Picture This, Chapter 5

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By Jeneee

Amanda quickly jumped off the bed and before anyone could say anything she ran over to Kimmie and hugged her, much to the girl’s surprise, saying, “I was just talking about you, and here you are, oh wowzie! I’ve been dying to meet you since Sylvia’s told us so much about you.”

Still slightly dazed over such a warm greeting Kimmie stood there with her arms at her sides debating to herself whether to return the hug, looking first over at her mother, then at Sylvia who finally coughed, feeling a little embarrassed, momentarily at a loss for words.

“Er…” she stammered, “…let me introduce you two. Kayla and Amanda, you’ve already met my sister Lynne a few times, and this pretty girl is my niece, Kimmie,” she told them. “Kimmie, say hi to Kayla and meet Amanda. She’s Kayla’s daughter. And as you can see she is pretty friendly,” she added with a giggle. A slight smile formed on Kimmie’s face and she nodded hello to Kayla and then finally lifted her arms to give Amanda a small hug in return.

“Nice to meet you too, Amanda,” she replied, as Amanda now squeezed her new friend once again.

Lynne, who’d had a frown on her face as she watched all this, then turned to her sister once more and said. “Now, Sylvia, will you please tell us what happened?” And finally the story of the accident came out.

“I was on my way over to Kayla’s for dinner and was going through the intersection at Main and Broad streets – you know, there’s a traffic light there and I had the green light – when this SUV went through the red right in front of me. I screeched on the breaks but couldn’t avoid hitting the tail end of it and if it hadn’t been for my seat belt and the air bag I would have been hurt much worse. Even so, the seat belt really hurt my ribs and I was sure they were broken ’cause I could hardly breathe I was in so much pain. Somebody helped me out and sat with me on the sidewalk until the ambulance and police came, and then they rushed me here to emergency. They took ex-rays and did a lot of other tests and gave me shots of pain killers which luckily worked pretty fast so I was soon able to breathe a bit better. You just missed the doctor, Lynne. She was here a few minutes ago and thankfully I don’t have any broken ribs or any other broken bones, but they are not sure if I have other internal injuries so they are keeping me here overnight, just in case. My poor ribs are badly bruised though.”

“What happened to the guy you ran into? It was a guy, I’ll bet, wasn’t it?” Kayla asked.

“Yeah. He wasn’t even hurt but his SUV was bashed in quite a bit at the back. My poor car had the whole front end caved in and it’s probably a write-off,” Sylvia replied, a glum look on her face. “Now I’ll have to deal with the insurance company as well as the police, I suppose.”

“Well, don’t worry about that now, sis,” Lynne consoled her, squeezing her hand. “You concentrate on getting better. And I’m sure they will charge the other guy so it will all work out in the end.”

“Yeah,” chimed in Amanda,” and you’ll probably get a new car out of the deal too,” she smiled, eying Kimmie who had now joined her on the foot of the bed. She’s really cute, even cuter than she looked in her photographs, Amanda thought to herself, noticing that Kimmie’s boobies had grown a lot since the pictures from last summer – even though she still wasn’t wearing a bra – leaving the prominent nipples at the peak of her firm young buds quite visible through her thin, white top. She was wearing loose, red shorts which hung down to mid-thigh, but still revealed her pretty, slim legs, one of which was now firmly pressed against one of Amanda’s. Or more accurately, one of Amanda’s was firmly rubbing up against one of Kimmie’s – Amanda was never one to let an opportunity like that pass her by. As Lynne and Kayla continued to talk with Sylvia about the accident Amanda leaned close to Kimmie and whispered in her ear, “I saw they have some food dispensing machines down the hall beside the nurse’s station. Do you want to go get a soda with me? I can get some money from my mom.”

“Sure, okay, but I have some change so I can pay for it,” the young teen replied as she slid carefully off the bed. “We’re going to get a drink from down the hall, mom,” Kimmie announced. “Can we get anything for anyone?”

“Yeah, bring me back a beer,” Sylvia joked, catching the eye of her frowning sister who didn’t think it was the least bit funny.

