Picture This, Chapter 7

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By Jeneee

The apartment door had barely closed behind them when a little streak of orange came bolting down the hallway to greet them, meowing loudly.

Sue bent over and scooped the little bundle carefully up into her arms. “Here’s my little pussy, just like I told you,” she smiled, as Amanda reached out to stroke the kitten who was now purring loudly, snuggled against Sue’s chest, obviously happy to have company once again.

“Here,” she said to Amanda, “why don’t you hold her while I get out of this uniform and into something a little more comfortable. Make yourselves at home in the living room. I’ll just be a few minutes.”

And she handed the kitten over to Amanda and led her and her mother down the hallway into a comfortable looking room which featured an L-shaped black leatherette couch and matching armchair surrounding a glass-covered coffee table on which rested a few magazines and a book with a beautiful picture of a Persian cat on the cover.

“Have a seat and make yourselves at home,” Sue told them with a smile. “I’ll be right back and get us something to drink and then see what I can find to feed you both.” And she disappeared into what was obviously her bedroom off from the main hallway.

Amanda settled back into the comfortable armchair with the kitten purring softly on her chest and stretched out her legs after removing her shoes, so that her heels rested on the coffee table, her skirt barely covering her smooth and slim upper thighs. Kayla, who could now clearly see her daughter’s pussy from where she sat, immediately told her to take her feet off the coffee table. “It’s not polite to have your feet up on someone else’s furniture, sweetie – even if I do like the view,” she added with a giggle.

Amanda removed her feet from the table and tucked her heels under her, lowering the kitten onto her lap. “There you go, Mommy. Satisfied? So now I’m covering one pussy with another,” she giggled. “How do you like the view now?” she teased, sticking out her tongue at her mother and then sensuously licking her lips as she stroked Sue’s kitten.

Kayla laughed and reached for the book on the coffee table, slowly flipping through the pages. “I think she’s a real cat lover,” she told Amanda. “This book is filled with gorgeous pictures of all kinds of cats. Some of them look so cute. You should take a look, honey.”

“And I think she might be a different kind of pussy lover, too,” added Amanda looking over at her mother with a sly grin on her face. “Did you see the way she couldn’t take her eyes off of my cunt in the elevator? And she even said that me and Kimmie turned her on when we were playing in the washroom at the hospital cafeteria, so I think she likes ‘young kitties’ too,” she said, “if you know what I mean.”

Before Kayla could reply, however, Sue emerged from her bedroom, causing both Amanda and her mother to gasp in shock as they both took in the amazing transition which had taken place within their new friend.

Picture this in your imaginative, fertile mind: shiny, wavy blond hair now released from her nurse’s bonnet and flowing gently over her shoulders almost reaching the middle of her back. Deep blue eyes highlighted by a touch of liner and a glittering trace of aquamarine shadow. Full, sensual looking lips shining with a subtly applied coating of pink gloss. A scooped-neck, light blue blouse, low enough to reveal much of her ample, braless breasts – nipples clearly visible, protruding boldly through the thin material. And, last but not least, a short, flared, white cotton skirt which reached not quite halfway down her flawless thighs. Oh, and slender bare feet, nails painted and perfectly trimmed. She was indeed a picture of beauty, and even though Amanda and Kayla had previously thought she was pretty, they were both amazed at just how gorgeous she really looked when relieved of her conservative, white hospital garb.

“Sorry,” she apologized. “I hope I didn’t keep you waiting too long but I wanted get out of that starchy uniform and into something a little more comfortable. Now, what can I get you to drink? A Coke maybe for you, Amanda? Coffee?” she asked, glancing at Kayla, who was still trying to regain her composure. “Or maybe you’d like a glass of wine – I have both red and white. Your choice,” she offered, seemingly unaware of her guests’ reaction to her new look. Or at least, she appeared that way, but secretly she was enjoying their obvious attention.

Unable to restrain herself any longer, as was usually the case with her, Amanda blurted out, “Wow! You look so sexy, Sue! So hot! And yeah, I’ll have red wine,” she giggled.

“Amanda!” Kayla scolded. “Just bring her a Coke, thanks, Sue. But she’s right. You do look sexy,” she added with a wink. “If your patients could only see you now,” she laughed. “Wow is right! I think they’d either be instantly cured, or die of shock.”

“I’d rather have you as my nurse any day,” Amanda giggled, putting the kitten down on the couch and standing up. “I wouldn’t want your grumpy partner, though,” she added, scrunching up her face as she remembered the other seemingly unfriendly nurse.

“Well, thank you both for your compliments. But she’s okay when you get to know her, Amanda,” Sue told her. “She’s just going through a rough time in her life right now,” she explained. “Her partner left her for a much younger girl last month – barely turned eighteen – so she’s not too happy with the younger generation at the moment. And you’ve got to admit, you and your little girlfriend kinda rubbed her the wrong way, if you remember,” she laughed.

