Learning French

  • Posted on July 9, 2015 at 9:29 am

By JetBoy

While dialing the combination of her locker one day at the posh private school she attended, sixth grader Lisette Jausserand happened to overhear ten-year-old Cathy Butler speaking to a couple of her friends as she removed a spiral notebook from her own locker, a glum expression on her pretty face.

“God, I’m having such a hard time with my French class!” Cathy sighed. “I try — I really do try — but I just can’t keep up.”

“Why’d you even take French?” asked Cathy’s friend Sondra. “Everyone knows Ms. Beeks is a total hard-ass.”

“I heard she gets wicked pissed if you make mistakes,” added Paige Perkins, rolling her eyes behind the thick glasses she wore. “Gina told me she even throws stuff sometimes!”

Slamming her locker door shut, Cathy grimaced. “Yeah, she’s really awful… but see, Mommy promised to take me to Paris this summer if I can learn French well enough.” The three girls began to make their way down the hall toward their next class. “How could I say no to that? But if I fail the class, not only will I not get to go, I’ll have a bad grade on my report card. Probably even get grounded…”

Lisette couldn’t make out Sondra’s reply — but her attention was elsewhere at that point, taken by a very enticing idea that was unfolding in her mind.

Though she and Cathy barely knew one another — they were two years apart, after all, practically an eternity at their ages! — it hadn’t escaped Lisette’s notice that the blonde fourth-grader was incredibly cute.

She suspected that Cathy could be a valuable addition to her circle of intimate friends, but knew that she had to be very careful about recruiting a such a young girl to join their clique.

Now, Cathy had given her the perfect opening. As Lisette’s mother had been born and raised in France, Lisette was thoroughly fluent in the language. And I’m always eager to come to the aid of a damsel in distress, she told herself with a thoughtful smile. Especially such a pretty one.

Later that afternoon, as she opened her locker for the last time that day, Lisette spied Cathy on her own. Quickly tossing her books inside and closing the door with a sharp bang, she hailed the petite blonde.

“Hey, Cathy!” she cheerfully exclaimed. “Got a minute?”

Cathy was wide-eyed with mixed excitement and nervousness as the older girl approached her. Lisette was one of the most popular kids in school, one who moved in far more elevated circles than a mere fourth-grader like Cathy could hope to reach.

“Um, yeah, s-sure!” she replied, doing her best to assume a casual air. “What’s up?”

Lisette gave the younger girl a huge smile, as if they were already best friends. Taking Cathy’s arm, she guided her down the hall and into an infrequently-used stairwell.

As the door clicked shut behind them, Lisette leaned close, addressing Cathy in an intimate tone. “I wasn’t trying to snoop, honestly, but I heard you this morning when you were talking about having a hard time with French class.” She grinned, shaking her head. “That bitch Ms. Beeks is making your life hell, huh? She taught my Social Studies class last year. God, I could not stand her! Doesn’t it always look like she’s been sucking on lemons?” She made a grotesquely puckered face.

Cathy couldn’t help but giggle at Lisette’s gleeful rudeness. “Wow, that’s totally her!” She paused, sighed. “Yeah, I’m not doing too well in her class. Thing is, my grades are usually good…”

“Sure,” Lisette hastened to reassure the girl. “I heard that you’re pretty smart.” She didn’t really know any such thing, but wanted to put Cathy at ease.

“Oh, thanks!” a flattered Cathy replied. “There’s just something about French that… I don’t know what it is, but I get all confused. So many words sound just alike, and if you get one little bit of it wrong, everything gets messed up! And God, that masculine-feminine thing…” She sighed heavily, then looked up at Lisette, somewhat puzzled. “So, um… why’d you ask?”

“Well, here’s the deal: I know French like the back of my hand, ’cause my mom grew up there. Seriously, there are times when she and I only speak French around the house. So I was thinking that maybe I could, y’know, give you some help.”

Cathy’s eyes widened. “Really!?” she exclaimed. “Um, yeah, sure! That would be awesome!”

“Hey, no sweat,” Lisette replied. “Are you busy after school tomorrow? You can come over, we’ll study for a couple hours, and you can stay for dinner. How’s that sound?”

If anything, Cathy seemed even more excited. “Great! I’d love to!”

“Give me your home number, then,” murmured Lisette, taking a pen and a notepad covered with scribbling out of her bag. “I’ll have my mom call your mom.” An awed Cathy stammered out her number, and a gleeful Lisette jotted it down. “Cool! I’ll meet you tomorrow at our lockers after last class. See ya…” Flashing the younger girl a friendly grin, Lisette turned to leave.

