Waltz of Desires, Chapter 1

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Jenny and the Girls

By Cheryl Taggert

The following is a story I had completely forgotten about on the Nifty.org site, where I originally published my stories. This was written quite a few years ago, and I have polished it some and changed the title to post it here. The original version’s opening wasn’t that plausible, so I have re-worked it. I’m still not all that happy with it, but I’ll let it stand or not as it is now. I will post the other two chapters in the coming weeks. Re-formatting from Nifty to here is rather time-consuming. We will see if it gets my attention again for further chapters.

They say it takes one to know one, and I found this to be true when it came to my secret passion. You see, I love children, but more than emotional love. I am a female “lover” of children. You know, sexually. I’d use the “P” word, but it has such negative vibes associated with it. Add to that the fact that I am 100% lesbian, and you will understand my interests.

But women view sex differently than men do. It is an emotional and spiritual outlet as well as physical. So when we have sex with young girls, it is more than something for our own gratification, more than just getting ourselves off. It is a loving bond that exists between us and the girls we love. I guess that would include boys as well, but since they aren’t my taste, I will refrain from talking about what I don’t know. I do know girls. I am one, and I was a young one as well, and I know how we think…and react.

You see, it’s all about love, affection, and being cared about beyond those surface things that so many people, including our families, are interested in. It’s about finding a soul mate.

I am lucky enough to have found not one, but two. And that brings me to my first statement.

My name is Cheryl, you see, and soon after I first saw Jenny, I knew she was like me. Of course, we are different in many ways: for instance, she is a bit shorter than I am and I am blonde and she is brunette, but that’s not what I mean. I am not talking about the physical at all. I’m talking about that other thing–a love for young girls. Of course my interest in her was also because I found her extraordinarily attractive. After all, I am more than a lover of children. I love adults as well. I had masturbated frequently having all sorts of fantasies that involved Jenny. I desperately wanted those fantasies to become a reality.

She, like me, is a teacher. A sixth grade teacher. I would watch her when she was watching her class during lunch, or on the rare occasions we would take them outside for some down time. Her eyes would be on the girls much more than on the boys. And I would notice the little things as well. Those eyes would definitely react to the sight of a young girl who wore a dress and was sitting with her legs spread below the lunch table, oblivious that anyone could see up her skirt from two tables away. I would watch as Jenny’s eyes would glaze over at the sight of the young girl’s cotton panties, which barely concealed the hairless slit beneath.

It was when I noticed she licked her lips at such a sight that I was convinced, but I needed even more proof before confronting her about it. I got that proof one day after school.

Curious, I entered her room one day after school. Her door was unlocked, as we were instructed to keep them unlocked for the custodial staff to not have to unlock them to clean the rooms. They locked each room when they were finished. I went to her desk and started opening drawers. I wasn’t sure or even aware of what I was looking for. I just was curious what she might have. What she had was a gold mine in the form of a novel, stuck under some papers in the back of a desk drawer. An erotic novel about a woman like me and a young girl. The girl was ten, the woman thirty-five. It had taken me a few minutes to find it and a few more to read most of the scene where she had a bookmark placed. It was apparently one of her favorite scenes in the book. I could see why since it got me wet by the end of the second page.

That was when I decided to confront Jenny and become lovers.

The opportunity for this began when we had both taken our classes outside. A young girl was sitting on a bench in the school’s commons area, and amid the giggles she was sharing with a friend, she had allowed multiple peeks at her panties, which were a light blue with small red hearts. I was standing with Jenny making small talk when I noticed that her eyes would wander over my shoulder to look at something happening behind me. Curious to see if it was what I hoped it might be, I turned around and was greeted by the giggling girls and the one cutie’s undies.

I looked back at Jenny. “I’ve noticed you seem to enjoy sights like that one.”

“Like what one?” she asked, pretending not to understand.

“I’ve seen you looking at the girls’ panties in the lunchroom and out here. I would wager you spend a lot of time doing so in the class as well.”

Jenny blushed, redness spreading up her neck and into her cheeks. The blush branded her next words to be the lie I would expect from anyone.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about!” she said, barely getting the words out.

