Picture This, Chapter 3

  • Posted on July 13, 2015 at 9:33 am

By Jeneee

“So, what do you think, Mommy?” Amanda asked her mom as they left the restaurant. “Do you think she’s like us?”

Kayla smiled at her daughter. “Well, we’ll know in a week, won’t we dear?” And she reached for Amanda’s hand as they walked together through the parking lot toward their car. It had become a lot warmer since they had arrived at the mall earlier in the day and Kayla was happy they had dressed so lightly, especially now that it had attracted the attention of Gloria who she had to admit, she found quite attractive.

“I’m sure she must have seen me squeezing your ass while we were looking in the window, and I know she was looking at my reflection,” Amanda giggled at her mom. “I love when we go out like this together, Mommy. It gets me all tingly to know other people are looking at us, but I think she wants to do more than look, don’t you?” she asked Kayla hopefully, hugging her mother as they reached their car. “And she looked so sexy in those tight pants she was wearing. She has a nice ass too, just like you. I really like her Mommy, and I bet Sylvia will too,” she babbled on breathlessly.

“Sylvia?” Kayla replied. “She likes any cutie in a skirt,” she laughed.

“Or pants, or tight shorts,” Amanda giggled, “or especially naked. And I hope we get to meet her niece soon, too,” she added. “She seems so hot.”

Sylvia was Kayla’s long time girlfriend. They’d known each other since they were teens when they first discovered they were lesbians. Many a hot sleepover dotted their past and now Amanda had come to love her mother’s best friend as if she were an auntie. The feeling was mutual, of course, except that Sylvia still hadn’t quite come to terms with Kayla and her young daughter’s ‘public trawling,’ as she liked to call it. She was afraid they would attract the wrong kind of people, but she’d also realized that they were both exhibitionists and this did excite her when the three of them were out in public together. Sometimes Amanda would tease her terribly when they were out – for instance by wearing a short, plaited skirt and conveniently ‘forgetting’ her panties at home, daring to flash her sweet pussy or butt at Sylvia whenever the opportunity presented itself. And cheeky little Amanda made sure it presented itself often, usually leading to some rather hot sessions when they all got back home.

Sylvia’s sister was married and had a thirteen year old daughter whom Sylvia kept promising to introduce to Kayla and Amanda, but so far hadn’t had the opportunity. Now that her niece had reached her teens Sylvia was beginning to think her sister was becoming a bit overly protective of her daughter, Kimmie, and concerned that her sister might be tempted to ‘educate’ her in the ways of lesbian life. Even though her family had accepted Sylvia’s life-style, and had even met Kayla once or twice, they still weren’t overly happy about her choice of girlfriends, especially one with a young ten year old daughter who, in their opinion, was quite precocious for her age.

So far, they had been quite careful to make sure Kimmie and Amanda had never met each other – something that Amanda was hoping to see change soon, especially after hearing Sylvia’s description of her budding niece and then seeing the pictures Sylvia had taken of her in her bikini on their family vacation the previous summer when Kimmie was twelve. The bright yellow bikini was so tiny it barely covered her, her pointy, young nipples plainly visible under the flimsy top, and in one shot Sylvia had coaxed her young niece to pull the strings of the bikini bottom up so that it clung so tightly to her pussy that her lips almost peeked out on either side of the material. Of course, they’d made sure her parents didn’t get to see those particular pictures. All their suspicions about Sylvia would have surely been confirmed in their eyes.

Reaching their car, a silver minivan, Kayla unlocked the doors and they both climbed into the front, Amanda immediately squirming around a little in her seat as she tried to get comfortable on the hot, leather. Her mother laughed. “Shorts too tight, sweetheart?”

Amanda made a face at her mom and stuck out her tongue. “Yeah, they’re squishing my cunt Mommy – I can’t wait to get home and take them off.” And she tugged at the low waist and pulled them up and down to try to relieve the pressure against her delicate pussy which she now always referred to as her ‘cunt’ after hearing her mother and Sylvia frequently use the word in their hot lovemaking sessions which Amanda had initially overheard with her ear pressed tightly against their bedroom door, but had eventually eagerly joined in on during the past few months after begging her mom to let her. Initially Sylvia had been a little wary of Amanda’s participation but after discovering how skilful the young girl was in the art of lovemaking – something she soon realised her mother had had a lot to do with developing – and how eager she was to please not only her, but also her mother, she now looked forward to having Amanda together in bed with them.