“S-see you,” replied Cathy, still dazed, but Lisette was already gone.

Making her way to the side exit of the school, Lisette was tingling with anticipation. She adored the girls in her regular crowd, but had been feeling the urge to make a new special friend. Someone younger, one who might be open to a different kind of fun. Bet Mom will really like her too, she thought.

As for Cathy, she was on Cloud Nine the whole way home, almost unable to believe her good fortune — not just because of the help she’d get with her French, but because Lisette was a sixth grader! Having an older friend, especially a girl as widely liked as Lisette was, was a huge deal at their school.

Then there were those schoolyard rumors of Lisette and her friends being involved in “make-out parties,” that had intrigued her, ever since she first heard the gossip. Cathy herself had yet to even kiss a boy, though she didn’t know of any who were worth kissing in the first place. Sometimes it seemed as if all the boys her age were jerks, slobs, dumbheads or dweebs. Still, all the furtive whispering she’d heard about the sixth-grade girls and their make-out parties made it all sound incredibly fun and exciting. Maybe she knows cooler boys than I do, Cathy reasoned.


The next day, Cathy was brimming with pride as she sat with Lisette and the other sixth graders on the school bus. Lisette got teased by a couple of classmates for her new “little friend,” but Lisette told them to mind their own business. And when that creep Glen Dugger noticed Cathy and made a snide comment to Lisette about her “hanging out with little kids,” she ordered him to get lost. Watching Glen flush bright red and slink away while the other girls giggled was a sight that Cathy wanted to etch in her mind forever.

A few minutes later, Lisette led Cathy into her home, peering about. “Mom?” she called.

Cathy’s eyes widened as a gorgeous brunette woman entered the living room. “Hello, ma cherie,” Ms. Jausserand murmured, bending to give her daughter a kiss on the cheek. “And this must be your new friend,” she continued, taking the fourth-grader’s hands in hers. “Bonjour, Cathy. Welcome to our home.”

“M-merci beaucoup, Ms. Jausserand,” Cathy stammered.

“Ah! Very nicely spoken,” the woman replied, clearly pleased. “Well, I imagine you need to get started right away… and I have to get back to my roast chicken. I’ll bring you both something to drink.” Giving Cathy a fleeting wink, she exited the room.

“Gosh,” Cathy whispered, staring down the hallway at Ms. Jausserand’s receding figure. “Wow, your mom is so… so pretty!” She turned to Lisette. “Was she ever a model?”

“Well, Mom did some bathing suit ads, back when she was a teenager,” Lisette said, delighted to see Cathy’s response to her mother’s beauty. Good sign, she told herself.

“Was that when she lived in France?”

“Sure was,” replied Lisette. “I’ve got old copies of the magazines up in my room. I’ll show ’em to you after dinner. C’mon, let’s get comfy!” Taking Cathy’s hand, she led the girl over to the couch.

Forty-five minutes later, Lisette and Cathy were engrossed in French.

“Thanks so much for helping me out, Lisette,” Cathy said after she’d successfully conjugated a list of irregular verbs. “I can’t imagine what… but if there’s anything I can do for you, just ask me, okay?”

“Oh, I’ll think of something,” Lisette replied, a mysterious smile on her lips. She leaned in close, allowing her shoulder to casually brush against Cathy’s as they continued with their lesson.

“French is so beautiful… I wish I could speak it like you do,” Cathy sighed a few minutes later, as Lisette gave her some tips on pronunciation.

“Don’t worry, Catherine,” Lisette reassured her, “Just give me some time to teach you the basics — I’ll have you sounding just like a Parisian girl before you know it!”

Cathy loved the way Lisette sounded out her full name, and how the older girl wrapped an arm around her waist when giving words of encouragement. A warm, tender feeling was welling up inside the fourth-grader as their studies progressed. Wow, she thought, I knew Lisette was way pretty and smart… but she’s also really, really nice, too!

Suddenly Lisette noticed a small photo album among Cathy’s things. “Hey, Cathy… does this have pictures of you in it? Can I see them?”

Cathy felt shy about letting someone she’d only just gotten to know taking a peek at the photographs in her album, not least because some of them were snaps of her and some friends playing dress-up. “Oh… you don’t wanna see those silly pictures!” she exclaimed, her face flushed with embarrassment. The last thing she wanted was for her cool new friend to see her playing little-girl games!