“So we were right then?” Amanda exclaimed, as she walked toward Sue. “She is a lesbian. So – are you, too?” she asked as she put her arms around Sue’s waist and looked hopefully up into her eyes.

“Well sweetie,” Sue replied, ruffling the young girl’s hair, “I do prefer girls, but I’ve also had boyfriends, so I guess you could call me bi-sexual, if you know what that means,” she explained, looking over at Kayla for any sign that she might be going too far with her answers to this obviously curious and outspoken little girl. But somehow, she didn’t think so.

“Does that mean you’ve let a guy fuck you? And play with your tits?” Amanda immediately wanted to know, gazing at Sue in amazement as her mother continued to protest her daughter’s boldness; but once again Sue smiled at the precocious young girl assuring Kayla with a nod that it was okay.

“I’ve had a dildo in my cunt before,” Amanda continued, without waiting for Sue to answer, “and in my asshole, too,” she added, giggling, looking over at her mom as if to indicate that it was Kayla who had done it to her, “but I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to have a real cock up inside of me. Does it feel any different, Sue? Can you feel it when it squirts all that white stuff inside you? And yeah, I’ve seen pictures of that and even videos, so I know what it looks like,” she explained in case Sue wondered how she knew so much. “It looks kinda messy though, and I’ve even seen girls get it squirted into their mouths, and some of them even swallow it. Does it taste like pee?”

Amanda still had her arms around Sue’s waist and now hugged her tighter, rubbing her head against the nurse’s prominent boobs as Sue tried to formulate answers to the young girl’s questions. But she was let off the hook when Amanda once again quickly changed the subject as she tried to squeeze her head into her new friend’s cleavage. “Oh, Sue, your tits feel so big and yummy,” she exclaimed. And pulling back a little to look more closely at them as they almost burst out from her top she added with a giggle, “And your nipples are getting hard, too. Can I see them?” Then without waiting for a response she removed her arms from around Sue’s waist and, staring slyly up into the young nurse’s eyes, she raised both of her hands to the low scoop neck of her blue blouse and slowly pulled it down, exposing Sue’s large and beautiful breasts which were capped with dark pink aureoles centred with prominent half-inch long nipples. And as Amanda had correctly pointed out, they were fully erect. “Look at her titties, Mommy. They’re even bigger than yours.” And she cupped them, one in each of her hands, and bounced them lightly up and down, feeling their firmness as they slightly jiggled from side to side.

“Honey,” Sue half protested, not quite knowing how to react to this little girl, especially in front of her mother who was watching them both with what at first appeared to be a look of astonishment at Amanda’s audacity but then transformed into a slight smile of appreciation at the sight of Sue’s admittedly enticing looking breasts. “Honey,” Sue tried to continue, feeling the familiar wetness between her legs start to intensify, “I was just going to get you and your mom a drink, remember? And,” she added, feeling her will power rapidly beginning to fade away as the young girl continued to play with her boobs, “we were going to get you both something to eat, too. You haven’t even had dinner yet. You must both be so hungry.” But Amanda merely replied by gently rolling the young nurse’s erect nipples between her thumbs and forefingers, tugging them slightly toward her and licking her lips as if in anticipation of a totally different kind of meal.

“But I’d rather eat you,” she whispered, looking directly up into Sue’s eyes. “And I think mommy would, too,” she added with a wink. “Wouldn’t you Mommy?” she called over to Kayla. And before Sue could react, Amanda quickly lowered her right hand from one of the nurse’s breasts and slid it slowly and purposefully down the front of her body, caressingly over her tummy, lower and lower until she was lifting the hem of her short, white skirt and triumphantly cupping Sue’s pussy, gasping as she found her smoothly shaved and as naked underneath as she was herself, and squealing in delight at the wetness her fingers suddenly encountered on the nurse’s full and protruding inner labia. Finally, losing all semblance of control, Sue sank down onto the black leatherette couch, legs spread, her firm boobs obscenely on display outside her top, and helplessly watched in disbelief as the young girl knelt down between her thighs and quickly lowered her mouth to her waiting, yearning, wet cunt. Not wanting to be left out of the action, Kayla lowered herself down beside Sue on the couch, leaned over the young nurse’s face – whose eyes were now closed as she rapturously enjoyed the touch of Amanda’s tongue on her aroused pussy – and pressed her lips to Sue’s, tasting the delicious sweetness of the pink gloss Sue had hastily applied to them in her bedroom. As she slid her tongue into Sue’s soft, warm mouth Kayla cupped one of the young woman’s firm breasts and gently pinched her hard, erect nipple, and was rewarded immediately by Sue wrapping an arm around her neck and pulling her tightly against her as she groaned passionately into her mouth.

