Where the Heart Is

  • Posted on June 2, 2015 at 8:31 am

By JetBoy

Sometimes, love is exactly the right thing for the blues. That was true of the day I spent with my mother last week.

Though my grades had been excellent, my first year of college had been pretty hard on the romantic side of my life. First Jenna dumped me after four months of non-stop sex, and then Becka left me for a boy. I struggled though finals and finished the year near the top of my class.

I drove down the street I had grown up on, lined with beautiful homes on either side complete with impeccably manicured lawns and large, shady trees. There was a large magnolia in our front yard, and I looked forward to sitting in its cooling shade, sipping iced tea.

And then it came into sight. My home. And the most important person in the world, waiting inside for me.

“Molly!” my mother cried from the deck as I turned into the bottom of the driveway and parked there. She raced down the wooden steps to me, stopping beside my Camaro. She wiped her hands on the apron that dangled from her neck over the elegant blue dress that loosely covered her shapely figure. It was my favorite of Mom’s dresses, and she knew it. I was pleased and a little excited that she’d worn it for me.

Her arms warmly enveloped my trembling body and held me close, and I could already feel the tension and hurt I’d been carrying for the last few weeks evaporate like the morning mist. I felt her warm breath caress my ear, and her soft breasts pressed against mine. I touched her cheek with my lips, and Mom replied with a tender kiss, lovingly placed at the corner of my mouth. Then she drew back, her face glowing with adoration, whispering, “My baby.”

“Come in out of this heat,” she murmured, her hand reaching for mine, and I happily followed into the coolness of indoors. My lips still tingled from her kiss, leaving me hungry for more.

In the kitchen, she pointed at the round oak table with claw feet that had been there all my childhood. “Sit down… I’ll pour you some coffee.”

I watched her bare legs and feet as she walked here and there, my heartbeat quickening slightly. I found myself staring at her hips, the curve of her womanly ass.

“Still like it black?”

I nodded and leaned against the back of the chair… my legs parting, skirt riding up slightly.

Mom sat the old ceramic mug in front of me and touched my hand. “So good to see you again.” It had only been a few months, but she made it seem more like years.

She pulled a chair out from the table so it faced mine and settled casually in it. Her foot reached out to touch my leg, then began to slide along the underside of my calf. We smiled, as if Mom was just playing — but I was already feeling the storm, rising inside me.

“Becka left me.” I’d already told her that over the phone, but didn’t know what else to say just then. I sipped my coffee, feeling her foot move against my leg. My eyes shifted to her breasts, enticingly hidden beneath her blouse.

She removed the apron, draping it carelessly over the back of a nearby chair. “It’s all right, angel. Momma will make everything better.”

A button was absently unfastened, and Mom’s top gaped open, exposing only bare skin where her bra should have been, but wasn’t. Her hand rested between her knees, the hem of the dress riding higher along her thighs. She shifted a bit, leaving her body even more exposed to me.

I could feel a delicious warmth rushing through my slender frame. My tongue slowly slid across my lower lip as I studied the pale flesh of my mother’s legs beneath her skirt. She wore lacy stockings that came up to just above the knees, and I felt a sudden urge to rub my face against them, trailing kisses up to the tender flesh of her thighs… and higher.

Mom noticed me looking, and smiled. “I’ve missed you so much, baby,” she whispered, and her eyes locked with mine. I could see the need she felt right then, every bit as strong as mine. It made me shiver.

Too excited to remain seated, I walked to the counter on trembling legs, pouring coffee into my almost full cup. “Want some?” I murmured, turning back to her.

She rose — her gaze never leaving mine — and slowly moved closer until she was standing directly before me. Reaching around to take a cup from the cabinet, I felt a full breast pressing against my arm. Her lips touched my neck, and I sighed blissfully.

With a smile she placed the cup on the counter, where I filled it. “Thank you, honey,” she breathed, the words gossamer on my cheek.