“Of course I do!” Lisette replied, and began flipping through the album. When she came to the photos of Cathy and her two friends mugging for the camera in skimpy outfits, Lisette let out a gasp of shock and wide-eyed awe.

“Ooh-la-la!” Lisette exclaimed as she admired a photo of Cathy posing in a makeshift halter top and pair of short shorts. “Tres sexy, ma belle!” she continued with a wink, much to Cathy’s nervous delight.

“Oh, we were just goofing around,” Cathy said, almost apologetically.

“You look totally hot, though,” Lisette nodded, still studying that photo. “I see now why my friends wanted me to invite you to one of our make-out parties — course, I wanted to ask you to the last one!”

In truth, she was sure her friends barely knew that Cathy existed. But if tonight goes like I hope it does, they’ll be totally into this little cutie! Lisette told herself, repressing an urge to giggle.

“You… you know boys who asked if I could come to your party?” Cathy exclaimed in surprise.

“No, silly!” Lisette giggled. “I meant my girlfriends!” She studied the cute younger girl thoughtfully. “Can you keep a secret, Cathy? A big secret? I mean, cross your heart and may you be struck dead by lightning if you ever tell?”

“Um… sure!” Cathy hastened to assure her new friend. “I won’t tell anyone, I promise!”

“Not even your best friends,” Lisette continued, her voice low and serious. “I really like you, Cathy… and I want us to be close, but that means you can’t breathe a word of what I’m gonna tell you to anybody.”

Her eyes locked with Lisette’s, Cathy slowly nodded. “I swear.”

“Okay… I believe you. Well, here’s the thing about our make-out parties. We don’t let stupid boys come to them at all.” She shook her head defiantly. “Nope. Only cute girls get invited!”

Cathy struggled to understand. “So then, you aren’t really, um, fooling around when you have a party?”

Lisette gave Cathy a bad-girl smile, one that made the ten-year-old feel all quivery and strange inside. “Oh, we are, we totally are — just not with guys…”

“You mean… y-you, um, make out… with girls?” Cathy asked, in mingled shock and disbelief.

“That’s right,” purred Lisette. “All the coolest girls are doing it with each other now. Does that weird you out?”

“Er, I’m not sure. What’s it like?”

“It’s the best!” Lisette exclaimed, all but bouncing up and down where she sat. “Oh, Cathy, you can’t even imagine how good it feels, just to kiss a cute girl! And that’s only the start of the fun we have.”

Now growing intrigued, Cathy leaned in closer. “Tell me.”

“Well, we usually start with a game of Spin-the-Bottle, and get all warmed up by kissing each other,” Lisette continued, “and then we go on to something like Truth or Dare, strip poker or strip Twister. See, the idea is for all of us girls to get our clothes off, a little bit at a time. That way, by the time we’re all naked, everyone’s all excited and ready to have fun. Then we take turns checking each other out — y’know, see whose boobies are growing the most, and who is getting hair on their pussies.” She gave Cathy a bashful grin. “I only have a little hair down there, but when it comes in for real, I’ll prob’ly shave it off, like my mom does. Anyhow, once we’re all naked, that’s when the making out really gets started.”

“Wow,” an awed Cathy whispered. “That… that sounds pretty wild.” She’d felt herself getting warm and tingly as Lisette gleefully described the lewd carryings-on she indulged in with her girlfriends.

“Oh, it is!” grinned Lisette, eyes sparkling. “One time, like at the third party or so, someone brought over sexy magazines with lesbians in them… we got all kinds of great ideas from reading those.”

“But, um… what kind of things do lesbians do together? I — I’m not really sure I know…”

“It’s awesome!” exclaimed Lisette. “First, we take turns kissing — with our tongues and everything! We touch each other’s titties, and take turns sucking each other’s nipples, too. Sometimes we even rub our pussies together.. but the best thing of all is licking another girl’s pussy, or getting yours licked. Oh, and one time, we were playing Truth or Dare at Ginny Ziegler’s place — you know Ginny’s big sister? I forget her name.”

“No,” Cathy replied, “I don’t know Ginny that well.”

“You will if you come to a make-out party… she’s wicked sexy! Anyhow, her big sister was there, and she hung out with us, even though she’s in high school. Cool, huh?”

“I… I guess.”