I decided to plunge right in and put her mind at ease so we could discuss what I knew to be our mutual desires. “Jenny, I have a confession to make–several in fact. I went into your room and searched your desk. It was hard to find, but I found the book you are reading. You know. The one with the thirty-five-year-old woman and the ten-year-old girl. It’s okay. I enjoy the same things. Your secret’s safe with me as long as my secret’s safe with you.”

I could practically see the wheels spinning in her brain, making sense of my words yet refusing to believe I had said what I had. I made it clearer. “That’s right. I like little girls too. And not just on an emotional level. I feel just like you do at the sight of that little girl’s panties, the ones with the red hearts.” Still she stared, unbelieving.

I plunged on, knowing this would eventually lead to her admission to me that she felt the same–and more perhaps. “Just like you, seeing that makes my pussy wet.”

Jenny exhaled and I realized she had not been breathing. “Oh, my God.” Her eyes tilted toward the ground and I could see the tears welling up in those beautiful eyes. Then she looked up at me again. “You won’t tell anyone?”

“Of course I won’t.” Glancing over my shoulder again at the young girl with the heart panties, I said, “She’s gorgeous. What’s her name?”


That she was a beautiful child was the truth. Mollie was an eleven-year-old knockout. She had blond hair that cascaded past her shoulders to her shoulder blades. Her hips were beginning to swell outward and her little nipples were beginning to puff into little plums and cause tiny hills in her tops. She had a slender nose and close-set brown eyes that looked as though they could cajole anything from anyone with the right look…and the most kissable, full red lips I had ever seen on a child her age.

Jenny and I stood beside each other, looking at the panty-covered pussy being displayed before us. I was grateful for dark sunglasses.

I said, “I can’t believe I have found someone like me. I thought I might be the only woman within 1000 miles who felt like this.”

“Same here. And it turns out we are right across the hall from each other at work.” We laughed a bit, more from the release of stress than from the humor or irony of the situation.

“So what are we going to do about it?” she asked. I had been wondering the same thing. Or maybe it would be more rightly called fantasizing about it.

“I assume you like grown women as well,” I said, glancing at her then returning to the two giggling girls. I had begun to realize the other girl’s shorts were short enough to be able to glimpse her panties through the leg holes when she moved certain ways.

“Yes,” she said. “I’ve noticed you many times…and thought about you when alone.” The implication was obvious.

Mollie and her friend got up from the bench and moved toward some of their friends, so I turned to Jenny. “So, your place or mine?”

She looked at me and smiled. “You choose.”

“Okay, then, my place at 7.” I gave her the address of my apartment, and she knew where it was.

After school, she walked into my classroom and closed the door behind her. “I have something I must show you. It’s in your coat room.”

Each classroom has a small area behind a wall at the back of the room where coat hooks lined the opposite wall. It was for students to hang their coats and sweaters and was not visible to anyone who entered the room unannounced. I think I knew what she wanted to show me.

When we entered, she turned suddenly and kissed me, her tongue moving swiftly to mine. I had been wet all that afternoon since we’d spoken and had gotten my students busy with some seat work to allow me time to think about Jenny, not to mention a few students in my class as well as Mollie. I had nearly come several times just from the fantasies and the constant leg motions beneath my desk, along with the occasional quick rubs from my hands.

We parted from our kiss and she was pulling down her slacks, tugging her panties along with them. I eyed her exposed pussy. It was completely bald. “I keep it waxed,” she said. “Do you like it?”

I knelt down and took her shapely ass in my hands, breathing in the aroma of her very wet pussy. “I love it!” I said and leaned in for a few licks. Her breathing quickened immediately.

“Wait,” she panted. “We can’t do this here. I’ll make too much noise and the principal will investigate.” This was true. The office was on the other side of my coatroom wall. I willed myself to stand on wobbly knees. I kissed her again.

“Don’t be late,” I said, composing myself.

“Should I bring anything?” she asked.

“Just those two girls we were watching today.” I laughed, but she just smiled, a strange glint in her eyes.


When my doorbell rang at 7 o’clock, and I opened the door, I began the outrageous mental journey of figuring out exactly what that glint had been.