My body now pulsing, hard and fast, I turned my face toward my mother’s. My lips caught hers. They met for a brief, tantalizing moment. I closed my eyes, waiting for and wanting her kisses.

Then she was speaking to me. “Mabel was over the other day. Her husband was out of town.” Mom’s hand lightly grazed my back. The coffee I’d just poured for her sat untouched. “We spent the afternoon, doing, oh, all kinds of things.” She smiled knowingly. “It made me think of you.”

She leaned closer, her body now pressing against mine so tightly that I doubted a sheet of paper could pass between us. My mind raced. My cunt was dripping.

I savored her natural fragrance and twisted my body against my mother’s. My nipples were already erect as they grazed hers. We said nothing as our lips touched again. The tip of her tongue spoke for her, mine for me.

At first, it was a soft kiss. It lingered, then I felt her lips part. Standing as tall and erect as her, I met her passion with my own; our tongues played. My hand rested in the small of her back and slid down to the crevasse between her buttocks. Her hand lay atop my left breast. “Mmmmmm,” she moaned into my mouth. Her fingertip pressed against my erect nipple, circling the peak.

My hand fell, fingers lingering in the shallow canyon of her bottom, pulling her tighter against me. The two layers of fabric that separated us seemed to vanish, even though they were still there. I purred with pleasure as I sucked her tongue.

Her fingers began to wrestle with the bottom of my blouse in an effort to free it from the waistband of my skirt. I inhaled and the next tug was a success. Her hand now rested against the bare skin of my belly before gliding upward. Her touch was fanning flames of pure lust within me, the heat almost unbearable.

As my hand roamed the globes of her firm bottom, I realized that she wore nothing under the dress. My heart sang with happiness as I realized that Mom had left her panties off for me. I trailed my hand round her body to cup the mound in front, a finger digging though the dress into her slit. She gasped, but did not protest. A soft yes filled my mouth.

Our lips slid moistly together as our tongues engaged and entwined lovingly. My hand pressed more firmly against her cunt, roughly fondling the vaginal opening. Her wetness could now be felt through the front of her dress. My mother’s undulating hips, rocking against my hand, told me she wanted more. I did too.

I grabbed at the hem of my mother’s skirt and jerked it up until it rested over her back. At last, my fingers became sticky with her thick, warm juices as I fondled her cunt. I felt for the hard nub of her clitoris and stroked it, sensing its inflamed state. Her thighs parted further, giving me room to play. “Yessss,” she breathed, her lips caressing my ear.

My hand became pinned to my thigh as she ground herself against me in wanton joy. Her head drew back and I studied her excitement, eyes wide, mouth slightly open, her warm breath caressing my face. “Ah, yes… ohhhh, honey — oh! OH!” Mom threw her head back, panting furiously as she came. Her nails dug into my back, but I didn’t mind. Finally, with a moan, she fell limp against me, her mouth warm against my neck.

I held my mother close as her ecstasy crested and ebbed, then she lifted her head to smile at me. Her cheeks were rosy. “Oh, Molly. It is so nice to see you,” she sighed. “I’ve missed this so terribly.” We shared a tender hug, then I watched as she unbuttoned my blouse, cooing with delight to see that I hadn’t worn a bra.

She bent forward and nuzzled first one breast, then the other. My fingers tangled in her hair as she took a nipple between her lips and began to suckle, occasionally teasing the tip with her teeth.

I dwelled on how divine Mom’s mouth felt against my breast for a lovely moment, then gently lifted her face to mine. “We’ve got all afternoon,” I whispered, my words drifting around us in the still afternoon air.

Mom stood and smiled lovingly, brushing a few stray bangs from my face. “True, there’s no rush… but I need you now.”

With that she turned, her hand tugging me down the hallway. Our bare feet padded against the thick carpet, my mother and I almost floating together towards the bedroom. Our bedroom.

My mother undressed me. I was wearing only a skirt and blouse, so there was not much to remove. Her words were sultry as she bared my body. “I dreamed of you last night, angel. It was a good dream. We did such… wonderful things together. Nasty, crazy love.” She teased my nipple with a fingertip, cooing as it stiffened. “We pleased one another for hours, you and I.” She leaned close and sucked the tip of my breast between her lips… then lightly bit.