“So why don’t you take them off now, honey, if it’s making you that uncomfortable? Nobody can see you in here anyway,” Kayla suggested, winking slyly at her daughter as the young girl continued to try to adjust her shorts.

“Actually, mmm…” Amanda replied. “It feels kinda nice if I…”

And as her mother looked over at her she could see Amanda had managed to pull her tiny, yellow shorts and panties up tighter between her legs so that her plump labia were now clearly on display on either side of her clothing which was now tightly wedged between her slightly swollen pussy lips. Kayla could feel herself beginning to moisten in her own shorts as she slowly pulled the minivan out of their parking spot and began to make their way toward the highway. As she glanced over at her daughter again, Amanda giggled and ran the tip of a finger over one of her puffy lips. “Like them Mommy?” she teased, spreading her thighs as wide as the front seat permitted. “Want a taste?” she offered, a big grin on her pretty face. And she suddenly leaned over and wiped a forefinger across her mother’s lips, but quickly pulled it away when Kayla opened her mouth to try to suck it in.

“You little devil,” her mother laughed. “Just you wait until I get you home, you slutty little daughter of mine.”

“Oooh! Gonna spank me, Mommy?” Amanda asked with a slight smirk on her face, now protectively cupping both of her hands over her pussy.

“You’d like that sweetheart, wouldn’t you?” Kayla teased, remembering the first time she’d held her little girl bare-assed over her lap with her panties down at her ankles after she’d acted up for some reason both of them soon forgot about, playfully swatting her plump cheeks until they turned a bright red, after which she’d lovingly kissed them, gently spreading the firm, well developed globes to reveal the tight, pink ring of her anus. That was the day they had both discovered how much Amanda enjoyed the attention her mother began to give to her cute little asshole – another first in their on-going exploration of each others’ erotic nature. Kayla’s tongue had then probed and pleasured her little girl’s butt for several minutes as she vigorously fingered her pussy and hard little clit, eventually leading to an explosive orgasm which surprised the both of them in its intensity, leaving Kayla’s lap soaked from the copious juices that poured from Amanda’s young vagina. Several times since that day they had enjoyed even more anal play, experimenting to such an extent that Kayla was now able to open Amanda’s asshole wide enough to accept two of her fingers deep inside her rectum, gently exploring the smooth and tender walls of what Amanda laughingly called her ‘little poop chute.’

“You know I would, Mommy. You’re always so nice to my little butt, especially after I show it off like I did today in these shorts,” she giggled. “I bet it was our asses that first attracted Gloria to us and that’s why she followed us, don’t you? Maybe she’s into ass play too, d’ya think?” she added. “I hope she is ’cause it looked like she has a real sexy ass in those tight pants of hers, and I’d just love to get to play with it.”

“You really have a thing about butts, Amanda. And you just love it when I fuck your tight little asshole, don’t you my dear?” Kayla teased, once again taking her eyes off the road for a second to look over at her precocious daughter.

“Mmm, especially when you have a finger in my cunt at the same time. It makes me feel so hot, Mommy,” Amanda replied, eyes now closed as she blatantly continued to caress her pussy with both hands. Kayla’s shorts were now definitely becoming wet but she forced herself to concentrate on her driving so they would get home quickly and in one piece. It wasn’t long, however, before Amanda let out a screech, followed by a long moan of satisfaction as she reached a climax from the manipulations of her well-trained fingers which she’d managed to slip underneath her tight shorts and panties. After recovering from her orgasm she once again leaned over and wiped one of her fingers across her mother’s lips, this time allowing Kayla to suck it into her mouth to enjoy the creamy juices of her little girl’s satiated, for now anyway, pussy.

“Delicious, as usual,” Kayla remarked, licking her lips as Amanda slowly pulled her finger away.

Ten minutes later they pulled into the driveway of their two story house and, using the remote, Kayla opened the automatic garage doors and parked the minivan. Amanda slid out of her seat and tugged at her shorts once more, pulling them free and relieving the pressure from between her legs, at the same time realizing that part of that pressure was due to the fact that she had to pee really badly.