Jenny was standing there, grinning like someone who had pulled off the world’s most marvelous magic trick, and Mollie and her friend were on each side of her, sporting that same grin.

The two eleven-year-old beauties rushed in and hugged me as only young children can while I simply stared at Jenny, a million different thoughts rushing through my mind at once and causing me great confusion. I found myself wondering why Jenny would bring the girls, the thought that they might be joining us not even entering my mind. I guess I found that idea to be too unlikely to even consider. I was wondering how much she had told the girls and how much she hadn’t, as well as why she would bring two eleven-year-olds on a date with me. I know it sounds crazy, but I did not once think they were all three sexually active with each other, which of course is what it turned out to be.

And of course, what Jenny didn’t know is that I had my own surprise.

At that moment, my surprise walked in from the kitchen, a Pepsi in her hand. My daughter froze when she saw that not only was the woman I had told her would be coming for dinner there, but two girls her own age as well. Dani smiled. “Hi!” she said, smiling broadly, always the outgoing and friendly one.

Jenny froze, stunned too much to move and probably wondering who this was as much as I was wondering why she’d brought Mollie and her friend, whose name I still did not know. I, too, could not move, since the appearance of Dani only added to the overall confusion because I knew Jenny didn’t know who she was.

The two girls who had been hugging me, however, had no such problems. They immediately rushed to Dani and started a conversation as if they’d known each other all their lives. In the midst of this, I at least found out Mollie’s friend was named Emily.

I looked at Jenny. “That’s my daughter, Dani. She attends Jackson Middle School.” Dani invited the girls into the kitchen to get a Pepsi for themselves as Jenny’s eyes widened. “Wow! That’s so…” I expected her to finish with something like “surprising,” but neither of those came forth. “…HOT!” She managed.

I quickly realized what she was thinking. “Oh, no. No. We don’t… I mean she doesn’t… She doesn’t know about me…at all.”

Jenny looked slightly disappointed and a moment of protection came over me, but then I realized that Dani was a very pretty girl, so of course Jenny would be attracted to her. “Oh,” she said, slightly disappointed. Then realizing what she had implied, she stammered, “Oh! Oh, Cheryl. I am so sorry. I would never actually hit on your daughter. It’s just that…”

We stared at each other, and suddenly the humor of the situation hit us and we began to laugh hysterically. The girls, returning from the kitchen, just looked at us and shrugged before continuing their own conversation about where they went to school, what their favorite TV shows were, and such things as that.

“Excuse us, girls. We adults need to talk some things over,” I said. “Dani, why don’t you show Mollie and Emily your room?”

The three eleven-year-olds walked in a giggling mass to Dani’s room, leaving Jenny and me alone. We went to the sofa and sat down together.

“So you have a daughter? If she doesn’t know about you, what was she going to be doing while we made love?” Jenny said.

“First, she sleeps like a rock. I was just going to have dinner with you and Dani, we’d spend some time watching TV, and I would send Dani to bed. Within twenty minutes, she’d be so asleep she wouldn’t hear it if a dozen eighteen-wheeled trucks somehow got into the apartment and revved their engines and blasted their horns.”

“Are you serious? She sleeps that soundly?”

“Of course I’m exaggerating, but basically, yes. We could have sex in her bedroom and she’d never know it. Why would you bring Mollie and Emily? What were we going to do with them? Knock them out? And what did you tell their parents? What did you tell Molly and Emily?”

“What were we going to do with them?” Jenny repeated my question, then answered it. Leaning towards me, she nodded with each word: “Have…sex.”

“But how were we going to get them to–” I stopped cold, suddenly understanding. We didn’t have to seduce them. They’d already been seduced.

“The two girls and I are already lovers. We have been since last fall.”

If I hadn’t already been sitting down, I would have fallen over.

“Why do you think Mollie keeps showing me her panties? She’s getting me hot and she knows it. Think about it. How many girls wear skirts or dresses every day? And I told their parents I needed some help with some grading and things. They stay at my place frequently.”

Now it was my turn. “Oh my God.”

“It was supposed to be a surprise.”

“It was.”