“Well, she took all her clothes off, too, and made out with us some. But what she really liked was girls’ bottoms, so she got all of us on our hands and knees — and licked our buttholes!” She burst into giggles. “Oh my God, that was totally amazing…”

Cathy sat enthralled by Lisette’s remembrances of sex with other girls, squeezing her thighs together as she felt a growing warmth in her panties. She gazed longingly at Lisette, wondering what it would be like to be kissed by her.

Sensing the girl’s obvious fascination, Lisette moved in for the seduction she’d had in mind all along. “So, Catherine,” she cooed, “what do you think? Does that sound like a party you’d like to come to?”

Cathy cautiously smiled, shifting in her seat as she pondered the mysteries of lesbian love. Fascinated and curious as she was to be introduced to this tantalizing new world, she still felt a little apprehensive. Finally, she hesitantly replied. “Uh… it sure seems like fun…”

Lisette sensed her guest’s nervousness, but could also tell that Cathy was open to learning about making love to a girl. She just needed a gentle nudge in the right direction…

“Y’know, I just started growing boobies,” Lisette declared. “Wanna see ’em?”

Cathy’s eyes dropped to the twelve-year-old’s chest. Moistening her lips, she slowly nodded. “S-sure.”

Lisette smiled. “I’m not gonna flash them at you, though… if you want a look, you’ve gotta pull my top up yourself.” Cathy hesitated, and Lisette raised the stakes. “C’mon, I dare ya!”

Despite her shyness, Cathy couldn’t pass on a dare. Reaching out for the hem of her friend’s turtleneck sweater, she tugged it up high enough to expose Lisette’s budding breasts. She stared at them, feeling a sudden urge to extend her hand and touch one.

“Oh… hi, Mom!” Lisette exclaimed, as her mother Yvonne entered the room at just the right moment to catch Cathy checking out her daughter’s titties.

“Bonjour, girls,” Yvonne calmly replied. “Dinner will be ready in about an hour.”

Cathy stood rooted to the spot, frozen in place and beet-red with embarrassment. The bottom of Lisette’s top was still clutched in both her hands, her friend’s chest completely bared.

“We’re just fooling around a little, Mommy,” Lisette giggled, “I wanted Cathy to see my boobies!”

“So I noticed!” Lisette’s mother chuckled, sitting down to enjoy the proceedings. She was a long-time lesbian herself, with her daughter the product of her one heterosexual dalliance. And she took enormous pleasure in Lisette’s choice to follow in her footsteps, especially at such an early age.

Cathy was taken aback at Ms. Jausserand’s calm response to what they’d been doing — and that she was still in the room with them! At least she isn’t mad, Cathy told herself, finally managing to release Lisette’s top and take a step away..

Lisette loved the interest that her mom took in her young girlfriends, and decided then and there to put on a show for Yvonne’s amusement. She pulled her sweater up and off, carelessly tossing it on the floor, then reached over to give Cathy’s skirt a playful tug..

“Hey, what are you doing?” Cathy exclaimed, startled..

“Showing Mommy what a sexy girl you are!” Lisette squealed as she gave Cathy’s skirt a sharp yank, pulling it down to below her little friend’s thighs. The girl wore transparent white tights with pink and white panties underneath.

“Oooh, look at Cathy’s cute underpants!” Lisette teased as she and Cathy played tug-of-war with the young girl’s skirt.

“Hey, give it back!” a horrified Cathy cried out as Lisette won the contest, snatching her skirt away.

Yvonne could see that Cathy was becoming upset. Deciding that her daughter was taking the seduction of her young friend a bit too quickly, she elected to intervene on Cathy’s behalf — but without putting the brakes on her little girl’s fun.

“Now, Lisette,” she sternly admonished, “that’s no way to treat your guest, and certainly no way to behave toward a young lady!” She folded her arms, gazing sternly at her daughter. “Apologize to Cathy.”

“I’m sorry, Cathy,” Lisette mumbled. She wore an appropriately contrite look on her face, but a twinkle in the preteen’s eyes let Yvonne know that Lisette was wise to the game she was playing. After all, mother and daughter had used the same gambit with other young girls…

“Oh, it’s okay, Ms. Jausserand,” Cathy mumbled, peering bashfully at the attractive mother. “She just caught me by surprise.”

Yvonne smiled at her daughter’s luscious little friend. “You’ll have to excuse Lisette,” she sighed, “she’s a naughty girl and gets carried away sometimes.” She pretended to get an idea. “Tell you what, Cathy… why don’t you take Lisette’s pants off? That’s only fair.”

