Picture This, Chapter 10

  • Posted on July 13, 2015 at 9:41 am

By Jeneee

Girlish giggles and whispers soon entered the room as Amanda appeared from the hallway hand in hand with one of the sweetest little girls I had ever seen. She was obviously a little older than Amanda and as they both approached us on the couch I knew right away that this had to be the new friend she had told me about, the daughter of Kayla’s girlfriend’s sister. Wearing a short, flared yellow skirt and a silky looking white top, she smiled somewhat shyly at me as the two of them stopped in front of us.

“Gloria, I’d like you to meet Kimmie. She’s my new girlfriend and I told her all about you at the hospital and how you were making that new thong fit me, and I just told her I got it on now so she wants to see it but I don’t think her mommy would like me showing her here so we’re going to run off to my bedroom quick. Okay?”

I smiled back at Kimmie as Kayla chuckled beside me at the words that came pouring from Amanda’s mouth. She spoke as quickly as she could, obviously wanting to get everything out before Kimmie’s mother followed her into the room. That would be any second now I knew as I could hear voices approaching us from the hallway, and Kayla, who had been listening with amusement to her daughter, rose to her feet to welcome presumably her girlfriend and her older sister to our little get together. “You can come with us if you want to,” Amanda added, bending down to whisper in my ear as she tugged Kimmie’s hand to lead her away, quickly grabbing her panties from the couch in her other hand.

“Maybe in a little while,” I mouthed to her as the pair skipped quickly away through the kitchen just in time as the other adults appeared in the doorway and were waved in by Kayla. Now it was my turn to be introduced.

“This is my girlfriend, Sylvia,” Kayla said as she hugged the younger of the two. “This is Gloria, hon. She’s the one I was telling you about that we met at the mall a week ago, remember? And,” she added, turning to the other woman, “this is her sister, Lynne.”

I stared at Lynne as something suddenly nagged in my mind. Then it hit me. And it must have hit her at the same time because her face turned deathly white. “Oh my god!” I exclaimed and then blurted out before I could stop myself, “You’re the one I caught with my mom that day. That day I came home from school early. You and her were…”

“…Oh please don’t say any…” she gasped, interrupting me. “Please…” she stopped, shoulders slumping, hands quickly rising to cover her eyes as if to wipe out a memory, a memory that she now realized would no longer remain hidden in her past. I saw the tears begin to slowly roll down her cheeks below her hands as she now knew it was too late.

Her secret bi-sexuality was about to be revealed.

“Sis?” Sylvia asked, looking first at Lynne, then back at me, as Kayla looked on wondering what was happening.

“You two know each other?” Kayla asked, looking curiously at me.

I nodded. “My mom and her were…friends. Well, a lot more than friends,” I added, my mind flashing back to that day school had finished earlier than usual and remembering the two of them kissing wildly as my mom’s hand had tucked itself down the front of Lynne’s panties, her dress raised high over her hips. I knew my mom had a girlfriend but so far I’d never actually seen them together, and I just stared in silent awe at the scene in front of me, speechless, watching in fascination as the two of them kissed and felt each other, not realizing I was there. Unknowingly I had gasped loudly and that’s when Lynne saw me and let out a screech as she pulled away from my mom and tugged her dress down, turning around and fleeing from the room and the house, never to return or even see my mother again.

Later my mom had explained that Lynne was paranoid about being found out by her family, especially since her sister, who I now knew was Sylvia, was a lesbian and was frowned upon by the rest of her family. What a hypocrite, I had thought to myself, as I’d apologised to my mom about breaking up their little scene, and as it turned out, breaking their relationship too.

Now, as Lynne’s embarrassment at being caught mounted, Sylvia came to her rescue and went over to give her a hug. “It’s okay sis, we’re all friends here, and I’m astounded that you could keep this to yourself and hide your real feeling from us all this time. But the person you really owe an apology to is your sweet daughter who, after all, is only taking after her mom – and me of course,” she added with a giggle.

Lynne removed her hands from her face which was soaked from her tears and put a hand to her sister’s face and looked her sadly in the eyes. “I’m sorry, so sorry, but I was afraid of breaking up my marriage because you know how straight he is and how he tried to make sure you and Kimmie were never alone together, and I went along with it, of course. Where is she, anyway?”

I chimed in, giggling, “She’s in Amanda’s bedroom, looking at the thong I fitted for her. It might be a good time for her to find out the truth about you though, before she feels any more guilt about going behind your back. Oh, and by the way, my mom did forgive you for running out that day, and it was quite an eye-opener for me too. It wasn’t every day I saw her with her hand in another woman’s panties.”

That had the effect of breaking the tension, and everyone giggled at the strange turn of events. “I think we’re all going to have a fun time this afternoon,” Kayla remarked, as we all quietly followed her down the hallway to Amanda’s bedroom. The door was closed, and we stood outside looking at each other wondering whether to knock or call out. As Sylvia finally put her hand on the doorknob we heard giggles from inside, followed by a ‘shhhh, they’ll hear us.’ Sylvia hesitated again but Kayla pushed past her and knocked loudly.