Amanda meanwhile was using all the skills she had learned from her mother and Sylvia to treat Sue’s pussy to the kinds of pleasures she would normally have attributed to only an experienced lover. But to have them coming from a cute little ten year old made it feel even more unbelievably arousing. The last time Sue had made love with a young girl was when she herself was only eleven years old and had been fooling around with her best girlfriend, who was only ten. They were naked in bed together after playfully undressing each other one Saturday night at Sue’s home where her friend often stayed overnight on weekends since her parents were away a lot on business. Sleepovers were always so much fun at that age, full of experimenting, accompanied by girlish giggles as sweet, young, tender pussies were fingered and even licked if the girls were daring enough – and eventually that’s where it often led as curious tongues tasted the delightful essence that began to leak from within newly aroused and excited vaginas. Now, as she lifted her hips up toward Amanda’s talented probing, feeling the little girl pull her fleshy labia wide apart with her fingers and swirl her tongue around inside, Sue had flashbacks to those preteen sleepovers where her sweet young pussy had merely hinted at the pleasures she might eventually reach, but never did culminate during those playful evenings so long ago.

But now it was different. This young, beautiful and talented little girl sprawled between her wide open legs knew what she was doing, knew how to tease her hardening clit, knew how to find and finger her g- spot just right, knew how to keep her on the brink and then back off a little, knew when to finally reward her with an explosive orgasm that brought screams of pleasure from her lips as Kayla pulled away from her mouth, giving her the freedom to express herself as she pinched Sue’s nipples and watched the blissful expression on the young nurse’s face as her daughter brought her to that intense pinnacle of delight she had unknowingly yearned for all those long years ago.

Amanda finally looked up from between Sue’s legs – her mouth shining with her new lover’s creamy juices – and licked her lips as she smiled at her mother, savouring the flavour of yet another new cunt, this one slightly more tangy and earthy than her mother’s, but still delicious, the creamy texture coating her young lips and not seeming to want to dissipate – which was fine with Amanda. She watched Sue’s face closely as the young nurse lay on the couch, legs still askew as her body continued to twitch as her orgasm pulsed through her, pussy gleaming, swollen and half open, trying to regain her breath, her eyes closed in the aftermath of her passion. Amanda then leaned up to her mother, drew her close and kissed her on the lips, sharing Sue’s cummy juices with Kayla.

“Doesn’t she taste yummy, Mommy?” she asked as they finally pulled apart. “I could go for seconds,” she giggled, as Sue finally opened her eyes and looked up in amazement at mother and daughter.

“I wouldn’t complain,” she breathlessly told Amanda, looking adoringly at the young girl as she reached out for her hand and pulled herself up into a sitting position. “Where did you learn to make love like that, sweetheart?” she asked, looking back and forth between the preteen and her mother. “You’re even better than some of my girlfriends. You were absolutely incredible!” she exclaimed.

“I had a great teacher,” Amanda replied. “Well, two of them really, if you count Sylvia,” she giggled. “And I never even got to your asshole,” she added, with a wink.

“Oh my god, I probably would have fainted if you had, sweetie. That’s one of my major sensitive spots,” Sue shuddered. “I just melt when anybody licks or fingers me there.”

“Or fists you there?” Amanda asked, with a sly look on her face, slipping her hand once again down between Sue’s thighs probing the nurse’s butt with the tip of a teasing finger. “I love it when mommy fingers me there,” she hinted, easily slipping the tip of her finger inside, aided by the wetness that had seeped down over Sue’s asshole from her copiously leaking pussy.

“Or shoves a dildo up your butt hole,” Sue laughed, remembering what Amanda had said earlier. “It sounds as though you’ve had a lot of different experiences for a little girl,” she teased. “But maybe we can still come up with something new for you to experiment with tonight. That is, if your mom says it’s okay,” she added, looking questioningly over at Kayla.

Then she leaned over to whisper something into Kayla’s ear, eliciting at first a wide eyed look of surprise followed by a giggle as she covered her mouth with her hand trying unsuccessfully to hide her reaction from her daughter who now looked with both curiosity and anticipation at both of them.

“What?” she demanded, hands on her hips.

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  1. Lakeisha says:

    This keeps getting better Jeneee!


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    Yes it does lakeisha I agree. Amanda is so insatiable, I don’t think there is a girl she is going to meet that she will not devour! I love the detail in all your writing and can’t wait to read the next chapter.

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    Jeneee has got us mesmerized with her writing,.. for sure!

    On to even higher delights and chapter eight…


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    God this just gets better and better

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