“Nothing for me, thanks honey,” replied Kayla, smiling knowingly at her daughter, realizing she was scheming to be alone with Kimmie.

“Me neither,” said Lynne. “And hurry up back, and don’t get lost,” she added.

“How can we get lost, mom? It’s just down the hall,” Kimmie chided her mother over her shoulder as she and Amanda left the room, closing the door behind them.

“We can go down to the restaurant on the first floor instead if you like. You can always tell your mommy you didn’t have the right change for the machines,” Amanda suggested with a sly wink as soon as they started walking down the hallway. “Then she’d think we really got lost. I don’t think your mom likes me that much,” she added, not giving Kimmie the chance to comment on her suggestion.

“What gives you that idea?” Kimmie asked, a surprised look on her face. “She’s only just met you. And I don’t know if I have enough money for the restaurant, unless we’re just getting sodas, that is.”

Amanda grabbed Kimmie’s hand and stopped her just as they were passing the elevator. “Yeah, let’s go down then and we’ll just get something to drink. And I don’t think your mom likes me or my mommy much because we’re lesbians, that’s why.”

“You’re a lesbian?” Kimmie asked her, a shocked look on her face. “But you’re only what, ten or eleven? So how do you know what you are yet?”

“I’m going to be eleven next month and I’ve known for a long time that I like girls. And I think your mommy’s afraid we’ll turn you into one, a lezzie, that is,” she added with a giggle as the elevator door opened in front of them and two nurses came off. There were still two other nurses left going down with them so they didn’t say anymore to each other, Amanda trying unsuccessfully to stifle a few giggles as she and Kimmie exchanged glances. She noticed that one of the nurses was really young and cute; the other was older but still kind of attractive. It turned out that they were also headed for the restaurant, and the girls just followed behind when they reached the first floor, still holding hands. Amanda couldn’t help overhearing the older nurse saying, “Oh, aren’t they so cute together? They must be sisters.”

“Or maybe lovers,” the younger one whispered back jokingly, but also loud enough to be heard, at which point Amanda let out a loud gasp, while Kimmie looked embarrassed and blushed.

“Yeah, we’re lovers,” Amanda called out and, as the nurses turned around not realizing they had been overheard, she suddenly stopped and faced Kimmie, giving the startled girl a long, wet kiss on the lips. She then turned back to the nurses, a big smile on her face. “See? Told you,” and continued walking hand in hand with Kimmie behind them toward the restaurant, adding loudly with a giggle, “And I bet you two are, too, aren’t you?” as Kimmie tried to shush her.

“You’ve got quite a mouth on you, little girl,” the older nurse said with a slight frown on her face as they reached the tray rack at the head of the line-up in the restaurant.

“You have no idea,” Amanda replied, overtly licking her lips as Kimmie gasped beside her. The younger nurse couldn’t help laughing out loud as her friend shook her head and muttered something about ‘the younger generation these days.’ Since the girls were only getting drinks they grabbed their sodas and slipped past the nurses who were trying to decide what to get for their dinners. When they reached the cashier Amanda looked back, catching the eye of the younger nurse and winked at her. She responded by giving the little girl a thumbs up.

“I think she likes me,” Amanda giggled to Kimmie. “I bet she’s a lesbian, too,” she added.

“You’re terrible, you know that?” Kimmie told her with a grin as they headed for a table in the corner. “But I still like you anyway.”

“And I like you too. You’re so pretty,” Amanda replied as she placed her drink on the table and sat down in her chair, leaning back against the wall. “I’ve liked you ever since Sylvia showed me your pictures from last summer, and I’ve been bugging her to bring you over to our place when she comes, and here you are. I’m so happy to finally meet you, and I’m sure my mom is too.”

“Oh my god, she didn’t show you those pictures!” exclaimed Kimmie, blushing once more. “They were supposed to be private. And why would your mom be happy to meet me?”

“Well, she only showed them to me and mommy, so don’t worry. I know she’d never have showed them to your parents. They’d probably freak out if they saw you posing like you did,” Amanda giggled. “You looked so sexy in some of them, especially where you’re pulling your bikini bottoms up tight against you.”

