of her even tinier panties were plainly visible through the smooth thin material – panties not much wider than a thong. Shorts so short that her firm, young, and oh so curvy cheeks peeked boldly from beneath the hem; shorts with the waist so low that they almost revealed a different kind of cleavage – the only cleavage this nine or ten year old could possibly have.

Getting the picture? But there’s even more…

Now add a blue, satiny tube top, very narrow, leaving most of her perfectly smooth looking back uncovered, except for where her long, dark hair flowed softly over her shoulders, occasionally swaying back and forth as she slowly made her way from storefront to storefront beside her mother – at least I assumed it was her mother – in the spacious mall that was the focal point of shopping or just plain hanging out for everyone in our mid-sized town.

Hypnotized by the gentle rolling of her cute little butt, I followed, helplessly entranced by this alluring little treasure. Her mother was equally attractive from behind, wearing a pair of hot pink shorts clinging to her bubble butt like a second skin – no panty line visible – and no sign of a thong apparent above their low waistband. Her bare feet were tucked into white, low heeled pumps, while a white tee completed her outfit, bra plainly visible underneath. She had the same dark hair as her daughter, but it was tied back in a short pony tail which swayed seductively from side to side as she moved. Her shorts flossed intimately between her curvy cheeks which topped long, slim, beautifully tanned legs. Lunchtime was over on this warm Saturday afternoon and I was on my break, and as I so often did to avoid stuffing myself with the usual fare of burgers and fries that my co-workers seemed to enjoy – and I admit to the temptation – I instead wandered through the mall eying the beautiful clothes in which I wishfully saw myself dressed if only I could afford them. But my meagre salary and tips as a waitress made that almost impossible unless I saved for the next ten years. But by then I’d probably never be able to fit into the classy outfits I longed to wear, especially if I yielded to those tempting burgers and fries.

However, today there was also something else for me to eye.

Mom and daughter soon paused in front of a lingerie store and I pulled up beside them to gaze at the slim mannequins wearing the scantiest of undies. The little girl giggled and pointed to a tiny thong displayed on a mannequin sitting on a stool in the corner of the window, legs spread teasingly, enticing the viewer to ‘come on in and buy me’ – the thong that is, not the mannequin.

“I want one of those, mommy,” I heard the little girl tell her companion, confirming that she was indeed her mom. Now able to see the girl from the side I noticed her stiff, pointy nipples announcing their presence to the world as they protruded saucily through the tight, shiny material of her blue tube top, nipples perched proudly upon the slightly puffy breast buds now beginning their enchanting early development.

Her mother smiled, looking down lovingly at her daughter. “We’ll see honey. But I’m not sure they’d have any in your size,” she added, slipping her arm over the girl’s shoulders and hugging her affectionately.

“Let’s go in and see,” the little girl pleaded, “please mommy? I want some just like yours, even if you’re not wearing any today,” she added with a giggle as she precociously squeezed one of her mother’s butt cheeks seemingly oblivious to my presence beside her. Or was she? Oblivious, that is.

Not wanting to be too obvious in my appraisal of this young charmer I concentrated my gaze on her clear reflection in the storefront window but had to refrain from gasping as I saw the way her tight, bright yellow shorts outlined the prominent vulva concealed beneath them, so obviously dividing her pouting labia and leaving nothing to my vivid imagination despite the panties which nestled beneath them which also must have been made of a very light material. The mother’s pink shorts similarly caressed her own vulva and from the way both were dressed I had to conclude that they definitely had an exhibitionist streak within them – like mother, like daughter – and must enjoy showing themselves off to whomsoever would care to notice. And by now I was sure they both knew they had captured my attention.

I turned and smiled at them. “I couldn’t help overhearing your conversation,” I said, “but I’m sure they have thongs in her size,” I told the mother. “Why not go in and ask?” I added. “From the window display it looks like they have quite a range of pretty undies for a cute girl like you,” I said to the little girl as she turned to look at me, a big smile on her face . “Please mommy?” the girl begged again, looking pleadingly up into her mother’s eyes. “Can we?”

“I’m going in anyway,” I told them. “So I can ask if you like, if you don’t want to go in yourselves, that is.”

The mom looked over at me, taking her daughter’s hand in hers. “No, that’s okay, thanks,” she smiled. “We’ll go in and check for ourselves.”

“I need a few things too,” I told her as we walked into the store, “so I think I’ll join you.” I checked my watch. “But I have to get back to work soon, so I’d better hurry,” I added. Her daughter walked in ahead of us, making a bee-line for the panty display on one of the counters at the back.

“Where do you work?” her mother asked as we followed behind her.

“Oh, at the mall restaurant, near the main entrance,” I replied. “I’m just on my break after the lunch rush. Looks like your daughter knows what she’s doing,” I laughed as we watched the little girl snag the attention of a sales girl.