Liking this idea, Cathy wheeled on her friend, thrilled by the startled, huge-eyed expression on her friend’s face. “My turn!” she cried, grabbing at Lisette’s wrists.

Giggling, Lisette turned to flee, only to laugh even louder when Cathy grabbed the waistband of her bright red pants. “No, no, no!” she shrieked. “Not yet — not yet, okay?”

Puzzled, Cathy paused in mid-tug. “Not yet?” she frowned. “How come? You got to take my skirt off!”

Seizing her chance, Lisette pulled free — dancing away from the girl she wanted as more than a friend. Way more, she told herself, checking out Cathy’s cute panties, now clear as day through the white tights the girl wore.

“I don’t want you to take my pants off,” Lisette declared, “cause I want to undress for you myself! I know how to do it really sexy, and I get completely bare naked, too — don’t you want to see that?”

Cathy thought about it just long enough to realize that yes, she did want to see Lisette naked. In fact, she wanted it a lot. Does that make me a lesbian? she wondered. Then she decided that it didn’t matter. It’s just a word.

“Okay, I guess,” Cathy replied, trying to sound more indifferent than she genuinely felt. In fact, she was very excited.

It was weird, though, having her friend’s mom hanging around while they were half naked — and now Lisette had just promised to take all her clothes off! Didn’t Ms. Jausserand even care? Cathy stole a quick glance at the older woman, only to see her smiling.

“Good,” Lisette purred, standing bare-breasted before Cathy. “But if I’m gonna do my special sexy dance for you, then you gotta let me do something first.”

“What’s that?” asked Cathy, sneaking another hasty peek at Lisette’s mother, who definitely seemed to be enjoying herself.

“Let me take your top off!” she giggled, reaching out to grab the sleeve of the cute red and black garment that Cathy wore. “Since you get to see my titties, I ought to see yours!”

Heart racing, Cathy stared at the older girl, uncertain whether to let Lisette have her way or not. She wasn’t sure how she felt about having more of her clothes removed, especially in front of Ms. Jausserand. But if I don’t, she told herself, she’ll think I’m too scared to play with the big girls.

“C’mon, don’t be shy!” Lisette coaxed. “It’ll be lots of fun — you’ll see!”

“Oh… okay,” Cathy nervously replied, lifting both her arms so that Lisette could pull her top up.

Lisette gave her mom a knowing smile as she bared her younger friend’s upper half, exposing the newly blossoming buds that adorned Cathy’s chest. Yvonne smiled back. After all, this wasn’t the first time her daughter had brought home another girl for their mutual enjoyment!

Carelessly dropping Cathy’s top on the sofa, Lisette gazed appreciatively at the ten-year-old girl. “Oooooh… look, Mom!” she exclaimed, “Cathy’s growing boobies!”

Cathy blushed hotly as the older woman admired her. “Ah, yes, I see!” Yvonne smiled. “Don’t be shy, ma cherie — you are a lovely young woman.”

Lisette turned to her mother. “You gotta take your top off too, Mom, if you want to stay and play with us, don’t you think?”

“Makes sense to me, honey,” Yvonne replied, then began to unbutton her blouse.

Cathy’s mouth hung slack, her heart throbbing as she watched Lisette’s beautiful mother slip out of her top, then shrug out of her blue silk bra. Then, while she was distracted by the sight of Ms. Jausserand’s small yet gorgeous breasts, Lisette suddenly began to playfully pull at her little friend’s white tights.

“I bet you fool around with all your girlfriends, now that you’re so sexy and started growing boobies!” Lisette teased.

“N-no, I don’t!” Cathy indignantly replied, her cheeks burning.

“Well… maybe it’s time you started!” Lisette chirped as she helped Cathy slip out of her tights. This time, Cathy didn’t hesitate, lifting her feet to assist. Her shyness was fast disappearing, replaced by the urge to throw herself wholeheartedly into the game — whatever it was.

“What do you think, Mom? Should we show Cathy how much fun it is to make love?” Lisette cooed.

“Yes, ma cherie,” Yvonne replied, “but only if she really wants us to.” The older woman then gave Cathy a reassuring smile as she unhooked and removed her skirt, revealing tiny panties, the same shade of blue as her bra.

Lisette turned back to Cathy, a dreamy expression on her face. “How ’bout it? Wanna make love with Mom and me?”