“But what about Dani? She must think I brought the girls for her to have company. And I can tell you those two aren’t going to be completely satisfied just doing normal eleven-year-old shit.”

“That’s a good question. She won’t go to sleep as long as she has ‘friends’ here.”

We sighed. It seemed that dinner would be the only thing we’d get to do tonight. We were both very disappointed, especially since Jenny had brought two lovely young girls. I hadn’t done anything with a young girl since Dani was in Brownies and I had managed to get one of the girls in her troop to “play house,” making it seem as though she had talked me into the game one time when Dani was sick and no other girls showed up for the meeting. And even then it had only been some light kissing and some touching of each other’s pussies. I was so horny I could have come with a slight touch, which I would have to administer myself, apparently, once Jenny and the girls had left.

We chatted for the next half-hour until the kitchen timer went off, signaling that the lasagna was done. Jenny followed me into the kitchen and I asked her to get the salad out of the fridge while I pulled the lasagna out of the oven.

“I’ll get the girls. Where’s Dani’s room?” Jenny said.

“Just follow the noise,” I said, laughing lightly.

Jenny stepped out of the kitchen and stopped. “What noise?” she asked.

“Third door on the left down the hall,” I said and began putting the food on the table. A moment later, Jenny was back in the small dining room, but without the girls.

“They washing up?” I asked, but when I saw the look on Jenny’s face, I knew they weren’t. She had the look of someone not sure how to say something.

“What?” I asked her, getting annoyed with the whole situation.

“Shh… You’d better come see for yourself. Just DON’T be mad.”

She tip-toed down the hallway to the slightly opened door to Dani’s room, and for some reason I did too.

With her finger across her lips, she motioned for me to look into Dani’s room. As I leaned forward, the sight sent me reeling.

Mollie and Emily were on Dani’s bed. They were kissing and humping each other’s thighs through their clothes, obviously making love with each other. I watched, fascinated, as Emily’s butt rose rhythmically from the panting Mollie, rubbing her pussy against Mollie’s thigh. Mollie, more or less on the bottom, was humping for all she was worth. Then I wondered where Dani was. I adjusted myself to get a different angle of the room and saw her. She was sitting in her chair at the bottom corner of her bed and was watching the two girls together. Her hand was in her lap, frantically rubbing herself through her clothes. None of the girls had any idea we were outside the room watching them.

I was surprised to realize that the wetness that had been working itself up and subsiding all day now became a flood. The thought that I was watching my daughter masturbate while she watched two girls hump each other no longer mattered. I was so horny I knew I would not be able to walk away from this extremely erotic scene. I knew Jenny certainly wouldn’t mind the incest part of what was happening to me. Hadn’t she said it was hot when she’d thought I had been making love with my young daughter?

Suddenly, I felt my slacks drop in a puddle at my feet, followed by my panties. Turning, I found that Jenny had stripped completely and was totally naked. I guess she figured out that the girls wouldn’t be coming out of the room any time soon unless we disturbed them somehow. Raising my arms, I felt Jenny remove my top. I hadn’t been wearing a bra in anticipation of the evening I had thought I would have. This was turning out to be much better than I had thought it would be.

Standing behind me, Jenny wrapped her arms around my stomach and slid her hands up to my breasts, pinching the nipples and rolling them between her thumb and forefinger. I watched the two girls humping each other, getting closer to coming. I began to wonder if that would surprise Dani. Did she know about orgasms? Glancing her way, I figured she probably did. Her hand was now inside her shorts and I found myself wondering if she had the hand inside her panties or not. I strained to get a glimpse of something that would tell me. Then I saw. The panties she’d been wearing today were on the floor beside the chair. She had removed them and put the shorts back on. Then I noticed the other girls had done the same. Two pairs of panties, one blue with red hearts, were on the bed.

Dani started to spasm, and I knew she was coming. Yes, she had had orgasms before. There was no surprise on her face at all, just enjoyment.

By now, Jenny’s hands were starting to move down toward my pussy. They found their mark and I began to come immediately.

And not quietly.

Looking into the room I noticed that Mollie and Emily just glanced towards the door and kept up their humping and kissing. Mollie’s hand was inside Emily’s shorts, rubbing her butt with practiced strokes.