“Yeah, she certainly has a mind of her own,” her mother chuckled, introducing herself as Kayla. I took her hand and told her my name, Gloria.

“And, if you don’t mind me saying,” I added with a smile, “she is a real cutie. Her outfit is quite, shall we say, enticing,” I giggled. “Well, she certainly isn’t shy,” Kayla admitted, catching me glancing at her own pink shorts. “Kinda takes after me, I guess, as you seem to have noticed,” she giggled, jabbing me in my ribs with her elbow. “My girlfriend says we are both a couple of chronic exhibitionists.”

Caught in the act, I found myself blushing and all I could find to say was that, yes, I thought they were both attractive.

“Why thank you,” she replied, brushing a strand of hair away from one of her deep brown eyes. “And you’re no slouch yourself,” she added, giving me an obvious once over, again deepening my blush. I didn’t exactly consider myself that attractive, but I still enjoyed the compliment.

By this time we had reached the counter where her daughter, whose name I soon learned was Amanda, had seemingly charmed the older sales clerk into showing her a variety of cute panties that any young girl would be happy to wear.

“But I’m looking for a thong,” she told the lady. “Do you have any that would fit me?” she asked hopefully, sliding her hands down along her narrow hips as if to emphasise how small it would actually have to be in order to fit her. The clerk looked over to us as we arrived beside Amanda.

“Is she with one of you?” she asked us. “She certainly seems to know what she wants,” she smiled, “but I’m not sure we have thongs in her size,” she added, glancing briefly with amusement at Kayla’s shorts and then back to her young customer.

“Yes, Amanda’s my daughter, and she really has her mind set on getting her first thong. What is the smallest size you have?”

After fumbling through a few boxes behind the counter the clerk eventually produced a tiny, white thong which still looked as though it would be slightly too large for Amanda. The little girl smiled when she saw it. “Can I try it on? See if it fits?” she asked eagerly, looking back and forth from the sales lady to her mother, who nodded that she could.

“There’s a change room over there,” the clerk replied, pointing over to the wall on our right. “But you’ll have to put it on over your shorts though, hon,” she added, handing the thong to Amanda’s outstretched hand.

“Yay!” she exclaimed, excitedly. “But I’ll just slip it on here then.” And before any of us could say a word she lifted up one leg after the other and pulled the white, lacey thong quickly up until it nestled – a little loosely as it turned out – over the crotch of her tight, yellow shorts. She patted it against herself, pulling this way and that on the waist band, but no matter how she adjusted it, it was plainly too large for her.

“Nothing smaller?” Kayla asked the lady, as Amanda frowned in disappointment.

“I’m afraid not, that’s the smallest size we have. I’m sorry.”

I moved over behind the little girl and grasped the string-like material of the waist band, pulling it up so that the thong flossed tightly between her gorgeous cheeks, then had an idea. “I’m pretty good with a needle and thread,” I told Kayla. “If you’d like to buy the thong I can try to work on it at home to make it fit. And if it doesn’t work then I’ll reimburse you for what it costs. Would that be okay?” I asked, suddenly picturing the little girl out of her shorts and panties as we tried to make the thong fit. Oh, you sly devil, I thought to myself as I waited for Kayla’s reply. But before she could say anything Amanda burst out, “Yes, mommy, can we let her try? Please?”

Kayla looked at me and shrugged. “Well, why not. As long as you don’t mind,” she said, looking at me as if trying to discern my motive.”

“I’d be happy to help out,” I assured her as Amanda smiled in delight.

“Okay. It’s a deal then,” Kayla said. “Wrap it up, you have a sale,” she smiled at the clerk who I noticed had looked at me a little strangely when I’d made my offer. I could almost hear herself wondering what kind of women we both were to let a young girl even wear such provocative undies.

I bought myself a few pair of panties while we were there and by then it was time for me to get back to work. As we left the lingerie store together Kayla and Amanda walked beside me toward the mall entrance and the restaurant where I waitressed. “Why don’t you come in and grab a booth and I’ll bring you a coffee and a soda for Amanda? I suggested. “Then I can give you my address and arrange for a convenient time for you to come over and see what we can do with your new purchase,” I added, winking at the little girl who smiled happily at me.

And so it was. We agreed for them to visit me the following weekend on the Sunday afternoon. As I watched their tight butts gently sway their way out from the restaurant, I couldn’t help feeling my pulse quickening in anticipation of our next meeting.

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  1. I’m so glad we are able to save this amazing story. It’s one of my all-time favorites. Jeneee, if you’re out there, and if you’ve written anything new, we sure would love to see it! ♥

  2. David says:

    Jeneee, thanks for writing this series. I know it was awhile ago but I seem to have missed it. I love the first chapter and the build up to what is to come. Love your detail in writing the tease of the first chapter. Looking forward to reading the whole series.

  3. sue says:

    Just glad you commented, David, because I missed this one also and it is starting out so good.

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