Cathy had imagined herself making love before, but never could have anticipated that her first time would be with another girl and her mother! Excited though she was, Cathy was hesitant to take the plunge — but as Lisette caressed her budding breasts, pausing to gently pinch the pert nipples, she was soon persuaded.

“Yeah, sure!” Cathy agreed, a warm, tingly sensation intensifying between her legs as she felt Lisette’s hands wander down to fondle her bottom. She watched in awe as Ms. Jausserand slipped out of her panties, her eyes drawn to the neatly trimmed pubic triangle that adorned the older woman’s vulva.

Now completely nude, Lisette’s mom padded over to her daughter, moving behind the girl. “Let me help you with these, angel.” Reaching around Lisette’s waist, Yvonne popped the top button of the twelve-year-old’s bright red pants, slowly tugged the zipper down, then drew the pants down to her little girl’s ankles, revealing cute tan knickers.

As Lisette stepped out, she reached over to grasp the waistband of Cathy’s pink and white underpants, grinning at her new friend as she gave them a tiny tug downward.

“So… are we g-gonna take off all our clothes?” Cathy stammered as Lisette gave her panties a second tug, this time pulling them down to just past her bottom.

“Of course we are, silly!” Lisette giggled. “You can’t make love unless you’re totally bare-butt naked!” With that, she went down on both knees, pulling the cotton panties down to ring Cathy’s ankles. Staring hungrily at Cathy’s perky little ass, Lisette drew closer — placing a tender kiss upon one pale cheek, then the other.

“Oooh, that tickles!” Cathy squealed, a delicious shudder passing through her body. But soon she began to sigh with pleasure as Lisette’s kisses became slower, deeper, more sensual; the sixth-grader’s lips like warm silk against her bottom.

Now Yvonne drew nearer, her eyes warm with desire as she studied the nude little girl, mouth watering at the sight of her smooth slit. “You are exquisite,” she murmured, placing a hand on Cathy’s shoulder. “May I play with you too, sweetheart?”

Cathy was trembling visibly, her heart racing. “Y-yes, please,” she gasped.

Kneeling before the young girl, Yvonne bent to lick at a hard little nipple, then took the pink nubbin between her lips.

With an astonished whimper, Cathy took Yvonne’s head in her arms, cradling the woman to her chest. Was this a make-out party? If so, it was even nicer that she could have imagined! Lisette was bathing her bottom in hot, open-mouthed kisses, while Ms. Jausserand sucked and licked her nipples. “Oh, gosh,” she breathed. “Oh, gosh.”

Breaking away from the child’s barely-there breasts with a tiny smack, Yvonne rose to her feet. “Come, now, pretty Cathy,” she purred, caressing her cheek. “Lie down on the sofa. We’re going to make love to you.”

Cathy felt a surge of excitement at those words. Make love? What the heck were they doing to me just now, then? But she said nothing, just gave a shy nod and moved toward the couch.

“Wait, Mom!” interrupted Lisette, leaping to her feet. “First, I wanna kiss her!”

Suddenly Cathy was enfolded in her friend’s soft arms, their bodies pressed snugly together. Lisette’s eyes seemed to peer into her very soul. “I love you, Cathy,” the girl whispered. “We’re gonna have such a good time, you’ll see!” Then Lisette’s mouth was on hers in a deep, lingering kiss.

Cathy could actually feel her sex growing moist as Lisette’s warm, wet tongue probed between her parted lips, and she responded without hesitation. As the two girls’ tongues mingled, Yvonne gently caressed their beautiful young bodies.

Finally, Lisette broke away, turning to her mother with a grin. “Okay, Mom… she’s all yours. For right now, anyway!”

“Mmmm, what a good little girl I have, sharing with her mother,” Yvonne cooed. “But first, honey… why don’t you give me one of those yummy kisses?”

Though she knew it was rude, Cathy couldn’t keep from staring in astonishment as mother and daughter came together in a clinging embrace. They were really kissing, too — tongues darting back and forth. Lisette was fondling her mom’s bare bottom with both hands.

Cathy had never conceived of such an idea — never knew such a thing was possible. Sex with your mom? That’s so crazy! But kinda hot, too…

“Surprised?” Lisette giggled, turning to Cathy, still hugging her mother. “Mom was my very first lover. We share everything — even our girlfriends!”

“All right, Lisette,” Yvonne chuckled, releasing her daughter. “I think we’ve shocked poor Cathy enough for one day.” Reaching out to encircle the ten-year-old’s elbow with her long, elegant fingers, she gave Cathy a reassuring smile. “Now it’s your turn, sweetheart.”