“She made me do that,” explained Kimmie. “I didn’t really want to but when I saw the picture, you’re right, it did look kind of sexy. You can see the shape of my…you know,” she blushed.

Amanda leaned closer to her. “Your cunt, you mean,” she whispered with a sly look on her face. Kimmie gasped once more as Amanda sat back again and drank some more of her soda, licking her lips suggestively as she grinned at Kimmie.

“I’m not supposed to say words like that. My mom and dad would kill me if they heard me say that,” Kimmie replied, nevertheless feeling herself becoming slightly aroused by her new, precocious young friend. My god, she’s only ten, she thought to herself, and she seems to know so much about sex. “But I’ve heard my aunt say words like that a few times,” she continued. “And my mom’s told her off about it, especially if I’m close enough to overhear. Is that what all lesbians call it? A cunt?” she half whispered, looking around again in case anyone was close enough to hear them.

“Some do,” Amanda replied. “Or pussy, or cunny, or maybe even snatch or slit,” she giggled. “There’s lots of different names I’ve heard Kayla and my mommy use. But I like ‘cunt.’ Oh, by the way, have you ever worn a thong? Me and my mom were at the mall today and she bought me a real sexy thong but it was a bit baggy when I tried it on, so this other lady we met there, she’s a waitress at the restaurant – her name’s Gloria and she looks so hot – she’s coming round next weekend to fix it on me so that it fits me properly. I can hardly wait. You should come too, with Sylvia, if she’s better by then. So, do you? Ever wear a thong, I mean.”

“No, I don’t have any thongs. My mom would never buy me anything like that anyway so I just wear panties, but I do have some cute bikini ones that are kinda small. I had to beg her to buy them for me and she finally gave in. As you can tell, my mom’s sometimes a bit of a frump. What kind of undies do you usually wear?”

“Take a look,” Amanda giggled, leaning back against the wall in her chair and opening her legs a little so that Kimmie could look up her skirt.

“Oh my god, you’re naked underneath,” Kimmie gasped, staring at Amanda’s pussy. “I can see your…you know. You’d better be careful nobody else sees,” she whispered, looking around the restaurant again to see if anyone was looking at them. But nobody seemed to be paying them any attention, and she found herself looking back up Amanda’s skirt, unable to tear her gaze away from her new friend who didn’t seem to be in any hurry to close her legs, enjoying the effect her exhibitionism was having on Kimmie.

“So, what’s it like having a lesbian for an aunt?” Amanda asked, now becoming conscious of her own arousal from the apparent interest Kimmie was showing in her cunt. “Has she ever, you know, like, cum on to you…or tried to, like, touch you?”

Kimmie gulped down some more of her soda and looked up at Amanda’s face once more, hesitating a little before replying. “Not really,” she finally answered. “I think she’s afraid of what my mom would say if she did. Her and my father were not that happy when she finally got up the courage to tell them she was a lesbian, especially when they thought back to the times she used to babysit me a few years ago before they even knew that about her. I mean, she’s hugged me a lot and even kissed me but that’s what aunts do anyway so it never seemed weird to me. I always loved sitting on her lap when I was younger and cuddling or tickling her. We used to play a lot of games like that. It was so much fun the nights she looked after me and I always got to stay up late, except we never told my parents. It was our little secret.”

“So what did it mean to you when you found out she was gay? What did you think?” Amanda asked, curious to get some idea of what Kimmie thought about lesbians.

“Well first of all my parents never told me anything when she came out to them. So it was only when Sylvia herself asked me if they’d said anything to me about her that I even knew there was something going on. I remember shaking my head and asking her what she meant. So it was then that she explained everything to me, saying that since I was now eleven I should know more about her. That was two years ago and it didn’t bother me at all ’cause we’d been taught at school in sex education all about the fact that some girls love other girls instead of going out with guys, and I remember Sylvia giggling when I asked her if she kissed and sexed with girls and not boys. She asked me how much I wanted to know and I said everything. So I got all the details. I hadn’t even thought much about what guys and girls did together besides kissing, which some of my girlfriends at school were already talking about doing, so it was a bit of a shock to hear what girls can do together, and what she’d actually done with other girls herself, including with your mom.”