“Are you two coming to join the party or are you going to hide away in there all day?” she called out. “What’s going on in there anyway?” More like what’s coming off, I thought to myself as Kayla suddenly decided and pushed open the door, causing a screech from within as two little girls were immediately caught, literally with their pants down.

What greeted us were two young girls trying to quickly scramble to cover themselves after Amanda had shown Kimmie her new thong and then let Kimmie try it on after removing her own undies. Amanda had been able to grab her own panties and was in the process of pulling them up, while poor Kimmie was caught with the thong tightly pressed against her pussy, her own panties on the floor beside her, not knowing what to do as she felt her mother’s astonished eyes staring at her. She froze, tears coming to her eyes as she waited for the inevitable scolding she knew was about to come. But to everyone’s surprise, Lynne burst into laughter as she took in the scene before us. She quickly moved over to her daughter and hugged her telling her it was okay, she wasn’t in trouble. She then stood back a little, glancing down at Amanda’s thong hugging her so obvious cameltoe and looked back up at the surprised Kimmie saying, “It looks good on you sweetie. Maybe we should ask Gloria to do one for you, too.”

Collective sighs of relief spread around the room as what looked like could have been an explosive moment dissipated rapidly. “I thought you’d be so mad at me Mommy,” Kimmie said, hugging her mother tightly. We all watched this tender moment and a few gasps escaped the even more surprised onlookers as Lynne’s hand slowly slipped down her daughters back and gently cupped her naked butt, squeezing it lovingly as she kissed her first on the tip of her nose and then on her lips.

Pulling back a little from the now even more surprised Kimmie, she confessed, “I haven’t really been honest with you all these years, sweetheart. I’ve been fighting my own feelings, but seeing Gloria again,” and she nodded over to me, “I realize I just need to be myself. You see, Gloria’s mom and I used to be really good friends; well, more than friends,” and here she actually blushed, “but when Gloria burst in on us one day after she came home from school, I felt so guilty and rushed away and never saw her mom again. Then when I heard she died it really broke me up, and stupidly I thought it was punishment for me because of the way I had felt about her. And on top of that, my sister being the way she is and the way your dad looked down on her – well, it all affected me so much that I tried to reject my own feelings and also did all I could to keep you and Sylvia apart, afraid that she would corrupt you, and,” she giggled, “I guess I failed at that too, didn’t I?” she added, looking over at her younger sister.

As Kimmie gazed up at her mother, a big smile on her face, Amanda couldn’t hold her tongue any longer. “So,” she said, hands on her hips, her panties still at half mast, wondering if she was going to get her thong back from Kimmie, “you don’t mind if me and Kimmie are girlfriends then?”

Lynne looked over at her, smiling broadly. “Of course I don’t, sweetie.” And she took hold of Kimmie’s hand and led her over to Amanda, sneaking a quick look at the young girl’s adorable pussy. “Here, I give you my daughter as a gift from me. Just make sure you look after her and never hurt her.” And in front of us all the two girls hugged, then kissed as they quickly shuffled over to Amanda’s bed where they stretched out together, Kimmie sliding Amanda’s panties off all the way as she spread her own legs to allow Amanda’s hand to pull aside the silky material of the newly acquired thong and, in front of us all, slip her fingers inside her new girlfriend’s rapidly moistening pussy. What followed was a delicious display of two young girls deeply in love, inspiring us adults to give way to our own rapidly arousing desires.

Needless to say, the rest of the afternoon passed by in an almost frenzy of activity, which included me getting to know my mother’s old girlfriend much more intimately, (mmmm this is for you, Mom) as Sylvia and Kayla alternated between watching us, watching Amanda and Kimmie, and enjoying one of the hottest moments of their lives together.

And just in case you are wondering, and I’m sure you are, as the afternoon wore on, the pairings evolved into three or more of us together at the same time, which became a little complex but we managed. And how we managed!

And, yes, that cute little butt in those tight, bright, yellow shorts that started this whole tale in the mall in the first place, did eventually find itself in my competent hands. It was a dream come true. Spreading those firm, round, smooth cheeks and sliding my tongue slowly up and down in between, then dipping it into her delightfully musky rosebud, made everything that occurred over the past week worthwhile.

And when the one person I had yet to meet, the nurse Susan from the hospital, rang the doorbell as we were pausing from our activities to catch our breath, and told Kayla that her schedule had changed and that she took a chance in coming over now instead of Sunday….well, I’ll leave it to your fertile imaginations to picture the rest of the evening. If I remember, we did get around to eating much later on. Food, that is! Giggle.


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    Hmm? oh well, all good things must cum to pass! a bit of a let down ( IMHO ),as this story definitely needs a few more chapters describing the “intricacies” of the fantastic party that the lovely characters surely must have enjoyed…Maybe some intrepid author will take up the mantle and rewrite the ending so as to expand it more..only time will tell, and right now she’s mum.


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