Dazed, Cathy allowed Ms. Jausserand to lead her to the couch, then lay her down, gently parting the girl’s thighs before lying between them.

“Yeah, Mom — get her pussy nice and juicy for me!” Lisette urged. She hungrily licked her lips, eyes dancing with anticipation as her mother gently parted the moist petals of Cathy’s flower.

Cathy was quivering inside, staring in disbelief at Ms. Jausserand. Omigod, is she really going to…

A choked cry escaped the child’s throat as Yvonne gave Cathy’s pink cleft a long, slow lick with the flat of her tongue. Then another. Once more — then the woman pressed her lips to Cathy’s pudenda, pleasuring her new lover with an eager mouth.

Cathy moaned, every fiber of her being alive with dizzying sensations. Nothing she’d ever experienced in her first decade of life had been this intense, this marvelous. Closing her eyes, the little girl surrendered to the moment.

Then she felt a light tap on her shoulder and, startled, turned to peer up at Lisette. “Watch me while Mom licks you!” her friend said. “I’m gonna take my panties off for you — all sexy, like I said I would.”

Moistening her lips, Cathy gave Lisette a shaky nod. “Okay.”

Lisette began to undulate, moving her slender body as if to some unheard music. Lewdly grinding her hips, the twelve-year-old cupped her slight breasts, cooing happily while teasing her nipples. She spun around, then bent over, thrusting her bottom out and shaking it.

Cathy watched, enthralled, while feeling something she never had until today: sexual desire for another girl. She wanted Lisette in her arms again; longed to kiss her, touch her naked body.

A sharp shock of pleasure pulsed through Cathy as Ms. Jausserand’s tongue grazed that tiny point on her pussy, the place that felt especially nice when she touched it — though never as nice as this!

Cathy’s eyes were glued to the front of Lisette’s underpants as the girl clutched her inner thighs, spreading both legs wide apart. She ached to see the treasure concealed inside those panties. I wanna touch her there, she realized. Kiss her there. And lick her, too. I love her, I love Lisette!

Turning around to show off her cute little butt again, Lisette grasped her panties at the bottom and began to slowly, slowly draw them down.

Yvonne lay sprawled on her belly between Cathy’s legs, French kissing the child’s slit as if it were a lover’s mouth. The girl was surprisingly juicy for one so young, and the sexy 35-year-old mother savored every drop of her nectar.

Hands covering her nipples, palming them, Cathy watched as Lisette’s bottom came into view, inch by inch. I’m a lesbian, she told herself. I am, I’m so totally a lesbian! The heat beneath her tummy was rising, stealing her breath, stoked by Ms. Jausserand’s wonderful mouth and tongue.

Now Lisette was pushing her underpants down to the floor and stepping free of them, hands on hips, proudly displaying her flawless rump as she glanced back over her shoulder at Cathy. “Like my butt?”

Surprising herself, Cathy gasped, “Yeah! It’s — it’s really pretty… c-can I kiss it?”

“Ooooohh, yeah!” Lisette squealed. “Sure you can!” Moving closer, she bent over, presenting her bottom to the panting fourth-grader.

Cathy’s head swam as she reached out to touch the firm yet incredibly soft globes, trailing her fingertips across the pale skin. Lifting her head, she placed a light kiss upon the left cheek, breathing in Lisette’s scent and liking it. Parting her lips, she kissed the opposite cheek, letting her mouth linger.

“Oh, Cathy,” sighed Lisette, “that feels nice…”

Emboldened by newly-discovered lust, Cathy grew more aggressive, nuzzling and licking the tender flesh — already wanting to use her mouth on Lisette’s pussy. She was on the verge of asking her friend to turn around so she could do just that when Ms. Jausserand, still lying between Cathy’s legs, did something down there that made the ten-year-old throw her head back and cry, “Oh!”

Lisette whirled around, alarmed. “Mom! You’re not gonna make Cathy come, are you?”

Raising her head from Cathy’s vulva, Yvonne gave her daughter a sheepish smile. “Sorry about that, hon,” she murmured, licking her glistening lips, “I got carried away.” Her gaze shifted to a puzzled Cathy, who was now propping herself up on both elbows. “You see, Lisette wanted to be the first to… get you off.”

Yvonne rose to her feet, stretching lazily, and Lisette quickly took her place between Cathy’s soft, supple thighs, grinning wickedly at the ten-year-old. “Have you ever come before, Cathy?”