I gasped, “Ohhhh.” My hand cradled her head to me, my mother’s face pressed against my breasts. My head spun so that I could not stand. Somehow Mom sensed this, and guided me to the bed. I sat, my thighs spread wide for her. I opened my cunt with trembling fingers, offering myself to my beautiful, desirable mother.

She gazed hungrily at me, licking her lips. “Your pussy is so lovely.” Her eyes never left mine as she unzipped her dress, letting it puddle at her feet. My mother stood before me, naked but for the strand of pearls around her neck — an elegant touch that only inflamed my lust for her all the more.

“Touch yourself, sweetheart,” she purred, “I want to watch.”

I lay back as a fingertip revealed my clitoris. The pink nubbin throbbed, begged for attention — and I provided it.

“Ahhhh,” I sighed, my hips bucking. The fingers from my other hand dug deep into my vagina, quickly becoming wet and sticky. My body undulated upon the bed as I rode my hand, teased my clit. “Mmm… yes,” I gasped.

My mother’s eyes shone, her hands stroking her breasts while she watched me masturbate for her. “Ohhhh… Jesus!” I screamed the words as I continued to pleasure myself — squirming, shuddering, moaning. I thrilled at the joy of performing for my mother, savored her lustful gaze.

She watched as I came… watched as I coated my fingers with the tart essence of my sex. “Mom,” I whispered, staring at her, wanting her. Come to me.

Mom sat beside me and touched my slit, moistening a fingertip. I whimpered as she brought it to her mouth to lick. She smiled. “Delicious.”

Her eyes locked with mine, my mother slowly lay down between my thighs, breathing deeply of my musk. Her lips parted, and she pressed a warm, open-mouthed kiss into the molten core of my sex. I moaned, delirious from the pleasures of my mother’s love.

Then her lips parted, Mom’s tongue emerging to slide into my cunt, rolling around inside me. Then she drew back for a moment, sampling the flavor as if she were tasting it for the first time and amazed by how much she liked it. “Yes,” she breathed, “sweet ambrosia…”

She knelt before me and kissed my vulva, then placed her hands on my hips as she pushed her tongue inside me.

My mother fucked me with her mouth — probing, exploring, seeking the nectar that dripped from inside me and drinking it down. A tear of joy fell from my cheek as my mother went down on me, pleasuring her own daughter with all the love in her heart.

She paused to swivel herself around atop me, straddling my face, her own luscious pussy now inches from my lips… then buried her face between my legs once more to lick.

I gazed up at Mom’s gorgeous cunt — a thick tuft of gloriously unshaved pubes, the glistening pink flesh of her sex nestled enticingly within. My fingers teased the slit open, and I lifted my head to kiss inside her flower. She moaned, and I wrapped my arms around Mom’s womanly hips, pulling her down to my hungry mouth.

We feasted upon one another, daughter and mother sharing true love and gloriously drunk on the pleasures of incest. I ate Mom’s pussy like a woman possessed, her thick, luscious fluids now dripping from my lips and chin. I’d never found a lover with a juicier cunt than hers, or one whose body fitted mine as perfectly as Mom’s did.

I was happy. My blues were gone. It was not the first time I’d made love with my mother, nor would it be the last.


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  1. kimberly says:

    another great story, I love reading about this kind of loving mutual incest, mother and daughter , so hot.thanks

  2. JetBoy says:

    Your enjoyment of my work has made my life brighter, Kimberly… and it wasn’t exactly dim before! Much gratitude for the kind words.

  3. Myka says:

    Lovely ….

  4. ophrys says:

    Oh my god. Reading this makes me sooo wet. I think maybe partly because reading things that are a (little tiny) bit like what’s happened in my life makes me feel like what I’ve done – and what still turns me on – is maybe ok. I think a lot of sexuality is about PERMISSION!

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