And with me too, Amanda thought to herself, but decided to keep her mouth shut, for the time being anyway.

“I think I kinda blew her mind a bit last summer,” Kimmie continued, “when she took those pictures of me, ’cause I asked her if she thought I was sexy. So when she said I was I really got into some of the poses and like I told you, even though it felt a bit weird pulling my bikini bottoms up tight against my…cunt – there, I said it,” she giggled, “- after I saw the photos I could see why she thought I looked sexy.” She paused again to drink the remainder of her soda, and then added, looking back down between Amanda’s still open thighs again, “just like you look sexy now.”

“Oh wowzie, you really think I’m sexy?” Amanda asked her with a big grin on her face.

Kimmie blushed again, glancing once more up Amanda’s skirt at the cute, bald, ten year old pussy the young girl still had on display. “Well, yes,” she replied “not every girl sits in a restaurant showing off her naked cunt to someone she’s only just met, so that’s kinda sexy, yes.”

“See how much you’ve learned already today?” Amanda giggled. “That’s the third time you’ve called it a cunt, and this time you didn’t even hesitate. I think there’s hope for you yet,” she added slyly.

“You’re so bad, Amanda, but I love being with you. But we’d better get back up to the room now. We’ve been gone so long and I just know my mom’s going to yell at me.

“Yeah, I suppose we’d best go then,” Amanda reluctantly agreed, standing up and pulling her skirt back down. “But,” she added smiling, “I gotta go pee first so let’s go find the washroom.”

“It’s right outside in the hallway,” Kimmie told her. “I noticed it when we were coming in. And I have to pee too,” she added. She grabbed their empty bottles and left them on the tray beside the cafeteria entrance on the way out. As they left they passed by the two nurses who were still eating their dinner. Amanda smiled and waved goodbye to them, getting a wink in return from the younger one. The other one just ignored her.

Once inside the washroom Amanda grabbed Kimmie’s hand and whispered, “Come on in with me, I wanna show you something.” And before Kimmie could protest she dragged her into the first open stall they came to and closed the door behind them, leaving them squeezed together in the tiny, cramped space. It appeared they had the washroom to themselves anyway, but just in case, Amanda continued to whisper. “Watch what I can do,” she giggled, pulling up her skirt and standing over the toilet. Then, as Kimmie looked on in amazement the little girl pulled open the lips of her pussy and directed a stream of pee forcefully into the bowl, most of it finding the target until the flow eventually tapered off toward the end and a few drips splashed and splattered about, some running down inside her thighs. Grabbing some toilet paper she quickly dried herself, smiling triumphantly at her new friend. “See,” she told Kimmie, “you don’t have to be a boy to pee standing up. Wanna try for yourself?”

Kimmie looked at her doubtfully. “You can do it,” Amanda urged. “Here, I can help you.” And before Kimmie could protest Amanda had nudged her new friend in front of the toilet, grabbed the waistband of her shorts and pulled them and her panties down to her ankles. “Better step out of them,” Amanda suggested. “Just in case,” she giggled. The young teen looked unsure of what to do so once again helpful Amanda stood behind her and reached around in front of the young teen, grasping Kimmie’s labia and spreading them as widely apart as she could manage since, as she soon discovered to her delight, they were a little slippery. “Now, hunch down a bit and just… well, just let go,” she giggled encouragingly.

Tentatively at first, but then gaining more confidence as she seemed to be hitting the target, Kimmie peed into the bowl, watching more and more excitedly as her piss blended with Amanda’s, foamy bubbles quickly forming on the surface of the mixture. Then, as it had with Amanda, as her flow started to peter out it began to run awry and dribble down her thighs, eventually reaching her feet. Quickly, Amanda rolled off a strip of toilet paper and crouched down, running it up Kimmie’s legs in spite of the teen’s weak protest that she could do that herself. But there was no stopping Amanda now as she finally found herself at eye level with the thirteen year old’s pussy, noticing a small thatch of fine, dark hair surrounding her plump outer lips, while her prominent inner labia protruded quite noticeably from in between. She gently rubbed the toilet tissue over Kimmie’s cunt, enjoying the obvious slippery mixture of her pee with her pussy juices, once again indicating to the young girl that her new friend was definitely aroused by what she was experiencing.