Dani, though, was different. She heard my moans and got up to see what was going on in the hall. “Stop! My mom will catch us!” she whispered frantically to the girls on her bed as my shoulder spasmed and bumped the door fully open, revealing Jenny and me in the hallway, with Jenny’s fingers in my pussy. It was Dani’s turn to freeze in confusion.

“Mom?” She wasn’t sure whether to run, cry, or what.

I had no other choice, though. I had to finish my orgasm that was still wracking my body and causing my belly, legs, everything, to shudder uncontrollably. Finally, I found my voice when it was over.

“It’s okay, Sweetie. I guess it’s time you found out. Your mommy’s a lesbian.”

Mollie and Emily were still humping away on the bed and Jenny joined them. As I caught my breath, Dani watched as Jenny started removing the rest of the girls’ clothing. When she was done, she lay both girls back and began licking their pussies, first one then the other. Finally, she pushed Mollie’s legs into the air, exposing her tiny anus. Leaning in, she began to tongue Mollie’s butthole. At that point, Emily moved to where she could get to Jenny’s pussy and ass. She spread the shapely butt cheeks and stuck her face into the cleft.

Dani and I watched as Emily moved her mouth back and forth from Jenny’s pussy to her butthole, licking, kissing, and sucking as she went. I was getting very turned on, and from the look on Dani’s face, she was too, no matter whether she wanted to be affected by the scene or not.

Looking at me, she pleaded with her eyes for permission. I nodded my assent and she moved toward Emily, pulling her clothes off as she went to her bed. Soon my eyes were feasting on my naked eleven-year-old daughter as she began to play with Emily’s pussy and ass.

I sat down on the bed. “It’s okay,” I said, stroking my daughter’s dark hair. “This is something we can always share now. Go ahead. Do what you want with her. Mommy won’t mind.”

Soon Dani was on all fours, licking Emily the way she had seen Emily lick Jenny. Then glancing back at me, she scooted her ass over in my direction and smiled. “It’s okay. Go ahead. Do what you’ve wanted to do to me. I won’t mind.”

And suddenly I realized I had wanted to do these things with her. Memories of snippets of dreams and my active imagination came up from where they had been buried. I had fantasized about Dani for years but had always denied it to myself. She was the faceless little girl I had always thought about when I masturbated. The one I had had countless erotic dreams about.

I leaned down and began to lick my daughter’s wet, hairless pussy. Her squirms told me that perhaps she had thought about this as well. Maybe she had masturbated to thoughts of me–or a faceless adult she now realized was me–doing these things to her. I moved my mouth to her asshole and tongued it while my fingers played in her pussy that was now sopping with my saliva and her juices.

Soon, we were in a daisy chain on the king-sized bed. My mouth was glued to Dani’s ripe body, Dani’s to Emily’s, Emily’s to Jenny’s, Jenny’s to Mollie’s, and Mollie’s to mine. “I’ve wanted to do this for so long,” Mollie had said before sliding her tongue into my wetness. We were all very close and the sounds of slurping and licking were loud. I pictured what it must look like, and it sent me over the edge into a blissful orgasm. The others followed with their own orgasms within moments.

Dani’s hips began to move and she came, much harder than I remembered coming at her age.

But then, I had never had a woman I loved doing these things to my pussy and ass when I was eleven.

And for some reason, that thought made me sad.

Afterwards, we were all cuddled together on the bed.

“Are you happy about this?” I asked Dani.

“VERY!” she said. Enthusiasm was her middle name, it seemed. “Are you?”

“It’s what I’ve always wanted.”

We had a group hug that turned into another mini-orgy, this time with all the young girls together in a three-way.

“Perhaps Heaven is like this,” said Jenny.

“Yes, perhaps it is,” I answered, smiling.

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  1. Cheryl says:

    To my readers: Please understand that I wrote this quite a few years ago. I will be 33 in September, so you can imagine how young I would have been when writing this — in my early 20’s, I think. I am much better now as a writer. This one moved too fast for my tastes. It cries out for at least some hint that the mom has thought about sex with her daughter before what happens in this tale, but it’s a good example of how a good story can have flaws that need fixing, even if the author doesn’t really want to take the time to make the necessary changes and additions. Still, it does have some hot scenes in it, though not as plausible as I prefer to make them now. If you would rather not see the remaining chapters, just let me know. I’ll understand.