Having perused her mom’s issues of Cosmopolitan a few times, Cathy knew what “coming” was, but wasn’t certain what it felt like. “Um… I’m not sure,” she admitted, embarrassed.

“You haven’t, then!” Lisette giggled. “Just wait — I’m gonna do it to you, an’ you’re gonna think you went to heaven!” With that, she dipped down to take a lick.

Cathy lay back, staring sightlessly at a crack in the ceiling as Lisette sucked, lapped and nibbled at her pussy. She was far more aggressive a lover than Ms. Jausserand had been. Once again, Cathy felt the pleasure rising inside, only faster this time.

The sofa was a bulky sectional, large enough that Yvonne was able to stretch out next to Cathy. Placing a hand upon the young girl’s chest, Yvonne whispered into her ear. “Precious child, you are absolutely perfect, so beautiful. Let my daughter make love to you, let her kiss that sweet, sweet pussy of yours. Doesn’t her mouth feel good? I know it does, because she’s licked me there too, you know, many times…”

“Ohhhhhh, oh gosh yes, it d-does feel good, Ms. Jausserand… mmm, s-something’s happening, I’m, I’m, I’m….”

“That’s it, baby girl — come for me and Lisette.” Yvonne’s fingers were gently plucking at Cathy’s nipples. “Let my daughter taste your sweetness… oh yes, you’re a good girl, such a good little girl…”

As Yvonne’s words trailed off, Cathy exploded in her first ever orgasm, her childish body shuddering in rapture as Lisette lovingly nursed on her clitoris. Her ecstasy seemed to keep building, too — growing in intensity until her moan rose into a shriek.

Cathy lay spent upon the sofa in a blissful haze, feeling as if she was floating in space. Her eyes lazily drifted open, then widened at the sight of Lisette and Ms. Jausserand sharing a passionate kiss. She slowly sat up, watching mother and daughter embrace.

Breaking away abruptly when she spied Cathy, Lisette raced over to her new friend. “Wasn’t that great?” she squealed. “Now, let’s all go upstairs to Mom’s room and have some more fun! She’s got a huge bed — room for all kinds of sexy stuff!”

“Okay,” replied Cathy, nodding joyously.

The naked little girl rose, took Lisette’s hand and followed her lovers up the stairs, eager to explore her new lesbian identity.

The End


An original, much shorter version of this story was written by Rboy, who posted it at the old forum before the Man shut it down. He and I had already worked together on one story, and he was most enthused about my tackling this one. I added quite a bit to the text before placing it at the new forum under both our names. Later, I  completely rewrote and expanded it even more to post at Lesbian Lolita. By then, Rboy had moved on to pastures new, and did not reply when I wrote to ask if he wanted a shared credit, so I thought it best to post the final version under my name with fervent thanks to him for the inspiration. Merci beaucoup, Rboy! Love to see you drop in sometime…


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  1. Kelly Ann says:

    Another beautiful gem, Jetboy! I really enjoyed it! You’re very gracious with credit but I think you deserve all the credit!

  2. kim says:

    oui, oui merci beaucoup to you to Jet boy, just as good with out the pics. je tem Kim, yes my french is awful, well my french kissing is tre bon

  3. Toy Boy says:

    Great job in expanding on my story idea! Merci beaucoup pour l’attribution.
    Oui, c’est Rboy ici.

  4. z says:

    I’m not going to name anyone, but something similar happened to two of my friends when they were in 6th and 5th grade respectively. The 5th grader’s parents got wind of her daughter doing “bad” things with their neighbor’s daughter who was getting off the bus every Friday to have a play-date and to teaching their daughter math, they got really mad at the 6th grader’s parents for teaching their kids “a bad thing”, like the 6th graders parents knew what was going on? and they sat her down and said to their daughter “go and seduce their daughter while you’re teaching her math on Fridays.” yeah right, the girls did that all on their own. Experimenting can happen between two young girls, or at any age really, it starts innocent and then gets more and more serious as the weeks go by. Also, those little girls are all grown up and beautiful now, they’re also lesbians and are in love.

  5. E says:

    One of my favorite stories on the site.

    Unfortunate that there were no additional chapters. Would love a peek in on one of Lisette’s make-out parties with Cathy participating. And perhaps a chapter about Cathy introducing her own friends to the joys of girl-girl love.

  6. Bryan says:

    This reminds me of the O Club, loved this

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