“Amanda, let me do…oh my god!” was all the young teen could exclaim as Amanda’s tongue quickly replaced the tissue and slipped softly up and down between Kimmie’s wrinkled inner labia. Kimmie couldn’t help herself from grasping the back of Amanda’s head and thrusting herself more urgently against the young girl’s face. Amanda spread Kimmie’s lips wider and twirled her tongue in her own magical way in circles and figure eights, pausing momentarily a few times to concentrate on pointing the tip into the teen’s pee hole which her mom and Kayla had taught her sometimes drove many girls wild. Eventually, as Kimmie’s moans increased, she worked her way up to the teen’s clit which had hardened noticeably, wrapping her lips around it and flicking her tongue back and forth across the shiny protruding button. Recognizing how close Kimmie was to her climax, Amanda then reached behind her and spread her firm ass cheeks, the forefinger from her right hand finding the teen’s rosebud and slipping slowly and carefully inside the warm, smooth hole. This was all it took for Kimmie to finally explode as her orgasm overpowered her and she mewed loudly, squirming almost out of control against Amanda’s face, her juices flowing freely into the young girl’s open mouth.

Eventually she went rigid as the pulses in her young body started to subside and she froze against Amanda’s face, enjoying the new sensations caused by the young girl’s finger now planted deeply inside her clenching asshole. Amanda just held her new friend tightly to allow her to regain her self-control, feeling so proud of herself for giving Kimmie what was probably the strongest orgasm the teen had ever experienced. And that was shortly confirmed when her new friend slowly pulled herself away from Amanda and looked down at her with a glazed smile on her pretty face.

“Oh, Amanda,” she whispered, “I’ve never, ever felt anything like that before. It was the most wonderful feeling in the world.” And she cradled the young girl’s head against her upper thighs, softly stroking her long, now matted hair. Amanda pulled herself away and stood up in front of Kimmie, kissing her lips gently, letting the teen taste her own juices as she softly opened her mouth and slipped her tongue inside. They remained that way twirling their tongues together for a few minutes until suddenly the washroom door opened and somebody else entered a cubicle a little further down from them. Soon the sound of a fart, followed by the familiar hiss of pee, filled the air. Trying to refrain from giggling Amanda helped Kimmie on with her shorts and flushed the toilet, both girls hurrying to the sinks to quickly wash up and leave before whoever it was had finished. But they weren’t fast enough.

“You two look like you’ve been up to no good,” laughed the younger of the two nurses as she opened her cubicle door and stepped out, still buttoning up her uniform.

Oh, I don’t know about that,” giggled Amanda, relieved that it wasn’t the older nurse. “Kimmie thought it was really good, didn’t you, lover?” she quipped, as the teen once again blushed deeply.

“Well, just make sure you don’t get caught. You could get into a lot of trouble,” the nurse cautioned, as she washed her hands. “But it’s still sweet to see two such young girls who obviously know a lot about how to enjoy each other,” she winked, reaching for a paper towel.

Kimmie tugged on Amanda’s arm. “Come on,” she urged. “We’d better get back to the room before my mother sends out a search party. Then we’ll really be in a lot of trouble.”

Saying good-bye to the nurse, the girls quickly turned and left the washroom, heading hand in hand toward the elevator.

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    YES!…yes!…yes! loved this chapter. That Amanda is so precocious and so daring, love the immediate camaraderie she had with Kimmie, the scenario in the bathroom was amazing, and the surprise entrance of the “interested” young nurse was a great touch!( which I imagine Amanda would’ve loved doing to the nurse!)

    going quickly now to chapter six!…


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