  2. Well, first, Cheryl, of course I want to see the remaining chapters. You’re such a great writer, and your tastes are so similar to mine, that I crave more of your work. This is a very hot tale and I really want to see where else it will go.

    And second, don’t be shy, go ahead and use the “P” word. Some of us around here are trying to redeem it. 😉

  3. Terri says:


    Flaws or not, that was hot, my dear…thoust is always hardest on thine self…please regale us with more chapters…a slice of heaven indeed!!!

    Kitty kisses,


  4. Karen Cypher says:

    I rather like reading older works of favorite authors, Cheryl, so please don’t be offended or embarrassed if it does not meet the standards with which you would pen a story with today! I actually read the story fast — kind of like the machine-gun flow toward the end. I want to let you know that it was an easy read, plausible or not! Wait… is that the “P” word you and NM were referring to? 🙂


  5. Kathy says:


    What a wonderful hot and sexy story. I am 40 and share the same interests although my profession is different. I look forward to reading your other stories and am so happy to find this site.


  6. Cheryl says:

    Terri and Karen, thank you so much for the encouragement. I had actually forgotten I wrote this, which is why it never made it to the LL site. I got an email from someone who had read it and I had to actually go find it. LOL! Then when I began reading it, I remembered it. One reason I stopped writing it is that it was going more or less in a direction I ended up taking with the “Aunt Lisa” series. I was writing both around the same time. I am indeed hard on myself when it comes to my writing. I’ll try to lighten up, but don’t hold your breath. Hugs to you both!

    Note to readers: Don’t miss Karen’s upcoming second chapter to her work appearing here, “Impossible Moments.” I’ve read it, of course, as a submission, and it’s excellent!

  7. jetboy says:

    I’ve loved this story for years, and had somehow missed the fact that you wrote it, Cheryl. (Well, I know why — I copied it into my library of lesbian fiction before we became friends.) I’m glad now that you never posted this one at Lesbian Lolita, because now we get the new and even better version as an exclusive!! Truly, life is great.

  8. kimberly says:

    wow, yes it’s not like what you write now, and yet just the same, I had 2 cums while reading it. I am glad you write the way you do now,so much better, but just the same I loved this also. I am picturing you 10 or so years ago, I am glad you kept writing , and I am just babbling now, thanks Cheryl.

  9. drew says:

    lovely! very sexy and erotic! would like to read the next chapter is there is one! this story got me hard!!!

  10. Little Lover says:

    Such an awesome story! You’re an awesome writer and I look forward to so much more!

    There’s nothing more beautiful nor erotic than a young mommy with her little girl.

  11. Jim says:


    Whether you wrote this when you were younger or not, I found it extremely erotic. I would definitely like to read further chapters of this story. I’ve just started reading stories on Juicy Secrets and can say I’m hooked. The pictures at the beginning of each story is a welcome addition.

    In this story, I can say the one sentence that was extremely HOT was when Dani was looking back at her mother and telling her it was ok and do what her mother always wanted to do to her. Talking about wanting to cum on the spot…wow. I know a progressive buildup helps to build a story and it’s intensity, but there is absolutely nothing wrong in my opinion with stories that build quickly as this one did.

    I really enjoy this site and will have many pleasurable moments reading the stories. Thank you.


  12. towedarray says:

    very fine story. thanks

  13. DH says:

    The original version was one my favorites on the other story site. Looking forward to future chapters.

  14. Cheryl says:

    Thank you to everyone for your response to what I thought might be an inferior story. This doesn’t mean to stop posting replies, of course, but I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone.

  15. Lynn says:

    Wow that was delicious. The beginning hit home for me, could relate to that very intimately

  16. sue says:

    I still love it. Early Cheryl. So hot. Not refined as she became so accomplished. Just raw and hot. Nice seeing the beginnings of one of the best authors here.

  17. David says:

    So erotic Cheryl, I love your writing and attention to detail. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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