“I think you’d better go take them off, sweetie,” Kayla advised, noticing how wet her daughter’s shorts had become from playing with her horny little pussy in the front seat. “And then you can join me in the shower if you like,” she added with a wink. “I have to get cleaned up, and if you want to help…” She left her suggestion unfinished and walked in through the side door from the garage into their kitchen, her shorts, Amanda couldn’t help noticing with a grin, firmly and deeply wedged between the cheeks of her beautiful bubble butt.

Amanda was only too happy to comply with her mother’s invitation, thinking slyly to herself that she’d try to hold her pee until after she jumped into the shower with her mom, something else the two of them had often playfully engaged in after her mom had surprised her one day in the shower by suddenly letting go with a torrent of golden piss as she shampooed her daughter’s long, dark hair. Amanda had watched in fascination as her mom’s pee squirted all over her, flowing down her tummy along with the shower water. After that first incident it became quite common for one or both of them to piss while they were showering, something most people did when they showered anyway, her mom had told her. Amanda had since become quite adept at spreading her lips and aiming her pee as she giggled, asking her mom where she wanted it each time. Sometimes, when they both had to pee at the same time, they would hug together in the shower and squeeze each others’ butts as they released their golden nectar. It was a thrill for Amanda to feel her piss merging with her mom’s and flowing warmly down her legs.

“Bend over Mom, and crouch down a bit and spread your ass open,” the young girl commanded her mother with a sly grin as she stepped into the shower.

“Wha…?” Kayla asked, looking around and seeing her little girl standing behind her, both hands pulling apart her puffy pussy. Laughing now that she realized what Amanda was about to do, she complied, and spread her cheeks so that her asshole opened slightly for her daughter. Seeing her target winking at her, Amanda let loose, releasing from her bladder a strong stream of piss, some of which actually splashed into her mother’s butt hole as if it were an enema before flowing out again over her fleshy labia and down her thighs into the tub. When her pee flow stopped Amanda quickly grabbed the soap container and squirted some creamy suds over Kayla’s backside, rubbing the scented mixture between her cheeks and dipping her finger into her mother’s still partially open asshole. She marvelled at how easily it slipped in and how deeply she was able to penetrate, first one finger and then two more. Kayla thrust her butt up as Amanda continued to slide her fingers in and out.

“Your turn to get ass fucked Mommy,” Amanda teased. “I know how much you like it too, remember?”

What started out as a shower soon ended up with mother and daughter quickly rinsing and towelling off, and heading for the bedroom to engage in a sensual and exhausting love making session that left both of them completely drained. As they lay together relaxing in the aftermath of their afternoon frolic they were roused by the ringing of the telephone on the table beside their bed.

Silvia was on her way over.

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  1. David says:

    Very erotic Jeneee, I love young/old lesbian love making but mother/daughter love makes it even more hot! Looking forward to the next chapter.

    • Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglaia says:


      Oh wow! after seeing yours and Sue’s good comments at the end of chapter one, I was intrigued to read further, and chapter two was really good also,the back story of Gloria was hot & fun to know, as it added more depth to her character,and now finishing this chapter, I’m compelled to read more! The ride home where Amanda totally teases her mom Kayla is so hot, as these few para-phrased lines demonstrate:

      …Amanda immediately squirming around a little in her seat as she tried to get comfortable on the hot leather. Her mother laughed. “Shorts too tight, sweetheart?”
      Amanda made a face at her mom and stuck out her tongue. “Yeah, they’re squishing my cunt Mommy–I can’t wait to get home and take them off.” And she tugged at the low waist and pulled them up and down to try to relieve the pressure against her delicate pussy, which she now always referred to as her ‘cunt’…

      Amazing! and then the way devilishly cute Amanda swiped her juices over her Mommy’s lips, but denied to let her suck them,…well, that was just too much! ( it’s a wonder that Kayla didn’t lose control of the car! ) And then later, the shower scenario was really HOT!

      Overall, so far, this a sexy fun story!…kudos to Jeneee!


  2. Bryan says:

    Holy shit this is hot

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